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David Rockfeller dies at 101 - Steve Quayle comments *NM* *LINK*
embedded: David Rockfeller kicks bucket at 101 - Steve Quayle's bye bye. Jack say: NO pockets in Roguefella's last shirt! :O *PIC*
btw Hungarian fellow tribe's man and stock market speculator André Kostolany once said: 90% of public news is either wrong or unimportant! Golly gosh! Imagine! :D *PIC*
maybe he should have eaten more natural grown bio-organic chicken eggs from Hangarian puszta?
Barney Miller TV comedy series from 1981 tells too much??? *NM* *LINK*
I got hard evidence: Bio-Fuel is one of the biggest scams in the auto industry. They shorten lifetime, destroy car engines intentionally, adding chemical waste, ethanol and ethers to their fuel soups. *PIC*
so called BIO FUEL not allowed to be sold in Switzerland, also: carburetors must be adapted to Swiss conditions *NM*
Volkswagen (in fact German taxed citizens) to pay in total 18 billion dollars to US for software fakes whereas the US and its EU lackey force damaging fake fuel soups on Europe *NM*
French automaker Renault meanwhile strictly advises its customers not to fill up "Bio"-gnat's piss aka SuperE10 to prevent engine damage. A slap into the face of these dirty bio swindlers. Right so! *NM*
way back Clif High was posting at RMN Rumor Mill News. All his shares gone cuz somebody deleted the rumor archive and they had no backup, so they said, for the chicken little. *NM*
Jack, any idea on the % of correct economic predictions? *NM*
Well, in general I'm pessimistic. THEY will destroy anything to install global dominance. Borders, nations, economies, traditions, credibility AND banking deposits. EuRope :D will collapse.
Economical Philantrosophy. LOL! I left out the PO, philantroPOsophy. Better but too long. Shortened, turn from sophy to logy: EcoPhilAntrology. Sounds good? :D *NM*
and then I missed the H in anthro, phew ... too much chemtrails pouring down recently, well now and finally: Eco-philAnthro-Pology, yEAP :D (or something) *NM*
Conehead Aliens, Ancient Magicians? Alien Contactee Exposes Mankind's Hijacking by the Anunnaki *PIC*
Thanks for grubbing out this article. Does your question refer to Cosmic Observer or to Never Surrender? The BatMan revealings are VERY relevant at this time. :) *PIC*
I'm still open for an honest answer and helpful forum exchange, dear IVORY MOON hazellfire777(at) :D
Come on, don't be so shy! I can well imagine who you are and why you came here ;) *NM*
Come on! Still still still waiting for IM aka Ivory Monn :D (I won't tell anybody)
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