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Isn't this the Truth ~ Carbon Credit and Carbon Trading ~ Meet the Carbon Hunters!! ~ This is a Must Watch! ..... *LINK*
A Little Background Information *LINK*
Religious Study: The Cahilla. Pharisees versus Sadducees.
Ractopamine, banned in 160 countries (even in China) and the FDA says it is safe for humans!
Bill Ryan from Project Camelot interviewed by Freedom Central *LINK*
Regular Sex Improves Health and Doubles Life Expectancy *LINK*
Damn! For God's sake. You should have told me earlier! :(
"I Had A Dream!" What You See Is What You Get WYSIWIG-Editor for TNT 8) *PIC*
WYSIWIG = What You See Is What I Give :D Okay? :b
Rayedio, RMN, CGI cut off at 2:00 am pacific time :O *PIC*
US Cyber Mega-Agency Rapid Build-Up
Springtime in Paris :)
How to sign up as TNT Forum Member via My Profile editing. *PIC*
Rod Class Call Tonight - Friday 2.5.10 9pm EST
yellowstone quakes *LINK*
Styles and Markups for Better Readability of TNT Postings
Styles and Markups - Step by Step - Lesson 1 *PIC*
Styles and Markups - Step by Step - Lesson 2 *PIC*
ADMIN! thanks
Styles and Markups - HTML4 Quick List as JPG *PIC*
Since a Corporation is a Person, It Can Run for Congress. Now, A Corporation is Saying It Will Run for Congress *LINK*
Physicist Discovers How to Teleport Energy *LINK*
"Ikea Heights" ~ Do you ever feel you've popped into a surreal place? :D *LINK*
Your health predicted by a map! ...and more...
So U think TNT is short 4 TNewsTrader or Dynamite? Better click here! :D *PIC*
Spray-on liquid glass is about to revolutionize almost everything - link
Another great article - thanks! *NM*
WHO owns most of the LAND in the world?
Girl Power? 80% Of Schoolyard Fights Between Girls *LINK*
Last thought... but an "In Your Face" biggie
Mother solving carbon's warming effects? - link
That would be Mother Nature! - MN *NM*
I must say, You do have an eye for information...
Original study linking measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine might be causing not only late-onset autism, but bowel disease as well - Totally BOGUS!!
Eustace Mullins Dead At 87 !
Anyone got an idea what this might be/mean? - link
Norway Time Hole “Leak” Plunges Northern Hemisphere Into Chaos *LINK*
the above article is originally from Sorcha Faal aka David Booth *PIC*
Property rights in Canada? You gotta be kidding!!!
With a dick knob P.M. who sees $$$$ signs with oil and mining of minerals, what else could you possibly expect? *NM*
Eye of The Storm Series #10: Shifting Into High Spiritual Gear *LINK*
What does one TRILLION dollars look like? *LINK*
The Kidnapping of Haiti *LINK*
I'm Still Waiting! ... *NM* *PIC*
Why foreign aid to Haiti has failed in the past - link
ANY TREKKIE FANS OUT THERE?? ~ Kirk and the Love Potion (Star Trek Humor/Slash) *LINK*
Eve of Mankind, Evil Root: Goads of Evil Eva's Womb?
Collapse of Port-au-Prince Triggered by Deep Underground Bomb?
Brain protein identified to create and sustain synapses in the brain! *LINK*
molecule halts rheumatoid arthritis *LINK*
Bible written hundreds of years earlier than thought... *LINK*
Mr David Koloma Central Bank of Nigeria making a confidential offer :D
Finkelstein vs Foxman "American Jews are the Worst Enemies of Israel!"
UFORNA UFO Research of North America - Filers Files UFO Reports
"Breakfast With God" by Maureen Moss *LINK* *PIC*
Chatting with Max Keiser (Video) *LINK*
Help Send Some Love to Haiti ... ( What a beautiful idea From my friends at Creo Mundi) *LINK* *PIC*
Fasten Your Seat Belts!!! ... Billions have been spent on Airport Security. ~ But Are We Really ANY SAFER?? ~ ~ Awesome investigative reporting on the Fifth Estate ... great stuff *LINK*
Try This One
Earth Changes and Man's Responsibilities *LINK*
Orangutan and the Hound. *LINK*
Short and Humorous Swabian Skits with "Apelet and Horselet" - part 1
Short and Humorous Swabian Skits "Oats & Banana Blues" - part 2
Short and Humorous Swabian Skits "Perfect Harmony" - part 3
Haiti and the seismic weapon *NM* *LINK*
Makes sense: Ascension from Pilgrims and Quakers to Earth-Quakers? Irony of History. Down to earth, deep to its iron core. God's Own Corridor. *NM*
a link on oil in Haiti
Could the Vancouver Olympics be the next 9/11? - link
Comprehensively Conclusive. Add-on: 'Good' Terrorists not use Ammonium Nitrate and Box Cutters. Not efficient. Not handy. Better take C4 or ... TNT!
I sure hope not! (Although I must admit the thought crossed my mind as well ... >:( *NM*
Cosmic Observer
Pelosi & Rahm Caught In A Moment! *PIC*
Dalmatians keep watchin', listenin', sniffin' and surfin' - they have to!
bugged now? :D
Forget everything you have been taught about Earthquake safety ... This makes perfect sense to me..
Very Valuable Life Saving Tips! Thank You! ;) *NM*
WOW! Hey, that was good. Thank you. *NM*
BASHAR: A Question Answer Session with Bashar .... *LINK*
Bashars way to speak needs getting used to, at first sounds like a persiflage until later on getting really interesting.
WONDER WOMAN Knocks On Wood! Mission Ignition by Flash Of Lightning?
IU Intelligent Universe Revealed to me: Wonder Woman IS the Role Model 4 the All Armorican Scarah Palins! *PIC*
Now you just had to go and spoil it all for me Dancer! *NM*
Sorry! Meant no hurt. Please forgive. Can you pardon me one more time? :D *NM*
My Profession in the New World .... I have been dreaming it for some time now ...
my dreamspirit still growing with your help, knocking on wood
He's been called an Autistic Savant, bi-polar, multi-polar, empath...but no one has figured out how his mind works they way it does.
Thank you I enjoyed this! *NM*
Human-Faced Lamb Born in Izmir/Turkey - Result of Bestiality?
A clear photo from a veterinary blog - Adult Eyes Only!
'Birds' of a feather flock together? Birds?
having made a compilation for a friend
AfterRhyme: If you can't count your own age how can you counsel somebody for best mortgage?
If you do or don't like astrology, you'll likely find this interesting.
Finally you got me. I was lukewarm on this issue. "There must be something at it!"
Steve Judd's outlook for the last weekend in January 2010
Inspirational Video *LINK*
Reply on wood
my add-on went astray so I had to put it on top :D *NM*

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