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Where Else In The World Can You Find Such Oppression? (they say you can get overwhelmed.... bullshat!)
The St. Petersburg Times Throws In The Towel (stop reading that crap news and come get some!some kewl shatnter) *LINK*
ADMIN! Some posts were removed by mgmt. due to request. *NM*
Sorry. Understood. Hopefully the right people had enough time to read and copy them. I have made backups. Greetings! *NM*
new uk crop circle *NM* *LINK*
FBI Most Wanted Terrorist: USAma Bin Laden - Please help ... help ... heeeelp! *PIC*
Project Camelot Productions interviews Aaron McCollum June 2010
Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything *NM* *LINK*
The 'God particle' may exist in five forms, Large Hadron Collider's rival project finds *NM* *LINK*
Barack Obama, Former CIA Agent *LINK*
No Surprise! And most probably true! It seems to be for PRE-Conditioning. Secret Service Taming and Training the Circus Clowns for the Sheeple before they are let loose into the arenas.
WikiLeaks is Asking for Urgent Help *LINK*
Now this Guy Has Got the Answer ~ Vote for Him! :D *LINK*
He's got my vote! :)
Exploring the limits of audio fidelity in a car
Legal stuff BP and Government thinks about...
local info (video) from the gulf
I am So Happy to Hear (literally) "We Are Here" ~ But can they stop long-range acoustic devices (LRAD) That are now permanent in Toronto??? *LINK*
A soundwave can be destroyed by using exactly the same frequency with a half-wave shift. :D
Re: A soundwave can be destroyed by using exactly the same frequency with a half-wave shift. :D
Coping with soundwaves
That and a sink hole to suck up the evil ones :D *NM*
recommend direct ear protection outside or/plus inside - headset plus earplugs :D
The Power of Expectation & Belief (to your disbelief I'll bet) *LINK*
Re: The Power of Expectation & Belief (to your disbelief I'll bet)
Vast Mineral Deposits Found in Afghanistan *VID* :D *LINK*
Perhaps the most under reported event in the Gulf oil spill
to me the blue translucent beam looks like an optical effect on the lense of the camera or on a window's panel, a high energy shot would be extremely short, boil the water, create clouds of steam
I have the tendacy to lean towards agreement on that one. We have found many of our videos lately have a purple or blue beam shooting through the pictures *NM*
My suggestion: 2001 WTC911 demolition as pre-run to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Same people, same tactics. Then: DWH rig demolition as a pre-run to invasion of Iran in ... 2010 or 2012?
If Russia knew the pressures they could NOT control, then BP knew as well... *LINK*
Petroleum Engineer: Gulf Oil Rig Intentionally Sabotaged...
REPORT: Gulf Coast Explosive Tsunami...
Increasing solar activity could wreak havoc *NM* *LINK*
May I ask if this is the only source of havoc we must be worried about? *PIC*
Ron Paul: Restore a Full Audit of the Fed *LINK*
Re: Ron Paul: More bulloney
BP emails show BP really screwed up!
Targeting Whistleblowers - Truth Telling Endangered *LINK*
Danger Danger - Fire In The Hole
Money Trail in Dubai Assassination Leads To Iowa *LINK*
Re: Obama Speaking With No Flags ?
I really don't like the feel of the board right now. See ya later when the tone changes! *NM*
Just When We Think We've Seen It All...Goldman Sachs Smoking E-mail: "Suck it, fishies and birdies!" *PICS* *LINK*
wrong flag..... it should be this ! *NM* *PIC*
World Cup - Germany vs Australia 4 : 0 and yes, rolling in doughs aka doughnuts now. You can have the bagels! :D A Good PropaGoose will never loose so sayeth the PropaGander to the ForumRanter. ;) :D
Wrong flag? ... should be ... these?
this one?
We? Who is we? For whom do you speak? Me? Did you see, right bar TeeNTee? E.G.: What Really Happened? Rense? David Icke? *PIC*
geeez is NOT about being German *PIC*
It's about the crapy crooks sitting in power *NM* *PIC*
Hard to take but true, most of the younger superficial germans love Obama because 1. he's so American LOL 2. he's so JFK like LOL 3. he's a man of peace LOL - especially wimmin are fond of Obama :D
"With friends like these no need to watch out for your enemies?"
new uk crop circle *NM* *LINK*
Lindsey Williams Reveals to Alex Jones Some of the Real Threats Posed by the BP Oil Spill *VID*
Navy's Blue beam weapon ! add this to the video !
How did that hole get in the heliport deck but not melt the rest of it without using a LASER BEAM??? *NM* *PIC*
Could it be the helideck photo is 'composed'? I found some traces, lines, grids and angels :O *PIC*
A Reply from the source emailer..... *PIC*
LOL feels like being 'tazered' by a chosen 'blue beamer' :D
BP Moves Into Gulf Coast: Building “BP City” For Workers *LINK*
Saudi Arabia Gives Israel Clear Skies To Attack Iranian Nuclear Sites *LINK*
People's Summit in Toronto - June 18th - June 20th *LINK*
Wiki-Leaks founder a target? *NM* *LINK*
[KR50] Keiser Report – Sucking Gold & Slurping Silver with Freddie, Fannie & Confucius (Don't Ever Miss an episode! because that's being foolish) *LINK*
imHo...those buy gold and silver right now are fools that are .... *PIC*
I actually agree with you on this my friend............
As you say it, gold & silver overprized, too late to flee to metals, old games reloaded, same tricks, newborn gullibles, sheepshearing in next barn corner. Private possession of gold soon a crime? *NM*
hmmm where has this mega mouth been ?? Why so quiet now MR commie ??
Could be Baby Huey has something on his mind... :D
The Coming Battle to the Right of Water ~ Maude Barlow: The Global Water Crisis *LINK*
Water: Blue Gold in the 21st Century. P 1 ~ Democracy Now *LINK*
'America's Foreclosure King' How the United States Became a PR Disaster for Deutsche Bank *LINK*
So called Deutsche Bank was created by global zionists in 1870 and owned by the same chosen people (not the Vatican).
Baloney... :D The Devil has TWO Horns...
How many do you have? One, two or ... maybe three? :D
REPORT: They're Coming To Blow Us Away -- USNORTHCOM Gearing Up... *LINK*
Same self-chosen elite, same supremacist rulers -> Is Palestine everywhere? Even in US? Recall: Shuttle Columbia with chosen IDF commander disassembled right over Palestine/Texas. Mene tekel upharsim?
MORE Obfuscation??? ;) How about 9/ll as a Better Analogy...
you posted these IMHO dubious dis-info sources already, I've read it and accept only part of it, the repeated Hitler analogies are ridiculous
My original Post mentioned nothing about the Vatican, the Jews, the Nazis or the SPACE SHUTTLE (Completely OFF-TOPIC)...
I think it is called "the breaking Point" Moonshadow
Thanks, DrumSpirit, I really do understand what you're saying...
I truly respect and feel your words of your experinces ~ Bless you for sharing! *NM*
Exchanging cause and effect leads to confusion. Pity for supremacist sadists and murderers is humane? Saying to be fine without caring for one's neighborhood ... empathetic?
The only Confusion is in the Twisting of my Words...
Believe me, there are more colors than just black and white, I know it, I have seen it. How about you?
"FEDERAL TROOPS assigned to seek out and destroy Resisters and Insurgents - THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!" -> So, in Steve's eyes all 'American' People are 'insurgents and resisters'? That's unheard news!! WOW
Hypocrisy Reigns. "The World has been taken over by Lying, Hypocritical, Mass-murdering Madmen" *LINK*
Are the Gremlins back at the Board or has everything just gone into Suspended Animation? :O Well...
All of the above! :D *NM*
Do you really need your guns anymore?
SaLuSa 9-June-2010
Some Extraordinary Short Videos telling A Larger Oil Tale *LINK*
OBAMA...Proof Positive: Born in Kenya, Africa *LINK*
Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up *NM* *LINK*
Vatican Official Tied to BP, Goldman-Sachs & Media Censorship *LINK*
Turning A Suburban Yard Into An Organic Farm (VIDEO) *LINK*
REPORT: EXTREME ALERT — Gulf Coast Evacuation Contingency Plans Soon to Go Operational *LINK*
Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment
Beautiful Palestinian & Israeli Singing Together for PEACE... *VID* :)
Right on Sisters! *NM*
Global Warming Ends & Ice Age Begins Antarctica Ice 2000 to 2009 *LINK*
This Is Why There was NO SUMMER IN 2009 *LINK*
Fighting Food Fascism ~ Saskatchewan farmer speaks out ~ Brass Check TV *LINK*
Follow the Money Trail??? HA!!! The Swiss Buried It Under Their BIS ('DOO-DOO MOUNTAIN')...
Total Sellout: Leading Agricultural Scientist Says 'Organic' Farmers Should Plant GM Crops *LINK*
hahaha, his name is CON-WAY and Gordon like gordian, how appropriate, one hit on this gordian knot reveals on the spot, just another rent boy to sell kinda poisonous SOY - LENT GREEN?
Great clip to watch! No matter what, if any, your religion is! *NM* *LINK*
brilliant performance and so true, no matter who, your god is, one can go along with this ;) *NM*
Beautiful! :) *NM*
Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
ISRAEL: West Bank Settlements Are Legal Under International Law *PIC* *LINK*
Vindicated....yeap he IS NOT an America born POS-pOTUS *PIC*
methinks the pic shows Barack's zircon sized pee-niss, so nothing dirty at all :D
Choice and Commitment ~ Lisa Renee *LINK*
SAGE ADVICE! Have a cookie... ;)
Or you could screw them all, and do the Mission Impossible :D *LINK*
That was good ... thank you. *NM*
Jackie Salvitti Newsletter (ET Healing)
Report FROM New Madrid Fault area: The surface rupture of the roads and highways is out of control. IN DEPTH REPORT *LINK*
Watch the Flames! ~ "I THINK IT'S GONNA BLOW" *VID* *PICS*
June 8th, 2010 KR49] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! And Michael Hudson! *LINK*
New Vatican campaign to clamp down on 'liberal opinion' *LINK*
Another Gulf oil spill: Well near Deepwater Horizon has leaked since at least April 30 *LINK*
China finally Learns the Truth about the Jews (interesting article) *LINK*
Lock-down on the Gulf- From Kerry Cassidy's blog *LINK*
Then this article comes as no surprise: BP 'manipulating search results' on Google following oil spill
BP accused of judge-shopping for seeking Republican judge to handle lawsuits *LINK*
BP Indirectly Funded Rahm Emanuel's Rent-Free (and Tax-Free) Use of Capitol Hill Townhouse *LINK*
Likely only in Canada...a fake lake!!!!
Governments reasoning for Fake Lake ...this story kills me!
Well shiver me timbers!!! Almost right at the end of my street, and this is the first I have heard of it!!! Talk about slithering snake government *NM*
Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque *LINK*
Breaking News - and views - from around the world *LINK*
New "RED DAWN" Movie...Updated Remake: More Social Engineering?...OR... :O
I say bring it..........
A possible solution to your... :D
psst, my lil secret: engineering LVM, the Love Vending Machine, partner simulation, flavours: straight, gay, beast, undead and extraT, test runs in 2011 at Wally, brand name SALLY (= Silicon Alley) :D
the missing link to the 10 weirdest vending machines
Judge Andrew Napolitano Natural Rights and PATRIOT ACT Part 2 of 3 *LINK*
Sudden Sinkhole Outbreak Raises Fear in China ~ Not off the meeri-go-down yet! *LINK*
Could it be from all those damn underground cities and underground boring? *NM*
Well I think I am standing on one now ~ G20 is coming ya know! *NM*
Earthquake Swarm Strikes Off Los Angeles, California
BREAKING NEWS!! BP Well Leaking Oil & Gas From the Seafloor!! Well Bore & Casing Broke! *LINK*
Ocean currents likely to carry oil along Atlantic coast *LINK*
it's also about...
Yes Oldman I think we are an extention (headed for extinction) of the reptilian consciousness. Preservability = Deservabilty *NM*
It will all be okay! Well, except for maybe.......... *PIC*
And interesting enough, isn't Hawaii the heart chakra? But if we sway again .... Is it Illusion or Delusion?
the illusion(s)
2012: Dr. Martin Luther King relative, contactee, brings UFO/ET message of dimensional shift in 2012 *LINK*
DEEPWATER HORIZON Cover-Up: BP's Crude Politics & the Looming Environmental Mega-Disaster *LINK*
Setting History FREE! David Wilcock and Graham Hancock! FINANCIAL COLLAPSE PAVES THE WAY FOR DISCLOSURE *NM* *LINK*
[my my, so many 'big cocks' hanging (?) around here lately] :D
Are you trying to insinuate .......
no, nothing special intended, just arranged some wordplay from what I found via metasearch and, as often, in the end I was astonished of the outcome, that's all :)
Well... as far as I'm concerned many of these prophets, futurists, seers and visionairies could have also been, or even written, great comics! *NM*
Sun Rips in 2 with huge Coronal Hole - Solar wind Incoming! *LINK* *PIC*
GREAT HEADLINE... reminds me of the coaching we had in marketing classes
Re: GREAT HEADLINE... Here's Another! *LINK*
Hillary to the Max! I Love it! Almost Religulous *NM*
Bilderberg 2010: Final List of Participants *LINK*
This video with Alex Jones really excited me! :D Did we just go through some portal? *NM*
It actually gave me some wood too! Alex Jones = "Modern Day Hero" *NM*
new uk crop circle Nr Wellow. Somerset *NM* *LINK*
David Icke and Jordan Maxwell in Conversation at Project Avalon *NM* *LINK*
AWESOME Dialogue!
Amazing post is right!
Yet a profound Statement.... ?
I agree about Jordan ~ Could sense some softening with David's kind demure nature *NM*
Islam Created US, Canada And Mexico :D *LINK*
True US History Latest Headlines *LINK*
Top Republican to introduce resolution defending Israel against flotilla criticism *LINK*
I LOVE TURKEY! Makes me proud to hear him talk!!! *LINK*
How fake science "proved" that alcohol is an impractical fuel XXX RATED *LINK* *PIC*
4Z only! TNT Bull'tin Board's Nuts & Bolts Police now controls fire side chatters. Beware! She'll take care of your questionable ass-sets! :D *PIC*
Episode 57 – 06 June 2010, Guest: Dr Paul Craig Roberts *LINK* *PIC*
Ironic, isn't it. (and that's the BEST MAX KEISER yet!) *LINK*
The Empathic Civilization/100th Monkey Theory? *LINK* *PIC*
NWO Busted: Man who exposed Bilderberg reveals conspiracy secrets to EU *LINK* *PIC*
Benjamin Fulford's latest blog... developments! *LINK*
David Icke - Human Race, Get Off Your Knees ~ A Project Avalon Interview with Bill Ryan *NM* *LINK*
Marcus Brigstocke Exposing: The Three Abrahamic Religions and The 'must-be-written-in-a-book' Lunatics :D
The Problem always comes down to this ONE thing...
Thanks, Dancer... ;)
DEEPWATER HORIZON: The End of the United States of America *LINK*
Not a Michael Ruppert fan
Well, he says he's From the Wilderness... :D But you're Right...
The Vatican's Finances...Mamma Mia! :D
Bashing time again? :D BTW you can't eat money, you can't go to brothels 24/7, you can't buy eternal life, so what's the fuss about all the superfluous money the catholic 'super rich' shift around? :O
Yes... true enough, but you can eat your meat. *NM* *PIC*
Some people may think they have a right to know the whereabouts of all that shifted "superfluous" Vatican money...since it's THEIR money...
Research Links Genetically Modified Food To Long Term Sterility *LINK*
Governments, Intell Agencies, CEOs, the Entertainment Industry, the Vatican are Listening to iON *LINK* *PIC*
..........Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh my.......... *NM* *PIC*
TRUE EVIL: Zbigniew Brzezinski: Evil Spirit of 5 US Presidents - And Biggest Threat to World Peace *LINK*
Biggest Threat to World Peace: FEAR! *LINK* *PIC*
Exposing the Bilderbergers: Photos from Spain *LINK*
The Road to Sitges Part I: The Prussian Prince (a must read!) *LINK*
always wondering about the color ORANGE to flag recent pseudo revolutions backed by westerners, e.g. in Ukrain - is the answer ORANGE-Nassau?
Bilderbergers-R-Us! *PIC*
66 years ago on the 6th day of the 6th month at 6 o'clock in the morning Operation Overlord started. A satanic ritual under the 666 to slaughter almost 50,000 soldiers within a few hours. 1944 = 666.
KYMATICA by Ben Stewart (Sequel to Esoteric Agenda) *LINK*
Keiser Report 48: 03 June 2010 – Guest Edward Harrison *LINK*
American, 19, Among Gaza Flotilla Dead *LINK*
You should get that printed in Newspapers across America.
Pentagon Ordered to Make Cuts to Spend Billions More on War *LINK* *PIC*
DEEPWATER HORIZON: Caught in the Oil -- Just the Beginning... *PICS* *LINK*
Big Pharma blackmails Greece; halts medicine supply over cash demands *NM* *LINK*
DEEPWATER HORIZON: They KNEW...Hollywood movie, 'KNOWING' Predicted the Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico... *VID* *PIC*
So did the Movie RAMPAGE 2010 *PIC*
I can't find the LINK, but the Rope looks good... :D *NM*
Re: I can't find the LINK, but the Rope looks good... :D *LINK*
imHO ABC news is showing that the oil rig IS a 911 attack by the illuminatti‏ on America !
Matthew has a new post
Goldman Sachs Dumps 44% of it's BP Stock Weeks before Oil Rig Disaster *LINK* *PIC*
Director James Cameron has some ideas for oil spill *LINK*
Music, Sound and the Sacred *LINK*
LOL ~ Texas Gal 4 Truth ~ LOL takes lots of heat at GLP for her texas lone star stances & her unheard appeal: "Think PROPHECY Folks!" :D
she likes to go hunting and fishing :D
Well, she should be Careful...Dangerous Waters these days... :D
A TEXAS 'Doppelganger'? OR... :D *VID*
Amazing Post! *NM*
Un-embedded (LOL) financial journalist Ellen Brown on 'Web Of Debt' and 'Computerized Front Running' - Mini-Max Keiser
There's a remedy for almost every disease, in this case one might try one of these?
new uk crop circle nr warminster *NM* *LINK*
Airbus A-380 'Biggest Passenger Plane' came to town yesterday *PIC*
WOW...Well, we Americans haven't lost OUR Innovativeness or Resourcefulness... :D *PIC* *VID*
Ever more US videos don't play here: "This video contains content from Sony Entertainment. It is no longer available in your country." WTF?
Sorry, I couldn't find the Video at another Link...
"THE WATER ANOMALY" - Water IS Soul! - Homeopathy based on water memory. I recognize the commenter's voice. He works for RT Russia Today TV. He has his own talk show there.
Homeopathy has saved my life on many occasions. :D *NM*
What is 'Likely' to happen between Now, 2012 and 2014 by David Wilcock *LINK*
I also like this person's take on 2012 --- similar? *LINK*
I get server not found at your link *NM*
.... the link works just fine. *NM*
i dig the artwork...a self portrait?? *NM*
Good old Canadian politics: instead of having riots and civil wars, we just have our politicians yell at each other instead! *LINK*

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