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Best in Ameircan Medicine *LINK* *PIC*
World News *LINK* *PIC*
Reader reports from South Korea : The Korean Timebomb
Woman detained during G20 launches $45-million suit *LINK*
The USS LIBERTY: A CLUE to How the Warlords of Washington, D.C. & Wall Street Will Start WWIII...?
Iran-Charade: Ex-CIA officials have warned Washington against Tel Aviv's efforts to "mousetrap" the US on Iran, a mistake that would "destroy" Israel.
Iran Official: We Have Obtained the S-300 Missile System *LINK*
for Admin: The animated photo frame looks much better now ... btw, will 'BBS Radio Going Green' be back? And the video bar? :O *PIC*
Yup (smile)! New photos will be up soon - and...
Control? *PIC*
The Real Latin Invasion *VID*
What are the riches of the Pope in Rome? + The CIA World Factbook
The Pope OWNS the CIA. Does he own YOU? What a Joke... :D *NM*
Russia Today: "Israel won't attack Iran until US Government tells her to do so."
Maybe Russia is just taunting & baiting Israel, but finally reveals it's Washington that controls Israel. Due to worldwide public opinion against Israel...
THe "EYE" is in the BEHOLDER *LINK*
Even with the "Crash" NYC Named America's Richest City with Over 650,000 Millionaires
Accidentally 65 = 5 x 13 ~ ponder frown ... of which EthniCity? Chinese? Russian? English? Or maybe 'Irish' aaah ... Chewish? Say what! How come? *NM*
Oh, surprise-surprise! Most Wealthy Jews in the U.S. live in NYC, however, Most of the Wealth of NYC is in the hands of God's Self-Appointed Proxy on Earth... ;)
Artificial life forms evolve basic intelligence - link
False Flag Sinking Of The S Korean Warship?; link is on rense but this story IS being blocked !
This article also added to my thoughts that it is
Is THIS the BLOCK to your LINK you were talking about? You're right...looks like something is definitely UP and as usual...they don't want us to know what they're doing...
Here is the link to the writer Peter Eyre's personal site with the article minus pictures :)
The Palestine Telegraph: What a slap into the hypocritical faces of 'truly self-righteous' zionik pro-Ezrahell apple-polishers aka Zionutsy Makaras, not? Oy yoy yoy! Crown Heights Revenge Due Now? *PIC*
So was it the Jews who Deliberately Provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor? Was it the Israelis who started the Korean & Vietnam Wars?? Get REAL. *NM*
you may penetrate the online blockage if you switch to total browser restriction exempt images, press the reload button repeatedly and wait for a while *PIC*
You see, it's indeed not 'Internal Server Error' but online server sabotage! Internet warfare! Who done? Jesuits? Adi? Ahmadi? *NM*
No difficulty accessing Dirt on the Jews or the Israelis -- but Dirt on the Jesuits??? They're Scrubbing the Internet Squeaky Clean -- like 72 Virgins while waiting for their Suicide Jihadists??? *NM*
True, imHo it is the pictures they are trying to block....:D Too bad, other ways to skin the cats *PIC*
Too bad, other ways to skin the cats, picture 2 *NM* *PIC*
which makes sense
because a picture says more than a thousand words and is possibly easier to intercept and more effective after online manipulation
What CNN doesn't want you to see again! *LINK*
An Alarming video all Westerners should watch! *NM* *LINK*
Thank You DrumSpirit!! That Video SAYS IT ALL!! *NM*
Gulf of Mexico: Earthquake? OR Was BP's latest "Kill Shot" a Nuke??! What is this Event that happened??? *VID*
Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 1/2 ~ Alex Jones Channel *LINK*
Media Pushes Brain Eating Vaccines ~ Nano Tech ~ Injection Lobotomy (Alex Jones) *LINK*
Invisibility Breakthrough for Japanese Researchers *LINK*
Search Engine Land *LINK*
CENSORED GULF NEWS: State-Sponsored Terrorism Targets Deep South for Agenda 21 *LINK*
Solar Roadways : The Prototype (Wow!) *LINK*
very interesting DrumSpirit *NM*
Forwarded to my Dr. (PE) Engineer Son *NM*
Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth -- Tonight! *LINK*
BLACKMAIL: The Perfect Crime... *LINK*
Mekong River Fish *LINK*
Young at Age but Big in Beak - *VID *PIC*
I've always said "We're living in a Black Hole" *LINK*
Yes, now I can see it too :D wow!
joking, but not only, my sense of humor, nothing personal, okay? (I'm so in 'bird mood' :D) Kari Bremnes 4U ;) *PIC*
Sexual Anorexia, I was going to put a play on the word Anorexia but I believe our relationship here on the tnt is not but in stage 1... I do not want to be to forward, Just a light fun after.post *LINK*
Hmmm...that's nice to know, I mean... :D
Well, I had a funny Maxine cartoon, but she's "FORBIDDEN" :D Fancy THAT! So what's New?... *NM*
Grin in and Bares it. `_~ *NM*
Paving the Way for a Safer, More Secure Internet *NM* *LINK*
So the U.S. has given control of the Internet over to the UN. What's so Good about that?
The words 'Private Corporation' are an Oxymoron -- Doublespeak for the Dumbed Down Sheeple...Giving the UN control over the Internet...
Federal News Radio 1500 AM ... Information-Highway's Source *LINK* *PIC*
Re: Federal News Radio 1500 AM ... Information-Highway's Source *NM* *LINK*
What Happens If The Internet Goes Out? Not Your Service Provider, Not ... But THE ENTIRE INTERNET! *LINK* *PIC*
Anesthesia Drug Shortage Confirmation *LINK*
BP Aims to Plug Gulf Oil Well For Good With Two-Pronged 'Kill' Shot *LINK*
Queen Gives Marching Orders to the United Nations *LINK*
We don't take notice to her in Canada either. She only has significance to die hard Brits that immigrated to Canada ages ago! But even those people ... *LINK*
That CANADIAN Sense of Humor! :D It's the BEST!! *NM*
Christopher Story Assassination & The Nazi, Africa Connection *VID*
Solar energy now cheaper than nuclear energy...
WAKE THE HELL UP !; Are the American people obsolete?
America is Obsolete & Americans are Expendable 'Mongrels'. European 'blue bloods' have Sucked Us Dry, now moving on -- to Asia & Africa. *NM*
It is NOT and was NEVER about jobs Americans won't do, It's the elites refusing to hire Americans !
The 'Elites' want Americans to DIE... *NM*
DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE Proves the U.S. Government's Ruling Elite has Secretly Conspired to DESTROY the State of Israel since 1947-1948... *LINK*
“Top Secret America”: The Rest Of The Story *LINK*
Libertarianism or Sharia Law, You Decide *LINK*
Interesting Video by Christopher Story! *LINK*
Meeting of the souls
a birds eye view *NM*
Monsanto's Genetic Masterpiece :D *VID*
Plan Columbia *LINK*
"I wish I could fly!" Day Seven since the little monsters cracked the eggshell. Who can exceed their speed? :O *PIC*
Israelis Questioning "American Aid" to Israel...Who Really Benefits? *LINK*
BREAKING -latest 2 crop circles form face of Jesus when joined- scroll down linkpage *NM* *LINK*
or the face on Mars? *NM*
It was always on my mind but I hesitated to speak it out - you've been on Mars while you were gone missing right here? :D
Thank you. Good to be back....
new u.k. crop circles - x2 *NM* *LINK*
"The Swan" - Cello Journey #13 for July 31st in 2010
As to the 'few changes' on the BBS website: The strong blue color on black background is almost NOT readable, iow NON bearable, hear me? Do your guests a favor and take a 'lighter blue'... please! ;) *PIC*
looks better now with the handwritten headlines but as to the small headline 'call numbers' still too dark blue. Hey, why not turquoise? Mysterious like Magenta ;)
The Colors in Paradise now look NICE! My Pleasure!
did some proof reading and corrections on my own postings, then reread BBS main page and have some minor suggestions ;) *PIC*
ADMIN! Great Catch! Once again, thank you very much!! *NM*
I Am Israel *VID*
Israel is in violation of 35 UN resolutions including resolution 242 which states the mid east is a nuclear free zone. Israel has refused to disarm despite violating 2 UN resolutions!
What about the Tactical Nukes the U.S. used in Iraq & the Depleted Uranium? But I guess when you're working for "God on earth", then it's A-OK. No Double Standard here...
U.S. Flotilla to Gaza
Banks, drugs and US-sponsored terrorism *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Born about 26th, fine at 31st, nice weather, plenty of food, caring parents and a curious protective gardener. What gives? *PIC*
Psychotic People & Animals
Michigan Oil 'tragedy of historic proportions' a Military Leap? *LINK*
Pelosi Blocks Oil Spill Investigation *LINK*
Pelosi Word Bird *VID* :D
Great! 5 kudos! For PeloZi and consoZi clownery it's the 'word', not the 'work', oh no, the work, especially the hard work, this is just for the dumbed down sheeple. The Wurd of Gawd our Lawd?
a really caring word bird momma, she just blocks away everything that might threaten her 'kehila' nest's interests, ya 'no ;)
Tectonics & Earthquake Wars *VID*
I think someone shot the Board...either that or my Loader ain't workin'... *NM*
Saw and heard nothing right here. Ponder. Do you still "have all cups in the board" (as we say here) of your kitchen? That is: Do you paddle with "both oars in the water"? :D
Well, not everyone has the necessary DNA or critical skills to shapeshift into an Aryan Dummkopf Wisenheimer, :D SO...
Forgotten? Racial slurs are a hate crime, so whines your beloved MSM in-crowd 24/7 area-wide. Double Standards as usual? Or just envy? :D
"Aryans" - flip side of "Chosenites"? Delusional states of mind? Nothing to be envied... ;) *NM*
Thanks for the update. Let's keep on the GOOD work. Besides: Who knows?
Hold on, birdie, when the right time has come I'll send shapeshifting black Ninjas your way. Watch these huge all-seeing eyes! :D *PIC*
Since there are rumors flying around that Christopher Story has been murdered shot or poisoned I'm posting the last jul 10 article (COMPLETE !) that was disappeared
"Attempted Assassination"?! Well, that's one way of boosting his readership and more importantly...his credibility...
If your all following the CS story.... he IS dead just like they did to Sherman Skolnick IMO short illness my ass ! *NM*
Balm on stressed souls. Where there's light there's hope. CS sells arcane Web Security software, promotes 'golden' assets & bangs on dubious DVD German Defense Service. Dept of Disinfo MI5/6? :D
Scientific Evidence of Energy Work Altering DNA
Senior EPA Analyst says the Feds think public can’t HANDLE THE TRUTH about toxic dispersants. So does that mean people can handle getting sick?
Same crooked bought out retarded schools that teach banker economics, liars err lawyers law, and hippies peace
Speaking of Schools .... Here in Toronto they are boasting have all day schooling for 4 year olds. Where is their time for play? Sounds like priming for "Common Purpose"? It's Dumb Down Time! *LINK*
Re: Same crooked bought out retarded schools that teach banker economics, liars err lawyers law, and hippies peace
Hey ! Glad to see ya TT ! welcome aboard :) *PIC*
no more Anonymous un-traceable cheap phones
yes, because you might ignite a remotely controllable C4 plastic bomb with your celly like these crooks did in New York, London, Madrid and do all the time in Iraq, Paki- and Afghanistan.
ignite a remotely controllable C4 plastic bomb with your celly ??? If that was my intent I sure the hell would still get'er done more than one way to kill a pussycat :D
Who said 'the only way'? Obsessive data collection about anybody's moves? Everywhere? Don't the 'ZioNaZi' freaks have nothing else to do? What a boring job. Slanted half-brains might suffice? Agreed!
Explosion Rocks Japanese Tanker in Persian Gulf *LINK*
"Undead Ulama bin Saden's Deepwater Dive Drone wrapped in svastikas, sponsored by North Korea, financed by Chavez, let off by Terrorhan Templars. USCiaMossadnix found out". So sayeth anUS PlexUS :D
As someone once said..."If you can't Dazzle 'em with Brilliance, just Baffle 'em with B.S." *PIC* :D
Agreed. Not everybody can be as brilliant as the Pamela Gellers, the Debbie Schlussels and the Sarah Palins, affiliates included. G-d forbid! You put things right, wow! *NM*
England swings! In 2012 beloved ZION will be shattered to pieces by China, so sayeth the Londinium Logo for the Gobal Oilympics, ya 'no ;)
Karl Denninger says... “Mr. President, you're a lying sack of crap.”
CIA admits faking Osama bin Laden 9/11 confession video ~ Max Keiser and Alex Jones *LINK*
Man-Child Obama & The Politics of Revenge *LINK*
REPORT: MORE Facts & Figures the UN Does NOT Want Us to Know Regarding GAZA & ISRAEL. WHO is INSTIGATING WWIII to Get Total Control of the World?... *LINK*
The Intifada ~ 'We Con the World'
lemme guess ... NaZis, Jesuits, Pope, Osamabama? Putin? Cheng Seng Feng? Not? - Well then, the EXtraTerrestrials from MArse and VenUS? Now I know: The YakUSAs from Japan! Learnt smart alec me. :D *NM*
Now I found out, it must be the Heilsarmee aka Salvation Army, not? In alliance with UN-dead Adi Mullahs. Thanks for the tip! Now my world is politically corrected. Feeling so relieved. Foxy Lady! ;) *NM*
A Traitor calling for traitors to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law ?
Is Google Watching You? New Plug-in Will Let You Know
Time being Gogole is charged in many ways because of criminal behaviour - lo and behold - in Germoney! Great articles in compi magazines but nothing new for me.
A new research breakthrough from Intel combines silicon chips and lasers to transmit data at 50 gigabits per second — and someday, maybe as fast as a terabit per second.
Clif High (Web bots) Calling for MAJOR PACIFIC NW/CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE Last 2 Days of July *LINK*
hopefully his calls will not be heard, aaah, that is, will not come true aaah b4 Lady R left 4 Oh HIgh Oh, the high cliffs, so dangerous weird waves rolling in. *NM*
Predictive linguistics versus reality...plus earth quakes and ham radio
Comply Or Else! *LINK*
another new crop circle - Nr Westbury - awaiting pics *NM* *LINK*
new u.k. crop circle - nr avebury-awaiting air pics *NM* *LINK*
Princess Mononoke Trailer *NM* *LINK*
Röyksopp - So Easy (Mononoke) *NM* *LINK*
Hysterically Funny Cat with Bag Trick! (Video) *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
7th Dimensional Space Beings as Dolphins Communicating *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Way Kewl! Retelling Little Red Riding Hood. Great MUSIC... *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Way too skinny! Not so good for a 'riding' hood! :D Remind me. *VID*
Awesome! *LINK* *PIC*
Does anybody know what happened to Tim E. Lord?
The Oracle said... *LINK* *PIC*
hey, thanksalot thou I'm still busy to store all aspects within the right neuronal connections of my lil stressed brain. Your kind of humor lifts my spirits! Again, thank you! ;) BTW where's Tim? *NM*
Michael Tellinger : Temples of african gods *LINK*
Project Avalon: Curse of the Black Gold *LINK*
Bill Ryan from Project Avalon on the Gulf Oil Catastrophe - and more *LINK*
DEBUNKED!!: BP, Gulf of Mexico Methane Bubble Extinction Level Event!!...Oh Really Now...hmmm... *VID* :D
i think we think too much :D "just let your love flow" ;) *PIC*
Maybe We've Lost " The Magic Path "~ HR Pufnstuf *LINK*
Bird of Paradise... :D
Down with THINKING! It's more FUN to Vegetate & become one of God's... :D
Earthquakes Are Increasing – It's Not Your Imagination *LINK*
at full moon 26th July 2010 Mother Merula's hatchlings left the eggshell - three of four, one yet to come *PIC*
These pics bring out my maternal instincts!!
No need. Moot Points. Self-Refuting! Also: Internet is a Mirror World, a wonderful place but lots of scabby tyrants 'no clothes on', speaking foul mouthed, smearing asses, ya 'no. :D Look out. Beware! *NM*
new u.k crop circle - the prolific east field alton barnes *NM* *LINK*
Looks like a merger of similar worlds, the crossing shows a star-system like the Pleiades but mirrored. *PIC*
So 'what does it mean' for all of US? Such A Fall - Can It All? Not So Avidly? :D
RE; Can you heal on a bigger scale...instead of healing just one person, can you heal a small town, a small city, a big city, a state, a county, a continent, an ocean, the world?
Re: RE; Can you heal on a bigger scale...instead of healing just one person, can you heal a small town, a small city, a big city, a state, a county, a continent, an ocean, the world?
The more we learn the more complicated things seems to get -imHo it gets easier to understand where it all stated from
How about this approach...
The Truth About the GAZA FLOTILLA...No Sob Story -- Just the Facts... *LINK*
Oops! You will need to Scroll Down to view entire post above...
Today Mother Merula allowed me to come very close before she began to mistrust the camera and left her nest for a minute. *PIC*
Feeling fishy? "when fish heads make love" you might smile or even laugh about this lovely crazy stuff, better look twice to recognize :D *VID *PIC*
Can you NOW find the threefold lady? *NM* *PIC*
The case for the right to rob you: How government works *LINK* *PIC*
Nice Video (very worthy) *NM*
another new u.k crop circle - roundway hill *NM* *LINK*
new u.k crop circle -awaiting pic- keep checking link *NM* *LINK*
George Bush, aka the 'jock sniffer'
Cultural Lessons From The G20 ..
Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow and Anyhow, Anywhere, Anytime *VID*
1984 Revolution Trailer *LINK* *PIC*
Understood ;) "Wind of Stars" - Angel and Merula - VID *PIC*
Sniff Sigh Sob - ALL your roads lead to the JEE-EE-EEE-suits? Aaarrrrgh! Whom suits this best? Mine is the revenge so sayeth Gawd our Lawd! Boom boom boomerang! Can you take it? :D *PIC*
I already know about that possibility -- NOTHING NEW, but it's still not about RACE. It's about Spiritual Depravity USING Religions to Destroy Mankind...
Name it BAT people! BAbylonian Talmudists. Liars, Deceivers by design. No Race, No Semites. No Israelites! Evil Banksters & Booksters. Thought Twisters. Faction & Fiction Meddlers. Foul Fruiters. :D *PIC*
Beef no good, can cause foul mouth, makes human bowels stinky, urines sourish and brains lazy, blood cells are clogging. Fruits & Veggies much better. Many great thinkers were vegetAryans, ya 'no! :D
If the Internet is GAIA's SUPERBRAIN, then OUR BRAINS are being SUCKED OUT by a TITAN AMAZON...:D *PIC* (that may disappear!) *LINK*
"Nobody can survive speeds above 20 mph!" doctors and professors warned around 1836 when the ADLER steam locomotives carried enthusiastic passengers in wooden wagons from town to town. *PIC*

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