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Science Channel - Human Cloning *NM* *LINK*
Re: Science Channel - Human Cloning
Obama administration: Toss wiretap lawsuit *LINK*
Federal Reserve Policy Audit Legislation ‘Gutted,’ Paul Says *LINK*
Contaminated Food *NM* *LINK*
Is THIS how the bank bailout money is being used? *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Time is Speeding up! ..... *LINK*
"Tapping out" your cortices ~ Brain exercise can change our experience of life - demo *LINK*
Halloween Costumes *LINK*
How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA *LINK*
A powerful message from Stevie Wonder on Michael Jackson’s death…
Same EXACT Message from that Crop Circle Hiero........ ? *NM*
Then It must be really true! David Cropper filed *LINK*
How did you get it? (double sense intended) :O *PIC*
You hang out at some of the weirdest sites! :D
i can see you from my bed, moon light shining thru my window :D *PIC*
folks, what's da matta? on Oct 30th not one post for the bbs host? all stuck in hell-oh-ween preps? or shopping? or watching ETs? 8) *PIC*
And just what BBS Host are you referring to? It is not clear to me.... *PIC*
sorry for the trouble, ya right, a lil bit hazy, but here comes the clearance ;) *PIC*
Ahhh Thanks for the clarity. I was wondering what that throbbing was in the middle of my forehead until I looked in the mirror just today and see that I sprouted one of those things! ....
Re: folks, what's da matta? on Oct 30th not one post for the bbs host? all stuck in hell-oh-ween preps? or shopping? or watching ETs? 8)
November 8, 2009, the beginning of the Sixth night .... *LINK*
Death By Statins? ~ Stopping the Madness *LINK*
Be Aware of what the medical professionals are doing .... Do your research and Know a Scam when you see one!
I agree and show my respect for you, good advice if you can't avoid being treated, and despite (or just because of?) you kept good humour ;) *NM*
No Fear Saucers Come In! Cosima, did YOU call Angel O7 on a heavenly mission? *PIC*
caught moment of saucer-sheeple touchdown - pic for convenient printout :D *NM* *PIC*
and here the same game with the 'October Surprise over Moscow' - ready to print *PIC*
how funny, I dealt with the alien presence my way without knowing that you elaborated on it at the same time :D did we get remote order?
Project Camelot interviews Bob Dean: the Coming of Nibiru *LINK* *PIC*
Wake up Call: Overton + Hatonn, Oct 28, 09 *LINK* *PIC*
pt 1/2 Gerald Celente on the Jeff Crouere 26 Oct 2009 *LINK* *PIC*
Curry kills gullet cancer cells *LINK*
3 Mysteries solved, finally! Thanks God! :D *PIC*
HeHeHe! :D (But I am too tired to reply.... snoooooz) *NM*
1 Acre Feeds 30 People?
Re: 1 Acre Feeds 30 People?
The Latest on The Link Between Cell Phone Use and Brain Cancer *LINK*
valuable - my advice no. 7 + 8 plus FBI hint - New Age of Silly Con Wally
Could be your neighbour ("neighbor" spelling in U.S.?) ~ Why It could be Me! ~ Here's looking at ya! *PIC*
BLAH BLAM BLASH BLARK BLAP..... More Original Sin?
Re: BLAH BLAM BLASH BLARK BLAP..... More Original Sin? ~ MORE .... BIF !!!! POW !!! *PIC*
How can the two of you..TimElord & Drumspirit, take such a beautiful article and act so mean? Guess my post today of being nice, kind and Loving did nothing at all. Always someone to be attacked...
Ah Come on Cosmos ~ We are just playing ~ None of us knows what is exactly happening. I love you! :)
the way I see it also - "lovers like to banter with each other" - ho ho ho :D *PIC*
Not to be concerned .... We have all found new litter boxes! :D *NM*
We're just Luben on Ya..... it's our way of saying..... Who was that masked man? *NM*
I don't believe it's a chemtrail static discharge at all......
I am not sure what it is. I only posted it from the Rumor Mill News Board. I think it either has something to do with HAARP, Weather Wars or who really knows...I just know it looks real strange and...
"How's your ...." How's what? ~ unfinished thought? ..Did the phone ring and distract you? :D *NM*
YUPP..... phone distractions... sorry *NM*
Judge Andrew Napolitano speaks on Natural rights within Patriot Act! MUST SEE! Vid
beta *NM*
Beta? I hope so ... It has been a long haul for you! *NM*
Re: Beta? I hope so ... It has been a long haul for you!
What a sick messed up World..."52 children rescued from prostitution rings in US"
Bashar The Negative Ego (Video) *LINK* *PIC*
Bashar ~ My Favourite ET!!! :D *NM*
BEAUTIFUL!! Thank You!:) *NM*
"Obama Meets With UBS Money Launderer And Top Campaign Contributor On Day One Of Vacation"
The outrageous truth slips out.......
"Uncontrollable Immigration: a fit of absent-mindedness or gross incompetence? Or was it not inadvertent at all, but deliberate?"
This is being done and has been done for the last 10 years a slow build up of people from all over the World moving into the Cayman Islands and now the Island people have mostley all been laid off and
Ehren Watada: Free at Last (So tell your kids they need NOT do as the military tells them!) *LINK*
The only thing is one should not have to go through all this to just say, "No"! What part of No do they not understand? Waste of time and money to prove a point! :O *NM*
"Poisoning attempt’ charges filed against French H1N1 campaign"
Unconditional Love......
A timeless message indeed! :) *NM*
Increase the peace. Eradicate ignorance.(Vids) Let's be Kind and Loving Today
The Only Answer To Cancer, Dr. Leonard Coldwell's
La Dra Rauni Kilde habla sobre la Conspiración de la Gripe Porcina *LINK*
"Indian in the Machine" Dieter Braun on 2012 *LINK*
Thanks Drummy...Refreshing info...
worldreports.org goes after Fulford
OMG Junior! This list of intel sites is even more comprehensive than the one by Find-and-Dunno ;)
Worlds Largest Pyramid Discovered - Lost Mayan City Of Mirador Predates Popo Val
Puerto Rico The people are rising up and trouble has begun.(They are not saying or showing on TV in America how bad the economy is in the Caribbean)
Ever wonder why there was a big push to get GPS readings at your front door? ( Totally BIG BROTHER)
A Warning From A Naval Aviator, Commander Jerry Wilson
Pentagon used psychological operation on US public, documents show *LINK*
Bring back the guillotine for Goldman Sachs & Co! *LINK* *PIC*
Why Boys Are Turning Into Girls *LINK*
The Disappearing Male (Video) *LINK*
In response to YesMen post below (that I can not get into to read!!) ~ No man shall go asunder! *NM*
US Chamber Shuts off TheYesMen.org and Websites of Hundreds of Other Activist Groups Free Speech, Free Commerce Threatened by "Free Trade" Champion *LINK*
No Relief Yet for PG&E Customers Who Claim Smart Meters are Causing Rate Hikes *LINK*
After the Billionaires Plundered Alabama Town, Troops Were Called in ... Illegally *LINK*
New Blog Entry: "Choose Wisely" by Zany Mystic *LINK* *PIC*
I Love It when you write! :) *NM*
I love you ALL...
I Love it when you're right. *NM*
Madoff friend drowned due to heart attack... *LINK*
1/6 Webbot Cliff High on RBN October 25, 2009
Puerto Rico Explodes: FBI, ATF, FEMA, Homeland Security Investigating-Obama Declares Emergency.
Wake Up America! *LINK*
Did you watch this before posting?
Now that would be telling too much .. No? 8).... *PIC*
I LOVE the Super Hero :) *NM*
Yes I did watch this before posting, and ...
China, India Cancel Out Copenhagen. (So should we! imho)
Global Events Update Oct 26/09. By Bix Weir
Another take on obama's supposed UFO disclosure.Possible psyop.(Looks like old Cosmo is not so crazy & the only one seeing the Obama ET disclosure as a set of more lies,vid & links)
Her are all the links to video interview...sorry for not posting all together...Cosmo very forgetful no a days:) Beware of deception & Lies!
Meteorite falls on Latvia, nobody hurt.( Webbot's right again...)
Lindsey Williams Returns on Alex Jones TV, October 23. .... Complete interview *NM* *LINK*
Is it just me? Or does it take these guys forever to Get to the Point? :\ *NM*
I LOVE Alex Jones (always have... ALWAYS WILL)... but this guest is ridiculous!
Man alive what two pitching clowns.....
Ha ha ... Thanks for the great laugh! :D *NM*
Well COsmos Never "never trust a preacher", or ~ "The Son of a Preacher Man! :D *LINK*
As always...Thanks very much for the music. Have a great day:)
Germans Unhappy with Alternative Swine Flu Vaccine for Politicians *LINK*
Las Gaviotas: A Sustainable Community Cut Off From the World Almost 40 Years Ago *LINK* *PIC*
A particle God doesn’t want us to discover ~ Could the Large Hadron Collider be sabotaging itself from the future, as some physicists say ... *LINK*
INTRODUCING TERRAFUGIA! "The Transition®- a street-legal airplane" *LINK* *PIC*
Torture songs spur a protest most vocal ~ Musicians call for release of records on Guantanamo detainee treatment *LINK*
Trouble in Baghdad .... Start of Chaos *LINK*
Poofness Update Report, Oct 25, 2009.
More NESARA type shat .......... imho *NM*
The Love Police (Video) *NM* *LINK*
Re: The Love Police (Video) ;)
What the Heck Has Love Got to Do with Anything? *LINK*
"Judge Confirms Military and Police to be KILLED (This is so very disturbing)
Calling to complain about a product? ~ Not understanding the other person on the line? This may be why.... :D *LINK*
ello siss iss Bang-A-Lore callin, maddam wee aav a queschen: do yu mague funn off ouer Folk Lore ? :\ wee onnly hellbing forrain beeble for liddle monney! 8)
Re: ello siss iss Bang-A-Lore callin, maddam wee aav a queschen: do yu mague funn off ouer Folk Lore ? :\ wee onnly hellbing forrain beeble for liddle monney! 8)
Direct Calling to complain about a relationship!
I understand this language totally! :D *NM*
Orbs video proving Orbs are not dust or error in digital Technology
Funny British "Alien" video!
Dead Goldfish (Humor) *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
OMG!!! Poor Cat!! Wrong meal kitty:) should have stayed with Friskies cat food:):) LoL
NASA's Smoking Gun, Part II LCROSS' (and LRO's) Secret NASA Mission to the Moon .... *LINK* *PIC*
AWESOME! Another piece of history in the making! *NM*
Yes!! I am very excited about this as I feel this is the real thing..not some staged act to just freak out the people, But...a great new potential for humanity
Now THEY Want to Take Away our LOCAL TV! Local Programming going Bankrupt? Is this Part of the great Take over?... *LINK*
Cable's DIRTY Little Secret!! ~ It's ALL About MOney!!! *LINK*
Web Trolls What You Should Know.
Gary Null Medical Report Must Listen!! Oct 24/09
Vaccine Insanity Explained! Oct 24/09A vaccine for anxiety? The real reason why drug companies are pushing more vaccines .
Terence McKenna -- Prague Gnosis Part 1/12 *LINK*
Spontaneous DNA, The Rapture, and The Rise to Fourth Density *LINK* *PIC*
Spontaneous Answers ........... that FIT and yet are FAB *LINK*
Ok...I know I'm getting old...But...HUH? I Dont get it...what's this have to do with the David Wilcock info about us, changing into new beings??? I must be stupid or just plain too old to understand.. *PIC*
Don't Worry Cosmos ~ There's really "nothing to get" ~ He's just being the typical Male with his hands in his pocket. :D *NM*
"Canadian Please" ~ He'll Never be A Real Canadian >> Clever! ;) *LINK*
For those unable to follow rap ....
AWESOME! Love it! Any place in Canada for me? sounds like a beautiful place to be.
President Obama declares H1N1 swine flu a national emergency
Fear Monday: So, the latest from Cliff is: *LINK*
Re: NOT! I Repeat, .... NOT! >>>Fear Monday: So, the latest from Cliff is: *PIC*
YAHOOOOoooooooo............ !!! *NM*
Svali, former Illuminati, Reveals the inner workings before her death. Vid's 1-8
Terence McKenna on Who's In Control
Great post! *PIC*
Will be listening as always Dear Brother. Thank you!
FUNNY! "We're Not in KANSAS any more, Toto!" *LINK* *PIC*
Thank You so very much Zany...I needed that right now...and to you Dear Angel.... *NM* *PIC*
Yes, BUTT......
Sure hope Angels are always with us....We all sure them now more than ever. that's for sure.
US Cedes Economic Independence To IMF *LINK*
To everyone that reads this I most humbly apologize for my rude language...But...putting it bluntly...We are SO VERY FUCKED!!!...
I really hate to tell you all this.... but there are some things that are looking UPWARDS, for instance......... *LINK*
Hyperinflation? ..... I'm just trying to keep from hyperventilating! :O *NM*
No Wonder we have so many drones flying around the property! *LINK*
The NEW MAN in town: NOW YOU TOO CAN Learn how to take it all and give nothing back! *LINK*
Israeli President: We are buying up Manhattan, Hungary, Romania and Poland
"The Obama administration is continuing the SPP
TARP Inspector General Says Banking System Now Possibly Worse (At least now it's getting comically absurd for us taxxxants) *LINK*
Re: TARP .... What's that stand for? These darn initials! Tarp ... is that something we are living under, keeping off the rain of shite? :( *NM*
Re: "The Obama administration is continuing the SPP...... Well "Integrate this"! WAKE UP! *LINK*
Congress passes Pedophile act....
Ya-hooooeeee! ~ Decision Finds Police at Montebello Quebec Peaceful Protest Incited Violence ~ (while TPTB were behind closed doors slipping on the slime of the Security Prosperity Program (SPP) !
UFO's ! I Know what i Saw: 1/9 - History Channel *LINK* *PIC*
We Are All Connected
Disclosure Update -- and Video! ~ You guys can argue amongst yourselves. I'm just posting ..... I have nothing to do with this! *LINK*
No attack on you Drummy...just expressing my thoughts on disclosure as I see this great event....hope I'm wrong, I'd really love to be very wrong on this one,But
Who Stole my Helmet? *NM*
Surely You have learned how to dodge the shit by Now! :D *LINK* *PIC*
HEY.... Now my Boots are gone too! *NM*
TimELord ... The idea is to "keep moving" ~ Don't keep standing in the same hole ~ Or you will end up in China ~ Say What? 8) *NM*
OBAMA UNDER OATH: COURT STATUS REPORT. (More distraction needed to keep the slaves looking else where while we lower the boom of complete enslavement of The New World Order)
Taser Proof Undergarments by Manfields *LINK*
COSMOS ... the reason you are not receiving any mail and only able to "send" ....
Nope...empted mail box..not even getting spam now:) miss hearing from you. Thanks for your reply *NM*
Gerald Celente on Alex Jones Tv 1/7:Federal Reserve Manipulation in D.C *LINK* *PIC*
A Note to those without a fuKang Klue..... *LINK*
I hope by clicking on this link you don't think I am without a fuKang Klue.....I really just have a question ~ How do you get to part 2? ~ Seriously! *NM*
Every now and again.... I have this URGE to TELL IT! like it is..... *NM*
You can tell it any way you want TimELord .... I still need some link to get to Part 2 of the video. It just stops, nothing like a part 2 pops up to continue viewing. ;) .....
Whoops..... LOL..... Sorry.... here's the other parts....
Ok I have put all the parts together ~ ... But *PIC*
Sixty million years of evolution says vitamin D may save your life from swine flu
German Chancellor, Ministers Get Special Vaccine Without Soft Kill Ingredients
Does anyone know of an EXCELLENT CANADIAN forum post Board? Need to know fast ...
Hello Lance!! .. :O Talk to me!!! ... am I hearing you correctly?
what is the static IP address for this site?
it's easy ;)
it should also show up here
Both of ME? - Aaahh! I see, my shadow dancer and me!
Should this information mean anything to us non-techies? .....
Re: Should this information mean anything to us non-techies? .....
Wonderful! I guess I have some homework to do :) *NM*
Michael Tsarion, on Coast to Coast Oct 19, 2009
The Results of vaccinations...Washington Redskins Cheerleader after shot...
That's why the flu shooting criminals got exemption from the law in advance - no liability, no prosecution - now what's this? License to damage? License to kill? Euthanasia?
Totally agree!.....
Breaking***Obama's exact plan for ratifying Copenhagen w/o Senate approval
G. B. is said to be a mouthpiece of the established 'Enemies Of The People', sorts of public deceiver - to be weighed and squeezed for some sincerity.
Heard the same rumor on G. B....guess we are not sure who's who anymore...White Hat...Dark Hat ...Strange,Frustrating World we live in *NM*
Fall Of The Republic: The Presidency Of Barack Obama (FULL MOVIE)
Merging Into Completeness - Metatron through Lauren C. Gorgo, N.Y. *NM* *LINK*
Wake UP... if you so choose! *LINK*
BEST INTERVIEW EVER by Project Camelot. An Absolute Life Changing Interview....MUST VIEW!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! *NM*
Love this man Jordan Maxwell...BRILLANT MAN!!...maybe you have seen this interview before, if not check this one out..Great info here from J. M, Well worth a listen(see link)
Whistle blower Exposes Vatican Bank Unethical Activities *LINK*
Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent *LINK*
You Know You've Got "It", ~ the Swine Flu that is, ~ (Oh Gee More Satire!), when ....... :D *NM* *PIC*
I humbly disagree :(... so, only men get it and in surplus, only blonde dudes? :\ That's not fair! I demand equal rights ... :D
This is FOR YOU DANCER :D . Please be creative and
More demand for fairness: "Pigs Didn't Start The Swine Flu!"
I LOVE IT!!! I absolutely Love it! I'm sending this to all my email lists! :D *NM*
Hear FLUffy growl "I'm coming ..." :D *PIC*
Now that IS Funny... I have a MinPin....and it's a high strung insanely loud and spastic family member. *NM*
probably your minpin and I have very close common roots, sorts of :D
Just like his Master!!! Don't worry I won't Post your picture :D *NM*
Now Come on! Who said that? .... *PIC*
New Economic Ideas
I Love it! And so Mote it Be!! (one hurdle for Canada: Our resources have sneakily been taken over and sold for a song to the U.S.!) ~ Go Figure! ~ Down with the SPP! :( *NM*
Retired Bishop says Hell was invented by the Church to Control People *NM* *LINK*
Are You Afraid of the Dark? *LINK*
Oh Canada Movie ~ nice job here pointing out how little most of our Reps. really know about what we are up against. Dan does a beautiful job on Paul Martin....and exposes Power Corp. wonderfully. *LINK*
Stretching Your Boundaries! Now this takes Guts! :D *LINK*
these guys are gorgeous
Suzanne Somers raising some eyebrows curing cancer, while Obama Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius gets the stink eye. *PIC*
Movies with advanced spiritual messages & great stories
ALEX COLLIER at the Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference, Los Angeles, Sept 2009 *LINK*
Vaccine Satire ~ How to be a Swine Flu Vaccine Zealot :D *LINK*
Excellent! Love to read it. "The Protocols for the Elders Of Swine Flu"
'for' or 'of' - still undecided but no decisive question, imo *NM*
"OF" ? *LINK*
Scheiss ScrewTube "This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions."
THX: According to the original: "The Protocols Of The Elders Of Swine Flu" Correct? ;)
Public must learn to 'tolerate the inequality' of bonuses, says Goldman Sachs vice-chairman *LINK* *PIC*
Hoax Slayer ~ Product Barcode Country Identification ~ How do you really know if a product is made in your own country? *LINK*
Don Alejandro talks about The Shift of the Ages *LINK*
A Concise View of the Flu Shot Controversy ... Xcellent Summary!!! ... (A few Video Links included if you have not already seen these.)
Newest letter from Matthew
Drunvalo Melchizedek - 9/11/09 - Coast to Coast Radio - [1/11] *LINK*
And now for some good news? .... A senator responds to the Call for Sanity on Bill C-6 (Codex ALIMENTARIUS) *LINK*
Re: And now for some good news? .... A senator responds to the Call for Sanity on Bill C-6 (Codex ALIMENTARIUS)
I received a huge list of Senator email addresses, so I imagine many are getting flooded with complaints. Good Job! *NM*
BTW Lancifer ... Did you get my email on the SPP? :( .....
Gerald Celente-Their is NO Economic Recovery-Its A COVERUP (vid) *LINK*
Ron Paul on CNN - Bailouts Fraud on Wall St 10-20-09 (vid) *LINK*
Peter Schiff on CNN - The Economy (vid) *LINK*
Ex-CIA Chief James Woolsey handed down gag-order to 9/11 Firefighters (HOLY SHETT.... and now Firefighters are dying.... Tragic) *LINK*
Insight Melodies Inside - Light Energy Music - Very Emotional :)
Thank you! Very Emotional Indeed. Ah but the synchronicities ....
Re: Insight Melodies Inside - Light Energy Music - Very Emotional :) *LINK*
Thank you very much for your follow up and the links ... Vangelis, Enya, what else? Brian Eno? Enigma? ;) :)
Re: Thank you very much for your follow up and the links ... Vangelis, Enya, what else? Brian Eno? Enigma? ;) :)
AMAZING AND Emotional.... WOW!! Great Selection!!!!! THANK YOU! *NM*
Barack Obama ~ The War in Afghanistan (ohBombMe) *LINK*
ICN Informed Citizen News 10/11/09 *LINK*
Mass UK Mind Control Technology Now A Reality
Witness Watch 11:11 ... Well October 19 is here and nothing has happened yet. Interesting article though *LINK*
Bernanke gone berserk! Bank reserves explode! (I had a dream on this too last night...........) *LINK* *PIC*
I much prefer my dream landscapes. My only hopes are they turn into my reality SOON! ;) *NM*
Obama (the Usurper) is a Blight to this Planet: Video of Monckton’s Speech on Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty in Copenhagen *LINK*
Short memory TimELord? You and Cosmic Observer already tackled this one less than 3 days ago. .....
Hmmmm........... I guess I've got me a case of waste.... I plum forgot *NM*
Well in that case .... (You will LOVE this one TimELord) :D *NM* *PIC*
Is that Newt Gingerich? LOL *NM*
HAHA! I thought you were making a joke about Figg Newsoms. Well you learn something new everyday! .... *PIC*
I believe this guy was at the same event .... *LINK*
Woah.... that was about as Gone as you can Get without having left. *NM*
The Truth About the 2009 Gaza Massacre *LINK*
White House boasts: We 'control' news media *LINK*
Gaza 2009: Operation Cast Lead (vid) *LINK*
The Rich Have Stolen The Economy *LINK*
Shooting The Messanger Of Truth!
Wait a minute, Cosima! Don't leave us. I see, it's the 'mess-anger' (as you spelled it). Take a grain of salt, sts. Maybe you are only too forceful or too ambitious with your engagement?
Ho'oponopono ........I'm Sorry........ I Love You
Empowerment 101 from Steve Rother *LINK*
Forbidden Science and Conspiracies by Michael Tellinger
Fax to Stop the Vax Project - Urgent Plea to all True Patriots!
Obama Kills Farmers....Organic Gardeners Now Terrorists HR875 and S425 Farm Nationalization
Re: Obama Kills Farmers....Organic Gardeners Now Terrorists HR875 and S425 Farm Nationalization
Excellent summation!
frankly, I have stopped to wonder about Aboma Snake already but still
Criminal Food Bill Passed, Constitution Useless, WE are not alone- Hr 2749 moves...Listen Up People this lady is making a lot of sence.
Alert! Warning! American Holocaust. (This they do not want you to see & know..so it was taken off you-tube, so watch quickly before it is removed again)PLEASE WATCH!
Exopolitics - Weber interviews Barbara Hand Clow *LINK*
Caveat re: interview
Clif High's Chemtrail Predictions *LINK*
Well Said! Great Post! *NM*
Well ....putting it bluntly...if we all don't get off our asses and demand a stop to all this evil actions brought upon us by TPTB...they will destroy us in their 2012 Apocalyptic Plan. Sitting around
Reply to Dearest Cosmic Observer(s) all...
Re: Reply to Dearest Cosmic Observer(s) all... 8)
Man needs sunlight to produce Vitamin D, needs UV light and ozone to kill poisons, bacteria, fungii, chlamydia - it makes satanic sense, not? :(
Good morning to you too! I probably should have a couple of coffees and good breakfast before coming to TNT for some emotional twisting..... I'm going back to bed, I was having a wonderful dream :\ *NM*
while you were sleeping and dreaming ...
Much beeter thank you! Uncanny how you found a little girl that looked just like me. :D
HAHAHAHA........ I love the Smell of TNT in the Morning...... *NM*
Re: HAHAHAHA........ I love the Smell of TNT in the Morning...... :D *PIC*
Where did this DEADLY Swine flu originate? Univ. of Minnesota *LINK*
YouTube - Agenda 21 For Dummies (YOU GOTTA SEE THIS) *LINK*
"so let's tell 'em they can keep their stinkin' nonsense agenda, don't need it, have my own AGEnda already" :b
Time_Lord...more reasons you won't like Obama
They've Known All Along !!
Now that was a Patented Trick...... eh?
John Lear-Alien Agenda..on Coast To Coast
Ten questions about flu vaccines that doctors and health authorities refuse to answer *LINK*
Powerful Water Documentary....
Our Water is Under Attack! *LINK*
Bruce? WhoTF is Bruce? LOL The plumber who connected the gas and water tubes? Bruce Springsteen?
It would be pleagarism .....
ahaaa, it was a quote ... sigh of relief ... I was afraid you had undergone change of gender :D
Well shoot Dancer .... Now I can't come back with MY joke. Something about changing while under the influence of the ol "Red Bull"! Get out of my head will ya! :D *NM*
Shocking Proof Chemtrails In Our Water.
79.9 % interest rate! At least one bank is BEYOND stupid!!!!!!
Usury? USURY! uSuRy! USury! btw the praised 3.World Micro-Credits demand often 30% interest = no good deed but USURY!! Banksta Gangsta!
end of the world???
Smile:) I Agree! who wants to live in a World any worse than it is today. *NM*
I want to LIVE here on this Earth... RIGHT NOW! It's why i'm here... and why I'll Save you all! *NM*
Thank You! Bless you and your Kind, Loving, Caring Heart:) Hugs to you! *NM*
Anything really "BIG" is usually distraction...
Ants in the Pants? OR could it be these stomping beauties had been given Red Bull plus O-Juice? *PIC*
thank you very much - you can be so kind and cooperative ... IF you wanna be :D *NM*
Max Keiser-Face Off-Is The Crisis Over?
I LOVE MAX KEISER... the ONLY man speaking HONESTLY about EVERYTING Bankster

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