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The Central Bank Gold “Shell Game” Continues *LINK*
Andrew Napolitano, Fox Contributor: Bush And Cheney 'Absolutely Should Have Been Indicted' (VIDEO) *NM* *LINK*
In My Fantasy and In My Reality *PIC*
[KR59] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Denninger! *LINK*
Egyptian General - 9/11 Was An Inside Job (this is a MUST video.... a MUST VIEW!) *LINK*
Hot topic. RENSE: "Norman Finkelstein Exposes MEMRI"
"be afraid, be very afraid" What National-Socialist China needs: Lebensraum im Osten. No more Only-One-Child policy. They are coming. Soon!
Shiver, tremble, shake! This world is so bad. Evil everywhere. Bad Nations. Bad United Nations. Bad Powers To Be, To Were, To Come. Bad and Sad Scum. Should I shoot myself? Now? Who benefits? *NM*
Don't look now behind ya...sigh
Update BP Oil on and also a link with home remedies for toxicity *LINK*
IMF Life Insurance Policies on Our ORIGINAL Birth Certificates??? & Just How Much are We Worth on the Market to Our "Owners"?... *LINK*
It is absolutely true that is why many are handing in their birth certificates! There is $ value on immigrants and head count $ on death! Worth more to them dead than alive! *NM*
Who "Owns" You??? *LINK*
Methinks the cheezy Jesuits and Benedictus Smoothsayer. You told me so, not? :D
Benedictus said he fought the DEVIL IN DISGUISE who appeared unto him at midnight as a naked but graduated anti-catholic wimmin named Maryah Carey. Brave Pope wrecked the cheap Mary trick! *NM*
Limburger? :D
Ha! Did I catch you SPYING in my kitchen? Proof of cheesiness detection at hand! "My Bavarian Limburger". Holy Cow! *PIC*
Anatomy of a Failing Presidency
A QUESTION OF SOVEREIGNTY - a film by Kevin P. Miller *LINK*
It's deja vu. They did it to us and now they're doing it to you. But I think it's been going on for sometime...quietly. *NM*
USAF Trained CHINESE Air Force for "Combat Readiness" * OFFICIAL USAF DOCUMENTS Obtained from the FAA... *LINK*
Why not? Commie China same as Commie Russia created, raised + protected by USA NYC Lower East Side. China sells hard- soft- & underware to Pentagon, gets paid back with training. Fair deal, not?
REPORT: Calm Before the Storm? Russian Troops to "assist" in "peacekeeping operations" on U.S. soil? How about "humanitarian relief"?
Why not? The US Nomenklatura has many ancestors and relatives in Eastern Europe and Russia, a lot of cultural roots also. Mutual help. Think Gorbachev.
The UN Relocating for 3-5 Years???
Why not? Who needs them anyway? Right, WTC maybe reloaded. Watch-out for moving vans, military games, lease contracts and insurance companies. Silverstein & Soros Inc.? Osama? Al Kaida? *NM*
Thinking of having a baby? Give it a chance to live!
Ron Paul (I just gave $20.00... I think everyone should sign this petition and donate whatever you can)
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
What's the refinement of Abomination? - and then: *PIC*
I don't "HOTLINK" -- I don't even know HOW -- nor do I want to -- (ya hear me, Dancer -- got that straight???) :) *NM*
Maybe you'll prefer to HYPER-link? Contrary to 'grab & upload' it's no copy theft, sorts of a referral (if you mention the source underneath). "to link or not to link, that's the question" Hamlet 2010 *NM*
*NEW* 4 Part Max Keiser! July 12, 2010 The Truth About Markets, USA *NM* *LINK*
Mount Adams Statement: 2012 & A Golden Age *LINK*
Tampa Sinkhole SWALLOWS Car, Forces Evacuation (PHOTO, VIDEO) *NM* *LINK*
Hezbollah Terrorists are Plotting Right on the U.S. Border *LINK*
"Gossip & Entertainment" as NYNewsDaily tabloid depicts in its upper bar. How appropriate! And then the 'Celebs Updates'. WOW. Needed to know, really! Utmost BS? (BS = Best Source, of course) :D *NM*
Most of the Internet IS High-Tech Tabloid with additional Entertainment, Rumors & Gossip -- even in the Sidebars! :D *NM*
ya think so? *NM* *PIC*
Shhhh... :D
Maxine's Twin Sister Minine, such a bitch and so down to earth. But don't tell.
Look What They Found Near the Texas and Mexico Border!! *LINK*
Did you just happen to 'forget' naming WHICH double-citizen high traitors within the US support this infiltration & stealth invasion? *NM*
You mean the ones who have Diplomatic Immunity, their own Court System and Confessional Booths?... :)
How come, I knew the content under the headline in advance. Clairvoyance? :D *NM*
Crackiety crack crack: Raid On A Mexican Drug Lord's Home --- Just Incredible! [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] I'll bet with a little help from their friendly rothscum bankers, golden treasures
HOLY MOLY Striderus!! Now YOUR *PICS* are doin' a DISAPPEARIN' ACT! Better learn some of that HTML stuff & have some Java to settle your 'Preview' quit workin' too... :D *NM*
pic hotlink 4 dummies: disable javascript, type (img src="http://WWW.COPY&PASTE-WWWLINKOFPIC.JPG") instead of round brackets use the pointed ones
You DO peel the shell off your boiled eggs before you eat 'em? Otherwise it might take more than 600 kilobytes to get one down... :) *NM*
same way as was at rmn....but I'm NOT pulling pics from the web, they're on my puter
exactly, you say it, with TNT conventional upload only 1 pic possible, if you have a free webspace account somewhere you could hotlink the rmn-way as I described above
for example ;)
Sure, catholicks, geesuits, eternal undead Nasi Gorengs :D Eric Phelps?
The Article I Posted was written by Greg Szymanski -- NOT Eric Phelps. :) *NM*
Very orderly minded, thanks. So you got it anyway for good? Besides: Names don't matter that much within common agit prop agendas. ;)
Our Bleeding Earth BP Oil Crisis Freeman TV - Jack Blood *LINK*
Commonly prescribed drugs linked to shrimp population decline ~ And the chain only gets worse! *LINK*
Things must descend and get "worse" in the illusion before the Shift *LINK* *PIC*
Reply to Oldman Jr. *PIC*
Guinness Names the World's Most Fearless Animal *NM* *LINK*
Thanks Honey! Let's Breed and Train Honey Badgers and then send an Armada Of Monster Honeys to White House, to Congress, to Wall Street and other playgrounds of venomous vermin. :D *NM*
What Eisenhower Could Teach Obama *LINK*
South Of The Border ~ Oliver Stone *NM* *LINK*
Hyperbaric Chambers used to Treat Diabetes *LINK*
Sorry guys, Dancer the site reading being blocked is because I hit the nail again below...too bad It was sent out complete anyways LOL *PIC*
Chicken Little Rap. Let's go!
No server access to read postings! Help! Help me! Have to play 'chicken little' for comfort now. :D *NM*
Thumbs up, Bro! My thoughts. The 'Golden Girls' are afraid of the Real Truth. Habitual thieves must cheat on for a living. Only horses changed to keep the wheels and tables turning. Tungsten business.
Again german octopussy was RIGHT, world cup final Spain vs Holland 1:0. What a hard fight this was! Very strange. Octopus knew it in advance. How come? Cephalopodes have best eyes, better brain also?
Here I go AGAIN... Gold to hit $2K/oz ??? have they assayed all it the FRAUDULENT GOLD OUT YET ? What was the total ?
Barbara Hand Clow's AstroFlash for July 11, 2010 (Today forward) *LINK*
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
A Course In Miracles: The Movie Trailer *LINK* *PIC*
Five top astrologers discuss transformational effects of Solar Eclipse and New Moon: July 11, 2010 *LINK* *PIC*
Sun, July 11, 2010 1:05:00 AMMeditation Focus #214 Stepping Up Towards Oneness Consciousness by Jean Hudon *LINK* *PIC*
George Carlin - Who Really Controls America? Video *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
"it depends on who's cooking" more of GC's language ANALysIS
My Afternoon with Amma, the Hugging Saint *LINK*
The Permanent Dehumanizing of Humanity? *LINK*
New Blog Entry: "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" by Zany Mystic *LINK* *PIC*
Only In Canada! Eh?
Oh that's Funny! And so much like Canada! :D *NM*
Could be placed at Wallstreet too together with a similar 'Warning of Bullshit'. :D
G20 Toronto Community Mobilization Network Press Conference ~ Prior to the G20 ~ Varied Groups coming together for a common cause. *LINK*
July 10th, 2010, Day of Action for Civil Liberties In Toronto *LINK*
July 11, Eclipse and a Blessing-Curse
1500 Oil Spill Workers Are Sick & BP Doctor Says He Doesn't Know Why!!!
Solar Activity Ramps Up - Mitch Battros
U.S. Navy EVACUATES Gulf of Mexico as 46 U.S. Warships + 7,000 U.S. Marines Deploy To Costa Rica *PIC*
amazing: the german octopus was right again, even in the way how it predicted the outcome of the worldcup game Germany-Uruguay 3:2
God In Human Form The Biography of Avatar Meher Baba (Video Link) *LINK* *PIC*
REPORT: 2400 Canadian Soldiers to be Deployed to Gulf Coast
This is all part of the SPP (Security Prosperity Plan), where Cdn prosperity goes "south" and the "security" come north. We have been fighting this, but with Harper, he just "does" and noone has yet *LINK*
Sounds just like the U.S.
I almost have to laugh ... OUTLOUD ... because I WAS right all along, while secretly hoping to be wrong ...
REPORT: NOAA Blacks Out North America From Tsunami Warning System *LINK*
My Two New Favourite Plants
as4me: 3 hardy palms, 2 chinese & 1 NW Rocky Mountain, 3 hardy bananas, 1 peruvian avocado tree 6 ft high and very rare
Shirinovsky's Rant on USA in Russian TV. Vladimir Volfovich himself AshkeNaZi poor blood. A Self-hating Yidman or A Man Of Reason?
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
Who will win the World Cup...Mathematics and the octopus
as predicted
Nano-generators can harvest electricity from your blood *LINK*
Memory-restoring compound could destroy Alzheimer's forever *LINK*
Flights diverted, delayed as UFO detected hovering *LINK* *PIC*
LOL, Nice pic of that ummm UFO....
Life out there?
Disposability Consciousness ~ Right On! *LINK*
Julia Butterfly Hill has a series of videos on her weblog among "thoughts, experiences, feelings, and photos" (in her own words)
Spiritual Discernment By: Carla L. Rueckert *LINK* *PIC*
What's Up with Planet Earth? July 2010 Newsletter by Meg Benedicte *LINK*
New Moon w/ Total Solar Eclipse July 11th 2010 *LINK* *PIC*
some religious go-spell incense for those who admire 'Obongo from Congo' (not here, I know)
LOL Obongo vote card has a special blue star on the right side - to signal the 'change' that is, of course LOL *NM*
Is this BP Well a hyped mess of lies? Is there any real danger? OR is this more BULLSHIT to scare the people and industry along the coastal perimeter? ..... me thinks that's part of it!
Sorry it Seems Rushed
Do you have Add-Ons enabled in you FF? And Javascript? Have you updated FF to 3.6? Did you disable 'referrer'? Kill 'super-cookies'?
'you' firefox LOL - pun not intended, but ... adequate? *NM*
Along those same lines...
It's Not Us (Canucks-Americans) Vs Them (Russians Chinese) or whatever
Re: It's Not Us (Canucks-Americans) Vs Them (Russians Chinese) or whatever
Part 2? two toxicologists are saying that Corexit is much more harmful to human health and marine life than we've been told. *LINK*
REPORT: Tony Blair to become New Boss of BP * (Russia 'Calling the Shots' Now from the Catbird Seat?)...
So tOnY bLIAR overhastily made the wrong choice, converting to Roman Catholicism instead of Russian Orthodoxy? So let's see the truth light at second sight!
Or...Sending in Their Big Guns!! Consecrate Russia before they Nuke the Gulf & Upstage Armageddon!! :D *NM*
NSA's 'Perfect Citizen' Surveillance Program To Detect Cyber Assaults *LINK*
Ya did real good ! Too bad we can't force idiots that whine to read, lead the horse to water but they still don't drink
Submission to the collective unconsciousness is slavery by IVAN RADOS *LINK* *PIC*
Bashar speaks on The Gulf oil gusher (VIDEO) *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Thank you! I really did need that reminder. *NM*
lol! too funny. i needed the reminder...btw who does basher channel? *NM*
Darryl Anka Channelling? See gestures, hand signs, mimics, entourage. Where's chillum and hemp smoke? Only Halfway Crook? :D
They're NOT just in prison for ILLEGAL ENTRY, they ARE IN JAIL/PRISON FOR OTHER CRIMES, so just in case I haven't made my case,making them legal residents doesn't mean they'll quit being CRIMINALS !
and before ANY of you Moors get on my case for what and how I said it...
Is he pissed at crackers for trying to stop his source of Crack ? crackiety crack crack *PIC*
Do you see the pattern yet ?? drugs, mexican/muslim/vatican mafias, crooked politics/demoRATS-repukes,crap'n'rap, street money,cia Mk-ultra, whores, slavery, child molesting, satanism, snizrael, etc.
believe me, while reading I felt as if "George Carlin" (now extraterrestrial) hovered by on a heavenly cloud. He promised to reincarnate soon, manyfold. Cheers! *NM*
Obama Commits Act of High Treason; Sides with Foreign Power Against Arizona *LINK*
Yet "Naziphobia" is the real thing — an irrational fear of (and blame on) non-existent Nazis.
FYI -> time to take a break and re-listen to 'chicken little - irrelevant but hypnotic' *NM*
Ouch! Again! Who triggered the TNT blocking now, Moonshadow at 1:42 pm or Dancer at 1:57 pm?
Ohoh! Back again. This was quick reaction. Just dis-connect and re-connect and back again. Thanks Maestros! :D *NM*
You sure it wasn't...? :D
I can't riddle you anything until you tell me what this "GLP" that everyone keeps mentioning? I mean please define with real words *NM*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Thanks! *NM*
GLP = GodLikeProductions *PIC*
GLP = GodLikeProductions. Reposted with a few corrections and add-ons. *NM*
something still missing *PIC*
Uuh-oh, CANADA. Goldman Sachs bringing Financial Reform to your Central Bank. What's THAT all about? *LINK*
You really can't do without your hollywood-style naziphobia can you? What's "Gestapo" about Goldman Sachs Banksters and the City-Of-London Crown?
Bank Of Canada - "owned by the people of Canada" ~ That will be the day! *NM*
"just go there and claim your share" ;) It's written on BoC site! Did you realize? Are you 'people enough'? :D *NM*
The Future (10, 20, 30 years from now)... And damn if I'm not excited about it! *LINK*
Perhaps due to current events I can not get excited about anything. Twenty minutes into the video and
Ok I have finished watching. ~ I think he is flippn mad! *LINK*
Re: The Future (10, 20, 30 years from now)... And damn if I'm not excited about it!
Another angle on bp oil spill from kerry cassidy's blog on project camelot *NM* *LINK*
Alternate alternate 'update' SHTF? Indeed, wow, ShitHitTheFan. DisInfo FoolShat? And yes, it's not just an oil 'spill' - it's an OIL DRILL DISASTER! Sounds ODD? But it's REAL! Oil Drill Disaster!
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
What will they think of next? Air purifying concrete!
Massive Fires From Hell! BP short for BaPhomet. "Dolphins and Whales Basted in BP Oil!"
I have to wonder if the scientists that work with the dolphins are try to talk to them....??? *PIC*
The Lights Are Going Out For Free Speech On The Internet *LINK*
So I'll hide my 'intel shares' within fairy tales, parables and jokes or maybe create occasional card games? What would you suggest? *PIC*
Re:just left messages for two senators that i will vote them out of office if they vote for this bill pcnaa *NM*
[KR57] Keiser Report! – Markets! Finance! Drunk Brokers! Obscene Bankers! *LINK*
Thorold, Ontario Amputee Has His Artificial Leg Ripped Off By Police and Is Slammed In Makeshift Cell During G20 Summit – At Least One Ontario MPP Calls The Whole Episode “Shocking”
Sounds like they're "testing the waters" in Canada to see how far they can push Canadians, but WHERE did these cops get their training (Brainwashing)? *NM*
it gets worse...Police not only beat the poor guy up but they stole some of his things...
Give Them An Inch and They Take a Mile! The Gull of some People's Children! *LINK*
Oh DrumSpirit... :D where do you find 'em? What a Cute Video!! *NM*
A thought that keeps popping up in my head .....
Other thoughts...
My thoughts exactly Moonshadow ... I just didn't have the nerve to express it here.
Totally agreed. NWO agenda: Nations are to be replaced by corporations. They admit it publicly, meanwhile. Corporations owned and controlled by whom?
mistyped, should read: "let's face the truth" *NM*
Best to party? OMG why not, she's just fond of oily drilling, so what?
Talking about the coming first hockey mom president for US of A: Sarah Palin, ya know ;) 2012 when times come to a halt this Gawdess will be Savior. Just another one. Same ole stench from hell? *NM*
Sister Strikes Again! Late Nite Catechism 2 :D *LINK*
I've never seen a nun like this one! LOL :D Catholicism can not be sooo bad, at least with lessons like these. *NM*
THIS Sister should be running the Vatican! :D *NM*
AWESOME!!!!! Very very funny!!! *NM*
Project Camelot: Kerry Cassidy, Dr. John Waterman & Rebecca Jernigan.mp3 - re: the Spy Game ~ July 2, 2010 ~ Adam's Calendar *NM* *LINK*
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
RECONQUISTAS -- In Our Faces!! The Frocked Nazis Sending More Than a Huge Methane Fart to Our Shores...(Hope *they* get the Blowback!) :D
Oh my .... It seems this BP Blowout was planned BEFORE 1995, according to the EVIDENCE!! *PIC*
Historical Rainfall Patterns From Hurricanes *LINK*
Hey, It's All Good *LINK*
thanks for this GREAT research & compilation - you inspired me to find more infos plus a complete deck of INWO cards ;)
Obama Warns World Leaders ‘Millions Could Die’ From Gulf Oil Disaster *LINK*
And now...... (You can't make this shit up)..... *LINK* *PIC*
all because some inbred pieces of shits want to be the kings/gods of the world, at this rate they'll be crowned lords of the underworld... and give Satan/lucifer a run for his money err undead life *PIC*
"KNOWING THE TRUTH TIMELY" What MSMedia & Staged Opposition try to hide? Castro's Public Letter of 27th June 2010.
New Evidence Suggests Gulf Oil Spill May Be Only the Beginning...
quote "brag, bluster, swagger and strut" How pictorial!
How's my pictorial ? does that answer yer Question on my thoughts ? LOL *PIC*
two poops from the same outhouse *PIC*
You make me remember another GI: his lazybone sweetheart loved to be 'served' calling him Poopsy! "Oh Poopsy do me this, do me that, oh come on Poopsy!" (Army wife feeling insured for life) *NM*
Pissin off the Pindar... by Clif High *LINK*
Pindar should be happy to be pissed off, it's better than pissed on...errr at least in my book !
reader sent : out of the FRAUD'S own mouth !!!! HELLOOOOO !!!!!!
This video has been doctored - I've had a few people already tell me this who I trust! *NM*
Can you get them to show the proof, I'm getting sick of these faked BS vids.really no matter to me he's still a POS in my book ! *NM*
Did the US drop tactical nuclear weapons on Iraq/Afghanistan – You bet!
More Oil Spills .... Alaska ~ Rachel Maddow- The more spills change - the more they stay the same ~ That was then and this is then *NM* *LINK*
Apostle Paul - converted 'Saul' - of Tarsus in fact same old Pharisee as before, A False Apostle, Infiltrator and Subverter? - Seems to be so!
The Only Intriguing Thing about the Apostle Paul was The Thorn in His Side... :D *NM*
This about says it all........... *LINK*
The real horror and truth of this problem
The Obama Presidency and what that is rolling out onto the stage........... *LINK*
Even loving people are misled into doing deeds of destruction *LINK*
Is the Elite really trying to KILL us? Maybe it's the "gods" of the Elite demanding more & more human sacrifices. The NWO is a BIG request the Elite make & their own Greed will Appease those "gods"? *NM*
I doubt the NWO is a supernatural or even alien enterprise.
The Body Count is Real -- No Illusions. Keeping it on the Human Level -- OUR Weapons are NO MATCH for THEIRS -- again...No Illusions. *NM*
Re: The Body Count is Real -- No Illusions. Keeping it on the Human Level -- OUR Weapons are NO MATCH for THEIRS -- again...No Illusions.
RE: "psychic darts of confusion"
Canadian Hobbits? *LINK*
They Come By Bywater and Such *LINK*
Being one of those who loves the deep sleeps to escape others sleepwalking dreamscapes I know what it takes to bring'em back to the land of the living
Obamination's New Iran Sanctions: An Act of War
A friendly gatekeeper sent ; Obama Screams, "PLUG THE DAMN HOLE!!"‏
Well since some hacking ahole didn't like the pacifiered omamba I sure they'll love this as a replacement *PIC*
Your "Independence Day" gift from the Obama administration
I said before what to do...
BP/ Gov't Lying To Public About Safety Of Florida Beaches *LINK*
We need 100,000 Man to 1M Man marches on Federal Buildings .............
Market Square Heroes....
embedding problem: take two browsers, disable javascript in the browser you use for TNT, then just copy'n paste the old way
Here's the easiest way to embed video
Thx 4 detailled add-on. Java and JavaScript are 'two shoes of one pair'. Agreed, no Java needed. But JavaScript ENabled! We'd better know HOW HE does it to pinpoint the cause of the problem.
Governments Stealing Children at Secret Family Courts *LINK*
there is only one thing left to do !
Agreed! *NM*
I wasn't able to complete the post before being attacked with some kind of DoS and a attack against my keyboard.
Re: I wasn't able to complete the post before being attacked with some kind of DoS and a attack against my keyboard.
Name calling towards the people posting on this board I really feel is uncalled for. Seems anyone over 50 is under attack in this community. We all have clues to the puzzle that we are arranging here
interesting practices that never work
And BTW, I'm NOT attacking anyone personally here, but I am attacking
Rabble Rouser!
Sounds to me Stiderus maybe you are angry at youself for not seeing the scam sooner?
Re: Sounds to me Stiderus maybe you are angry at youself for not seeing the scam sooner? *PIC*
Please don't take offence to what was written by me
Physical experience is the leading edge of thought.
Ahhh but the bigger question/point being....Can 'WE' survive ... their stupidity ???? and
Points of view
Emergency S.O.S.: America Falling to Foreign Bank Takeover – Fourth of July *LINK*
people like John P. Holdren - BOOK Ecoscience advocated poisoning the water supply to involuntarily sterilize humans as part of a “planetary regime” that would control every aspect of our existenc *LINK* *PIC*
Aren't they the stupidest thing walking on 2 legs! Kill us off and then they have the fertility clinics where they inject people with more toxic subtances to see how it effects the mutiple births ...
Afghans increasingly abusing opium, heroin ~ War is so transparent... *LINK*
Queen continues Canadian visit in Winnipeg *LINK*
Let's start HANGING those responsible for the gulf disaster! *LINK*
More from my lips to yours............ *LINK* *PIC*
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
TimeLine to 2012 (1 of 16) A MUST VIEW *LINK*
Premier of Ontario says NO to a G20 public inquiry??? With all the video evidence clearly showing police brutality?? Has this country lost their minds??? *LINK*
The Cool Hunter - The Secret To Madonna's Success :D *NM* *LINK*
I thought the wrinkles around her mouth were ? :O *NM*
You ain't seen nothing yet! This IS REAL Mad-0nna. No styling. No make-up. Just the raptailian rattled snakey truth. Cabalistic. New Babylon. Converted Catholic. LOL. *PIC*
Mad0nna's Face Watch got the answer :O
Conscious Convergence Carl Calleman Call to Action - Video *LINK*
reader John sent : EPA FRAUD‏ on the air quality being reported
Guess Who Wants to Kill the Internet? *LINK* *PIC*
When False Flags Don't Fly (Video) *LINK* *PIC*
Brasscheck TV: Who REALLY Controls BP? *LINK*
And, an interesting coincidence?
Second Half of 2012 Part 4: The Hollow Earth and its Core by Jessica Schab *LINK* *PIC*
First Half of 2012 Part 4: The Illuminati’s Plan for the Star Seeds by Jessica Schab *LINK* *PIC*
2012 Part 3: My Dance with the Dark/How to be Free from the Illuminati by Jessica Schab *LINK* *PIC*
Without Further Adieu, I Give You 2012 Part 2. By Jessica Schab *LINK* *PIC*
2012, Part 1: Angels, Aliens, and Nature Spirits, Oh My! by Jessica Schab *LINK* *PIC*
Vile House Cowers, Rejects Ron Paul's Audit The Fed Bill *LINK*
F'IN cowards... Those that voted not to audit the Fed should be charged kicked out of office (and shunned like lepers)! *NM*
Can-a-duh Day (Music)
Re: Can-a-duh Day (Music)
Re: Can-a-duh Day (Music)
'embedded' working "Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Goin Back to Harlan" ;)
Thanks Mate...I'm Now 'Timshun' No Strawmen Allowed... *NM*
Finally I got it after heaving read your 4 'you two (too?)' postings of July 2nd. Seems you have 'arrived'. Good luck. *NM*
Finland on Thursday became the first country in the world to make access to a broadband service a basic right, ensuring that a high-speed Internet connection is available to all Finns
DELL computer company is self destructing
And what about the 13(!).5 BILLION(!) bucks supreme superman Michael Shaul Dell cashed in from the cheated customers? In China or Iran he would be executed. Right so!
Agreed! *NM*
M.I.T. breakthrough could make the Internet 1000 times faster...geet 'er done I say!
The Iran the media never shows us. Ask yourself why!
thanks 'Junior' for the clip compilation and your easy-to-read comment
Alternative Media Centre Press Conference - June 28, 2010 --- FROM: B Channel News *LINK*
"A Brand New Movie", by Jessica Murray, July 01, 2010 *LINK*
July 2010 Planet Alert by Mahala Gayle *PIC*
Shout Out for Global Justice !!! *LINK*
"Still Crazy After All These Years" by CAL GARRISON *LINK* *PIC*
suggest supplemental clip "Still Crazy ... " by Paul Simon, still living. Cheers! :D
Web Bot Update from Clif High: Tick...tick...tick - Israeli Mistake, Confusion, and a chart *LINK*
Who says that the G20 is bad for business?
Press For Truth Assaulted By Security Thug While Covering Al Gore Event/Climategate ~ And check this out Al Gore is a Hologram *LINK*
Didn't anyone notice that Al Gwhore was following in the foot steps of his boss billy the pig Klinton ???
Police Lied About Law Demanding G20 Protesters Show ID ~ Infowars *LINK*
G20 Toronto Police Rape Threats + Strip Searched - Journalist Amy Miller *LINK*
Iran has EVERY right to hold nukes as a deterrence for the global bloodsuckers who supported 8 years war Iraq vs Iran 1982-1990.
Iran has EVERY right to hold nukes as a BALANCE against New NAZI/Commie Global world dictatorship by the elites errr the fake jews
Go figure: Deepwater & Cor-Exit a blackmail shot in the belly of ZUSA to ensure full support for the ritual slaughter of encircled Iran.
While this web site informs us of many topics...I have a question.
Good Question
Good Answer IMHO ;) *NM*
Good Answer
you name it ;) *NM*
COREXIT is Eating Through Boats in the Gulf *LINK* *PIC*
Looks like the link to the Toronto CTV News station, the video has been removed, however, I gave the youtube link already .... (So CTV had to remove the video eh? ) *NM*
Charlie Veitch (The Love Police) Takes over CBC News at G20 Toronto ~ Now this is TOO FUNNY! Video :D *LINK*
BP really stands for...... :D
Yeap, thats why they're called dirty PIGS >>>Undercover Police engaged in Purposeful Provocation
WOW! EXCELLENT Summation of everything going on World wide!!

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