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Impending Explosion: U.S., Russia & Iran Pounding the War Drums for WWIII *LINK*
Prostate Cancer? no problemo.......... *LINK*
Astronomy Picture of the Day ... Every Day A new picture posted.. *LINK*
Bill Ryan from Project Camelot explains The Anglo-Saxon Mission (Video) *LINK* *PIC*
The Peace Movement VS the 911 Truth Movement *LINK*
The Big Acceleration, the Big Hiatus and an Owl Story by Celia Fenn *LINK* *PIC*
The Cornucopia Series #11: Another Tour de Force by Jean Hudon, ERN *LINK* *PIC*
Hi Zany - I was having difficulty with cut and Paste too? Are you using Mozilla Firefox? ....
Re: No, am on Windows Internet Explorer *NM*
British military insider: World War III is being staged; starting with Israel and Iran *NM* *LINK*
What's really behind the drive for war?
Star Children mentioned in my first post on TNT
A fraudulent a'hole who poses as British Interior Secretary David Blunkett sent me this slimy email today. LOL
ALERT: A keylogger program that can capture all user keystrokes (including confidential details such username, password, credit card number, etc.) is spread like wildfire!
if you are posting re: the Kneber Botnet Attacks...
the value of a web site
Interesting .... did a few tests myself! *NM*
REPORT: Russian Satellite Imaging Reveals Huge Military Buildup Inside the U.S. *LINK*
Ever have one of those Dog DayS ~ Split my sides with this one! *LINK*
Funtastic! Thrilling! Hence my impeccable sense tells me he is a DogMan Alien from a DogStar Planet in nearby TriSun System Sirius. Think Vancouver Opening Ceremony. THEY LIVE among us. :D
Thank You Very Much! - Do' Dynamite Is Simply The Best!
UFOs and ETs on planet Earth? Speculation based on reliable evidence gives hope, inspiration by Fred Burks *NM* *LINK*
Should We Clone Neanderthals? *LINK*
Serious issue! Maybe we should also ask little Dogbert or big Maxine herself? :D
Crop Circles Message for Human Race Decoded ~ I have not seen these before! ~ I'm pretty excited !! *LINK*
New Vancouver Olympic Security updates - link
the latest from: emergingearthangels.com/
For FUX Sake this peturbs me: IndyMac Bank Death - An Orgy Of Federal Corruption - Vid *LINK*
The 700 Military Bases of Afghanistan
vanCOuVER olymPICS & the pillARS of commune-ET *PIC*
Can anyone simply tell me how to upload multiple images in one single posting from my computer to this TNT? Thanks *NM*
ADMIN! i will add mulitple upload feature later today (?) *NM*
More than one pic from own disk? - The feature I had missed from the very beginning but was too shy to ask one more time. So you're going to put the Cherry On The Cake? ;) Cheers! :D
I asked that because I never ever hotlink images. *NM*
FANTASTIC!!! Love that Cherry Shortcake! Thanks, Guys! :) *NM*
ADMIN! almost got it. 4th line down, 2nd to last function = iManager (not yet finished pathing ... tomorrow ... will let you know) *NM*
Cool! *NM*
HOT: iManager "directory error" for me *PIC*
It's got to be FireFox .....
ADMIN! working multi-image uploader (upload and insert)
Matthew's new post of Feb 14, 2010
Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-granddaughter, outs secret Mars colony project *LINK*
Web Bot: Andrew Basiago is predicted “planetary level” whistleblower for Mars life and time travel *NM* *LINK*
on X-Squared Radio LIVE NOW with Andrew and Brooks ! *NM*
Re: Web Bots: Clif High coming out March with NEW REPORT: to be on A Fireside Chat in rare interview *LINK* *PIC*
Georgian Athlete Dies at the Olympics
Yoga Classes *LINK*
A different perspective on the Mayans and 2012...what, me worry?
Dear Huffington Editors ..... Repugnant home page *LINK*
The Bankruptcy of the United States is Now Certain *LINK*
on the other hand...
Re: on the other hand...
some replies...
Please be calm, tip on toe, here comes "The Joe Blow Conspiracy Show" WoooAahh! :D
The Other Drug War is on OUR HEALTH!
it really is WAR!
"How is it that You are Still Alive??"
add this site to your knowledge base
US-China relations could get worse (Dalai Lama is CIA) "old news" *LINK*
Time Magazine: Uproarious Laughter Forces Headline Change as Ice Age Threatens the Magazine's Global Warming Agitprop *LINK*
I LOVE THIS GUY: Keiser Report: Kremlin Special - "The Financial Dead Bodies Floating up to the Surface, The Gulags, Unemployment and more" *LINK*
As I said earlier K.I.S.S.!!!
Crafty Cats and Wary Dogs :D *PIC*
Supriem Rockefeller Says He is Lucifer & the Jewish Messiah...oy vey... *LINK*
maybe this will clear up things
Requiem for "Supriem"?...
I'm with you on that one Moonshadow! *NM*
Invasion of the Giant Squids *LINK*
Winter Olympics to Demo Thought-Controlled Lighting *LINK*
Demo ... Winter Olympics to Demo Thought-Controlled Lighting *LINK*
ADMIN! Board Modification Complete
Re: Board Modification Complete
illuminatiMATRIX - What In The World's Going On? *LINK*
Wake Up Laughing, And Wise Up Loving: The Upwising Has Begun!Swami Beyondananda's State of the Universe Address 2010 Wake Up Laughing, And Wise Up Loving: The Upwising Has Begun! By Swami Beyondanan *LINK*
ADMIN! auto hyperlinking was been removed
smart enough to learn a skill, disciplined enough to develop it, stupid enough to blow it all away...priceless!
If you need/want a really good belly laugh - link
The stealing of US taxpayer money continues
How to ridicule the subliminal symbolism in a Bonnie Tyler song.
"Houston we got a problem" - "Hold on. Keep the line" Insert: English Humour *PIC*
Uploaded, most functions working, BRAVO! Insert Images and Videos ALSO!! But the handling needs some fine-tuning, some finish - to please the ladies and make it a piece of ease ;)
here we go again
when I disable javascript I can post the old way but without marker bar and emoticons but therefore wider frame and better readability than before
some posting fun still to be done LOL
ADMIN! great feedback. thanks. I can fix most of it I hope
the most dire problem re-enabling Copy/Cut+Paste in Firefox solved *PIC*
ADMIN! yeah. now users can EDIT their own posts for 2-hours after initial posting. double spacing fixed. *NM*
2 hours time to repent? That's great for those knitting with a hot needle!
I always say K.I.S.S.
ADMIN! Re: I always say K.I.S.S.
ADMIN! test *LINK*
ADMIN! edit css removed & toggle visual chars on/off removed (less IS more) *NM*
Copy/Cut+Paste tested with Firefox 2, 3, 3.5, SeaMonkey 2, K-Meleon 1, 1.5 and Opera 9, 10 - it's working. FF NoScript must be set to allow RichText *PIC*
A.R. Drone *LINK*
Economic warfare erupts between U.S., Russia and China *LINK*
the title you are using for your post...
"The New American Century" .... Oldman Jr. posted this a few posts back but the link was corrupted and not sure if everyone followed it through to get to the video ... Link here again *LINK*
"The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer."
Re: "The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer."
Re: "The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer."
The "New Editor" Here or You tube? Mr Tenant?
ADMIN! Re: The "New Editor" Here or You tube? Mr Tenant?
Well honey that would be great, increase point size or whatever you call it. I am blind but I had a panic attack when I saw how small the print was in the editor
ADMIN! finished. point size now 14px in editor
Re: finished. point size now 14px in editor
Re: "The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer."
Re: "The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer."
ADMIN! wyziwig editor is now installed. few hiccups
My comments are in post above
Nonesee Peelosi? All-Ass-Ka? Some trivia work-out?
Lovely special effects - link
This is absolutely marvelous! Thank you! *NM*
More evidence the Prime Minister of Canada is selling out his country to globalists
If this guy is NOT Kicked Out On His Ass! (with his knickers around his ankles for all the world to see!), in the next election, then I guess the elections are fixed! Judging by the last election???..
Moonlight Falling on Silvery Tree. Whispers Busy Honey Bee: "Keep on dancing with me!" :D
My FAIR Lady. "Bravo! My God she got! My God she got it!" :D
Blue Night Shadow - Origin
Amazing how things can fall into place: Heavenly Jerusalem.
At least one Japanese bank says no to free energy?
Airports Installing Mind-Reading Scanners? :\ *LINK* *PIC*
Maybe it's just another gag to extort money, no matter how useful or precise the high-tech crap is, as long as it goes 'anti-terrorist'? *NM*
No other explanation for it ... *LINK*
I see they have Homer Simpson on camera (where's the wizzy wig smiley faces?) :-) *NM*
ADMIN! TEST editor ---- how you like it?
Re: TEST editor ---- how you like it? *PIC*
ADMIN! not working yet. will take some time. *NM*
Broader text frame 'varry gooood' already. Many thanks. Great things to come? Please, carry on!
The Best Free E-Mail Service - www.fastmail.fm - New York ;) *PIC*
Strange Electric Stray Charge Fallout
Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging *LINK*
Steve Judd looks just a wee bit ahead
Video: USA Has A History Of Attacking Themselves To Go To War!
Re: Video: USA Has A History Of Attacking Themselves To Go To War! *LINK*
couldn't find the original link?
Just finished watching it ....
bummed out a bit?
Bummed out indeed!
Ken Welch's India Nuke Story - Just-in-time. Can hold water?
Bow down to the Green Police !
Isn't this the Truth ~ Carbon Credit and Carbon Trading ~ Meet the Carbon Hunters!! ~ This is a Must Watch! ..... *LINK*
A Little Background Information *LINK*
Styles and Markups - HTML4 Quick List as JPG *PIC*
Religious Study: The Cahilla. Pharisees versus Sadducees.
Ractopamine, banned in 160 countries (even in China) and the FDA says it is safe for humans!
Bill Ryan from Project Camelot interviewed by Freedom Central *LINK*
Re: Bill Ryan from Project Camelot interviewed by Freedom Central
WYSIWIG = What You See Is What I Give :D Okay? :b
Regular Sex Improves Health and Doubles Life Expectancy *LINK*
Damn! For God's sake. You should have told me earlier! :(

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