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Remove Dual-Loyalty CongressKritters (they are pathetic people and should be tried!) *NM* *LINK*
Brzezinski Decries “Global Political Awakening” During CFR Speech *LINK*
Not only does he incriminate himself..... he tells us who is "SUBJUGATING" us (or in other words.... poisoning us via food, pharma, chemtrails, Depleted Uranium, etc.) EVIL right before your eyes!
Are you iodine deficient?? Simple test and easy cure for many disorders! Please read! *LINK*
DEEPWATER HORIZON: Blowout Account From Survivor Says the "ATLANTIS" Platform is a GREATER Threat in the Gulf of Mexico... *LINK*
Are We Having Fun Yet!?
I'm with ya! Still stumbling over some of the lies, but it is liberating! :D *NM*
"We don't need any grounds. We're the United States." *LINK*
Breast Cancer Breakthrough: Broccoli Component Zaps Cells That Fuel Tumor Growth *LINK*
BEST Keiser Report so far? YUP. This guy is way kewl! And right as usual. *LINK*
Obama, not Osama, is threat No.1 to global security. *LINK*
“Like Neurons in the Brain”: A Molecular Computer That Evolves *LINK*
Switch On Memory *LINK*
Crossing the border...American Style !
Just Doing Their Job... :D *PICS*
Who thought of? The Special Source 'In The Know' Who Predicts All Terror Acts So Right was indeed 'OFFICE' member. And Still Active. *PIC*
The Helping Guy. His Actual Advice for the US Public. (Thank you so very very much. You're such a good man!)
My God. The Server Cache. I forgot about it. Sorry Admin. No harm meant. Please hold the rudder tight. I'll keep an eye on the canvas. *NM*
Perfectly Said!! Agreed!! *NM*
Woody Allen: Obama for dictator *LINK*
Pastor Manning's Obama Treason Trial
Like I've been saying for YEARS! ---> Russian Scientist - New Mini Ice Age In 2014? *LINK*
AND.... just like I thought: Purposely Killing The Gulf? *LINK*
To the Admin.: The Board Looks Great!...only a little scrambled. :D Some Inspiration...
Dear Admin, I see you're working hard to fix the board and I won't mind if some of my shares can not be revoked. ;) They were presumably spoken against the wind, anyway, so to say. Thumbs Up! *NM*
ADMIN! complete. some posts are in mixed order. sorry. did all I could to fix the board. *NM*
Would invite you to share my daily ration with you, tastes good and so healthy. :D *PIC*
Gee, what a Dummy...
George Ure's UrbanSurvival: Pluming Idiots - Waiting for Diaspora ~ (ELE) Extinction Level Event... *LINK*
"The first step to cognition is self-perception." I love the fresh breeze that ignites the flare for the share to shed light on world's biggest disease. Is it good for the Jews ? "One of *PIC*
Well well! You're banned to the abyss of hell because of your papal conceptions and loonah see. That's right! Oui oui. *PIC*
I'll be nice... :D
HELLO! HELLO! The last posts of TL and DS also have been lost to the bottom, see screen capture, so I stick this one up here :D *LINK*
ADMIN! fixed board. some posts will no be posted as they are just notices about board *NM*
Good Morning in Paradise! Was a hard stormy night, eh? :D How are you? Had a warm cup of coffee? ;) *PIC*
"I like to move it, move it." Moving Unlimited. *PIC*
Study: ADHD linked to pesticide exposure *LINK*
This is Mesmerizing! Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam - Sohrab and Gordafarid ~ Well Done Indeed! *LINK*
Sorry, should have added the links *PIC*
ADMIN! fixed board. adding missing posts now. *NM*
From Gulag To Brooklyn To World Dominion *PIC*
Oy vey! Gevalt! All the recent shares in the IP server cache deleted! USSoA Rising?
Mosha, same with me. But nix loading problem, no access to the database at the Host (Provider). Can write but not read. Methinks our postings are too 'relevant'. TNT not to blame. Online Sabotage. ;) *PIC*
"a good READ" - "AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ !!" - My God! Mossad uses RMN as mouthpiece to safe the US Empire. WOW! He knew every 'flesh horror event' as if he had planned these himself! Ooops? *LINK*
Lawyers: Rig Workers Asked to Sign Statements *LINK*
EVERYone needs to know of this security risk with photo copy machines! *NM* *LINK*
Hidden Names For MSG In Your Food - Read Labels! *LINK*
Re: Hidden Names For MSG In Your Food - Read Labels! *LINK*
Monetary Dictatorship *LINK*
Obumnow Calling for “conspiracy theories” to be banned? *LINK*
The Day Before Disclosure 2010 UFO Documentary Trailer+Links for Consideration Purpose Only *LINK*
Our Journey & The Greatest Secret On Earth: ~ George Kavassilas ~ After one year of absence guided to give this message *LINK*
Schroll Down to "Recent Activity" for Parts 2 to end *NM*
Alex Collier ~ Earth Transformation Conference 2010 *LINK*
Re: Alex Collier ~ Earth Transformation Conference 2010
Re: Alex Collier ~ Earth Transformation Conference 2010
No not silly you .... I think originally there was something wrong with the link ~ Should be Ok now. I like Alex as well ... Can really feel his heart *NM*
Re: No not silly you .... I think originally there was something wrong with the link ~ Should be Ok now. I like Alex as well ... Can really feel his heart
I dislike Glenn Beck (a Shrill).... however, I LOVE THIS LETTER: The Letter Everyone Is Talking About... *LINK*
A few most important points missing: NO dual-citizenships. NO MORE funding for warmongers. NO MORE wars for foreign interests. *NM*
Greece Considering Legal Action Against U.S. Banks for Crisis *LINK*
Remember the Summer Olympics 2004 in Athens? This was the start of the steep decline into deep financial doo-doo for Greece.
I Can SEE the Board, but CANNOT Access ANY of the MESSAGES! Just Keeps LOADING LOADING LOADING... *NM*
ADMIN! locks cleared *NM*
Workin' Great Now...THANKS!! :D *NM*
nice to see your sharp wit back on stage ;) *NM* *PIC*
DETAILED ANALYSIS: Oil Spill Is An Epic Disaster Of Biblical Proportions ~ What They're NOT Telling Us! *VID* *LINK*
DEEPWATER HORIZON: With the Pressure from the 'leak' at 170,000 pounds per square inch, it's... :O
Is the LA region endangered by a looming big one as in China?
The blockage is not in Europe, not in Washington, not in Atlanta - where is it? Utah? Provo? *PIC*
all of my connections to bbsradio ending somewhere in mid-west :O *NM* *PIC*
Another CIA Fraud? "FreePlanet" & Special Links Courtesy of Lady Ru
Now, Now, you shouldn't be TOO HARD on the Lady Ru... :O
No No! Of course NOT. Only RUminating the straw to add onto the MedUSA Manure Mixture. *PIC*
The 'Flesh Horror Artist' swirls MEMRI disinfo and THE rumor Fox quickly points to THE PTB, the NWO, the Elite, the Money, the Rich. Smoke grenades. Hear Santa Claus laughing? What a chosen team!
Enduring CIAmerica: Bin Laden Lives in Tehran Shocker! :D
Humorous Uncyclopedia on Paul Joseph Watson
horUS & hoRUS. Ready for More Unexpected Veracity Bomblets? *NM* *PIC*
US Bald Eagle aka HORUS One Million Dollar Bill - NOT NEGOTIABLE - NOT LEGAL TENDER. Courtesy of FED 1913 or A Fraud? Faked Fraud?
Paul Joseph Watson Caught Again Spreading CIA Disinformation!
The Dollar Bill - The Big "Why" The Number Thirteen.
Strange! As happened before on similar controversial occasions: Immediately after uploading the Mikhail Slobodovsici (sic!) question my ability to read TNT postings is blocked. How come?
intimate and incestuous relationship between the Barry Obama administration and Goldman Sachs *LINK*
Day 1 report on the Manning trial of Barack Obama *NM* *LINK*
Trilateral Commission Wants War With Iran *LINK*
Mikhail Slobodovsici: No Such Person Exists? :O
"Your Fix is #__ ! " That is about all I can say ... It will be explained ... *LINK*
England hit hard by VIM Volcano Induced Madness. Can YOU stand the hard facts? :D
Connecting the dots!!! ~ John Board and Dee Nicholson talk about CODEX, CETA, and the upcoming G-20 meeting in Toronto with Hugh Reilly and Natalie Filippelli *LINK*
You'll find yourself smiling and laughing with this one! Howard Drum Show (3,500,000 hits on YouTube and he is only 4 years old) Watch right until the end as *LINK*
Fun-tastic! How sovereign, genuine, captivating and empathetic. - What makes him tick? Is the song dedicated to his sister or his mother, he? Anyway, so cute. Thanks. *NM*
Copy Machines ~ A Security Risk? *LINK*
as for me I prefer Coffee Machines :D
French Prezi Nico SarCosy hogging Angelie Murkelle of GerMoney *PIC*
How easy it is to clean the oil spill (YUP - figured out by two men) WOW - A MUST SEE! *LINK*
Indeed: Grass Roots Hay Bale Out! "OMG unbelievable ... bbbut where is the scientific proof? Is it homeland secure? Did FDA consent?" :O
Maybe we're are too top-heavy? Saying goes: "The dumbest farmers grow the biggest potatoes." And with the hay solution no 'human hair' needed!
My few cents worth.........
Gerald Celente: Banks Robbing the People *LINK*
Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis *LINK* *PIC*
The New World Order Currency Crisis *LINK*
WAKE THE FUP! (as I am oft to say) Resist the Corporate State *LINK*
Geez, What's Wrong With Jupiter??? :O *LINK*
nothing so far and besides
[KR42] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Scandal! *LINK*
That was BRILLIANT. Great interview with Damon Vrabel. A must watch. Thanks Again, Max :) *NM*
DEEPWATER HORIZON: Underwater VIDEO Shows Oil Gushing Like Steam From a Geyser...
Eisenhower & UFO Connection ?
CIA Officer Explains New World Order's Demise (Video Link) *NM* *LINK*
The Perfect Storm Series #19: Quickly Sinking in Deep Doo Doo, ERN/Jean Hudon *LINK* *PIC*
Message from Matthew - April 26, 2010 *LINK*
New World Order is in Disorder *LINK*
ABSOLUTE TRUTH. This is the T -reason I got into this "gig" *NM*
Plane Crash in Lybia/NorthAfrica. Jet missed the runway while landing and was shattered to pieces. More than 100 dead. Think Katyn/Smolensk?
Was your car accident a set-up?
Makes me wonder........ Is my SPAM Random? *NM*
Sorry Folks! Have to leave for the birthday party at Rumor's. Sugababes Follow Me.
Yeah...lotsa Rumors floatin' around... :D
EXCELLENT COLLAGE - I like the Dunces Party! *PIC*
Those DUNCES... :D
All good things are three! 1-2-3 Whitehats, Blackhats ... Red Hats. Coming soo-oon! *PIC*
Thinking of 'Rumorang' - Rumors flying back like a Boomerang. Hitting Hard Sender = Rumification :D Nix Prosperity Program, Nix Working! *NM*
BLM Was Doing a Surprise Inspection on Oil Rig -- 2 Hours Before It Exploded! *VID*
As said, stunning parallels to WTC911, not only with number repetitions. Ask Chris Bollyn about the Eleven. Plan A Nuke US-City: Thwarted! Plan B Blow Oil Rig: Mission Done. Cui Bono? What's next?
The Story of Your Enslavement (Video) *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
The American Pharaoh's Plan...To Destroy Israel? *PICS*
The Mid-East Entity is only the unifying focus of the community, not essential but geo-strategically important since ancient times.
A-List - GA:News Update #3 - MAY 10 *LINK* *PIC*
World Health Organization Moving Ahead on Billions in Internet and Other Taxes *LINK*
While REAL world health organizations (those supposedly that care about health) allow murder through insecticides (---> why BEE CONLONIES COLAPSED!) *LINK*
While creating the previous two postings my online connection was interrupted several times, content in the online box therefore lost - but then recreated from offline sources. Oy Vey! Gevalt!
Who Taps Online Connections? The Vatican Petrophiles? The Blatherati? The Hokus Pokus Fidibus?
So you know WHO controls all of your online connections and HOW? *PIC*
Kerry-(Graham)-Lieberman: a monstrous collection of payoffs to big business *LINK* *PIC*
link is malformed, one 'h' too much at starting http:// *NM*
Thanks :) *NM*
My Advice: In case a new series of spam comes in, you better not click on the links, you may catch a trojan without knowing, which is the veiled but real purpose of these hidden attacks. ;) *NM*
Forum Spam
Zionists Manipulate Public Forums on the Internet
How You Can Protect Against Cyberstalking - And What To Do If You Are A Victim
Well... :D
As I mentioned below, serious spambot attack happened. BTW is this black texan sportswagon a GM, a Porsche or a Hybrid Honda Anaconda? *NM*
looks like 'forum stalking' to me, like intentional mis-use of liberal sign-up possibility
OR Could be... :D
It might well be that you missed a long series of spambot garbage that has been deleted by admin within short time while you were probably snoring. It was not funny at all. *NM*
Red Cross Scam In Haiti *LINK*
Alex Jones: Bilderberg stealing from US citizens *LINK*
Obama’s Supreme Pick Kagan Is A Bankster Operative *LINK*
How the military poisons its own troops. "U.S War Crimes" *LINK*
sometimes I think you read my thoughts ;) *NM*
18 veteran suicides a day just from those treated in the VA Dept. *LINK*
Using Alleged Terrorism To Escalate War And Homeland Repression *LINK*
Yeah Dancer everything is being censored. This was in my Spam! Canada's darker secret - The Church and government... *LINK*
Everything? This far? Controlled mainly by sniff robots, OK. Can play your Kevin clip. Some more church bashing to promote Ordo Ab Chao and NWO? Where are the docus about Pentagon War Machine? Here:
BUDDHA: All 3 Heads & 6 Arms Installed in San Francisco :D *LINK*
So TRI-LATERAL! And NUMERO-LOGIC! 3 times 6. Is it 6+6+6 or 36 will say 6x6? Black Madonna in St. Louis, okayed! But then a Naked Virgin in New Orleans as well? And for Hollywood? :D *NM*
The IMF is Invading Greece! *LINK*
WHO Really IS the Invader? You know.... the person behind the GLOBAL NWO and your demise. *LINK*
World Health Organization Moving Ahead on Billions in Internet and Other Taxes *LINK*
Get Gerald Celente's "take" on this via Alex Jones Show *LINK*
Bob Chapman Breaks Down "The Plunge Protection Team" on Alex Jones Tv 1/5 *LINK*
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Gerald Celente. He's Way Cool! and Right!! Greate poste *NM*
Predictive Programming? Gulf Oil Rig Explosion in “Knowing” *LINK*
British Petroleum's Oil Spill is Latest Crime in a Criminal History *LINK*
Carl Calleman on 2012 Mayan Calendar Purposeful Universe 9th wave unity (Posted Today) *LINK* *PIC*
Kiesha Little Grandmother: One with Nature (Video) *LINK* *PIC*
Re: Kiesha Little Grandmother: One with Nature (Video)
"Houston, We've Got a Problem"... :D *VID*
YouTube says here "This video is not available." How come? Too much turkey gobble too loud? "Gobble Gobble" :O *NM*
You have to Click again where it says, 'Watch on YouTube' & there's a LINK underneath... ;) *NM*
Honey, believe me, I've tried everything already, it keeps warning me in a red banner: "This video is not available" iow CENSORED!!!
Hmmm...try this LINK... :)
Fine and thanks, the yahoo-link works. See my screen grabs: *PIC*
You're Welcome...Maybe Germany doesn't like Texas chutzpah 'cause... *VID* :D
'Oil Slick' to be Absorbed with HUMAN HAIR (No Joke!) :D
Placing the 110 tons 'capstone' under water on top of the oil fountain went wrong as foreseen, now the occultists call for 'human sacrifice'. There is plenty of sheep wool, so why call for human hair?
Holocaust time for the Sheeple? Shave us, then throw us in the Nuclear Ovens...Symbolic...? *NM*
Would Say: Harvest Time for Molech's Junkies? But NO! Running Out of Time. Plans Thwarted. Desperate Attempts. Underground Damp Squibs. No Sovereignty Over Airspace. Rumpelstiltskins Demasked!
Awesome. GILF defiled in south park woods by evil horny neck tied drunken draco and she seems to enjoy it having his bite on her neck! - Tis world gone nuts, completely! But who are they? :O *NM* *PIC*
2nd uk crop circle 2010 - stonehenge *NM* *LINK*
Who's fumbling with the hit counter reset, again and again? Intentional wipe-out to hide the real feed-back? Oh, well! :O *NM*
Time is Running Out *VID*
VOX POPULI often plain simple truthful and in no-one's pockets. Uplifting! Thanks! *NM*
POWERFUL Explanation of the 1000 point drop and the corruption that went with it. *NM*
Pre-School Test ~
Kid answer smarter than adult question? MindCon proof: Right=Bad? Left=Good? This way? What a success for the Obamahides. :D
Or maybe the kids just saw it and the adults didn't ~ Adults' minds can be too analytical overseeing the obvious ~ Not everything has to be some conspiracy. *NM*
Agreed. You are RIGHT as long as it's not left-hand traffic which Americans don't have, usually. Okay? :D *NM*
Ur always a "thinkin" :D
Lil brain of mine is more active when I rest. Besides and truly: I got it with my 'donkey' name, breast fed so to say. Envy now? *NM*
Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S.? *LINK*
Time Traveler Caught in Museum Photo? *LINK* *PIC*
Joint ET Recon? They'd better look after the Washington DC Double Citizens and the FFF Fraudulent Foreign Firsters, ya know. IMHO ;) *NM*
And I won't urinate into my humpy beds either. Not for fertilizing and not for fun! Even 'stupid cows' avoid the much greener grass of their defecations. Must be for a reason! :D
Well, You Stick With the Cattle...I'll keep peeing
Bilderberg Manipulated Stock Market Crash *LINK*
Bilderberg Elite Plan Economic Depression *LINK*
Bilderberg: Raise Taxes, Cut Services in U.S. and Europe *NM* *LINK*
Motherday, okay! Maria Bartiromo's hysterical quicktalk always rang so annoyingly dissonant in my sensitive years. Does 'Money Honey' suffer from ABYSMAL? :D
New Role Model for the Mature Masonic Mates & Mothers: Sarah Silver Swine. Doin' Da Doggie. :D
What the Hey! I Say Men Never Learn Anyways! :D *LINK*
Caught a cough from laughing. The bouncer is gorgeous! What a beauty! :D *NM*
CGI Common Ground Independent and CGI Camp Gan Israel. More than one similarity? *PIC*
Mothers Not Whores! Janet's message to women of the world.
The objectives of Masonry were to destroy the Holy Roman Catholic Church, to create Socialism, and to establish domination of the whole world.
The Greatest Story Never Told ~ Sunburst in the Dark Ages
HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all you heros out there!
Reflections And Warnings: An Interview With Aaron Russo, Entire Film *LINK*
Weeds Are Now Resisting Monsanto Weed Killer, Spurring Crisis in American Agriculture *LINK*
Right so! If I were a weed (what I am indeed) I would also resist these Monsters Of Greed! Ho Ha He! :D
Project Camelot interview with the team from Giza Geomatrix *LINK* *PIC*
The MEXICAN will save us! *LINK*
Eerily similar to the NWO in Action - for real (vid) *LINK*
Professor Calls for MEXICAN Revolt in America *LINK*
Goldman Sachs & the Vatican: Two Cultures of Infallibility
And the most arrogant culture of infallibility? The one with attempted worldwide law enforcement and punishment for truthseekers and non-believers? Remember? No? Not? :O *NM*
Oh My...Lest I Forget... :O
LOL&YES! How artististic. Springtime refurbishment. 6 pass wipe-out disk memory. Reformat with NewTechFileSystem. Reinstall ... what? Old dysfunctional Redmond crap? Or try a lil bit UBUNTU maybe? :D
Greg Palast Tells How The IMF Set-Up Iceland & Greece on Alex Jones Tv *LINK*
Greg Palast: “Remove the Bloodsuckers” at *LINK*
The good guy is dead, while the treasonous, cowardly scum live on. *LINK*
Mystery Disease Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist (Holy Shatner, Bill.... have you read this?) *LINK*
Will extraterrestrial “disclosure” or contact happen in 2012? *LINK* *PIC*
Emailing: notorious-credit-card-tactic-banned *LINK*
Wow! You want some inspiration? Take a look at this! I pray I am like her some day! *LINK*
PLEASE PLEASE listen to this: AUDIT THE FED NOW! Alan Grayson speaks *LINK*
Forest Gump Goes to Heaven :D
Love it!!! :D *NM*
me too :D *NM*
THE EMPIRE: The 3 City-States Which Rule the World?
None of them! But New York, the New BabyLone. World Capital of Global Khazaria. *PIC*
'Babble-On the Great' is Slated for Destruction, but at Least this is ONE Holocaust that will NOT be DENIED. *NM*
Who would deny what can be scientifically proven beyond doubt? For example the Bolshevik Katyn Massacre? Or the Dresden Fire Storm? Or Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Or more than 1 million Iraqi civilians...
Meet the Mow-Rons (The Idiots are in City Hall!) *LINK* *PIC*
Meet the Harmonica Man (Video) Inspirational! *LINK* *PIC*
Alex Jones video: Government Admits they Deal Heroin, Terrorize Families for Pot *LINK*
Michel Chossudovsky: War And Globalization-Truth behind 9-11 Part 1 *NM* *LINK*
Mindwalk the movie by Bernt Capra 112min (google vid) *LINK*
Congressman Paul reports on Bernie Sanders selling out the Fed transparency amendment on the House floor. *LINK*
Gerald Celente: Crash of 2010 inevitable *LINK*
Peter Schiff: Greece II *LINK*
Greg Palast Tells How The IMF Set-Up Iceland & Greece on Alex Jones Tv *LINK*
Ron Paul: Greece is just the beginning! *LINK*
Webster Tarpley - World economies in depression *LINK*
Freedom Watch - Secessionist Movement on the Rise? with Judge Napolitano *LINK*
How the Pentagon Is Cheating Wounded Vets -- Soldiers *LINK*
US Senator Barbara Boxer: Wellstone assassination was "a warning" (The good guy is dead, while the treasonous, cowardly scum live on.) *LINK*
[KR40] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Scandal! – And Michael Krieger *LINK*
Cops Shoot Child’s Dog 7 Times After Finding Marijuana In Family Home *LINK*
Universal Pedophile Symbols
New Army "don't ask, don't tell" Uniform :D *PIC*
Why would somebody (not here in this forum) repost 'old' articles on private 'hubby issues' one-to-one? Lack of other topics?
DEEPWATER HORIZON the rarely used name of the drill platform that was awarded for its high security standards. Somebody trying to trigger the New Madrid Fault Megaquake?
thx, so I'm not the only one asking 'deep water' questions across the 'horizon'. Owner is 'Transocean' located in ZUG Switzerland, tax evader paradise. Head Office in Geneva (United Nations Center)
You Got It!...and Maybe Something Worse than THAT...and with HORUS RISING from the DEEP???...a-huh a-huh... :O
Common herb thyme 'could stop spread of MRSA' *LINK*
David Wilcock ~ 2012: Event Horizon *LINK*
I really enjoyed these videos, especially the last 3!
1st uk crop circle 2010 *NM* *LINK*
AWE SOME NEWS ... the crop circles are back! *NM*
Secret Erik Prince/Blackwater Tape Exposed *LINK* *PIC*
Re: Secret Erik Prince/Blackwater Tape Exposed *LINK* *PIC*
CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up (An Absolute MUST to view and spread! OH HO!!) *LINK*
"Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade," Mrs. Clinton said. *LINK*
Russian Frees Oil Tanker seized by Somali pirates *NM* *LINK*
Article from EU Times on US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing of Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig *NM* *LINK*
I say, turn Hollywood in to a CASINO GULAG SYSTEM --- Hedge your bets folks.... *LINK*
The Fed Must Be Audited: The Fraudulent Practices of the Federal Reserve *LINK*
How Is The U.S. Economy Supposed To Succeed When Our Politicians And The Big Banks Are Making Billions Of Dollars Betting Against It? *LINK*
Greek protesters storm the Acropolis (STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, Man! Have some Balls!) *LINK*
Ahmadinejad: They're finished, the Zionist regime is finished *LINK*
Pathetic psycopathic politics... time for some soothing, new age MUSIC! *LINK* *PIC*
C D Baby's Derek Sivers: How to start a movement ~ *LINK*
BBS Radio Guru frequents, but here is one that really filled me with inspiration *NM* *LINK*
MAY!? Isn't THIS the month of MAY!? LOL *PIC*
That LQQKs like an Unlawful assembly to me! Arrest and question them.............. *NM*

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