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Top 9 vaccine ingredients you would never eat if found in food, so why allow them to be injected into muscle tissue?
Matthew has a new post...talks about the soul. You might have to read it a couple of times to grasp the info.
Not the best moment for the Mayo Clinic. Is this happening elsewhere? Know your rights!
"Imagine a factory that turns out illusions. And these illusions are woven together to make up what we think the world is." Info may not be true/valid but they want you to believe it is.
Re: the California forest fires...there are anomalies. They are not “simple” fires. Do they represent a new kind of war?
More info about the does make you think!
Never heard of this term before, but "Electroculture" increasess plant growth, changes gene expression, obsoletes GMO... Why should you care? Like nutrient dense, GMO free food?
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