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interview with Amy Goodman that Corexit is suppose to cause internal bleeding. (Dupré, D. Censored Gulf news: People bleeding internally, millions poisoned Examiner, July 21, 2010) *LINK*
It would not surprise me to see Gov't respond this way...
CDC Allegedly Falsifies Reports – Ignoring up to 3,587 Miscarriages From H1N1 Vaccine *LINK*
Officer Smellie. G20 Thug Policeman acquitted of viciously assaulting female protester. *LINK*
The Satanist and Paedophile-Infested Scottish Establishment Continues To Cover Up The Hollie Greig Scandal (DISGRACEFUL!!!) *LINK* *PIC*
Bill Maloney talks about child abuse to a shattered and 'perspiring' David Icke immediately after the Brixton event last Saturday
REMEMBER the Monkey Pig Story? Human Face on Pig?? Well here is PROOF it was an experiment...... no joke!
A Van with a Message (what a great idea for all of us) *LINK* *PIC*
This isn't evil, it's PROGRESS.... imho
I don't think you realize the true nature or intentions of the powers we're up against. If we can't even take our country back, how the heck are we going to take our GENOME back???...
I agree, some are monsters, while others are sincere..........
Geo-Engineering: Killing Off The Useless Eaters *LINK*
Of all of the research I have done on geoengineering, all roads lead to one man. “david keith” geoengineering filetype:pdf *LINK*
HOMELAND SECURITY Confiscated Samples & NOTES With Insider Information on Dispersant — “IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY” (VIDEO) *PIC*
Too Sick & Scared of Obama's Thugs: Australian SBS Reports Gulf Truth (with VIDEO) *PIC*
Six of Nine VOCs in Blood — Hexane “off the charts” (VIDEO & LAB RESULTS) *PIC*
Mars Anomalies. Check out the Slide Show. AMAZING!!!!!! *LINK*
False footprint of history misleads our brains, destroys our lives --> Who are the Shitlings Destroying your life?.... read this *LINK*
I will repeat myself.... because He's worth it! Max Keiser, you are a GIANT among Men. Thank you. (Check out [KR78] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Economic Recklessness!) *LINK*
Yet ANOTHER BRILLIANT SHOW!!! A True HERO... "must see" *NM*
Join the Army... get secretly fuk'd up by 'em! How horrible. NEVER join the military! *LINK*
Eco-Fascists Call For Tyranny To Enforce Draconian Agenda *LINK*
New U.S. Gov't Study Shows NO Damage from Vaccines, Court Cases and Foreign Countries Prove Otherwise *LINK*
Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award *LINK*
HELPLESS, TEARS: Dealer says load of crab "contaminated with oil" -- STATE TRYING TO COVER IT UP *LINK*
BP Gulf Oil Spill as seen outside the USA *LINK*
Massive fish kill reported in Louisiana (check this image out.... what the heck is going on?) *LINK* *PIC*
Blackwater’s Black Ops: Sought to Become Monsanto’s “Intel Arm” *LINK*
Walt Disney, Monsanto discovered among Blackwater’s hidden clients *LINK*
An obscure York nonprofit with ties to Philadelphia University and Jerusalem is behind the state Homeland Security agency's monitoring of protesters, environmentalists and gays, documents show (Whoa!) *LINK* *PIC*
Marshals: Innocent People Placed On 'Watch List' To Meet Quota *LINK*
seems we have to rely on Ahmedenjad (sp), more than our own president *LINK*
Ron Paul: The Second American Revolution Has Begun *LINK*
Re: Ron Paul: The Second American Revolution Has Begun *LINK*
This Is A Revolution! Dr Ron Paul *NM* *LINK*
100,000 Children Attend Radical Hamas Summer Camps *PIC*
ET/UFO are Real: Lockheed Skunk Works CEO Admitted In His Deathbed Confession *PIC*
Amazing Article.... and we have body scanners he says... like a tri-quarter.... that cures cancer. Thanks!! *NM*
"Top Secret America" & Its Database of Private Spooks :O *PIC*
Bombshell from London that is Shaking Washington & Its NATO Allies... :O *PIC*
Arrested & Beaten For Holding 'Impeach Obama' Sign On Public Property *LINK*
Gulf Coast Residents Bleeding Internally *LINK* *PIC*
A Deep, Dark Winter is Coming to Earth *LINK*
Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth? :O *PIC*
LOTS of great new stories about Aliens and UFO's *LINK*
THANKS For Those LINKS!!! FASCINATING Subject which I always Hesitate to post about because... *PIC*
The Pre-Revolution Handbook *LINK*
How the Elite Control Politics *LINK*
Brasscheck TV: President O-Bomb-A White House Blood Lust *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Congressman: BP "Openly Blackmailing the American Government" *LINK*
Facts are Irrelevant! *PIC*
VATICAN PSYCHOSIS (and WHY her PROTESTANT Daughters have Gone Insane...?) :D *VID* *PIC*
IMF fears ‘social explosion’ from world jobs crisis *LINK*
The US Is Adopting Codex Alimentarius *LINK* *PIC*
High-Fructose Corn Syrup Getting Rebranded as Corn Sugar *LINK*
What have I been posting here for years ... You were warned by many ... already has its teeth in strong here. *LINK*
Matthew has a new September post
Sinead O'Connor: 'The Vatican is a nest of devils' *NM* *LINK*
Holocaust - Genocide - Child Trafficking - Child rape *LINK*
US Military Officers Demand 9-11 Investigation *NM* *LINK*
Veterans sue CIA, Army for experiments at Detrick, Edgewood *LINK*
Kindra Arneson speaking at Spill Into Washington 9/5/2010 (Part 1) *LINK*
'Terrified' New Yorkers protest gas drilling (as well they should) *LINK*
You may also be surprised to learn that most of those behind this ploy are very senior members of the Freemasons such as ex Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, Politicians, Military Leaders, etc *LINK* *PIC*
How many cases of toxic water do the American people need before they take action. We are being poisoned through our water supply whether its fluoride or high levels of arsenic or toxic dispersant *LINK*
When Grandma Goes To Court *NM* *PIC*
VERY IMPORTANT: Tell Your Senators to Continue Stopping S510! *LINK*
HAVA LAFF! The Most Homoerotic Politician Photos Ever Taken ! *LINK* *PIC*
How about THIS??? :D *PIC*
This is Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!!! *LINK* *PIC*
I LOVE Indian in the Machine (check out this great new tune) *LINK* *PIC*
HOT News Flash: Our Beloved Zany Mystic turned 60 (SIXTY!) TODAY! *PIC*
HAPPY 6O --- Glad you're sticking around!!! WE LOVE YOU ZANY! *NM*
Happy Birthday!! Cool!! *NM*
Happy Birthday Virgo Zany! BTW: What's Your Ascendant?
BTW: What's Your Ascendant? I think SCORPIO! *NM* *PIC*
How nice you responded. Thanks. Midnight hour right here. Reminiscence for you, Zany.
Yes, I remember... just gotta LUV that JIMI! *NM*
NO GUNS FOR JEWS...and no guns for YOU...
Agreed! No guns for imbeciles! *NM*
I see...Only for the Übermensch! :D *NM*
How our Government uses technology to MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE!! Men, Women and Children. -- Three cities, hit in 8 months. Direct hits.... these two articles can help begin research *LINK*
So many Soldiers were READY..... and only 2% of the Rubble cleared...... SHEESH..... what a joke. (it was a planned murderous event) *LINK*
P.I.G. Radio & Kerry Cassidy Interview Dr. Carmen Boulter Part 1/12 *NM* *LINK*
HEY, when are you going to interview her and get to the REAL FUN of it all ? *NM*
I DID! July 17th, 2010, BBS Radio Archives! *PIC*
That's RIGHT :) Hey, this would be a great interview too.........
ALERT!! Something FI$HY Goin' On With the Markets Like Just Before 9/11 & the BP Oil Rig Explosion... *LINK*
"Of Mice And Men" - Shrew and Common Vole *PIC*
UNCLE SAM'S SORCERY: America's Drugged-Out War Machine -- Troops Popping SSRI Meds Like Never Before... *PIC*
We're coming after you! *LINK*
GREAT VIDEO...if only... *NM*
Gerald Celente: The Obama Economy with Host Paul Watson on The Alex Jones Show *LINK*
Gerald Celente: America Lives in a FASCIST STATE! *LINK*
Ron Paul - $13 Trillion US Taxpayer Dollars Missing *NM* *LINK*
How about another $3 Trillion US Taxpayer Dollars Spent on the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan?... *PIC*
How corruption works... and just how corrupt is News International? VERY VERY!! *LINK* *PIC*
Is the Prince of Wales a Junkie? hmmmm....... *LINK*
How can the federal government let thousands of first responders suffer? *LINK*
No Help for Heroes: 9/11 'first responders' abandoned by govt *LINK*
9-11 Videos from 911Insidejob.com *LINK*
per Ron Paul, "The FED and the CIA are the major threats and problems to America." Untangling the Bizarre CIA Links to the Ground Zero Mosque *LINK*
AN EVIL MAN Zbigniew brzezinkski... our current Brezident. 9/11 ANALYSIS: 9/11 and America’s Secret Terror Campaign *LINK*
Is There Really a MOSQUE Inside the PENTAGON? AND THAT AIN'T ALL... :D *PIC*
Masons Rally Behind Porn Queen Judge *LINK*
Nine Years Later - 9/11 And The Shift in Consciousness *LINK* *PIC*
A face in the smoke is The 911 DEVIL (a new one not seen before!) *PIC*
Well...it could be a devil, but I think he bears a striking resemblance to... *PIC*
I see the devil face, too!! After you pointed it out. *NM*
If even the 9/11 Commissioners don’t buy the official story, why do you? The Anniversary of 9/11 Don’t want to hear this? *LINK*
I want to send this to everyone I know! Compelling info in this article.
TPTB continually rub our noses in what they WANT us to believe...and we only believe what we can SMELL...
CHILLING Futuristic VIDEO: "Civilization" by Marco Brambilla *LINK*
REJOICE WORLD!! The Israelis Betrayed by Netanyahu...Will Be Placed Under Palestinian Authority & Jerusalem Handed Over to the POPE!! :D *PIC*
Oy Vey! Another 'hollow cause' just around the corner? So that leeching off the goyim can continue? Cry me a river!
Not so much different than the Top NAZIS who escaped Germany through the VATICAN RATLINES... *NM* *PIC*
The Germanic Elite allegedly fled with submarines via Norway, the Chosen Opportunists sorts of Eichmann and Bormann are said to have taken the Jacobs Way aka 'Ratline' ... how appropriate, indeed!
Does that mean Hitler scurried to Argentina, to Israel...or straight to Hell? :D *NM*
Adi ascended to heaven, that is: The dark side of the moon. He'll come back as savior, pretty soon. :D
You may be right... :D *NM* *PIC*
THREAT TO AMERICANS From Ground Zero Mosque Imam: If You Don’t Build It, They Will Attack... *PIC*
NYPD Calls Up 'Army of Cops' For 9/11 Anniversary Ground Zero Mosque Protests *LINK*
How convenient for .... for whom? CounterIntel 'Burn Quaran' ballyhoo? One head many arms beating the drums! All these chosen puppets! LOLOLOL - MSTHTF?
NIH has played lip service to CAM for too long!! *LINK*
Turning Tide of History #33: Time to Move to the Next Level *LINK* *PIC*
Big Natural Gas Explosion Near San Francisco Airport; Multiple Structures On Fire!; At Least 3 Dead; Evacuations Continue... *PIC*
Amazing new Crop Circle 17th July 2010 "TESSERACT" at Fosbury, Wiltshire, UK *NM* *LINK*
I've been to Disney World... and it's a sewer! That's a fact! *LINK*
MAX KEISER for President!!! WE LOVE YOU MAX!!! *LINK*
"bbb bb but I've heard you'd love AJ?" :D ? Anyway, agreed. Max is SO eloquent and straight forward. YES HE CAN do without a teleprompter methinks. Let's suggest: MK eligible for WOOORLD PRESIDENT!
Promo Song for the Stacy Max Election Campaign for President "We Love You" Stay See Max!
Max is TOO HONEST, however... *PIC*
You might be right... but Ron Paul is hinting at running again :) YEAH *LINK*
EXCLUSIVE: A U.N. with "real teeth" to Take Charge of World's Agenda (just what the Pope called for in his last Encyclical) * Kiss National Sovereignty Good-Bye *PIC*
Illuminati Symbolism in former Disney girl Belinda’s “Egoista” *LINK*
Re: Illuminati Symbolism in former Disney girl Belinda’s “Egoista”
Washington’s Self-Anointed Deities *PIC*
Obama Did Create 3 Million Jobs -- IN CHINA *LINK*
Raw: Max Keiser on the Middle Class (Video) *LINK* *PIC*
Now that is why our Man is a "Modern Day Hero"! *NM*
PROOF POSITIVE!! Only the Pope has Direct Access to God -- by Phone... :D *VID* *PIC*
thou and besides 'Religion is Opium for the Folk' was proclaimed first by jewish Karl Marx (mother & father with long rabbinate lineage) nowadays the People's Opium is TellAVision plus Internet :D
Yeah, the ET's are Phoning Home...for more Opiates...? :D *PIC*
CHILLING: A virtual Universe and the 2012 reboot *LINK* *PIC*
PCCB - Le duo des chats - VIDEO *LINK* *PIC*
Tom Kenyon has a new post
From The Gulf Stream To The Bloodstream - THE VIDEO BP DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE!
URGENT INFORMATION from Dr. Norma J. Milanovich about Codex (This WILL upset you!) *LINK*
They only Love us when we're Sick, Dying or Dead... *PIC*
Children of the Earth - When All is Done is Undone *LINK* *PIC*
Get to high ground - ( Magenta Pixie and Miss Magikal discuss fear based prophecies) *LINK* *PIC*
I got a solution to hotmail's refusal to stop those phishing and scam emails
Time to COREXIT Those Hot Phishies!!! :D *PIC*
FUNNY! "Obama Fatigue" strikes America! *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Just a Spin off the Corporate Rap Latter
I'm sure there are plenty of honorable people out there that would be more than willing to flush them down the toilet :-) for FREE, I'M GAME !
ABC Tanks!!! And now ABC Chief Resigns....... (In other words, don't lie and don't tick off the internet bloggers.... WAS THIS BECAUSE OF MY LITTLE POST?)
David Icke talks about what he calls blueprint rap (are you listening, Jay-Z?) *LINK*
This is for the morons that think they can save themselves in the revamped missile silo bunkers
What Dummies...we Southerners can do it a lot cheaper... :D *PIC*
That is extra kewl. Gotta Love the South! *NM*
Love One Another! :D *LINK*
Who knows the very best Royal Rife machine for sale? one that actually works and is not a scam... please
I believe this will help you!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! That's Great!! *NM*
Our Government is Outsourcing Democracy (Same problems in all countries.... by design..... and Harper is a pedotool like the rest) *LINK*
Ya know, I think it's an Interesting Situation with Canada...
Johnson & Johnson Being Sued for Drug Conspiracy *LINK*
Is this the same Johnson & Johnson that puts Squalene in its Baby Products? *NM*
Newfoundland declares war on the U.S.A.
Where Blackwater comes from - Shocking! *LINK* *PIC*
BLACKWATER/Xe: Our Own Professional Terrorist Thugs on a "Christian" Crusade... *PIC*
The REAL 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati (Which keep getting swept under the carpet)... :D *VID* *PIC*
THANK YOU!!!! Great Info. Great Research. (I am humbled) *NM*
WAKE UP or DIE! Lethal Corruption *NM* *LINK*
Mandatory Vaccines Coming Now With Propaganda
Rockefeller-Funded Anti-Fertility Vaccine Coordinated by WHO *NM* *LINK*
"'Reading constitution was a mistake' – former US sheriff" *LINK*
David Icke: What you put out is what you get back - the ultimate justice (Good Short Video) *LINK*
Because humans are complicated, things are never just this simple but anyone willing to argue against the premise?
That does explain why the meek will inherit the Earth
Legitimate Questions for the JEW-BASHERS... :O *LINK*
My Final Answer Is...........
THEY ARE the Illuminutti *interview airing Friday Sept 10th *LINK*
Thanks for the Info! I'll check out the Brahmin Lady. I don't listen to the Radio very much anymore, but SHE sounds Interesting! :) *PIC*
Or is the REAL ANSWER explained in the Shadow of the Moon? Read this info!!! *LINK*
Gee...and people think I'm Gloom & Doom...talk about 'no hope'... :O *VID* *PIC*
Now that was definitely a mind bender... LOL *NM*
The Muslim Brotherhood, America's Partner in Government *PIC*
AGREED!!! Absolutely MIND BLOWING VIDEO - as ALWAYS with Sir Max! *NM*
The Organized 'religious' Traditions of men = collective & individual spiritual 'obsessive-compulsive' disorder resulting in compartmentalized idiocy, enslavement & death... :O *NM*

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