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They can't believe we know their plan..(.video animation)
Just 96 months to save world, says Prince Charles
Just 3 minutes to SAVE his Life! *LINK*
Quantum Resonance - All Is One - Voice Of Freedom
flow with the know *NM*
VACCINE HORROR From Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.( see this article at bottom of New Message from the White House Today)
Slick Sleazy NWO Fancy Dress Party - Parody
APOLLYON RISING 2012....Reality Radio.
APOLLYON RISING 2012 & The Final Mystery Of The Great Seal of the United States
Ben Fulford Update July 10, 2009
4 Major Experiencials only........... *NM* *LINK*
Freedom Watch 22 - Ron Paul, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Peter Schiff on Ending the Fed, Free Speech *LINK*
White folks gonna riot and I'm gonna join 'em *LINK*
AIG Seeks Clearance For More Bonuses *LINK*
Join us on our 'bank anger' tour across the blogosphere *LINK*
You address the essentials of life how folks should strive to escape the butchers' knife.
Oh Yea.....
true words spoken from your heart - one suggestion: starve the system
What Would Carol Paul Do?
Any Community Leaders Here?
Zionists in Panic! "Tons! Hundred of Tons!" Explosives Pre-Installed in WTC! *PIC*
Valery Uvarov Interview w/Project Camelot.The Visitors, 2012,Pole Shift
police chase " beings " at crop circle 7/7/09 *LINK*
Gordon Novel, "In Pursuit Of The Peoples Justice" Intreview with Project Camelot
Quoted as saying, "THE CIA are the only good guys in the United States" - are you Fing kidding me!
Happy to see others see through this man as well (smile)
the internet is FLOODED with little helpers and helpers' helpers - think JIDF, Medigo, Chabad
Chillax3d as all get out
being creative with a legitimate complaint
The Internet, a model for true democracy (Remarkably Amazing Article!) *NM* *LINK*
We The People to The U.S. Senate “NO TO CAP & TRADE!!!” *NM* *LINK*
Senior Citizens to President Obama...
What's Behind Cap & Trade? (It ain't pretty) *LINK*
Vaccine created illnesses *LINK*
Fox to Guard Henhouse? Former Monsanto VP May Be Named To Head FDA Safety Working Group *LINK*
Human Genome Project....more going on than we realize
Nurses Use Maggots, Honey Against Hospital Superbugs *NM* *LINK*
The C.I.A., Wally Hilliard, AirGyro and the Utah Heroin Problem *A MUST READ !! *LINK*
Dr. Francis A. Boyle on Alex Jones Tv:State Sponsored Terrorsim *NM* *LINK*
Qigong Master Boils Water With Hands - Infrared Proof *NM* *LINK*
Fabulous Post! YUP! What a great find!!!
that's why German word for medical treatment (still) is BE-HAND-LUNG = do it with you hands!
(Crop Circle Explained) found in one of my very old books...
Al Gore sued by over 30.000 Scientists for fraud *LINK*
Let's pity Al Gore! First he missed the presidency by vote fraud, now he himself is targetted as a fraudster and Bush runs free? This world holds no justice! :\ *NM*
Sometimes I wonder about you Dancer! *NM*
So do I - I was trying to make a subtle joke :) *NM*
also: it's nice to hear you care about me, thank you! :D
makes me mad, it's itching so bad to write an update about Sarah - I wish I had - already. Should I, TL? :D *NM*
besides: a little madness is a good disguise else we would appear to be wise, not? *NM*
Well Said !! *NM*
Mr. Deity Episode 1: Mr. Deity and the Evil *LINK*
the evil is always and everywhere even in the good :D
Ever wondered why Maddog disappeared? I found him in a parallel universe. :D
kaboom - era relnaays atnegs heslerf idlnuced devitpece furadtsers? :( *PIC*
Tassy where are you? Stuck in Zeitgeist? Chin Up! :)
Re: Tassy where are you? Stuck in Zeitgeist? Chin Up! :)
Kurt Nimmo on Alex Jones Tv:California Checkpoints & Domestic Terrorism *DO WATCH!* *NM* *LINK*
11 Ways To Prepare For Civil Unrest *LINK*
Problem-Reaction-Solution - PRS Tactics *PIC*
EXCELLENT ARTICLE! In the Time of the Lifting of the Veils. *LINK*
Emergency Health Freedom Action eBlast!
DeMint amendment to audit the Federal Reserve blocked by Senate "Scum" Leadership *LINK*
Marine Lightwheels, Crop Circles of the Sea...By Chris Sherwood
Update on Sewer Creature
Postal Service say they have been instructed to have 30-40 days of food on hand. Hmmmm...What do the know that they are not telling the rest of us Peasants... (oops! I mean people)
One of several reasons to learn Russian ASAP *PIC*
University of Salamanca in Spain: Cosmonaut - 12th Century :) *PIC*
Hello SpaceFreaks! So please have a look: A very realistic Asian-type alien in a spacesuit encarved in stone 800 years ago! How come? *NM*
The Other Children Will Not Allow LaRouche To Play In The Sandbox - Obama's intention on Health Care...(This is INSANE)
NASA Top Secret UFO Congress Santiago 2009--Jaime Maussan (video)
Colonel Bill Faye Woodard on Inner Earth
The Great Global Warming Swindle *LINK*
The Global Warming Scam *LINK*
Sen. Inhofe On Global Warming: 'This Thing Is Phony' *LINK*
Ron Paul 7/6/09 “Independence Celebration Should Include The Determination To Fight For Liberty!” *LINK*
RBill Gives Attorney General Power To Designate Gun Owners, Tax Protesters As Terrorists *LINK*
Update from C4L
The Smartest and Most Honest Question ever asked of a Citizen of The USA. *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
The world's oldest known Christian Bible *LINK*
We are winning! Video featuring Mike Rivero! Up-to-date with Cynthia McKinney. (HOLY SHIT!) *LINK*
the pushy background tunes in the clip are unnecessary, annoying and indeed counterproductive
Daniel Pinchbeck's blog (from Reality Sandwich: Evolving Consciousness, bite by bite.) Great Place..... Evolver Academy *NM* *LINK*
Linda Moulton Howe on C2C...July 7, 2009 and Crop Circles (video)
The Chabad Mafia *PIC*
INDEPENDENCE REVISITED, A day to celebrate and aspire.
Your opinion please: What do you see in the big blue symbol? :D *PIC*
A day to celebrate and aspire - I am starting to Like this Robert Darby :)
the pity is that the masses prefer sweet lies to bitter truths - the rulers exploit the non-chalance and the optimism of the common people
Please let's do not forget Cynthia McKinney.."CYNTHIA McKINNEY - PRISONER 88794 CALL DAY 2 FROM PRISON
"Stand by Me": Music Video.
NWO. Ein Volk. Ein Reich. Ein Fuhrer .... but who is the Fuhrer? Zionazi Satanyahu et al?
US and Russia agree nuclear weapons cut by up to a third *LINK*
Let's do the math!
SANANDA - "During the Lunar Eclipse on July 7th, there will be a Cosmic opening..."
Ker-On Of Venus Update July 6/09 (A very Special Message) Care for and Love One Another
Medical & Food Dangers to be Aware Of! July 5/09( at bottom of article a message for the people of Canada regarding CANADIAN FLU "VACCINES" WILL BE RISKIER THAN THOSE IN US -- ALERT!!!!
Aldous Huxley, 1959
Satan wants to destroy God's creation. Who is Satan? Who is God?
Aquamarine Dreams: Ralph Ring and Otis T. Carr,Tesala..."FREE ENERGY" WAKE UP CALL! (Project Camelot, Everything is Spirit/Nature...we are creating everything... this they don't want us to know.
MOON RISING... (here is the TRUTH) Videos active untill 7/6/09 worth watching with some surprises)
Now after watching these videos....Do you still believe that we are going to the Moon to blow it up for WATER??? If you do...then I guess you must believe in the tooth fairy too:):)....Hmmmmmmmmm. *NM*
I doubt it. No documentation. No science. Not even serious. Propaganda full of contradictions. Sorry, I don't buy it. *PIC*
BEST VIDEO SERIES EVER POSTED. I believe MOST OF IT..... probably ALL OF IT. Great Job! Amazing Stuff!!!! *NM*
xcuze me I missed the label FULL TRUTH - well then, at second sight, you make me so unsecure, now!
NASA To Take Photos Of Lunar Landing Sites, End Conspiracy Theories (Damn!) *LINK*
Faking for Proof? Why not! They did it before, didn't they?
It was a long search - but I finally found it!!!!!! . .... New England Journal of Medicine Reports Mental Health Epidemic Among Republican Governors *LINK*
thank you so much for your efforts - throwing me in deep debt now :D
Khabarovsk is where these jets are built *PIC*
NASA shutdown web based Realtime Data service ahead of solar storm prediction July 07,2009 ? (What's Up With That? What do they not want us to know or see? Hmmmmm....) see article at link.
UFO Releases Intelligent Moving Spheres Over Mexico (first ever video footage)
General of US Intelligence says No Plane Hit The Pentagon *LINK*
Maybe it was a cruise missile from an Israeli stealth sub-marine? SS Liberty reloaded, this time better preparation?
My thoughts would also run across such lines *NM*
U-31 officially launched in March 2002
Project Camelot Intreview with Clifford Stone ET Intrepreter...(now retired from the
a must watch *NM*
After Googall and UTube tried to block the upload. *PIC*
Saucer Fleet filmed in Naples June 13th 2009. *PIC*
Back, back to the US, to the USSR - see how happy they are! *PIC*
STS Columbia: Bolds from Above Flashed the Fake Dove - Supremacy Done! *PIC*
They expect that people just talk, email and grunt about it
Pardon, in fact not the 'OWN' populace got smacked rather the sheeple of non-US people *NM*
I WISH US ALL, Independence! *NM*
‘Exposing’ Slave Practices of Rothschild Deflects Real Crime *NM* *LINK*
Celebrate "Kick Out the Govt" Day w/ Adam Kokesh *LINK*
Crop Circles are so important that they are starting the HUGE debunking campaign on them.... *LINK*
Crop Circles can never be de-bunked due to light balls seen flying around them *LINK*
More Stream Rollin of the People (Running Rough Shot over them)....... keep em moving..... keep em moving............ *NM* *LINK*
YouTube - EMERGENCY ALERT - Stop the NEW Real ID - S.1261 - The PASS Act *NM* *LINK*
Bill Silver Eagle....(see link of documented activities)
David J Meyer. Could this be true??
The Big Coverup what NASA Is Hiding-Project Camelot-Richard Hoagland(audio/vid)The 3 wars,What NASA really found on the Moon,What's coming in 2012
The new law that has passed as of June 1, 2009...Did you know about this law? if no...then please read (see link)
Jim Sparks & Bill Holden Interview Project Camelot "Making Thr Connection"
NEW U.K. CROP CIRCLE - westdown *LINK*
Info. Carolyn Evers is getting regarding Crop Circles."Crop circles forecast sunspot activity at the eclipse on July 7th, changing the working of our brains"
MOST INTERESTING INFO..... Thank you. I am intrigued :) *NM*
Smile, (So am I) This is the info we have been desiring, thanks to Carolyn, a great soul!
Re: Info. Carolyn Evers is getting regarding Crop Circles."Crop circles forecast sunspot activity at the eclipse on July 7th, changing the working of our brains"
The Zeitgest, Remastered, who truly are you? I know ,., Yea I know... and its ok... cause I am where I am suppose to be, and thats all that matters
Project Camelot Interview Jim Sparks-"THE KEEPER'S"The Agenda of the Star People (video)
Absurdity and Corruption Beyond Measure. *LINK*
Celebrity Doctor Says Health Care Reformers Are Traitors Committing Genocide *LINK*
BTW Adolf Hitler was a Vegetarian. He admitted Health Practitioners by law in 1938.
America’s July 4th Independence Day Tea Party *NM* *LINK*
Have you see this? Powerful stuff. *PIC*
Re: Have you see this? Powerful stuff. *PIC*
How very SAD! How can humanity be so cruel to one another? *NM* *PIC*
The ZioGangstas didn't have Napalm and Depleted Uranium back then, only smallpox and mercury.
Re: The ZioGangstas didn't have Napalm and Depleted Uranium back then, only smallpox and mercury. *PIC*
Wait just one Damn Minute!
Mysterious Tri-Angle of 'Accidents'
And just when you are at you lowest point of lost Hope and see no Light at the end of the tunnel, But...a huge train ready to crush you,God sends a ray of Hope back our way.3 must read articles w/vid
why have DROPA STONES been moved on wiki ??????
Wiki Stinks... they removed bbs radio years ago....
Because these facts are not compatible with the delusions of YHWH which HE BREW to alcoHOlize his JoZen GENEric Wannabees? 8) *NM*
I thought I would share this powerful story with you. "The Seed"
The Face of the Next Generation. (video)
I know... it's absolutely heartbreaking (heart breaking that we ALLOW this to continue without shutting them down NOW) *NM*
I just don't understand it, there are so many good people out there...
Somewhat expected timely remote computer shut-down? FYI :D
My second time
My First Time
and SOME music will put you there..........
Reporters Grill Gibbs Over Prepackaged Questions for Obama. (video)....Can you believe this? what a fake show!
Senate bill fines people refusing health coverage.
DAMN CLOSE ALTERNATIVE to the Forced Vaccinations! A MANDATORY UP YOURS! hahahah.... open up and chug *NM*
This is the BIG SMACK on the bum, so ta speak..... eh mum?
This is beyond a slap on the bum. This will finishing destroying the families and poor single people of this Country...
Once again, you make the BEST POSTS.... cause I'm still amazed by the NWO Shat! *NM*
While we are on the subject of health care .... It's not enough that .......... *LINK*
Baby, who owes you non-sucking duties? :D *PIC*
Well, I doubt I even need to ask.... cause there probably ain't none *LINK*
Re: Well, I doubt I even need to ask.... cause there probably ain't none *LINK*
Housing Minister: Spread of Arab population must be stopped *LINK*
I have NO Faith in our market and finance system when WACKOS are in control... NONE! And Here It Is On CNBC: Manipulation *NM* *LINK*
Shows you just how controlled our MSM is: US remains silent over McKinney arrest by Israel *LINK*
IS THE US CORPORATE MEDIA RACIST? (of course, just like its owners!) *LINK*
Re: Shows you just how controlled our MSM is: US remains silent over McKinney arrest by Israel
Cynthia McKinney Speaks From Israeli Prison. Calling on President Obama for Help
Joe Biden.... you little rascal.... did you plan this with your pals? *LINK*
Cynthia McKinney takes on Donald Rumsfeld *LINK*
Rolling Stone expose: Goldman Sachs behind every market crash since 1920s *LINK*
Staffer at SEC Had Warned Of Madoff *LINK*
The truth is, we are winning the information war and they are looking like the lying sacks of shit that they are. *LINK*
Crop Circle
Can David Wilcox read the Crop Circle Text? Or get a reading on it? Now THAT might be interesting. *NM*
Preceeding the Orb to the Scene.... were Circles of Light *PIC*
Turn your Life over and Live a Little!
FINALLY,, somb comedy: Energy bills 'too low' to combat climate change *LINK*
Joe Biden: Oct. 19, 2008 - Obama Will Be "Tested" *LINK*
Independence Now And Forever (AUDIT THE FED and then some......) *LINK*
America’s arrogant manipulator (Excellent Article!) *LINK*
ROTHSCHILD'S FEDERAL RESERVE MUST BE ABOLISHED (and then put these murderous bums to trial!) *LINK*
????? What just happened to the "Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India" link. In process of trying to read when it disappeared off the board??? *NM*
NEW U.K. CROP CIRCLE - waden hill *LINK*
$2.775 billion given to Israel the same week that, "our" government in Washington told the Governor of California "not one red cent,"
Question, Does anyone out there follow Space Imagery??? Please Read this. "Solar Impact 08-22-2009"
More Links To Strange Object Heading Toward The Sun.
Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer! *LINK*
Organic Property Development
Zeitgeist----Federal Reserve (Part 1-5) And, Videos of the Philippine Treasures, things we were told do not exist!
Jesse Ventura says CIA is Implanted in State Governments *NM* *LINK*
Alex Collier - Reptilian Rulers 1 0f 12 *LINK*
What is True Independence?
Ron Paul: Obama’s ‘Gal’ is Economic Collapse.By David Edwards and Stephen Webster
Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Israeli Occupation Forces attacked and boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat.
Crop Circles appearing in Russia.
Comment on David Icke
Re: Comment on David Icke
Re: Comment on David Icke
Re: Comment on David Icke *LINK*
Zbigniew Brzezinski "Deeply Troubled" Video
Okay... okay... You WON. That was a FAB POST!!!!!! Must Watch... Kinda like The Arrivals series *NM*
Re: Russian scientists decoded messages of extraterrestrial civilizations - ETC
Ready to build your own FREE ENERGY DEVICE(s). That's right... many !!! ? Here's the PDF ... pass around *LINK*
Website Suspended...Hmmmmm *NM*
NEW U.K. CROP CIRCLE - knoll down
Hi folks. Me flabbaghasted, but actually more flabber than gasted :D
Clicking the Click *NM* *LINK*
I can just say WOW! Symbols of an Alien Sky, Part 5a.... watcht this! *LINK*
Do I believe in the "Hollow Earth"? Inside the Hollow Earth Pt.2 *LINK*
The David Icke Newsletter (I must say.... David is EXCELLENT as a writer and a human being!) *LINK*
The Wackos did it.........War Criminals *LINK*
Telling the way it is, same people, similar playwrights, familiar screenplays?
Rainbow Covenant
And you over there........ you know who you are. Be Quiet! *NM*
Re: And you over there........ you know who you are. Be Quiet!
Re: And you over there........ you know who you are. Be Quiet! *PIC*
rahahahahahahahahahahah @ u and me
Besides.... are we have a FIGHT? Is there somstink brewing I should know about?
I have a favor to ask of you songer..... please don't post silly personal notes to people here.... it's rather not well received. *NM*
oh did I forget to load up the embro thing that corosponded with the question this am about the 949? for crypes sakes
Re: oh did I forget to load up the embro thing that corosponded with the question this am about the 949? for crypes sakes
someone ask what 949 meant this am so I was responding
Provo,Utah's Illuminati Master *LINK*
This one REALLY is a doozy..... *NM*
silence pisses me off almost as much as the liers *NM*
11th Circuit Grants Wesley Snipes Oral Argument in Appeal of His Tax Fraud Conviction *LINK*
How the Funk does this happen? Nearly completed high-rise collapses in Shanghai *LINK* *PIC*
Superatoms may lead to smaller, faster, powerful computers (this IS amazing technology) *LINK*
Video: Depleted Uranium Children Iraq (I get so farking upset with this shit...... the bankers must be stopped) *LINK*
I am on the war path and you put me on it with the loose lip *NM*
Storming The Federal Reserve *NM* *LINK*
extra celestials around crop circle area
should I upload some of our farm equiptment
milk that for all its worth
Pay no attention to the debunkers and disbelievers. Your post is much appreciated and the real deal...
first of all I accept your sorrys, though do not mess with my embreo's understand? *NM*
Embroe's????HUH??? The apology was to watcher of the watchers. Not You!...
was I talking to you? guess so you responded Robert move out of the way k *NM*
Perhaps we could comply with the request if only we knew what the hell is meant by that last post? U C I Not BN HERE 4 a YL .. I just dropped in to See what Condition My Condition Was In" *LINK*
and I am full! ( I ate it)
Criminal Rothschilds *LINK*
US states' budget crisis sets stage for new attack on the working class *LINK*
it is time and care is gone
i feel the need to dismiss myself from all sorts
Sunday Tunes
History of the United States, Audio Book
DIG no. #2 Moon!
who knows this tune of the greatful dead?
SUPRIEM ROCKEFELLER-MESSIAH OR ANTICHRIST, (read info at link) this is a real WHOPPER...things we little people do not know about going on behind the curtain.
OLD NEWS.......... and which was the article refering to?
Michael Jackson channeled - this is what i got , read with an open mind *LINK*
eighth chakra seat of the soul
Streets Within My Mind
Early and Latter Rain! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! *PIC*
feed me for me to decifer I need to brush up clean sweep
Nice Choice in Music *NM*
circle me, ecryptic lol THE BIG PICTURE of the Pi
Could President Obama be...
But I thought he was Lincoln ? I am sorry for your loss !
Peace out my Brother we are all in this together!
Smile:) I feel The Love:) as always...... *NM* *PIC*
Just so you know......
All Warrior's for Truth must take stands! *PIC*
Xlent! ThanksU! *NM*
I'm totally STUNNED. WOW!!!! I was actually giggling when I saw the first one.......
TimElord, my exact reactions too. The first one actually brought this giggly joy from deep within me...
I remember going down us 1 orange co. stopping at a phone booth at jack in the box the area code was
Very Original.... I will say that for the material. I soaked it up like a damn sponge..... how about you?
Definitely a new point of view for me on the all the many issues and something to really think about...
My Favorite Part........
Stand and take back our strength and power, reclaiming our sovern rights. *NM*

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