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it is well with my SOUL *LINK*
David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford - New Audio
This RELAXED Alex Jones, telling it like it is.... Well, Well Said! AND, quite right.... quite right.... Globalists begin breakup of The United States *LINK*
MINDBLOWING to a business: Google To Announce Chrome Laptops-$20/Month *LINK*
Prozzak.... You are the Man! I beg............ *LINK* *PIC*
Here's a quickie... *PIC*
One more - FUNKY Ron - Portrait... *PIC*
Very Cool *NM*
What matters most?
Ron Paul announces new run for US presidency *LINK*
Why do YOU keep spare rope? *LINK*
I would Judge this extra Notty! *NM*
Toxin from GM Crops Found in Human Blood: Study *LINK*
Big Change Is Coming (Prophecy) *LINK*
Why Don't We Hear About SOROS' Ties to Over 30 Major News Organizations? *PIC*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
True, but too many have forgotten... or never really Believed... Sad. *NM*
The War on Freedom - (and seemingly so true... worth reading) *LINK*
Hey PROZZAK, nice pic on Keiser's web site! The man in silver (love that guy) - His nuttiness is worth watching! *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
This could be the future... *NM* *PIC*
Thank you! Here's another... *PIC*
'Fireballs' and 'Explosions' in Texas... & UFO's -vid
Great footage!! Nice use of a Canon 5 D camera on video mode! *NM*
The most important information & video you can ever watch
How a Big U.S. Bank Laundered Billions From Mexico's Murderous Drug Gangs *LINK*
Secret Map Shows Massive Radiation Cloud Heading Toward U.S & Canada *LINK*
Cairo to Move Hamas Base to Gaza. Assad Threatens Israel With War *LINK*
Hamas Admits 'Peace Accord' is a Prelude to War *PIC*
Muslim Brotherhood Member to Run for Presidency in Egypt *PIC*
Crop Production 'Shut Down' in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana & parts of Arkansas *LINK*
Bin Laden's Bones... Rattle On... *PIC*
Growing Gap Between the North American-Eurasian Tectonic Plates -- Amazing Underwater Photos + MAP!! *LINK*
The LAW SCHOOL for Mercenaries of REAL Terrorism & HOW They Get Away With Their Crimes...? *PIC*
There is a saying...what goes around...comes around!
A Lie Too Far ........ It's time for us all to grow up *LINK*
Yeah! *PIC*
Beautiful! Baby Hedgie is now Immortalized! ;) *NM*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Still Complaining that You're Being *Forced* to Pay a Kosher Tax & Eat Kosher Foods? -- Well, Europe Goes 'Halal'... See How Well They Like THAT!!... :O *PIC*
Todd Rutherford, Lt. Col Brad Taylor, Don Becker, Karl Spain & Sean Phillips! On Dresser After Dark at 4:00pm Pacific on Station 1 *LINK* *PIC*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
I do love your pictures, Cathy... quite Beautiful actually... :) *NM*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Kill Order #?
Welcome 2 Today
Beyond words. *NM*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Hmmm... the Unforeseen Results of Deforestation? :D *NM* *PIC*
"The People Vs. Goldman Sachs" - The most destructive Criminal Crime Spree in our history! (Exceptional Opinion) *LINK*
I love reading ZERO HEDGE'S 'Comments' Section as well... some Additional Good Tips can sometimes be found there. *NM*
Yup, they are good! *NM*
The Real Reason Why U.S. Government was Forced to Declare that OSAMA BIN LADEN was Buried at Sea in Accordance with Muslim Practices... the Watery Grave Captured!!!... :O *VID*
Islam is Misunderstood ~ by Amil Imani, an Iranian-born American citizen residing in the United States of America... *LINK*
WOW... Parisian Street Dancer Has Some Crazy Moves...!! :D
Hmmm... More Cannibals in Europe Making Contacts on the Internet... :O *PIC*
Mysterious Loud 'Boom' & 'Shaking' Felt in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk & on the Eastern Shore... *PIC*
Dresser after Dark at 4:00pm Pacific on Station 1 - 6 guests including Matt Whitfield, Dancing w/ the Stars *LINK* *PIC*
Barack Obama Is Wrong: 18 Facts Which Prove That Illegal Immigration Is An Absolute Nightmare For The U.S. Economy *LINK*
'Something' Lowered Itself Down Out of Cloud *LINK*
CLAIM: Secret American Base Discovered on the Moon *LINK*
Amazing Article. *NM*
China: The New Bin Laden *LINK*
East Coast Vortex, Maine Earthquake Swarm, Strange Loud Noises NYC Area *LINK*
Russian Troops to Return to Afghanistan's Border? *LINK*
Pope Benedict XVI Denies Jesus is the Christ (Messiah) -- CREEPING GNOSIS for the MASSES... *PIC*
Gold and Silver now legal tender in Utah due to "Dying Dollar" *LINK*
That's One Noisy Pussy! *NM* *LINK*
anything louder than the TV, MUST GO! *NM*
Robert MorningSky-Star Elders. *videos 1 thru 14
Irish Bombshell: Government Raids PRIVATE Pensions To Pay For Spending *LINK*
These TAX % Per Country surprised me... The U.S. is actually low in comparison to most industrial countries by as much as 10-20% lower! *NM* *LINK*
Have the disaster scenarios for 2012 totally changed? Physicist Nassim Haramein says Nibiru Has Come and Gone! Say what?
CHINA To USA: 'If You Mess With Pakistan, You Will Be Messing With CHINA' -- Webster Tarpley *VID* *PIC*
Clinton: U.S. Doesn't See China as Threat *PIC*
'War of Terror' is a Reichstag Fire False Flag Operation *PIC*
1994: Army War College Paper Proposes use of Computer Generated Insurgents + *VID*
What a gifted and extraordinary individual! "The Piano Man" and only 16 years old. *NM* *LINK*
He made up his "song" on the spur of the moment, under the pressure of being on National TV! I want to hear an album! Thanks for the post! *NM*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - May 8, 2011
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - May 9, 2011
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - May 10, 2011
Deadly Silence on Fukushima: It's So Not Over, By Vivian Norris *LINK*
Max Keiser interview: Open Your Mind Radio 8/5/11 2/7
[apfn-1] TIM RIFAT ON RENSE - Why are peoples brains malfunctioning?
Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Starts Operation *LINK*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Nuclear Plant Workers Release Unknown Amount of Radioactive Tritium into Mississippi River *LINK*
Russia & Turkey Sign Nuclear Energy Agreement *LINK*
EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Osama bin Laden's Nose and Left Ear
2nd uk crop circle 2011 *LINK*
Blinded by the Lies ~ Carl Klang *VID*
NATO’s Defense College: Located in ROME, ITALY... Where They Study WAR!!! *PIC*
Matthew has a new post for May 8, 2011
word to the wize
Message from Colonel Mu’ummar Qaddafi
I think he's telling the Truth. *NM*
Is Israel An Apartheid State? Israel's Apartheid VS South Africa's Apartheid... *VID*
PINK: Code for a Coming 'Color' Revolution in America??? *PIC*
CodePINK -- OBAMA'S Oval Office Activists, Marxists, Muslim Brotherhood, et al... *PIC*
Timber Wood *LINK* *PIC*
Hmmm... MORE Nefertiti Graffiti ???... :D *PIC*
Who actually wants YOU culled! These celebrities and more......... will even invest in your Death! *LINK*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - May 7, 2011
TT-1 *PIC*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Hmmm... Why would anyone shoot a missile at a UFO? A wasted missile... like shooting at a jet plane with a BB gun...? Must be the U.S. military again... *NM*
Re: Hmmm... Why would anyone shoot a missile at a UFO? A wasted missile... like shooting at a jet plane with a BB gun...? Must be the U.S. military again...
Yeah, I see what you mean & I think you're right... :) *NM*
Re: Hmmm... Why would anyone shoot a missile at a UFO? A wasted missile... like shooting at a jet plane with a BB gun...? Must be the U.S. military again... *PIC*
2012 Olympics - Outrageous, Obvious Zionist Logo - Vid *LINK*
So Much For Libyan Rebel Oil Exports: Gaddafi Forces Destroy Last Fuel Tanks Under Rebel Control; NATO Land Offensive Now Unavoidable
Christopher Holmes, host of ZeroPoint Radio lost his Love recently *LINK*
KAREN HALE was a strong truth activist that died suddenly via heart attack *NM*
Heart Attack Gun, Declassified *LINK*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - May 6, 2011
Hermeneutics unfolds, Herman blew his nose and got all the buggers out. ha. *LINK* *PIC*
turtle shell in coming 56 to the deducing is at 0 23 hundred hours , tiger in the tank, back up now. *NM*
lug nut bolt *LINK*
my hero, now thats what I call one hellofa rainbow tune,
T-1 news *NM* *PIC*
Of Course Bin Laden’s (Alleged) Daughter Confirms U.S. Story About His Death... Pakistan is OWNED & CONTROLLED by the U.S. *PIC*
Re: Of Course Bin Laden’s (Alleged) Daughter Confirms U.S. Story About His Death... Pakistan is OWNED & CONTROLLED by the U.S. *LINK* *PIC*
Hermeneutics for Hermon's Hermits? *NM*
Amazing ! Fleet of UFO's over Hawaii
Want to know about HAARP, VLF, UHF & Weather Modification? Want to prove it to a non-believer? Here you go! *LINK*
OBAMA'S 'Triple Canopy' Mercs on the Move... Have Drones ~ Will Travel... *PIC*
Russia, China to Cooperate on Middle East, North Africa (Oh-yeah...) *PIC*
Ahmadinejad Allies Charged With...SORCERY??! (SOS!!! ...Ahwannajihad's in Deep Doo-Doo... another 'regime change'?) :O *PIC*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Sort of...?
Ultimate Dog Tease :D *VID*
IMPORTANT WARNING to Moms & Dads about their CANINE Babies!!
Mount Hermon: Gate of the Fallen Angels *PIC*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
All I know is... mankind winkie-dinked in the Garden & now Somebody's winkie-dinkin' again. Mama Gaia's bowels in an uproar & there's a... :O
Patricia Cori - ET council seeded homo sapiens as intelligent beings with 12 strand DNA *LINK* *PIC*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
And don't forget THESE "Hidden Hands" -- IN PLAIN SIGHT -- Makes it harder to Detect for the Sheeple... :O
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Beautiful Wedding Dress... :) It's old-fashioned... They don't make Wedding Dresses like that anymore. *NM*
Dividing And Conquering America At The New Madrid Fault
Thanks for the Post. When has the world ever witnessed such massive & monstrous treason of a government & genocide against its own people & against foreign nations? It makes me feel sick inside. *NM*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Warm ing, message for the Globe *LINK* *PIC*
VIDEO REPORT: Terror Group Trains Near US-Mexico Border
Total Recall by a Child = WOW, I am stunned.....SIMPLY AWESOME - MIND BLOWING. You watch this, it WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE *LINK*
AMAZING READ!! 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know... (Updated, Revised and Extended) *LINK*
In case the site gets destroyed worth copying and pasting into WORD...35 pages in 11 font with links for the videos
FACT: Most Palestinians Would Actually PREFER to Live Under ISRAELI Rule According to the Fascist CFR's own Pechter Poll *PIC*
When a Gold Necklace Isn't Jewelry *LINK*
“Intel redesigns transistors for faster computers”...reads like an ordinary headline, right? Moore’s Law gets a chance to continue a little longer.
this means harm is the order of the day *LINK*
Dr Burzynski cure for cancer - only available in Texas *LINK*
I find it interesting that people predicting the end of the world want to sell us something...what is the point?
Agreed... I don't believe it myself *NM*
Look at the fitness programs, eat right, think right, feel right, love, like, laugh, work hard, play harder, learn more, relax more deeply...someone wants us to die as healthy as possible....why? *NM*
Treatments for Nuclear Contamination *LINK*
Can we add this important treatment?
Now THAT'S a product I will order immediately. THANK YOU!! *NM*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - May 4, 2011
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - May 3, 2011
Eye of The Storm Series #13: Killing Two Birds With The Same Lie *LINK* *PIC*
Bringers of the Dawn: A Message From the Pleiadians *LINK* *PIC*
David Icke - It`s Like a Canvas of Consciousness . . . *LINK* *PIC*
THE BIG LIE (note: One of the best articles I've read in ages)! *LINK*
If you need a new computer or TV, maybe you just go to Best Buy and steal it? Best Buy Employee Fired for Stopping Laptop Thief
Texas Still on Fire -- More than 9,000 Wildfires -- More than 2.2 Million Acres Destroyed -- Denied Federal Disaster Aid -- Part of the Agenda? *PIC*
Lack of rain? Hire this man!
Òîïèê 3 *LINK*
9-11 & Energy Weapons (Finally... on Coast 2 Coast!) *LINK*
Terrifying Scientific Discovery: Strange Emissions by Sun are Suddenly Mutating Matter… *LINK*
U.S. Government Musters Squads of Propaganda Comment Trolls :O *PIC*
Why the MSM & Most Journalists Won't Touch THIS Mean Green Mother!! :O *PIC*
This short Vimeo video reminds me of the Obama administration...the Spider vs the Ant
If interested...a paper on the Physical World as being a Virtual Reality
Why the Death of Osama bin Laden Was Announced on May 1st + Psychopathic Mastermind of U.S. Policy in the Middle East *VIDS* *PIC*
Volcano heats high-mountain lake to 108 degrees. Now imagine what a few thousand underwater volcanoes could do.
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Good God lady! Did you forget to take your Prozac this morning or what? Your chatter is quite bothersome and lame. *NM*
Calling Jack Dancer!! Never around when NEEDED... maybe some Jack Daniels would help... :D *VID*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Spec Ops Chief Sketched Out bin Laden Raid… in 1995
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
REPORT: Foreign Military Troops Train in California Desert
Boy with brain cancer is 'cured' after secretly being fed medical marijuana by his father *LINK*
Marijuana Cuts Tumor Growth by 50% *LINK*
Adrian Salbuchi also makes a good presentation about the osama HOAX *LINK*
where is bridging wisdom cathy cook 5-4-11 archive,, I am public anouncing I retract my anouncment not to post on blogtalkradio, now I POST LAST NIGHTS HEALING 11:11 ORION TO BLOGTALK
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Seth Mode, all systems on... Attention All systems on....
REPORTS: U.S. Blows Up Flood Levee on Mississippi River -- Deliberately Flooding the New Madrid Seismic Zone *VID* *PIC*
Doors wide open, Win. Dos of opportunity. Mac.ro matters *LINK* *PIC*
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis: Why do U.S. Officials link Bin Laden Killing with the Arab Revolt? (Israel Daring to Question the MK-ULTRA Empire? :O) *PIC*
You must admit... they (the MONEY) has brazzen balls and brass knobs to keep furting and sharting on us with their media *NM* *LINK*
Agreed!! Such an insult to our intelligence *NM*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - May 2, 2011
VATIC ALERT: ON GOING UPDATE: NUKE EVENT IN MISSISSIPPI - Daily Summary - Vatic Project - May 2, 2011
The GULF WAS ALIVE with Micro Organisms... making the water BOIL ---- "You'd be eaten alive", he says......... *LINK*
Daily Goose Bump: 4 U & U and especially YOU - Josh House Rap! *PIC*
Re: Daily Goose Bump: 4 U & U and especially YOU - Josh House Rap!
'White House' now playing compi games with ComiC oBama aghast while passively viewing his twin oSama allegedly killed. Poor Guy! No wonder he's apalled & frightened. Next victim himself - oBama?
(Message Deleted by Poster)
aalmost air time on station one 5 pst bridging wisdom cathy cook *LINK* *PIC*
Now is probably a GREAT TIME to BUY SILVER - why?
Imagine: You can reach the top when doing FACEBOOK with GOOGLE CHROME on APPLE i-CRAP and hereby feel so supreme and exclusive - being trifoldly connected to upper echelons of SS SnakeService, ha! :D *PIC*
Timeline 1945 to 2012 - Milestones & Speculations. Albert Pike. WWIII. Number Eleven.
yes, green, a Green Span clearly to be seen on OZAMA's right eye, proof he is rumor faction four, supported by the GreenSchild Bankers Order of Easter-Hazy in Greedyland aka Hungary. *NM*
Yes that's me on Max Keiser... GO SEE!!! *PIC*
I must say
Your(?) image is so full of sorrow, are you sick? Need Colloidal Silver, perhaps? Would be much better use instead of storing under your couch for later days ... :D *PIC*
Here ya go pro...Re: HERE I AM - WHERE ARE YOU??? *NM* *PIC*
Here's a F'n Quickie... *PIC*
looks somewhat 'van Gogh-ey' or like some of my paintings in my school time, the technique named by me 'tool print' :D *NM*
A Max Keiser Fan (Awsome) - great cartoon pics too... *NM*
Thank you and Cathy!!! *NM*
How about ME? No thanks, hey? Time and again I PRAISED your skills (where it was due, that is) and no thanks for my engagement as first responder to draw more attraction to your posts - you, you you..
Healing of Orion thus, healings of Mis_understood words now are connected DOT DOT DOT...
UN Food Advisor: We Should EAT INSECTS Instead of MEAT to Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions :O *PIC*
Science Data -Your radioactive milk and water
Take a good bite of Reality ... for a moment. *LINK*
clean on my side of the street, when others try to find falt in one it is their self shat is dirty, why then would one pose such focus alowing such power to rent ones space with in head? *LINK*
Well, he better Lay LOWER than Davy Jones' Locker... Rumor has it he's done something FAR WORSE this time... :O *PIC*
Julian Assange: Facebook is an 'Appalling Spying Machine' *LINK*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
like, mind if I check it? bless *PIC*
nul problemo, will come back soon, have to build outdoor food station for my hedgie :) *NM*
Breaking News Alert!! May 1 New Madrid Disaster Being Carried Out -- Court Refuses to Block Plan to Blast Levee on New Madrid Fault... Mayor of Cairo Issues Order for Mandatory Evacuation... *LINK*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
I do not know butt *PIC*
thanks for your response, had to delete the posting because of a severe mistake with Jom Kippur, will correct and reload ;) *NM*
the "severe" word, that is a mighty severe word. have a wonderful day :) *NM* *PIC*
I LOVE green tea with cookea! :D *NM*
Magma on the Move: Levels are Stirring Uniformly Across Planet’s Hotspots *PIC*
Corps to Detonate 250 Tons of Explosives on Levee Near Mew Madrid Fault –- Will Submerge 132,000 Acres of Farmland :O *PIC*
post on sunday I state Terminix I am told this moment to return to, last monday , it was to this monday, Mother Beating on my door ringing door bell. making a scene, this day. my tasting bug spray
U.S. Government Takes Down HAARP Website to Conceal Evidence of U.S. Weather Modification & Earthquake Inducing Warfare...
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging (Full Movie)
wow I saw this post the other day, and wanted to share it with my darlin, thank you so much. winks... *NM*
More Thoughts On OBAMA'S Mysterious Storms Clobbering His Enemies Campers To The South
If You Are Against Raising The Debt Ceiling You Are Part Of Al-Qaeda? Ah-huh... Allah Forbid... :O
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
please in joy the music while your party is being reached... *PIC*
-edit- to enhance this post with audio, Sealed with a Golden Mothers Kiss, this thread is PERIOD lolove... *PIC*
Again seeing moon shadows post about harp , with in it states that the web site Harp was taken down three weeks ago, I post my broadcast in the- edit- thinking rather odd request from beyond,due to... *LINK* *PIC*
Re: -edit- to enhance this post with audio, Sealed with a Golden Mothers Kiss, this thread is PERIOD lolove...
And now... a moment of Awe & Admiration for the Brave Soul who Dared to put the Cackling Head of the 'Rumor Mill' in her place... with Absolute Truth & Clarity... :O *PIC*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
pulled to this George Noory spiral dude.. for some reason, yet...
Tasaka' *LINK* *PIC*
Huge changes in energy technology are here...at the consumer lever it is so close to reality
Keshe Foundation...short summary from above interview...looks like an interesting world awaits if we survive current problems.
Thank you I enjoyed the video.
Biltmore, George Vanderbilt’s 250-room French chateau in Asheville, N.C., *NM* *LINK*
Jonah and the whale
Depopulation as the ultimate purpose of global radiation war Continue reading on Examiner.com: Scientist: U.S., Canada, Mexico, Hawaii targeted in nuclear war from Japan - Seattle exopolitics | Exami
Royal families and new world order *LINK*
Facts are stubborn things. For the first time in US history, an individual, who is not a natural born citizen, was knowingly elected President of the United States. *LINK*
Washington Times: Congress & FBI Need To Investigate Obama's New Forged Birth Certificate *PIC*
“Right now, it’s [a] war with radiation. TEPCO’s response is horrendous,” he said *LINK*
Gerald Celente - Cold Fusion is a Reality *LINK*
The Big Cover-Up for William & Kate's ROYAL WEDDING!!? :O *PIC*
Beltane Light = Yoke May 1, 2011
Senate Passes Bill to Criminalize Natural Food and Supplement Producers *LINK* *PIC*
Central Banks Buying Gold At Record Pace *LINK*
Is it time?
silver certificates *LINK*
Mwhoo hoo's sister one of charlotte finest retired carolina blues, marries one of our highschool guys, Kurk head DA trains Bruce to take over as HEAD DA. ha, God UNCLE In law to my kids HEAD DA HERE *NM*
whoo hoo's sister 1 of char.s finest retired carolina blues, marries one of our highschool.guys,head DA retired Kurk is Kids Real Uncle on Martys side,... *PIC*
British royal wedding can be seen as a modern-day repeat of the “bread & circuses” policy of ancient Rome. *LINK*
NYTimes: Unsafe at Any Dose --- Abortion and Infanticide will be part of future global culture
Breakthrough in Faster-Than-Light Travel and Communication, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
Hugh Hefner receives Thalian's Award :) *PIC*
20% OFF all Peter Lamas Products - Mother's Day Sale! (This may not be news, but it could help you change your looks) *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Truly AWESOME!! Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization *LINK*
William IS a shape shifting raptailian. Visual Proof! *NM*
Say what: "William and Kate sang prayers from the specially designed hymen sheets"? Doubt that strongly. Come on, she's 29 and not 19 as with Lady Di(e) 29th(!) July 1981, besides and therefore :O
Hey Dude, simply can't repeat it often enough: MainSteamMedia can NOT be trusted! NO Reebok Classics here! It's Roman Sneakers made by Mother Theresa Limited in Bang Ladesh! :D *PIC*
I like the term 'innernet', Yes, there's an 'innernet', suppressed with many people, others shy away, don''t want to listen, trouble is, how to discern the inner voices, the good from the bad ones?
Dancer you always post such nice music, I thought you may enjoy this:)
Thank you very much. I'm deeply touched by this global artwork and this amazing SYMPHONY OF SOULS. Eric is a bright guy, he speaks from his heart. I'll pass it along. ;)
Panic Selling of The U.S. Dollar Now Underway as Debt System Implodes
I have one 1-Dollar note sealed in plastic on all sides for future proof & documentation and I'll keep it! Not for sale! No. Never! Too valuable! :D *NM*
Muammar Gaddafi Son Killed by NATO Air Strike – Libyan Government *LINK*
what is linkseys and all of these wierd names on my wireless network with locks beside the names, why does my net work say my pass word does not work and how did it get disconnected? *NM*
hey every one up here I believe the down unda weare i mean wire...mind control = computer control? i lol *NM*
Screen Shot
Screen Shot of Black screen delay up load to TNT
Screen Shot
LinkSys is DSL box and/or NetAdapter in PC(s). Maybe your network is dysfunct/hacked or it's a hardware failure. Computers are crappy stuff, cheaply made, limited lifetime, failing slowly, smoldering.
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Thank you Jack Dancer, solving my problem, Ironic Irony
Tasaka' Lab *LINK*
Bush Court Dismisses 9/11 Suit Against Bush Officials, Orders Sanctions *PIC*
U.S. Federal Reserve NAU Notes READY FOR CIRCULATION!! & Already Prepared for a HOSTILE MERGER of CANADA with the UNITED STATES Aided by STEPHEN HARPER!! (IMAGES of NOTES)
Dairy: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It at all Costs *LINK*
Martial Law in the Land of Confusion! *LINK*
my smoke alarm beeps every night starting at 8 pm every 30 seconds since monday. it stops at 8 am *NM*
Smoke Alarms tend to give wrong alerts when the small dust-bin inside gets cloaked over time. Try to clean with high pressure airstream or better buy a new one to have best security.
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 29, 2011
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 30, 2011
[ECETI News] Comet Elenin Is Nibiru
Comet Elenin Is Nibiru...(video)
Stop the Corrupt Bankers w/the “MILLION OUNCE MARCH” *LINK*
US Military has anti-radiation drug 'Ex-Rad', not available to the public *LINK*
HOLY SHAT BadMan, "LA Doc Says Msm has blocked all news of human health problems in Gulf" *LINK*
Dr. Ron Paul and familiy seem to have precise knowledge, plausible reason to offer luxury property in Dodge for only 325,000$ and leave the area asap.
bogus debt made by usury interest calculation, exponential interest of interest summation, it's fraudulent, pay burden made out of nothing, banksters trickery, load of demands to demoralize people *NM*
Royal Family Enforces Media Embargo Against Australia To Prevent Nazi Jokes about Prince Phillip with his Nazi friends *LINK* *PIC*
"If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower the human population levels.." -- Prince Phillip of Great Britain, World Wildlife Fund *NM*
The prince needs to get his real feelings out there...I’m thinking he really wants to say something like this...
Now THAT was a Speach! Well Done! Well Done!!! ......Long live the Queve *LINK*
this blurred hazy Philipp foto seems to be wishful dilettanti artwork, two officers have only one leg, the shadows are odd, the heights of some people are questionable
she's a beauty *NM*
thank you, our family is truly inside and out.
A Window of Opportunity's *PIC*
The ancestry of Kate Middleton - record reaching back 500 years
going to california
Say what! Who? You? Why? Maybe the end is nigh. Better stay here, I'll spend a bottle of beer. But what does it mean, there's nothing to be seen, in your post, must be a ghost. :D California Blue?
Old House Studio, Very impressive for a top notch sound system recording studio *LINK* *PIC*

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