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Michael Tsarion, on Coast to Coast Oct 19, 2009
The Results of vaccinations...Washington Redskins Cheerleader after shot...
That's why the flu shooting criminals got exemption from the law in advance - no liability, no prosecution - now what's this? License to damage? License to kill? Euthanasia?
Totally agree!.....
Breaking***Obama's exact plan for ratifying Copenhagen w/o Senate approval
G. B. is said to be a mouthpiece of the established 'Enemies Of The People', sorts of public deceiver - to be weighed and squeezed for some sincerity.
Heard the same rumor on G. B....guess we are not sure who's who anymore...White Hat...Dark Hat ...Strange,Frustrating World we live in *NM*
Fall Of The Republic: The Presidency Of Barack Obama (FULL MOVIE)
Merging Into Completeness - Metatron through Lauren C. Gorgo, N.Y. *NM* *LINK*
Wake UP... if you so choose! *LINK*
BEST INTERVIEW EVER by Project Camelot. An Absolute Life Changing Interview....MUST VIEW!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! *NM*
Love this man Jordan Maxwell...BRILLANT MAN!!...maybe you have seen this interview before, if not check this one out..Great info here from J. M, Well worth a listen(see link)
Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent *LINK*
You Know You've Got "It", ~ the Swine Flu that is, ~ (Oh Gee More Satire!), when ....... :D *NM* *PIC*
I humbly disagree :(... so, only men get it and in surplus, only blonde dudes? :\ That's not fair! I demand equal rights ... :D
More demand for fairness: "Pigs Didn't Start The Swine Flu!"
Hear FLUffy growl "I'm coming ..." :D *PIC*
Now that IS Funny... I have a MinPin....and it's a high strung insanely loud and spastic family member. *NM*
probably your minpin and I have very close common roots, sorts of :D
New Economic Ideas
I Love it! And so Mote it Be!! (one hurdle for Canada: Our resources have sneakily been taken over and sold for a song to the U.S.!) ~ Go Figure! ~ Down with the SPP! :( *NM*
Retired Bishop says Hell was invented by the Church to Control People *NM* *LINK*
Are You Afraid of the Dark? *LINK*
Oh Canada Movie ~ nice job here pointing out how little most of our Reps. really know about what we are up against. Dan does a beautiful job on Paul Martin....and exposes Power Corp. wonderfully. *LINK*
Stretching Your Boundaries! Now this takes Guts! :D *LINK*
these guys are gorgeous
Suzanne Somers raising some eyebrows curing cancer, while Obama Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius gets the stink eye. *PIC*
Movies with advanced spiritual messages & great stories
ALEX COLLIER at the Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference, Los Angeles, Sept 2009 *LINK*
Vaccine Satire ~ How to be a Swine Flu Vaccine Zealot :D *LINK*
Excellent! Love to read it. "The Protocols for the Elders Of Swine Flu"
'for' or 'of' - still undecided but no decisive question, imo *NM*
"OF" ? *LINK*
Scheiss ScrewTube "This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions."
THX: According to the original: "The Protocols Of The Elders Of Swine Flu" Correct? ;)
Public must learn to 'tolerate the inequality' of bonuses, says Goldman Sachs vice-chairman *LINK* *PIC*
Hoax Slayer ~ Product Barcode Country Identification ~ How do you really know if a product is made in your own country? *LINK*
Don Alejandro talks about The Shift of the Ages *LINK*
A Concise View of the Flu Shot Controversy ... Xcellent Summary!!! ... (A few Video Links included if you have not already seen these.)
Newest letter from Matthew
Drunvalo Melchizedek - 9/11/09 - Coast to Coast Radio - [1/11] *LINK*
And now for some good news? .... A senator responds to the Call for Sanity on Bill C-6 (Codex ALIMENTARIUS) *LINK*
Re: And now for some good news? .... A senator responds to the Call for Sanity on Bill C-6 (Codex ALIMENTARIUS)
I received a huge list of Senator email addresses, so I imagine many are getting flooded with complaints. Good Job! *NM*
BTW Lancifer ... Did you get my email on the SPP? :( .....
Gerald Celente-Their is NO Economic Recovery-Its A COVERUP (vid) *LINK*
Ron Paul on CNN - Bailouts Fraud on Wall St 10-20-09 (vid) *LINK*
Peter Schiff on CNN - The Economy (vid) *LINK*
Ex-CIA Chief James Woolsey handed down gag-order to 9/11 Firefighters (HOLY SHETT.... and now Firefighters are dying.... Tragic) *LINK*
Insight Melodies Inside - Light Energy Music - Very Emotional :)
Thank you! Very Emotional Indeed. Ah but the synchronicities ....
Re: Insight Melodies Inside - Light Energy Music - Very Emotional :) *LINK*
Thank you very much for your follow up and the links ... Vangelis, Enya, what else? Brian Eno? Enigma? ;) :)
Re: Thank you very much for your follow up and the links ... Vangelis, Enya, what else? Brian Eno? Enigma? ;) :)
AMAZING AND Emotional.... WOW!! Great Selection!!!!! THANK YOU! *NM*
Barack Obama ~ The War in Afghanistan (ohBombMe) *LINK*
ICN Informed Citizen News 10/11/09 *LINK*
Mass UK Mind Control Technology Now A Reality
Witness Watch 11:11 ... Well October 19 is here and nothing has happened yet. Interesting article though *LINK*
Bernanke gone berserk! Bank reserves explode! (I had a dream on this too last night...........) *LINK* *PIC*
I much prefer my dream landscapes. My only hopes are they turn into my reality SOON! ;) *NM*
Obama (the Usurper) is a Blight to this Planet: Video of Monckton’s Speech on Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty in Copenhagen *LINK*
Short memory TimELord? You and Cosmic Observer already tackled this one less than 3 days ago. .....
Hmmmm........... I guess I've got me a case of waste.... I plum forgot *NM*
Well in that case .... (You will LOVE this one TimELord) :D *NM* *PIC*
Is that Newt Gingerich? LOL *NM*
HAHA! I thought you were making a joke about Figg Newsoms. Well you learn something new everyday! .... *PIC*
I believe this guy was at the same event .... *LINK*
Woah.... that was about as Gone as you can Get without having left. *NM*
The Truth About the 2009 Gaza Massacre *LINK*
White House boasts: We 'control' news media *LINK*
Gaza 2009: Operation Cast Lead (vid) *LINK*
The Rich Have Stolen The Economy *LINK*
Shooting The Messanger Of Truth!
Wait a minute, Cosima! Don't leave us. I see, it's the 'mess-anger' (as you spelled it). Take a grain of salt, sts. Maybe you are only too forceful or too ambitious with your engagement?
Ho'oponopono ........I'm Sorry........ I Love You
Empowerment 101 from Steve Rother *LINK*
Forbidden Science and Conspiracies by Michael Tellinger
Fax to Stop the Vax Project - Urgent Plea to all True Patriots!
Obama Kills Farmers....Organic Gardeners Now Terrorists HR875 and S425 Farm Nationalization
Re: Obama Kills Farmers....Organic Gardeners Now Terrorists HR875 and S425 Farm Nationalization
Excellent summation!
frankly, I have stopped to wonder about Aboma Snake already but still
Criminal Food Bill Passed, Constitution Useless, WE are not alone- Hr 2749 moves...Listen Up People this lady is making a lot of sence.
Alert! Warning! American Holocaust. (This they do not want you to see & it was taken off you-tube, so watch quickly before it is removed again)PLEASE WATCH!
Exopolitics - Weber interviews Barbara Hand Clow *LINK*
Caveat re: interview
Clif High's Chemtrail Predictions *LINK*
Well Said! Great Post! *NM*
Well ....putting it bluntly...if we all don't get off our asses and demand a stop to all this evil actions brought upon us by TPTB...they will destroy us in their 2012 Apocalyptic Plan. Sitting around
Reply to Dearest Cosmic Observer(s) all...
Re: Reply to Dearest Cosmic Observer(s) all... 8)
Man needs sunlight to produce Vitamin D, needs UV light and ozone to kill poisons, bacteria, fungii, chlamydia - it makes satanic sense, not? :(
Good morning to you too! I probably should have a couple of coffees and good breakfast before coming to TNT for some emotional twisting..... I'm going back to bed, I was having a wonderful dream :\ *NM*
while you were sleeping and dreaming ...
Much beeter thank you! Uncanny how you found a little girl that looked just like me. :D
HAHAHAHA........ I love the Smell of TNT in the Morning...... *NM*
Re: HAHAHAHA........ I love the Smell of TNT in the Morning...... :D *PIC*
Where did this DEADLY Swine flu originate? Univ. of Minnesota *LINK*
YouTube - Agenda 21 For Dummies (YOU GOTTA SEE THIS) *LINK*
"so let's tell 'em they can keep their stinkin' nonsense agenda, don't need it, have my own AGEnda already" :b
Time_Lord...more reasons you won't like Obama
They've Known All Along !!
Now that was a Patented Trick...... eh?
John Lear-Alien Agenda..on Coast To Coast
Ten questions about flu vaccines that doctors and health authorities refuse to answer *LINK*
Powerful Water Documentary....
Our Water is Under Attack! *LINK*
Bruce? WhoTF is Bruce? LOL The plumber who connected the gas and water tubes? Bruce Springsteen?
It would be pleagarism .....
ahaaa, it was a quote ... sigh of relief ... I was afraid you had undergone change of gender :D
Well shoot Dancer .... Now I can't come back with MY joke. Something about changing while under the influence of the ol "Red Bull"! Get out of my head will ya! :D *NM*
Shocking Proof Chemtrails In Our Water.
79.9 % interest rate! At least one bank is BEYOND stupid!!!!!!
Usury? USURY! uSuRy! USury! btw the praised 3.World Micro-Credits demand often 30% interest = no good deed but USURY!! Banksta Gangsta!
Max Keiser-Face Off-Is The Crisis Over?
I LOVE MAX KEISER... the ONLY man speaking HONESTLY about EVERYTING Bankster
UFO Disclosure...Ben Fulford also sees this a another distracting I do!
Anything really "BIG" is usually distraction...
The Case of a UFO Sightings and The Spaceman of Ocean Beach
Interesting Website by our GREAT FRIEND Gerald Zwaan *LINK*
Get our flu shots to protect us from disease...HUH??? Pole Shift coming in 2010...then why get a flu shot and die now...we'll all die then:) sheesh...what a crazy mad World this has become...
end of the world???
Smile:) I Agree! who wants to live in a World any worse than it is today. *NM*
I want to LIVE here on this Earth... RIGHT NOW! It's why i'm here... and why I'll Save you all! *NM*
Thank You! Bless you and your Kind, Loving, Caring Heart:) Hugs to you! *NM*
OMG .... My heart's a racin' :D .... This is one of the most amazing innovative sports routines I have ever seen! *LINK*
my browser can't contact the linked site - because of my preservatives?
Here it is on you tube *LINK*
thank you very much - you can be so kind and cooperative ... IF you wanna be :D *NM*
Ants in the Pants? OR could it be these stomping beauties had been given Red Bull plus O-Juice? *PIC*
Actual video of Lord Monckton saying, "Obama poised to cede power in Copenhagen" (This is TRAGIC!! )
I wonder how a USURPER can cede anything......... *NM*
Well...seams it is done now on a daily basis...only the little people are to obay the law! This ufo disclosure is just to distract us all while we are being put under a New Order.(see links)
Up Coming Dolores Cannon Events (3)
Giant Impact Near India -- Not Mexico -- May Have Doomed Dinosaurs *LINK*
MRI may lead to back surgery (MRI can cause the need for back surgury) *LINK*
Scientists Create “Magnetricity”—Magnetic Charge That Flows Like Electricity *LINK* *PIC*
hence the magnetic charge should be named MAGNETRON even tho this word is already used to describe a device for health practitioners
Good thoughts actually. You made me think! And I'd suspect you are correct on some level! *NM*
New free interview on quantum consciousness *LINK*
Thank you! This was wondeful, I really enjoy this awesome information. *NM*
LEAKED NETWORK MEMO REVEALS: Obama Controls Your Television Set
The Hathors: Chaotic Nodes and Dimensional Attunements Update
We are wating for disclosure...They Are Already Here!!! see vids (this is happening all over ufo's )
Planes, planes, and more planes! *NM*
Breaking: hot air balloon breaks away from teether with 6-year-old boy inside alone. Please pray for this little boy that he lands safely!
What's up with this? Baloon lands no kid inside...something very STRANGE happening here. link to post about this on GLP...SEE VIDEO OF KIDS ON LINK 17
Amazing UFO Video over Los Angeles
Sheriff Richard Mack Infowars october 14, 2009
This just might help the people who are losing their homes to these NON REGISTERED "BANKS" who are operating in States
Leak from Ron Paul? "A bombing", and then violence next month??
On the evening of March 17, 1997, a formation of UFOs flew over Phoenix, Arizona. *LINK* *PIC*
I Know What I Saw 1/9
Re: I Know What I Saw 1/9 sorry if other link don't work here are the link to all the video information
10-13-09 {InSights} Newsletter VIDEO portion: "Halloween Visions" *LINK* *PIC*
The Throwback Collection of Morgellons Specimens *LINK* *PIC* ... Talks Karen Armstrong: Let's revive the Golden Rule *LINK*
Jordan Maxwell : "The Takeover of Planet Earth" *LINK*
Is Morgellons a Bio Weapon with Purpose?
Does the Vaccine Matter?
Flu vaccines revealed as the greatest quackery ever pushed in the history of medicine
Video: The New American Century (it was all planned years before it happened)
True, yet "the best laid plans..." No one knows how the book ENDS, and most books have a HAPPY ENDING! *NM* *PIC*
Bill Moyers: Was the Financial Bailout Just a Slick, Friendly Takeover of the Federal Government? *LINK*
It's Never Too Late To Debate! *LINK*
and it's the kind of respect that invokes a responsive effect - :D and apart from this
Project Camelot interviews Patrick Geryl.(Another point of view. Hope he's wrong...maybe nothing at all will happen)
Kind of like pulling off a bandaid - hurts, but then it's done. Nice 1.5 hr vid! *NM*
"Greenback Blues" by Jessica Murray, Astrologer *LINK* *PIC*
Harper concerned about rise of Canadian dollar ..."could pose a risk to the economic recovery" ... A bit ironic wouldn't you say? *LINK*
Woman Disabled by Flu Shot Reaction. (vid)
The Bankers' Manifesto of 1892 - MUST READ! (see links)
shotgun wedding of bank of america and merrrill Lynch
Ha ha ha, you just had to sneak one in didn't you *NM*
Apparently not if you compare the time stamps, my friend! A little bit of Schadenfreude, eh? ;)
I agree Dancer ...
WOW, you guys are fooking mean! But then I see that my post with the " *NM* " in it had 5 views and then I don't feel so bad.
sigh of relief, chooch is fit in basic maths and knows how to use a digital scale for balanced reasoning, sts :D
A golly good rogering! Bang on, mates, bang on *NM*
well expressed balanced view, easy to follow: my 'post scriptum post' as add-on
Sheesh Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill! *NM*
agreed, but only a very small mountain for a very tiny audience - you were not the main addressee, more the trigger to describe a phenomenon that astounds me ever more
Bassett oh Sha1
Farewell Canada. Bill C-6 Will Be Passed In Days! *LINK*
Huge meteor explodes over Holland
Is it just me? Or do those still photographs look "fishy" to anyone else? *NM* *PIC*
When It Comes To Communication, Anything is Possible !! ... *LINK*
Beautiful!!!....(Tears, yes...) *NM* *PIC*
the boat was not rocked *PIC*
Destination Truth - Alien Mummies (Part 1 of 2)
Indian Intelligence Officials Want To Block Skype
World Teachers
ADMIN! Songbird...... please read my request.
darlin it was not play... evidently you all do not see the connections of well I realize you just arent there. if you wanted it you could of see the productions
from man to man: You are an excellent moderator and a resolute but good father, even for adults ;)
I have no clue what you are typing at
ADMIN! Hey, Thanks Dancer.... I Appreciate your comments very much :) *NM*
Is this the karma I get for not keeping my bird feeder filled - a whole lot of song bird poo?
my co cooah is a racha
beat ... u... i ... o lay
energy is pure
Re: energy is pure
Edge a kate ur shelf
presidents butt jet
Re: presidents butt jet
Perfect Target *NM* *PIC* *LINK*
post pertains to the statement in a feed on the TNT "MAYBE GOOGLE WAS HACKED"
marine *LINK*
twin voyager... *LINK*
Trackors *PIC*
the pin doesn't work on knee klings *NM* *PIC*
333779733 now 4 score and 7 yrs ago count the hits on the belows post 4winds
paw tracks *PIC*
:~) SMILE(~:
Healings sent *LINK*
Angelic Dog madness changed with the arms of an angel touch of love *LINK*
Post pertains to the statement in a feed on the TNT "MAYBE GOOGLE WAS HACKED"
Re: Post pertains to the statement in a feed on the TNT "MAYBE GOOGLE WAS HACKED"
Cracker, from the whitest, i tip my hat *LINK*
take a joy RIDEEEEalette *PIC*
Project Camelot: EXCELLENT Interview with Jordan Maxwell
What's Jordan thinking?
AIR we breath
Re: What's Jordan thinking?
10/10/09 Webbot Cliff High on Journeys with Rebecca p 1/10
Dr .Steven Greer with Charles Goyette...
Interesting cloud video
Star of the Spangle like you have never heard it PEACE PEACE PEACE Man
well...aaah...if the "UNITED STATES" tells them glueless Ecuadorian Milliguys the chased light balls are ET UFOs, well then we oughta bee-leeve ... not? :D *PIC*
A Galactic Fairy Tale. By Michael Lightweaver
NASA bombs the moon - Rap News .... Lunar Lunacy ... Warning: Offensive Language *LINK*
The Royal Red Dragon Bloodlines 2009 *LINK*
How We Create Our World
LSD's long, strange trip back into the lab *LINK*
Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 ... Say What? *LINK* *PIC*
Re: Say what ... I remember this angelic picture ... is it you, the C-Girl?
From the Caribbean to you! with all our love to keep you happy in America and your vobrations high! We LOVE YOU AMERICA & THE WORLD! PEACE OUT!
DALE v. UNITED STATES - Latest update as of 10.10.09
Lighten the Caribbean when lifei gets too heavy...we rock out on music,,,here's a song for all of you from "Inner Circle"
Democracy Now (Amy Goodman) interview with Cree Indian singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie *LINK*
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving ... *PIC*
And if you're a thigh man .... *PIC*
you wish to be
ooop waaah *NM* *PIC*
and if you are a wish man *PIC*
Every Time *NM* *LINK*
Hot Feet
Sphinx guardian of the Gate, Gala *LINK*
What’s Happening 10/11/09 *Total Economic Collapse… Tipping Point
4 CHC - A Summer-Night in Rome :) *PIC*
Play me, Dance with me...
The Five Minute Decision That Saved The World In 1983
North Polar Opening Identified on Video.Arctic Pilots Confirm North Polar Entrance. (lots of cool videos)
Simple sunlight can melt steel......amazing video
CONTACT? - Huntington Beach, CA - 10/10/09
545 vs 300,000,000
David Wilcock Audio Update Oct 10, 2009.(I am not indorsing this, I'm not sure what I believe any more to be the TRUTH, But...heres what David Wilcock is saying, your choice to believe or not)
KEEP YOUR kIDs OFF DRUGS!!! (oh..... and don't let em ever use a hairdryer) *NM*
Big Bucks Big Pharma *LINK*
Re: report A+ Big Link
Movie showing everything we have been taught is a lie. Pat 1-13
Funny Sesame Street Censored *NM* *LINK*
Schools Being Used To Force H1N1 Vaccines! ..... "It's the student's turns to tell the truth, and to fight back " ... Wow, When they kids know the truth watch out! ..... (Short Video!) *LINK*
The Trap - Adam Curtis documentary - BBC
OBOT SHILLS ARE REAL! The Obama Justice Department’s Secret Blogging Team… Is it Illegal?
A Once Upon a Time Story ... and understanding how Wall Street Works *LINK*
The Awakening.
NASA Bombs the Moon - What a joke! *LINK*
Reverse: NASA Manned Moon Landings? The same HOAX! NASA = Insult to Common Sense!
Right On! All in the energy of continuim of war (p eon) already existing! *NM*
Vibrational Upgrades & New Beginnings: 1010, 1111, 1212 *LINK*
I take it that some will get new batteries while others new tools?
stumbling upon this children's care i smelled a big fat rat and was not mistaken methinks
Rothschild's Choice: Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Murder America
Cancer Truth Interview Sept 22, 2009 Ty Bollinger
END THE FED - ACTION 11/22/2009 *LINK*
The Three Little Pigs .... ( 2009 version!) *PIC*
and the second little piggy said
Congratulations President Obama on the Nobel Peace Prize -- Now Please Earn it!
November 22, 2009 End The Fed. (vid )

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