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Why foreign aid to Haiti has failed in the past - link
ANY TREKKIE FANS OUT THERE?? ~ Kirk and the Love Potion (Star Trek Humor/Slash) *LINK*
Eve of Mankind, Evil Root: Goads of Evil Eva's Womb?
Collapse of Port-au-Prince Triggered by Deep Underground Bomb?
Brain protein identified to create and sustain synapses in the brain! *LINK*
molecule halts rheumatoid arthritis *LINK*
Bible written hundreds of years earlier than thought... *LINK*
Mr David Koloma Central Bank of Nigeria making a confidential offer :D
Finkelstein vs Foxman "American Jews are the Worst Enemies of Israel!"
UFORNA UFO Research of North America - Filers Files UFO Reports
"Breakfast With God" by Maureen Moss *LINK* *PIC*
Chatting with Max Keiser (Video) *LINK*
Help Send Some Love to Haiti ... ( What a beautiful idea From my friends at Creo Mundi) *LINK* *PIC*
Fasten Your Seat Belts!!! ... Billions have been spent on Airport Security. ~ But Are We Really ANY SAFER?? ~ ~ Awesome investigative reporting on the Fifth Estate ... great stuff *LINK*
Try This One
Earth Changes and Man's Responsibilities *LINK*
Orangutan and the Hound. *LINK*
Short and Humorous Swabian Skits with "Apelet and Horselet" - part 1
Short and Humorous Swabian Skits "Oats & Banana Blues" - part 2
Short and Humorous Swabian Skits "Perfect Harmony" - part 3
Haiti and the seismic weapon *NM* *LINK*
Makes sense: Ascension from Pilgrims and Quakers to Earth-Quakers? Irony of History. Down to earth, deep to its iron core. God's Own Corridor. *NM*
a link on oil in Haiti
Could the Vancouver Olympics be the next 9/11? - link
Comprehensively Conclusive. Add-on: 'Good' Terrorists not use Ammonium Nitrate and Box Cutters. Not efficient. Not handy. Better take C4 or ... TNT!
I sure hope not! (Although I must admit the thought crossed my mind as well ... >:( *NM*
Cosmic Observer
Pelosi & Rahm Caught In A Moment! *PIC*
Dalmatians keep watchin', listenin', sniffin' and surfin' - they have to!
bugged now? :D
Forget everything you have been taught about Earthquake safety ... This makes perfect sense to me..
Very Valuable Life Saving Tips! Thank You! ;) *NM*
WOW! Hey, that was good. Thank you. *NM*
BASHAR: A Question Answer Session with Bashar .... *LINK*
Bashars way to speak needs getting used to, at first sounds like a persiflage until later on getting really interesting.
WONDER WOMAN Knocks On Wood! Mission Ignition by Flash Of Lightning?
IU Intelligent Universe Revealed to me: Wonder Woman IS the Role Model 4 the All Armorican Scarah Palins! *PIC*
Now you just had to go and spoil it all for me Dancer! *NM*
Sorry! Meant no hurt. Please forgive. Can you pardon me one more time? :D *NM*
My Profession in the New World .... I have been dreaming it for some time now ...
my dreamspirit still growing with your help, knocking on wood
He's been called an Autistic Savant, bi-polar, multi-polar, empath...but no one has figured out how his mind works they way it does.
Thank you I enjoyed this! *NM*
Human-Faced Lamb Born in Izmir/Turkey - Result of Bestiality?
A clear photo from a veterinary blog - Adult Eyes Only!
'Birds' of a feather flock together? Birds?
having made a compilation for a friend
AfterRhyme: If you can't count your own age how can you counsel somebody for best mortgage?
If you do or don't like astrology, you'll likely find this interesting.
Finally you got me. I was lukewarm on this issue. "There must be something at it!"
Steve Judd's outlook for the last weekend in January 2010
Inspirational Video *LINK*
Re: Freedom Of Speech Has Been Destroyed - Keith Olbermann Special Comment *LINK* *PIC*
The term CORPORATOCRACY is too long, 'doesn't sell well', call it CORPOCRACY and pronounce it like DEMOCRACY stressing the corpO as with demO. Just my 2 cents ;)
Reply on wood
my add-on went astray so I had to put it on top :D *NM*
Short History of US Americans' Hypocrisy and Hysteria
Andrew C. Hitchcock - We Know Everything
ROYKSOPP NORWAY: 1 4 Rich Ard + 1 4 G. Ayl SoOn B. Rantford :D 1 4 J ;)
70_year_gag_on_kelly_death_evidence *LINK*
In order to protect the criminals in high places who ordered his suicide? Sure! *NM*
Watchdog groups warn: ‘Corporate globalization’ of US elections is upon us *LINK*
The sun may be attempting to help us and some of us are not aware of it.
animals have a soul as well ... and plants ... *NM*
Resemblance of Company Logos: US Obama Inc. and EU Vattenfall
Wrong! This Liberal ass rag is just pure garbage. This decision only levels the playing field - corp campaign funding is wrong, yet unlimited union funding is ok as is George Soros's ACORN
Top 10 Reasons To Go To Work Naked :D and more ;)
San Diego Quakes
thx, partly (mostly?) understood, also: I really do care what YOU and what others find, collect, think, deduce, rearrange, suggest and so on, as long as it's helpful for me (and maybe others)
Moscow RT Keiser Report + US Ann Minch on BOA's Usury: "I'm angry ANGRY"
Dr. Pete Peterson interviews (3 of them) at - Link
Apologies-I neglected to mention the availability of transcripts - NM *NM*
Purim Venezuela? "First we take Haiti then we take Caracas" ?
I don't understand German .... Can you recap this please :( *NM*
the essence of the copied quote is highlighted in RED, for details and links please try online translation :)
at GLP they recommend Babelfish to translate a source in Spanish
correct working URL for babelfish is without www.
Atoms frequencies - in relationship to each other, based on phi (yup, the golden ratio)!!! *LINK*
and speaking of symmetry...
Great post
The Secret Bank Bailout *LINK*
they made a grand mistake
Astonishing Report: We're Executing Gitmo Prisoners and Calling It Suicide *LINK*
The Maxine Code - cracked at last?
How to use BBcode and HTML within TetraBBS at TNT - Part 1
Seriously...American citizens have to decide if they are going to kill themselves now or let the government do it for them later...your new health care bill...the truly sad, sad news!!!!!!!!!
a bit of an update...
the C. Austin Burrell link *NM*
Scientists manage to "tie light in knots" *LINK*
Some thoughts on the Amended TWEA's impact...
Harvey W your post brings up a host of questions.
Re: Harvey W your post brings up a host of questions.

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