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US House Passes 1-Month Extension Of Federal Government Funding
This is getting so INSANE! They are really wanting us all way or another. US Government Suspended Limits on The Amount of Mercury in H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine
FOX NEWS- Doctor says VAX more dangerous than swine flu!
Time to WAKE UP To the CRULITY to the Innocent Children and all creations of this World! "Depleted Uranium. A Public Service Announcement To All. This has to be stopped!!
Thought I'd post something lighter for awhile as we all need some laughter...a few funny videos.
After your last post... it's gonna be REALLY hard to laugh..... cousin it was a doozie *NM*
Ya Bro....reality really sucks now a days don't it. Sorry for the upset post...But...IMHO...we have to know about the dark to be able to resist the best we can. Hugs to you
This really could kick off a world revolution. What the rest of the world is doing about the vaccine
Woah!!!! That's all I can say.... Holy Round of Robin, Badman! *NM*
Update ~ Navy Soliders DYING after Swine Flu Vaccinations!!! CHECK THIS OUT!
My Newsletter 9/24/09 By Scrump *Total Economic Collapse - Deception*
Live Stream up now of...Pittsburgh's G-20 Summit Protest March 2:30PM 9/24 09/24/09 01:09PMSwat Teams, State Police... Military..on and on...tear gas preparing for the protest coming down the road...
by the way - after more than two weeks: is back!
Len Horowitz files pandemic charges against Rockefeller *LINK*
Ben Fulford, Jeff Rense Show Sept 23, 2009(lastnight)
Re: Ben Fulford, Jeff Rense Show Sept 23, 2009(lastnight) hERES PART #3
Don't forget to take 2 Benamin and call me in the morning.....
I do agree these Benjamin Fulford reports are same old, same old and are looking like just more trash. more benny post
as to humble me - I take 2 vitamin sometimes just to keep track riding the bbs rollacosta, ya 'no :D *NM*
List Of USA States Which Have Implemented Legal Actions In Response To The H1N1 virus *LINK*
Obama will bypass Congress to detain suspects indefinitely *LINK*
CNN's hoax on America. REAL VIDEO PROOF!! NO BS!!! *LINK*
MSNBC is also a complete JOKE.... watch this short *LINK*
The 5 Ballsiest Lies Ever Passed off as Journalism *LINK*
Now don't they look absolutely ridiculouos. I can act better than those guys! *NM*
So many different beliefs, So many points of view...
Ben Fulford Update Sept 24, 2009
Maximum Alert: U.S. Troops Now Occupying America *LINK*
GUN CONTROL FACTS..... yeppers..... read it! *LINK*
♥ Cool Collage - Great Facts about Lightship Intervention! ♥
Re: ♥ Cool Collage - Great Facts about Lightship Intervention! ♥
President Obama ~ The Late Show with David Letterman ~ September 21, 2009 *LINK*
The Pillar of Celestial Fire: And the Lost Science of the Ancient Seers By Robert Cox *LINK*
Disturbing video: use Discernment! *LINK*
Plus, nothing "serious" is of a higher vibration; laughter IS a higher vibe, ... my discernment was used Zany! :D *LINK*
H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Makes German Man Extremely Sick During Clinical Trials
Days of Destiny: By Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf Prophecies
Proud To Be An American (Don't let the title fool you!) *LINK*
USA to disintegrat in 2010 according to Panarin and the book of Revelation *LINK*
It happened in America: Katrina’s secret jail.FEMA's Secret Katrina Prison 'Camp Greyhound' By Ed Taylor
Now isn't this a lark! "People who have received their yearly seasonal flu shot, are now being found more susceptible to the Swine Flu" .... (No kidding!) *LINK*
Heart Math: Peace Day *LINK*
Blind Spot - The Documentary
SaLuSa Sirian Update Sept 23/09
Message from Matthew - 9/21/09
Thanks, Cosmo! I LOVE Suzy's work!
You are so very welcome Zany:). I feel this message is the only message channeling I have read in a long time, that I feel is totally TRUE. I can just feel the energy of truth through out
Standing up to the Banks for their Bad behavior against the people.YouTube ranter wins battle over interest rates with Bank of America)
Gibraltar wierd light sightings ¿¿UFOS??
Spooky, Troops on the Street
Stealing My Threads...Ha! *NM*
No...not at all. I don't steal anything...I highly respect and appreciate your post on them all the time and then share them with others. Is that not what the New Earth we are all...
I Was Kidding *NM*
Another Awesome thing I highly respect you do, is what I read when you posted to Drummy about helping people with Cancer with the natural healing Herb...Please keep up the great work.
Ok I do remember the FLQ crisis *LINK*
Gas prices too high, Insurance companies ripping you off? No in Florida we are turning to a new way of Transportation...see video
MOSSAD Microbiologist - 'Swine Flu Vaccine Is A Bioweapon' *LINK*
I got a "scathingly brilliant idea!" I should pull a Charlie Sheen in Canada
Dr. John Cannell on vitamin D
Alert!!!Massachusetts using H1N1 (Swine flu) as a reason for a Police State?
David Wilcock has a new video available
Sydney turns red: dust storm blankets city(This is so very freaky & scarey look
Project Camelot Interviews Dr. Len Horowitz (VIDEO) *LINK*
Shocking Revelations by Dr. Len Horowitz on Swine Flu and 9/11 *LINK*
NAZI BELL - the Fairfield Project *NM* *LINK*
You are wonderful! I feel like I have bared my soul here today ...
Clothe Your Soul In the Miracle of Oil (a BBS/TNT Idea)
Re: Clothe Your Soul In the Miracle of Oil (a BBS/TNT Idea)
I agree... I take Hemp Oil DAILY...... and i'm healthy as an ox (thanks to Lance's advice!) *NM*
It's A Different Cultivar We Are Chatting About!
Surely TimELord knows exactly what we are referring to, er ah you do right TimELord? *NM*
Thinking of Selling your home?? Think Again!!
Canada: Natives sickened from mandatory tamiflu vaccinations *LINK*
Canada ships body bags to "First Nations"(Now they say a lame... Sorry, IMHO...
Look at the post times in this thread: 10:16, 1:16 and 2:16 .... now depending
Angels Dear Heart...we are surrounded by them! If not, we would have not made it this far.... *PIC*
Re: Angels Dear Heart...we are surrounded by them! If not, we would have not made it this far.... *PIC*
Sheriff Mack - Leader - Sheriff's Begin Revolt Against Federal Authority *LINK*
I Soooooo...Love this Couragious and Brillent man! GREAT post Thank you TimElord
Is his first name Jimmy?
Forced Vaccine Prevention by Sheriff Mack *LINK*
TO BEN FULFORD ON GHOST SHIPS: VKD COMMENTS: Ten Big Companies That Are Veering Toward Bankruptcy .
Kansas Supreme Court case may have given millions of distressed homeowners the legal wedge they need to avoid foreclosur
Is This How the Bank Bailout Money is Being Used?
DECLARATORY JUDGMENT. (see PDF at link, whole copied post here, Thanks to Hobie & RMNews also Trustee)
Iran shoots down ‘UFO’ Hmmmmm..very strange story Indeed! Links...
Toddler among 6 killed as storms pound Southeast, Severe Flooding in Georgia
Ben Fulford Update Sept 22, 2009
Gore admits "global governance" agenda. (Al Gore is a Fucking Idiot... I have ALWAYS stated that... and here's PROOF) *LINK*
Blackwater involved in Bhutto and Hariri hits: former Pakistani army chief *LINK*
Autonet - an autonomous internet *LINK*
Vaccines are causing the damage. Dr.Moulden at the Health Conference Sep 12 /'09
The Most POWERFUL MUST WATCH VIDEO Series Ever Posted on TNT (OR ANYWHERE for that matter). I beg ALL to email this and spread it around..... PLEASE!!!!
Cosmo: THANK YOU SO MUCH.... this info will SAVE your family's life! Best Post Ever.................. FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM*
I Am Humbled and honored to be of service in some small way. Thank you for the TNT board & BBS Radio! because of you we can all come together and help each other, So...Thank You Too:)... *PIC*
You are the BEST! I am Stunned by the Power and Info in these videos. Oh My God! THANK YOU! *NM*
It's all about the GREAT & DEEP LOVE, I have in my Heart, put there by Great Spirit that I carry with me always for Humanity, Animals and all Creation. So...the Thanks I pass on to Great Spirt for... *PIC*
ADMIN! NOTE: They Tried to bring down this board (YES - confirmed by the Techs) just after post was made. THAT IMPORTANT. Pass info on to those you love and everyone else! *NM*
still searching to find out WHO+HOW was kicked off
Just got an nasty e-mail attack due to my post and e-mails sent out regarding the Dr. Moulden Vaccine info. CHECK OUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME REGARDING THIS POST ON VACCINES!!!!....
Never use "To:" on your emails. Try "BCC:" (Blind Carbon Copy) instead to protect your privacy and that of others. Also .....
I Totally Agree Drummy!! I'm Finished with trying to awaken the walking dead...I'm over this program...if they are still asleep now...let them sleep like Rumplestilkskin for 100 more years...
I am proof of this travesty
Re: I send you much understanding and LOVE! I am so very sorry. They did the same thing to me, so I know what you are expressing.Hang in there Drummy. *NM* *PIC*
This is what keeps us going. Thank you! *NM*
I didn't know..........
I am so not alone. Everyone has their own story. :)
The Mask Slips, for Those with Eyes to See: Preparing for the Real Pandemic *LINK*
New York Health Care Workers Resist Flu Vaccine Rule *LINK*
(Don't) Talking to the Police by Professor James Duane (Video) *LINK*
West Coast First Nations Slotted for Death
Regarding QUARANTINE....Call the authorities in your area
Better than a flu shot! :D
The Dark Years are here.By Egon von Greyerz – Matterhorn Asset Management
"Web-Bots" Attempt to use hi-data-density of the 'net' to sample language/seek linguistic shifts that may precede events! ..... Cliff High Web Bots 09-18-09 w/ Mel Fabregas on Veritas Show *LINK*
Indian in the machine .... Canada's False Mask Slips: Government Plans For Vaccine Genocide *LINK*
George Green at AWAKE & AWARE Conference Project Camelot (If you have not seen this one today Please watch. George has some very SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT Info. Regarding the Monitary System) ALERT!!!
Nice Catch
Same tired story... in my opinion
Alex Collier Presentation. Awake & Aware Project Camelot Conference (for those who may have missed what Alex had to say earlier, lots of good info)
This is what Alex Collier was talking about when he said "horrific happenings are taking place at Dulce in New Mexico." This is an investigation of it.
history of banking in the U.S. SHORT VID... (WRH: Short and to the point, and now you KNOW who the real enemy is!) *LINK*
Vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (Ischemia), Chronic Illness, Disease and Death for us all *NM* *LINK*
Project Camelot Conferance Panel Discussion..."What's coning down the pike"
Ben Fulford's Report Sept 20, 2009
Debtors Revolt! ...!Don't mess with us redheads!! & us American tax payers! "Message to Bank of America"
Live Project Camelot Conferance going on now (link)
Outrage - Tying it ALL together. Karl the ticker guy.
DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!!! Right Here, Right Now! Let's Get it on..... *NM*
I agree my brother..time to get all this ridiculous old Ancient behaviour over with. We all have alot of work to do cleaning up our World & our own acts & bring in our New World of abundance, peace,..
FAB!!!!!!! I Love Marvin! *NM*
Mysterious ruins may help explain Mayan collapse
ET warning about Man's future
Sinclair Accuses Taitz Of Suborning Perjury
Tunkashila is a documentary about sovereignty and self empowerment.
RFID Bracelet Once You Have Had Swine Flu Vaccination *LINK*
Baron - Mother Earth Crying & DYING
Massive water main break in Dundalk MD. looks like a hurricane hit it.
3 American Vessels under Quarantine, Captin dies after Swine Flu Vaccine, flu broke out on ships after vaccine. RMNews article...
une place dans mon coeur - a place in my heart - ein Platz in meinem Herzen
Ozark Mountain Publishing - Check this out! *LINK*
Bizarre - Mystery Man Claims Baxter Flu Vax Is A BioWeapon...
Refuse and Resist Mandatory Flu Vaccines petition....Please read, see lots of info at links, bottom of article.
FBI Request for Investigation Letter *LINK*
This could save billions of lives. Thanks TimElord for this post. It's time for courage our lives now depend on it. Please sign and pass this petition on to all you know. *NM*
Latest NASA report support Hopi,Mayan and Web Bot 2012 Predictions !! *LINK* *PIC*
Thanks so this Great Post Zany. Every little bit really helps us put the pieces of the puzzle together for what's going on and where we are heading. *NM*
Graham Hancock - DNA, LSD y Francis Crick *NM* *LINK*
2012 and the Kali Yuga - Krishnamurti *LINK*
Done Deal
Re: Done Deal
Re: Done Deal
Tornero - I Santo California :) Caution, very emotional :D
Thank you so very much Dancer! So very Beautiful!! You always come throught with the most beautiful music & just at the right time. Thank you kindly:) *NM*
Government of Canada's H1N1 Plan - Send Body Bags ... Northern Manitoba Native Communities Received Body bags from Health Canada *LINK*
Gerals Celente, The Next American Revolution. also The Ticker tape guy."Deflationary Collapse Dead Ahead"
Integrating 999, Preparing for the Sixth Night by Lauren C. Gorgo *LINK* *PIC*
This is not a Hoax or Joke Please listen to this warning from this us."Soldier Claims Authorities Training To Intern Americans Who Refuse Swine Flu Shot." Thank you Zany for these links.
Four Apparent Suicides/Deaths in 48 Hours – CEO-Financiers-Fundraiser *NM* *LINK*
Electronics and Morgellons --What's The Connection?----
UFO / Alien Grey/ Pungent Odor Reported in Eastern Washington
To me this is so sad! Why do humans have to kill everything they don't understand?."Panama: youngsters claim to have killed an alien"....
Several "underground" News Sites (LINKS) *LINK*
Bringing To Light the Awareness ... One Huge Leap at a Time (when we most need it) *LINK*
You, Me and the SPP (Security Prosperity Program) Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule *LINK*
Re: You, Me and the SPP (Security Prosperity Program) Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule *LINK*
Putting the pieces together."NEVER SURRENDER!!" Thanks to RMNews,BY Angel Lyons
Update from Griff & Ben Fulford."Shift, Griff and the Trustee says the Earth Won," "SOME SCARY-LOOKING EVENTS WILL BE TAKING PLACE SOON." Keep Focused on the Light.Just Distractions!
WE DID IT! HR 1207 now has the 290 for the 2/3 majority! - END THE FED + 290 on the same day!!! )Hope this goes all the way through & not just another distraction...we shall see) *PIC*
Introducing the SurvivaBall Model X7 Climate Change Mitigation Unit .... Er Ah I hope this is a joke!
The Yes Men Fix The World! *LINK*
I had Never heard of these guys ... See what they are doing! *LINK*
Using pesticides at work 'increases risk of Parkinson's three-fold'
Did a lake trigger a deadly disease?
Fairy Tales of Recovery, Reality of More Failures...Link
Here they start with the push for Food Shortage .... Let's take their main staple the POTATO. *LINK*
Ooops in my anger I added "Peak this middle finger up" ....Those are not the words of the polite author of the blog ... " But You you "Peak of the Market" Are you working with Monsanto "Peak"? *NM*
I guess people know when I am not kidding around ;)
Grow Your Own
Thank you ever so much! Sometimes we need to be reminded not to depend on others! I suppose I was thinking of the livelihood of some of these farmers. *NM*
Have some Sympathy for the Devil? *LINK*
Talk about putting it in our face!!! We have been so innocent and trust for so many years as so many of us sang along with this song without really understanding. Thanks Drummy for bring this to our..
I always listened to the words of songs Cosmos ....
VID* - 2008 - Dr. Tulio Simoncini, "CANCER IS FUNGUS" parts 1 & 2
Trying to put the pieces of info together here and find the truth in all this...
Re: Trying to put the pieces of info together here and find the truth in all this...Ooops forgotb this part as well. see video
Naomi Wolf on "Fake Activism" (Video) *LINK*
Bless Namoi for all she is doing and trying to is like I always say...We the people take one step foward and the DARK ONES...push us 50 steps back...IMHO...We have waited and let this...
Oh yes...I know all about Cliffords web see Zany Dear Soul....
Obama has 30 days ordered by judge to show proof of Birth cirtificate
Ray McGovern Warns of 'Two CIAs'. By Brad Friedman
Karen Bishop Wings report September 15, 2009 *LINK*
The Big picture.... 1 thur 9 videos
night vision, and vision enhancement, using chlorophyll eye drops! Neato *LINK* *PIC*
On Friday Sept 11th David Wilcock posted several new videos
We are Way Behind! Media is Selling Us a False "Bill of Goods'!
What do we believe any more??? Drummy thanks for the post...but... I have a question as I can't get the link to work...What about the euthanasia in the health care bill and all the other parts..
Re: What do we believe any more??? Drummy thanks for the post...but... I have a question as I can't get the link to work...What about the euthanasia in the health care bill and all the other parts..
Thanks so much for all the great info. Now I understand this all better. Canada sure sounds like it is much better for the people than here and ...Yes...we should all have free health care...and..
Jesse Hirsh, Still hoping after all these years! *LINK*
Universal Health Care Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts *LINK*
*** As I promised, here is the post on debate over Canadian and American Health care, with hopes of eliminating some of the fears of Americans. *LINK*
I guess ticker visit numbers means most want to remain in their preconceived thought process? No? *NM*
American Monetary Institute 2009 Conference: “We Shall Prevail” Ricard C. Cook
WOW!! Eco-focused tire is 80 percent petroleum free and helps save gas *PIC*
IMHO Orange Oil is too precious to use it in rubber tires - percentage?
wait a minute, one more argument: if the roads are rotten, the rolling resistance, ha?
You make me tick - I'll create 'The Instant Truth Soup (TM)'. The ingredients? :D
Ah..... Really?! You want me to cook?!!
Llyod Pye...Everything you know is wrong...Part 1 thru 12 videos.
Re: Well Dear Robert (Rob) you have tweaked my interest as
The Prayer.... My prayer & wish for all humanity & all creations upon Mother Earth. May we all be safe!
Brasscheck TV: Psychological Warfare: The Great Distraction
"The Truthseeker's Imprisoned in Rothschild Castle."? Really?
Revealed: The ghost fleet of the recession
Swine Flu Shots to Start in Three Weeks as U.S. Cases Spread.
How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds
Acorn explains how to minuplate prostitution income to fit with acorn housing assistance program..Video
US Government Supplies Patient with Marijuana
Acorn gets kicked out of protest.."Don't Tread On Me! - Booting ACORN from 9/12 DC rally"
England based '' kicked off the net? Why? *PIC*
Why I don't Own Stocks and Bands ... This is an extremely poignant article if I may recommend it! *LINK*
Re: Why I don't Own Stocks and Bands ... This is an extremely poignant article if I may recommend it!
Yes - it's a very informative article. And a true shame that its so true! *NM*
Obama Adviser Brzezinski's 'Off the Record' Speech to British Elites - Frightening! Asia is the 'NEW' World leader
Breznut's quotes are OFF the Charts! *PIC*
Great PIC !! *NM*
Reminds me also of some thing else - the judge wig! *PIC*
25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis *NM* *LINK*
We the People are starting to stand up and wake approx. 2 million strong!
DAVIS FLEETWOOD INTERVIEWS DENNIS KUCINICH .... This interview is 2 years ago but worth the listen even today... *LINK*
1.5 to 2 million march on Washington D.C Tea Party protest rally September 12 2009 *LINK*
Another video of Tea Protesters fill D.C. is currently "unavailable". *LINK*
Re: Another video of Tea Protesters fill D.C. is currently "unavailable". *LINK*
Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government *LINK*
Obama Health Care [HR3200] Specifies Microchip....specifically includes it...(March on people!)
Cliff High - St.Clair Webbot Predictions *PIC*
thanks for the links
You are so very welcome...glad to help in some small way...
The Truth
The Great Deception......
Ben Fulford Update Sept 13, 2009...(Ben keeps me in awe of his comments and flipping & flopping around...anyway here is his bla bla update...seems kinda sick humor to me..imho.. I fail to...
Now Dealers can sell the shit he's smoking for a Premium! *NM*
Project Camelot interviews Jane Burgermeister (Video) *LINK*
Penn and Teller - Bullshit! - End of the World
Re: Penn and Teller - Bullshit! - Very Accurate! *PIC*
The FKN Newz,,,911 Is A Lie!!!!! Video
Bee Gee 911 Is A Lie *LINK*
You Go Dude...spread the word and bring those evil ******* Down!!! even if we have to go too at least we tried to make a positive peaceful Change for this World! Great Post TimElord...ThankYou! *NM*
IN MEMORIAM 8 years after - no matter what a *ric or a ray* might say :\
Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are now storming Washington, D.C, By Chelsea Schilling.
Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government *LINK*
People get ready...theresa train a coming!!! Oh YA!!!....Video.....
Evolution is approaching. In Hopi it is called Nohu Na'uyi'yta: "The Secret Of The Mystery Egg”....
Very beautiful, Cosmic Observer...
Ya...this gave me such a peaceful feeling & such a clearer understanding of all that we are experiencing now when I read this I just had to share it. It is like Drunvalo says in his interview...
The Snake Bite (Video Cartoon) *LINK*
Rhahahahahahahaha ... Rhahahahahahahaha... Reahahally thata a motha for you! Re: The Snake Bite (Video Cartoon) *NM*
HAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks so much Zany for the Great Laugh
BOB ROSE: OBAMA HEALTH PLAN : 'LET ELDERLY DIE'. Mr.Andrew D. Basiago Whisleblower...needs to read this
New Photo Analysis Shows WCUFO to Be Authentic! *LINK*
The video looks quite "corny" wouldn't you say *NM*
"Corny" was my impression as well...
WOW!! Andy idolizedes his Dad...Hmm...IMHO..his Dad used him as a guinea pig taking away a childhood from me this is real sad child abuse...and he says he very proud of Obama...Mr. Andy may I
Re: WOW!! Andy idolizedes his Dad...Hmm...IMHO..his Dad used him as a guinea pig taking away a childhood from me this is real sad child abuse...and he says he very proud of Obama...Mr. Andy m
Andrew does not seem the least bit upset with his experience with ET's. I'm in Part 3 now and he seems Ok with his life. But I am in only Pt 3 of many parts to this interview. *NM*
THANK YOU, Brave Souls of Canada & Oath Keepers of America."0H1N1 Fraud Exposure Conference! Sept 12/09 "
"Blessed Be the Peace Makers ... Call Them Sons and Daughters of God" *PIC*
Morgellons Disease baseball player and family all have it.VIDEO with info.
Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Joe Wilson, You're Wrong! *LINK*
Keith Olbermann is just another highly paid shill media Whore!!! another lier playing his scripted part well. Mr. wilson has balls..not a paid coward like Keith *NM*
Re: Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Joe Wilson, You're Wrong!
The Dirty Fucking Hippies WERE RIGHT! (Hmmmmm...we tried to tell the masses, But...not too many listened...Oh well!)
Drunvalo Interview on Coast to Coast Sept 11, 2009 (lastnight)
10 Billion Beats, Friday Sept. 18, 2009, 7:00 PM
Charlie Sheen on Alex Jones Radio show today September 11, 2009 *LINK*
Direct links for the Charlie Sheen portion of the show, for above interview, Better Recording
I LOVE ALEX JONES with CHARLIE SHEEN. I only have Love for the Sheen Family...... A Men! *NM*
Weirdos are the real deal folks. The weirder the better! Weirdos rock. :D *NM* *LINK*
I'm a Creepy Weirdo. Wanna see my revoked site at muddy Murdoch's? :D
You are so very Right my friend...every word you wrote is so TRUE! I like the song pretty cool....
Funny my intuition said they were probaly going to do that! *NM*
House of Representatives to Hold Audit the Fed Hearings
So very sorry if it is scary...I did not or do not mean or want to scare anyone...But... *PIC*
George Galloway...part 1-3 quite a speech
Quite the Man ...
Re: Benjamin Fulford's latest piece

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