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Rumors have it, RMN Rummer Melt News relocated from AtLANta to JerUSAlem, now posing full ChaNukeYah :( instead of ChrisMess HailelohYa Santa Clausi tabernacle :D *PIC*
This satire is (quote RMN CGI) "Politically Incorrect News Stranger than Fiction, Usually True!" :O Sheet hap pence? :O
16 Things Weed Does To Your Body According to Science. Here are the headings and the "details/specifics" are in the link.
Hey.... A Question for our loyal TNT members and friends. Should we bring bag the WYSIWYG editor for posting, such as the CKeditor? Thoughts? *NM* bring back.......... *NM*
Maybe create an entirely new posting forum, and port the old posts into the new structure? *NM*
imho, an easy-to-use bbcode editor can do it, maybe with choice for elaborate functions, I will check CKeditor and make suggestions *PIC*
Thank you!!! I appreciate that!! *NM*
A question for you, Jack
I'm retired. My Hobbies: Gardening. Improving House, Health and Living with Wifey. Learning Online Everyday. *PIC*
I'd like to be able to insert links and pics if necessary. BBSradio's home page is nothing if not links, right? Seems this Forum should have an excellent editor. *NM*
Absolutely!! *NM*
Don, I am curious about what is motivating the change at this time? Can you share that info? *NM*
Certainly, We have recently done many upgrades at BBS Network, Inc. (BBS Radio), such as:
Congrats on having the ambition, knowledge and financial resources to do what you are doing.
Re: Congrats on having the ambition, knowledge and financial resources to do what you are doing.
WOW! Congrats! I had imagined something like what you explain in details. Obviously, there's fertile soil in Paradise, growing delicious apples in Garden of Eden :D
Two huge current vaccine scandals the press isn’t covering
Ярослава Дегтярёва с животными (Часть 3) Princess Of Russia Yaroslava Degtyareva now in Moscow. *PIC*
I tried out Google Translation but no hint to the melody or the composer *PIC*
youtuber IK-Port was drafted into the Russian Army one year ago (Google Translation works very well)
The "Deep State" looks like it is under tremendous pressure to eliminate Trump.
It's very much okay, this way, dear Yasya. We CAN look into your heart. ;) It's like a Piece Of Paradise (maybe a song title for you, hm?) ;) *PIC*
Two months later and Yaroslava's public breakthru reached 40 million views. *PIC*
Pics of damage from the Fires in California fires pose many questions. Ever seen anything like them?
Maybe it's spiritual energy from Native Americans who want their country back? Taking revenge? Who knows? - Seriously, there's good arguing in the thread, deep and shallow.
Don, when using COAST on my iPad, COAST refused to open your site saying, Safety Suspicious. Other browser apps work OK! *NM*
Very Odd. I'll have to check into that. But we do have website issues this week (and into next week there will be issues as we moved servers) *NM*
Jack, I think you like "numbers" so here's an article with the number 7 in it.
Gematria. Occultist Numerology. THE SIX SACRED NUMBERS (censored at source but saved on other web site) about 7 and agenda 21 *PIC*
HP's keyloggers now affect up to 460 HP laptops...
Where have all the TNT Ladies gone? :O *NM* *PIC*
Now that's beauty! *NM*
Re: Where have all the TNT Ladies gone? :O
Hello Don, nice to hear. Thx 4 wishes, same from me in return ;). More specific: HoliDays 4 me are mostly contemplative. Almost every day now is a holy day 4 me ;)
I may do just that! I have family in Austria still. I'll just have to take you up on that one day! THANK YOU for the invite *NM*
U.S. government said to be blocking the public from learning about this “miracle molecule” for liver health
German Postal Service return import of commercial samples of herbal extracts from India under false pretenses: "unsuccessful delivery attempt" or "recipient not found"
Two things, the System versus you?
it's not personally against me, many many people are downed the same way
it's a special pure powder mix of 3 herbs, no chemicals and no dubious additives
A good news site...excels at showing human creativity!
YESS Sir, it is! :D *PIC*
Apologies for the delay. I missed your's my answer.
interesting to learn that you've also been attacked by reducing the clicks to your "mattress message!" ... what a mess! Maybe it was sorts of online test run by creep state agents or suckaburg robots? *PIC*
Something else...Don did reply twice to my, “Are you hacked?” message. But there was no text in either message that I could see. There were view counts and no one mentioned not seeing text.
Hello, I see we are 8 hours apart. Yes, I've realized it also. And then, yesterday, when I had reposted the deleted article, my keyboard and mouse were blocked. I had to shut down and restart K-Meleon
Learning always has an expense...
Edgar Cayce was right: "The Hope For The World Will Come Out Of Russia"!
Censorship activated? So what! Reposting my share from yesterday "coming back after some hard work to prepare for unavoidable :) hibernation" *PIC*
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