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Chabadniks now ruling in down under? The New Prime Minister of Australia, Ms. Julia Gillard, is a friend of Chabad Lubavitch. Why?
Gaza Flotilla - Facts vs Fiction. To counterbalance the incredible stupid and vicious lies about 'abundance of food in Gaza' and more. Pouring light into a shadowed place! Hear me?
HOLY SHAT!! MURDER FOR DUMMIS, Bartman! - Deepwater Unified Command Gulf Operation (NO JOKE! It seems this Gulf issue is criminal MURDER .... all along) *LINK* *PIC*
Now if that ain't SPIT IN THE FACE of Humanity, is this? ----> Supreme Court Nominee Could Coronate Obama (per Campaign for Liberty site) *LINK*
Whadz da madda, boyz & girlz? - I posted nothing, no nasty or naughty stuff, yet again I can't read anything. Full moon rising? Too much 'moon shadow' on the board? Don't get it. Trouble In Paradise?
Ooops! Rant done, blocking gone. "Woz'n glick, eyn woonda hut oons getrofn!"
[earthrainbownetwork] The Inconvenient Truths Series #4 (PART 1 of 14): Mind-Blowing Stuff! *LINK* *PIC*
Ya Know, As Time Goes on I Feel Better and Better!
The Name of the Star is Wormwood * BP in Bible Prophecy? * BP's "telling" LOGO? *LINK*
Earth Moved Substantially in April 2010 Quake *LINK*
Gassed in the Gulf: New Gulf War Syndrome *LINK*
Michael Tsarion - the Origins of Evil... (13 Parts) This material is the core essence of truths behind our illusions...
How do you fight this kind of Insanity? *VID*
UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS TRUE Fascism: American Style! Where he who would, did! *LINK*
I am sad to report ANOTHER way the oil industry is creating even more havoc
And yet another: BP is blocking rescue of Turtles and is incinerating the turtles in oil *LINK*
that is sad. i would just save the turtles anyway even if i had to take a bullet *NM*
Obama Furious About General Stanley McChrystal’s Interview In Rolling Stone ~ The General Resigned today! Video at *LINK*
WOW! Just finished watching the video. This is a tell all, and could change the course of where this world is going! WOW! *NM*
Jack McLamb: BLM Involvement Aboard Deepwater Horizon? *LINK*
Best hold on while I get yet another FAN *NM*
Did you feel it??? No you are not crazy
Apparently 5.5 Earthquake in Ottawa down to Toronto and New York. Still unverified ~ I guess I have to turn that evil TV on! *NM*
I felt that!
I'm chuckling ~ When it hit here, for a split second, I thought the place was haunted as all the furniture sort of mechanically walked towards the center of the room. But I am down on the lake *NM*
Brenda's Earthquake Experience
Earthquake rocks Quebec, Ontario ~ CBC News ~ (And also rumour that severe hurricane warnings are heading here very quickly from out west) *LINK*
OOOPS ~ That's a Big WHOOPS ~ Should have read TORNADOES not Hurricanes *NM*
Thanks Drummy for sharing close-up events. Wish you well. Greetings to the moose in case you meet them again at the lake ;)
Obama gives BP a get out of jail free card And other assorted outrages ~ Max Keiser *LINK*
new uk crop circle *NM* *LINK*
It's Raining Oil in Metro New Orleans! *NM* *LINK*
My God they certainly so do need a break! *NM*
They've got to move out now! *NM*
Mosquitoes up close and personal at Huntsville G8 ~ Soldiers at site going a bit buggy ~ The Black Fly Summit *LINK*
And now onto the G20 Summit ~ Hotel Strike in G20 Zone inevitable ~ Like Pie in Your Face! *LINK*
Danish Report from GAZA: "Where's the Humanitarian Crisis?" ~ REAL REASON for the FLOTILLA
Talk about your gnarly white water kayaking - link
At the dark and cold bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, rich and strange forms of deepwater life proliferate -- and may be vulnerable to oil plumes from the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. - link
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Re: Corprate Gas Drilling Buries Indenesian Town in Methane Mud (now hear this......)
Corporate Gas Drilling Buries Indonesian Town In Methane Mud ----> (WHOOPS... I accidently deleted my post.... here it is again *LINK*
I went to correct the spelling of Indonesia in the title and somehow deleted the post instead of editing it.... all better now :) *NM*
The sickest person on earth... the PEDO! *LINK* *PIC*
Everything is "relative", Einstein said... *LINK* *PIC*
I am on my soapbox...let's get some light moving!!!
The Cracks Let the Most Light IN
Re: The Cracks Let the Most Light IN
Sound Healing video ~ by Peter Jestadt *LINK*
CIA at YouTube. They are closer than one may think. They make recruitments.
Re: CIA at YouTube. They are closer than one may think. They make recruitments.
Well, 'free lance' writing so risky. No money & no chicks 4 free. Ask the Ruma Ladee. You ought'a bill the mill! GovAgencies cash in big on the right and pay out small on the left. Claim your pay!
Central Intelligence Agency is fraudulent naming. Obvious Lack of Intelligence! Misleading Term. They couldn't even find the WMD in Iraq. Probably need Brain-Viagra (hey, Monsanto, great opportunity)
Repost: The CIA's Internet Fakes.
Are you saying those websites are reported to be FAKE? Or? CIA Sites? (what exactly is being stated here?) *NM*
I asked two questions and got no answers. Apart from this, I said nothing. What do I really know? Fintan Dunne himself admits he doesn't see clearly. How? After all it's about SECRET services. :D
LOADING, LOADING, LOADING...??? Hmmm...Looks like that sinkhole in Canada got worse... *NM*
Hohoho! Not all holes are sink holes. Go figure! *NM*
ADMIN! fixed with note
THANKS! PHONE # Duly Noted! :) *NM*
Okay & thanks. I guess it's 'trigger words' in headline. So I'll try to avoid these npc words. CIA should publish a list at their YouTube account. But hey, this would reveal whom they really serve.
Gilad Atzmon Sources and Links
Massive Hole Opens on Trans-Atlantic Info-Highway and brings TNT Access to another stand still. Order from above cuz of LINKS to and QUOTES from Mike Rivero's and Rixon Stewart's websites? :O *NM*
Massive Hole Opens on Trans-Canada Highway *LINK*
What Really Happens: "Israel Controls US Government and Media" - so says former CIA-Officer. WRH Article from LINKS at TNT right bar.
Alex Jones and Tex Marrs interview - link
I nominate this video for the Darwin Award - Seaside Gulf moment - link
Please Mr Thief stop running away with my flowers! Please Mr. Thief walk with me back to my store so the cops can arrest you! Please! Please!
Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill Vital to Gulf Recovery *LINK*
Iran Executes CIA Operative Abdolmalek Rigi *LINK*
God's Work? Luck? Or Lawbreaking?
Blinded By The Lies ~ Carl Klang *VID*
If you like tracking hurriances, this site might please you - link
How the Ultimate BP Gulf Disaster Could Kill Millions *LINK*
If Canada's prairie farmers are in trouble so are we.
Re: If Canada's prairie farmers are in trouble so are we. *NM*
Gulf Oil Catastrophe - Epic Lies And Deceit ©By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES: Obama Admin. admits health care reform is a tax *LINK*
A note to all those who want to AVOID the news... cause it's just too aweful
what are you trying to say?
Well Put!!! *NM*
Arizona Senator blows the whistle: Obama won't secure US border until Arizona supports amnesty for illegals. *LINK*
US Supreme Court lifts ban on sale of GM crop *LINK*
Lieberman: China Can Shut Down The Internet, Why Can’t We? *LINK* *PIC*
Ron Paul: What if the People Wake Up? *LINK*
FEC Launches Attack on Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty *LINK*
In 1903, Cabalist Banker Prophesied Gulf Apocalypse ~ "Petroleum, Petroleum" ~ SPOOKY Stuff... *LINK*
Ha! I just read it the time you posted it and thought I should bring it here. I will check the translation from the original, posted by Swabian KOPP-Verlag.
My *PIC* showing up fine from here...
Fine for you! Can see here only term 'yada-yada!.gif'. Is yada-yada an argument related to context? BTW 'hotlinked' and 'embedded' is something different, technically.
It is true Moonshadow. You posted a comment on my donuts with pictures and none of the pictures showed up on my end either *NM*
Interesting! Had the same kind of problem on the other Forum where I Posted only...
Either you learn basic HTML and deactivate Javascript or you use the TNT board editor only. Using your google email account to design postings is awkward. Your problems therefore are homemade!
TODAY is a Big Sacrifice Day for our Satanic Overlords...Something BIG must be on the HORIZON...
OUR(?) satanic overlords = YOUR satanic overlords? Your, not mine! MUST(?) be little to nothing if sheeple don't promote, support or allow it. What do YOU promote? Zionist Satanism? Anti-Goy Hatred?
new uk crop circle *NM* *LINK*
Brussels Tribunal Wants High-Seas Killers Charged *LINK*
Problem or no problem ~ I was curious all the same, when I heard today there will be NO HST (our new Harmonized Sale Tax from HELL) added to the purchase of donuts!! WTF??! *LINK*
If there's ONE THING I know about CANADA... :D
No TAX on Donuts ~ No cartoons allowed of politicians ~ How about the Three Terrors? *LINK*
Love it!!! :D *NM*
"As the rest of the world is becoming aware of Israel being an outlaw terrorist state, the Hasbara jokers in Tel Aviv are determined to save their doomed State by the means of ‘Jewish humour’."
MORE on the HST ("Harmony" Harmona SALES TAX) ~ Boy this is so exciting ... NOT! :D
no other choices left to live a decent life? :D *NM*
Abbott & Costello: An Explanation of Taxes?.. :D *VID*
Important news regarding the Gulf Oil Spill - please take notice! *LINK* *PIC*
maybe now people can see why there was such a BIG push
Maybe they're on a Timetable and their Time is Short... :O
States Need To Launch Criminal Investigation Into BP, Federal Government’s Role In Oil Spill *LINK*
Russian Wisdom: A rainy kitchen sink day washes all sorrows away. Crackers into hamster's cheek makes it happy all days of week. :D
Are you suffering from the rampant new disease, CRI?! *PIC*
ahaa, this way, now I grasp the origin of the dictums 'Scheisskopf' and 'rede keinen Scheiss'
Ron Paul Calls Out Neoconservatives By Name *LINK*
New Moon in Gemini: Prepare for the Summer Solstice and 2012 *LINK*
June 21 Summer Solstice, Cardinal Cross AND Grand Trine!!! *PIC*
The deadly, neuro-toxic Corexit nightmare
$86 Million in U.S. AID Went to HEZBOLLAH. How's THAT for Funding BOTH SIDES of an Armed Conflict? Where was the "All-Powerful" AIPAC...? :D *LINK*
Last Resort: Wonder Woman Debbie Schlussel? Ad hoc web search with devastating results! Why did you do this to me? *PIC*
"Niger Delta becomes a cautionary tale for U.S." "Region has endured equivalent of Exxon Valdez spill every year for 50 years" *LINK*
Alberta takes environmental hit in quest for oil
A poem of intoxication from the intoxicated!
Fake counters :D I saw you do it! "Big Sister" is watching you *NM*
Nope.. I just ping about 20,000 people on social networks. Less than .000000000000001% took notice (lol) *NM*
How about the Revolver Map? Lots of pings from all over the whole wide world available. Let's try it?
Fabulous 360 degree view of Mt. St. Helens Move your cursor & check-out the differences between 2003 & 2006 ~ I'll meet you on the other side *NM* *LINK*
Great Source - Pic for you: Mount St. Helens before, during and after decapitation.
Fabulous!!! So HAPPY to see you back, Drummy! *PIC*
Hang On, Planet Earth, Help Is On The Way *LINK*
Hang On! Help Is On Its Way! ~ Little River Band ;)
REVERSE SPEECH: Obama Thanks Satan, Talks About Mark of the Beast, Mentions Pharaoh, Zeus & More... *VID*
the counter-reformation source is VERY GOOD thou tampered with propaganda and well-known political corrections
How can something be Very Good...and yet so FLAWED? ;)
Not 'SO' but no 'so' - and so on as said before, outside the box: more colors than black OR white. Einstein's stolen Theory of Relativity ;). This you likey, the theory, not? :D
Re: REVERSE SPEECH: Obama Thanks Satan, Talks About Mark of the Beast, Mentions Pharaoh, Zeus & More... *VID*
Now that is a riot! Interesting and yet Disturbing *NM*
I Never put much credence in Reverse Speech ~ Remember reverse speech had Pau McCartney dead on the Sargent Pepper album?l
Thank you... and to clarify my point of view......
I Agree & I think there's a good reason for that...
Was it representive of a spiritual death ??
Suggestion for TNT right bar: Integration Of A Revolver Map
I think that is down right silly. Where's the privacy? *NM*
Ordinary folks have more privacy online. Your name and location are not visible among all the others who come here. Mini Globe only shows points of light. You're the one to see who and where you are.
Isn't this the NWO called for by Soros, Kissinger, Bush, et-all ? *LINK* *PIC*
orientating yourself to economic reality in the USA
stunned by the CAFR headline then comes the cocaine question LOL - Burien a man of figures not of fictions. Important source, imho. *NM*
how mega-phony chosenites treat peaceful demonstrators in US of A
UK Pedophile Elite Create Internet Media to Fight Hollie Greig Case *TRAGIC* This must come to light! *LINK* *PIC*
bubble pop'n time...It looks like that blue beam IS
Oh WOW now even the coast Guard has seen it on THEIR CAMERA
Lieberman Introduces Bill Targeting Internet Freedom *LINK* *PIC*
Ten Stories In The News That The BP Oil Spill Is Overshadowing (please read this) *LINK*
what the US government fears most...
But what is WORSE? Having a FREAK in Oval Office! *LINK* *PIC*
the words, "still uncontested"...
I agree! Well said!! *NM*
DEEPWATER HORIZON: Did BP Drill Into an ACTUAL VOLCANO? This Guy Says NUKING Cannot Be Allowed! *VID*
The Gulf Gusher & the NWO Agenda *LINK*
Think of visiting Mark Kruger, the word master's June 21 makes you think - link
Dozens of Human Heads Found on Arkansas Plane Shipment *LINK*
Oil is Blasting Into the Gulf at an Unspeakable Rate *LINK*
Re: Oil is Blasting Into the Gulf at an Unspeakable Rate
This Disaster down in the Gulf is Unbelievable, however, I think TPTB may have already decided...
Your're oh so right, the world WILL be a better place WITHOUT THESE United States of Israel and America! A much better and a more peaceful place! ;) *NM*
Google Earth: A New Platform for Anti-Israel Propaganda & Replacement Geography? *LINK*
Even MSNBC - Rachel Maddow is calling the President 'the Fake President' after his oval office address on the BP Oil problem! WOW *NM* *LINK*
Re: Even MSNBC - Rachel Maddow
Yes, and
Has anyone seen this Monster? *PIC*
been seen at Air Farce One on top of the pyramid
A Bridge Over Troubled Waters Doomsday, or Just Bidding the Old World Good-Bye? *LINK*
PHENOMINAL POST! Well Said! Well Done! Thank you! *NM*
...Bidding the Old World Good-Bye?
Alex Jones Explains the Elite’s Master Plan on 2 short videos.... DO WATCH IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH. HERE ARE THE TERRIFYING FACTS! YES, FACTS... and YOU MUST FACE IT! *LINK*
ELI-te is no elite. Eli, eli, eli! Where are your fruits? ELI, did you count the bodies? *NM*
Max Keiser is only the BEST of the BEST. And this new video clip just keeps provin it! *LINK*
Anyone else being called by this phone number?
The authorities have better more secretive ways to check if you're at home. Methinks it's a hoax to spread fear and to intimidate unruly public posters. US Airforce? Hardly. Maybe bloated air force? *NM*
Dutch Zionist Geert Wilders Speaks at Ahavath Torah Synagogue. Warns of Islamization of Europe. Warning for whom? Himself?
How TRUE! The POPE also warns of Islamization of Europe. Warning for whom? Himself? :D *LINK*
very well written reader comments, e.g. "Oh Thank you Mr. Vatican"
Cat Out Of Bag? Made in USA? Artificial Earthquake in Haiti caused by deep underground bomb and HAARP? Did a criminal 'injury of gaia's skin' trigger the DWH disaster and crack open the seabed? :O
Yep, sounds like their false flag thinking!
A SUICIDE BOMBING!...America under OBAMA has finally become a MUSLIM nation?!... :O *PIC*
I see Joe disappeared... :O
he's back, this can happen with hot linked pics, Nedib Eoj aka Amasu Lan Biden ... reversed, and juxtaposed 4 obonga smilsum, ya 'no :D *NM*
Not Hot-Linked -- my 'Google Documents' gone down...I wonder why... ;) *NM*
a few hours ago all links dead, now they are active again ... somebody fooling us? *NM*
some photos taken, to brighten your day, under a drizzling sky, so hazy and grey *PIC*
Frater Corvus: Great Master of the Illuminati Order (ON LIVE ON STATION #1 @ 12noon Pacific Time June 24th) *LINK* *PIC*
So what happened to Frater Corvus? No show? *NM*
Frater Corvus = Brother Raven. Holy Fratner! What's coming this way? Hablas Espanol? My Spanish is not so good, Amigos!
Corvidae = Resilient birds, capable of surviving extremely cold temperatures. Good fliers, having mostly black plumage these birds are particularly intelligent ... eh, particularly? Oh well!
an effective tool for cleaing up oil contamined water...Kevin Costner's V20 centrifuge - link
Awesome News!!! Go Kevin! XXOO!!
a link for Florida newspapers
16 Burning Questions about the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill that deserve answers
Yup!! and we may have to re define what makes a person a "MONSTER" *NM*
Florida based web site for oil spill news -link
2 FEATURED Population Reduction HEADLINES "just killing 80 to 99%" *LINK*
Population Reduction HEADLINES
The answers people are seeking are here: (Great Post Oldman.... I concur!) *LINK*
The HogueProphecy Bulletin... from John Hogue *LINK*
I had to stop reading The HogueProphecy Bulletin
If that's true...
in terms of astrophysics Planet Pluto is a lightweight grashopper in the outskirts, a 'dwarf planet' or planetoid. How could it have such an impact and influence? Celestial homeopathy maybe? Maybe!
In desperation, the BIS and Vatican bank order assassinations but Mossad, the CIA and the Yakuza refuse to go along *LINK* *PIC*
Now old Ben is just getting plain Ol' Stupid. He may live in the Orient, but he sure can make up US history better than a school textbook *NM*
Re: Now old Ben is just getting plain Ol' Stupid. He may live in the Orient, but he sure can make up US history better than a school textbook *PIC*
to Zany
BRILLIANTLY STATED! IMO, this is perhaps the best post on TNT to date! *PIC*
Sure, Mossad, CIA and YakUSA are the good guys. Vatican bad, BIS super bad, maybe as bad as rumored Faction 1? Haven't I read this somewhere before? Smells like BENzene, somewhat :D *NM*
BP Hires Mercs to Block Oily Beaches (Updated) *LINK*
If Halliburton was involved, so is BLACKWATER!!! *PIC*
now you get to find out more of what's really going on...
Exactly: "BP should have no jurisdiction on US soil/beaches. Local law enforcement can tell the mercs to go away." Hard truth: Nations are turned to butcher-ready fat prey of global corpo-rations. *PIC*
Obama Gives Part of Arizona to Mexicans *VID* *LINK*
Is this Israel and Palestine being mirrored? Mired? Isolated and destroyed?
Looks like a good industry type site for professional opinions on the Gulf Oil spill crisis
Big gas bubble on the Gulf bed?
Awesome post! The plot just keeps expanding, like the oil... *PIC*
more local Gulf coverage
he needs to call the bird oil rescue team when he finds a bird in that condition...just drive it to the center dont hold it until it dies!!! *NM*
Where Else In The World Can You Find Such Oppression? (they say you can get overwhelmed.... bullshat!)
Thanks for your brave counterbalance to the morbid schizoid pro-zionist arse- and bootlicking trying to dig in right here at TNT ;)
The St. Petersburg Times Throws In The Towel (stop reading that crap news and come get some!some kewl shatnter) *LINK*
ADMIN! Some posts were removed by mgmt. due to request. *NM*
Sorry. Understood. Hopefully the right people had enough time to read and copy them. I have made backups. Greetings! *NM*
new uk crop circle *NM* *LINK*
FBI Most Wanted Terrorist: USAma Bin Laden - Please help ... help ... heeeelp! *PIC*
Project Camelot Productions interviews Aaron McCollum June 2010
Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything *NM* *LINK*
The 'God particle' may exist in five forms, Large Hadron Collider's rival project finds *NM* *LINK*
Barack Obama, Former CIA Agent *LINK*
No Surprise! And most probably true! It seems to be for PRE-Conditioning. Secret Service Taming and Training the Circus Clowns for the Sheeple before they are let loose into the arenas.
WikiLeaks is Asking for Urgent Help *LINK*
Now this Guy Has Got the Answer ~ Vote for Him! :D *LINK*
He's got my vote! :)
Exploring the limits of audio fidelity in a car
Legal stuff BP and Government thinks about...
local info (video) from the gulf
I am So Happy to Hear (literally) "We Are Here" ~ But can they stop long-range acoustic devices (LRAD) That are now permanent in Toronto??? *LINK*
A soundwave can be destroyed by using exactly the same frequency with a half-wave shift. :D
Re: A soundwave can be destroyed by using exactly the same frequency with a half-wave shift. :D
Coping with soundwaves
That and a sink hole to suck up the evil ones :D *NM*
recommend direct ear protection outside or/plus inside - headset plus earplugs :D
Nice of him to come out of the closet to post this u-tube video but he must have not been updated!! LOL!
The Power of Expectation & Belief (to your disbelief I'll bet) *LINK*
Re: The Power of Expectation & Belief (to your disbelief I'll bet)
Vast Mineral Deposits Found in Afghanistan *VID* :D *LINK*
Perhaps the most under reported event in the Gulf oil spill
to me the blue translucent beam looks like an optical effect on the lense of the camera or on a window's panel, a high energy shot would be extremely short, boil the water, create clouds of steam
I have the tendacy to lean towards agreement on that one. We have found many of our videos lately have a purple or blue beam shooting through the pictures *NM*
My suggestion: 2001 WTC911 demolition as pre-run to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Same people, same tactics. Then: DWH rig demolition as a pre-run to invasion of Iran in ... 2010 or 2012?
If Russia knew the pressures they could NOT control, then BP knew as well... *LINK*
Petroleum Engineer: Gulf Oil Rig Intentionally Sabotaged...
REPORT: Gulf Coast Explosive Tsunami...
Increasing solar activity could wreak havoc *NM* *LINK*
May I ask if this is the only source of havoc we must be worried about? *PIC*
Ron Paul: Restore a Full Audit of the Fed *LINK*
Re: Ron Paul: More bulloney
BP emails show BP really screwed up!
Targeting Whistleblowers - Truth Telling Endangered *LINK*
Danger Danger - Fire In The Hole
Money Trail in Dubai Assassination Leads To Iowa *LINK*
Re: Obama Speaking With No Flags ?
I really don't like the feel of the board right now. See ya later when the tone changes! *NM*
Just When We Think We've Seen It All...Goldman Sachs Smoking E-mail: "Suck it, fishies and birdies!" *PICS* *LINK*
wrong flag..... it should be this ! *NM* *PIC*
World Cup - Germany vs Australia 4 : 0 and yes, rolling in doughs aka doughnuts now. You can have the bagels! :D A Good PropaGoose will never loose so sayeth the PropaGander to the ForumRanter. ;) :D
Wrong flag? ... should be ... these?
this one?
We? Who is we? For whom do you speak? Me? Did you see, right bar TeeNTee? E.G.: What Really Happened? Rense? David Icke? *PIC*
geeez is NOT about being German *PIC*
It's about the crapy crooks sitting in power *NM* *PIC*
Hard to take but true, most of the younger superficial germans love Obama because 1. he's so American LOL 2. he's so JFK like LOL 3. he's a man of peace LOL - especially wimmin are fond of Obama :D
"With friends like these no need to watch out for your enemies?"
new uk crop circle *NM* *LINK*
Lindsey Williams Reveals to Alex Jones Some of the Real Threats Posed by the BP Oil Spill *VID*
Navy's Blue beam weapon ! add this to the video !
How did that hole get in the heliport deck but not melt the rest of it without using a LASER BEAM??? *NM* *PIC*
Could it be the helideck photo is 'composed'? I found some traces, lines, grids and angels :O *PIC*
A Reply from the source emailer..... *PIC*
LOL feels like being 'tazered' by a chosen 'blue beamer' :D
BP Moves Into Gulf Coast: Building “BP City” For Workers *LINK*
Saudi Arabia Gives Israel Clear Skies To Attack Iranian Nuclear Sites *LINK*
People's Summit in Toronto - June 18th - June 20th *LINK*
Wiki-Leaks founder a target? *NM* *LINK*
[KR50] Keiser Report – Sucking Gold & Slurping Silver with Freddie, Fannie & Confucius (Don't Ever Miss an episode! because that's being foolish) *LINK*
imHo...those buy gold and silver right now are fools that are .... *PIC*
I actually agree with you on this my friend............
As you say it, gold & silver overprized, too late to flee to metals, old games reloaded, same tricks, newborn gullibles, sheepshearing in next barn corner. Private possession of gold soon a crime? *NM*
hmmm where has this mega mouth been ?? Why so quiet now MR commie ??
Could be Baby Huey has something on his mind... :D
The Coming Battle to the Right of Water ~ Maude Barlow: The Global Water Crisis *LINK*
Water: Blue Gold in the 21st Century. P 1 ~ Democracy Now *LINK*
'America's Foreclosure King' How the United States Became a PR Disaster for Deutsche Bank *LINK*
So called Deutsche Bank was created by global zionists in 1870 and owned by the same chosen people (not the Vatican).
Baloney... :D The Devil has TWO Horns...
How many do you have? One, two or ... maybe three? :D
REPORT: They're Coming To Blow Us Away -- USNORTHCOM Gearing Up... *LINK*
Same self-chosen elite, same supremacist rulers -> Is Palestine everywhere? Even in US? Recall: Shuttle Columbia with chosen IDF commander disassembled right over Palestine/Texas. Mene tekel upharsim?
MORE Obfuscation??? ;) How about 9/ll as a Better Analogy...
you posted these IMHO dubious dis-info sources already, I've read it and accept only part of it, the repeated Hitler analogies are ridiculous
My original Post mentioned nothing about the Vatican, the Jews, the Nazis or the SPACE SHUTTLE (Completely OFF-TOPIC)...
I think it is called "the breaking Point" Moonshadow
Thanks, DrumSpirit, I really do understand what you're saying...
I truly respect and feel your words of your experinces ~ Bless you for sharing! *NM*
Exchanging cause and effect leads to confusion. Pity for supremacist sadists and murderers is humane? Saying to be fine without caring for one's neighborhood ... empathetic?
The only Confusion is in the Twisting of my Words...
Believe me, there are more colors than just black and white, I know it, I have seen it. How about you?
"FEDERAL TROOPS assigned to seek out and destroy Resisters and Insurgents - THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!" -> So, in Steve's eyes all 'American' People are 'insurgents and resisters'? That's unheard news!! WOW
Hypocrisy Reigns. "The World has been taken over by Lying, Hypocritical, Mass-murdering Madmen" *LINK*
Are the Gremlins back at the Board or has everything just gone into Suspended Animation? :O Well...
All of the above! :D *NM*
Do you really need your guns anymore?
SaLuSa 9-June-2010
Some Extraordinary Short Videos telling A Larger Oil Tale *LINK*

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