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Do you need a spoon? (Or will you just use your finger?!) ~ "Sarah Palin advert: A moment of advertising genius" *LINK*
neither nor, I prefer 'DOMESTOS Triple Action Toilet Cleaner' :D
FACT!! FACT!! FACT!! Deny it if it makes you feel better, but it's the ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE TRUTH! *LINK*
“Keiser Report” No. 92 Guest: David McWilliams in Dublin *LINK*
A statement to all members of the British parliament (and any other come to that) *LINK* *LINK* *PIC*
Independent News Site Fraudulently Blacklisted by Internet Explorer After Negative Bill Gates Article *LINK*
Report: Warning of Possible Bank Holiday * Emergency Request For Additional Verification * When in U.S. History has a sitting President... *LINK*
34 Warships Sent From US For Obama Visit *LINK*
Rense & Celente We Are What We Eat *LINK* *PIC*
Benjamin Fulford: Legal action against illuminati possible this week *LINK*
Wayne Madsen: White House in Crisis *LINK* *PIC*
Brasscheck TV: More from Alex Jones on staged terror *LINK* *PIC*
Barbara Hand Clow's AstroFlash for November 5th, 2010 Mayan Day SEVEN *LINK* *PIC*
A spacecraft survived the closest encounter ever with a comet *LINK*
'Targeted Individuals': Randy & Evi Quaid Not Alone -- Many Others. * Excellent Reports by Deborah Dupre (with
"it's merely [...] transferred into other Strange hands to be used along with even more advanced [dangerous and restrictive] technology?" agreed, you're right ;) *NM*
Proud for assassinating, torturing TIs? Ex-pat to McCain (Now we KNOW who was killing all the scientists, chemists and biologists - Cheney and his Assassination team!) *LINK*
'Dick Cheney Had a Death Squad' * Hear Him Refer to Himself as "the President"... *VIDS*
Go figure: 'Global Law' based on tall-mud teachings, Ezrahell still HAS death squads, hijacking, bombing, poisoning, hanging, drowning, shooting - the whole range of murder AND bragging about it! Ooh? *PIC*
'Global Law' NOT Talmudic * Maritime-Admiralty Law = UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC) = ROMAN LAW & Their 'Death Squads' obviously continue... :O *VID* *PIC*
Besides and therefore, methinks 'publican brain-palsy being promoted to pave the path for Zarah Paylin. - But did you ever see her without lipstick? Better look twice, it's so terribly frightening! :D
"After America , There is No Place to Go" *PIC*
'I went down to that place and toured it. It's just a pit. It's just a porno pit' *LINK*
Well, you can look at it with a jaundiced eye, but be careful or they'll pluck your head right off your shoulders... :O *PIC*
I LOVE that bottom cartoon..... (considering the truth...... coming in .... behind it...... funny stuff!) *NM* *PIC* *LINK*
A Modern Spiritual Philosopher *LINK*
November Forecast 2010 by Lena Stevens *LINK* *PIC*
Another Giant Sinkhole Opens Up * What's causing this to happen?... *PIC*
'Authorities' claim natural factors but can't name any. Meanwhile crater is 100 feet deep and 130 wide. Schmalkalden famous for Treaty AGAINST Catholic Rome 1530! A message from Jesuit Underworld? :D
Obama 'To Turn On Israel After Midterm Elections' * Things should get Interesting... *PIC*
that's why the sheeple get this airfreight bomber rumpus shoved under their asses, just in time, by the non-official 'Office' terrorists. Ya ya! *NM*
Someone's crystal ball was a bit hazy... :D *PIC*
LOL the Flying Holy Seeans hiding them holy sticks'n balls from to be seen as divine instruments of pedo-philia?
Catherine Austin Fitts: The Looting Of America *LINK* *PIC*
She explains WHO and WHY this DELIBERATE THEFT of monies from the USA is occurring!! FACTS!! *NM*
The Fraud Started At the Very Top: With Government Leaders *LINK*
David Stockman: The two parties are in a race to the fiscal bottom to see which one can bury our children and grandchildren deeper in debt *LINK*
The Fed Works In Collusion w/Goldman (says Ron Paul in video) *LINK*
Commercial About The National Debt That Is Being Banned By Major Networks *LINK*
Good Commercial, but I think they didn't want to air it Before the Election (and maybe not After either) because...
November 3rd, 2010 – We enter the 7th day of the Galactic Underworld of the Mayan Calendar *LINK* *PIC*
Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert host Rally to "Restore Sanity and/or Fear" in DC (2 Parts ) *LINK*
Rally to Restore Sanity Video *LINK*
Parts 01 TO 13 - Pleiadian Alaje - English Version *LINK* *PIC*
ALAJE FROM THE PLEIADES: Magnificent Message! *LINK* *PIC*
Study finds link between GMO's and current health care crisis
***HAPPY HALLOWEEN*** from Zany *LINK* *PIC*
Kiefer Sutherland introduces the cartoon MOUSELAND *LINK* *PIC*
Re: Kiefer Sutherland introduces the cartoon MOUSELAND *LINK*
Why aren't these people in jail yet? Video *LINK* *PIC*
Cuz the private country club jails are overcrowded besides being fake-money-paid & run by themselves and obedient stooges? Sorts of Napolitano & co-whiners? *NM*
NATO Invites Russia To Join Afghan Fray -- Does This Signal the Future Withdrawal of the U.S. from NATO? *PIC*
A dumb attempt to weaken the Shanghai Cooperation before third Dien Bien Phu starts? Besides. NATO = 100% Pentagon Front.
Or maybe Brzezinski wants to ensnare both Russia & U.S. in Afghanistan abyss to clear the "Silk Road" for China who helps Iran against Israel?
Alan Grayson (High Quality Version): Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve? *LINK* *PIC*
A Comment from a YouTuber found at WRH *LINK*
reply4 reader: cuz IF SO the global crime syndicate phantasizes in protocols to declare war on rebellious (US American) people and sent troops from abroad - as done to GE 2 times & in prep 4 USA *NM*
Eight Volcanoes Status Raised to Level II *LINK* *PIC*
Gi Beans Gi Gravy Gi Wished I had Joined The Navy...Sound of 1,2 Sound of 3,4 one two three four ... one two.. three four *PIC*
She had hairs on her trunk like the branches of a tree, Oh Nellie rub your belly close to mine. (lol) *NM*
10-4 out the back door. lol *NM*
Scintillation: I know why Obama became president: They needed someone more stupid & spineless (imagine) than chimp Bush for Commanded-in-Chief (npi). Idiot has to read whatever scribes prepared. Ouch!
9-11 is UNCOVERED in revealing facts!!! *LINK*
Jesse Ventura Calls For New 9/11 Investigation; Challenges Media *LINK* *PIC*
Alert! Yet another read access denial - Tim E. L.'s posting stuff too hot? - Darn hot! What's cooking?
Oh, how quick. Access reopened. Thank you. *PIC*
AGENDA 21 for Dummies (a must view) *LINK*
WTF is this bonus material??? *LINK*
white hat or black hat I tip my hat to you
Guest Post: The Tipping Point has Arrived *LINK*
A real man kicks it up a notch, without Cayenne or Tabasco (how to eat modern day fish) *LINK*
Suns of beotchs
Beware Lloyd Braun "Illumignat": Illuminati Extorting Hollywood Stars? *YUPPERS -- Just ask Randy Quaid! *LINK* *PIC*
Picture of Lloyd Braun.... a person to say something to when you run INTO him. *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Dave Chappelle-What's Wrong With Hollywood *LINK*
Michael Jackson among the victims to mention also, not? "Illuminati" the code to hide a tight meshwork of criminals? Who really rules uptown Hollywood? Why fled 'Angelina Jolie' to Hungary? *NM*
MOSTLY the CIA is responsible for the Mayhem in Hollywood AND Abroad (and Angelina -hubba hubba - is definitely a broad) *NM*
thanks for the 'broad' hint :D *NM*
In contact with a few like Britney, and Michael Jackson's childrens mother Paula... *PIC*
oops wrong photo *NM* *PIC*
Randy Quaid unedited Without the media filter *LINK*
OPERATION TERRA: News and Updates 10-30-10 *LINK* *PIC*
The Secret of Oz *LINK*
A real way to fix the economy and it exists in North Dakota *LINK*
more mumbo jumbo: explosives sent from Yemen to synagogues in Chicago, oh my gawd (what a fraud) LOL
Nanoparticle Chemtrail Webs and U.N BAN on Geoengineering...WTF? *LINK* *PIC*
Does Winnipeg Really Exist? Or is it just an invention of Hollywood? *LINK*
HILARIOUS!!! This video is PRICELESS!!!!! Back Atchya: Maybe Winnipeg Exists: *LINK*
Hello Winnipeg: "it depends on what the word means means talking about weenie peck" :D quote Chaffason Klintonn (methinks so)
More banned technology *LINK*
COOL LIGHT SHOW -- Technology to Make You BELIEVE Whatever *THEY* WANT You to Believe...
Warren Buffett’s bank Wells Fargo: ‘A business model based on fraud’ *LINK*
Organized CRIME has taken over the US Government and all that that implies! *LINK* *PIC*
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward | Official Trailer - [ Extended ] *LINK* *PIC*
Planned European Bank Run on December 7, 2010 -- Pearl Harbor Day?
Re: The Movie: "What in the World are They Spraying?" ***JUST RELEASED*** *LINK* *PIC*
AccuWeather predicted a bright sunny day but, oy vey, after dawn the sky was like a huge hazy grey lawn and then again the smell from hell: Ethylen-Di-Bromide!
Gerald Celente: Trends in the news (build up to war) 21st sept 2010 *LINK*
Act Surprised: USA Has A History Of Attacking Themselves To Go To War *LINK* *PIC*
Famed NASA Astronaut confirms Extraterrestrials are here *LINK*
Strangers! *LINK*
True! An Enemy has done this to Both -- to Divide & Conquer them -- Both. *NM*
Scientists Find 'Liberal Gene'...WOW...A Built-In Excuse for Everything -- Now THAT'S Exciting!! *PIC*
Scientists Find HUYA Gene! *PIC*
Re: Scientists Find HUYA Gene! and its cousin Gene... *PIC*
I think it'll be the ETs who Disclose THAT gene. ;) *NM*
who the Fact Knows *NM* *LINK*
JPMorgan, HSBC sued for alleged silver conspiracy *LINK*
Our Beautiful Sun... *PIC*
spell book "RODS" air *NM* *LINK*
'Hizbullah Has 10,000 Operatives Manning 40,000 Missiles'
What the Kolbrin Bible says about the Muslims... :O *PIC*
What a bunch of crap. (so explain to us again why your favorite show was "All in the family"?) *NM*
Hey, I didn't write the Kolbrin, though some seem to think it highly Accurate. (Actually, my favorite show was "Sanford & Son" :)) *NM*
Yes...... what's your thoughts on the book?
Quite honestly, I've never read the Kolbrin -- only quotes and articles about it. What surprised me was it being quoted as saying...
Re: Quite honestly, I've never read the Kolbrin -- only quotes and articles about it. What surprised me was it being quoted as saying...
Reappearance of Huge Plumes of Oil is Making It Hard to Pretend that the Problem Has Disappeared *LINK*
FLip it
A nefarious clock is ticking... *PIC*
It's bound to happen as we progress technologically. Exciting Stuff!! *NM*
God Bless this Great Lady & the Great State of Missouri -- The "Show Me" State!! :D *NM*
TRAGIC? Shows Sea Turtle's Eggs being collected and sold *LINK*
It is against the law with a heavy fine on our ocean isle nc beach to even walk on the dunes due to the sea turtles nesting. I am on this like stink on glue.! apalled *NM*
Retracting my post due to further research as they are protecting the sea turtles by way if they do not collect the eggs and the sea turtles hatch the vultures will bite their heads off. *NM* *LINK*
Whistleblower: Coast Guard Implementing Martial Law *LINK*
Everything's Amazing & Nobody's Happy! *LINK*
what is all the talk about? *PIC*
it's all about noses: poke, snook, snuffle; pitch nose down, stick nose in, wrinkle nose, blow nose, hold nose, follow nose, thumb nose, under nose; noseless. :D Enough rubbed in? :O *PIC*
its in the newo's
now everybody nose (((hugs))) *NM*
Default or Hyperinflation: The US’s Only Two Options *LINK*
third option: "Let the dogs out!"
“Building what?” *LINK*
Truth I hope, but will TPTB allow it to happen?...
here we go: "Hungarian born NiCo SarCoZy admits self-chosen ancestry, French Press reveals Activity for MidOrientalSecretService" O-la-la! Comme ci comme ca!
Should we condemn him for being Hungarian-born, for being a Socialist...or for being a Jew?
Moonshadow ~ Just curious .... Have you invested in any past life regression therapy?
Are you kidding? I can barely handle THIS life... :D *NM*
hands up and listen here comes my benevolant advice just for you: try to get a better 'handler' :D
PROJECT CAMELOT: WHISTLEBLOWER RADIO : Kerry Cassidy with Guest: Jay Weidner *LINK* *PIC*
False Flag Terror -- The Occult Connections
Pentagrams of Blood Over America? *VIDS*
Obama to Latinos: "Punish" Your "Enemies" in the Voting Booth :O
Chaplins Time Traveler (Say WHAT!?) *LINK* *PIC*
Found the clip rather interesting ....
The Perfect No-Prosecution Crime *LINK*
Good Midday! Posts-to-read transferred very slowly - if at all. Not your fault. Stormy Weather in Midwest. Power Outages. *NM*
knock knock, I lost my key and cant get in to read the post... good morning all *NM*
ALEX JONES: Gerald Celente: We're Living on Borrowed Time *LINK* *PIC*
Guess Who Wants to Kill the Internet? *LINK* *PIC*
Will He Need Al Gore's Permission? :D
Air Force Academy Now Welcomes Spell-Casters :O *PIC*
One Sure-Fire Way to Know If You're Living in a Police State... :O
A Simple Visit to a Once Beautiful City
Canadians should not let down their guard...
The Hunt ~ Cusco (music) :) *VID* *PIC*
AAAH- what the hunter hunts, the hunter will be hunted *NM* *LINK*
Beautiful! and True...I guess we're all looking for the Raintree... :) *NM*
second time today board's read-access blocked - must be the content in and behind those pesky HEADlines, methinks. *NM*
ADMIN! i removed the locks. i'll keep watch in case it locks up again. i wish it would stop locking up like that. *NM*
thanks for giving notice :) *PIC*
Emblems From the Pentagon's Black World...
WIKILEAKS - Julian Assange: 9/11 was not a conspiracy *LINK*
Iran: US behind Wikileaks revelations *LINK*
My alarm bells rang when CIA-WIKILEAKS blowoffs were reported all over MainStreamMedia with slyly gross reduced numbers of casualties - Obvious trickery for sheeple with bad memory! *NM*
George Ure on the "Tipping Point" Nov 8-11th Coping: With Life's Probabilities *LINK* *PIC*
Earth Changes Media by Mitch Battros: Lions, Tigers and Bears - Oh MY! *PIC*
Sunspot group 1117 continues to grow, more than doubling *LINK* *PIC*
Scared and Deformed *LINK*
You asked what would Jesus say to the Pope today if He were around?
oh I do not believe that Jesus married Marry Madeline either and I appreciate you sharing as to my being able to express this false hood as well
Quite Right, to my limited understanding of the way IT IS. *LINK*
SHOCKING! Rockefeller vs Rothschild - The global elites have a dispute over their plans to enslave the world! *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Jordan Maxwell on JFK and Abe Lincoln assasinations *LINK* *PIC*
'Talking fish' stuns New York *LINK* *PIC*
Very ODD i.o.w. mehsugga meshugeneh ... but then again, when a NYT reports it ... was it on CNN also? *PIC*
Planet Alert Newsletter for November 2010 by Mahala Gayle *PIC*
Good News – Evil Monsanto Finally Reaping Its Just Desserts *LINK* *PIC*
UFO Highway - Anthony Sanchez Interview - Find out WHO is doing BOTH Cattle & Human Mutilations - Many Revelations about what was found Underground at Dulce, N.M. in 1940...AMAZING!!!
Very worthwhile reading, thank you! Could be elaborated with Comparative Anthropo-Genetics (my own ODD invention :D)
It was an AUDIO Interview -- but 'certain types' wouldn't notice... :D *PIC*
LOL! I allowed myself (if you don't mind) to READ your text and the linked sources first, then comment on the main issue: genetic manipulation & creation of humanoid hybrids. Can you stand it?
Here come the Food Police ~ *LINK*
Oil In Eden ~ Disgusting! *NM* *LINK*
Holy UFO Batman! *LINK*
To be un-Unidentified as Flying Objects called Chinese Lanterns to burn batman's ass in air combat. Ultralight Stealth Airplanes. They're coming! (never ending hilarious UFO crap) *NM*
I guess we should get ready for their Big Laser Light Shows! :D *VID*
Is Free Thinking a Mental Illness? *LINK*
I guess if you're not a "PCC" (Politically Correct Clone), then you're a bit "ODD" :O *VID*
FreedomWatch on Silver and Gold. CREATE CLIP! *LINK*
The Vatican DEMANDS Israel to End the 'Occupation' of ARAB Lands..."There is no longer a Chosen People"... *PIC*
There never has been a 'chosen people' only 'self-chosen hypocrites' lulled in a phariseean pseudo-religion full of hubris and hatred towards all others. Period! *NM*
There never has been an 'infallible pope', but that never stopped the pseudo "godhead" from treading out the winepresses -- drop by bloody drop. Period! *NM*
totally agreed (if this were of any importance for the roman papa-moma-cult and the silent rest of humankind)
Cleverly Glossed Over the Important Issue of HYPOCRITICAL DEMAND Regarding "Occupied" ARAB Land -- "Quack-Quack" *NM*
said the Goose to the Gander *NM*
Magic and Healing *LINK*
Saudis & Egyptians Gearing for Iranian Threat as Power Shifts in Iran *PIC*
Another Charlie Chaplin Copy posing as World Emperor? How funny! Cha cha - cha, ole!
Republican Congressional Candidate Says Violent Overthrow of Government Is 'On The Table' *PIC*
JFK said: Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable. *LINK*
The Kolbrin Bible seems to be a most factual book, the often quoted KJV King James Version a masonic 'adaption' besides all the many other different editions claiming to be the only original (forgery) *NM*
Earth's axis inclined 23 degrees, wobbling up and down, this can plausibly explain sudden unpredicted weather changes.
Re: Earth's axis inclined 23 degrees, wobbling up and down, this can plausibly explain sudden unpredicted weather changes.
I used to read the ZetaTalk web site for some years and tried to verify the Nibiru Personas shown around 2003 and 2004, what has happened since then?
Re: I used to read the ZetaTalk web site for some years and tried to verify the Nibiru Personas shown around 2003 and 2004, what has happened since then?
thank you very much, I'll check it out, after autumn solstice it may be easier, will climb a high spot in the morning with optical equipment
Well, for one thing... *PIC*
David Icke - The World is Utterly Insane (Tell Me Why) *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Hot hot, today's afterbath snap-shot: "Look into these eyes, babee, and tell mee what you see" :D *NM* *PIC*
"But it felt somewhat wetter than last time methinks, sniff sniff." *PIC*
Stinkey is saying I am mature enough to be on my own now, please release me let me go.. I will always love you...
Thanks - all babies try to appear grown up - but it would mean certain death if I let urchin baby go too early.
Some say the word 'Brit-ish' in Hebrew means "Covenant-man". Question is...a Covenant with WHO? God? Which God? Maybe the Queen knows... :O *NM* *PIC*

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