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GM (General Motors) criminal conspiracy EXPOSED! We give them BILLIONS!? *LINK* *PIC*
“At this point, according to Stiglitz, the IMF drags the gasping nation to Step Three: *LINK*
Fraud Factories: Rep. Alan Grayson Explains the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis *LINK*
Drockton, Rense, Others, Force Scotland's Attorney General To Resign! *LINK* *PIC*
Elish Angiolini, Scotland's top law officer who twice refused to prosecute in the Hollie Greig case, to step down (hanging may be TOO good for these sick wackos!) *LINK*
Strikes and demonstrations caused chaos across Europe yesterday as rioters clashed with police and cities were brought to a standstill *NM* *LINK*
Iceland's politicians forced to flee from angry protesters *NM* *LINK*
Flashpoint of social transformation in Germany ...German People are firing chancler Merkel *LINK*
Martha and David.... sitting in a tree.... K*I*S*S*I*N*G.... *LINK* *PIC*
Cosmic Weather Report: Forging a New World, by Mark Borax *LINK*
Sniffing Out the Truth by Jessica Murray, Astrologer *LINK*
October Forecast 2010 by Lena Stevens *LINK* *PIC*
Side Splitting HILARITY!!! Stephen Colbert Opening Statement to CONgress *LINK* *PIC*
orbo, new energy
***MAJOR WEB BOT HIT TODAY***Urban Survival andKeiser Report №82: Markets! Finance! Scandal! *LINK* *PIC*
Thank You Very Muchly, ZaMy! ;) Very Useful Compilation. Alarming Outlooks. Time to prepare for the worst case.
The Spirit Behind TRANSHUMANISM ~ Unlawful Intercourse With the Human Race *PIC*
David and Goliath *LINK*
David and Goliath...EXACTLY!! MANY Tribes of Giants in those days -- the Offspring of the Fallen Angels & Human Women...
Mediterranian Isle of Malta's (click?) past tells of a cult where giants used to rape much smaller women who were doomed to death because their baby was too big! Popular Archeologists found out.
ponders... *NM*
You can just call me Kong for Long time! *NM*
I haven't read or heard specifically about giants or KongLords that inhabited the Isle of Malta, but all things considered, that's probably true... :O *VID*
this is so funny I had to share it...
Security and Exchange Commission Protected Goldman Sachs' Fraud *LINK*
Goldman Sachs' Peter Sutherland is the Pope's Chief Financial Advisor
Peter Sutherland picture (and he LQQKs like a PEDO-Wacko!! To the extreme.........) *PIC*
lol *NM*
Ron Paul Warns Of Coming Social And Political Chaos *LINK*
Scientists: 40 Times More Cancer-Causing Toxics in Gulf than Before Spill ... Dispersants to Blame *LINK*
click click chaclkiedy clack *NM*
Maybe Google got STUX in its own GOO... :O *NM*
Who feeds, controls and protects the public dis-info sewerage system? The Jesuits?
Art of froZEN? Saucers and/or StuxNet intervention? Who suffers? Who?
FROZEN! - Warning, untrusted content, so sayeth Gogole!
AWESOME SINGER!!! Great Post. I loved that. *NM*
Years long 'Nuke Iran Ballyhoo' melted by Exo-Politik? Hate- and fearmongers loosing ground? No more plausible reasons left to invade Iran? Holo Hysteria Halted? Oh my oh my oh my! *NM*
Started to download 5 Exo-Politik clips from YT when Google Analytics (YT owned by Google!) warns me 'Youtube untrusted'! and urges me to 'sign in'? LOL! Supremacist idiots in despair? LOL! FYI!
I think it's still frozen. Maybe you could jiggle it again... :D *NM*
ADMIN! Fixed... locks cleared. Not sure why it does that, but it's easy to correct once we know the board is frozen. *NM*
since 6 hours no access to TNT postings after I looked at "Deleted video:" by our firesidechatter. Online sabotage? Again? :O
inspired writing through the broadcastings of the talented bbsradio host *NM* *LINK*
Deleted video: Exopolitik-NPC Press Conference UFOs And Nukes Sept 27 2010 5 parts
The War on Drugs: What a Joke! *LINK*
Re: pub.lie. clans talk about the coming of and a demo crap
Reports: DEADLY FLESH-EATING BACTERIA in Gulf Seawater & Seafood -- People Dying *PIC*
Blown out of proportion? Deadly infections from oysters not only occur in GOM because of BP. *NM*
Really.....do tell... *NM* *PIC*
82nd Airborne Army Paratroopers being sent to Ft. Polk, Louisiana in October for 'Full-Spectrum Operations' *PIC*
David Icke, talks of frauds and ... *LINK*
KYMATICA by Ben Stewart (Sequel to Esoteric Agenda) *LINK* *PIC*
Rahm Emanuel kept out of Chicago home by tenant? *LINK* *PIC*
CENSORED GULF ALERT: Entire Louisiana Communities Vomiting Blood *LINK*
Brasscheck TV: The Fed + IRS = the War-fare state *LINK* *PIC*
Keiser Report №81: Markets! Finance! Scandal! MUST SEE! *LINK*
PEDOPHILIA: Now LEGAL in the EU -- NO JOKE!!! (so don't bother calling INTERPOL)... :D *VID* *PIC*
George Carlin and Bill Hicks tell it like it is *LINK*
Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses (MUST SEE) *LINK*
PressTV - 'Americans seek probe into 9/11' *LINK*
Even MORE links to damn*ng information, HERE *LINK* *PIC*
The secrets of the international banksters, wholly exposed after the global financial meltdown, are undeniable *LINK* *PIC*
The Time Has Arrived for Rebellion (Yes, it's time to reverse this Global NWO problem!) *LINK* *PIC*
BP is killing people and laughing all the way to the bank about it, thanks to our murderous executive branch - or should I say "executing branch"!! *LINK*
CRY all you want..... it's happening RIGHT NOW! *LINK*
Re: announcement of UN official to deal with first contact *LINK*
Vatican Laundering Money - "Mysterious Deaths" *PIC*
Does this pic look familiar to the above post? *PIC*
He should be called our "Pedo Pope" The Sick Catholic" *NM* *PIC*
Re: He should be called our "Pedo Pope" The Sick Catholic" *PIC*
You gotta know that's right! *NM* *PIC*
SHEESH!!! 180 million are on back order. We will complete your delivery as soon as possible. *NM* *PIC*
This sick stuff is norm for these PEDO WACKOS! *LINK*
MD$ on the Take: My Career-Ending Expose *LINK*
Luckily investors are now all too aware that holding a stock, any stock, is dangerous to one’s sanity, not to mention stop loss orders.
BP is paying major out of town writers to come down to the Gulf and lie to the American people. 'This is absolutely disgusting. *LINK*
Mike Lambert at the Shen Clinic, is having his emails blocked and blatantly tampered with - so much so that emails to an AOL account are turning up in Google accounts and others (and vice-versa). *LINK*
Shelly Roche: New COICA Bill Would End Free Speech Online *LINK*
Obama’s Internet Wiretap Move: Just One Small Facet Of Total Domination Project *LINK*
Chloramine + Lead Pipes + Fluoride = Contaminated tap water (Holy Dripping Lead Dikes, Badman!) *LINK*
He may be Crazy, but he's NOT Stupid... *PIC*
Re: The term CORPORATOCRACY is too long, 'doesn't sell well', call it CORPOCRACY and pronounce it like DEMOCRACY stressing the corpO as with demO. Just my 2 cents ;)
Thanks for the book hint: "The Devil's Marriage: Break Up the Corpocracy or Leave Democracy in the Lurch" ;)
Charles Munger is a very very BAD MAN! *LINK*
So is his "Secret Friend" Warren Buffett. Another very very bad man! *LINK*
Wackos and Pervs ..... by the look of them. And the GULL! Savers should stop complaining about poor returns and start spending to help the economy, a senior Bank of England official warned today. *LINK*
Global Cooling and the NWO on Agenda of Bilderbergs *LINK* *PIC*
From Max Keiser: Not enough bailouts: 'Suck it in and cope!' 9/27 *LINK* *PIC*
Dr. Richard Sauter talks conspiracy on Isis Television - Part 1 *LINK* *PIC*
Female representation: A woman's place... is in the government *LINK*
Folks…there was purple snow in Russia. PURPLE. *LINK*
Remember what they did to Haiti? They are still doing it, but now with Pakistan! *LINK*
911: Those Who Know Will Understand *PIC*
How US Marshals Framed a Peaceful Photographer *LINK*
I Am Detained By The Feds For Not Answering Questions *LINK*
UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors' *LINK* *PIC*
I had to post it, cause it's so outrageously typical of the banking establishment *LINK*
Wise Words of Party Pooper: "In case I shat into someone's noble suitcase, every cloud has a silver lining!" *PIC*
Natural Family Blog: The Internet War on the Mass Mind thru WIKIPEDIA FRAUD and COINTELPRO agents by way of Fear & Confusion.
4 admin: nice to see the video bar is back, with urgent issues, and besides, thinking of the 'MODERN DAY HEROES' and the 'LINKS' ... *PIC*
U.S. and Allied Intelligence Heard the 9/11 Hijackers Plans from Their Own Mouths *LINK*
Which implies 19 islamic boxcutter dilettanti amateurs (7 running free afterwards) really hijacked 2 planes to demolish 3 buildings remotely supervised by cell-phoney Osama hiding in Afghan caves?
North & South Korea on the Brink of War, Russian Diplomat Warns *PIC*
AHMADINEJAD: A Rational Hero... :D *PIC*
Actually, it looks like he's become A MODERN DAY HERO!!!! *NM*
what a coincidence with my '4 admin' article I just uploaded ;) *NM*
Zionist Puppet Obama Condemns Truth About 9/11 As 'Hateful' And 'Offensive', Which, Given He Is A Genetic Liar, Is Quite Understandable *LINK*
Applause for Ahmadinejad *LINK*
Forget a Recession, The USA Plantation is Crumbling...
new movie "Offline" website link to check out *LINK*
Russia Quietly Takes Over Ukraine *LINK*
Mystery Force in Space Baffles NASA *LINK*
9-11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey finally confesses *LINK*
C.I.A.'s Secret Army *LINK*
I wonder why BLACKWATER, TRIPLE CANOPY & Other Mercenaries' "SURGE" into Afghanistan were NOT MENTIONED in the Report?
A Good Man Speaks: Ahmadinejad Speaks at UN, and American Delegates Walk Out *LINK*
Establishment Feigns Outrage At Ahmadinejad’s 9/11 Rant *LINK*
REVEALED: The Secret Deal That Changed the Monarchy... :O *PIC*
Queen Tried to Use State Poverty Fund to Heat Buckingham Palace *PIC*
The Queen shouldn't feel too bad. She still controls U.S. Social Security Funds... :D
Ain’t NO Party Like a BLACKWATER Party, ‘Cause a Blackwater Party Got Coke, ‘Roids & AKs... :D *PIC*
David Icke Speaking in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands (LOVELY CITY) *LINK*
'In the Interests of Israel': Why Russia Will Not Sell the S-300 Air Defense System to Iran *LINK*
Politics do make Strange Bedfellows... :D *PIC*
One aspect: Russian Oligarchy needs to sell own oil and own gas to Western Europe to stay in power. Iran an economic rival? *NM*
The Zionist Billionaires Who Control Political Discourse *LINK*
WRH's Michael Rivero attacking Alex Jones is in extremely "poor taste & quite hypocritical" and bothers me because............ *LINK*
International groups like the UN, IMF and World Bank are evil (like the CIA and FED). Many people are calling for the dismantling of all three organizations, including me! *LINK*
Murderers, Cowards, Morons and Thieves: Portrait of an Empire in a Political Season *LINK*
NOW YOU KNOW who created the Stuxnet worm! *LINK*
Pharma and the FDA's Threat to Health and Life *LINK*
The Reptilian Agenda - David Icke [complete] - Part 1.1.1 *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
200,000 year old civilization discovered in South Africa *LINK*
Keiser Report: World War III is over! *LINK*
Aren't you even curious as to WHY they would hide the H1N1 vaccine in the regular flu shot??? *LINK*
Polysorbate 80 In Swine Flu Vaccines = Infertility In Humans *LINK*
Has anyone heard if Jane Burgermeister is safe?
Actually NO, found very interesting links but without up-to-date infos on Jane, how about you? *NM*
Alex..... I quite agree..... and well said, well said! *LINK*
The U.S. & CANADA: The Muslim Brotherhood's Goal For North America ~ Secret Government Document Comes To Light (Explanatory Memorandum)...
More of the same smack it seems. Don't you have honest info to report? Or is this something you spread around like internet goo? *NM*
Why do you say it's not honest info? I post about the things I think are important & relevant, but you don't have to read it -- nobody does...
I understand your points..... but the trend that may result from pitting one faction against another will be this: *LINK*
In other words, IGNORE the Problem and it'll GO AWAY...don't make waves or voice a dissenting opinion...that should help... *NM*
well actually...
ADMIN! The Blog In Service forum was designed for that........ *LINK*
Now I'm Really Confused. I guess I don't understand what "Blogs" are...As for TNT's BlogInService...
ADMIN! Sorry for confusion. Comment was for Olman *NM*
Thanks for the heads up...have to wonder what else I've been missing out on! *NM*
Well I guess Old Man, You and I will be making some changes *NM*
Well I'll be a monkey's uncle ~ Header on the TNT and visa versa would add clarity .... because I can't deal with this negative stuff any longer. Thanks! ....
;) *NM*
I am with you Old Man!!! Please read and be inspired! *LINK*
VERY INSPIRING!!!!! This is a home run product...... *NM*
REPORT: 9/11 Was FUNDED By THE SAUDI ROYALS & Guess WHO ELSE was Dancing & Celebrating on 9/11??? *PIC*
Jihadist in Canada: "A genocide should be perpetrated against the Jewish populations of North America and Europe....Their permanent extermination is the only solution"... *PIC*
You have a habit of making ISLAM look bad (Almost Always). Why is that? *NM*
I think militant Islam and Sharia Law is a real threat to the West, thanks to the Bush idiots and Obama. *NM*
Have you noticed? *LINK* *PIC*
Okay -- GMOs. What good does it do to report ONLY on the RESULTS of what TPTB are DOING if you DON'T ALSO REPORT on WHO's FUNDING it, WHO's ENDORSING it & WHY???
You've got a going point! *NM*
Olmert: U.S. Was Ready to Absorb 100,000 Palestinian Refugees... *PIC*
THEY DID MURDER Princess Diana .... those Crowning Scumlings! Lady Gaga should not have knelt to the queen BUT visa versa! WACKOS all of them! *LINK* *PIC*
New Realities has a MONUMENTAL EVENT about The Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls ...... check this out and get to it! *LINK* *PIC*
It's pretty easy now to tell the FUKLING SCUM from people with Character! *LINK* *PIC*
It's time for RAGE!! It's time for people to put a STOP to these murderers! *LINK* *PIC*
If this gives you wood.... contact your local representative right away! *NM* *PIC*
Gulf Disaster May Be A 'World Killing' Event (All in a days work.... besides....) *LINK* *PIC*
The DREAM ACT in Congress -- Hammering the Nails into America's Coffin!! *PIC*
Congratulation To Americans For Defeating Dream Amnesty *NM* *LINK*
I ask, what American would not support this?
lemme guess...aaah....maybe those American Impostors with USRAEL double-citizenship and their millions of brainwashed addicts? What would the Nancy Pelosis do then? *NM*
Social Engineering Bill In Senate Will Force You Into City *LINK*
The Vatic Project - comments *LINK*
REPORT: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by UFOs *LINK*
We Can Build Whatever Animal You Want to Eat, Say Scientists...(gee, what a comforting thought...) *PIC*
2012: Truth, not Just Prophecy by Nithyananda *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Satanists Encouraged by Lack of Opposition *LINK*
Amazing New Designs For The Dollar Bill (PHOTOS)
REPORTS: Muslim Brotherhood & Jihadis Have Infiltrated the U.S. Government *PIC*
If you're against DAVID ICKE, then you're against truth (and you'll piss me off) === WE LOVE YOU DAVID!!! *LINK*
An Idea who's time has come..... Becoming a Noose Ants. *PIC*
Few listen until their own life is at stake. Those who take action are considered by mainstreamers to be brainwashed. *LINK*
It’s high time that radical global warming alarmists who are calling for mass murder and fascism be investigated by the relevant authorities as potential terrorists. *LINK*
RT News Channel is the BEST of any News Channel! *LINK*
This would implicate that ISis-RA-ELohim crime central pays back lots of money after 'wash-rinse-dry'. How and to whom? For 'buying' patriot missiles? So why do they always cry for charity donations? *NM*
It also implies that the United States has been USING Israel in a BIG Way...So what's new? *NM*
According to the un-dead bragger and war criminal Ariel Sharon it's just the other way round, did you know that? It's publicly documented! He said that tiny Israel uses big US for its purposes.
The State of ISRAEL is OCCUPIED by the U.S. MILITARY -- the SAME as GERMANY!!! Did YOU Conveniently "Forget" about THAT??? Check Out the PHOTOS!!!
A message from Lady Gaga to the Senate Sept 16 2010 *LINK* *PIC*
On the other hand... is she an insane murderer? *LINK* *PIC*
Lady Gaga is anything more than only 'gaga' (french for crazy)
Lady Gaga's "BEEF"... *PIC*
"STASIS" -- The Big Sleep -- Coming Soon the ETs say... :O *PIC*
ET's REVOLT!!! NASA must've sent BLACKWATER/Xe to MARS!! :D *NM* *PIC*
Twins Die Minutes After Measles Vaccination *LINK*
Feds threaten man on oiled Florida beach: "ILLEGAL TO DIG" -- NO SAND CASTLES *LINK*
Weather Modification Electromagnetic Grid Systems in the Gulf of Mexico (Via Underwater Electromagnetic Cabling???) *LINK*
Max Keiser does it again..... he just keeps on blowing my mind with brutal honestly and profound intelligence (don't miss these On The Edge videos) *LINK*
ADMIN! The Templar Stone, in the shape of a Shield, showing The All Seeing Eye, Solar Cross, Fish Symbol "Ichthys", Pyramids, Freemasonry Compass, a Pentagram and more (new pictures and symbol images) *LINK*
Vaccine lovers take note. Bill Gates LOVES vaccines! He states they are a way to reduce the world’s population. Keep Bill happy. Go get a vaccine!
Bill Gates is a strong eugenicist who also advocates 'Death Panels' *VID*
The definition for Conspiracy to commit murder
Yes I'm ready to refuse this crap! WTC 911 Attack by "Radical Islam"? Really, this is the lowest level of Dis-Information and Propaganda after 9 years! Anybody supposed to swallow this stinking frog?
Since when do you care about Americans??? Go worship your own god... *NM* *PIC*
More of the same tabloid mud stream media agit-prop? Ad Hominem attacks as a last resort? Libel & Slander? Feeling 'established' right here at 'Trusted News Traders'? Bringing 'Truth Into Play'?
Too bad you don't believe in a Free Flow of Ideas & Opinions...
An email from a friend of my wife after listening to their rep speak in Crawford County, Ohio (Please spread it........ it's a must)
Is that Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.)??? He's Mormon, therefore Very PRO-CIA, PRO-Amnesty for Illegals??? What's the Story on this guy? *NM*
Sorry but - NO! It would be too bad about the bullet! :D *NM*
Americans eat bullets for breakfast...save it for... :D *NM* *PIC*
Doctors and Animals Alike Tell Us: Avoid Genetically Modified Food *LINK*
What could possibly go wrong??? :O *PIC*
GO BACK TO SLEEP...Everything is under control... :O *VID*
Smoking Mirrors: Gotter and Dammerung on the Horizon by Les Visible *LINK* *PIC*
Alex Jones, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! THANK YOU ... You are a Modern Day Hero!!! WE LOVE YOU *LINK*
Bill Gates Death Panels Tip of Iceberg. *LINK*
RT: US to split into 6 pieces in 2010 *NM* *LINK*
RT Video: 'America will collapse' *LINK*
What the American Economic Collapse will bring by 2010 2012 *LINK*
Gerald Celente on RT: 'Worst economic collapse ever' *NM* *LINK*
Love this, but what if you have a Black Vehicle? *NM*
Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING scientists -- ILLEGAL TO SAMPLE *LINK*
Fascism in America, Government Complicit in Covert Spraying of the Gulf *LINK*
Reporter: “Entire communities where they’re vomiting blood” in Louisiana — “Very, very serious situation here” (VIDEO) *LINK*
The age of Mass killings and Corporations *LINK*
Until we start arresting and hanging the murderers in the global hierarchy... this will continue!
Fort Knox is EMPTY - Gata on FOX *LINK*
Gold Plated Tungsten Bars- Biggest Financial Swindle In History? *LINK* *PIC*
The IMF sold Gold plated tungsten bars to India ?!?!?! *LINK*
Gold Bars-- with Tungsten Cores *LINK*
When Richard Nixon took the U.S. off the Gold Standard, it seems like THAT would have been THE TIME of the LOOTING of FT. KNOX...
Nuclear waste piles up with no disposal plan (My answer to this problem) *LINK*
War by Deception (Iraq, 911, PNAC, Anthrax, what the media won't report.) *LINK*
As of this morning, Chris was dead. *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Chris who? *NM*
Elizabeth's baby, Chris, who got a FLU SHOT: Story Below... *LINK*
The best interview I've heard on Sharry Edwards and Bio Acoustic Biology
Monsanto, Blackwater and GM crop saboteurs *LINK*

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