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no more Anonymous un-traceable cheap phones
yes, because you might ignite a remotely controllable C4 plastic bomb with your celly like these crooks did in New York, London, Madrid and do all the time in Iraq, Paki- and Afghanistan.
ignite a remotely controllable C4 plastic bomb with your celly ??? If that was my intent I sure the hell would still get'er done more than one way to kill a pussycat :D
Explosion Rocks Japanese Tanker in Persian Gulf *LINK*
"Undead Ulama bin Saden's Deepwater Dive Drone wrapped in svastikas, sponsored by North Korea, financed by Chavez, let off by Terrorhan Templars. USCiaMossadnix found out". So sayeth anUS PlexUS :D
England swings! In 2012 beloved ZION will be shattered to pieces by China, so sayeth the Londinium Logo for the Gobal Oilympics, ya 'no ;)
Karl Denninger says... “Mr. President, you're a lying sack of crap.”
CIA admits faking Osama bin Laden 9/11 confession video ~ Max Keiser and Alex Jones *LINK*
Man-Child Obama & The Politics of Revenge *LINK*
REPORT: MORE Facts & Figures the UN Does NOT Want Us to Know Regarding GAZA & ISRAEL. WHO is INSTIGATING WWIII to Get Total Control of the World?... *LINK*
The Intifada ~ 'We Con the World'
lemme guess ... NaZis, Jesuits, Pope, Osamabama? Putin? Cheng Seng Feng? Not? - Well then, the EXtraTerrestrials from MArse and VenUS? Now I know: The YakUSAs from Japan! Learnt smart alec me. :D *NM*
A Traitor calling for traitors to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law ?
Is Google Watching You? New Plug-in Will Let You Know
Time being Gogole is charged in many ways because of criminal behaviour - lo and behold - in Germoney! Great articles in compi magazines but nothing new for me.
A new research breakthrough from Intel combines silicon chips and lasers to transmit data at 50 gigabits per second — and someday, maybe as fast as a terabit per second.
Clif High (Web bots) Calling for MAJOR PACIFIC NW/CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE Last 2 Days of July *LINK*
hopefully his calls will not be heard, aaah, that is, will not come true aaah b4 Lady R left 4 Oh HIgh Oh, the high cliffs, so dangerous weird waves rolling in. *NM*
Comply Or Else! *LINK*
another new crop circle - Nr Westbury - awaiting pics *NM* *LINK*
new u.k. crop circle - nr avebury-awaiting air pics *NM* *LINK*
Princess Mononoke Trailer *NM* *LINK*
Röyksopp - So Easy (Mononoke) *NM* *LINK*
Hysterically Funny Cat with Bag Trick! (Video) *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
7th Dimensional Space Beings as Dolphins Communicating *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Way Kewl! Retelling Little Red Riding Hood. Great MUSIC... *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Way too skinny! Not so good for a 'riding' hood! :D Remind me. *VID*
Awesome! *LINK* *PIC*
Does anybody know what happened to Tim E. Lord?
The Oracle said... *LINK* *PIC*
hey, thanksalot thou I'm still busy to store all aspects within the right neuronal connections of my lil stressed brain. Your kind of humor lifts my spirits! Again, thank you! ;) BTW where's Tim? *NM*
Michael Tellinger : Temples of african gods *LINK*
Project Avalon: Curse of the Black Gold *LINK*
Bill Ryan from Project Avalon on the Gulf Oil Catastrophe - and more *LINK*
DEBUNKED!!: BP, Gulf of Mexico Methane Bubble Extinction Level Event!!...Oh Really Now...hmmm... *VID* :D
i think we think too much :D "just let your love flow" ;) *PIC*
Maybe We've Lost " The Magic Path "~ HR Pufnstuf *LINK*
Bird of Paradise... :D
Down with THINKING! It's more FUN to Vegetate & become one of God's... :D
Earthquakes Are Increasing – It's Not Your Imagination *LINK*
at full moon 26th July 2010 Mother Merula's hatchlings left the eggshell - three of four, one yet to come *PIC*
These pics bring out my maternal instincts!!
new u.k crop circle - the prolific east field alton barnes *NM* *LINK*
Looks like a merger of similar worlds, the crossing shows a star-system like the Pleiades but mirrored. *PIC*
RE; Can you heal on a bigger scale...instead of healing just one person, can you heal a small town, a small city, a big city, a state, a county, a continent, an ocean, the world?
Re: RE; Can you heal on a bigger scale...instead of healing just one person, can you heal a small town, a small city, a big city, a state, a county, a continent, an ocean, the world?
The more we learn the more complicated things seems to get -imHo it gets easier to understand where it all stated from
How about this approach...
The Truth About the GAZA FLOTILLA...No Sob Story -- Just the Facts... *LINK*
Oops! You will need to Scroll Down to view entire post above...
Today Mother Merula allowed me to come very close before she began to mistrust the camera and left her nest for a minute. *PIC*
Feeling fishy? "when fish heads make love" you might smile or even laugh about this lovely crazy stuff, better look twice to recognize :D *VID *PIC*
Can you NOW find the threefold lady? *NM* *PIC*
The case for the right to rob you: How government works *LINK* *PIC*
Nice Video (very worthy) *NM*
another new u.k crop circle - roundway hill *NM* *LINK*
new u.k crop circle -awaiting pic- keep checking link *NM* *LINK*
George Bush, aka the 'jock sniffer'
Cultural Lessons From The G20 ..
Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow and Anyhow, Anywhere, Anytime *VID*
1984 Revolution Trailer *LINK* *PIC*
Understood ;) "Wind of Stars" - Angel and Merula - VID *PIC*
Giant Sinkhole Swallows Car and Driver -- in Milwaukee!! :O I had a Thought... *LINK*
Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation *LINK* *PIC*
thank you for the pdf-link, I'll pass it to Jehovah's Witnesses next time the crunchy ladies ring the bells :D
*NEW* Michael Tsarion TV Channel *LINK* *PIC*
Michael Tsarion's "Unslaved Films Video Channel" *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
North Korea Vows 'physical response' To U.S. Exercise This Weekend... *LINK*
be US AFraid, be very AFraid
They want a War. Any War. North Korea will do for starters. Certain INTEL (Cross-Dressing as 7 Sisters) tried to fly the Story... :O
So 'what does it mean' for all of US? Such A Fall - Can It All? Not So Avidly? :D
Henry Makow: "Masonic Jews Backed Both Sides in Chinese Civil War" - Anything different this time?
I'm beginning to find out that Henry takes a lot... :D *LINK*
Sniff Sigh Sob - ALL your roads lead to the JEE-EE-EEE-suits? Aaarrrrgh! Whom suits this best? Mine is the revenge so sayeth Gawd our Lawd! Boom boom boomerang! Can you take it? :D *PIC*
I already know about that possibility -- NOTHING NEW, but it's still not about RACE. It's about Spiritual Depravity USING Religions to Destroy Mankind...
Name it BAT people! BAbylonian Talmudists. Liars, Deceivers by design. No Race, No Semites. No Israelites! Evil Banksters & Booksters. Thought Twisters. Faction & Fiction Meddlers. Foul Fruiters. :D *PIC*
Beef no good, can cause foul mouth, makes human bowels stinky, urines sourish and brains lazy, blood cells are clogging. Fruits & Veggies much better. Many great thinkers were vegetAryans, ya 'no! :D
"Greetings" ....... *LINK*
The Internet is GAIA's SUPERBRAIN. :D We transfer the electrons in the global grid. We are the super brain cells! (admitted, some poisoned and damaged :O)
RE: "Nothing personal, Drummy, only some ITching afterTHOTHs." ~ Nothing personally taken... Found the clip rather clever ~ And we do need more love on this planet (and on this board)! ♥ *NM*
If the Internet is GAIA's SUPERBRAIN, then OUR BRAINS are being SUCKED OUT by a TITAN AMAZON...:D *PIC* (that may disappear!) *LINK*
"Nobody can survive speeds above 20 mph!" doctors and professors warned around 1836 when the ADLER steam locomotives carried enthusiastic passengers in wooden wagons from town to town. *PIC*
GULF IS POISONED WATER: A A Allen's July 4, 1954 Vision of Nuclear Attack on America...
Governor Jindal Declares State of Emergency; Oil Could “enter coastal homes”, Evacuation Orders Expected Today *LINK*
illuminatiMATRIX the unveiling and revelation of the war on humanity
Very Interesting! A Method to Their Madness...I've been thinking a lot about August 6 & August 9 -- Hiroshima & Nagasaki...what goes around comes around? *NM*
CENSORED GULF NEWS: People Bleeding Internally, Millions Poisoned Says 'EPA Whistleblower' *LINK*
Birthday Message from James Gilliland - Just another "nobody" *PIC*
Happy Birthday!! *NM*
THRILLER: "INCEPTION" Trailer - Dr. Len Horowitz *LINK*
OMG! I absolutely LOVE this musical score from the movie Inception in this live performance by Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr! Stunning! *NM* *LINK*
Michael Tsarion - The Irish Origins Of Civilization Video Excerpts *LINK* *PIC*
"They Came And Blessed His Pipe Man" Speaks 1-5 *LINK*
Large China Oil Spill threatens sea life, water *LINK*
Did my severe concern raised right here at TNT two months ago come true: GoM Loop Current broken. Gulf Stream weather engine down?
Better be good butt kissers now or else, and what about the storms quick changes in pressures on the gulf's floor ?
You say it, the ocean floor starts wobbling due to alternating pressure, the fissures will widen. It is said that earthquakes are also caused by atmospheric cyclones, the huge masses of air and clouds
That's what I was thinkin' -- about the Russians! Maybe that's why they want us to Nuke the hole...then Agenda 21 comes into play. *NM*
First Results of GoM Loop Current Breakdown? "South America Cold Wave Brings Rare Snow, Freezing Deaths". What's next?
Stonehenge: Twin Site Unearthed *NM* *LINK*
GOOD NEWS! Universe singularity now emanating pre-wave energy for ‘enlightened unity consciousness’ *LINK* *PIC*
Further Commentary on "Pre-Wave" by Zany Mystic *PIC*
Barbara Boxer In The Fight Of Her Political Life *PIC*
Yeah, that Giant Sucking Sound is Jobs being Flushed down the toilet, HOWEVER, there will Always be Plenty of...
apropos ... anybody knows what happened to APROPOS? :O
Don't know about APROPOS...must've touched the third rail of their Holy Grail -- the 'Packies' :O *NM*
Tacitly ex-communicated because of violent disbelief of the final arrival of the long time overdue evermore deranged welfare packets?
Vatican Official Declares Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real... *LINK*
Here you have it, the good within the bad. Pope preparing for the return of Jesus who left in an Antigravity Vimana to watch craziness evolving from a safe distance on the back side of moon, ya 'no ;)
Or...Preparing the Way for the Arrival of the Black Sun God coming from the Dark Side of the Moon -- to Preempt the 2nd Coming of Jesus? ;)
Major Censorship on Internet - Blogs Removed, You Tubes "Shut Down" *LINK* *PIC*
You Tube "Shut Down" turns into pooptube
Papal Incense Inc. protects itself and its marian army against obsessive frenetic stalkers who do the dirty work for the AshkeNaZi Chabadniks to destroy the strongest fortress of christianity? :D
"Strongest fortress of Christianity"?? How about 'Moldy Mausoleum for their own INVENTION' -- which they now want to Copyright?? :D *NM*
Aah no, they don't 'want to copyright', they try to prevent 'copytheft' of the most successful business model since thousands of years. Capitalism, Marxism, Freudianism = rubbish, failures, ya 'no ;) *NM*
WoW the Poope stool is a copy right ? :O *PIC*
Looks like he raised his Kundalini one time too many... :D *NM*
methinks RasPutin awoke your funtasy ... or was it 'Hot Dogs' from Texas? :D You prefer kosher meat? Say what! *PIC*
Texas Chili Dogs! :D
Leona Lewis and How to properly serve 'Hot Dogs' in Texas! :D *PIC*
Blackbird 'Turdus Merula' usually breeds 13 days, feeds 13 days until babybird has 65 grams, 13 days later it can live on its own, leaves home ground at age of 49 days! *PIC*
From Seedlings to Servings: 11-Year-Old Grows Tons of Veggies for the Homeless *LINK*
Hundreds of dead penguins dot Brazil's beaches *NM* *LINK*
RasPutin's legendary organ, on display in a Moscow museum? - A Man and his Mission. What was his secret? *PIC*
2010 Millions of SeaShells appearing on Pakistani Beaches-1.avi *LINK*
see other yt-clips: caused by Cyclone Phet 7 weeks ago? *NM*
Time 4 Bible Quickie: "It's better to live alone on the corner of the roof than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home." Bible Proverbs 21:9 :D
Hmmm...Billboards Quoting Bible Verses Appear on Moscow Streets... *LINK*
Large U.S. Banks Laundered Money from Drug Trafficking *LINK*
BANK OF AMERICA: Money Laundering, Bankrolling Pedophilia & MK-ULTRA/MONARCH Programming of Children...
Look WHO Controls Technology Transfers for the U.S. Government -- including NASA & the Missile Defense Agency!!!
Senate Bill S510 Makes it Illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown you fail to understand how despised you are by your government?
I have been fighting and fighting this type of BS for years! What does it take to get these "a-holes" off our back? *NM*
Why, You Might Ask?
The Shift of Ages Series #9: Doomsday Versus Bloomsday Thinking *NEW* compilation from Jean Hudon at ERN *LINK* *PIC*
SHOCK: Water “Sample Exploded” When Chemist Tested For Oil; “Most Likely” Methane or Corexit *LINK*
The same thing happens when...
I wonder what American troops think of this...Historic conviction for soldier Semrau
I think American troops have finally come to realize...
Oil Spill as Archetypal Myth by Sunny Strasburg *LINK*
The Mayan Dreamspell New Year by Mahala Gayle *LINK* *PIC*
Heart meditation, Evolution and 4D Avatar - Drunvalo Melchizedek ( part3/3) *LINK*
Over 70,000 Blogs Mysteriously Shut Down *LINK*
This made my day: Self-Consumed Wild Google-Blogger and Cranky NaZi-Lover hiring lil helpers for the FBeeEye. Yo my! If it's for her money ... aaah the shekels, maybe!? :D Strange Ladies Netting!
THE REAL GAZA * "But don't believe your eyes, believe Islamic lies"...
CORRECTED LINK...Muslim UN Peacekeepers...
This alliance matters?
Does an American 'alliance' with Europe & NATO matter? 'NO FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS' the man said. Too bad we didn't listen. *NM*
So your ISP Google for example presents hundreds of thousands political non-correct lies when you search for: "Israel destroys Gaza"? :O
So what's your Point??? You're Off-Topic...Refute the Sources I used! Refute their Information! The fact that MOST of the "Information Superhighway" is Full of Potholes... :O
No need. Moot Points. Self-Refuting! Also: Internet is a Mirror World, a wonderful place but lots of scabby tyrants 'no clothes on', speaking foul mouthed, smearing asses, ya 'no. :D Look out. Beware! *NM*
The Prophets Conference ~ 2012 Tipping Point *LINK*
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
No bird's eye view, hhmm. For whom is the crop art made? For birds? For Heli Cops? *NM*
Thinking of 20th April 2010 (birthday 121=11x11) recall 20th July 1944: tomorrow it's 66 (6x11) years since failed bombing plot at Wolfschanze Operation Valkyrie - Somebody Seeing Something Special?
"Judea Declared War on Germany"? WOW...What a Coup for the Zionists & the Third Reich -- Timing is Everything... :)
Five Days In Varkala ~ To put it simply, this film exposes some very well kept secrets including the one connected to ... *LINK*
catchy: DIANA'S CANDLE - suggest perfect anagram is I END A SCANDAL 12 letters total match ;) 12 = end of cycle.
FASCINATING! How in the HECK did you find this?! LOL *PIC*
Re: FASCINATING! How in the HECK did you find this?! LOL
I always Zany I enjoy reading your disclosures! *NM*
The Gulf Oil Spill as the Unfolding of Prophecy by Daniel Pinchbeck *NM* *LINK*
German-Jewish group to send aid ship to besieged Gaza soon? Really?
Soulless ROBOTS: Until they are awake, they are a threat to you *LINK* *PIC*
Iranian Scientist Offered $50 Million by CIA and Mossad to Lie to YOU About Iranian Threat *LINK*
The American Mafia (CIA) shoots itself in the foot again & USING Mossad as a Threat. They must really be desperate for a Big War with Iran. *NM*
Oh my g-d! Mo-SS-ad a victim of CeeIA, then? MisUSed In-NO-cents? OlMerde, SharRon & Ne-tan-yahoo merely Man-churian hookers? Lunatics? Cheap confused braggers about who controls Ummerika?
The 13 + Illuminati/Satanic Bloodlines *LINK* *PIC*
TERROR ALERT!!: Al Qaeda Female Suicide Bomber Spotted in NYC!! :O
Black Humor? :D Tabloid Angst? MailOnline: Alkaeda agit-prop for beloved mideast fear- & warmongers? Fostering USrael's 'Bomb-Iran' activists? Hawkish delight? :O Alkaeda who? Osama? Muftis? Adolpho?
Just mocking Al CIAda & Homeland Insecurity for their NeoNazi Terror Tactics, since most people already know who the real terrorists are. :) *NM*
Rusty Russian 'Gold' LOL ..... SUCKERS !
Gee, it makes you wonder about that "World Currency" Gold Coin Russian President Medvedev Unveiled at the G8 last year... :O
'Unity In Diversity' = 'E Pluribus Unum' (latin) included in the Seal of the USA. First US coins with this motto were dated 1786!
Hexagram = Ancient EGYPTIAN Symbol found on Mosques & ancient Muslim Coins...
Signs & Symbols adapted by present powers who may not have any relation to the ancient origins - theft, fakery, misuse as with the swastika, to dupe gullibles. Known Masters Of Deceptions. Not?
Oh I get it! Ancient Symbols only Legitimate if YOU'RE the One pointing them out?... :) *NM*
For those who think this gooberment isn't filled to the gills with CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS.
Not only Congress, but the Presidents as well...
"I could see clearly before"
Intergalactic Times: Doomsday or Just Bidding the Old World Good-Bye? *LINK*
Dr Boyland Goes off the Deep End *PIC*
WOW! Fascinating info. Thank you for this update!!
The SIDEBAR text, a very recommendable read (to whom it may concern)
Watch Man Disappear During Live TV Interview!! :O
As the fallen guy says in his own words: A mere question of proper digestion! Problem is the H8 of his W8! :D
America’s Dead Souls: 8 Reasons To Hate Our Billionaire Bolsheviks... *LINK*
... the H8 8? ... not a Height Crime? :D
new u.k. crop circle *NM* *LINK*
CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver *LINK*
SPOOKY, Possum! Good catch, Moonshadow! *NM* *PIC*
I'll prefer Nablus to Denver, it's more central, amidst six continents, a navel of the united nations!
Your dreams of a new nazi world order as in globlist world odor will be naught or be stomped into the dirt
in general the gift of remote viewing combined with the talent to prophesy are priceless ;) *NM*
CIA drug dealers SUCK : will this shit ever stop ? Pilot of DC9 in 5.5 ton cocaine bust "escaped" custody in three different countries
i love madcow's research on this is a riot
Raid On A Mexican Drug Lord's Home -- Just Incredible!
our CIA control and ARE the drug traffic in the world
Of course it's the CIA! I Agree with Everything you said -- from AIR AMERICA to EVERGREEN AIR...
I concur with you then! totally agree. thanks for explaining!! *NM*
CIA drug dealers SUCK : will this shit ever stop ? Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal
BP Paying Off Universities & Gulf Scientists To Hide Oil Spill Research Data From The Public!!! *LINK*
Doomsday: How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a 'world-killing' event *LINK*
No articles, no opinions on yesterday's BP Oil Capping ceremony? *NM*
Actually yes, it started on hitler's birthday and lasted 88 days ...88 is a nazi number salute. They're still playing their games...nothing has change ! *NM*
I see! Well let me add to this insanity! ~ "Vatican toughens sex abuse rules" ~ Wait till you read it! Get the 1st paragraph said it all! *LINK*
The Vatican is AFRAID of Women, especially Nuns -- they have a strong tendency to CLEAN HOUSE! :D *NM*
So weird. Yo! HH Hail Heedler by the numbers. AH Greatest Benefactor (GB) of Eretz Yisroel, thinking in Money and Weapons Supply paid by US & EU. MediaPlays: Public NaSoPhobia = Hidden NaZiPhilia? *PIC*
Unfortunately the USA then didn't drop the the 'big bomb' like they should have since the scum 'Bushs' were the odessa nazis also financed this shit
very impressive :D *NM*
With all the Lies gushing forth, we'd be better off if BP would Cap its Mouth... *NM*
Love IT!!! a little thing we can do to FIGHT BACK per Alex Jones *LINK*
The Guy Tries!
No, AJ Tries!
Oh....HIM!!AJ. lol! Now I totally
Why BP is readying a 'super weapon' to avert escalating Gulf nightmare *LINK*
A Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere *LINK*
OBAMA is 'Skull & Bones' *VID*
A variety of morgellons fibers- who the hell is creating this stuff?
Learn to Dance The Tandava in Your Spare Time by Les Visible *LINK* *PIC*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary ... July 14, 2010
Even The Troops Are Waking Up - A Fantastic Video (David Icke) *LINK*
NOAA & US Navy Images of Mining Detonation Pattern of Explosives on Sea Floor in GoM...Is THIS What They're Planning??? *LINK*
I beg to differ...
There was also something he said about Atlantis rising, but I didn't check that out... *NM*
SECRET REPORT Details WWII Nazi Plan to Create a European Union * Who REALLY Won the War???
Abbas (Palestinian Authority President) Told Obama He SUPPORTS the Gaza Naval Blockade! (And so does EGYPT!)...
U.S. Foreign Aid * Where It Goes, How Much & For What Purposes * Especially in the Middle East...
Alex Jones declares a RED ALERT: 7-14-10 *LINK*
dick stick soccer errr suckers

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