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National Guard to be used in Jefferson County, Alabama.....
Things are shifting...People are fedup...(very interesting info & video)
Interview with man with a gun at New Hampshire protest..Chris Matthews...freaks out..I smell a stinky Rat in this staged show...nudge..nudge..wink...wink
Canada's First Nations People respond!
Major Meteor Shower to Light Up Skies Aug 11-12-13
Injunction in U.S. against forced vaccinations
Job Description: Internment and Resettlement Specialist *PIC*
Government Prepares for “unwillingness to follow government orders"
BREAKING NEWS!!! Protester at the New Hampshire Protest with a gun....
Bob Dean's presentation, European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, 25 July 2009 *LINK*
OLD LADY SLAMMED at Walmart... tazed and beaten! *LINK*
America the Beautiful Land of the Brave? :\
Reversal speech on Obama & Gordon Brown
Pelosi Goes Psycho with Op-Ed Calling Opposition ``Un-American''
Thoth: Stargate Openings, Channeled by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive
"War on You". (see article at link)..... my little's from my heart as always."Take Back Yourself"
Life with Big Brother...links & vid
SaLuSa Sirian Update Aug 10/09
UFO contact in NY *LINK*
WOW!!!!! Incredable:) Is this the same guy you interviewed on your Radio show with Wynn Free? Thanks for sharing:):) *NM*
Your Light Is Needed NOW! by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles "STAY FOCUSED ON THE LIGHT!!"
Your Light Is Needed NOW!
Het TimElord...can you say Synchronisticy
new u.k. crop circle -bishopsutton *LINK*
Another Earthquake has just hit Japan also Andaman Islands 7.7 quake....
Earthquake update at link...
LaRouche Pac Update....
Re: LaRouche 2 minute Update on the Goverment....
LaRouche Pac 6:30 Report...
For all of you that love babies...this little babies story will touch your heart(see vid at link) This little baby is a real miracle and ment to be here at this time IMHO:)
The Shocking Truth about Dairy *LINK*
Coast to Coast G Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve *LINK*
Britain invaded by power-crazed super-ants that cause blackouts and fires (Is this nature's way of telling us we have to change and fast?) *LINK* *PIC*
August 7, 2009 - Unknown object "punches" through Saturns F ring.(see info at links)
Freaky Sleep Paralysis: Being Awake in Your Nightmares *LINK*
Colloidal Silver Mild Silver Protein *LINK*
good job
NEW U.K. CROP CIRCLE woodborough hill *LINK*
WOW! Beautiful...looks like the face of an Owl...maybe they are saying we are getting wiser:) sure hope so. Thanks so very much for your Updates, have a beautiful day! *NM*
Obama's staff briefed to the ufo topic by steven greer - press conference exopolitics 2009
good job
Earth Changes Update Aug 9/09 -Power in Service
kee *stroke*
Obama Science Czar John Holdren *LINK*
The Illuminati Agenda For The Coming New Order *LINK*
what's this I hear? *LINK*
witness of the stars *LINK*
For Those being Hacked Free Firewall Program to block & terminate their connections to your computer (see info & full article at links)
Re: For Those being Hacked Free Firewall Program to block & terminate their connections to your computer (see info & full article at links)
Idon't understand?...Please reply on quote.."This e-mail is hacked"???...
Kids Being Grabbed Out Of Refugee Camps.Stand Up For The Children, this is so very awful & sad! How can humans be so cruel?????
prayer cosmos,... thank you. words I spoke are kun nafa sala here is the google meaning *LINK*
Lots of Prayers Dear Soul! Thanks for the links...I can't get into the first two.(Joining you in prayers for the children) *NM*
wado , welcome...
Re: wado , welcome...
just did a search on cosmos , turtles always finish the race last though will gain best due to the consistance in the trail of same path. :)
lol now here his cache' if you can not ever open a link ok?
the meaning... as cosmos is the depths of the first day of creation god seperated the heavens and the sea came to be :) bridging wisdom... see soft smiles prayers heard through many languages.
read the links meaning as if you are reading a book to get a defination
Thanks soooo very much for all the info. I will take my time and study this deeply. Thanks again. *NM*
the I's have it *PIC*
“SELECTING THE SAME SEX” “There is one place where the definition of gender remains binary – in the womb. *LINK*
Obama Speech Police Shutdown Top You Tube Videos. Also...Townhall meetings through America (vids)
Shall I put out my ET input of today? What stands WWW for? :D Yes? Yes yes: YYY? Yiggdrasil? :O
The Native American Ten Commandments
The song.. Yeha-Noha~ "wishes of happiness and prosperity"
Brightest Rainbows of the Rainbow Warriors *LINK*
thdkadk udkgdu *NM* *PIC*
Quantum Communication...(video)
America found shelter in a secret bay - it was "Nakhodhka = Lucky Find"
aaah see shenoah' *NM* *LINK*
cache' y'kee keygen nometa' kepta y'keta 'aho' 'wado'
NEW U.K. CROP CIRCLE - west overton *LINK*
WOW!!!! Incredible:) Thank You. I always look foward to your post:) *NM*
Thanks, you are soooo kind - circles here could finish anytime soon
Does ET Post on the TNT?
According to Russian scientists 23 of our genomes are not from this planet ...
TELord aka ETLord: imho you are a cosmic observer as well ;) *NM*
Love The Answer....... *NM*
TimELord & Dancer....You make me SMILE:):)
Debt clock... What Insanity!
EntheoGenesis (Video)
Is this pro-vocative? Or only descriptive?
Obama 'snitch' program put on notice.By Chelsea Schilling, World Net Daily
Chillax ...Relaxation in a Palace of Dreams ... with me
Re: Chillax ...Relaxation in a Palace of Dreams ... with me
Re: Chillax ...Relaxation in a Palace of Dreams ... with me
Labyrinth yes I see you have bridged wisdom for me... thank you *LINK*
Bridging Wisdom...with me sister yes with me, as always
and it has been done well. *PIC*
Very touching. Medwyn Goodall's Benediction. Nomen Est Omen. Molto Bene! :)
true meaning of apacolypse... *PIC*
Your words are of great solance and healing Medicine walker .... Meegwich *NM* *PIC*
Happy New Years from Plato's Cave (Video) *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Did NASA Accidentally “Nuke” Jupiter?
Re: Did NASA Accidentally “Nuke” Jupiter? *LINK*
Project Camelot Interviews Dr. Steven Greer (Video) *LINK*
Thanks for the post Zany:)..WOW! This should be titled Attack on Dr. Greer. Maybe Kerry should have listen to her Interview with Miriam Delicado
Thanks, C.O. AGREED! *NM*
I'm glad you made your point, as I quite agree! *NM*
Interestingly enough
Transcript of Dr. Steven Greer's Interview with Art Bell 2004 *LINK*
Alex Jones Update On The Military Round Up of American People For The H1NI Shot
Valuable Words To Live By!!!! *NM* *PIC*
Hundreds of Thousands of Reactions to Gardasil… Is Your Child Next? *LINK*
Be VERY Careful When Replacing Missing Teeth *LINK* *PIC*
very precious information - thank you very much (thou it's not new to me) ;)
Hunger hits Detroit's middle class, But I see a beautiful New Change in it all...see video at link below article. The Gardening and Growing...What Precious one hope to see what they
Obama gives powerful drug lobby a seat at healthcare table By Tom Hamburger, LA Times.
ALERT! Obama Going After Talk Radio! (go to link at bottom of article it will take you to the page where you can listen to the audio, regarding this)
Kevin Trudeau on BBS Radio on Saturday the 22nd *LINK*
RR-16 - SWAT Confronts, Checkpoints Checkmated, FEMA Camps Hiring, 1207 Update, Ballot Accesss, Sheriff (MUST WATCH!) *LINK*
DHS...ALERT. It's starting to happen everywhere...unnessary stops on Florida Turnpike by these criminals.....
Intercepted email. (causing chaos with people protesting, a must read!)
Give the people well paid jobs and offer them helpful knowledge so that they can healthcare for themselves
Premiers Back Federal Plan Not To Discriminate Against U.S. Businesses *LINK*
John Perkins .... Reformed Economic Hitman ..... (Monthly Newsletter) *PIC*
Who destroyed Alexandria Library? *LINK*
And WHY! This was the question I asked since I heard first time about it.
I m rolling with tears
M'dam, yes M'dam. You should if you ought to. Wanna have a towel or a bucket for the tear drops? :D *NM*
Health Canada Statement on Immunization *LINK*
Dawg is now Clean, sweetp
Is it a Mad Dawg sometimes or more the subordinate domestic waggler? :)
Oh Mr. Newsom!
ROTF LMAO - me2 :D
is that like regurgitate the evil baby? *NM*
M'dam, Yes M'dam. It is. Excuse me for the inconvenience. Meant nobody to offend. :)
Peter Schiff for President? This one? *PIC*
Re: Peter Schiff for President? This one?
I don't neither ask nor answer manipulative questions with pre-modelled yes-no decisions! BTW: Which ancestry?
Re: I don't neither ask nor answer manipulative questions with pre-modelled yes-no decisions! BTW: Which ancestry?
ADMIN! Let's do it..... I like the man... and don't buy into the name game
Absolutely!!!! I agree 100% Well said:):) *NM*
Cheers Then Don!
ADMIN! Re: Cheers Then Don!
tap *NM*
The Banking System, Corporations, Media and Government enFORCEment GANG
2012 The Online Movie....YouTube 1-16
shut up I love this and it just started!!!!!! muaah *NM*
Oh my oh my how can you be so rude and aggressive? :D *NM*
Cause I Can ccan orgggggggggggggg a *NM*
wrote this stuff in the early 7-'s
my socks are still on :D thou I'm feeling a cold blow down low *PIC*
I have no idea what an IMP means...Sorry for all caps...
well, imp seems to be a rarely used word
Thanks for the definitions.... New Words are always good to hear/learn
For those of us with little time to hear all the great stuff out there..... WHAT WAS THE CONCLUSION? *NM*
Re: For those of us with little time to hear all the great stuff out there..... WHAT WAS THE CONCLUSION?
Since your main concern is Obama's Birth Certificate you might want to listen to the SECOND recording starting at the 47 minute mark. Cheers!
somebody is pervertly a wack job *LINK*
a computer expert once said "personal computers are far too complicated for the average user"
proof is in the hard copy
goingwithin_2 and you and u, a must see and read in between
Thou art Woman *PIC*
Diseased African Monkeys Used to Make Swine Flu Vaccines; Private Military Contractor Holds Key Patents
Our Spiraling Universe ...... (Lisa Renee) *LINK*
Now that you mention Solar Cross ............ I found this rock on my property.
lol wand into the owner it is to be bringing the flow of the stone of the gift to the present of the givers sent as ment to be! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The Wise Woman and the Stone
A bit more background.... from today *PIC*
Here's a bunch of images of the unusual Rock Found
Solar Crosses with Doorways? *PIC*
And here's my Highlights to the images, that I can see
Maybe I should give it to Drunvalo? It could be the Key to the Universe.
Hello World
I resized and re marked the images *NM*
Many years ago I found a flat rounded pebble at the Atlantic Coast with a round hole drilled into it.
The lady of the stones... there are many holes there dancer... lolove to ya sug
omg such a rock STAR *LINK*
Re: Many years ago I found a flat rounded pebble at the Atlantic Coast with a round hole drilled into it.
do do
I took the snapshot - the hole is not perfectly round *PIC*
this is factkin amazing ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS i love it you r rockin my world! both of u's and the engineer *NM*
And OMG !! We Did Spiral ! *NM*
"Like a Rolling Stone"
Had the same idea. You name it! Must be the 'inspiralisation', methinks. :D
CDC Media Plan Shocker - We Don’t Have the Science - “Some claims against vaccine cannot be disproved.”
See for yourself: obamas health plan follows hitler's T4 program exactly
A Larouche Update Aug 6, 2009...Quite Intresting!:)
The God of the Hebrew Bible is no Good but utmost Evil? - A Sadistic Pervert? *PIC*
This is not God's Commendments, or God's requested actions...
2008 Shamanism Conference in Iquitos Peru ...... ANANDA BOSMAN on Alchemy, UFO's, Hadronic Mechanics & Entheogens & Ayahuasca - part 1 of 22 *LINK*
Take Back Control of Your Mind - Joe Marshalla *LINK*
Don't fear the NWO...fear weakens your immune system *LINK*
NEW U.K. CROP CIRCLE -windmill hill *LINK*
UFO's Caught on Video
Ker-On of Venus Update Aug 5/09 By Mike Quinsey
inner voice ;) told me :O to post this 8) today :D
Time of Global Shift: -David Wilcock & Scott Mandelker on Coast to Coast (Video has 14 parts) ... Awesome Information! *LINK*
And their Backgound information .... (sorry forgot to include this in the original post) *LINK*
I LOVE David and Scott...... but the final conclusion?
Re: I LOVE David and Scott...... but the final conclusion?
My FAV part
Re: My FAV part
Well Said! *NM*
Alien sightings reported in North Port Florida
DREAM MAKER LUNAR ECLIPSE AUG 6, 2009 and Covenant Crop Circle
Stary Night Chart *LINK*
Starry Starry Night :)
Nasa photo of the day... *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Sorting through the news/views
A Call to all Light Workers to Action’
Reality Report Update:Fema Camps Hiring,Latest from Ron Paul and Sheriff Richard Mack on the Power of the Sheriff.
Oregon Hemp Farming Bill Becomes Law
President Obama's VIP health care,By Mike Dorning, Los Angeles Times
LaRouchePac 11:30 Update Aug 5. 2009. People are out in HUGE numbers in protest, against The Health Bill.
ET Wanderers have volunteered to be here now. Interview with, Scott Mandelker
I like the guy. The going home in 2010 to 2012 is an interesting take. *NM*
Oh Yes...Me Too:):)
Insightful ET speaks about 2012
One Heart Productions presents: Drunvalo Melchizedek Mayan Elders Gathering Guatemala (Ceremony Video) *NM* *LINK*
Drunvalo Melchizedek Interview with Arhauco & Kogi *NM* *LINK*
Trolls And Bullies Are Debasing The Internet *LINK*
Good article! *NM*
Dr. Orly Taitz' Lawsuits Exposed to the "Flu Pandemic" *LINK*
George Green Interview Project Camelot. "Messages for the Ground Crew "
Vroggy says: "My therapissed suckjested to start training on the job! Anywhere!" :D *PIC*
If You Oppose Obamacare, Even in ‘Casual Conversation,’ the White House Wants to Know About It. (Toto I don't think we are in Kansas any more)
Sorree! My browser tells mee could not be found. Asking why. *PIC*
Guard troops may be needed in troubled Ala. county
Alex Jones may not be too far off. Dr. Diegle either. It would seem that the wilder, the truer. *NM*
A MUST WATCH: Kevin Trudeau on Alex Jones Tv 1/6:What The NWO Doesn't Want You to Know About *LINK*
In Fact Best Series I've Seen on how things are........ for the Pedestrians
BANKING CHANGE! (Updated August 3, 2009)
I think anything by this entire outfit is total fabricated stink that even stanks avoid! *NM*
Avian Swine Flu created by the CIA *LINK*
Loyalties & Consequences *LINK*
Glen Beck...Town Hall Meetings...People are waking up and ANGRY! (About time and they called us Conspiracy Nuts...Oh Well we all wakeup eventually)
Complaining...... *LINK*
If you think this is humor...I DO NOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY...WHEN SOMEONE SAYS TO ME "SHUT TO FUCK UP" Having another bad day I see! I'm not your sounding board! I could say the same to you..But..I am way
CosmOlogic Overreaction? Remember? It's the pain that makes people laugh. The joke is a valve to prevent the collaps and keep the necessary balance.
This has nothing to do with Glen Beck......
apart from Glenn ;) *PIC*
Actually it is all a perception
"We're from the government and we're here to help" *LINK*
you say it
LaRouchepac..Aug 4, 2009 Update.The People are Angry, check out the video report
new u.k. crop circle - rollright stones *LINK*
Hi folks how're ya doin'? Anibuddy wanna fall in laugh wiz mee? :D LMAO *PIC*
Re: Hi folks how're ya doin'? Anibuddy wanna fall in laugh wiz mee? :D LMAO
Are You a Puppet?! :D *LINK*
My Grandma Tinseltown Nanny (blessed) always taught us: Kids what really counts is "Beauty and Elegance" ;) *PIC*
The Howell Crop Circles and the Illuminati *LINK*
WOW!!! GREAT Post!!! Thank You!:) *NM*
The Truth According to Puppetji ... Enlighten Up .... :D Puppetji Vs The Economy *LINK*
LMAO just opened it AFTER I had put up my vrog stuff. And YES always good and so impressive to start a speech with "first of all" ... say what? :D
HOLY SHATNER, BiLL! Leading Journalists Expose Major Cover-ups in Media *LINK*
OTC Morning & Evening Report... Larouche)
Scientists uncover lost Venetian city *NM* *LINK*
new u.k. crop circle - silbury hill *LINK*
Larry Sinclair's Final Post - 'Let My Book Speak For Itself' *NM* *LINK*
Myth or the Truth - you've already decided! *NM* *LINK*
Yes I have! :) *NM*
Israel minister: I'll quit if indicted for corruption *LINK*
so let him quit and spit onto his wall of lies so tall *PIC*
Rep. Tom Price admonishes govt-takeover of healthcare *LINK*
Is Reality an Illusion? *NM* *LINK*
This is an awesome listen. Thank you!
EXPOSE' On SS Corruption, Financial Deception *LINK*
Sincerely Folks.... this is quite an amazing bit of information ... and should be read at above link *NM*
The Living Matrix (8 part Video) *LINK*
WOW... Absolutely Fantastic. Thanks Mate !!!!
I guess that's my Reminder (2 B More Positive in my posts) *NM*
I would LOVE that! :D Perhaps others would too?
Gordon Brown: Wiring a Web for Global Good *LINK*
My Skin is Thought Sensitive :) *NM*
Oh Yes ... Love Best those "Silent Fuzzies" *PIC*
hey hotties, what kind a vroggy luv affair is going on hear hear :O
Glenn Beck: Government Website Takes Over Your Computer Forever *NM* *LINK*
Project Camelot 8/1/09-State Of The Planet-A Ground Crew Amstredam Conference Arthur Newman aka Henry Deacon. Hopi Prophecy, Chemtrails virus being sprayed over Cities at night
Criminal charges filed against Obama WHO and UN for Bioterrorism/Intent to Commit Mass Murder *NM* *LINK*
[ECETI News] Forced Vacinations
Where do I find the download in Dr. Degals web page about the vaccination papers we can file? Please post back if you know. I can't seam to find it. Thank You! *NM*
WHO Is Jane Burgermeister? *LINK*
2010 The Year We Make Contact.( A MUST READ...A MUST SEE..this is very Intresting!!!) *PIC*
Great humor *NM* *LINK*
And yet another funny funny giggle *NM* *LINK*
Perfect for a Sunday Morning Coffee
The missing link!
I Read You Loud and Clear! And then some ...
* TONIGHT, on "A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic..." GUY FINLEY *LINK*
gawds its good to see your name back on the board zany!
haunted places I hang out at *LINK*
spirit photos
"Blanket of Love" KRYON channeled through David Brown *LINK*
Earth Changes: Mysteriously High Tides on East Coast Perplex Scientists *LINK*
The Dissolution of the Old World and the Birthing of the New *LINK*
“Radio To God” Reported Destroyed By American Scientist *LINK*
TRUTH WITHIN ME Re: “Radio To God” Reported Destroyed By American Scientist
Job Title: Corrections Officer – Internment/Resettlement Specialist *LINK*
UPDATE: FEMA Report w/ ‘Removing People’ Missing in Palmer *LINK*
Timeline Distortions and the Real Looking At the FutureBy John Crawford
Excellent Article and SITE. Thanks! *NM*
Re: Excellent Article and SITE. Thanks!
Re: Excellent Article and SITE. Thanks!
Re: Excellent Article and SITE. Thanks! *PIC*
Cash for Clunkers and Your Computer (MUST SEE!!!)
07/31/2009 - 3:49pm LPACTV: Cancel the Debt or Cancel the Country. Lyndon Larouche...WE HAVE TO MAKE THE CHANGE NOW..WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE. Today at 1:00pm 8/1/09 est new update from Mr. Larouche
Well it's about Frakkin Time, already! *NM*
Archangel Gabriel: It Will Not Be Long. Through Helen Engel July 30, 2009
Re: Archangel Gabriel: It Will Not Be Long. Through Helen Engel July 30, 2009
new u.k. crop circle - waden hill *LINK*
Communist Congress Stabs US Again
Town halls gone wild *LINK*
Illinois Army National Guard Puts Military War Machines on the Streets *LINK*
Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab *LINK*
U.S. banks paid out $32.6 billion in bonuses as government spent $175 billion bailing them out *LINK*
Embarrassment for the Obama Administration *LINK*
Obama’s Secret Police *LINK*
is ogbourne crop circle a merkabah/ufo ?
Is it Venus and our Sun Dancing? *NM* *LINK*
Not Sure .... Was that Thunder and Rain I heard? *LINK*
new u.k. crop circles x2 *LINK*
Illuminati, Child Prostitution & The Secret Service *NM* *LINK*
Are Rockefellers & Sotomayor Illuminati Jews? *NM* *LINK*
Snap out of the hatred *LINK*
Time/CNN article worth reading! *LINK*
love that artical, I just received this link after sharing and my show... *LINK*
seven stars *LINK*
seven sisters, goes with that video code thingey *NM* *LINK*
beehive keeping (goddess) *LINK*
Fiery images as killer volcano that claimed 36,000 lives stirs once more."Krakatoa"
new u.k. crop circle *LINK*
Oh Yea!!!....Here we go!!!:):) Love Cosmo:) *PIC*
Stronger? Stronger! :D
Drunvalo Melchizedek Discusses "The Mayan Prophecies.. 2012 and the Pole Shift, The New Earth.July 29, 2009 (audio)
NOW we are Talk'n and a Rock'n!!!! :D :D :D *LINK* *PIC*
But Wait, One More thing.... ;)
I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it ;)
How come, so many clicks in this thread? CosmO, do you use witchcraft? Or is it the D-Names' afterburner? ;)
Dr, Rebecca Carley Show Whats Ailing America Vid 1 thru 8
Is Money Modern Manna? Manna for Man? FED MANNA? FED feeds folks money = manna? FED Manna Supply? Oh my, oh my! :D *NM*
The real meaning of FED UP: KABOOM. Gone! Money Explosion. *NM*
Okay, that's it for today. Maybe back tomorrow with some more grieve and sorrow. 8) *NM*
Let's dig it: The Artificial Swine Flu has little to do with a disease but is more a medium to release something else different from public health.
It is Official: WHO Recommends Mandatory Injections to Almost Two Hundred Countries
they can recommend whatever they meant, I didn't ask them evil guys for any advice - and who is WHO, what have they to do, with my health concern - do I yearn for the monsanto crap back stab?
Get Involved, Take Responsibility for your Country/World..Contact your Congressman, Senator, and Governor! How-To inside and info!
How about this: IGNORE THEM! Corrupted Unloyal Lobbyists! Boycott the system. Drain the rats' sewerage. Cast them out!
here's another whale that may save you from something :D
25 way to supress the truth. How to spot Shills and how to respond to them.
Hey Mister CosmO. Thanks for your diligence. Did you copy one of my earlier postings about this subject? There's another variety also. Something like 15 rules or so.
Sorry to hear you feel lowbrow...wish I could say something that would cheer you up...all this crazyness is getting to us all...I'm about to take a break from's all getting over whelming
Today at first I wanted to ask you spontaneously: CosmO post something more personal about yourself, that would be interesting. Share yourself!
Ben Fulford Upadte July 27, 29 2009
Who Are We? Why Are We here? Challange everything we think we have known (vid's & audio Interview) New Update Project Camelot with Michael Tellinger.
GOLD is Liaison to GOD - GO(L)D. Is GO(L)D good? Gods' goods? *NM*
totally agree as it looks for me to be ... *PIC*
Very Intresting Article...Thank You! So many Rats in disguise to fool the innocent people. *NM*
Communist-Capitalist Invaded Red China is said to be stealthily build up as the 'New Jeru Salem' by the known traitors of all times'
could be seen as an attempt of intimidation, distraction and/or self-protection
Barcelona European Exopolitics Summit – Final Lectures Available *LINK*
I cast you out of my life force energy in the name of my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ......
sound sources say the King James Bible is a fabricated freemason fraud
Obama will go "grey"? *NM* *LINK*
Hal Turner Admits He Worked for the FBI *LINK*
Old Trick: "Arsonists Screaming For The Fire Brigade?"

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