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Reverse Speech Analysis - Tiffany Fontenot's totally different take on the recent Cosmic Disclosure Episode (David Wilcock and Corey Goode), The Ascension of Earth S8 E7 site for manmade weather
American dowser Raymon Grace in this month's newsletter said something interesting, “try it and see...” too often we think we can't do something.
spot on: People have given their health to the doctor, their soul to the priest, their money to the banker, have lost the poser to control their life and given their kids to the school system *PIC*
Was researching dowsing and came across the link within. Walter Russell wrote a book, "The Secret of Light". Info in the link.
175 weather patents are listed in the link within. Naturally your "Weatherman" will never tell you about this!
Beauty and Danger. Jose coming closer. 6 o 9. Maria is next. Cyclones cast like turning pearls. Powered by tensions of hot and cold, wet and dry air streams. *PIC*
My post was from 3 days ago...
yes, I'v seen it and drew it into my consideration *NM*
Well think about it...human thought, powered by emotion and intention creates life and destroys it! Is the weather really a problem?
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