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Meet the Mow-Rons (The Idiots are in City Hall!) *LINK* *PIC*
Meet the Harmonica Man (Video) Inspirational! *LINK* *PIC*
Alex Jones video: Government Admits they Deal Heroin, Terrorize Families for Pot *LINK*
Michel Chossudovsky: War And Globalization-Truth behind 9-11 Part 1 *NM* *LINK*
Mindwalk the movie by Bernt Capra 112min (google vid) *LINK*
Congressman Paul reports on Bernie Sanders selling out the Fed transparency amendment on the House floor. *LINK*
Gerald Celente: Crash of 2010 inevitable *LINK*
Peter Schiff: Greece II *LINK*
Greg Palast Tells How The IMF Set-Up Iceland & Greece on Alex Jones Tv *LINK*
Ron Paul: Greece is just the beginning! *LINK*
How the Pentagon Is Cheating Wounded Vets -- Soldiers *LINK*
US Senator Barbara Boxer: Wellstone assassination was "a warning" (The good guy is dead, while the treasonous, cowardly scum live on.) *LINK*
[KR40] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Scandal! – And Michael Krieger *LINK*
Cops Shoot Child’s Dog 7 Times After Finding Marijuana In Family Home *LINK*
Universal Pedophile Symbols
New Army "don't ask, don't tell" Uniform :D *PIC*
Why would somebody (not here in this forum) repost 'old' articles on private 'hubby issues' one-to-one? Lack of other topics?
David Wilcock ~ 2012: Event Horizon *LINK*
I really enjoyed these videos, especially the last 3!
1st uk crop circle 2010 *NM* *LINK*
AWE SOME NEWS ... the crop circles are back! *NM*
Secret Erik Prince/Blackwater Tape Exposed *LINK* *PIC*
Re: Secret Erik Prince/Blackwater Tape Exposed *LINK* *PIC*
CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up (An Absolute MUST to view and spread! OH HO!!) *LINK*
"Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade," Mrs. Clinton said. *LINK*
Russian Frees Oil Tanker seized by Somali pirates *NM* *LINK*
Article from EU Times on US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing of Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig *NM* *LINK*
I say, turn Hollywood in to a CASINO GULAG SYSTEM --- Hedge your bets folks.... *LINK*
Pathetic psycopathic politics... time for some soothing, new age MUSIC! *LINK* *PIC*
Ron Paul - Federal Reserve May Destroy The Dollar *LINK*
Peter Schiff: Default Vs. Inflation *LINK*
Ahmadinejad: They're finished, the Zionist regime is finished *LINK*
MAY!? Isn't THIS the month of MAY!? LOL *PIC*
That LQQKs like an Unlawful assembly to me! Arrest and question them.............. *NM*
The Fed Must Be Audited: The Fraudulent Practices of the Federal Reserve *LINK*
How Is The U.S. Economy Supposed To Succeed When Our Politicians And The Big Banks Are Making Billions Of Dollars Betting Against It? *LINK*
Greek protesters storm the Acropolis (STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, Man! Have some Balls!) *LINK*
Health note video on Vitamin D ~ They tell you to "wear sunscreen" ~ Not such a good idea ~ Of course I stopped listening to the experts years ago! How about you? *LINK*
This is a video I THINK everybody should watch - Even you TIMELORD! *LINK*
C D Baby's Derek Sivers: How to start a movement ~ *LINK*
BBS Radio Guru frequents, but here is one that really filled me with inspiration *NM* *LINK*
2012 Event Horizon: Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age *PIC*
Re: 2012 Event Horizon: Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age *LINK*
Genetically Modified Foods What we need to know ~ Time is running out! (Links)
New EO Signed by OBAMA Creates Structure of Military Governors for Martial Law
Could Uncle Sam -- The DIPSTICK -- Be "Done In" By An OIL SLICK??? :O *LINK*
DEEPWATER HORIZON the rarely used name of the drill platform that was awarded for its high security standards. Somebody trying to trigger the New Madrid Fault Megaquake?
thx, so I'm not the only one asking 'deep water' questions across the 'horizon'. Owner is 'Transocean' located in ZUG Switzerland, tax evader paradise. Head Office in Geneva (United Nations Center)
You Got It!...and Maybe Something Worse than THAT...and with HORUS RISING from the DEEP???...a-huh a-huh... :O
GMO alert: U.S. attempting global censorship of GMO food labeling *LINK*
9-11 Coordinated By Cheney Says Wayne Madsen *LINK* *PIC*
Is the SCHEAT about to hit the FEANN!? *LINK* *PIC*
VATICAN Tied to New Large Telescope in Arizona named LUCIFER :O :D
WWII Holo Survivor Event Canceled Amid Fraud Accusations - One out of many. Nothing new then. Shoa Business as usual.
Apple, Google & Facebook Are Killing America? *LINK*
[KR39] Markets! Finance! Scandal – Keiser Report Meets Schiff Report (This guy is RIGHT ON... as Always!!) *LINK*
I'm-m-m B-a-a-c-k! :D It's a Woman's Prerogative To Change Her Mind...and This Explains Why I Changed Mine... *PIC*
Re: I'm-m-m B-a-a-c-k! :D It's a Woman's Prerogative To Change Her Mind...and This Explains Why I Changed Mine...
Nothing so 'cryptic' or mysterious really... ;)
Re: Nothing so 'cryptic' or mysterious really... ;)
I sent my brainwaves to you since many days, first it was modulated with song no.1 but not understood, today I changed to no.2 'Please stay' by 'Crying Shame 1966' ;) IT WORKED! :D
as of prerogatives, here's an equal rights opportunity for you: 'Please Stay' by sweet Duffy :D
Where There's a Will...There's Always a Way... ;)
Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government *LINK*
Ehud Barak, a Zionist, named the bogeyman on 9-11 *LINK* *PIC*
A Drug That Causes One Animal's Brain To Transform Into Another *LINK*
Chem Trails with Dr. Castle and Dr. Scott
Same Scammers making the loot (10 trillion selling air - cap and trade - climate change - the stuff they don't tell you) *NM* *LINK*
THE JEWISH RELIGION Its Influence Today - Elizabeth Dilling
Iranian President: "Nuclear bomb, crime against humanity, not for defense." - Atomic bombs first used by USA. Nuclear threats still used by USrael to intimidate, libel and subjugate.
AWESOME!! Iranian President: "Nuclear bomb, crime against humanity, not for defense." - Atomic bombs first used by USA. Nuclear threats still used by USrael to intimidate, libel and subjugate.
'Long-term harm' of too much TV for toddlers *NM* *LINK*
The Deadly Game Between The House of Rothschild and Freedom-Loving America *LINK*
Gerald Celente: The Economics Of War Unfolding Now: 29th April 2010 *LINK*
Channeling Strauss, Greenspan Wanted Housing Bubble Dissent Kept Secret *LINK*
The Mother of all Gushers ..article on why we are soo screwed *LINK*
excellent pics of burning oil rig - link
informative interview (audio) with rig survivor - link
Was that secret mililatry operation about this? Where they tested a new plane but lost control of it? If so............
Kevin Bales: How to combat modern slavery VID *LINK*
Game-changers: Why "conspiracy" issues matter most *LINK* *PIC*
exactly and Chomsky IS right, imho
Bernanke Admits Printing $1.3 Trillion Out Of Thin Air *LINK* *PIC*
Indigenous Prophecies for 2012 *LINK*
MAX KEISER! Episode 52, May 2, 2010 *LINK* *PIC*
Warning, Will Robinson! From today's Urban Survival Column by George Ure... *LINK* *PIC*
Murphy's Law and the Stupidity of Obama's Drill, Drill, Drill Offshore Oil Policy *LINK*
Jane Burgermeister reports on the discrepancies of the Polish president's flight crash including footage taken immediately after the crash. *LINK*
ADHD drugs (Ritilan and Aderall) being used by collage students to increase intelligence *LINK*
The Oil has me a'Healing!
(or TNT MadDog rather.....) has missed you! *LINK* *PIC*
Re: (or TNT MadDog rather.....) has missed you!
Re: (or TNT MadDog rather.....) has missed you!
This was a long deep hiding to flee the foreseen Winter Olympics false flag non-event. :D You rang the bells so it didn't happen. Bravo! ;) Besides and only because it is you ... :O *PIC*
next time you run across an Unidentified Flying Object you may be surprised but not disappointed *PIC*
It is never simple...The Gulf of Mexico Oil Plataform Explosion
More potential complications - Oil Plataform Explosion
The other big disaster for nature involving petro monsters is unfolding in the oily sand fields of Northern Alberta.
Looks as if headquarters of Faction 1 + 2 Coke + Pepsi around US Air Force engineering center (according to RMN) are currently drowned in heavy rain. Bad luck for the 2 factions? Faction 3 at work? *NM*
Despite the fact that Sorcha Faal is typical CIA-Fraud for Gullibles and Lunatics
Classic Beauty *PIC*
"Alignment, Resonance and Rapport: A Sacred Task", by Maureen Moss *LINK* *PIC*
Okay, understood. We need more brain changing chemtrails and silicon dioxide in our food to swing with the crystalline energy sing-sing? Divine Mother Earth? Ask the flood and earthquake victims?
I don't think you understood it at all. It really is something that must be felt. Where does the judgement come from? *NM*
... from my skeptical brain and mistrust for pagan worship of 'Mother' nature. Why mother and not father? Or both? Maybe SHIVA? Creator & Destroyer! Male+Female!
Cool! How to swim for adults. Secured Free Style. 'Training on the Flop'. :D *PIC*
Can take one more post? Found at 'Mothers Over 40' and they don't even know I've been there! :D
Rumor Lady repeats since 6-6-6 that PEPSI are the good guys belonging to Faction Two (restricted RM counting ability thou) now comes DrLH's clip PEPSI = satanic. Ooops! Does this imply ... OMG :O
hold on tight: CONgressman accused of being a MoleRat. Striking Similarity! *PIC*
McCain also tied to the MoleRat Lineage thou less obvious.
In the meantime other sources popped up depicting Waxman as Weasel. Undeserved Distinction?
Things don't seem to be moving along on the TNT today ~ Let's put your ass to the fire!~The Lalo&PatrickShow 5: Canadian Health Care Explained :D *LINK*
Now It's a European Banking Crisis *LINK*
Scandal: Obama, Gore, Goldman, Joyce Foundation CCX partners to fleece USA (Glenn Beck calls it) *LINK*
Profitable Depopulation Plot Links JP Morgan-Chase And Goldman Sachs To Vaccination Contaminations And BigPharma Corruption *LINK*
PharmaWhores by Len Horowitz ~(PHARMAWHORES The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller PART I ) *LINK*
Thanks for the links. Besides being a big chunk of ads, a worthy update, Lenny without beard, how come? *NM*
I smell a turf! *LINK*
hmmm was there steaks on the barbi or surf on the table-dance'n ? :-0
It looks like TAR! Burns like kerosene. This building violated the 'Law Of 911'. Roof not melting it didn't fall into its own footprint. How anti anti aaah ... anti-NewYorkish? :D
Phage - The Virus that Cures *LINK*
Common herb thyme 'could stop spread of MRSA' *LINK*
When the Pointer Finger of Allied Hypocrites perpetually blames 'Neo-Nazis' for all evils, three fingers point back to themselves! *LINK*
Unfriendly Skies :More government/industry corruption ~ Aerotoxic Syndrome *LINK*
Better fly Garuda, Vimana or Carpet Airlines?
psst... Praying Palin Suspects Satan! ;) *PIC*
Teenage Mutant Ninja Birth Certificates *LINK*
and AdHi didn't have a German birth-certificate either
Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Birth Certificates
Goldman frauds - Keiser Report with very special Hollywood guest (I LOVE THIS GUY) *LINK*
eye eye eye
This INVASION by ILLEGALS and their crying 'n' whining is pissing me off *PIC*
for the past four years, Israel's Foreign Ministry has been creating an international cadre of Israeli and Jewish "cyber-warriors"
So it was another loved post eh ? another one hacked again here
2012 is NOT the end: ~Embrace the Beginning~ *LINK*
The last line of defense is the most desperate when the World Top Criminals WTC ring the emergency bells 911 and nobody will come to rescue them. Controlled Demolition. The Law of Yin & Yang! *NM*
Ultimate Hubris: The Samson Option! Sam's Son? Who? *LINK* *PIC*
THE PLAN - YouTube - The Restore America Plan - Tim Turner *LINK*
This is what I have been trying to tell everyone on this board
14th passed, nothing like this happened, so what?
I'll have some of whatever he's smoking *NM*
Jesse Ventura is attacked once again for telling the truth *LINK*
Re: the video posted
Attacked by whom? *NM* *LINK*
Re: Attacked by whom?
Thomas Sowell, economist and historian at Stanford University's Hoover Institution *LINK*
Links Found at linked BIGEYE *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
One of the best videos to date on the 911 false flag betrayal of America. The emphasis is on the role of the Zionist infiltrators who have inserted themselves into the highest reaches of our governmen *LINK*
weird things happening again
it's obvious now
Ukraine Smoke bombs and Eggs in Parliament *LINK*
please watch RT RussiaToday and see Putin's face and argumentation on this case, sounds honest and plausible to me *NM* *LINK*
Drummy, confess: tis da pussy cat dat jumped right into ur face last mornin' and refused to upload on TNT? *PIC*
Response to Stephen Hawking Comments - April 26, 2010 *LINK*
Is it Possible... *PIC*
ECETI (James Gilliland's) Response to Stephen Hawkings *PIC*
Does a Birth Certificate come with that? :D *NM*
AVATAR- Hollywood Conditioning US for the Arrival of 'Helping' Human-Amphibian Crossbreds? *LINK* *PIC*
TRUTH!!! Blackmail: How The Controlling Elite Owns Politicians *LINK* *PIC*
Actually I was think more along Utah's line....firing line *PIC*
Ronnie Lee Gardner *LINK*
That's a good suggestion.......
wondering what this *io-*itch has to hide, sometimes she looks so Sado-Maso
I Raeli love this piece. *LINK*
S 510 is hissing in the grass *LINK*
Three Approved GMOs Linked to Organ Damage *LINK*
Sigh.... As if these clowns can ever enforce this crap...if it even will pass...geeeezz ya think the morons would learn from the past idiot thoughts
That was easy.............. *LINK*
Confirmed: Economists Agree Stimulus Was Largely a Bust (I agree with Mike's comment!) *LINK*
Peter Schiff: Financial Regulation *LINK*
This Guy is Right too! *NM* *LINK*
If they really LOL wanted to stop the drug cartels... they could very easily now
STOP EM? Hell, they're just starting to PROFIT. Insider Fraud is the BIG game in town! Are YOU In? *LINK*
I guess NOT ! Nor do I want to be a criminal errr satanist
well said and also: 'Smart Meters' use DSL Ethernet technology for total control via electric home gadgets. Remote Inhouse Spying made easy.
Stage Being Set For "Dirty Bomb" False Flag *LINK* *PIC*
Arizona says: No Birth Certificate? No Ballot Position!
Birth Certificate is all you need ....
The Divine Plan Is Unfolding At Warp Speed *LINK*
Message from Matthew *LINK*
Taibbi: The Lunatics Who Made a Religion Out of Greed and Wrecked the Economy *LINK* *PIC*
Michael Schratt | Beyond Blue - Black Projects and where the $$$ are going, going...gone! *LINK* *PIC*
AMAZING Interview. Love The Planes! Boss *NM*
a potential future for Iran??...a kryon channeling *NM* *LINK*
Is Facebook the new Internet? If so, how soon before Microsoft tries to buy it? *LINK*
This update is to serve as an introduction to forthcoming updates that are in preparation *LINK* *PIC*
Read about the plans developing for WW3 and beyond... *NM*
the whiney about the anti-illegal alien Arizona law is imo race baiting
ya 'no bro, as the US Gov Immigrant Lottery claims, the US of A needs more 'DIEversity' (npi), besides, picking the corps ... aaah isn't it 'anti-' ?
Gene That Allows Worms to Grow New Head and Brain Discovered (Is this not old news? wasting taxpayers money again?) *LINK*
I can upload an image via the Optional Image Filename (and click browse to locate file on your computer) *NM* *PIC*
And I can insert image with iManager (after using it first to upload said image)
I know it sounds terribly stupid on my part, but I do follow ALL the instructions to a tee, but get error message "no image selected". I am not dah! ~ guess someone/something is playing with me
Go to Optional Image Filename, then click on 'Browse' and choose the file from your disk then ... :)
I'm doing ALL that Dancer. Trust me! The picture just does not come up in the view pane even though I selected a picture in a file - we'll just pass on this might work nxt week again. *NM*
The upload of pics seems to be blocked on your side, certainly not by TNT ... but by your PC, could be your firewall or some other 'anti-malware'. Can you disable step-by-step and then try again?
Me too - can upload via Optional Image and iManager ... maybe a specific gene is missing at your side? PicPrep? LoadStep? HastyPasty757? *PIC*
I've been in their face rather vocally, and I guess in general they just dont' like my .....
9/11 NYC Firefighters Confirm Controlled Demolition *NM* *LINK*
Monsanto named in 50 cancer lawsuits *LINK*
Computerized Front Running and Financial Fraud *LINK*
Toronto "Terror Drill" caught on tape *LINK*
Las Vegas to be nuked under FEMA's domestic terrorist drill next month ~~ It's everywhere! *LINK*
The Great Dog Escape. All dogs created equal? Have an unalienable right to escape? Sure! Being clever enough to check it out first. :D *PIC*
I LOVE YOU MAX KEISER. He's HOT! This Guy KNOWS What's Up! And he DELIVERS!!!! You're a Star in our book!! CHECK THIS OUT: Max Keiser & Karl Denninger on Wall Street Fraud Apr24th *LINK*
I LOVE YOU ALEX JONES. He's HOT! This Guy KNOWS What's Up! And he DELIVERS, TOO!!!! You're a Star in our book!! CHECK THIS OUT: Global bank conspiracy Apr24th *LINK*
Well I can see that *someone* has been tampering with the board again...
Obviously I have missed much of fluff that has been going on on this board, but know Moonshadow -I have enjoyed your posts, and rest assured ...
For Moonshadow *LINK*
Thank you very much for the 'Truth is Beauty' source. Great spirits there. Excellent comments, especially to the end. :) *PIC*
found funny but thoughtful comment to the Rufus clip (lo and behold) from "babymoondancer"
Trolls, moles, maggots, carpet-bagette, smagettes,....Hitler Plans to Troll Forums
ADHI is everywhere and causes all evil things. He hides in the closets, he dwells on Moon and Mars. He has a special 'Hit & Run' tactic, therefore called HIT-ler, ya 'no, like BUT-ler or WHIST-ler :D
Some of my recent postings and re-postings again vanished. Is my password cracked? Hitcounter reset, again. Threads torn apart. What's going on? TNT under attack? Will this stop or continue? :O *NM*
ADMIN! fixed the problem.
I know, CGI Common Gateway Interface and Webservers based on Perl Scripts need more attention than ready-made out-of-the-box solutions, with java on top, no easy task, imho.
not all are gone, a few are smoldering nearby in the background :D
Sudden Mass American Enlightenment Puzzles Congress and Causes National Security Alert *LINK*
I'm going "Down the Road", but I don't know where.......... *LINK*
And just Who has the lips of THE 'mind PENDING man of music'? And why Am I so Allured to Meet Him?
hear here 'pending man' going down the road to nowhere bending to the other side of the moon
ADMIN! some posts never made it. sorry. i deleted b4 saving :( *NM*
in short now: a lot of dark secrets and special agents who promote both parties
Reversed: Would Israel shoot down US planes, attack US vessels, demolish US buildings, blow up US soldiers, kill US citizens and US presidents?
"Earth Daze" by Jessica Murray, Astrologer *LINK* *PIC*
add-on gone :O *NM*
again my add-on disappeared here :O *NM*
my add-on here also vanished in a black hole :O *NM*
SEC officials (over 30) spend their time watching porn - AMAZING POST!!! What a farse eh? *LINK*
Amazing ??? Not really , only that they got caught
Police State 4 The Rise of FEMA
thank you very much for your support
ADMIN! one post by dancer lost about parasites. please repost. *NM*
This one? The 7 Most Horrifying Parasites on the Planet *LINK*
Not only one - but ALL, I think it was 4 or 5. Obviously somebody didn't like the content. Online transmission filtered. Attacks on my online sessions also. Sorry for that.
Silverstein Was Calling Lawyer To Get Double Insurance On WTC On The Evening Of 9/11 *NM* *LINK*
my add-on vanished in a black hole :O *NM*

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