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Warplane Shot Down: Allied Planes Fly Over Lybia!!! Stock Up On Pizza!
Ringing Earth - Tibetan Monks in "spirit cave" hear new sounds
ALIEN POSSESSION of man just took place ON LIVE TV!!!
Iran CAN build a flying saucer.... and is..........
Maybe a dose of radiation is a healing thing......... (go with it) *LINK*
A poem I could admire! *NM*
I like him, he's now more distinguished than ever before........
I'm not really a fan (lol) but he is interesting, albeit iffy! *NM*
In the Light of Love by Miten & Deva Premal - Tribute to Japan ~ WOW! *LINK*
Letter Re: Nuclear Incidents in Japan - The Truth and the Rumors *LINK*
Dr. Nick Begich: Fukushima fallout worse than media, gov. telling *LINK*
Super Full Moon March 19th, 2011 - Why does Nasa say 'Not to Worry' ? lol *LINK*
The Truth About the Price of Gas! :D
Mike Maloney and Max Keiser on Deflation, Gold, Silver and China *LINK*
Henry VIII's iPad *LINK*
How a Legacy From the 1800s Is Making Tokyo Dark Today
Nietzsche toxicology *LINK*
LOVE Is Not A Cliché *LINK*
World in Crisis! Nuclear Countdown! And Hero JEFF RENSE tonight features:
AGREED! And so it is........... *NM*
They didn't have the Green Thing Back Then ....
Did you sit on the lamp post spying on my 'kitchen rants'? Well, aahhh, actually I didn't plead for one socket per room and washable baby poops napkins (it's a drudgery), the rest is authentic. :D
Should Tokyo Electric Execs be Tried for WAR CRIMES??? They Now ADMIT KILLING!!! *PIC*
Man creates kinetic sculpture that moves and lives on its own. *NM* *LINK*
Seems the UN thinks the world is still radiation deficient. As if there’s not enough radiation in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Japan they want more...this time in Libya via depleted uranium.
The UN -- Another "untouchable"...because it speaks like a lamb to the sheeple... *PIC*
Lawyer, Bestseller Author & PinUp Girl Ann Coulter proclaims in FOXnews' O'Reilly parlour: "radiation is good for you and reduces cases of cancer" Ouch! Ann overdosed? Coquetting with stupidity?
It's not against American laws for US media to tell lies...maybe Coulter could do sit beside the nuc plant in Japan and see how it works out for her? *NM*
Is It TIME ~ FREE HUGS!!! Yes !!! *LINK*
Military EVACUATION ! Confirmed THIS IS REAL! Women and children first! March 17, 2011 *LINK*
Well, that's one way to get us Americans out of your country...melt down your nuclear fuel rods...(since the Japanese DID LIE about how bad the situation was & wouldn't accept any help)... :O *NM*
Do I get it now? That's why the Japanese let it happen, the fuku-shima hiro-shima reload? Who knows!
Have You Ever Thought of This ????
Japan Requests U.S. To Block Popular Websites
REPORT: QUEBEC Earthquake -- Nuclear Plant Leak -- Now a HAARP RAY?! (VIDEO Report)
MELTDOWN: New Photos Show Fuel Rods Exposed to the Elements at Japan Nuclear Plant
Radiation MegaStorm Forming in Pacific
Ricahrd Presser's email...the Universe is trying to wake us up...more earthquakes are inevitable...details below...
'Anonymous' Declares War On Louis Vuitton
15 Nuclear Reactors on New Madrid Fault Line + Nuclear Power Plants & Other Large Nuclear Facilities in the U.S.
Proving USA the most dangerous country to own populace and to the whole globe? How come, Israel is closest ally and in tight dual-citizen bondage? Common lust for exclusive destructive dominance?
Darn! Did it again, the waysee troublemaker misfit first responder thingy. Jeeesus! Am I remotely controlled from the dark side of the moon? Moon Microsystems? Sun-Oracle embedded? *NM*
What does It Take????? *LINK*
Astrology Steve Judd's perspective
Astrology Steve Judd's perspective
Texas Bank Robber Demands Loot, Shows 2 IDs -- So...Don't Mess With Texas!! :D
Has Obama pushed Hillary over the edge?! (or finishing what Bubba started?)... :O *PIC*
Re: Has Obama pushed Hillary over the edge?! (or finishing what Bubba started?)... :O
As to WHO is running the USA? I don't know, but I wish it was... *PIC*
William Henry Interviews David Icke *LINK*
Thank you for this post! *NM*
The Wayseer Manifesto - [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (HQ) *LINK* *PIC*
Very good find - gave me chills!! *NM*
Dang! Me troublemaker in trouble, again! Music claimed to be composed by wayseer Garret John LoPorto himself sounds so very very very similar to Brian Eno: "The Big Ship". Am I a wayseer? :D *PIC*
IMPORTANT - Safest places in North America! - Remote viewing warnings, Ed Dames, Dr Louis Turi, Linda Moulton Howe (Links provided)
Assume, before the last shift, North Pole Ice Cap was HEAVY above Great Lakes / Hudson Bay region, South Pole in southern part of Indian Ocean. Explains MANY oddities. Didn't Edgar Cayce tell so? *NM*
The Megaquake Connection: Are Huge Earthquakes Linked? *LINK*
Way Seer Manifesto ~ Drivers ... Rev up your engines! *LINK*
GO WaySeers!!! :D *NM*
The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes
GREAT POST - thank you!! *NM*
Lots of Potassium Iodide available here........... (AND MORE) *LINK*
Look at this right now, can anyone explain the static circles while the clouds/rain to the north are moving? http://radar.weather.gov/Conus/full_loop.php
that's a completely different pic from http://www.accuweather.com/us/radar/sir/nc/radar.asp Which is the real time radar pic? *NM*
Check out the satellite images from various sources and look at the clouds. Look for signs of HAARP influence versus natural cloud formations.
"something strange is afoot.. don't quite know what it is yet .. Quebec - Ontario Canada " ~ Earthquake? Pickering Nuclear Plant reports water leak ~ Felt nothing here and its not far away... *LINK*
Link to media report of nuclear plant leak .... *NM* *LINK*
I was just about to post this same article! ...
Hard to tell for certain. The ground shakes here all the time. Just found out the earthquake was in Hawkesbury west of Toronto, Pickering is east of TO. Sort of surrounded by it all.
A more honest look at link to news CTV MORE COMPREHENSIVE *NM* *LINK*
So there WAS an earthquake in that area...
Don't know about attacks, but interesting there is an underground river right under Toronto... *LINK*
Interesting...Could be they don't want to tap it for drinking water because it could eventually leave a vacuum causing the ground above to collapse in on itself (?),...
Update: All attempts to cool down the FukuShima Reactors failed! A full scale atomic explosion maybe imminent? - Two japanese sources. *PIC*
The question of the day is this...is this event going to be bigger than the dropping of 2 atomic bombs on Japan in WWII? People in North America and elsewhere survived that.
My mind wonders too ... but elsewhere. Would you want assistance from North America given their reputation? *NM*
Many Japanese resent American military bases being there against their will. I guess what we did to them in WWII wasn't bad enough & now they're expected to accept "help" from the Devils in D.C. *NM*
27 Signs That The Nuclear Crisis In Japan Is Much Worse Than Either The Mainstream Media Or The Japanese Government Have Been Telling Us *LINK*
Earthquake Prediction 2011 Jim Berkland -- A Major Earthquake in North America Imminent *VID*
Quakes Surging --> Sun's Gravity Sucking in Baby Star
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - March 15, 2011
Thanks for the post above.
REPORT: Elites Heading for Fall Out Shelters * Where the Elites Will Go When TSHTF *LINK*
Major Ring of Fire Events Yet To Come
Anonymous: A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion -- Communication #1 *VID*
Thousands protest against Germany's nuclear plants *LINK*
Even though Germany's nuclear reactors have 4 layers of cooling, only 20% of home-made electricity is from atomic piles. Germans lead the invention and production of alternative technology.
BREAKING: EU Energy Chief Says Possible Catastrophic Events In Next Hours
The Henry Rollins Show – America Is Under Attack *LINK*
Re: The Henry Rollins Show – America Is Under Attack
Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants: The No BS Info on Japan's Disastrous Nuclear Operators
Shouldn't it be left to the audience to decide what's manipulation and what's "No-BS-Info" or good balanced reporting? Market barkers noisily praising twisted wares? *NM*
if your headline is only a 1:1 copy of another headline why don't you flag it as such, for example 'Greg Palast' at truth-out.org: "Tokyo Electric ... "
This is Your Lesbian Wife... Come Home to Bed!
LOL Richie alias PROZ***! Nice try. You are traced back and identified by your connection data. Try harder, be smarter, if you can, what I doubt. :D *NM*
Not sure what your point is. Max seems to tell a story much like you do. Tongue in cheek!
Points taken and appreciated ...... and now my schlek (is that a word? (hope I am not swearing) ....
'shleck' or 'schlek' is german word 'schleck' short form of 'schlecken' and means 'to lick' derived from german word 'leck' short for 'lecken' which says almost the same thing as 'schlecken'
How dare you come on to another woman?
LOL Richie alias PROZ***! Nice try. You are traced back and identified by your connection data. Try harder, be smarter, if you can, what I doubt. :D
Finally. We knew you'd come, Planet X. *LINK*
If I actually posted to this board everything I posts to facebook - I'd indeed be engaging a news-worthy crowd! Here's one... *LINK*
my polite promise for proZZak: you and your buddies may shade my postings as long and as outspoken as it expresses your true state of mind, your unique chosen values and your supreme social intellect.
Fukushima Reactors built by US General Electric owned by Tokyo Electric Power Company based in Tokyo, London and Washington DC. Fukushima controlled demolition WTC911 style? CUI BONO? *NM*
Exercise to Adjust Your Magnetic Field After An Earthquake ...
I recommend playing with this info a bit and experimenting, how do YOU feel with it? *NM*
Intelligent Optimist Adam Bucko with Andrew Harvey *LINK*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - March 14, 2011
Wits - Julia Sweeney "Sex Ed." Monologue *LINK*
2012 New world Order in 1967 Capt Kirk tells us how to beat the NWO *LINK*
Positive energy request for a friend *PIC*
A prayer sent up for your little friend. They're both adorable... :) *NM*
UFO Sighting Leaders Predict 2011 is IT for Alien Contact!! *PIC*
"KittiLeaks" stealing the goods. There's a new spy in town *NM* *LINK*
Now that's one for the Books! :D That's really amazing...and Funny! *NM*
Kitty looks so well-fed. Neighbourhoods clean & tidy. No mice or birds to catch? Boring kitten life! What's left to do? What biggies do: Bring home lots of stuff. - "Good cat. Well done." :D
Eyewitness Trucker Delivers Food To Chinese Troops South Of Laredo Texas In Mexico (looking for additional confirmations)... *LINK*
China has huge surplus of males. Chinese friend told these crave for Ummikan Wimmin. They can say "Yes we can" and "Change". Soon drugged def china warriors will walk interstate to check chances.
What are Angels with "Tobias Lars"
VATIC ALERT: There Will Be No Japanese Radiation Disaster - Here's Why
PROOF! The Moonshadow/Dancer feud began 30 years ago!!! *PIC*
LOL - funny stuff! *NM*
Are recent earthquakes due to plate shifts, planetary influences or earthquake weapons?
Great you retrieved it! Thinking about it since tragedy hit, in short: 1. Galactic/Solar Influence 2. GROWING GLOBE! 3. Collision/Subduction Effects 4. Deep Ocean Steam Pressure! 5. HAARP Triggering?
How the So-Called Guardians of Free Speech Are Silencing the Messenger
Why is there No Looting in Japan?
The BBS game? *LINK*
Uh .... sorry No! Fun mind control in my opinion . *NM*
Re: Uh .... sorry No! Fun mind control in my opinion .
Ha! to you too :D It will take you more than 10 tries to get what you want from me! And BTW I would pass you the salt at the table just out of plain old courtesy, so you don't have to crawl over me!
Heads up: Radiation coming and Earth Changes
Texas Tech University - Japan Earthquake Viewer as close to real time as you can get.
Obama's 'Council of Governors' Plan Unifies Military Defense & Homeland Security
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - March 13, 2011
The I.R.S can help your radiation experience...... be LESS severe *3 life saving products?
"Revelations" Seek your own understanding of the Truth. For you may 'believe' what someone says, but in doing so you will never "know", for yourself. *NM* *LINK*
Japan - Exploded Nuclear Plant Uses MOX Fuel - Not Uranium! What is that? Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium or Chernobyl's Meltdown! MOX fuel?
as jacobine as columbine - the higher you gear the lower you sink - finally poisoned by own excrements - no pity whatsoever *NM*
And no pity for YOU, Dancer, since you're so Clever at what you do...
I BELIEVE NOTHING! I ask, I see and I conclude. I never had 'blood on my hands'. NOBODY will implant false guilt in my soul, not even fearmongering corrosive filthy pseudo-christian zio-whores.
When you don't think things can get worse...think again. US info. Please check out this youtube video.
Man Takes A Dump in Public Mall
US Backing for World Currency Stuns Markets *LINK*
US Mega-Quake Coming Warn Russian Scientists
Chilling how void of humanity some people, like Ricardo Jose Neis. are. *LINK* *PIC*
Here's the video that was removed from the article ... A Sicko Manifesto! *LINK*
Result of the day: Combined Slimey Ballyhoo to distract from disclosed well laid honeytrap for Vatic Project? This on the back of the disaster in Japan and its people? Well, of course, as long as it
"Birds of A feather" that is. *NM*
Don't Let Me Be MisunderStood .... *LINK*
You have a weird sense of humour .... They say ignorance is bliss .... (But she's a Psycho Bitch) *LINK*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - March 12, 2011
Hopefully as much people as possible read your recent rants! Lessons to be learnt. Seriously. Though nothing new. At least you do not pose as Patriot US-American. But sharp wit is only one thing.
Grunting and rumbling like swine on the lowest libelous level? You know where the word hebrew comes from? The root is germanic EBERER. Think about it looking into the mirror, proZZak. APROPOS.
Who is responsible for the tear gas canisters being supplied to YEMEN?
Will the REAL Prozzak, Moon Shadow, Moon Shade, Jack Dancer, Dancer, Stancer, Glancer, Striderus PLEASE STAND WHEN YOUR NAME IS CALLED AND STATE YOUR "REAL" PURPOSE HERE ON THIS FRAIL PLANET!
What's your point? What do you want? You can't sort things out? Morcheeba helps. Osho has it all. He got killed. By whom? Are you on killers' side?
I am Joe Friday! Need you ask? *LINK*
Besides, I'm the 'one and only me' in your listing, if this might help. Not sitting on your lamp post. :D
"Glancer" is good, thanks for the tip! :D *NM*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Pardon me for being confused with posters . I do not post elsewhere. And I hate school! *NM*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Sorry Prozzak I Have no idea where this is all coming from. I read the content of your last few posts including the ones that
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Excuse me SIR, in expensive times like these, acumen with only 1 C pleeze, so not write 'accumen' SIR :D to prevent confuzione al capone *NM*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Remember, DrumSpirit, it's ALWAYS a woman's prerogative to Change Her Mind! I Did & look at the Beating I'VE taken! Don't mind Prozzak -- he drives me Crazy all the time! ;) *NM*
Ya ya, pre-ROGUE-ative woo woo woooooman. LOLlypop LOLlypop oooolalalala .... LOLlypop! *NM*
Heck if I know my "REAL" PURPOSE for being on this Frickin' planet. Everyday I wake up & say, "God, why did You do this to me???"...and now the Drummer's after me... :O *PIC*
Re: Will the REAL Prozzak, Moon Shadow, Moon Shade, Jack Dancer, Dancer, Stancer, Glancer, Striderus PLEASE STAND WHEN YOUR NAME IS CALLED AND STATE YOUR "REAL" PURPOSE HERE ON THIS FRAIL PLANET!
The Vatic Project - QUACKERY at it's Best!!!
I would agree ( QUACKERY at it's Best ) *NM*
Maybe Vatic ate the bait that was laid at the gate, readymade, or, in oshospeak, Vatic got laid, spoonfed false-info ziotrick for public howling, chance for general defamation? JIDF dancing now? *PIC*
FYI: I saw this VIDEO posted on the Rumor Mill where YOU still post, so YOU already knew it didn't come from VATIC... *PIC*
Did you realize, four fingers pointing back to yourself?
I already apologized -- I should have checked more closely -- SATISFIED? I don't go to the Vatic site, so I wouldn't have known that. More False Assumptions, so what's new? *NM*
You two should get married! :D
I'm not a Lesbo! :D *NM*
Thanks for the well-meant advice! Fact is: A) Pussy Prefers Prodigious ProZZak Pricks B) Jack Jibs Jails C) Dancers Demand Devotion :D *NM*
Electromagnetic radiation and its effect on the brain: an insider speaks out
a most effective way to get into the info above is to listen to the interview as you read it. This is good stuff! *NM*
A case the size of a Rubick's Cube will replace cell tower masts...you might choose to learn about orgonite.
Russia Signs on With BP to Drill Offshore in the Arctic :O (fee...fi...fo...fum...) *PIC*
Edgar Cayce Prophecy
Volcano / Earthquake Watch March 14-19 *LINK*
Cumbre Vieja Volcano -- Potential Collapse & Devastating Tsunami on East Coast of the U.S. * Current Active Volcanos of the World
George Ure's UrbanSurvival -- Special Saturday Update & Advisory
Ben Jamin once and again............ Japan was a HAARP hit
Message from Matthew March 12, 2011
Matthew still likes Obama...even though Matthew gives his reasons, I just don't get it! *NM*
Unfortunately you are correct. It's like someone trying to push a square block through a round hole. I don't get it either! *NM*
The Mayans "calculated an End Date of DECEMBER 24, 2011"??? Listen to Leonard Nimoy, Spock from Star Trek... *VID*
Subliminal Behavior Modification Using TV, Computer Monitor Described in US Patent *LINK*
Harold is an inspiration...
Obviously that pic of Obama is dehydrated and Harold has enough of the gardner in him to solve that problem! *NM*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - March 11, 2011
2011 Reckoning: Earth Changes / Social Unrest / Divine Destiny
Morcheeba Say in 1998: It's All Part Of The Process. No One Cares. *PIC*
Re: According to the 3600 years Nibiru Planet-X cycle the last pass-by (poleshift?) happened in ~ 1590 B.C - so what was the damage then? Great deluge? Atlantis flooded?
ONE thing I personally believe we can be sure of -- that in the appointed time, our Creator/God will set mankind FREE from our enslavement on this planet...
Say what, you say "ONE thing I [YOU] personally believe WE can be sure of"? WOW! YOU believe something and WE can be sure of ... of it to be correct, truthful, readworthy? Great EGO. Supreme?
Your Rant is for Nothing. It's just my *personal* opinion, nothing more, nothing less. You should Thank me. Without MY posts to Mock & Ridicule, YOU would have little else to say. :O *NM*
I don't even regret to have you 'turned in' here at TNT to get a better clear view of who are you. Yes, I've learnt some lessons pretty soon, thanks but no thanks for the shades of moon! :D *NM*
As a matter of fact, meanwhile I ignore most of your stanch believer confessions and copy+paste jobs, especially the series of forum dumpsters to move headlines downwards and out of sight on purpose.
You IGNORE my posts!??? HA!! You go through them with a fine-tooth comb just looking for a Zionist meaning behind every word... *PIC*
Greatly exaggerated! My time is too precious to waste it. Only casual spot checks. Mischievously refreshing with Oshonizer Aware Speak. :D *NM*
Japan Quake Moved St. Louis "a fraction of an inch" (Maybe sometimes "a fraction of an inch" is ALL it takes...)
Thank you so much for posting this!! *NM*
Sorry about that! And yes, it could be NATURAL! -- Nibiru & the Annanookies swinging by -- all under Jewish control of course. Dr. Judy Wood -- Credibility much "Overlooked"! :) *NM*
Appears for me to be a senseless charade. *NM*
OshoSay strange insights from beyond: Fukushima stands for Fuk U Shima. Embedded Matrix Message. Destroy Japan. Foil the Fission. Blast water energy efforts. *PIC*
'No-Fly Zone Means War on Libya by US'
Arab League (with 22 member States) Backs Libya 'No-Fly Zone'
China's Coming Collapse *LINK*
Al-Qaeda Using WikiLeaks Material Against the U.S. (really?...Or a certain "Intel" Serpent biting its own tail?) *PIC*
Wisconsin Police On The Side Of The Union Protesters *LINK*
Again CNN-Europe in the first hours of the quake spread subliminal message coded in 'precise' numbers.
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - March 10, 2011
Japan's nuclear power plant is 100 times more powerful than the one at Chernobyl. That might the story to monitor as there is limited access to cooling water.
"America Is Not Broke!" *LINK*
And the Revolution is Just BEGINNING! *LINK*
BREAKING: Newly Obtained Homeland Security Documents Reveal Radical Shift In Internet Policy *PIC*
5 Ways DHS Violates the Constitution with Website Domain Seizures
Get out there! *LINK*
And don't be coy! *NM*
Will The Japanese Earthquake Be The Straw That Breaks Europe's Back?
by the way: Tyler Durden loves Skye singing "Rome wasn't built in a day"
Huge Whirlpool Created After Japan Quake *VID*
Hillary's Close Adviser Caught in Libya Scandal *PIC*
Some folks here at TNT must be clairvoyant because roughly 1 hour ago a devastating earthquake 7.7 to - 8.8 shook NE Japan, Tsunami expected up to 6 meters / 20 feet high. California in acute danger? *NM*
TV broadcasts: Tsunami waves 10 meters / 33 feet high, jet speeds up to 800 km/h, biggest quake ever that hit Japan. More to come?
Halfpasthuman details possible coming earthquakes and why
Pay Fracking Attention Now! * 'New Madrid/Yellowstone/Gulf of Mexico EVENT' *VIDS*
Geologists: Arkansas Fault, Site of Hundreds of Earthquakes Recently, is Longer & Potentially More Destructive Than Initially Believed...Fracking The Life Out Of Arkansas & Beyond (MAPS)...
Two interesting books...see if you agree. Weapons of Mass Instruction and Zapped.
The misunderstood truth, Mob Mentality works! (resist my insight if you must, but you you'll not deny my thrust) *LINK*
I can disagree
The word mob sounds as if it were or maybe factually is derived from MOBile, MOBility, MOBilized which implies energy, movement, action, not necessarily in form of a blind, destructive force.
good points
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - March 8, 2011
Canadian Defence Scientists Probe ‘Biometrics of Intent’ -- making Minority Report a reality...
USDA to Drop a Genetic Bomb
Father and son talking about the past and the present.
No Silver? No Problem: US Mint Would Like To Know If You Will Accept Brass, Steel, Iron Or Tungsten Coins Instead
People Take Over Bank of America Branch in DC *PIC*
Drowning in Folly -- The Mogambu Guru's 5 Stages of Shock
Was Monkey-Trio Rebbe+Pope+Muselman terribly scared by teachings of OSHOman? So they copied his image to create Awesome Osama flanked by Savior US Obama to enhance the confusional NWO panorama? *PIC*
Osho and Sheela married Silverman. Was she his treacherous handler? How about her husband? What was his role in the baghwan business? *PIC*
You mentioned above the film "Guru - Bhagwan, His Secretary & His Bodyguard" - (The Sex Guru) ... well ... I ... *LINK*
If you have a Windows PC with Win2000 or XP: since a few months they get sabotaged online with processing problems, patches & updates won't help. Attempts forcing users to switch to Windows 7?
Springtime Evergreens: A very emotional, dramatic LOVE Song from Austria, 1965. Preface in English.
3 Steps To The Anti-Christ *LINK*
BREAKING: Iranian Official Admits Aiding Hezbollah, Says All Middle East Oil Will Be Cut Off To the West
hmmm..."The Alex & Charlie Show" .......... the jig is up? :O *PIC*
What a load........ *PIC*
Charlie MAY be just another Hollyweird Sicko, but Alex is without excuse -- whatever he is. *NM*
I Guess No One Remembers Icke's 'Outing Himself'?
"Spin" City!
If this post is indicative of your opinion...
My opinion is just another opinion -- that's all -- and doesn't have a deep-seated need for acceptance & approval, otherwise I would have stopped posting here a long time ago. *NM*
(nudge, nudge) - :-) *NM*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Yeah, if you do you will become more famous!
Agreed .... The HAARP plays a new Sheen in Town.
People in the Mid-East need a reminder about war!
You're so right & Americans need reminding too, over & over again, for all the reasons you gave. *NM*
Prepare for Holy Wars
Insurrection & Military Intervention: The US-NATO Attempted Coup d'Etat in Libya?
"al-Cuckoo" ALERT: Is Congress Getting Ready to Shove "al-Qaeda" Down Our Throats? *PIC*
And just WHO is this Congressman Peter T. King, DHS Chairman, who is calling for these Hearings & Using Islam to Justify Martial Law?...
Project Consciousness: John Lennon's views (thats the way the world is) *LINK*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - March 7, 2011
ET Communications Part 1 ~ 01-19-11 Host: George Noory Guests: Michael Ellegion, Aurora Light, Jerome Corsi ~ Prepare for the Landings! *LINK*
What's The VATICAN Got To Do With It? * (VIDEO with NO Dialogue Says It ALL) *PIC*
The Pope bows down to Shimon Peres and the 7-armed Menorah. Why? Benedict and Peres make a 4-arms double handshake. Why? Forming a hidden Z for Zion? *PIC*
The Pope is happy & returning the STOLEN Menorah, because the traitorous Shimon Peres agreed to hand over control of Jerusalem to the Vatican. A little Masonic Mambo for the Mystery Masses. :O *NM*
Forget $8,000 -- Gold Headed Much Higher (James Turk)
Road to Roota: Bix Weir -- Silver "Scorched Earth" & The END of Market Manipulation
James Gilliland - First Contact Has Begun *LINK*
Dr Carol Rosin 'A Call To Action'
'We will not pick up toxic new bulbs': Councils say energy-saving lights are too dangerous for binmen *LINK*
I really hate to say this, but maybe Obama ain't all bad
A website worth Sharing: Goldmansachs666.com (read it and save the info... amazing in depth review of the evil Golman Sachs company and those running it! Legal team is already moving to shut it down! *LINK*
Los Alamos Scientist: TSA Scanners Shred Human DNA (and now in a minivan near you) *LINK*
Inside TSA scanners: How terahertz waves tear apart human DNA *LINK*
X-ray Shoe Fit Check 1920s *LINK*
TSA refuses to release inspection reports about X-ray machine safety *LINK*
BBC's New Religion Expert Says God Had a WIFE :O *PIC*
OSHO say in blain engliss: "Sat is weye tis world is phucked up ass shidd!"
The Powers of This President *LINK*
Washington Monument's Connection to the Devil & The Washington Pyramid *PIC*
CURRENCY EXTINCTION EVENT: U.S. Pledged to the Chinese? *VID*
NO Censorship on BBS Radio! That's what their latest newsletter says .... SO ...Strange Consequences .... *LINK*
Re: da video
WHAT THE...Fuh...Fuh...Fuh...??? :D *NM*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - March 6, 2011
HSBC and JP Morgan Accused of Manipulating Silver Market
MASSIVE Gold Demand Continues to Break Records in China *LINK*
U.S. Continues Bush Policy of Opposing ICC Prosecutions...Looks like the ROME Statute was meant to be bent... *PIC*
CUT OFF!! Egyptian Gas Supplies to Israel at Knock-Down Prices -- Supplied 40% of Israel's Electricity Requirements...To Be Probed (in more ways than one :O)
Rolling Stone On Alex Jones: “Most Paranoid Man In America” *LINK*
Inspirational:: Blind Quilter in Texas (Link) *LINK*
Anti-UFO ops, global mind control are prime roles for aerosol-spraying chemtrails
MARCH 'Heads Up': The Curve in the Road Ahead
Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - March 5, 2011
Rolling Stone On Alex Jones: “Most Paranoid Man In America” *NM* *LINK*
WOW! What a document! Dismal feeling to imagine that 4 days later the city crumbled and burned. *NM*
you seem to be only one chord always resonating the same manic-depressive jewbilant tone :D *NM*
Road trip to the end of the world..(Insanity at it's Best)
Julian Assange: At the Forefront of 21st Century Journalism
MAP of the "New Middle East"?! *PIC*
Is proxymoron Veronica, the braggy self-tagged 'Paid Mossad Shill #2' in cahoots with the so-called "Russian Mafia" to undermine public forums acting as Agent Provocateur? *PIC*
David Duke again??? Grand Dragon of the KuKluxKlaxonschnappers... :D *PIC*
Seems you have missed Dr. David (!) while roaming rumor sites. I see, greatest benefactor of Israel's NAtional ZIonists still kept in excellent memory. Do you have a poster of AdHi in every room? :D
You're the SOLUTION to America's Woes..............
The New Goal for Bill Gates (for humanity, of course) *LINK*
The Minority Report coming to you soon - Child brain scans to pick out future criminals
Gold to $57,000, Silver Even More? Interview of Adrian Douglas of GATA *LINK*
One response: *LINK*
TNT MadDog predicts (without knowledge or insight) $75 Silver Pinnacle. (all markets are artificial and rigged and this is a play I would probably be out of in the mid 60's) --->>> Any other Seers? *NM*
Don't you think there is a ceiling to the price of gold and silver above which the metals will then be confiscated by the government? *NM*
I doubt it. Besides.......
Re: I doubt it. Besides....... *LINK*
Real Silver Pricing is Between $40-$45.00
I guess Max's 3-Star SLA General (funny stuff Max!) -- agrees. $49 Silver likely this year....... *LINK*
Veronika der Lenz ist da, die Vöglein singen trallallaah!
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - March 4, 2011
Reality of Earthquake weapons
GI’s Brains Fried by Military Dispensed Nose Candy *LINK*
Amazing Web Find *LINK*
Very Inspirational! Makes Sense! *NM*
Passive Solar combined with Solar Energy would be even nicer. What's your thoughts on this? *LINK*
Thanks for the links and your inquiry. I add JLN Labs, France. In general I suggest to study and imitate nature, scientifically, BIONICS.
Great Ideas! Thank you! *NM*
ipad 2 attacks vid *NM* *LINK*
Is Gaddafi Jewish -- like the House of Saud??? Is Mubarak also Jewish??? :O *PIC*
Chosen Puppets are bestowed with whatever fits the purpose. Only useful jews are 'real jews' within the ranking. So, you never know. :D

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