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Does Iran Actually WANT a War With Israel So That The Mahdi Can Return? *LINK*
How To Brainwash A Nation *LINK*
Our Children Will Accuse Us *LINK*
excerpt from the James Cameron Conspiracy Theory *NM* *LINK*
Some thoughts on James Cameron and "the sinking of the Titanic" *LINK* *PIC*
The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow ... Now this is Amazing! *LINK*
The Worsest is yet to Come!
I've got a question for you...
You are wise! *NM*
Pentagon Quietly Explores De-Citizenship of American "Terrorists" *LINK*
Another powerful presentation by a unique autistic savant! A must watch!
The Movie Trailer: Temple Grandin *LINK*
Another excellent Watch - teaching those with autism given by Temple Grandin *LINK*
If this doesn't make you see things positively - nothing will! *LINK*
Pound Could Collapse Within Weeks, Predicts Billionaire Financier Jim Rogers ( I guess he's in to lose a few) *LINK*
Incredible Old Historical Footage of the Japanese Surrender *LINK*
Earth Files: Reports - Example - The Bees are Buzzing Off!! This is No Joke .. *LINK*
USA is No 1 in Vancouver? Absolutely NOT if we relate Quantified Medals per Nation to its Populace.
The home mortgage business is set up to remove you from your home/asset...a good example of buyer beware
Microsoft Wins Right to Kill Vast Spam Network - link
AOL and Microsoft now patroling cyberspace to enforce law and order? What a hypocrisy! Good intentions thou but coming from the wrong side. Foxes pretending to protect the henhouse LOL.
Y'all live in the great state of Texas? Want to withdraw some of your money from Citibank/Citigroup? Read on...
The Secret Government Surveillance Document Microsoft Doesn't Want You To See
Link for PDF-Booklet about MicroSoft's National Spy Agency Activities.
Wrong Cell Lines Catastrophe in Cancer Research
Evgeni-Plushenko-Sex-Bomb skating *LINK*
Funny. Great Performance. Pole Dance On Ice :D *NM*
Where is Planet X or the infamous Niburu? It seems while we were sleeping ... *LINK*
Last South China Tiger ~ Craig Tracy for Save China's Tigers ... This is quite amazing! *LINK*
Keiser Report №19: Markets! Finance! Scandal! (WE LOVE MAX) *NM* *LINK*
For Robert Darby - Book of Enoch
Robert Darby's Articles (Lots of them) *LINK*
How do you get a racoon to leave?
Re: How do you get a racoon to leave?
Thank you so much for the advice *PIC*
Belated but maybe not too late: How about a 21" Monitor playing video clips with Sarah Palin? :D
Oh Yes, The "Bull Magnet"
Re: your totally welcome. cool totem animal info!
Casual Find: "It's Only My Heart" ;) MV *PIC*
Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir of Canada Win Olympic Gold in Ice Dancing February 22, 2010 ... Such Beauty!
Mirochip discovered in Napolean's skull!!!! *LINK*
Reminds me of the sudden rise and fall of similar historical figures like Alexander the Great and Adolf Hitler e.g., who knows? *NM*
The Bloom Box - NEW Energy Device (Video) *LINK*
another site worth following for home energy warriors - link
Chink In The Armor. Just when you thought you were playing by the rules...... *LINK*
Re: Chink In The Armor.
I voted for this man - And he's growing in popularity! *LINK*
Time Control Technology Disclosure *LINK* *PIC*
Re: Time Control Technology Disclosure
Re: Time Control Technology Disclosure *PIC*
This is NOT about Bill C-6 ~~~ BUT JUST AS IMPORTANT ~~~ Help Sue Health Canada
Freeware: EMCO Malware Destroyer from Iceland
Easy Enabling of Cut & Paste for TNT with Firefox Add-On "AllowClipboard Helper" :)
The Majestic Project .... MJ-12 *LINK*
Benjamin Fulford - Illuminati and Black Dragons close to deal *LINK*
Don't point at a Rattle Snake! *LINK*
Earth Sized UFOs Using The Sun As A Stargate *LINK*
Re: Earth Sized UFOs Using The Sun As A Stargate
Finally, you can TWEET the posts! You go BBS Radio!
Re: Finally, you can TWEET the posts! You go BBS Radio!
Perhaps Share? *NM*
I can't even twit let alone tweet! ... *NM*
You are privileged! The Alternative: Bio Twit & Air Tweet. 100% Pure Organic. Relax and Enjoy the Healthy Side-Effects! :D
Napolitano (DHS) Meets With Muslim Extemists to Exchange Information :O *LINK*
Project Camelot Interview with Aaron McCollum January 2010... Talk about science fiction! *LINK*
What is Really Happening in the Gulf of Aden .. *LINK*
RE: Bill Ryan explains Anglo mission ... Balance with the: Yemen STARGATE OPENING FORCING WORLD UFO DISCLOSURE! *LINK*
if you click and close your eyes :)
Beautiful...a Balm for Weary Souls *NM*
Going on Patrol *LINK*
Impending Explosion: U.S., Russia & Iran Pounding the War Drums for WWIII *LINK*
Prostate Cancer? no problemo.......... *LINK*
Astronomy Picture of the Day ... Every Day A new picture posted.. *LINK*
Bill Ryan from Project Camelot explains The Anglo-Saxon Mission (Video) *LINK* *PIC*
The Peace Movement VS the 911 Truth Movement *LINK*
The Big Acceleration, the Big Hiatus and an Owl Story by Celia Fenn *LINK* *PIC*
The Cornucopia Series #11: Another Tour de Force by Jean Hudon, ERN *LINK* *PIC*
Hi Zany - I was having difficulty with cut and Paste too? Are you using Mozilla Firefox? ....
Re: No, am on Windows Internet Explorer *NM*
British military insider: World War III is being staged; starting with Israel and Iran *NM* *LINK*
What's really behind the drive for war?
Star Children mentioned in my first post on TNT
A fraudulent a'hole who poses as British Interior Secretary David Blunkett sent me this slimy email today. LOL
ALERT: A keylogger program that can capture all user keystrokes (including confidential details such username, password, credit card number, etc.) is spread like wildfire!
if you are posting re: the Kneber Botnet Attacks...
the value of a web site
Interesting .... did a few tests myself! *NM*
REPORT: Russian Satellite Imaging Reveals Huge Military Buildup Inside the U.S. *LINK*
Ever have one of those Dog DayS ~ Split my sides with this one! *LINK*
Funtastic! Thrilling! Hence my impeccable sense tells me he is a DogMan Alien from a DogStar Planet in nearby TriSun System Sirius. Think Vancouver Opening Ceremony. THEY LIVE among us. :D
Thank You Very Much! - Do' Dynamite Is Simply The Best!
UFOs and ETs on planet Earth? Speculation based on reliable evidence gives hope, inspiration by Fred Burks *NM* *LINK*
Should We Clone Neanderthals? *LINK*
Serious issue! Maybe we should also ask little Dogbert or big Maxine herself? :D
Crop Circles Message for Human Race Decoded ~ I have not seen these before! ~ I'm pretty excited !! *LINK*
New Vancouver Olympic Security updates - link
the latest from:
For FUX Sake this peturbs me: IndyMac Bank Death - An Orgy Of Federal Corruption - Vid *LINK*
The 700 Military Bases of Afghanistan
More than one pic from own disk? - The feature I had missed from the very beginning but was too shy to ask one more time. So you're going to put the Cherry On The Cake? ;) Cheers! :D
I asked that because I never ever hotlink images. *NM*
FANTASTIC!!! Love that Cherry Shortcake! Thanks, Guys! :) *NM*
ADMIN! almost got it. 4th line down, 2nd to last function = iManager (not yet finished pathing ... tomorrow ... will let you know) *NM*
Cool! *NM*
HOT: iManager "directory error" for me *PIC*
It's got to be FireFox .....
ADMIN! working multi-image uploader (upload and insert)

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