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What a great COMPUTATIONAL Device! Outstanding really! *LINK*
Connecting the Dots: Cosmic Climate Change, Financial Terrorism *LINK*
Scientists Reveal Negative Impact of Roundup Ready GM Crops *LINK* *PIC*
Monsanto PIG SLOP for the Masses ~ Helping Humans Take the GREAT QUANTUM LEAP to the Global Animal Farm :O
Bank Of America To Stop Charging 31,200% Interest :O
Devil has infiltrated Vatican, says chief exorcist *LINK* *PIC*
Church Abuse Scandals 'Creeping Ever Closer' To The Pope *NM* *LINK*
Clif High, Web Bot Project (2010 PREDICTIONS/ Prophetic Signs & Portents Series) *NM* *LINK*
Basically, what's going on......
And This IS a G D D m Fact! *LINK*
Dictyostelium Found In Morgellons Sufferers (amazing info) *NM* *LINK*
"You Don't Mind Being In Debt For 30 Years, Right Shnookums?" *LINK*
Nancy Pelosi: We Need to Pass Health Care Bill to Find Out What’s In It :O (5 sec. Video)
Senate Staffers Warned To Stay Away From The Drudge Report *LINK*
"Joodical Nose Design" is shut down again. White House Gym Nudity. Cellphone shot? Great Symbolism! *LINK* *PIC*
"Judicial-inc" said to be an intelligence website - because extraordinarily dumb! ho ho ho :D *LINK*
U.S. Deceiving Israel On Nuclear Issue? *LINK*
Will Ferrel meets his Landlord *LINK*
Banks Urge Americans To Close Israeli Accounts *LINK*
Maybe now we'll find out who the real Wizard of
Jessie Ventura Interview on Larry King Live *LINK* *PIC*
Illumination on Illuminism *LINK* *PIC*
It's amazing what the mind will believe, or is led to believe, and of...
I Love Nassim Haramein!
If you have the means to watch Glenn Beck, he is interviewing Ex-rep Massa
I believe that the recent attacks here are to try to deturd errr deter me *PIC*
your anger arouses empathy - take it easy ;)
hold on bro' here comes the real thing
SHOUD 7: "Body of Consciousness", by Adamus, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe March 6, 2010.... Awareness ~ Deeply Profound! *LINK*
Goldman Sucks (WATCH THIS ONE!!) *LINK*
9/11 truthers attend Treason in America *LINK*
The Washington Post on ‘lunatic’ 9/11 ‘conspiracy theorists’ *LINK*
the wife of a non-corrupted anti-mercury dentist once told me about the benefits of fresh springtime asparagus as a universal body cleanser
Indian law would make criticizing GM crops an imprisonable offense *LINK*
Gutting the US middle class A deliberate strategy? *LINK*
Mariel Hemingway on Life Changes with Filippo on Station 1 at 7pm tonight *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
yet another quake *NM* *LINK*
Is EQ in retaliation or another dot being connected to HAARP War ?
Re: Is EQ in retaliation or another dot being connected to HAARP War ?
A Detention Bill You Ought to Read More Carefully *LINK*
Disturbing story of Fallujah's birth defects *LINK*
Surprised ? Keep spreading depleted uranium and that's what happens
Whole Foods Market "Organic" food made in China !!!! *LINK*
‘Skinput’ turns body into touchscreen interface ... Microsoft is at it again *LINK*
Screw that see this !
Yeah I did see that video at a while back. Find it sick! *NM*
The Current Financial Situation ...
MAXINE'S Investigative Report :O
well done ;) *NM*
Salbuchi - 2010 Forecast Status Report at 05March10 - Part 1 of 2 *LINK*
Walmart Wants You Dead: How Walmart Screws it's Employees. *LINK*
Are you all aware.
dismantling the AA Michael Matrix..Lisa Renee news
things coded in a name, Ahmadinejad.... hmmmm
this nut case is by far almost too big to handle for both of US
If You Care! *LINK*
Gone Fishin!
Gone hunt'n ....
... is g'goo good for the ganter?
Re: ... is g'goo good for the ganter?
Thanks Harvey and YES if you prefer the bird to the beer ;)
If you have a mortgage you need to read this - link
A pattern in labor
Ladies and Gentlemen, this IS what tptb are training the military to do to Americans
Hot Rumor Quiz: Who will take over Human Mad eNews?
What ? no choice D *PIC*
"You can have any color as long as it's black!" Henry Ford being asked about the Twenties T Model Lizzy :D *PIC*
Ride the new age energy wave on a new energy butt plug *PIC*
found myself laughing - hard! *NM*
And if you call in the next 30 mins... *PIC*
What does it mean? Police records circulating in German news media today and as never reported before tell us:
"FAST" Coming to an Airport near YOU! - Future Attribute Screening Technology: The Machine That Reads Minds! (VIDEO) *NM* *LINK*
They destroyed our economy. They forced us into foreclosure. Now they're back
The New Swirled Order (Crop Circle Documentary) *LINK*
The New German Medicine *LINK*
Rod Class Call Tonight - 3.5.10 - 9:00PM EST
Microwsoft Announced Pre-Release of WinDoze 8 for 1st April 2010 (be the first to see the preview right here) ;) *PIC*
I love that one!
Microsoft Turns Evil: Pitches Web-Use Tax for Security
Boston, Biological Weapons and the New Arms Race *LINK*
I have a cure for them actually two choices *PIC*
Good One! I'm not actually sure if I will be allowed to post this but here um *NM* *PIC*
Totally Nuts! Aaah..very expressive thou not advisable for everybody.
The Shriners! It's Masonic. 66 Degree Free Mason. Free = Naked! Nudity Ritual. WOW :D
deep research revealed ancient Scottish Rite called "Nuts & Balls - The Ascension Of Hiram Abiff" ;) Sure! *NM*
Could Rothschild Lawsuit Divide Canada? *LINK*
Rogue Wave hits Cruise ship off Spain
Russian Endgame: The Greatest Deception That Few Ever Mention *LINK*
Obama Gets Visited by Ghosts of Presidents Past *LINK*
Buzz Aldrin Reveals Existence of Monolith on Mars Moon *LINK* *PIC*
UFO base in South America? *LINK* *PIC*
Hey, I'm not really new here *PIC*
Re: Hey, I'm not really new here
Re: Hey, I'm not really new here *PIC*
Our policy is more liberal than before,
And, it's good to have you back! *NM*
"There's never been such an easy way to spy on the public" *LINK*
Even more than that: Throughout history the upper cadger castes needed perpetual campaigns against the lower classes to keep themselves on top and the sheeple down.
The Inconvenient Truths Series #2: Apocalypse Beast Breathing Down Our Necks *LINK*
Inside The Great American Bubble Machine (Rolling Stone Mag) *LINK*
War Council in Damascus *LINK*
some thoughts on James Cameron and "the sinking of the Titanic" by ZANY
And here Cameron speaks at ~~~ another organization I am questioning due to their some what warped scientific subject matter and guest speakers *NM* *LINK*
Are We In A HAARP Earthquake War .... Sheeish I am done for the day unless I get something happy happening. *LINK*
Re: Are We In A HAARP Earthquake War .... Sheeish I am done for the day unless I get something happy happening.
Vaccines can be used to lower populations, says vaccine funder Bill Gates *LINK*
Now if the above didn't fire something to your butt ..Attack of Internet Freedom of Speech ~~~ Cryptome: They're Watching! *LINK*
Yup... I now see Bill Gates as a Wacko!! I never thought so before..... but he proved it.
I had trouble swallowing it too. But I questioned the motives of Bill and Microsoft ... *LINK*
I will also think twice about watching any more conferences talks/discoveries at! *NM*
i want to share a video.
Re: i want to share a video.
'Revolution' warning over bailout *LINK*
ABC News to close all bureaus but DC *LINK*
Your business? #25212411 Foreclosure Listings
Harry Markopolos: “Don’t Trust Your Government” *LINK*
Does Iran Actually WANT a War With Israel So That The Mahdi Can Return? *LINK*
3 Mosaic Religions. Return of the Pop-Stars in exchange for hellish human sacrifice? Space-Cowboy Mahdi on horseback. Lord Jesus on steamcloud while Chabad Moshiach throning on Mount Sinai of Gold? :D
How To Brainwash A Nation *LINK*
Our Children Will Accuse Us *LINK*
Merci beaucoup, ma chere! Cet film est tres informatif.
excerpt from the James Cameron Conspiracy Theory *NM* *LINK*
Some thoughts on James Cameron and "the sinking of the Titanic" *LINK* *PIC*
The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow ... Now this is Amazing! *LINK*
The Worsest is yet to Come!
I've got a question for you...
You are wise! *NM*
Pentagon Quietly Explores De-Citizenship of American "Terrorists" *LINK*
Another powerful presentation by a unique autistic savant! A must watch!
The Movie Trailer: Temple Grandin *LINK*
Another excellent Watch - teaching those with autism given by Temple Grandin *LINK*
If this doesn't make you see things positively - nothing will! *LINK*
Pound Could Collapse Within Weeks, Predicts Billionaire Financier Jim Rogers ( I guess he's in to lose a few) *LINK*
Incredible Old Historical Footage of the Japanese Surrender *LINK*
Earth Files: Reports - Example - The Bees are Buzzing Off!! This is No Joke .. *LINK*

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