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Thousands Gather to Protest Global Warming :D *NM* *PIC*
This is rather interesting! Stretching your Shoes with Ice ... *LINK*
When Canada meets Texas: What a Perfect encounter! *PIC*
I believe it is not a beaver but rather a ...... *PIC*
An Open Letter about Disinformation Hacks Who Give Us Flack!
Finally PROOF Of Global Warming! Just-in-time Urgent Bail-Out for AL GORE - who was on the brink of suffocation from own exhaustive gases in Carbonhagen's Red Light District :D *PIC*
Al Gore and all sorts of Change Swindlers should be exiled to Oymyakon for real-time studies.
According to the 3600 years Nibiru Planet-X cycle the last pass-by (poleshift?) happened in ~ 1590 B.C - so what was the damage then? Great deluge? Atlantis flooded?
Re: According to the 3600 years Nibiru Planet-X cycle the last pass-by (poleshift?) happened in ~ 1590 B.C - so what was the damage then? Great deluge? Atlantis flooded?
Will the US Pentagon use the coming World Trade Demolition to start a WAR ON HORROR?
The world may be ending, but if your saying magnetic north is out my back door somewhere in Wisconsin then damn it I'm there just to experience it *PIC*
Canadian Ice Fishing ... (F'ng CRAZY Canucks!) .. *LINK*
So cool! :D "yes we can - like a Can-A-Dian?" strange accent, weird habits, these Ont-Arians!
I have no idea where the accent comes from .... They sound like they are originally from Newfoundland ... :D
They be normal...
Enlightening Afterthoughts - Comrade In Analysis! :O (Drummy, you've to handle at least 2 of them) :D
Re: They be normal...
Carbondioxide is heavier than air, it doesn't rise into the atmosphere but is found low on the ground. So how can carbondioxide create a green house and dim sun's light? 8) *PIC*
It's about killing the ant people, man! Billions of ants die everyday and it needs to stop. *PIC*
Great Picture! :D *NM*
"Born To Be Lied To" from "9/11: The Musical"
RT lately reported the US Pentagon has 27,000 (!) people engaged to make propaganda for the military and its war-machine. What do they sell? Lies and Deception! Sugar-Coated! *NM*
WONderful COPenhagen. COP15. NWO Policing the World with CO Carbon(di)Oxid Poops taxation?
Shakespeare Hamlet: "something rotten in ... Danmark" where "the emperor(s) have no clothes" LOL. Sparkling Water NOW declared poisonous because of CO2? *PIC*
The attack on Silvio Berlusconi occured on 13(!) Dec. 2009 squared 6 x 6 *PIC*
e.l.f weapon ??? *LINK*
What was the name of the alternative researcher who died from a similar heart attack .... in England, not so long ago, remember?
are they on project camelot in tribute page? *LINK*
NO. But I remember it was not more than 5 years ago. He got hit and collapsed directly on stage while speaking.
pretty sure that was dean warwick at u.k probe conference *LINK*
Thank you so much! You are right! - more info plus 2 YT clips from 2006
clint denyer finished the talk the next year
US WMD treaty violations...refuses inspection for biological, nuclear, chemical weapons. -link
Important to mention explicitly the undeclared 2nd US Federal District aka Mid-East Outpost aka Medinat Yisra'el
get your power back
I think you might want this technology
Holding Their Feet To The "FIRE" !
Bayer Admits GMO Contamination is Out of Control *LINK*
Rather a Mixed Message Wouldn't You Say?! What are they going for the insanity plea? *NM*
'Green Peace' is a NWO front line. Same as 'Amnesty International'. How about MONSANTO?
mini update from
but maxi diversion: all 'Big German' banks are indeed NON-German and ANTI-German. PEZ Bloodsuckers!
Reply to Dancer
we are closer with our views than it appears to be ;)
Health Canada delays natural health product compliance rules
Yup More on Norway! ... An Interpretation Of the Lights Seen ... Richard Hoagland *NM* *LINK*
Good Morning, Drummy. Saying goes TWO KNOTS fix things tighter :D
Yeah we are all doing that lately ... The repeat thing *NM*
Repeat WHAT? *PIC*
Benjamin Fulford and a new source of energy
Norway: 'Active Galaxy' Display? - Cosmic Super-Imposition? AG Nucleus Technology?
They're Working Overtime In D.C. !
Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams ... *LINK*
Shape Shifting A New Earth! with our hearts ... *LINK*
Earth 2100 *NM* *LINK*
Excluded from the Copenhagen Agenda: link
Global Warming Fraud - the hacked data in a zip file for download
Global warming...
Canadian winter poem
Very Nice - I know somebody in Calgary who will like it also ;)
So Much the Need to go back to the Basics ~ CHerokee Legend!
closely near-by or better from a distance?
A message from the Hopi Elders about 2012 (rings true to me!)
Solving the global food crisis
the technology of areoponics - link
Evidence of mass corruption at the what else is new?
"Teacher. Teacher. My Daddy said .... " :D
add-on as to the different numbers of reindeers
breaking: Nobel Peace Keeper Obama talked with Rudy Sleigh Works in Drumsay and promised to share some 8 dollars of his 1.4 million prize money to compensate for the lost gifts during slider test run
Another possible explanation of lights over NORWAY.(Obama to NORWAY to pick nobel price) *NM* *LINK*
Muscle-Growth Gene Therapy Raises Athletes' Hopes of Becoming Supermen *LINK* *PIC*
That Is a such a cool looking dog.
Not a chance!!!
For example .... *LINK*
moreover muscledogs are much 'cheaper' :D than a red FERRARI *PIC*
Anyone for some Arctic roll? Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway *LINK*
a possible explanation with video
Had you covered 2 below this post ;)) *NM*
Re: Had you covered 2 below this post ;))
Sacramento UFO Examiner: UFO Truth finally revealed by CIA, FBI, see video / UFO historical moments in December. *LINK*
Breaking RT: Mystery Spiral Lights over Norway
The Norway HAARP known as EISCAT
Photos of same ... *LINK* *PIC*
A Full, Frontal "Assault" On The Rogue U.S. Government
Could someone please provide a 3 sentence summary of what is going on here
Re: Could someone please provide a 3 sentence summary of what is going on here
me too / no clue / wonder what / so odd :D *NM*
11:11 Opens 12:12 ... Who's vibrating? .... This might explain it..
Don Croft Chemtrails Disappear - Orgone and Cloud Angels *LINK*
A Whale Song
State Constitutions afford greater protections than the federal one !
Caucasus: Georgia's US stooge SackAssViley may lose his US sponsored 'Drug Driver LieSense' soon. Drugged, unstable, useless ally now he is?
"Was that good for you guys!" - Alex Jones' final but un-answered question at the end of his live interview on green RT today 8)
they realized it meantime and cut out AJ's final inquiry about the helpfulness of his performance (shit happens) *NM*
Weapons of mass construction in Iraq
GROVE and TEREX is brand of US Manitowoc
Raids Expected! ...
"The things that cause us to be ill are allowed to be easily available, but the products that help keep us alive and healthy are going to be systematically removed. Do you get the picture?"
what the idiots aren't thinking about...
I have no thing to say to-day, as usu-Al, Xmpt for this - satanic forces *PIC*
Now it's hundred-and-13. "Wrong type of fireworks (inside an ex-supermarket) with NO sprinklers or em-exits. LOL BS FYI
Loneliness can be contagious ... *LINK*
How the US Funds the the insanity of it all!
focus on Russia: a lot of accidents, bombing and change-but-no-change recently
Well done! The saturday evening show is still running and Leona Lewis new song is already on YouTube in HD: "HAPPY!"
Energetic Synthesis - Setting the Stage ... *LINK*
speaking of Avatars - "I see you" :)
Is this the nice guy behind Leona's breakthru? *PIC*
They put MSG even into sweets, chocolate, jelly, gummi bears, allegedly as 'flavor enhancer'.

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