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What is Swine Flu? *NM* *LINK*
Design by Swine? Spread by Agents of Fed? For stealthily killing the non-willing? :(
"Before you pass it on, wash your hands a little". *LINK*
speaking of washing your hands...
Obama taps Google boss for science panel *NM* *LINK*
"I will restart my engine!" Sarah Palin :D *PIC*
The Good Ole Guys at Work - Sounds Like Music!
Swine Flu info via the Alternative Doctor blog
Second sun returns *LINK* *PIC*
THIS STORY just fraks my head! Man Who Greeted Obama Dies Of Flu Next Day (wowzer) *LINK*
How I felt.
CBS Cold Fusion Video *LINK*
PGM ETF? Strange Timing, no?
Amazing fact. TOO AMAZING to be any coincidence... that's for darn sure.... paulie *NM*
Good Thing!
CBS Censoring Itself?
Crisis Management, and the system of "good'ol'boy" corruption to oversee it? *LINK*
End The Fed Rally NYC 2/2 Peter Schiff Speaks to Angry Crowd! *LINK*
Consumerism: an Historical Perspective *LINK*
This NEW WORLD is getting AMAZING :) Magic is coming back? Alien life on Earth? Part 10 NASA's lies - Rods - Living UFO'S *LINK*
Ancenit Alien life - Evidence of Giant Skeletons and Megalith
Mystery Giant Skeleton Satellite Images *LINK*
ROOTS -It Matters *LINK*
Nasa's Biggest Secret *LINK*
Censored video supposedly by NASA - Moon Buildings *LINK*
The Rebirth Celebration and The Inner Dimensions of Cosmic Rebirth *LINK*
Just Because, It's Awesome!
WOW...... Amazing new life form? *LINK*
Tavistock: War Against the World all planned out here
Pandemic Beginning - MUST OPEN
Pandemic Flu Arrives (Urban Survival) *LINK*
The Three Stooges go to Washington, Part 6 *LINK*
4TH crop circle u.k 2009 *LINK*
SUSAN BOYLE on BBS RADIO Saturday April 24th at 8am Pacific Time STATION 2 *LINK*
3rd uk crop circle 2009 *LINK*
Hopi Prophecies: 2012 Explained (Video) *NM* *LINK*
Re: Hopi Prophecies: 2012 Explained (Video)
Weird Travels: Crop Circles (Video) *LINK*
More Heinous Death Threats Against Sinclair .... OUCHIE!! *NM* *LINK*
The Pirate Bay, Retrial!
" ring " ufo video *LINK*
Mike of WRH may like this
EXACTLY our point all along........ Parasites are ultimately not family oriented. *LINK*
social parasitism seems not to be a scientific subject yet *PIC*
Here's how bad torture really gets and Obuma's complicity? READ THIS: Dozens of Prisoners Held by CIA Still Missing, Fates Unknown *LINK*
Freddie Mac CFO Suicide by Hanging? (or gunshot wound) *LINK*
I always believed COKE is a REAL KILLER!! The company that is...... *LINK*
Silence Is The LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH worldwide *LINK*
cnn coverage of the 2009 national press club x conference about ufo´s with edgar mitchell *NM* *LINK*
'UFO phenomenon is real' says Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell on ABC News. Why the cover-up? *LINK*
“In assisting, a work of spiritual regeneration of humanity under the inspiration of Creation.” *LINK*
The MTSAR Forum "Truth Against the World" *LINK*
Michael Tsarion interviewed about Atlantis on Technology Trends *LINK*
Modern Shamans (Video) *NM* *LINK*
2 uk crop circles so far in uk 2009 *LINK*
Another Encounter with Sekhmet ... in Egypt with anthropologist Hank Wesselman, Ph.D. *NM* *LINK*
Dan Aykroyd weighs in on the NJ UFO hoax (Video) *LINK*
I wish I knew more about crop circles.......
I bet this year is gonna be a wowzer for circles :) *NM*
Crop Circles Crop Circles - the truth behind the myth *LINK*
Re: Crop Circles Crop Circles - the truth behind the myth *LINK*
ShatnEr Damn You went too far. All my life I spent convinced ..........and now.............
Yeah... I wasn't "thrilled" about opening my mind either!
What a LOAD of Crap, Zany Indeed
Re: What a LOAD of Crap, Zany (HUH? Don't let the door hit you on the way out!) *PIC*
What a LOAD of Crap, NewsJUNKIE
Sorry, Timmy. You are relatively new here. I've been posting here since '05. The archives and integrity ARE NOT here any longer. This site has been 'jacked by "unknowns". Beware. *NM* *PIC*
Re: What a LOAD of Crap, NewsJUNKIE *PIC*
After carefool scrutney... I am of the opus that all is not as it ought be
That certainly puts my perspective back into place! *NM*
Re: I wish I knew more about crop circles.......
Good for YOU, RAD...............I'd hate to see more people confused about the subject matter. Disinfo agents are disgusting. Check this out: *LINK* *PIC*
What Do The Globalists Want? *NM* *LINK*
Barack Obama: Crime Boss (and my 2 cents) *LINK*
Key Witness In Obama Passport Fraud Case Murdered *NM* *LINK*
The Oklahoma City Bombing: What was the Army doing with a Ryder Truck just before the Murrah blast? (Exactly my thoughts.... more proof of murder) *NM* *LINK*
The Real Story of AIG *LINK*
John Todd a Former Illuminatist: (Testimony of Witchcraft) 3 --- very wild!! *LINK*
SS = Shape Shifters; And the truth shall set you free (hmmmm... not sure about this one... but)
The Ascension Process *LINK* *PIC*
'Happy' Waco Day
Tons of released drugs taint US water *LINK* *PIC*
2008 Financial Crisis in Progress in 2009/2010 *LINK*
I call those channelings...
Re: I call those channelings...
I feel compelled to return
Glad to see you back :) Hey, anyone ever have trouble with Telemarketers? Check this audio out.......... funny stuff! *NM* *LINK*
Dancer..... don't use people's LAST NAMES
ADMIN! Guess I should have clarified that.... LOL
thx 4 clarification - will try to restrain my borderline madness :)
ADMIN! Thank you :) - some changes made to this thread. *NM*
You are not the primary target, Peter!
how dare you *PIC*
ADMIN! DANCER.... do not post other people's pictures and information on our forum without their express permission *NM*
I used to like it here .... but
Thanks. Understood. No Problem.
ADMIN! Your Post was edited (First sentence was removed) *NM*
LIVE KRYON CHANNELLING "The Timing of the Great Shift" *PIC*
Man Detained As Terror Suspect For Photographing Police Car *LINK*
Tourists Or Terrorists? Police Erase London Sightseers Photographs Citing Terrorism *LINK*
Celestial Esoteric Stuff and The Socio-Political Nitty Gritty *LINK*
What you resist persist - Carl Jung *LINK*
Michael Tsarion & Atlantis on Scifi Channel *LINK*
très bien mon vieux, tous compris, le poème aussi
Psy-Ops Teams Posting on Forums
when the storm is over and the air smells clean again *PIC*
I'm as mad as hel,l I'm not gonna take it anymore! *PIC*
I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore! *NM* *PIC*
What I do for a Living *LINK* *PIC*
I oppose. This is masculinism. Take off the baby beard! ... Or is it porridge? *PIC*
postings gone profiles gone everything forlorn? :( *PIC*
If it's not on where is it? *PIC*
So where are the rest of the posts guys? *NM*
The Wizzard saved the postings just-in-time and brought everything back, ya 'no :D *PIC*
Part III: Liberals, Strangely, at War With Freedom *LINK*
Nature of the Beast (GREAT ARTICLE) *LINK*
Why is Canada becoming one of the Leaders of the "Most Hated Countries" in the World? ... The Tar Wars! *LINK*
Susan Boyle, the most unlikely reality TV star ever, shocks Simon Cowell on 'Britain's Got Talent' *LINK*
many adults are malformed tortured living deads
Economic Collapse to Trigger Social Pandemonium (quite the article actually) *LINK*
A fraud that makes Madoff look small time *LINK*
Re: A fraud that makes Madoff look small time
Bruno Fools Ron Paul: "By The Time He Started Pulling His Pants Down..." (AUDIO) *LINK*
Healing Video....
Re: Healing Video.... Oh my God
Re: Healing Video.... Oh my God *PIC*
Wishing You Betterment and Relaxation of Heart *PIC*
shortly after I sent off the magnolia pic
should the short lyrics have any meaning
just a thought flown by
Am I over reacting or has the US gov't declared war on its citizens via food control?
Duh, Archives Are There For A Reason
Re: Duh, Archives??
Naysay says: Kind of change as foreseen to come thru the backdoor! *PIC*
Hi "Say"....... sadly you didn't have MUCH to "Say", aye?
really fresh meat smells different to me *PIC*
The Big Money Behind Geithner *LINK*
The Mind Numbing Size Of The Universe - Images *NM* *LINK*
Great post... THANKS! (NM) *NM*
BenjaminFulford - Fulford - Time For A Deck Of 52 Top Zionists? (LOVE THIS IDEA.... thought of it myself a while back....great idea) *LINK*
Germany Bans Cultivation of GM Corn *LINK*
Secret Homeland Security Threat Assessment Labels Gun Owners Potential Terrorists *LINK*
Articles like this get to me (maybe more than most other reports of bad news)! Honeybees in Danger *LINK*
Celente Calls For 'Revolution' As The Only Solution *NM* *LINK*

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