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Giant Sinkhole Swallows Car and Driver -- in Milwaukee!! :O I had a Thought... *LINK*
Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation *LINK* *PIC*
thank you for the pdf-link, I'll pass it to Jehovah's Witnesses next time the crunchy ladies ring the bells :D
*NEW* Michael Tsarion TV Channel *LINK* *PIC*
Michael Tsarion's "Unslaved Films Video Channel" *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
North Korea Vows 'physical response' To U.S. Exercise This Weekend... *LINK*
be US AFraid, be very AFraid
They want a War. Any War. North Korea will do for starters. Certain INTEL (Cross-Dressing as 7 Sisters) tried to fly the Story... :O
Henry Makow: "Masonic Jews Backed Both Sides in Chinese Civil War" - Anything different this time?
I'm beginning to find out that Henry takes a lot... :D *LINK*
"Greetings" ....... *LINK*
The Internet is GAIA's SUPERBRAIN. :D We transfer the electrons in the global grid. We are the super brain cells! (admitted, some poisoned and damaged :O)
RE: "Nothing personal, Drummy, only some ITching afterTHOTHs." ~ Nothing personally taken... Found the clip rather clever ~ And we do need more love on this planet (and on this board)! ♥ *NM*
GULF IS POISONED WATER: A A Allen's July 4, 1954 Vision of Nuclear Attack on America...
Governor Jindal Declares State of Emergency; Oil Could “enter coastal homes”, Evacuation Orders Expected Today *LINK*
illuminatiMATRIX the unveiling and revelation of the war on humanity
Very Interesting! A Method to Their Madness...I've been thinking a lot about August 6 & August 9 -- Hiroshima & Nagasaki...what goes around comes around? *NM*
CENSORED GULF NEWS: People Bleeding Internally, Millions Poisoned Says 'EPA Whistleblower' *LINK*
Birthday Message from James Gilliland - Just another "nobody" *PIC*
Happy Birthday!! *NM*
THRILLER: "INCEPTION" Trailer - Dr. Len Horowitz *LINK*
OMG! I absolutely LOVE this musical score from the movie Inception in this live performance by Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr! Stunning! *NM* *LINK*
Michael Tsarion - The Irish Origins Of Civilization Video Excerpts *LINK* *PIC*
"They Came And Blessed His Pipe Man" Speaks 1-5 *LINK*
Large China Oil Spill threatens sea life, water *LINK*
Did my severe concern raised right here at TNT two months ago come true: GoM Loop Current broken. Gulf Stream weather engine down?
Better be good butt kissers now or else, and what about the storms quick changes in pressures on the gulf's floor ?
You say it, the ocean floor starts wobbling due to alternating pressure, the fissures will widen. It is said that earthquakes are also caused by atmospheric cyclones, the huge masses of air and clouds
That's what I was thinkin' -- about the Russians! Maybe that's why they want us to Nuke the hole...then Agenda 21 comes into play. *NM*
First Results of GoM Loop Current Breakdown? "South America Cold Wave Brings Rare Snow, Freezing Deaths". What's next?
Stonehenge: Twin Site Unearthed *NM* *LINK*
GOOD NEWS! Universe singularity now emanating pre-wave energy for ‘enlightened unity consciousness’ *LINK* *PIC*
Further Commentary on "Pre-Wave" by Zany Mystic *PIC*
Barbara Boxer In The Fight Of Her Political Life *PIC*
Yeah, that Giant Sucking Sound is Jobs being Flushed down the toilet, HOWEVER, there will Always be Plenty of...
apropos ... anybody knows what happened to APROPOS? :O
Don't know about APROPOS...must've touched the third rail of their Holy Grail -- the 'Packies' :O *NM*
Tacitly ex-communicated because of violent disbelief of the final arrival of the long time overdue evermore deranged welfare packets?
Vatican Official Declares Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real... *LINK*
Here you have it, the good within the bad. Pope preparing for the return of Jesus who left in an Antigravity Vimana to watch craziness evolving from a safe distance on the back side of moon, ya 'no ;)
Or...Preparing the Way for the Arrival of the Black Sun God coming from the Dark Side of the Moon -- to Preempt the 2nd Coming of Jesus? ;)
Major Censorship on Internet - Blogs Removed, You Tubes "Shut Down" *LINK* *PIC*
You Tube "Shut Down" turns into pooptube
Papal Incense Inc. protects itself and its marian army against obsessive frenetic stalkers who do the dirty work for the AshkeNaZi Chabadniks to destroy the strongest fortress of christianity? :D
"Strongest fortress of Christianity"?? How about 'Moldy Mausoleum for their own INVENTION' -- which they now want to Copyright?? :D *NM*
Aah no, they don't 'want to copyright', they try to prevent 'copytheft' of the most successful business model since thousands of years. Capitalism, Marxism, Freudianism = rubbish, failures, ya 'no ;) *NM*
WoW the Poope stool is a copy right ? :O *PIC*
Looks like he raised his Kundalini one time too many... :D *NM*
methinks RasPutin awoke your funtasy ... or was it 'Hot Dogs' from Texas? :D You prefer kosher meat? Say what! *PIC*
Texas Chili Dogs! :D
Leona Lewis and How to properly serve 'Hot Dogs' in Texas! :D *PIC*
Blackbird 'Turdus Merula' usually breeds 13 days, feeds 13 days until babybird has 65 grams, 13 days later it can live on its own, leaves home ground at age of 49 days! *PIC*
From Seedlings to Servings: 11-Year-Old Grows Tons of Veggies for the Homeless *LINK*
Hundreds of dead penguins dot Brazil's beaches *NM* *LINK*
RasPutin's legendary organ, on display in a Moscow museum? - A Man and his Mission. What was his secret? *PIC*
2010 Millions of SeaShells appearing on Pakistani Beaches-1.avi *LINK*
see other yt-clips: caused by Cyclone Phet 7 weeks ago? *NM*
Time 4 Bible Quickie: "It's better to live alone on the corner of the roof than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home." Bible Proverbs 21:9 :D
Hmmm...Billboards Quoting Bible Verses Appear on Moscow Streets... *LINK*
Large U.S. Banks Laundered Money from Drug Trafficking *LINK*
BANK OF AMERICA: Money Laundering, Bankrolling Pedophilia & MK-ULTRA/MONARCH Programming of Children...
Look WHO Controls Technology Transfers for the U.S. Government -- including NASA & the Missile Defense Agency!!!
Senate Bill S510 Makes it Illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food...do you fail to understand how despised you are by your government?
I have been fighting and fighting this type of BS for years! What does it take to get these "a-holes" off our back? *NM*
Why, You Might Ask?
The Shift of Ages Series #9: Doomsday Versus Bloomsday Thinking *NEW* compilation from Jean Hudon at ERN *LINK* *PIC*
SHOCK: Water “Sample Exploded” When Chemist Tested For Oil; “Most Likely” Methane or Corexit *LINK*
The same thing happens when...
I wonder what American troops think of this...Historic conviction for soldier Semrau
I think American troops have finally come to realize...
Oil Spill as Archetypal Myth by Sunny Strasburg *LINK*
The Mayan Dreamspell New Year by Mahala Gayle *LINK* *PIC*
Heart meditation, Evolution and 4D Avatar - Drunvalo Melchizedek ( part3/3) *LINK*
Over 70,000 Blogs Mysteriously Shut Down *LINK*
This made my day: Self-Consumed Wild Google-Blogger and Cranky NaZi-Lover hiring lil helpers for the FBeeEye. Yo my! If it's for her money ... aaah the shekels, maybe!? :D Strange Ladies Netting!
THE REAL GAZA * "But don't believe your eyes, believe Islamic lies"...
CORRECTED LINK...Muslim UN Peacekeepers...
This alliance matters?
Does an American 'alliance' with Europe & NATO matter? 'NO FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS' the man said. Too bad we didn't listen. *NM*
So your ISP Google for example presents hundreds of thousands political non-correct lies when you search for: "Israel destroys Gaza"? :O
So what's your Point??? You're Off-Topic...Refute the Sources I used! Refute their Information! The fact that MOST of the "Information Superhighway" is Full of Potholes... :O
The Prophets Conference ~ 2012 Tipping Point *LINK*
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
No bird's eye view, hhmm. For whom is the crop art made? For birds? For Heli Cops? *NM*
Thinking of 20th April 2010 (birthday 121=11x11) recall 20th July 1944: tomorrow it's 66 (6x11) years since failed bombing plot at Wolfschanze Operation Valkyrie - Somebody Seeing Something Special?
"Judea Declared War on Germany"? WOW...What a Coup for the Zionists & the Third Reich -- Timing is Everything... :)
Five Days In Varkala ~ To put it simply, this film exposes some very well kept secrets including the one connected to ... *LINK*
catchy: DIANA'S CANDLE - suggest perfect anagram is I END A SCANDAL 12 letters total match ;) 12 = end of cycle.
FASCINATING! How in the HECK did you find this?! LOL *PIC*
Re: FASCINATING! How in the HECK did you find this?! LOL
I always Zany I enjoy reading your disclosures! *NM*
The Gulf Oil Spill as the Unfolding of Prophecy by Daniel Pinchbeck *NM* *LINK*
German-Jewish group to send aid ship to besieged Gaza soon? Really?
Soulless ROBOTS: Until they are awake, they are a threat to you *LINK* *PIC*
Iranian Scientist Offered $50 Million by CIA and Mossad to Lie to YOU About Iranian Threat *LINK*
The American Mafia (CIA) shoots itself in the foot again & USING Mossad as a Threat. They must really be desperate for a Big War with Iran. *NM*
Oh my g-d! Mo-SS-ad a victim of CeeIA, then? MisUSed In-NO-cents? OlMerde, SharRon & Ne-tan-yahoo merely Man-churian hookers? Lunatics? Cheap confused braggers about who controls Ummerika?
The 13 + Illuminati/Satanic Bloodlines *LINK* *PIC*
TERROR ALERT!!: Al Qaeda Female Suicide Bomber Spotted in NYC!! :O
Black Humor? :D Tabloid Angst? MailOnline: Alkaeda agit-prop for beloved mideast fear- & warmongers? Fostering USrael's 'Bomb-Iran' activists? Hawkish delight? :O Alkaeda who? Osama? Muftis? Adolpho?
Just mocking Al CIAda & Homeland Insecurity for their NeoNazi Terror Tactics, since most people already know who the real terrorists are. :) *NM*
Rusty Russian 'Gold' LOL ..... SUCKERS !
Gee, it makes you wonder about that "World Currency" Gold Coin Russian President Medvedev Unveiled at the G8 last year... :O
'Unity In Diversity' = 'E Pluribus Unum' (latin) included in the Seal of the USA. First US coins with this motto were dated 1786!
Hexagram = Ancient EGYPTIAN Symbol found on Mosques & ancient Muslim Coins...
Signs & Symbols adapted by present powers who may not have any relation to the ancient origins - theft, fakery, misuse as with the swastika, to dupe gullibles. Known Masters Of Deceptions. Not?
Oh I get it! Ancient Symbols only Legitimate if YOU'RE the One pointing them out?... :) *NM*
For those who think this gooberment isn't filled to the gills with CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS.
Not only Congress, but the Presidents as well...
"I could see clearly before"
Intergalactic Times: Doomsday or Just Bidding the Old World Good-Bye? *LINK*
Dr Boyland Goes off the Deep End *PIC*
WOW! Fascinating info. Thank you for this update!!
The SIDEBAR text, a very recommendable read (to whom it may concern)
Watch Man Disappear During Live TV Interview!! :O
As the fallen guy says in his own words: A mere question of proper digestion! Problem is the H8 of his W8! :D
America’s Dead Souls: 8 Reasons To Hate Our Billionaire Bolsheviks... *LINK*
... the H8 8? ... not a Height Crime? :D
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver *LINK*
SPOOKY, Possum! Good catch, Moonshadow! *NM* *PIC*
I'll prefer Nablus to Denver, it's more central, amidst six continents, a navel of the united nations!
Your dreams of a new nazi world order as in globlist world odor will be naught or be stomped into the dirt
in general the gift of remote viewing combined with the talent to prophesy are priceless ;) *NM*
CIA drug dealers SUCK : will this shit ever stop ? Pilot of DC9 in 5.5 ton cocaine bust "escaped" custody in three different countries
i love madcow's research on this topic..it is a riot
Raid On A Mexican Drug Lord's Home -- Just Incredible!
our CIA control and ARE the drug traffic in the world
Of course it's the CIA! I Agree with Everything you said -- from AIR AMERICA to EVERGREEN AIR...
I concur with you then! totally agree. thanks for explaining!! *NM*
CIA drug dealers SUCK : will this shit ever stop ? Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal
BP Paying Off Universities & Gulf Scientists To Hide Oil Spill Research Data From The Public!!! *LINK*
Doomsday: How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a 'world-killing' event *LINK*
No articles, no opinions on yesterday's BP Oil Capping ceremony? *NM*
Actually yes, it started on hitler's birthday and lasted 88 days ...88 is a nazi number salute. They're still playing their games...nothing has change ! *NM*
I see! Well let me add to this insanity! ~ "Vatican toughens sex abuse rules" ~ Wait till you read it! Get the 1st paragraph said it all! *LINK*
The Vatican is AFRAID of Women, especially Nuns -- they have a strong tendency to CLEAN HOUSE! :D *NM*
So weird. Yo! HH Hail Heedler by the numbers. AH Greatest Benefactor (GB) of Eretz Yisroel, thinking in Money and Weapons Supply paid by US & EU. MediaPlays: Public NaSoPhobia = Hidden NaZiPhilia? *PIC*
Unfortunately the USA then didn't drop the the 'big bomb' like they should have since the scum 'Bushs' were the odessa nazis also financed this shit
very impressive :D *NM*
With all the Lies gushing forth, we'd be better off if BP would Cap its Mouth... *NM*
Love IT!!! a little thing we can do to FIGHT BACK per Alex Jones *LINK*
The Guy Tries!
No, AJ Tries!
Oh....HIM!!AJ. lol! Now I totally understand...lol
Why BP is readying a 'super weapon' to avert escalating Gulf nightmare *LINK*
A Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere *LINK*
OBAMA is 'Skull & Bones' *VID*
A variety of morgellons fibers- who the hell is creating this stuff?
Learn to Dance The Tandava in Your Spare Time by Les Visible *LINK* *PIC*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary ... July 14, 2010
Even The Troops Are Waking Up - A Fantastic Video (David Icke) *LINK*
NOAA & US Navy Images of Mining Detonation Pattern of Explosives on Sea Floor in GoM...Is THIS What They're Planning??? *LINK*
I beg to differ...
There was also something he said about Atlantis rising, but I didn't check that out... *NM*
SECRET REPORT Details WWII Nazi Plan to Create a European Union * Who REALLY Won the War???
Abbas (Palestinian Authority President) Told Obama He SUPPORTS the Gaza Naval Blockade! (And so does EGYPT!)...
U.S. Foreign Aid * Where It Goes, How Much & For What Purposes * Especially in the Middle East...
Alex Jones declares a RED ALERT: 7-14-10 *LINK*
dick stick soccer errr suckers
The Central Bank Gold “Shell Game” Continues *LINK*
Andrew Napolitano, Fox Contributor: Bush And Cheney 'Absolutely Should Have Been Indicted' (VIDEO) *NM* *LINK*
In My Fantasy and In My Reality *PIC*
[KR59] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Denninger! *LINK*
Egyptian General - 9/11 Was An Inside Job (this is a MUST video.... a MUST VIEW!) *LINK*
Hot topic. RENSE: "Norman Finkelstein Exposes MEMRI"
"be afraid, be very afraid" What National-Socialist China needs: Lebensraum im Osten. No more Only-One-Child policy. They are coming. Soon!
Shiver, tremble, shake! This world is so bad. Evil everywhere. Bad Nations. Bad United Nations. Bad Powers To Be, To Were, To Come. Bad and Sad Scum. Should I shoot myself? Now? Who benefits? *NM*
Don't look now behind ya...sigh
Update BP Oil on Rense.com and also a link with home remedies for toxicity *LINK*
IMF Life Insurance Policies on Our ORIGINAL Birth Certificates??? & Just How Much are We Worth on the Market to Our "Owners"?... *LINK*
It is absolutely true that is why many are handing in their birth certificates! There is $ value on immigrants and head count $ on death! Worth more to them dead than alive! *NM*
Who "Owns" You??? *LINK*
Methinks the cheezy Jesuits and Benedictus Smoothsayer. You told me so, not? :D
Benedictus said he fought the DEVIL IN DISGUISE who appeared unto him at midnight as a naked but graduated anti-catholic wimmin named Maryah Carey. Brave Pope wrecked the cheap Mary trick! *NM*
Limburger? :D
Ha! Did I catch you SPYING in my kitchen? Proof of cheesiness detection at hand! "My Bavarian Limburger". Holy Cow! *PIC*
Anatomy of a Failing Presidency
A QUESTION OF SOVEREIGNTY - a film by Kevin P. Miller *LINK*
It's deja vu. They did it to us and now they're doing it to you. But I think it's been going on for sometime...quietly. *NM*
USAF Trained CHINESE Air Force for "Combat Readiness" * OFFICIAL USAF DOCUMENTS Obtained from the FAA... *LINK*
Why not? Commie China same as Commie Russia created, raised + protected by USA NYC Lower East Side. China sells hard- soft- & underware to Pentagon, gets paid back with training. Fair deal, not?
REPORT: Calm Before the Storm? Russian Troops to "assist" in "peacekeeping operations" on U.S. soil? How about "humanitarian relief"?
Why not? The US Nomenklatura has many ancestors and relatives in Eastern Europe and Russia, a lot of cultural roots also. Mutual help. Think Gorbachev.
The UN Relocating for 3-5 Years???
Why not? Who needs them anyway? Right, WTC maybe reloaded. Watch-out for moving vans, military games, lease contracts and insurance companies. Silverstein & Soros Inc.? Osama? Al Kaida? *NM*
Thinking of having a baby? Give it a chance to live!
Ron Paul (I just gave $20.00... I think everyone should sign this petition and donate whatever you can)
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
What's the refinement of Abomination? - and then: www.imageshack.us *PIC*
I don't "HOTLINK" -- I don't even know HOW -- nor do I want to -- (ya hear me, Dancer -- got that straight???) :) *NM*
Maybe you'll prefer to HYPER-link? Contrary to 'grab & upload' it's no copy theft, sorts of a referral (if you mention the source underneath). "to link or not to link, that's the question" Hamlet 2010 *NM*
*NEW* 4 Part Max Keiser! July 12, 2010 The Truth About Markets, USA *NM* *LINK*
Mount Adams Statement: 2012 & A Golden Age *LINK*
Tampa Sinkhole SWALLOWS Car, Forces Evacuation (PHOTO, VIDEO) *NM* *LINK*
Hezbollah Terrorists are Plotting Right on the U.S. Border *LINK*
"Gossip & Entertainment" as NYNewsDaily tabloid depicts in its upper bar. How appropriate! And then the 'Celebs Updates'. WOW. Needed to know, really! Utmost BS? (BS = Best Source, of course) :D *NM*
Most of the Internet IS High-Tech Tabloid with additional Entertainment, Rumors & Gossip -- even in the Sidebars! :D *NM*
ya think so? *NM* *PIC*
Shhhh... :D
Maxine's Twin Sister Minine, such a bitch and so down to earth. But don't tell.
Look What They Found Near the Texas and Mexico Border!! *LINK*
Did you just happen to 'forget' naming WHICH double-citizen high traitors within the US support this infiltration & stealth invasion? *NM*
You mean the ones who have Diplomatic Immunity, their own Court System and Confessional Booths?... :)
How come, I knew the content under the headline in advance. Clairvoyance? :D *NM*
Crackiety crack crack: Raid On A Mexican Drug Lord's Home --- Just Incredible! [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] I'll bet with a little help from their friendly rothscum bankers, golden treasures
HOLY MOLY Striderus!! Now YOUR *PICS* are doin' a DISAPPEARIN' ACT! Better learn some of that HTML stuff & have some Java to settle your nerves...my 'Preview' quit workin' too... :D *NM*
pic hotlink 4 dummies: disable javascript, type (img src="http://WWW.COPY&PASTE-WWWLINKOFPIC.JPG") instead of round brackets use the pointed ones
You DO peel the shell off your boiled eggs before you eat 'em? Otherwise it might take more than 600 kilobytes to get one down... :) *NM*
same way as was at rmn....but I'm NOT pulling pics from the web, they're on my puter
exactly, you say it, with TNT conventional upload only 1 pic possible, if you have a free webspace account somewhere you could hotlink the rmn-way as I described above
for example www.imageshack.us ;)
Sure, catholicks, geesuits, eternal undead Nasi Gorengs :D Eric Phelps?
The Article I Posted was written by Greg Szymanski -- NOT Eric Phelps. :) *NM*
Very orderly minded, thanks. So you got it anyway for good? Besides: Names don't matter that much within common agit prop agendas. ;)
Our Bleeding Earth BP Oil Crisis Freeman TV - Jack Blood *LINK*
Commonly prescribed drugs linked to shrimp population decline ~ And the chain only gets worse! *LINK*
Things must descend and get "worse" in the illusion before the Shift *LINK* *PIC*
Reply to Oldman Jr. *PIC*
Guinness Names the World's Most Fearless Animal *NM* *LINK*
Thanks Honey! Let's Breed and Train Honey Badgers and then send an Armada Of Monster Honeys to White House, to Congress, to Wall Street and other playgrounds of venomous vermin. :D *NM*
What Eisenhower Could Teach Obama *LINK*
South Of The Border ~ Oliver Stone *NM* *LINK*
Hyperbaric Chambers used to Treat Diabetes *LINK*
Sorry guys, Dancer the site reading being blocked is because I hit the nail again below...too bad It was sent out complete anyways LOL *PIC*
Chicken Little Rap. Let's go!
No server access to read postings! Help! Help me! Have to play 'chicken little' for comfort now. :D *NM*
Thumbs up, Bro! My thoughts. The 'Golden Girls' are afraid of the Real Truth. Habitual thieves must cheat on for a living. Only horses changed to keep the wheels and tables turning. Tungsten business.
Again german octopussy was RIGHT, world cup final Spain vs Holland 1:0. What a hard fight this was! Very strange. Octopus knew it in advance. How come? Cephalopodes have best eyes, better brain also?
as predicted
Here I go AGAIN... Gold to hit $2K/oz ??? have they assayed all it the FRAUDULENT GOLD OUT YET ? What was the total ?
Barbara Hand Clow's AstroFlash for July 11, 2010 (Today forward) *LINK*
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
A Course In Miracles: The Movie Trailer *LINK* *PIC*
Five top astrologers discuss transformational effects of Solar Eclipse and New Moon: July 11, 2010 *LINK* *PIC*
Sun, July 11, 2010 1:05:00 AMMeditation Focus #214 Stepping Up Towards Oneness Consciousness by Jean Hudon *LINK* *PIC*
George Carlin - Who Really Controls America? Video *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
"it depends on who's cooking" more of GC's language ANALysIS
My Afternoon with Amma, the Hugging Saint *LINK*
The Permanent Dehumanizing of Humanity? *LINK*
New Blog Entry: "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" by Zany Mystic *LINK* *PIC*
Only In Canada! Eh?
Oh that's Funny! And so much like Canada! :D *NM*
Could be placed at Wallstreet too together with a similar 'Warning of Bullshit'. :D
G20 Toronto Community Mobilization Network Press Conference ~ Prior to the G20 ~ Varied Groups coming together for a common cause. *LINK*
July 10th, 2010, Day of Action for Civil Liberties In Toronto *LINK*
July 11, Eclipse and a Blessing-Curse
1500 Oil Spill Workers Are Sick & BP Doctor Says He Doesn't Know Why!!!
Solar Activity Ramps Up - Mitch Battros
U.S. Navy EVACUATES Gulf of Mexico as 46 U.S. Warships + 7,000 U.S. Marines Deploy To Costa Rica *PIC*
amazing: the german octopus was right again, even in the way how it predicted the outcome of the worldcup game Germany-Uruguay 3:2
God In Human Form The Biography of Avatar Meher Baba (Video Link) *LINK* *PIC*
REPORT: 2400 Canadian Soldiers to be Deployed to Gulf Coast
This is all part of the SPP (Security Prosperity Plan), where Cdn prosperity goes "south" and the "security" come north. We have been fighting this, but with Harper, he just "does" and noone has yet *LINK*
Sounds just like the U.S.
I almost have to laugh ... OUTLOUD ... because I WAS right all along, while secretly hoping to be wrong ...

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