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The Very First 'Senior Moment' ... :) *NM* *PIC*
Opening the 3rd eye is a major step in consciousness. *PIC*
Re: Opening the 3rd eye is a major step in consciousness.
Jesse Ventura on CNN 10/15/10 - "The Constitution is not a Popularity Poll" *NM* *LINK*
Rense on Depleted Uranium - Our Calamity *LINK*
The Coming Collapse of the Real Estate Market *LINK*
Uncle Sam’s Mysterious Hoard
Gerald Celente: "The selloff of America" *LINK* *PIC*
Prince talks about Chemtrails on TV *LINK* *PIC*
The FED Has Gone Insane... *LINK*
Oops! Another LINK...Same Article -- Different Title...
A song from the South...different strokes for different folks... *VID*
CHINA ECONOMIST: U.S. is Currency War's "tomb maker" *PIC*
Can Your Leader Act?? Ours Can ..... :D *LINK*
PM's Previous Acting Experience? ....... *LINK*
Oh WOW...can he ever...currently starring in his biggest role!... :D *PIC*
35 governors sign suit for constitutional amendment
Kogis in Ontario and Quebec next week
I can't paste below- http://tomkenyon.com/opening-the-halls-of-amenti - Final Instructions for the World Meditation on October 31st 2010
Chemtrails and Monsanto’s New Aluminum Resistance Gene – Coincidence? *LINK* *PIC*
Michael Murphy - What in the World are They Spraying? *LINK* *PIC*
INSIDERS REPORT: OBAMA Suffering From Severe Depression & Is Offering Hillary Clinton the Vice-President Position *LINK*
An IMF Head From China? *LINK*
The View 10/14/2010 Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walk off stage after argument with Bill O'Reilly
A MUST WATCH ... I can not fix the post above it says I have an invalid passcode, *NM* *LINK*
Is this the right one?
President Ahmadinejad of Iran on Larry King ~ Sept. 22, 2010 *LINK*
Agit-Prop Clip according to J I D F manual for cyber-warriors? Looks like 'blatantly obvious'! Haughty Suprem(eR)acist Attitude?
Yeah, how DARE those Israelis demonstrate in ANY way that they have OTHER things in life they'd PREFER to be doing rather than fighting Neo-Nazi instigated Wars. How dare they? *NM*
Since decades the only people heard incessantly crying for war, seen murdering opponents and threatening the whole world with nuclear options are your beloved adored zi-o-nist chosenites. Get A Life! *NM*
Where and When did so-called Neo-Nazis instigate wars against Yisroel? - FYI: TBS!
Sorry we disagree. I'll find more Agreeable (?) topics since a War in the Middle East is not that important. *NM*
"Mister President, tear down this wall!"
"Mister President, tear down the wall of LIES!" *VID* *PIC*
before visiting suspicious agit-prop dis-info websites better be sure to
Good to know!! thanks for the tips!! *NM*
Well, geez, maybe we should disable our computers & throw 'em in the garbage...otherwise we might pick up a bad bug and fly into a ... :D *PIC*
Or worse yet ... :D *PIC*
FYI: if we is you, well then "all options are on the table"
Speaking for myself ONLY...
Another vile tactic: laying words that haven't been said, crying foul and then arguing on own bugaboo. Logical Fallacy? Shadow Boxing? Or throwing dirt as last resort? Anyway, a waste of time!
Baloney. *NM*
American Children Are Strangers In A Strange Land *LINK*
High Military Alerts in the Middle East *PIC*
My God there is enough of you looking for it, you may as well go over there and pick a side! *NM*
Sometimes things like that can be Delayed or Stopped -- by taking away from *them* the element of Surprise. I say -- Shine a Light on the Cockroaches!! Otherwise...? *NM*
Israel Releases 1973 War Papers To Warn Syria *LINK*
Iran May Have Executed Nuclear Staffers Over Stuxnet *PIC*
Chinese Warplanes Make Mid-East Debut in Turkey & Iran *PIC*
Ominous Heads Up -- Last Week Of October Into November...
Ahmadinejad Steps Into a Cauldron
China Stakes Claim to South Texas Oil, Gas *PIC*
Max Keiser predicts American Economy to TANK tomorrow: Max Keiser, Cynthia McKinney & Peter Carty talk about the foreclusure scandal in the U.S. *LINK*
Michio Kaku: People Who Oppose NWO Are 'Terrorists' *LINK*
Swiss Banks Foreclosing on the Queen of England? Looks like Bloody Ties (OATHS) Do Bind... :D *PIC*
oh my oh my oh my, how things can go awry! *PIC*
New Matthew message at http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=126&z=2
messages wont load for me to read *NM*
ADMIN! Fixed *NM*
Thx .. I have lots of reading to catch up on, smiles *NM*
Too much reading can make one dizzy in the head and even short-circuit brain-cells. Easy remedy: stick head into fridge gobble-dee-gobble
things that go a hovering with messages
blocked again *NM*
Read-Post function back, but loooong loading. *NM*
Alert! Read-Post function blocked! *NM*
Joy of Satan Ministries: The Bible Fraud - The "Book Of Books" a compilation of ballsy thefts?
The Bible is written by man, any book written by man have mistakes... *NM*
Hmmm...what does Enki Dinky Doo, father of all LIES, do for an encore? -- since he can create N-O-T-H-I-N-G. *NM*
"Enki Dinky Doo" a secret term? Not defined in dictionaries ... lemme guess ... maybe ADHI or MAHDI? :D MADHI?? MAD HI? :O
BTW, that "music" you posted? -- a Summons for the Sumerian/Babylonian Spirits? If so -- Not Nice. *NM*
"My Soul" title of an unnamed Russian band probably influenced by drugs and alcohol to break mental blockages? *NM*
CARACUS : THE INFORMAL CITY ~ a portrait of a city that is rapidly becoming the prototype for the exploding urbanization *LINK*
U.S. Economic, Political, and Military Expansion in Asia-Pacific Region
Mercy is Alive and Well, thank our Maker! *NM* *LINK*
Nice! "gobble-gobble" where's the turkey? TLOL! (birds smarter than humans?)
Little things that make you go, "Hmmmmm"..... :O *PIC*
MAX KEISER: Hank Paulson: Portrait of a financial terrorist *LINK* *PIC*
John Lennon :)
thanks for posting..oh.. it makes me really miss John
John Lennon's 70th birthday celebrated in New York's Central Park *LINK* *PIC*
The Ancient Roots of Factionalism - Akashic Revelations of Lady Ray Van Allan Bravery :D *PIC*
The Ancient Roots of Fractured Frog Minds - BullShat Revelations of Radio Static & Internet Traffic Jams :D *PIC*
Bernanke Fires a Warning Shot Across the Congress-Clowns' Bow: A Looming Fiscal Crisis & the FED Will Not Take the Hit :O *PIC*
Oops! Another LINK... hope this one works...
More FACTS!!!!!!!!!! from Louis Farrakhan...? :D
Who is the most powerful woman in the World? *LINK* *PIC*
tis foto looks fake wis a sub message: "US Brownies have overcome Royal Whiteys" Queen Liz & Prince Phil Shrink - do you smell the stink? :D
alternate acoustic dressings :)
US "Token" Brownies -- for a season -- just Boogie Woogie Shoeshiners for European... *PIC*
Subliminal message to dwarf Bonnie & Clyde? Brown glasses to hide them repto pupils whilst shifting? How similar their mouth part is, so strong-willed ... cruel?
If England is Amerika's 'Mother Country', maybe that's why... :D
so inspiring you can be :D thanks *NM*
INVASION !!! ... we're finished ... :O *PIC*
Chemtrails: What In The World Are They Spraying? New documentary sets out to find out the truth behind government geoengineering programs *LINK*
Hal Lewis: My Resignation From The American Physical Society – an important moment in science history *LINK*
What's in the term YHVH?
What's in the symbol? *NM* *PIC*
okay okay nothing new then - maybe an insult to ADHI? :D *NM*
What is ADHI? or dare I ask? *NM*
an abbreviation for the unspeakable overgoat ;)
Wanna have something pleasant and bright in between? Monja Love Song 1967 GE - Meeooow, weeping guitar. Prepare your handkerchief :)
TOO MUCH! Brasscheck TV: X-Raying you without your permission (for your own good of course) *LINK* *PIC*
China UFO - New Report of Sighting Marks Eighth Time Since June / Oct. 6, 2010 ABC News *NM* *LINK*
An Alien Space Ship on the Moon *LINK* *PIC*
Petty controversy: Is Obama fleeing the country? *LINK* *PIC*
maybe something similar or 'reversed' is prepared for 11-9-2010 compared to 9-11-2001 ... if you look at the numbers and think of cabbalah and such: the 1 the 2 the 9 and the 11 for TWIN towers.
What REALLY Happened? -- UFOs -- The Battle of LA -- on February 25, 1942... *VID*
GALLERY of "UFOs" Certain Humans Would Rather We NOT See???...or...For Public Consumption Maybe??? Who Knows... *PIC*
UFOs Shut Down Our Nukes -- Disclosure Project UFO Conference at The National Press Club *PIC*
IFO - Identifiable Flying Objects - Haunebu Type? From Russia?
Latest Aeroflot on Wheels?... *NM* *PIC*
I see, still very bad road conditions in Putin County! Alien reptoids can cope with it, have flexible spines. *NM*
STUXNET WORM: Russian Experts Flee Iran's Dragnet For Cyber Worm Smugglers *PIC*
"Keiser Report” No. 84: Defeat the NWO! *LINK*
Carl Calleman~The Mayan Calendar & Money *LINK* *PIC*
Transdimensional Jump Point Approaching Fast *LINK* *PIC*
Stephen Colbert Testifies Before Congress on Immigrant Field Workers *LINK*
btw new interesting word for me: RUCKUS blend of RUCTION + RUMPUS? How about a 'Ruckus Worm' for the Internet?
Now that could calls a 'RUCUS' :) *NM*
David Icke on the Alex Jones Show Talking About the Economy, Mind Games and UFOS *LINK*
I love Carolina Cardinals, male & female, truly! ;) *NM* *PIC*
COURT RULING: Possible Destruction of Earth by CERN on 11/9 Is In No Way Attributable To U.S. Government -- See Copy of COURT DOCUMENT... *PIC*
REPORT: How It Will Happen: Earthquakes, Strangelets & Black Holes... *LINK*
Sigh shiver quiver tremble - strange 'strangelets' will devour the whole globe? These lil monsters do have appetite! Frankenstein Science? Oooouuuaaaahh! I'm soooo scared! *NM*
I'll be listenin' for a Giant Suckin' Sound, otherwise, Europeans can be the First to Greet the Annernaki Bros... :D *NM* *PIC*
Mother's slurping suck-in sound makes little baby giggle :)
So Sweet...the Best part of God and what He loves the Most...should be Cherished & Protected at all costs... :) *NM*
La La Land by Cal Garrison, Spirit of Ma'at *LINK*
CERN Apocalypse: Final Weapon 8: Strangelets *LINK* *PIC*
1st EXTINCTION EVENT: MINI-BLACK HOLES on 11/9 According to Leaked CERN Documents...or ANOTHER POSSIBILITY?... *PIC*
say what, somethin may come thru 'mini blackholes' .... aaah .. a minni blaack hole?
Hmmm...maybe somethin' comin' through the ANUS of Europe called CERN...Funded by the AnuBIS? :D *NM*
For your disCERNment: Imagine (but it's true) Russia Today has reported CERN was bankrupt and Oligarch Rubels saved it. Russia rules CERN! And the RU-Oligarchs enjoy villas in Sardinia.
What a Ruble! :D since Russia is building its own CERN close to Moscow. Did Russia ALSO BUY the Russian Ambassador's Office INSIDE the Vatican? :O *NM*
Clever Russians: Sell gas, buy blueprints, rebuild improved versions. The way they do it. Many examples to be found. *NM*
Clever Russians: Yes, they have to Buy or Steal copies & blueprints since they can't do anything ORIGINAL. The way they do it. Many examples to be found. *NM*
Israel's Critical Security Needs *VID*
UFOs in Worldwide Revelation on Oct 13 *LINK* *PIC*
Twilight Zone: To Serve Man *LINK*
“Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy” stated by (Arizona) Sheriff Paul Babeu!! That's Right Folks..... *LINK*
ISLAMOPHOBIA GETS A BOOST FROM AMERICAN NEOCONS (and by people with no heart or conscience.... people that just lie and post conjecture in order to disorient. Beware these Posters, for they are dark) *LINK*
You're absolutely right. Resistance is FUTILE. They can have it... :) *NM*
Cheer'd Wilders = Zionista Trojanski Horse to endorse and fortify the MSM 911 lie. Oh My! False Patriot & Whitey Fake like his bleached hair remake. B*tch Geller & Butty ChickenShat Teller. LOL! :D
FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *LINK*
Re: FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!! HE is Great!!...but who is it speaking that wants to expose the bastards?
I actually have to watch it AGAIN..this is soo good! *NM*
Re: I actually have to watch it AGAIN..this is soo good!
This is a test: Rumors have it 'u2candoit' started as RMN main pop-up poster named 'igots2no' ... no?
The ORIGINS of WATERBOARDING -- Some Obscure But Enlightening Historical Facts... *VID*
Full Screening: "The Day Before DISCLOSURE" A Film by Award Winning Director Terje Toftenes *LINK*
Re: Full Screening: "The Day Before DISCLOSURE" This is A MUST watch has to be the best Doc I have ever seen...very well done!!! Nice job Terje Toftenes
Interesting Movie -- The Governments shoot themselves in the foot & destroy their own credibility by lying when people already know the truth. If the ETs are FRIENDLY, then WHY the SECRECY?... *PIC*
Re: Interesting Movie -- The Governments shoot themselves in the foot & destroy their own credibility by lying when people already know the truth. If the ETs are FRIENDLY, then WHY the SECRECY?...
On the Web Bot Prediction of November 8 to 11th being a major "tipping point"... *PIC*
The NAU: Ramming It On Through? by "Expanding U.S.-Canada Security & Economic Partnership"? *PIC*
Outline – Reachinbeyond
Argument if God Exhist
tried to delete the prior post says wrong pass word
channel 2 bbsradio very nice *PIC*
Muslim Cleric Declares – “The Flag of Islam Will One Day Fly Over the White House” *VID* *PIC*
Aah... the White House ... in Moscow? :D *PIC*
He said Specifically the White House in Amerika, HOWEVER, if the Russians want to Capitulate to the Caliphate -- Let 'em... :D *NM*
REPORT: "Luciferian Masters" about to release what the Pentagon refers to as "the gods of the Sumerians"; ET Disclosure IS Eminent, but Be Careful What You Wish For... *PIC*
RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilisation *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Empath Own Unique History... :)
Saltwater- by Julian Lennon Visual Interpretation *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
ReachinBeyond *PIC*
Oops! Did the Pope Forget Something? :D *PIC*
Why is the moonwalk done arsbackards?
a subliminal schtick? and in Remembrance... :( *PIC*
to cute!
How GOOGLE EARTH is USED to TARGET ISRAEL, Indoctrinate & Revise History -- Things GOOGLE Does to NO OTHER COUNTRY... *PIC*
Exaggerated Artificial Hysteria based on peenuts issues and notorious fact denial? :O
Responding to freely anticipated reactions? But if wrong? *NM*
To BE or not to BE
I'd vote for the Bird...He Qualifies -- He has a 'Bird-Brain' and he can Talk... :D
ough *LINK* *PIC*
ough - U No it!!! :D *NM*
Skeleton of Cleopatra's sister found *LINK*
South of the Crystal is the Cardinal ... *PIC*
Ism this and ism that and ism what have you's *LINK*
Seems the U.S. Navy & NSA Got Their Revenge for the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty... *LINK*
Just to show you what you're missing............. *LINK*
you don't fit in...
GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!! *NM*
Family Tree of Vincent Van Gogh... (Now we know) :O
Love it. Smiling indeed! Tastes like Worcestersauce [spelled 'woostasauce'] Cheers :)
Oh Ma Gog(h)! :D That was a Good one! Interesting man - Van Gogh. I love the Vibrant Colors in his paintings... *NM*
Miss Him Yet? Bush NSA Chief CONFIRMS Bush Tried to Bring 100,000 Palestinian Muslims to U.S. *PIC*
The 'Ahwannajihad Option' in Retaliation for Worm Attack?
David Rockefeller gets a make over? *NM* *PIC*
I guess his K-I-S-S-I-N-G Session with MARTHA wasn't such 'a GOOD Thing'... :D *NM*
Penta=flag of life, Pentagon, Pentagram, etc *LINK*
LOU DOBBS Interview of Jesuit Priest on Illegal Immigration Issue ~ The Transformation of the Republic
Facebook at 517 million users suppresses ET/UFO disclosure with cointelpro spying, censorship *LINK* *PIC*
very very constricting! *PIC*
LOVE IT!!! Am doing something SIMilar, mySELF!... *PIC*
Hot to trot! :)
Got A Suspensorium For The World's Smallest Bodybuilder? :D
size dozen't matter its ho you use it.
Law of Psychics..........
Ohh! Aahh! The All-Natural Wonder Bra!
I beat my head, for the whistle's tune... my heart is pulsing
Now that was a swift response. Evening sun setting? What do you see looking out of your big window? Birds? Trees? Green meadow? *NM*
KleVage work it...
Butt *NM*
There's definitely something to be sade for Sexual Healing! *PIC*
Thats my fav. po *NM*
me oh wow
HAARP: The Real "Star Wars" *LINK* *PIC*
Up and atom ... *LINK* *PIC*
Ding Dong Ding Dong: Message 4 King 'Kong for Long' from Hongkong :D *PIC*
She IS HOT!!! What I would give for Kitty Kat Bar! *NM*
Olden Lecher! *NM*
CNN Fires Rick Sanchez for Saying Zionists are Not an Oppressed Minority *LINK*
but .... but if they say so, so say what, frown, ponder, brood :( *NM*
Yep...Ask LOU DOBBS!! :D *NM*
I'd prefer Tim Russert (RIP) ... as a more reliable character ;)
The Cartel's latest cloaked attacks against mankind are their so-called Backscatter X-ray Machines that expose the naked bodies of men, women and children *LINK*
Explain's why doctors like the new health care bill *LINK*
New Accusations of Rape/Satanic Abuse Rock Mormon Church *LINK*
Rise of the Mormons? :O
Most people have neither means nor physical strength to pack a bag and begin walking as refugees do. Psychologically, they are unable to accept that their government has done this to them and their .. *LINK*
US Government’s Human Experimentation Apology: They’re Only Sorry They Were Caught *LINK*
Stuxnet Worm: The Israeli "Mistake" -- IF it WAS a "Mistake" & IF it was ISRAEL who made it...There IS Another Possibility... :O
My thoughts! Hooray! Finally we can agree on - at least - ONE topic ... how come? For said reasons 'Sucks & Sticks Worming' not in Israel's interest. Not?
Stuxnet: The word 'stick' is stuck in my mind... :O *PIC*
stick stuck stook - gone is the mook! :D (or was it the mock :O ?) *NM*
obviously not only blown out of proportion but a deliberate propaganda lie for the gullibles and the habitual whiners
*WE* AMERICANS (& No-Teeth NATO) have stirred up a Hornets' Nest... :O *VIDS* *PIC*

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