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A New MODERN DAY HERO - great call! *LINK* *PIC*
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America *LINK*
A FINAL CHECKLIST FOR EVERYONE -- Bix Weir's Road to Roota Analysis
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 24, 2011
Requirement to have Internet ID "in the works" *LINK*
Every last one of the video links has been removed in Canada *NM*
STATE OF THE UNION: Obama Warns of Planet X?
RT reported 31 dead 130 injured. A hint to Israeli 'Security' Firm? ICTS Helped Provide 'Security' at Russia's Domodedovo Airport 24th January 2011 when bombs blew off. Are ICTS incompetent or else? *PIC*
Probably on a bagel break ... :O *NM*
Is Yellowstone, the World's Largest Super-Volcano, Set to Erupt?
REPORT: Evergreen Aviation (CIA) Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF *VID*
The National Dream Center
Google Ties to NASA, NSA, DHS, et al & Obama (the side show)...
Eric Schmidt Receives $100 Million Payout From Google & Considering a Career on CNN ... *LINK*
REPORT: "The Anomaly in the Atlantic" -- Bermuda Triangle Strangeness, Ancient Gate Opening or Atlantis Rising? *LINK*
Bermuda Triangle (the Devil's Triangle) ...
VIDEO: Gov. Jesse Ventura Proves 9/11 Cover-Up, Will America’s Government Fall? *LINK*
Amazing Interview with Russell Means. A MUST WATCH .. no exceptions! *LINK*
How The Federal Reserve And The Zombie Banks Are Monetizing The National Debt Right Before Your Eyes - interesting article. *LINK* *PIC*
Genetically-modified, oil-eating bacteria creating dangerous mutant organisms in the Gulf (a Brew for a Kill) *LINK*
What in The World Are They Spraying? (Link to free video) *LINK*
Bono and Bill Gates-backed Global Health Charity EXPOSED as a Fraud *LINK*
Former FBI chief Ted Gunderson speaks out (Video Links)
A National Disgrace *LINK*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 23, 2011
When birds fall from the sky and the animals are dying - Kiesha Crowther *LINK*
two excellent interviews via the BBC
Weapons of Mass Destruction Found (An Address to the Dead, cont'd...) by Michael Tsarion (Link and excerpt) *LINK* *PIC*
Germany & EU to Legalize Pedophilia & with it, Child Pornography as well!! They're PUSHING it!! :O *PIC*
You're darn right with your last comment, chosenite Daniel Cohn-Bendit started to promote pedophilia in kindergardens and bragged about his own experiences. Now he's EU-Deputee! WOW! *PIC*
and ... E = mc ... SQUARED :D *PIC*
Huuuh! Feels as if proZZak was staring at me thru the flat squared screen - will try to de-magnetize - no, it won't go away. :D
Same Old 'Rumor Mill' M.O. :D Still workin' for the Queen Bee ... or merely Suckin' Up 'cause she reads here? :O *PIC*
Holy Shatkovsky! Look what a diligent proZZackonian morphing job Eric Hufschmid did to streSS the typical ASSkeNaZi traits.
Really like your Sources!! :D Eric Hufschmid is Rupert Murdoch's NEPHEW ... but then ... ANY Quintessential Jew-Hater will do ...? :O *PIC*
George Ure's Independence Journal: FEMA -- "They're Buying What???!!!" *LINK*
MORE PROOF!!! Things aren't looking so "Pretend" anymore -- DHS & FEMA Know it's coming!!! *VID*
FEMA: (NLE 2011) New Madrid Seismic Zone...
Imagine: HAARP could also be used to counterbalance the worst effects of a natural disaster.
HAARP & the TITANIC??? ...
Co-Incidence? USrael backed Oil Thief & Fraudster Khodorkovsky sentenced to 13(!) years and 6(!) months - Now awarded by 'terrorist' attack on innocent civilians in Moscow airport? 31((!) dead.
Ah ya! 31(!) killed, surprise surprise about 130(!) injured. Clear opensubliminal that it is ... Islamist terorist, from Chechnya? Who want to have a state of their own. Reuters knows! As always! Not?
Russian Authorities allow to spread a cellphone video shot seconds after the 2 bombs exploded in airport arrival hall. (BTW Have you seen any video from the attack on Judge Roll & Gabby Giffords?)
How's About a Russian False Flag??? They Sure were QUICK to Call it a 'Terrorist' Attack!!! -- THEY DO IT TOO!!! OR Payback for Russian Slaughter of Poland's President, Politicians & Generals??? :O *PIC*
Agreed, if the Western media and the Russian media were under the same control ... are they? To which extent? Many hints seem to support this assumption.
Under the Same Control?? :) Some people are so busy eyeballing the Jews & Israel, they don't see what else is going on in the world... *PIC*
made my suggestion for more TNT MODERN DAY HEROS :)
Curious as to your choices (maybe some will second your choice with a, hear here)
just a thought...what is government if words have no meaning?
Force and Violence? Oppression and Exploitation? *NM*
Just like taking our Guns...... Hypocracy *LINK*
Olbermann Ouster: Immelt Helps Obama with his Left Flank on the Eve of a Monstrous State of the Union Address (Well done article, and rightly so....) *LINK*
Because gauging the rise in popularity of alternative media (i.e. news aggregators), it seems that Internet users themselves aren't the ones complaining
hmm... Lizzie's in a Tizzy ... The 'Stone of Scone' is Missing from Her Throne ... :O *PIC*
The Truth about the BP Oil Spill. The real facts......
oooooouuuuuuummmmmm *NM* *PIC*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 22, 2011
Google Inc.'s Eric Schmidt To Sell More Than Half Million Google Shares *PIC*
China Bank Moves to Buy U.S. Branches *PIC*
Hu! CHINA -> chi-na, chi = energy(chi!) among 100 other meanings, na = to take, to hold, to achieve. Okay then? :O
Hitler Finds Out That Olbermann Has Been Fired :D
U.S. Military "Holy Crusade" Uncovered? Lots of Additional Info... *PIC*
Great Article. Thank you. *NM*
First We Take Manhattan :D *VID* *PIC*
REPORT: FEMA & DHS -- MASSIVE PREPARATIONS for New Madrid Seismic Zone!!??... *VID* *LINK*
Tectonics. Maybe just the opposite. GOM DWH drill to take away pressure? Sudden shift under the Rockies at San Andreas Fault can trigger the Madrid Fault Line to expand, tear open like a zip.
The real meaning of TNT finally revealed? Trinidad aNd Tobago?
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 21, 2011
TIP: A delicious brew to renew and let the light shine thru: "Green Tea, Guarana Powder and 1-3 teaspoons of Honey"
"Jesus' Bluff" - The Hebrew Bible A Trojan Horse to Dupe the Goyim?
Farming? Now it's pharming!
Judges OK Flags of Islam & PLO on U.S. Soil; Approves Government Funding for Shariah Indoctrination... *PIC*
Obama Signs New Executive Order; Congress Officially Irrelevant (UPDATED) :D *PIC*
The COVER UP for Planet X? the Explosion of Betelgeuse? *NM* *LINK*
USDA Found to be Poisoning Bird Populations, Causing Mass Die-offs Involving Millions of Birds *LINK*
Bilderberg Owned Publication The Economist: Yes, Powerful “Globocrat” Elites Are Running Things, It’s Not A Conspiracy
Patriot Act, a Nazi Law: Ex-CIA Officer *PIC*
what a pity that ancient religious symbols like swastika, pentagram and hexagram e.g. are misused and defamed to spread propaganda *NM*
What a pity some people are so Paranoid & Defensive about Neo-Religious Realities. One person's Truth is another person's Propaganda. Let HIStory be True & every man a Liar. *NM*
According to Mein Kampf Hitler adopted the swastika from a catholic church in Austria, the rest is copied from communistic-socialistic red flags.
short-legged symbol *NM* *PIC*
strange link, no connection from here *PIC*
Health Authorities Want Depression-Causing Drugs Added To Water Supply
U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void
by PR Newswire (funny farm news) Then courts become null & void too? *NM*
Just making it 'Official' for the Animal Farms? *NM*
U.S. Advised to Sabotage Iran Nuclear Sites by German Thinktank
Traitors' Tricks spread by WikiSneaks to put Germany into the frontline and ensure full engagement in the coming attack on Iran? Oh My, ASSange! Will it ever end?
America dances with the Devil because we don't learn -- even from recent history. Don't worry about Germany. The Pope loves you. *NM*
The Pope and his chosen entourage are Germany's worst enemy. BTW 89,5 % of Germans don't believe iow 'DENY' the US-Official WTC911 cock-and-bull story. Think further now! Oh! :O Desperate? Who? Why?
Germans stopped believing the 'Official' 9/11 story when they found out it could successfully be blamed on the Jews...just jumping on their favorite Bandwagon... :O *PIC*
that is, on the first day after Netanyahoo publicly boasted the WTC demolition "... is good for Israel... " and Mossadniks danced on a roof in NYC and lost a Mover Van packed with explosives?
Having Prior Knowledge Does NOT Prove GUILT of Anything...
EXPOSED: Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Political Syndicate *LINK*
High-Ranking Members of U.S. Military Part of ‘Knights of Malta,’ ‘Opus Dei,’ Reporter Claims
Watering plants with pyramid water will help them grow better. *LINK*
Thanks for this reminder! Are some Egyptian Pyramids constructed for best preservation of dead bodies? Orgone Energy? Holy Geometry?
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 20, 2011
Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster: Another 911 Overseen by Jesuit Agents; To What End? Update VII *LINK* *PIC*
Geez...For a second I thought it was a Jesuit waiting for someone to Blow Gabriel's Horn... :D *NM*
Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons *LINK*
While BP Snickers & Snookers...As Always, We Skim Off the Scum & Leave the Scam... :O *PIC*
The Green Holocaust Files #21 (PART 2 OF 10): State of Denial Towards the State of the Earth *LINK* *PIC*
Laddies & Gentlimen you're hereby strongly advised to prefer One Clove Garlic to Multi Clove Garlic. The reason WHY. *PIC*
A BP Gulf Oil Spill Hero Becomes The Subject Of Assassination Attempts *LINK*
I cannot tell a lie, I LIKE THIS GUY! He's a real brother to us all! *LINK*
Banned toxic chemicals found in 100 percent of pregnant women – new study
British Researcher Wakefield Defends Link Between Vaccine and Autism
Synthetic DNA And The Gulf Blue Plague *LINK*
Censored Gulf news: Oil mafia wacking, Gulf oil spewing
Satanist Insider: "The Party is Beginning!" *LINK*
THE ABOVE 3 POSTS are MUST READS ..... read all the way through the articles... don't skim them. It's WITCH's brew coming. (like i'm aft to say, "IT'S DYING TIME")
Yellowstone Has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells *PIC*
The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 19, 2011
GREAT COMMENTS in the above post by the Vatic Project. I totally agree with them................... TOTALLY (about most everything) *NM*
these are the infos that make TNT a place of high value, a room to learn and to discern the chaff from the wheat *NM*
March 9, 2011: Dawn of the Unity Wave by Carl Calleman *LINK* *PIC*
RE; You ask too many questions & make false claims
The Heat is on! As to now: 7886 hits created at RMN ... for PyraBang ... errr WHERE is it? Pyrabangsters gone? THE ultimate darn safe successful money creation tool ... blown up? *PIC*
oooo I didn't know about that one, thanks !
Hey "Striderus" -- what Strange Words you post... :O *PIC*
A symphony of corruption Wayne Madsen reports *LINK* *PIC*
notice that NOT one other worse of the worst mafia gangs have been taken down.....they just are their replacement
Agreed! It's all Smoke and Mirrors... *LINK* *PIC*
Pentagon Secret Files: GOATS WHO STARE AT MUSLIMS! *PIC*
Vatican Warned Irish Bishops Not To Report Abuse *LINK*
Russia NOW Largest Shareholder in BP *LINK*
I guess the Chinese weren't impressed... :O *PIC*
Re: as the world turns chinese I changed my outfit, so please :D *LINK*
documents for HAARP usa earthquake *LINK*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 18, 2011
A New Sec. of Defense?? PENTAGON PEDOS -- SCRAMBLING...or SMILING??!! *PIC*
Sen. Joe Lieberman is RETIRING!! :D ... well, in 2012... *PIC*
Gun Control: The VATICAN Firmly, Quietly OPPOSES Firearms for Civilians :O
5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography! (Why Is This Not A Bigger Story?) *LINK*
youTube - Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson - Chemtrail Death Dumps (Video Link) *LINK*
David Rockefeller confronted at Chilean Airport during vacations (ENG/SPA) *LINK*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 17, 2011
Chico Bands Unite for Benefit Concert for 'Bring Gerard Home Concert' - Chico Man May Face Brutal 10-Year Immigration-related Separation from Loved Ones
The Secret War Against the Jews -- Western Espionage Using Deadly, Dirty Tricks...
O-SPAN: Pentagon's Unmanned Spokesdrone Gives Press Conference *LINK*
The war against the Internet ~ Spy vs Spy for profit *LINK*
Disclosure War at Critical Mass: Birds, Fish and Political Deaths *LINK*
ATTICA in Greece preceded the v-ATICA-n in Rome with laTIn speak - TI in Sumerian is LIFE
The New York Times & the Jews -- GOEBBELS RELOADED!! :D *PIC*
TIME Magazine Savages Israel -- Again
Test Drive before you Buy ~ Homemade Implants?
Your Mother sent this to you?
No No my Friend's mother sent it to her, and my friend sent it on to me
REPORT: Russia Warns of 'Iranian Chernobyl' *PIC*
Scientists warn California could be struck by winter ‘superstorm’ *LINK*
Walls of water 10ft high in a month-long mega hurricane: California told to prepare for biblical 'ARkStorm' *LINK*
Shasta and Goliath: Bringing Down Corporate Rule (Yippee!!) *LINK*
The Year 2011 ... :D
You Go Girl!! :D *NM*
The Balkanization of America (NEW MAP!!) *PIC*
Final Notification to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on charges of complicity in genocide - from the ITCCS - please post
YES!!!! There is a GOD! *NM*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 16, 2011
Pocket NewSpeak Dictionary: Ruling Elite Edition -- Volume 1 *PIC*
Evidence of Ancient Star Wars: WAR DECISIVE *PIC*
it's HIGHLY possible and we appear to be the ants between the mice in the elephants herd
Explosive Revelations From 9/11 Whistleblower Susan Lindauer on Pre 9/11 Warnings & the Iraq War *PIC*
nothing explosive, she needs the money, writes a book, is passed around as 'whistleblower', nice lady, looks smart, good comments in your linked source
Is JPM Covering Up a Naked Silver Short Held By China As a Claim Against the Yanks? Is China black-mailing the U.S.?? *PIC*
IMO the trade imbalance, the exchange conditions. China wants something real & valuable instead of fake Dollars out of thin air. What does China get in return for its exports to USA? Threats of War? *NM*
Even Women should be allowed to kill? (Pentagon) *LINK*
prolly 'cause...
'where's the beef' apart from the brash add-on laughter? *NM*
Where the Pentagon put it... *PIC*
nice morphing ... lemme guess who might have dunnit ... ? *NM*
Attractive people have higher IQs: Beauty and brains DO go together! (then I'm an idiot savant)
A comment at Mail Online says it pretty well. And how about Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking? Or ... or ... Arnold Schwarzenegger? Helen Thomas? Sokrates?
Re: Attractive people have higher IQs: Beauty and brains DO go together! (then I'm an idiot savant)
this Lindsay Lo-han who started the pussy flash fashion copied by Britney Spears, Katy Perry and other ambitious 'public activists'? :D
Shanghai Expo Closing Ceremony ~ Very Kewl! *LINK*
More info on the Hollie Case (Fact: this email was sent all mangled)
Paedophiles make me sick!!.... Pedos in Power need to be removed!
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 15, 2011
Odd Commercial by "Those in the Know" ? Gov't warning......... *LINK*
So in your face!
Vaccinate This! (links)
A New david ~ On Open Your Mind ~ Jan 9, 2011 ..
Matthew has a new post if interested
Thank you for posting! *NM*
Do Crappy Pictures of blurry lights over Moscow Fulfill Stanley Fulman's January Prediction?
Under The Vatican - The Revelation of the Beast.
A powerful lizard-like creature lying chained in catacombs deep under the Vatican?
Huh? *NM* *PIC*
Re: Under The Vatican - The Revelation of the Beast.
thanks for your comment, the 'orgone' thingy made me frown also, maybe the author meant DOR Deadly Orgone energy?
and here I thought it was under THE STAIRS *NM* *PIC*
No, he's HERE - furry and scary as heck! *NM* *PIC*
I had the same dream in high school listening to too much ronnie james dio
Re: Under The Vatican - The Pope in the Vatican Tanning Salon! *PIC*
Curses!! You stepped on The Holy Toes!! (with tongue in cheek), but at least it proves my point about touching the 3rd rail... :) *NM* *PIC*
Holy Shatner! Rome and Vatican City were originally a portal, a space station for transportation to and from other worlds? Moon? Phaeton? Mars? Saturn?
AGREED! Good Sleuthing. *NM*
Greenland Rapidly Rising as Ice Melt Continues *LINK* *PIC*
Say What! Did My Zodiac Sign Just Change? *LINK* *PIC*
Paul Zerdin Ventriloquist at Comedy Rocks With Jason .Manford - FUNNY *LINK* *PIC*
The Stormberger Prophecy: "There will be entirely new weapons. Gigantic catastrophes will occur. People shall not be aware of what is happening, and those who will know and tell, will be silenced."
When are the sheeple going to pay attention!? *PIC*
GOOD NEWS: Shasta and Goliath: Bringing Down Corporate Rule *LINK* *PIC*
Re: GOOD NEWS! "We're Never Going to Stand for THIS!" *LINK* *PIC*
How The Inner Shaman Works With Your DNA by Jose Stevens *LINK* *PIC*
Dr. John Jay Harper - Transformation 2012 *LINK* *PIC*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 14, 2011
Planet Terra is growing as long as it's spinning around at high speed, consuming cosmic hydrogen and 'baking higher elements' by ECTROPY.
The REAL Prophecy, that is NOW coming true, is a "HOW TO MANUAL" *LINK*
The PotLEoZ are an eye-opener for those who have 'eyes to see' and 'ears to hear' and who are in no way part of the Global Crime Network ;) *NM*
The Nanomachines - Interview with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger - Part 1of 2 Videos *LINK*
A Man that discusses the most Taboo subject - honestly! *LINK*
America's "War on Drugs": CIA- Recruited Mercenaries and Drug-Traffickers *LINK*
Like I sayz.... We're all gonna die of madness! *LINK*
Except for this poor old lady, who didn't stand a chance! *LINK*
HOLLIE GREIG - SHROPSHIRE COUNCIL MEETING 13 1 11 - ROBERT GREEN UPDATE: (and email hacking going on with this subject)
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 13, 2011
3 Movies from Vatic Project "Science Gone Mad" *LINK*
Earth Must Prepare For Close Encounter With Aliens, Say Scientists *PIC*
Arizona Assassin Jared Loughner, Obsessed With Mind Control - Alex Jones Tv 1/2 *LINK*
Jim Marrs & Alex Jones: Loughner, Just Another Brainwashed Assassin for The Establishment 1/4 *LINK*
Try to imagine, WHAT IF Alex Jones, Jim Marrs and other gatekeepers were also mind-controlled agents? Fourth Reich non-sense conveniently regurgitated? Islamists attacked WTC on 911?
Show me someone who isn't under some form of mind control?
Amazing...about Mind Control & Brainwashing...trying hard not to Regurgilitate all over my keyboard here... *PIC*
me agree (surprise surprise) to the linked source, the Final Testament, based on my OWN LIFE EXPERIENCE
'The Final Testament' doesn't have THE FINAL WORD...
Most people's minds are Controlled By Money - the Rothschild Principle - so go out in Toronto to the have-nots, the cheated mistreated who are banned from public places, who live on welfare.
Alex Jones should not be left alone with his insights and his reasoning, so here's a good free source for PDF download of Mein Kampf.
The "Memorial" Pep Rally & Obama's "LOVE" *PIC*
:O Horrible. Outrageous. Holocoast & Porno-Graphy in IZ-RA-EL? STALAG - the ultimate kick for the mentally sick? :O *PIC*
BRACE YOURSELVES!! Age of Aquarius Actually Age of Capricorn, Thanks to Rotation of the Earth :O *PIC*
Switzerland Considers Repealing Incest Laws (It's difficult to drop the Hypocrisy...decisions, decisions...) *PIC*
Apollo 14 Dr. Edgar Mitchell Exposes Ufo Cover-Up *LINK*
"As An American, I Am Deeply Embarrassed By This IDIOT Who's Totally In The Service of the Bankers" *LINK*
Barry Davis Obama (said to be his real name) is haunted by the fate of JFK and warned by the predictions for him. Super-Patsy option pending? He was pale and shocked as if he were the next target.
Wm. Henry and Barbara Hand Clow: The 8th Underworld: Time to Make a Choice *LINK* *PIC*
Illuminati Documentary 2009 (A MUST SEE) Luciferian Conspiracy *LINK*
The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 12, 2011
thanks for the clearing "So he did not shoot the congresswoman because she was Jewish. As you know, we believe he was a mind controlled assassin from his time in the military."
Could it be: Judge Roll, Congresswoman Giffords and 9 year old shot by snipers and confused Loughner tried to play protective cowboy and made things worse because he couldn't cope with the situation? *NM*
Why and when would a shooter lay down on the floor to reload his handgun when it can be done much quicker while in standing position? Other shooter(s)? Sniper(s)?
Obama-Tucson reaction in sharp contrast to behaviour of Queen of England Elizabeth when DIANA daughter-in-law and mother of 2 grandsons was killed in Paris: 5 days and not one peep from the Queen.
The American Dream - a very important video
Holes at the Poles and Rifts from the Shifts and Polish doctor Em-MAN-u-EL V-Eli-kov-Sky from Pole Land, the lone thinker and planet linker.
Not a bad haul! eh? And the story so true! *NM*
I love you Lance you are the best, a fire side chat. *NM*
what? *NM* *PIC*
Operation Black Swan Killing Birds, Fish, People *LINK* *PIC*
wait, she is the one that says she is looking for one of twelve, from the aliens, lol
Please take this serious & CIRCULATE wide and far!! Thank you for posting! *LINK*
My KNOWER told me...the pole...has shifted... :O
chuckles, subliminallyehehehe lol
Thank you! This is a greee ate tune! I LOVE IT! ....
You're Welcome! I'm glad you like IS Different... :)
what is a cover up and what is under the covers
can't resist. yummy *LINK* *PIC*
Amazing how these two flirting 'swans in love' form a heart symbol with their necks and heads, did you realize? *NM* *PIC*
one of many symbols of my new years clock striking 12, yes I did, its part of my future...
perfect tnt harmony Have a wonderful day ya'll
vision just in vision just in
unraveling stars, *LINK*
what life isnt
hey, the poll shift started in '92 as I have stated to cpcc collage while attending with papers and theisi
troll,ogy huum the largest computer data after the micro fish after the dew hit destmal system is where and how did the information highway start oooh bank of what? NCNBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB north carolina
oh and what is the hardest substance in this earth? oh silly con. *NM*
click click mind tick - so what's a 'Silly Con V Alley'? BTW a V shaped alley = valley. I just love English (but German has unique advantages to mirror objects and relations). *NM*
vvut? *NM*
hey bob proctor date line what?
larry king interview lol what? bob proctor says the secret turned his con man life into what llolololol ... hey if you cant beate them join them
Canada's Stonehenge Predicts HUGE Event Sept. 2012
I bet they do...
I kid yo unot, I am just reading this, what affermation omg
For Love of Mother Earth: The Great Shifting *LINK*
just saw this,
document this in your pipe and smoke it
Transhumanism Critics' Home Destroyed
Stalker, Organized Stalker, Paid by San Francisco Police Department *LINK*
She Has NO Secrets! ... *LINK*
Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 10, 2011
Abraham Hicks - The Gathering of Teachers (NEW *LINK*
lol now this was pretty stupidafied to post *LINK*
Ah No .... What?! *NM*
Private, non-public jewish Loughners may sue pretentious judophilia GM for public libel (no matter what their son did). How about that? Got it? *NM*
whereas fact is: Gabby's mother non-jewish, father jewish, Jared's mother(father?) jewish, all members of small Reform Synagogue, so no orthodox National Zionists, spread sensational nonsense obvious *NM*
She's Jewish. Loughner's family comes from Irish-German Roman Catholics, but MSM is Covering figures. *PIC*
The intention of your headline is SELF-EVIDENT! Now you're just 'beating around the bush' to DIVERT from your anti-germanic nazimania and hate-mongering hysterical undertone. It's reeking strongly!
Not easy to escape being thrown into your JOO-BOX... :D BTW, I'm part German myself...on my Mother's side. :O *PIC*
Don't mind, I have a lot of boxes, several jooboxes, black ones, white ones, colored ones also but no box closed forever. And so many bottles with genies & ghosts. 'bout your FATHER? Did YOU love him?
Besides, the main point was your farfetched logical fallacy, the wishful labelling of Jared Loughner as 'HITLER-Lover'. Wouldn't it be a good idea to be quiet if you can't be sincere and honest!
when the earth-moon-DANCE gets out of baLANCE then my STANCE is YES!
Well said. I have an opinion, but it's rather limited.
Agreed. Better 'rather limited' and down-to-earth than hyperbolically speculative. *NM*
just something linked to my authentic work "MOON STRUTTatattat. muaah *NM* *LINK*
winks, I love my moon says the Rayne
good GIF, the moon wobbles, the earth counter-wobbles and we at TNT keep wobbling in-between :D thx for the ani-gif *NM*
I'm having one of those "Pitty No Money" days .... :D *LINK*
Rahahahahaha "LOL" *NM*
Too Funny!! ...Wow! that's certainly a bad day!!!
...... at least for the guy downstairs... eh? *NM*
What ? NO prayers coming MY Way, the person UPstairs? .... Now is that being spiritual? :D ......
I think maybe you misunderstood my comment above, ...
zen again... *NM*
I think I know of the HORRORS of which you speak...
To Spread the Love and Truth with out Prevail
It started for 1 Reason
What a beautiful photo! *PIC*
stunning work, yes I care that you cared enough to share, Love to you and very honored both in my bill board and this as well. I would love to know more,

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