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Universal Health Care Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts *LINK*
American Monetary Institute 2009 Conference: “We Shall Prevail” Ricard C. Cook
WOW!! Eco-focused tire is 80 percent petroleum free and helps save gas *PIC*
IMHO Orange Oil is too precious to use it in rubber tires - percentage?
wait a minute, one more argument: if the roads are rotten, the rolling resistance, ha?
You make me tick - I'll create 'The Instant Truth Soup (TM)'. The ingredients? :D
Llyod Pye...Everything you know is wrong...Part 1 thru 12 videos.
The Prayer.... My prayer & wish for all humanity & all creations upon Mother Earth. May we all be safe!
Brasscheck TV: Psychological Warfare: The Great Distraction
"The Truthseeker's Imprisoned in Rothschild Castle."? Really?
Revealed: The ghost fleet of the recession
Swine Flu Shots to Start in Three Weeks as U.S. Cases Spread.
How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds
Acorn explains how to minuplate prostitution income to fit with acorn housing assistance program..Video
US Government Supplies Patient with Marijuana
Acorn gets kicked out of protest.."Don't Tread On Me! - Booting ACORN from 9/12 DC rally"
England based '' kicked off the net? Why? *PIC*
Why I don't Own Stocks and Bands ... This is an extremely poignant article if I may recommend it! *LINK*
Re: Why I don't Own Stocks and Bands ... This is an extremely poignant article if I may recommend it!
Yes - it's a very informative article. And a true shame that its so true! *NM*
Obama Adviser Brzezinski's 'Off the Record' Speech to British Elites - Frightening! Asia is the 'NEW' World leader
Breznut's quotes are OFF the Charts! *PIC*
Great PIC !! *NM*
Reminds me also of some thing else - the judge wig! *PIC*
25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis *NM* *LINK*
We the People are starting to stand up and wake approx. 2 million strong!
DAVIS FLEETWOOD INTERVIEWS DENNIS KUCINICH .... This interview is 2 years ago but worth the listen even today... *LINK*
1.5 to 2 million march on Washington D.C Tea Party protest rally September 12 2009 *LINK*
Another video of Tea Protesters fill D.C. is currently "unavailable". *LINK*
Re: Another video of Tea Protesters fill D.C. is currently "unavailable". *LINK*
Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government *LINK*
Obama Health Care [HR3200] Specifies Microchip....specifically includes it...(March on people!)
Cliff High - St.Clair Webbot Predictions *PIC*
thanks for the links
You are so very welcome...glad to help in some small way...
The Truth
The Great Deception......
Ben Fulford Update Sept 13, 2009...(Ben keeps me in awe of his comments and flipping & flopping around...anyway here is his bla bla update...seems kinda sick humor to me..imho.. I fail to...
Now Dealers can sell the shit he's smoking for a Premium! *NM*
Project Camelot interviews Jane Burgermeister (Video) *LINK*
Penn and Teller - Bullshit! - End of the World
Re: Penn and Teller - Bullshit! - Very Accurate! *PIC*
The FKN Newz,,,911 Is A Lie!!!!! Video
Bee Gee 911 Is A Lie *LINK*
You Go Dude...spread the word and bring those evil ******* Down!!! even if we have to go too at least we tried to make a positive peaceful Change for this World! Great Post TimElord...ThankYou! *NM*
IN MEMORIAM 8 years after - no matter what a *ric or a ray* might say :\
Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are now storming Washington, D.C, By Chelsea Schilling.
Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government *LINK*
People get ready...theresa train a coming!!! Oh YA!!!....Video.....
Evolution is approaching. In Hopi it is called Nohu Na'uyi'yta: "The Secret Of The Mystery Egg”....
Very beautiful, Cosmic Observer...
Ya...this gave me such a peaceful feeling & such a clearer understanding of all that we are experiencing now when I read this I just had to share it. It is like Drunvalo says in his interview...
The Snake Bite (Video Cartoon) *LINK*
Rhahahahahahahaha ... Rhahahahahahahaha... Reahahally thata a motha for you! Re: The Snake Bite (Video Cartoon) *NM*
HAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks so much Zany for the Great Laugh
BOB ROSE: OBAMA HEALTH PLAN : 'LET ELDERLY DIE'. Mr.Andrew D. Basiago Whisleblower...needs to read this
New Photo Analysis Shows WCUFO to Be Authentic! *LINK*
The video looks quite "corny" wouldn't you say *NM*
"Corny" was my impression as well...
THANK YOU, Brave Souls of Canada & Oath Keepers of America."0H1N1 Fraud Exposure Conference! Sept 12/09 "
"Blessed Be the Peace Makers ... Call Them Sons and Daughters of God" *PIC*
Morgellons Disease baseball player and family all have it.VIDEO with info.
Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Joe Wilson, You're Wrong! *LINK*
Keith Olbermann is just another highly paid shill media Whore!!! another lier playing his scripted part well. Mr. wilson has balls..not a paid coward like Keith *NM*
The Dirty Fucking Hippies WERE RIGHT! (Hmmmmm...we tried to tell the masses, But...not too many listened...Oh well!)
Drunvalo Interview on Coast to Coast Sept 11, 2009 (lastnight)
10 Billion Beats, Friday Sept. 18, 2009, 7:00 PM
Charlie Sheen on Alex Jones Radio show today September 11, 2009 *LINK*
Direct links for the Charlie Sheen portion of the show, for above interview, Better Recording
I LOVE ALEX JONES with CHARLIE SHEEN. I only have Love for the Sheen Family...... A Men! *NM*
House of Representatives to Hold Audit the Fed Hearings
George Galloway...part 1-3 quite a speech
Quite the Man ...
The Death Chip is at the Tip of the Vaccination Needle
So very sorry if it is scary...I did not or do not mean or want to scare anyone...But... *PIC*
Funny my intuition said they were probaly going to do that! *NM*
The contents of the H1N1 Vaccine…. are you ready for this?
Benjamin Fulford's latest piece
what might happen next?
Re: Benjamin Fulford's latest piece
Two Whistleblowers report teleporting to Mars *LINK*
WOW!! Andy idolizedes his Dad...Hmm...IMHO..his Dad used him as a guinea pig taking away a childhood from me this is real sad child abuse...and he says he very proud of Obama...Mr. Andy may I
Re: WOW!! Andy idolizedes his Dad...Hmm...IMHO..his Dad used him as a guinea pig taking away a childhood from me this is real sad child abuse...and he says he very proud of Obama...Mr. Andy m
Andrew does not seem the least bit upset with his experience with ET's. I'm in Part 3 now and he seems Ok with his life. But I am in only Pt 3 of many parts to this interview. *NM*
It's Us, Now
I have many on the list of things to do today. See ya later gator! ;) *NM*
GREAT Idea Lancifer....this is exactly what I have been doing for awhile now. And I do understand when you say people may think you are a weirdo...I get the same responce from people at times...But...
Weirdos are the real deal folks. The weirder the better! Weirdos rock. :D *NM* *LINK*
I'm a Creepy Weirdo. Wanna see my revoked site at muddy Murdoch's? :D
On the Eve of the Aniversary of 911 ..... "9/11 Conspiracy, Charlie Sheen and Loose Change" .... Quite Sure You Will Love this one !! *LINK*
And if you liked that one ...Try this one on for size :D *LINK*
Fairies in the garden?
Huge UFO seen in Fresno, California.
Kremlin official confirms PM's trip to Russia to inform Russia that Isreal is ready to attack Iran...(Just what the World needs more WAR!..Good God..this is sick!!!)
Chipping is Fine as long as things don't get out of control?
Yes eventually they sooner or later show their true colors and we see through their pretence, *NM*
Why Are Internment Camps Being Built? By Chuck Baldwin
Does anyone know what is going on with Charlie Sheen? I mean does anyone have an update?
The Revolution *LINK*
Charlie Sheen Calls out the Brezident Obamba on his Shat! Yea.... now on YouTube *LINK*
Cool TimELord! Let's do the Time Warp again and get this VIRAL BABY!
By accident...ya right!!! more denial and BS:):)
Object from a UFO?
US Senior Citizen Speaks Out on Healthcare Bill - Part 1
Obama Called 'Liar!' During Speech To Congress
Closer to reality: NWObama flanked by CIA- KGB? *PIC*
Woman Goes Nuclear At California Town Hall Meeting
yes, backed by her strong husband who wraps his mighty arms around her signaling "well done baby" ya ya, cherchez l'homme!
We have a winner!! New hubble space shot matches latest crop circle - Butterfly Man lives!
......and now for the website
Yes very strange indeed all these articles on Butterflies ....
Maybe the Crop Circle is not a butterfly...maybe it's a Moth...
Obama Talks about Health Care To the American Medical Association *LINK*
Obama urges Congress to act on Health Care *LINK*
Kucinich Responds To Obama's Address To Congress
These are all great and very valid points...
HPV - The UK's Fascist Mask Slips
lets jive! *LINK*
wehehehell excuse me
Raise The Vibration:
This is a Wonderful Article! Thank you *NM*
"THE DREAMING" sharing some news... Thank you for the invite back
Great to see you back..Loveofasongbird! Welcome back...missed you too... *PIC*
Reviewing David Swanson's 'Daybreak' *LINK*
Fascist F*cks *LINK*
US is on slippery slope to economic collapse (video) *NM* *LINK*
11 year old boy reincarnated? *LINK*
9 9 9 Urgent Call to the Tribe of Gaia! Pleiadian-Sirian Transmission Aug 2009 SOLARA AN-RA
CHARLIE SHEEN is now my FAVORITE PERSON!! 20 minutes with the President *LINK*
Seriousness of the Crisis Cannot be Exaggerated; Closest Comparison is the Collapse of the Soviet Union *LINK*
What if the Soviet Union didn't collapse but only had dissolved its borders and in effect was expanded?
I can't believe it is already on Youtube .....The Alex Jones Show 9-8-09: Charlie Sheen To President Barack Obama Part 1 *LINK*
Argentina: Man Photographs Aerial Engima.
OMG heaven-sent proof: it's the bold wimmin who balance hard working men's life and keep them on track with their sheer femalian giftedness :D *PIC*
Other Worlds : A Journey Into The Heart Of Shipibo Shamanism (Ayahuasca Video) *LINK*
The New Swirled Order .... (crop circle documentary 2009) *LINK*
New Virus going around, be careful with your computer.....
Just sprayed the inside with granma's good ole bleacher now called MMS Miracle Mineral Solution 3% aka NaClO2 :D and I can tellya: it helped, machine still running! No bugs! No swine! No flu! Yoohooo!
HAHAHAHAHA!!! You are so funny:) Glad to know all is well
THE WONDER OF IT ALL - by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Invasive technology to ruin your life.
An Imminent Transformation News Flash! Butterfly Man Crop Circle appears in Holland *PIC*
AWESOME Crop Circle!!! Great post Drummy...your name should be "Hope" you are always brining baskets full of hope to the World! Bless You!
Just Call me Hope or Hopelessly Stupid :D *NM*
or maybe 'stewpit' ? :D or 'hobelessly'?
"stewpit 3 up, 7 down love it hate it the proper way of spelling stupid. Yew are stewpit. " :D
Steve Fossett has some messages for humanity
Steven Bassett - Exopolitics and UFO, ET - Disclosure *LINK*
Timeline to 2012 (part 1 to 16) Ice Age Cora Data.
I've watched ALL videos posted (almost 96% in my guess).... but I ain't watchin this......SO... what's the "GIST OF IT"? *NM*
Well Dear Brother in answer to your question..."what's the gist of this"....
Dear Cosmos ... Thank you kindly for taking the time for the recap, as you know how I disdain reading/watching doom and gloom :) *NM*
Re: Dear Cosmos ... Thank you kindly for taking the time for the recap, as you know how I disdain reading/watching doom and gloom :) *NM* *PIC*
The Yin and the Yang and sitting on the fence listening to both sides of the story in the making
Thank GOD that GOD is on THEIR Side *NM*
Or am I just suffering from TGTGIOTS? *NM*
You are suffering from something that is for certain .... But the Good news is I am sure they already have a pill for "it", whatever "it" is you are suffering from. *PIC*
TimELord I hope you understand the above was a joke? :D *NM*
We The People Stimulus Package
A REAL Stimulus?
Whoops: I meant to say Should Cost.......... *NM*
A Sign of Things to Come? You Decide! Are there billboards in your town like this???
Ufos sprinting Across NYC skies. AMAZING!!! UFOFleet in NIGHTVISION......
UFO 'filmed for 40 minutes' by Chinese scientists during solar eclipse *LINK* *PIC*
Dr. Horowitz Blows Lid Off H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Scam
Depopulation by Inoculation (Part 1): Motive and Intent *LINK*
The TRUTH from a Brave Brother
Encounter of..THE FOURTH KIND -True Alien Abduction story in Nome, Alaska -They spoke Sumerian
Largest UK Crop Circle Ever In Corn Field Aug 29, 2009
Why the Obama Administration Will Implode In Weeks. Kevin McCullough
Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" Premieres In Venice To Great Reviews *LINK*
Yeah the Promo looks like it is quite funny! *NM*
yes... qyite foonay *NM*
Suryia and Roscoe... Friends at first sight! *LINK*
Is this a UFO at the Toronto Air Show ?? *LINK* *PIC*
Re: Is this a UFO at the Toronto Air Show ??
Time to Ban Dangerous, Wasteful air show - Boy Do I agree with this one! *LINK*
I think i LIKE this Guy Faber!!! *LINK*
Judge Napolitano: Revolution is Duty of the People (THINK ON THAT awhile!!) *LINK*
Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks - The Engineering of 'Pandemics' *NM* *LINK*
21 of the 25 Largest Subprime Issuers Leading Up to the Crisis Were Financed by Large Banks *LINK*
Magical Songs from PERU *LINK* *PIC*
Simply Chilling
Magical Songs from PERU *LINK* *PIC*
Michael Jackson: Now that his death has been ruled a homicide, could we safely say he was saying too much about the PTB? *LINK*
Who controls the Flow of Information into your head, is it you?
trying to be perfect but still some (hopefully only) formal errors, sorry
23.5 Degrees: Mission Starchild A Call to Action from the Alien Underground. (vid)
Makers of Vaccination Refuses To Take H1N1
Animal House in Afghanistan. By Daniel Schulman
"Crop Circle - is this a warning for SEPT 8...?"
UFO Over Nevada...(vid)
Project Camelot interviews Dr Pete Peterson *NM* *LINK*
IMHO... Dr Pete Peterson, is not at all for the little people like us...I smell a Rat here with this man and even Project Camelot admits he works for both sides...Now we all know we cannot serve two..
"What to do when dawdling in downtime" by Lauren C. Gorgo *LINK* *PIC*
How Mayan's moved heavy materials (video)?. I'm not totally convinced about this even though Wally has demonstrated a great forgotten tool of physicial science.
YouTube Yanks "CyberSecurity" Video, Citing "Inappropriate Content" *LINK*
That sort of POLITICAL ARROGANCE should NEVER be Tolerated!! *LINK*
Hey are you swearing at me? :D (I was only copying a news clip) *NM*
The Chauffeur
Re: Rob's Very Cunning Plan ..... Protecting the rights of the People .... (I love this guy!)
Not clear as to what you are questioning but I will try to answer
Re: Not clear as to what you are questioning but I will try to answer
Well Dear Robert (Rob) you have tweaked my interest as
Re: Well Dear Robert (Rob) you have tweaked my interest as
The Ruling Elete, The Ghost Government behind the Government. "Who are the "RE" *NM* *LINK*
Spraying chemtrails into the air to infect the population
Yup.... Makes me Mad as Hell! THANK YOU.... Great Short Vids! *NM*
"The Matrix," by Anonymous Ex-Judge *NM* *LINK*
Indeed, a well-written must-read.
Attunement to Alignment ...ENERGETIC SYNTHESIS *LINK*
The Wedding Vows *LINK*
Remember a Bill for services is only an offer ...
WHO admits to releasing pandemic virus into population
They are just a bunch of sickos that cannot think on their own! No concept that their families might be next. *NM*
Re: They are just a bunch of sickos that cannot think on their own! No concept that their families might be next.
The sweet art of transformation through connectivity
WHO IS WHO? (multiple interpretation intended) :D *NM*
American Militia Commander Norman Olson Speaks at Senate *NM* *LINK*
WOW! What a eloquent man this Mr. Norman Olson is. It is about time our real Patriots that love America step up and put these Out of control criminals in their place...Great Post, Thank You. *NM*
Not sure why, but am getting a Woody. *NM*
Sinister Sites – The Manitoba Legislative Building ... The Centre of America Hmmmmm... *LINK*
Other places to be scrutinized could be university buildings and campus layouts.
American Militia Movement Resistance *LINK*
First Lady of Japan... Says: "I have been abducted by aliens"
Ben Fulford Update Sept 3, 2009
Cliff High (wbbots) & St. Clair on 2012 & whats going on.9/1/09
Track #2 in this post, tells about how Canada will be bonding with the World after the colapse.. *NM*
OUTSTANDING interviews! Especially the four with Clif High... KUDOS! *NM*
Re: OUTSTANDING interviews! Especially the four with Clif High... KUDOS! *PIC*
Re: OUTSTANDING interviews! Especially the four with Clif High... KUDOS!
I so enjoyed your show lastnight Zany with Patty Geer. Thanks as always for the great shows you have!
Awww.... a zillion thank you's!!! *NM* *PIC*
Illuminati, Giants & Dead Microbiologist part 1 (George Noory and Steve Quayle) Aug 12, 09 *LINK*
A Wonderful Idea ... Excerpt from Jackie Salvitti's Newsletter (ET Healing on BBS Radio Thursdays)
Ben Fulford Latest Update, Sept 1, 2009 on Jeff Rense
FIXED LINK: A coming "pandemic" .... Don Nicoloff *LINK*
perhaps there is another link that works? *NM*
Couldn't get in to view this document at any time yesterday ... today I got in
UFO wonders: Buzz Aldrin speaks out *NM* *LINK*
Pictured: Inside the £800m Dubai hotel boasting a £13,000-a-night suite and dolphins flown in from the South Pacific *LINK*
Longevity & the Grail - Part 1 (VIDEO) *LINK*
Love Henrick Palmgren! *NM*
Sex and the Ascension ... From the Spirit of Maat *LINK*
Wilhelm Reich hated to be commercialized and misused as a Pope of Orgasm.
Excellent Points! Interesting and likely! Thanks! *NM*
Thank YOU for your comment despite my harsh rant :)
Mike Bara (Dark Mission) - CE4 Conference Presentation Part 1/10 (VIDEO) *LINK*
Thank you Zany for this fabulous post *NM*
WOW.... now THAT was definitely telling!!! THANK YOU MUCH! *NM*
Pane "Astralwalker" Andov ...(audio download)Mayan Calendar, 2012,Crop Circles, UFO Incounters,Global Meditation and impacting the fractal structure of this Matrix for the better.
Phenom. WOW. THANKS *NM*
5 minute preview to A.C. Griffith Veritas Show About Chemtrails--This is a Must View and Listen!!! more details at upcoming show on Sept 11, 2009
UFO puzzle: Alien baby or elaborate hoax?
Men: Avoid Prostate-Cancer PSA Screening
What do YOU see when you COMPARE these two FACES? *PIC*
Well then, here is MY answer: Medvedev and Tsar St. Nikolay-Alexandrevitch have a striking resemblance!
Thanks .... Could see the similarities but did not know who either men were. I guess I had better go and research them now. *NM*
Vladimir Putin's amazing resemblance with another of the Russian Royals *PIC*
The Kremlin Palace. *PIC*
We should all respond as eloquently as this guy does. *LINK*
(1/4) Dr John Rengen Virapen, Blows the Whistle on his Former ‘Big Pharma’ Employer (MUST VIEW and Pass On!) *LINK*
Re: (1/4) Dr John Rengen Virapen, Blows the Whistle on his Former ‘Big Pharma’ Employer (MUST VIEW and Pass On!) *LINK*
Bless you & Thank you TimElord....Great Post....(passed on & posted Globally!)
Translation needed?
Can someone help this person? *NM*
Karen Bishop .... New Wings Report September 1st *NM* *LINK*
I Believe in what "Trustee" has to say in his post below...I am starting to see it happening. Drummy when you read this I'm sure you'll remember my dream:) I told you about...(vid)
Re: I Believe in what "Trustee" has to say in his post below...I am starting to see it happening. Drummy when you read this I'm sure you'll remember my dream:) I told you about...(vid)
Yes...I so undestand, agree and have lived every word you have written....Thank You:) *NM*
Check this one out Cosmos ... One more from Robert Arthur "FreeMan" ... This brings tears to my eyes - he is so so right! *LINK*
Poofness Events Update Aug 30/09
Trustee Nesara Update Aug 31/09
American destroys passport, police say he's now a free man! *LINK*
Alex Jones Tv:The Globalist Final Push to End America!! *LINK*
Bless his Heart...I am grateful that he has awaken many people...But...IMHO...he really needs to chillax...or he's about to Heart Attack...the man is getting scary when his eyes gets rolling..Yipeess
Very unusual holes/openings/entrances found in Antartica...anyone out there know what they are? Caves? UFO entrances to Inner Earth?
The Next Level....
So true :D *NM*
As a point of interest
We are to ... *LINK* out did yourself on this GREAT Post!!! Can this be done in America? our laws are different than Canada...I do agree spreading this info far & wide..girl:)
Well Cosmos the way I see this information...
Thanks Drummy!!! (see vid)

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