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Nibiru and the Anunnaki - Planet X Video *LINK* *PIC*
TSA -- Total Sexual Assault -- One Woman's Detailed Account... *LINK*
The SOTT Report #1 - The Road to Hope Convoy *LINK* *PIC*
Jean Hudon: Eye of The Storm Series #11: Meltdown in Progress! *LINK*
American heroes stand up to the TSA *LINK* *PIC*
"Rods": Mysterious Sky Creatures or Just Bugs? *LINK* *PIC*
Pope Benedict XVI: Bible Cannot Be Taken Literally -- Roman Catholic Church is the Only True Church *PIC*
if you don't mind, I'm partly with the Big Poopa on this one
Well of course, but it's only because he's a Jew-Hater...
LMAO! Campbell Brown 'White House Reports' (by Tracey Ullman): "Horror. Terror. Horror. Terror. Nightmare. Horror. Fear."
Thanks God, still pieces of sane America left in between terrorist govern-ment-als and con-trolled op-position scary-go-round!
6:30 morning horror-news and 2:28 in the clip, clearly to be seen, at least one additional celestial body (apart from Tracey's), is it Planet X they forgot to mention? *NM*
Cyber Experts Have Proof That China Has Hijacked U.S.-Based Internet Traffic *LINK*
Is the Gulf of Aden Stargate Opening? :O *PIC*
Proof of Extra Dimensions Possible Next Year: CERN
Christopher Story Shocking Expose' Parts 1, 2 and 3
This is Jaw Dropping... *LINK*
Week of War Guestblog: War in a new information age ~ (Video at Link - Interesting talk!) *LINK*
Longest Tunnel to Connect RUSSIA & ALASKA...while we were sleeping? *PIC*
you found the key Drummy mentioned and I had referred to when prezi election mammania for Sarrah was in full swing *NM*
Slacktivism or Activism? What Was The Rally To Restore Sanity? *LINK*
"No Cure For That" ~ What About Building 7? *LINK*
11/6 CLIF HIGH: HANMI...and the logical frank. *LINK* *PIC*
Yes and No .....
MAX KEISER! Keiser Report №95: Markets! Finance! Silver! *LINK* *PIC*
North American Union – “U.S. Super Spy Center” Uncovered in Mexico *PIC*
Body Scanners Coming to Schools, Stadiums & Malls!! * Paid for by Stimulus & Money Grubbing Scum!! *PIC*
America Here Is Your Next President! :D *LINK*
I still say ALASKA is the KEY, not Palin. *NM*
Stuttgarter Zeitung today's front page: Sarah Palin Soap qualified as SHAMELESS self-promotion of a hypocritical blabbermouth. Right so!
Tungsten Plated Gold Bars - Bob Chapman Implicates Robert Rubin & Larry Summers » *LINK*
REPORT: German People in Unprecedented Rebellion Against Government: 1000 Injured in Nuclear Protests: Police at Breaking Point...
WRONG! Only a very costly staged event orchestrated by the Pseudo-Green CIA-Lefties to distract from the intense public protests against 'Stuttgart 21' Railway Station Fraud on opposing citizens! *NM*
Right...ALL Big Protests are Staged Events, but you can still get your head bashed in, HOWEVER... *PIC*
The Federal Reserve is Laundering Money
America No Longer at a Turning Point, But at a Boiling Point...
The Nazi Hydra in America * Full 600-page Justice Department Document * Reported by The New York Times *PIC*
AshkeNAZI hydra sustained by NYT scribblers, other fearmongers & fanshit dispensers? Better instantly look under your bed, might be luring a German HitlerNaSo hiding underneath! Beware, it's there! :D *NM*
I'm still lookin' for the Jewsuits!!... :D *NM* *PIC*
not really ... really, do you, are you serious, btw
More MUPPETS!!! -- One of the Few SANE Things left in this life... :D *NM*
Have you been in the kitchen and did you 'ruminate' as suggested? :D *NM*
Amazing Videos: A Stunning Collection of Some of the Best Video Clips on the Internet *PIC*
Cutting down on Travellers is EXACTLY what is wanted by our Corrupto Establo......... WND Exclusive: Stop airport humiliation: Pink slip TSA's perverted gropers *LINK*
Here come the energy police!
"Get Your Ticket to the Stars!" by Elizabeth Jones, Astrologer *LINK* *PIC*
How Salting Works
today I salted my legs but nothing happened ... how come? :D *NM*
Try some Pepper... :D *PIC*
Oh you're so nice to me and thanks, I happened to take original US Californian Tabasco Sauce - it works, I can tell ya! :D
Ancient Aliens - Gods and Aliens *LINK* *PIC*
Microchipping Drugs *LINK*
Chemtrail & HAARP Technology 101 for Dummies *LINK*
The American Concentration Camps EXPOSED - Jess Ventura uncovers the REAL EVIL PLOT occurring now!!!!! BEWARE... you can't handle the Whole Truth! *LINK*
Glenn Beck Threatened By NWO over FEMA CAMP Story *LINK*
Corporate Mercenaries Invade South Carolina & Arizona (See how they do it? I hope so! Just so you know........) *PIC*
And you thought you could live in peace without dying a horrible sick death. Good Luck! *LINK*
Unraveling the Obama presidency--more insider information *LINK*
Clif High: Failing, falling, flying, fearlessness ...10/14/10 *LINK* *PIC*
George Ure on 10/15/10: "Where's that TTPPING POINT?!"
Webbot 8 Tipping Point Update: John Waterman - Waterman Files 8/11/10 1/6 *LINK* *PIC*
Something very sacred to listen to and integrate *LINK*
Christopher Story, then Lord James of Blackheath on Foundation X *VID*
Don't Worry Be Happy! Oh yeah... *VID*
大きな箱とねこ。 No, it's not Ben Fulford, but he's Really Cute! :)
real life experience: jump into the (matrix) box, jump out of the (matrix) box. Funny. Clever kitten! :D *NM*
Alice Dancing Under The Gallows - Official Promo *LINK*
A Beautiful Testimony! Amazing how certain kinds of Music can keep you going... :) *NM*
24 rooms in a 344 square foot apartment! ~ Welcome The "Domestic Transformer" *LINK*
Stairway To Heaven ~ (Climbing Towers) ~ What some people will do for a lousy buck! *NM* *LINK*
I am talking about a daily systematic rape we actually pay to be subjected to. *LINK*
Rabbi Dr. M. Antelmann: "The Satanic Hidden Hand That Shaped History" 2 parts
Sabbateans Evil & Rotten to the Core, but if THEY are the 'HIDDEN HAND', then WHY are they SO VISIBLE & Always On Display?... *LINK*
Best trick ever: HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT. - Another round of shadow boxing? More of the same bugaboo built-ups?
Better than Hiding Behind a Bent Cross & Using the U.S. as a Proxy to Fight Its Wars. *NM*
the Pope should therefore drive BENT-LEY instead of Mercedes Benz
He had a better idea... *NM* *PIC*
A Hilarious Animated Take On The Federal Reserve: Xtranormal *LINK*
If ya don't wanna get screamed at, handcuffed or raped, DON'T FLY!!! *LINK* *PIC*
Horrible Fireball Over Serbia & Macedonia *VID*
a few days ago I heard a great roaring sound high above, after midnight, but no light and too slow for a comet, made me wonder
Maybe... *PIC*
What a huge super superman! Running on natural bio gas like US AUrora stealth kaboom supersonic jets? Agreed, this might be the right answer. Hello, hellooooh, thanks a lot! :D
Angela Merkel: Germany Will Become Islamic State :D *PIC*
Under the rule of the 'Central Council of Jews in Germany'? Receiving 5 million Euros for free every year?
ONLY 15 Million? ALL 'Turks'? Actually, I think it's kinda Funny... ;) *NM*
Yes I was told so personally by a circumcised 'conservative' turkish immigrant. Gobble gobble! *NM*
Welcome Home ~ Wouldn't it be Wonderful if your airport experience was like this! :D *LINK*
Public Response ...... *LINK*
WOW! :D Maybe it's to help 'Cheer Up' passengers who've returned from the U.S. :O *NM*
EU Chief: Nation States Are Dead... (So Saith the SoothSayer -- One of CERN'S little 'Strangelets'?) *PIC*
Ireland Goes Bust, Irish Bank Run *LINK*
Wayne Madsen: China Fired Missile Seen In Southern California * Pentagon & Its Embedded Media Covering Up Chinese Show of Force Off LA *LINK*
New Chinese Subs Raise Questions About Stealth Capabilities
Smart Dust is already in our environment *LINK*
Does 'Smart Dust' = MORGELLONS ?
Staged Government Terror: An Open Admission Within The British House of Lords *LINK*
Airport Solution
Manchurian Candidates & Suicide Bombers WILL LOVE IT! Collateral damage to co-passengers? "Why not, if the price is worth it!" (Drummy, you're just too brilliant)
Let Me Be Clear since the WHOLE WE WORLD is Murky ~ This one was not my brilliant idea, got it in an email and thought it was worth sharing. :D *NM*
aaah, humble you, and I was already wondering what might have had happened to your spirits
RE: "The Multi Culti Lackmus test ~ Next project will be to determine who the Real Aliens are vs Who are still caught up with wearing their Halloween masks :-) *LINK*
BRILLIANT!! I love it!! :D *NM*
Fact or Rumor? * I heard on the radio shortly after the 9/11 attack that the Rockefellers want only ONE airline in America that THEY would OWN and that is "UNITED Airlines"...
OBAMA Lawyers Tell Federal Judge the U.S. Government Has the Authority to Kill U.S. Citizens
China's Sophisticated Submarine Fleet Left U.S. Navy Chiefs Dumbstruck... *LINK*
RE: CA Missile -- ALERT From Retired U.S. Navy FireControl Tech -- One of the guys who "PUSH THE BUTTON"... *LINK*
The Real Luciferian Purpose Behind The Chemtrail & Electromagnetic Manipulation Of The Atmosphere
Distractive Lies & New Age Nonsense with a pseudo-scientific coating and some perls of truth sugar on top. Caution. Might cause severe delusions! Ho ho ho :D *PIC*
Perhaps you've been exposed to the Yellow Light for too long & need to take a Yoga break to Try to Raise your Kundalini... :D *NM* *PIC*
WOW! Nice Bull Dog. Although, the face is a little different. Thanks, never seen something like this before.
Bush: “I’d have endorsed Obama if they’d asked me” *PIC*
CA.misisile disabled by UFO? *LINK*
UFO Shoots Missile *LINK*
UFO might have saved China from a nuke attack? *LINK*
Evidence of Missile Strike Against UFO during NASA mission STS-48 *LINK*
Aliens shot down California missile *LINK*
TOO MANY coincidences *LINK*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Pleadians to OBAMA...surrender or DIE IN A TSNUMAI!!! *LINK*
I like her for her brains! *LINK*
Bring Down JP Morgan, Easily
A heavy technical gadget loaded on a truck looking like an electrical transformer? *NM* *PIC*
Re: David Wilcock Debunked? Same as Benjamin Fulford?
I hate to bring up a Sensitive Subject, but I sure hope all you guys have got really Strong Knees... *PIC*
Sure! Strong knees to shield JIDF spread disease aka AIDS: Acquired Israel Defense Syndrome. Symptoms: one eye blindness, channel view, obsessive partiality, distractive projectionitis :D *PIC*
No matter what they Call it or Name it, there will be no Two-State Solution in Israel/Palestine -- THAT'S the Smokescreen...
and besides: US to boost military Aid To Israel
You just Wiped Out your own argument...
Pleiadian Disclosure: History of the World and the ET Connection *LINK* *PIC*
Is Colleen Thomas "Wild/Passionate Colleen" mentioned in the WEB BOTS? *LINK* *PIC*
Some People..........
Re: Is Colleen Thomas "Wild/Passionate Colleen" mentioned in the WEB BOTS? *LINK*
REPORT: We Are At War! Internally And Externally
CERN, Germans & The Vatican * "We need to find the God Particle and put it back in the Black Hole"... *PIC*
Did Somebody Just Try To Buy The British Government? *PIC*
CIA Advisor: Extraordinary Rendition Legal *PIC*
GOOD NEWS!!! Man Invents Machine To Convert Plastic Into Oil...well... *VID*
REPORT: Central Banks Are Going To Start Dumping Dollars In The Coming Weeks *LINK*
Steve Ballmer Sells $1.3 Billion Worth of Microsoft Shares & Perhaps by Coincidence, Bill Gates... *LINK*
Shawn Phillips - Woman / Keep On / Sleepwalker / Song For Mr. C *LINK*
Beautiful! Never heard it before :) *NM*
AIPAC: #1 ENEMY to ISRAEL -- EXPOSED by an ISRAELI for What It Really Is!!! *VID* *PIC*
Did you know that Lady Gaga's real name is Stefani Germanotta?
... and that Hannah Montana once was Miley Cyrus and that Alex Jones once lived as Bill Hicks? Hics, aah, beg your pardon :D
as it says on the label: BABY BY NOW YOU SHOULD KNOW. Obama was Pharao and Putin remade from Czar Nicholas! - Cheers!
how to take care of your pets *PIC*
Save the Males! High time to start Masculinism. Public Appeal: Boys & Men of the World Unite! Stand up and fight for your right to be real Men! (btw, got peeniss problems in public? look here ;) )
Clif High at HPH: Solar numerics, Warning for Indonesia (se asia plate - sw pacific plate boundary region), and addendums.... *LINK* *PIC*
The Truth about our lives - Bill Hicks /David Icke/Alex Jones *LINK* *PIC*
Wholesale Treason, Why Israel Bought Congress *LINK*
Red alert for new criminally insane move by Satanic Federal Reserve Board cabal *PIC*
Siriously Bob
U.S. Jews Divesting From Israel *LINK*
White House: Obama Conducting Reign of Terror -- "Virtual Political Guerrilla Warfare" Within the Democratic Party? :O *PIC*
Harper will defend Israel 'whatever the cost' *LINK*
More Good News ~ Our voice is making an impact! ~ Doctors cut some drug company ties amid rising scrutiny *LINK*
Netanyahu in New York for 3 Days -- Strange Timing... *PIC*
David Broder: War With Iran Will Save Economy, Obama Presidency; Republican Senator Says, 'Neuter' Iran...Is there a way to get off this frickin' planet...other than suicide? :O *PIC*
Conclusion: Every time a REACT REad ACcess Termination occurs, then somebody really hit the right button, so-to-say. Only left to check-out what triggered the REACTive event. Difficult? *NM*
As expected, this time for sure: Read access denied! As always after really essential concerns get posted, in G-d's usurped owl country. Forum watchers busy in US of the 'Brave & Free'. LOL! *PIC*
Illuminati Symbolism In Movies (NEW VERSION - MUST SEE ALL OF VIDEO!) - High Definition *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
***MUST HEAR*** Astounding 2 hour interview with Clif High HPH ***LAST SHOW?!*** Mind Blowing! *LINK* *PIC*
Re: ***MUST HEAR*** Astounding 2 hour interview with Clif High HPH ***LAST SHOW?!*** Mind Blowing!
Yes, it's EASY: Here's what you do... *LINK* *PIC*
Great thank you!!
Blood created from human skin *LINK*
Wonderful News!...and I'm glad it comes from Canada... :)
Just one thing I question ....
I'm with you -- no chemo & other deadly drugs. I read chemo destroys brain cells & I'd like to keep what few I have left... :) *NM*
REPORT: The Real Reason For Obama's Trip To India: The Sixth Biggest Arms Deal In U.S. History
Wall Street/"Fed"'s Financial Terrorism, Floating Bankers and Jesse Ventura's Latest Gang Banking Episode *LINK* *PIC*
Massive concentration of Allied warships in Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman as background for Obama's highly secured visit to India. US Satellite lost after launch. Has it already begun?
An Open Letter To The Attorney General Of The United States *LINK*
The Scary Actual U.S. Government Debt *PIC*
tellya a secret: be not impressed or afraid of big numbers, it's no real debt, only USURY fake figures typed into compis to draw interest-driven feedbacks of real goods and services. It's a trick! LOL *NM*
stumbled upon: if you compare two logos, the 'C Tau' of TELEGRAPH (CO commonwealth DOT UK United Kingdom) and the Hammer & Sickle of the communists.... pure coincidence? *PIC*
The Federal Reserve Just Celebrated 100-Year Anniversary On Jekyll Island Nov. 5-6, 2010... :O *PIC*
No ALL-KAYEEDA terroarists around to blow FED up? Man, that's boring, so dastard, terror-networkers always miss real targets, focus on innocent grass roots, just 4 fun of terrorizing. (Asses!) *NM*
Boy could i uSE oNE OF THESE! :D *LINK*
funny + interesting ... brainwash included? third eye opening optional? and choice of incense also? (xcuse me, just thinking out loud) :D *NM*
Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons *LINK*
Love & Justice ~ American Style...Can't you just FEEL it?
"Amen!" OK then, I'll forgive U every offense w/o waiting for UR 'repense' no matter how tall or small, once and for all. Haileluya! Shalom! - Blessings, the One and Only Lawd, Universal Gawd. Amen ;)
Now What?...(said the kettle to the pot) ;) *VID*
sorry, but we ARE decent, re-educated, docile, obedient ZOT slaves, to be cared for (especially for our hard earned money) therefore HH 'video not available in your country', so it saith on zewtube :D
Bush At Booker Elementary - The Video That Proves 9/11 Was Not A Surprise *LINK*
TSA agents gone wild: fondling little children, planting cocaine in passenger bags and more *LINK*
Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory – Wall Street (A MUST VIEW - FACT!!! Thank you Jesse) *LINK* *PIC*
Alleged hit-and-run driver may not face felony (Because he's a fund manager for weathly people!!!!!!!!!!!) So, in other words, FUCCOFF *LINK*
The New American Century - PNAC Exposed = New Documentary Exposes Every War As A Fraud *NM* *LINK*
Re: "Is there going to be a false flag nuclear explosion on November 6 2010?" Well Ah ...
There WAS a false flag terror event on 11-06-10! *LINK* *PIC*
On the Edge with Max Keiser – Increasing US Debt: Guest Damon Vrabel *LINK*
Rupert Murdock, Media Puppet Master
To Clif High's Half Past Human tipping point report.... could this be the CAUSE? *LINK*
Indonesian Volcano Photos: Dead Cows, Ash Covered Houses *LINK*
New Message from Matthew *NM* *LINK*
The World Bank (WB) & The International Monetary Fund (IMF) - VID *LINK*
$700,000 To Study Cow Burps & Methane Emissions Awarded To University Of New Hampshire... :D *PIC*
"Take Me Out" ~ I don't Want To Stay Home! :) *LINK*
Divine Cosmos: The Revealing III: The Mars Bloodline? *LINK*
The Gore Report - Life on Mars Discussed by Rush Limbaugh in 2004 - The Mars Bloodline *LINK*
Re: The Gore Report - Life on Mars Discussed by Rush Limbaugh in 2004 - The Mars Bloodline *LINK*
Another Sinkhole Swallows Amazonian Port *LINK* *PIC*
YUP - JUST MORE for your appetite!
Urchin Baby: "Anything new out there ..." *PIC*
Chemtrails – The List of Patents For Stratospheric Arial Spraying Programs! * Being Sprayed Like Vermin... *PIC*
Thanks for the hint, tomorrow I'll start to spray defensive aerosols on roof-top to neutralize the NWO biocides (laugh up my sleeve) *NM*
Sprayed Like Vermin... Fed Like Mice *LINK*
BEAUTY within... The Human Brain: 9 Of The Most Stunning Images Ever (PHOTOS) *LINK* *PIC*
and when she's grown up she'll become President Of Romania, cute Cleopatra Stratan :)
Do you need a spoon? (Or will you just use your finger?!) ~ "Sarah Palin advert: A moment of advertising genius" *LINK*
neither nor, I prefer 'DOMESTOS Triple Action Toilet Cleaner' :D
FACT!! FACT!! FACT!! Deny it if it makes you feel better, but it's the ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE TRUTH! *LINK*
If you're too scared........ *PIC*
And Please... don't run...... *PIC*
“Keiser Report” No. 92 Guest: David McWilliams in Dublin *LINK*
Absolutely ASTONISHING and Mind Blowing!!! *NM* *PIC*
Video Footage Of Protests In Ireland, Ministry Of Finance Besieged *LINK* *PIC*
A statement to all members of the British parliament (and any other come to that) *LINK* *LINK* *PIC*
Independent News Site Fraudulently Blacklisted by Internet Explorer After Negative Bill Gates Article *LINK*
Report: Warning of Possible Bank Holiday * Emergency Request For Additional Verification * When in U.S. History has a sitting President... *LINK*
34 Warships Sent From US For Obama Visit *LINK*
Rense & Celente We Are What We Eat *LINK* *PIC*
Well, you can look at it with a jaundiced eye, but be careful or they'll pluck your head right off your shoulders... :O *PIC*
I LOVE that bottom cartoon..... (considering the truth...... coming in .... behind it...... funny stuff!) *NM* *PIC*
Benjamin Fulford: Legal action against illuminati possible this week *LINK*
Wayne Madsen: White House in Crisis *LINK* *PIC*
Brasscheck TV: More from Alex Jones on staged terror *LINK* *PIC*
Barbara Hand Clow's AstroFlash for November 5th, 2010 Mayan Day SEVEN *LINK* *PIC*
A spacecraft survived the closest encounter ever with a comet *LINK*
'Dick Cheney Had a Death Squad' * Hear Him Refer to Himself as "the President"... *VIDS*
Go figure: 'Global Law' based on tall-mud teachings, Ezrahell still HAS death squads, hijacking, bombing, poisoning, hanging, drowning, shooting - the whole range of murder AND bragging about it! Ooh? *PIC*
'Global Law' NOT Talmudic * Maritime-Admiralty Law = UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC) = ROMAN LAW & Their 'Death Squads' obviously continue... :O *VID* *PIC*

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