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Mass Depopulation, Genocide, WW3? - Pt 1 ( a must read for all who want to know ) *LINK*
David Ickes Laugh-Out-Loud Response to YT Gorilla's Mason Hoax *PIC*
Bill Murphy of GATA Reveals Whistle-Blower in Gold Price Suppression *NM* *LINK*
County Sheriff Can Bust Big Brother: Wyoming Sheriffs Put Feds in Their Place
The Fed Admits To Breaking The Law (whoop-dee-doo)... *LINK*
WE LOVE YOU Alex Jones! *LINK*
CANADA to Surrender Its Sovereignty to NWO Under Proposed Law *LINK*
Lentil as Anything ~ Be the Change on KarmaTube ~ Talk about having Faith in being provided for! *LINK*
Timothy Geithner is a Sniveling Scamster *LINK*
The Value of Current News A 100 Years From Now *LINK*
New Documentary Film Posted *LINK*
Some Good Friday Jokes for God's Children and Stubborn Heathen as well :D
Consciousness - an animation of Spirit ~ Video Link *LINK*
Rainbows and Unicorns 'nuff said *NM* *LINK*
Aaah! Yaya! Hillary joined Joyce Meyer Ministries? And ObaMAH-DI riding rainbow powered on Pegasus to Persia? 39% Holy Shatner!
Is This the Face of Jesus Christ? (It's 'Ishtar' time again)...*PIC* *LINK*
"My Vision for the Conscious Convergence" *LINK*
What Kids are doing if they aren't playing video games *LINK*
SharkMan ~ Shark Immobility
U.S. Wasn't Founded as a Christian Nation...and the Devil has TWO Horns...
Papacy a creation of Babylonian Worshippers of Molech. Christianity a bait to conquer the gullible cattle. Last Supper a Cannibalistic Ritual of Drinking Blood + Eating Flesh of Big Boss Jesus! Ugh!
Andrew D. Basiago to Appear on Michael Ellegion Show - 4-3-10
The End of David Icke? Part 1 *LINK*
I think this is total bull shat
Agreed. 'Ryde Lodge 698' seems to be a stupid FAKE to decry Icke's work.
I Know so too. Why bother wasting our time *NM*
David Icke's old website layout showed a pyramid with the capstone. *PIC*
Poison Dressed as an Easter Bunny *NM* *LINK*
so easy to make your own home made chocolate cream :)
Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent (BRAVO)! *LINK*
270 gallons of water to create $1 worth of sugar! 30 year study, first of its type, confirms! Wow, to think so much water is used for... *LINK* *PIC*
We LOVE YOU Alex Jones! ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL!! Webster Tarpley: Globalized Terrorism to usher in a Total Police State 1/4 *LINK*
Hmmm sorry I can't today! I'm too busy infecting people with the (HP101) virus! *LINK*
Happiness Pandemic (HP101) Hits Worldwide *LINK*
Well It's About Time 'Cause Whadda Ya Gonna Do...
Brilliant! Love it! :D *NM*
Have some "in-your-face" Tyranny! *LINK*
Choosing Freedom ~ (In time this process will be easier for the rest of us) ~ Irene Gravenhorst's story! ~ Do you wish to take the blue pill or the red pill? ~ *LINK*
RFID Microchip Inventor WARNS People...
Taking a Close Look at FaceBook on Brasscheck *LINK*
New Moore Island DISAPPEARS Into The Sea *LINK*
Nature By Numbers ~ Way Cool!
WOW! (my cup of tea) Thank You Very Much! :D
Hutaree - MSNBC Admits Group was Co-Opted ( re: latest military militia crackdown ) *LINK*
No Means No, Canadian PM Tells Clinton... *LINK*
Newsroom / Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fn Work *LINK*
Researchers Turn Mosquitoes Into Flying Vaccinators ~~ So what sinister plan is behind all this? *LINK*
Remember Dumb Dumb (Bill Maher the Liar and Talking Head?)... watch this *LINK*
Is the Vatican beyond redemption? READ THIS SHOCKER! *LINK*
PERVS in POWER. WACKOs & PEDOs Slimey and Stanky *LINK* *PIC*
And if Bill "The KnowsMan" has any clue..... it's a romp
FreeDom ~ The NAME Game *LINK*
Systemic Wall Street Fraud Bill Moyers with William Black (explains it the fiasco - no investigations - still crooks abound at the highest levels) *LINK*
A message from the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government ~ A WOW! *LINK*
The Norway Spiral by Joseph P. Skipper *LINK*
RT: "RUSSIA UNDER ATTACK" Three Moscow Subway Bombs. One directly under the FSB Secret Service Headquarter.
Hale Crater Civilization Evidence and Images *LINK* *PIC*
Millions were in germ war tests - Britain population used as lab rats *LINK* *PIC*
Mandatory Microchipping To Begin In 36 Months !! ?? !! Looks like it.........
I do not give my consent .... SIMPLE! I am sovereign! *NM*
A categorization of vast information for valuable information. *LINK*
I See You!
Written Transcript of BBS Radio Show with Jay Weidner on A Fireside Chat... *LINK* *PIC*
AWESOME DUDE! I love transcripts! *NM*
Majority of American Voters Say U.S. Economy Could Totally Collapse... *LINK*
Choosing Freedom 2 (there are three parts) ... Watch them stumble *LINK*
Alex Jones Inside CNN Attack Piece *VID*
322 - Secret Societies, Depopulation And The Health Care Plan by JAY WEIDNER *LINK* *PIC*
Embryonic Cells put in the brain can repair it like new! *LINK* *PIC*
Breeding with mutants causes superior off-spring! *LINK* *PIC*
They LOOK friendly... :)
Pesticides wiping out the bees... in Discover magazine *LINK* *PIC*
The Kids Are Catching On .... *LINK*
Irene Gravenhorst in Court March 2009 - I Don't Consent - I Waive All Benefits! *LINK*
Doing more research on Irene .... Irene you are a very brave woman! *NM*
Obama Reacts To Health Care Vote ...(Funny or Die) *NM* *LINK*
Don't Sell Out America *NM* *LINK*
UFOs Over Lake Erie Ohio, Is something eerie over Lake Erie? *LINK*
When Corrupt Businesses rule..... this is what happens....... *LINK*
Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby's take on Autism, an interesting one at that.
So what's next? ... A vaccination for the condition of Autism itself? Is that what they are leading up to? Oh Creators of "Problem-Solution" syndrome answer me this! *NM*
Re: So what's next?
Swine Flu & Fake Epidemics: Medicalisation and the Push for Global Management
Rod Class Was NOT Murdered ! ! !
Judicial-Inc Convicted! Blatant Snapshot Forgery! *LINK* *PIC*
Is Satan a Catholic? *LINK* *PIC*
Utah Satanic Ritual Abuse: Satanists at Large *LINK* *PIC*
Are Catholics, Islamists and Zionists worshipping the same bloodthirsty Molech?
You ALWAYS confuse me Dancer!
Yes We Can! :) I was DARN SIRIUS ;) with my quest on CON-FUSION of beLIEf systems. :D *PIC*
Satan is Ecumenical...with a lot of Chutzpah... :O
It’s Baaack: Sunspot Maximum Here It Comes *LINK*
A Trip to the Dentist
Ouch ... Ouch! ...OUCH!! ...
Apart from collecting money the main purpose of taxes is about TOTAL CONTROL of the economy.
ADMIN! That's right! Go Tell your Momma!!! *LINK*
BewARE Of sCARE! The Tri-Nitro-Toluene Beast is back! *PIC*
I'm still laughing my ass off!! *NM*
LookInService: Momma wanna take you for a ride!
Momma said she loves you! True!
Keiser Report №28: Markets! Finance! Scandal! *LINK* *PIC*
Swastika on the Moon? *PIC* *LINK*
It's Falun Gong. Ding Dong. Banned in China they fled to the Moon :D
British nuclear expert's 17th floor UN death plunge 'was not suicide' *LINK* *PIC*
The former Austrian Empire has a tradition of defenestrations.
Freeman-On-The-Land: Where I Stand *LINK*
Good Point.... well delivered.
"Tipping Point": The Only Thing That May Save The Euro Is A Collapse Of The U.S. *LINK*
Natural Man vs. Artificial Person, Law, Money & Banking. Original production by Red Ice Creations. Parts 1-6 on YouTube *LINK*
Winston Shrout's website: Solutions in Commerce *LINK*
Masterpiece of Disingenuousness by Jessica Murray, Astrologer *LINK* *PIC*
Anita's Miraculous Near-Death Experience by Fred Burks *PIC*
When "Big Brother" IS the Pedophile. *LINK*
Talk about pissing in someone's face and calling it rain.... Nancy Pelosi does just that........ *LINK*
ADMIN! somebody was naughty ...... and were removing or changing posts *LINK*
ADMIN! we had to RESET board. lost 2 posts.
Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It *LINK*
Evangelical Christians Now Being Targeted in Russia *LINK*
Mark Kruger's take on O's health bill - you really want to read this.
Why Human Communication remains Poor!!! Thoughts?
WikiLeaks.com ... always a most interesting website! *LINK*
What's really in Obama's health care reform bill? Almost no one knows! Read this..
The Creation of a Usurper: A Crash Course. *LINK*
Re: The Creation of a Usurper: A Crash Course.
Full-Fledged Russian Embassy Established in the Vatican... *LINK*
Re: Who controls the Flow of Information into your head, is it you? *LINK*
Hasba Rat$, Democ Rat$ & Ezra Hell Firsters are US Tax Paid Pest$ in Potomac Pocket$?
Netanyahu Caves to Obama, Clinton Pressure...Well, Geez... *LINK*
RSS Feed now on the TNT Bulletin -- YEAH!!!! *NM*
codshit.blogspot.com: Anti-Semitism For Dummies
Chi Exists, Here is Proof (Qi) (2:48) *LINK*
Gerald Celente Predicts "Crash of 2010" *VID*
While We Were Sleeping... GM Food and the Brink of No Return *LINK* *PIC*
The world's rubbish dump: a tip that stretches from Hawaii to Japan *LINK* *PIC*
The Science of Abrupt Climate Change: Should we be worried? *LINK* *PIC*
Jay Weidner 7 Part Interview w/Noory on 2012, Nostradamus, Georgia Guidestones, Denver Airport *LINK* *PIC*
Re: Jay Weidner - Part 8 *LINK* *PIC*
I love Jay. Part 5 is AWESOME too! A MUST LISTEN TO SERIES!! A MUST!! *LINK*
My Experience with a Psychedelic Plant That Thousands Have Used for Release from Severe Addictions *LINK* *PIC*
How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings:by Jay Weidner *LINK* *PIC*
The Arcturians Speak - "The MATRIX of ILLUSION" *LINK* *PIC*
Peter Joseph - Where are we now? *LINK* *PIC*
Historic U.S. health-care bill passes *LINK*
The Great Thing About the Health Care Law That Has Passed? It Will Save Republican Lives, Too (An Open Letter to Republicans from Michael Moore)
The Great Thing About the Health Care Law That Has Passed...
An economic perspective on the health bill
Re: Personal Note from Jay Weidner *LINK* *PIC*
Global Warming in North America *PIC*
Global Warming in Iceland *PIC*
Poor Al... :)
Ancient Spaceship orbiting Saturn and the little balls found on Earth, 2.8 Billion years old! *LINK*
thanks for the link...it does make one wonder - NM *NM*
Depleted Uranium: A War Crime Within a War Crime *LINK*
The Bible, It's About Disclosure, Not Religion
Washington Sharpens Crisis With Israel, May Give Palestinians Military Shield *LINK*
There is no Middle-East PEACE Process...only a Middle-East WAR Process...
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