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Muslim Dies And Goes to... HEAVEN??? *PIC*
Stanley Fulman, Predictor of Oct 13th NYC UFO siting, dead at 87!
Twas the Night before Christmas ~ (New Age Version) :D
Merry Christmas EVERYONE! With blessings of good will and love, *NM*
sniper vision for a good while now.
Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around the World *PIC*
Federal Reserve Bank Orders Oklahoma Bank to Remove All Symbols of Christian Faith. Now Who is Next? *PIC*
Modern and Classic Music from my hometown for the rest of the world. *PIC*
Happy & Peaceful Christmas to everybody, friend + foe also to those who felt stepped on the toe, since two days my read access extremely slow due to growing piles of snow? Rig disaster, told you so.
Norwegian Icebreaker Heads Up the Mississippi River... *PIC*
The 12 days of Conspiracy Christmas - Conspirist-mas ! *LINK*
Mobile Prison Guard Surveillance Towers Coming to a Wal-Mart Near You!! Unbelievable... *VID* *PIC*
earth continues to shake all over, USGS Live Internet Seismic Server, Nibiru Evidence, Pole shift? *LINK*
Since most people aren't feeling the Shaking, these Quakes must be Very Deep. Also, about the New Madrid Fault & the Gulf of Mexico...
WWIII & the 70-Year Generation Cycle *PIC*
Click to HOME...hmmm...
"the fruit cake lady"
sage advice...love fruit cake... :D *NM*
Scientists Reporting the Earth’s Core Has Experienced a Mysterious 'Shift' *PIC*
of the door
Pope’s Christmas Address on Clerical Abuse Stirs Fury in Victims *PIC*
BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY!! 'Teleportation' in 2010!! *PIC*
I just...don't know...
I ponder if its cause you do. and you, and you *PIC*
Question -- Why do some posters use More than ONE NAME when posting??? It's Confusing. Sometimes I'm not sure Who I'm responding to... :O
inside out
I thought this was a spiritual station. come show me you are *NM*
broken hearted once again
one thing I will not tolorate is being bullied
beaten so much i am numb *NM* *LINK*
BOMBSHELL REPORT: WikiLeaks to Release US at War with UFOs *LINK*
"Just Keeping You Safe": The Cheka Checks In *PIC*
Secrets Your Government Hides From You *LINK*
Help! Need your advice. Could it be my HH HedgeHog Findelkind aka foundling is chewish? *PIC*
"I ricci .. non investiteli in auto" toddler singing lullaby in English *PIC*
Maybe the Hedgie IS of the Ash-chew-nazim genetic line...Israelis love hedgehogs! So much so as a matter of fact... :D *PIC*
Israel loves Hedgehogs, so does Dancer, & Moonshadow loves Israel - DO I SMELL LOVE??? *PIC*
Which Planet did you say you're from? :D *NM*
Thank you both for your kind refined answers. My mind to think about, so much that it will take some time to let it sink in and rhyme. *PIC*
Why Violent Revolt Lies In Our Future *LINK*
What is 'Operation Payback' ? *VID*
Operation Payback -- Anonymous Message About ACTA Laws, Internet Censorship & Copyright *VID*
Director of United States Mint Resigns *LINK*
Keiser Report: JP Morgue (E105) *LINK*
CANADIANS!! You Need to Listen to Max's Above Report -- 2nd Half -- About CANADA'S ECONOMY!! Important Info. *NM*
A Nation of Desire *LINK*
News Black-Out in DC: ~ Pay NOoo Attention to Vets Chained to White House Fence! ~ This Can't Be Happening!!!! *LINK*
U.S. LOSING in Afghanistan; Blackwater/Xe is there BIG TIME; Pentagon Lures & Dupes People into the Military... *PIC*
Lunar Eclipse (December 21, 2010) ... Cool! *LINK*
Intervallo..... *NEW* from Clif High at Half Past Human *LINK* *PIC*
World Prays For BLUBBLER BE GONE to be approved for U.S. !!!
Hey, did full moon eclipse overshadow Southern Rantario? :D *PIC*
Re: Hey, did full moon eclipse overshadow Southern Rantario? :D *PIC*
3 Very Large Objects In Space Flying Towards Earth (OR is it Something Else the late Bill Cooper was informed about by Naval Intelligence?) *LINK*
Nevada's Mysterious Cave of the Red-Haired Giants *PIC*
Espionage Act makes Felons of us all !! *PIC*
Wesley Snipes in Federal Prison on a misdemeanor
The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 18, 2010
The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 19, 2010
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 20, 2010
I have followed this story for a very long time now and the truth of it hurts as well as disgusts ...(here is link of the FULL length video of "Unrepentant" *LINK*
Awesome links! To this story you have posted! *NM*
Finally... Christopher Hitchens: Latest Nixon tape buries Kissinger’s reputation *LINK*
Paradise, California, Today: +7C°/45F° - ten day forecast: rain, rain, more rain, few sunny hours. Methinks the cables are all wet and dysfunct now. Trouble In Paradise? Hojo Mojo? Arriba, arriba! *NM*
Yes I see! TNT read access NO WORK. Departure of Homeland Security? (time to move to the new server software, Don & Don ;) ) *NM*
DHS Implementing NO WORK LIST!! *PIC*
Attention please! As long as the road blockage lasts, please have a look to the right bar, visit some of the MODERN DAY HEROES. My Tip: AHMADINEJAD+MAXKEISER+WHATREALLYHAPPENED+THETRUTHSEEKER. See ya! *NM*
Ooooh mojo mia no padre de pia este capabilo o reado tos scriptos famosos grandiosos! Ooh padre pitchka madre que este passos? *NM*
Mister Zuck Sugarhill and FBI Face Book International at http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1291118/pg2 recommended read for friends of the flock *NM*
Re: Mister Zuck Sugarhill and FBI Face Book International at http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1291118/pg2 recommended read for friends of the flock
Somebody needs to get their Mojo to workin' here... :D hmmm... *NM*
Outing Ben Bernanke & the Truth About the FED's Bailout of Goldman Sachs *PIC*
Dr. John Jay Harper's Passage into the Light *LINK* *PIC*
Alert! Having dutifully confessed to 2+2=4 patriotic experts that I'm a 'kraut hacker' no more read for me! Growl! Can't even reply to MS's latest fear dosage. Not fair! Please open access to MS! 8) *NM*
Venezuela Acquires 1,800 Antiaircraft Missiles From Russia (must have been a real Sweet deal)... :O *PIC*
I have to admit, I'm a hacker! In late autumn we hack homegrown 'dunce cabbage' to make fine healthy sauerkraut rich in lactic acid CH3CH(OH)OOH - OH OH OH! Lactic Acid! Terrible Krauts! :D *PIC*
Welcome! Here there are NO ADS and NO CENSORSHIP...... where "Truth comes into Play" == Glad you're here! SHARE YOUR MIND............
Welcome to the show! Nice to see you again. Missed your humor and your smart allegations. :D *NM* *PIC*
Boy Asks TSA "Why Pat Down Mom And Not Me?", TSA Replies "You Don’t Have Boobs" *PIC*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 16, 2010
What a nice hack stack! But then, won't too much 'Project of Vatic' hurt the religious feelings of the shadeys lunatic? What a dilemma! Love hurts! *PIC*
Air Force to Share Its Info on Planet-Flattening Meteorites *LINK*
Planet X: God's Conflict with the Dragon in the Sea *PIC*
Initiation at the End of Time - Alberto Villoldo *LINK*
Justice Department Prepares for Ominous Expansion of "Anti-Terrorism" Law Targeting Activists *PIC*
The White Hat Report #5 December 12, 2010 *LINK* *PIC*
polio vacine and book *LINK*
Augmented Reality! The way they make fake, nonevidence, blue beams, wikileaks & false documents? How can one discern fact from fiction? Does it matter, if it gives the 'daily dosis up your noses'? *PIC*
this may explain why some servers resp. ISPs can be sniffed out and sabotaged so easily and just-in-time
Lots of 'Shady Lady' roaming the world wide spyder web and youtube as well. I like this one best. :D
#1 Wisdom Spoke of Bridging Wisdom *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Reason within *LINK*
well made *NM*
Assange interviewed by the founder of TED *LINK*
Watch Wikileaks documentary- very amazing *LINK*
Thank You Very Much! ;) Very Informative. Interesting Perspectives.
Surprise! Antioxidant Levels of the Top 100 Antioxidant Foods.....Try To Eat More Of These Foods And Spices In Your Diet
Population Control: just an observation ...
GM Mosquitoes spread Dengue fever to Florida residents (Key West up to 10%) and Cayman Islands and more........... (Thanks Bill Gates!) *LINK*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 14, 2010
Re: Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 15, 2010
Rainbow Bridge *LINK*
My Gawd, how could I forget, of course, Islamic terrorists at work, right here, so says my Rusted Ruse Radar. Jihaddists! I can smell it. Lurking under the keyboards, awaiting commands from Putin! No? *NM*
TSA & DHS on patrol at TNT? Not enough stuff and honors of donors at Wally's? *NM*
A new read blockage snapped in, ordered just in time? DDOS Attack? JayEye Defense Force at work?
Ok here I am - your comic relief for the day! ~ Hilarious British animal voiceovers :D *LINK*
Someone is killing Iran’s nuclear scientists. But a computer worm may be the scarier threat. (CIA at it again? Just our US Government in Action? How very tragic we have scum in high office) *NM* *LINK*
Russia Sponsoring Islamic Terror (WikiLeaks Evidence) *PIC*
(and sometimes Moonshade, you post stuff that is obvious Shat. My question is why? Makes me ponder you. ) *NM*
........... pondering with Love.......... of course......... *NM*
Because I BELIEVE it about RUSSIA. The Shat I post is what I personally BELIEVE to be TRUE... :O *PIC*
I think I am having a psychic vision!
Are ya sure it's not a Nightmare? :D *NM*
Boy was I right! :D *NM*
Then I say, "My hats off to you"..... (with a smile)
commenter Phil asks rightfully "Has the New American become another neoconservative outpost of warmongering nonsense?"
Sensational, exaggerating and misleading headline? Tabloid rag time, again? Did you get the new 'special chosen poster guidelines for 2011'? :D *PIC*
Very interesting comments from the two of you. In attack mode it seems. Didn't know mercury retrograde had that effect. ..... Pot calling
no no, oh no, attack-mode reserved for femimists aka XX-DNA-supremacists, me only attempt to shield mental health from strong incense of sheeple deceivers, aaah, bible believers and such, ya 'no ;) *NM*
pooper snooper after nose caught in the wrong place *NM* *PIC*
Is that like the "Pot Calling the Pig Fat?" :D
Re: Is that like the "Pot Calling the Pig Fat?" :D
Classic case of Chicanery? *NM*
Re: Classic case of Chicanery
No I was not directing anything at you .... Taken out of context
Re: No I was not directing anything at you .... Taken out of context *NM* *PIC*
Kindergarten Playground? So YOU fight the elite with threatening words and impressive pictures but YOU are afraid of 'stancer dancer prancer' allegedly hacking your stacking? Are you serious? :D
I mean, sorry for the mistake, larmoyance aka lachrymosity and sqUaller with U ;).
Re: Kindergarten Playground? So YOU fight the elite with threatening words and impressive pictures but YOU are afraid of 'stancer dancer prancer' allegedly hacking your stacking? Are you serious? :D
Er...Ah.... What was it that I was going to say? Oh yeah ...."Can I take you along on a Court date??"
Thanks Striderus!! For having the Guts to say it just like it is! :O *PIC*
your playing with Fire !
:D *NM* *PIC*
What A Thread! - What a Vibrant community! Good good goood gooood vibrations ...? *NM*
WikiLeaks Set To Reveal US-UFO War In Southern Ocean *LINK* *PIC*
The U.S. Secret Bunker, The Gulf of Aden Vortex: Contact Made? (WikiLeaks)
WikiLeaks, the new Oracle of Delphi? The new Leakworker Bible (IMV) for agit-prop thread launchers?
Why I'm Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange (A statement from Michael Moore) *PIC*
Do Americans Really Care About Our National Security? *PIC*
A Tribute. *LINK*
Stands and Applause *NM* *PIC*
Diplomat Richard Holebrooke Dies *NM* *LINK*
"No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it." *LINK*
That's exactly it! So why can't we get through to these boners?
looks like a dick head to me,
I'd prefer the term 'SCHEISSKOPF', ya 'no :D
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 13, 2010
The Christmas Story by Kids (and then they wake up) *LINK*
"the three amigos" :D They're so Cute! *NM*
Thank you very much for this poem full of wisdom! ;) *PIC*
I've Always Loved this Poem... :) *NM*
Chanuka at Dundas Square in Toronto .... This is why we never get sleep ! (Just steps away from the horrific stand-off between Police & Civillians just 6 months ago at G20! Oh what a healing....!) *LINK*
BRAVO!!! :D Love 'em or Hate 'em -- *they* brought us MUSIC... :) *NM*
What Am I to You? ~ Norah Jones
A New Journey
Ahmadinejad Fires Irainian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki *NM* *LINK*
It seems Mottaki snubbed Miz Hillary -- doesn't like the Wicked Witch of the West or the U.S., plus he also had a lot of problems with Ahwannajihad...?
WHO Built the MOON?! *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
When will Linda M. Howe be on air the next time at BBS Radio? *NM*
touch me breath me umph *NM* *LINK*
The Day the Dollar Died (Vid) for Dec 19th *LINK*
Computers Can Now Recognize...SARCASM...!? :O *PIC*
HOUSE! seen a few eggasodes enuff to know he is my hero. *NM*
The Sarcasm Meter - the New Lie Detector. Yup it's already a crime. They are one step ahead of you. Sarcasm always got me in trouble, specially at border crossings! :D
Your Nature lesson for the day! Changed video to show late night and the morning after! *LINK*
its all in the way the nature calls
Tragic News from up in the North! I am devastated!
Sarah sinks she shot Rudolph, but she's wrong. Real Rudi looks different. You betcha! :D *PIC*
Who Holds Your Mortgage? -- Since You Will Never "Own"...ANYTHING...
all systems on *NM* *PIC*
foul play *NM* *PIC*
Force and Fraud. (Great Article) *LINK*
And can you imagine for a moment what goes on.........
Comments for "Hillary's Promise: A Fascist Economy " *LINK*
Re: Comments for "Hillary's Promise: A Fascist Economy " *NM* *LINK*
EXPLOSIVE: Tax Exempt Foundations and Think Tanks: The Process of Invisible Power *LINK*
I often wonder: When does a person know they are evil?
They Don't period! No original thought, NO Soul and not a living brain cell ... *LINK*
Never had a fucking origional thought in their lives,Never had a brain cell in their lives, if the did they would be dangerous, " POWERFUL"
Iranian Official Responds to Wikileaks: ‘The United States Is Behind This Deliberate Leak’ *LINK*
A Mossad Officer once said IRAN IS ISRAEL's best ally. (my take: to bring down the United States (learning from the brain trained superiors ;) ))
Now this is too much fun not to pass along: A caller to Walmart is told by customer service that the store is working with Homeland Security to route out “suspicious behaviour” *LINK*
Wonder how long it will be till DHS hits the Dollar Stores? MOST of Dollar Stores' Merchandise comes from CHINA & a few other FOREIGN Countries...Some Info on the Dollar Stores...
EXCLUSIVE: Controversial Drug Given to All Guantanamo Detainees Akin to "Pharmacologic Waterboarding" *LINK*
The Gulf Oil Attack by The Rothschild League of Investment Bankers *LINK* *PIC*
The Explanation of the Denver Airport Murals! CREEPY, but AMAZING!!! *NM*
WATCH THE 3 Conspiracy Theory Vids NOW..... The Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned! *LINK* *PIC*
"The Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned!" therefore it's NOT a theory, it should say: Conspiracy Reality! A Conspirality!
An Engineer's Look at Silver - Part 2 *VID*
Sometimes Moonshade, you come up with some good stuff! *NM*
I try. ;) *NM*
Harder baby. Do it harder! Harder and smarter! :D How is the weather at your place? 8) *NM*
with out a shadow of a doubt, *LINK*
Hi-yo SILVER AWAY ! MAX is Right!
Rise To Sense: Julian Assange is a "con artist attention whore"? *PIC*
Thanks for the info! *NM*
Vatican Bank Ties to JP Morgan *PIC*
for the inceSSAnt RE-ITERATORS who try to hoax us on the true nature of the SUCOMESCAs, the Supranational Corporated Media Scammers
RECAP: 39 days after the GOM rig Deepwater Horizon was blown apart, my first warning of the consequencies if the Gulf Stream into the Atlantic Ocean has been damaged, then still skeptic on own ideas.
2012 A Global Climate Change Remote-Viewing Study Multiple Realities, Timelines, and Events *LINK*
Lots to view! *NM*
So...The VATICAN has NO REAL POWER of its own....It's an empty hull!...A TOOL! ??? :D *NM* *PIC*
"Tina help, she poses as Sarah P. now, hair dyed to the roots, empty stare ... is it a GYNOID? Sarah Ashavar?" *NM* *PIC*
FIRE ALARM!! :D Does "Obi Ron" NOT Stand by His Own Words??!! :O *PIC*
oh yeah, pants feeling warmer now, somewhat :D btw Ron's son Rand poses as stauch zio-nist ... how come? ... so if ... and then ... other hot pants burning? *PIC*
My Gawd, what a crime! Imagine, Israelis built Tehran airport and even delivered weaponry before 1991. Oh, my gaawd! 16,000+ Jews in Tehran and don't defect! OMG! AHmadi's roots jewish! OMG! *NM*
Wrong! Wishful reading. RP did not DEFEND the wikileaks ballyhoo, he suggested to focus on the real issue, the methods of US policy, no matter who reveals what, an besides ...
Conspiracy Theory: Gulf Disaster Planned?
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 11, 2010
The Essence: "30 Facts Evidencing the Rothschild League of Bankers Planned the Gulf Oil Crisis"
ABSOLUTELY!! But how quickly we CHOOSE to "forget"... *PIC*
So, prosecute and kill off the Orthodox & the Catholics (as the Soviet Zio-Commies did) and this world would be a paradise? BTW: Vatican has NO REAL power of its own. It's an empty hull! A TOOL!
Unraveling the Stars
WATCH THE 3 Conspiracy Theory Vids NOW..... The Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned! *NM* *LINK*
Holograms of UFOs, Religious Figures Tested in Arizona (KNOWLEDGE FOR SELF-DEFENCE AGAINST HOLOGRAMS IN SKY *LINK*
Part 2 Here: *LINK*
Putin Slams West for Wikileaks' Assange Arrest *LINK*
How appropriate! Russian Folk Wisdom by Vladimir Putin: "You know what our villagers say: while someone's cow is mooing, yours better be silent." 8) *NM*
15-year-old UK Student Tells Establishment to Stick-It... :) *VID*
...and behold, a pale horse! *VID* *PIC*
IBM and the Third Reich *LINK* *PIC*
xp bridge platform to apple boot camp,
VIDEO: UFOs predicted over Moscow and London for January 2011 - Council of 8 and Extraterrestrial intervention *LINK* *PIC*
Linda Moulton Howe back? I recognize the objects.
Maybe TimELord was insinuating that the message in itself sounded like something Fulford would write. (But TimElord can speak for himself) *NM*

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