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ALERT: Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 25, 2011
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 24, 2011
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 23, 2011
Decapitation Succession Talk Behind Doors on Capitol Hill *LINK*
David Icke - Shut Up!! Don`t Want To Hear About It! . . . *LINK* *PIC*
The Bluebeam Generation pt 2 ~ Building Holographic Castles in the Sky ~ The New Age of Sacrifice *LINK*
The implications are far more disturbing than a horror movie! *NM*
Exactly. *NM*
Dr. Helen Caldicot
Don't Mess With a Newfie Either!! :D
Mutilated Newfoundlander put doctor to shame.
That's a Good one!! :D *NM*
hahahaha *NM*
Who Is Watkins?
Russia Doesn't Want Any More Dollars - What This Means for Investors *LINK*
The gambling casinos called 'stock markets' should be closed, there's no real stock in stock, only swindlers fantasies and derivatives of derivatives to dupe those who move in and lose real values.
Canary Islands Mega-Tsunami may devastate the east-coast of the USA. Several sources say so.
We have lost our faith. We are less Naive! We are aware ( of you )
The real goods on WHO got the bailout $$$ TARP/TALF/TAKE *NM* *LINK*
20 Questions for Ben Bernanke (GREAT questions like...How much money have Primary Dealers made by “flipping” bonds from the Treasury back to the Fed? *LINK*
you won't get a truthful answer, if at all, so just open the trash bin and stuff'em in, head on, then put his pants on fire :D *NM*
Must have been SOME Easter weekend... did everybody get abducted by UFOs? :D *NM*
Yes & No. Ya know, came 4 trashmen from 'American Band Stand' with spell word & then the Austrians: Wolfgang 'somebody pinch me' + Peter says 'I'm ripe for the isle' = pepped for the lunatic asylum :D
Federal Reserve Branch in San Antonio, TX Cutting Most of its Staff (and what exactly does that say?)... *LINK*
NIBIRU SHOCK: The Bluebeam Generation ~ Projections from an Other Dimension *VID*
Russia Steals Revolutionary U.S. Engine Design (Wonder how much they had to pay for it?) :D *PIC*
American Hellholes... *PIC*
Any maps of the Chabad Lubavitchi and the 'Free' Masons? *NM*
I'll leave that to the NAZI EUGENICISTS since THEY'RE the ones tracking everybody's Genetics & searching for the "God Particle." *NM*
You're speaking of racist Israel, the mother lineage for being a true jew, aren't you? Ever heard of jewish eugenics and genocide of goyim? Torah & Talmud writings? *NM*
or would you suggest all holy jewish books are just lies and inventions of goyim with a 'hate gene' that has to be eliminated according to hebrew scholars? *NM*
Then the "Jews" & the Nazi "Goyim" BOTH waste their time & energy because God doesn't give two hoots about our Genetics anymore since His Son was Conceived & Born into this world. Did you know...?
The OMG Cat Discovers 9/11 Was An Inside Job !!! :O *VID*
Mocking the 911 truthers while 911 witnesses are taken out one by one?
Is there Anything you DON'T Twist into a Lie? Quite frankly I find it very Devious & Sinister, but then I consider the Source. *NM*
So what's the intention of the OMG Cat clip? Why the 'funny cat'? Who needs 'funny' dressings to grasp the ugly truth? Idiots? Mentally & morally deranged?
the advanced disease is called PMP, Periodic Maladroit Projectionitis: always throw onto others your own burden to deflect from oneself and to relief oneself - see hebrew invention of 'scapegoat cult' *NM*
I'll tell you what's SICK... using ANY EXCUSE to Mock & Criticize for That Purpose Alone. *NM*
Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya's Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) *LINK*
IMF Bombshell: "Age of America" Nears End
China Proposes To Cut Two-Thirds Of Its $3 Trillion In USD Holdings
Something Odd Is Happening at Reactor Number 4
Apmex Out Of Silver Eagles Until May 13
Hitler And The COMEX (In the Bunker at the JP Morgue...)
Special Broadcast: Hour 1 – Jordan Maxwell – Hour 2: ELENIN info w/Bob Evans – 04/08/11...
David Icke - The Murder of Princess Diana (The Truth About The Royal Family) *LINK*
Re: David Icke - The Murder of Princess Diana (The Truth About The Royal Family)
"Canada's Alex Jones" Dr. Judy Janzen (1 to 7) - Interview with Indian in the Machine ~ subject of mind control in Hollywood, Secret Societies, Geo Enginerring *NM* *LINK*
Dr. Judy Janzen's blog *NM* *LINK*
EXCELLENT Videos DrumSpirit! Fantastic Interview. This Dr. Judy Janzen needs to be heard from more often -- she holds nothing back. *NM*
Silver Price Up 8.2% in One Week... *LINK*
yup! Good one!! *NM*
Jesse's Café Américain: What I Think the Fluctuations & Trends In the Comex Silver Inventory Mean *LINK*
Will the real Jared Loughner please stand up? -- Some Very Interesting Findings *LINK*
Bank Of America Analyst Advocates The "Unthinkable" -- An Intentional Default On US Debt *PIC*
The Cost Of Attorney General Silence: How Bank Of America Made Sure There Would Be No Surprises In The Robosigning Settlement *LINK*
Tom Kenyon and the Hathors - Transition States of Consciousness
I really liked this post!!! *NM*
New update from Matthew if interested
"Land Of The Stupid, Home Of The Freaking Screwed" (RANT) *VID*
Most of it also applies to Germanistan's zio-pussy Ang'la Murkell. But isn't his rant-style copied from Goebbels-Dee-Dyke & MAdHi :O? :D :( *NM*
Yes it does have a certain frothy-mouth Goebbels flavor to it, but I guess it's only natural since the German Ratliners took over America after WWII. :O? :D :( *NM*
Absurd! Since when is a 'total capitulation' a victory of the victims over the conquerors? Is black white and white black? Did the US Army invade Germany or the Wehrmacht occupy America? LOL! *NM*
BOTH! A Continuation of the Third Reich on TWO Continents instead of just ONE! And did not the Germans Totally Capitulate to the American 'Occupiers'? :O What's the Difference?? :D *NM*
That's news! WOW! Defeated NaSo Germany in cohouts with NaZi occupied US of A both ruled by Jesuit Rome & Racist Israel Headquarters, not? Close enough, so-to-speak? Schizoid worldview refuses? Wrong? *NM*
As I said and as fellow citizens who survived both world wars had told me. The rest is in official and in revisionist history books. I trust my own perceptions and personal reports of trustworthy. *NM*
Did the US Air Force carpet bomb German cities - filled with elderly, women and children - on genocidal purpose, with little military effect or was Luftwaffe raiding US cities? Mentally deranged???
I liked Joe Blow's video RANT much better... Must be like Deja Vu all over again, especially for older Germans watching Americans make the Same Stupid Mistakes. :O NOT Revisionist History... *VID* *PIC*
Shitzam what a rush, Absolutfknloutly profknfound post. *NM*
Do you feel personally addressed and personally included? :D *NM*
I do, I did, yes, as if this video was my voice, one voice and very very intense *NM*
like a constapation release, does this make since? I felt like...
... at least his gums don't itch :D *NM*
Ron Paul's House is For Sale
if this property were in Switzerland or Austria, for example, it would be worth a few million dollars, in comparison. Curious, where the Paulsens will move to? *NM*
Looks to me like he's cuttin' his losses & gettin' the heck outta Dodge. Like you say -- where's he moving to? Maybe Austria, home of his Von Mises 'strip ya to the bones' Economy. :D *NM*
KOGI/Pleiadian messages: "Warning" to humanity *LINK* *PIC*
We will follow this curious development which had not occured prior to silver entering its "parabolic" phase. *NM* *LINK*
The Bay of Pigs & JFK’s Assassination *LINK*
Re: This is what Alex Collier was talking about when he said "horrific happenings are taking place at Dulce in New Mexico." This is an investigation of it.
YT: Video no longer available, account has been cancelled (censored? - by whom, owner or youtube) will try to find the clips for you ;) *NM*
PENTAGON: Robot War Over Libya Begins in 3, 2, 1 … And REMEMBER... these are NOW flying over AMERICA as well!! Better Watch Your P's & Q's... *VID*
The Curious World of Zombie Science *PIC*
Pres. Abraham Lincoln WAS WARNED by a GOOD CATHOLIC PRIEST of his Coming ASSASSINATION & WHO Was Going to Kill Him!! *PIC*
i-pot i-phony gogole mystery solved: "google = goo gel" a black i-hole sticking to i-data like superglue - average gullible trendy dandy 'the follower of fashion' has no clue about this gel of goo
my son calls him gobber lol *NM*
nice to see you're back, was afraid you got cut off by the tornadoes, see my posting for you further below *NM*
Thank you so much and the For Cathy post, Raintree home had the touch down behind my property line where a natural breeze way sets seperating neighbors, took every tree within the terrain line, GBU *NM*
Saudis Give Up On US, Instigate Direct Gulf Action Against Iran :D Interesting... *LINK*
Texas Burning 'from border to border'... *LINK*
Obama Approves Use of Predator Drones in Libya (Very Interesting...those PREDATOR DRONES...) *LINK*
How You Can Have a Billion-Dollar Income in America and Pay No Taxes Tax journalist David Cay Johnston explains what's so rotten about our taxation system and the distribution of wealth in this countr *LINK*
Jesse Ventura on CNN w/ Piers Morgan 04/04/11 ( full interview ) *LINK*
Tesla Coils: Unleash the Aether *LINK*
It’s Official: China Will Be Dumping US Dollars *LINK*
If you ever needed proof that our world is mad and getting madder - here it is: *NM* *LINK*
Less American own a stake in the stock market then at any point in the past decade! *LINK* *PIC*
‘Prepare to Invade Israel,’ Hezbollah Leader Tells Followers (Nothing new, but a couple of Comments from Readers are too true...) *PIC*
Israel & Helpers spread false rumours as a pretense to invade and steal the water sources in Southern Lebanon? Second attempt after 5 years. Problem-Reaction-Solution-Tactics, see the hidden motif? :O
Luring readers to disclose identity while signing in at 'closed shop AP forum' just to read some comments ... by whom? Can't you sum up or/and quote with your words? Thanks but no thanks!? Will you? *NM*
Should I assume that Readers are too dumb to 'Sum Up' for themselves??? And they always have YOU to 'Sum Up' for them with your Brilliant & 'Illuminating' Replies. :) *NM*
You evade the main point and resort to personal attacks, nothing new then. Happy Easter, anyway! Have some sweet chocolate eggs and easter rabbits around. :D *NM*
BOA pockets twice as much cash parking money at the Federal Reserve than it pays to savings-account holders. *LINK* *PIC*
Money and trust are integrally bound together. *LINK* *PIC*
Infinte Abundance *PIC*
Infinte Abundance *PIC*
REPORT: Border Agents Confirm Feds' Orders NOT to Arrest Illegals *PIC*
'Governator' (Arnold Schwarzenegger) may have sights on EU presidency *LINK*
Meet 'Cookie' the Tiny Penguin Who Loves Being Tickled... :) *VID*
Wake Up, Critics: Here’s Obama’s Grand Plan *LINK*
Turkey: Israel-Palestinian Peace Will Decide Fate of Arab Uprisings (So give it up Israelis, you're on the fast-track to Nowhere...) *PIC*
Exotic Warfare. Deployed. April 21st, 2011. STOP *LINK*
Iran: ‘U.S. Power Grid Prime Target for Cyber Attack’ :O Hmmm...we hear ya, but... *PIC*
'Green' Bulbs Release Toxins, Carginogens *LINK*
Why do 3 supporters own Obama's home? *PIC*
Boy, two, is first person in the world to be born with an extra strand of DNA *LINK*
Muslim Brotherhood Proclaim True Intentions in Egypt *LINK*
Book of Love ~ The Magnetic Fields (Nataly Dawn) *VID*
Are strange emissions from the sun mutating matter?
$5,000 Gold and $300 Silver are Credible Numbers *LINK*
Eric Sprott: "Expect The Gold To Silver Ratio To Hit Single Digits" *LINK*
$1,000 OUNCE SILVER IS CONSERVATIVE! ~ Bix Weir (Road to Roota) *VID*
Canada's Housing Bubble
Video: Libya Rebels Execute, Behead, Mutilate Gaddafi Army who Surrender! Where is CNN now?
The Transition Zone: Crossing Over by Lauren Gorgo *LINK* *PIC*
U.S. Government Printing Office Needs 350,934 National Detainee Handbooks Printed by April 29th, 2011 *PIC*
Westboro Baptist Church Tries to Disrupt Marine's Funeral & Gets Owned!! (There are times it makes no sense to be disruptive.)
UFOs Magic and Mysticism in Hollywood (11 of 12) *LINK* *PIC*
Why would anybody want to so demean an Ape?? *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Add farmers to those you can't trust...from the journal Pediatrics...15% of American girls are expected to begin puberty by the age of 7 (with the number closer to 25% for African American girls),
My find in the 'About' section of the FEAR LESS website: "Fear is the mortal enemy of innovation, creativity and happiness." I expand to "Fear & Muddle" - one causes the other.
Yes... The MuddleMuckers... They LOVE Raging Hormones... No FEAR Here... *PIC*
'muddlemucker' sounds great for me thou nowhere defined I think I know what it means. Will suggest it for the 'urbandictionary' (my second input) :D
Close enough... :) *NM*
My first post of this info never hit the board. Wiped out gone..... APTN (Aboriginal channel) interviewed PM's advisor Bruce Carson scandal ...hookers, tar sands, water. Good investigation!!! Caught *LINK*
Scandal Rocks Key Player in Canada's Oil Sands PR Push *LINK*
Sounds like U.S. politics, but I don't understand all of the issues with the Water & Tar Sands. I also think that the U.S.-Canadian Gov't Relationship is kept well-hidden from the Public. *NM*
It's Power, It's Money Honey! ..... And they are money hungry! ... *LINK*
Real Maya Prediction of 2012 !!! *NM* *LINK*
THE KHAZAR MYTH: Origin & Fraud of the Mythical Khazarian Jew *LINK*
Obama Welcomes the 'Boss' of Al-Jazeera as 'Your Highness' *PIC*
Giant UFO Over Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in German News Footage? *PIC*
Multiple UFOs Sighted in Japan the Past Month
Stupid: Mighty AdHi's (madhi) krautsaucer fleet did it, to make yakUSA (yankee USA) look bad & bash poor juicies one more time for StucksNet/ICTS HAARP tsunami in the dark. You never learn, so sad! :O *PIC*
I don't buy the UFO CRAP & Stated So, now why don't you STOP with your DECEPTIVE & IGNORAMUS Replies? *NM*
Maybe because I defend my country, my culture, my ancestors from the persistent cheats, lies & deceptions of your beloved haughty super-chosen swindlers and their obsessed anti-germanic web gofers? *NM*
Yes... and it's easy to see HOW you Defend your Country & your Culture... So Rich in Tradition... So Full of Pride ... :D *PIC*
Secret Service Ballyhoo to impress and dis-inform gullibles like you! Paid Punks Posing as 'national democrats' - so you think these chosen actors are representative for Germany? You are lost!
So... GERMANY plays the same stupid games all other countries play... :D *PIC*
Or is it just my 'sense of humor' to shed some light onto the darkening, depressing moon-shadows? Who knows! *NM*
Or...casting moon-shadows may counteract demons appearing as 'angels of light' :O *NM*
You don't 'buy it' nevertheless you promote it in your headline? Or is it a real question for the public? If so, why should I not react and try to help you out of your dilemma? Lil bit wicked thou :D *NM*
GERMANS were the ones PROMOTING it on Behalf of your Beloved PAPA? & with All DisCERNment from Observation Posts, I'm sure... :D *NM* *PIC*
FYI: I quit religious indoctrination at high-school despite great pressure and disadvantages then I quit the protestant church completely. I took the social retributions. How about you?
I quit 'religion' when I was 15 yrs. old, but I didn't quit God. Funny how you can 'dish it out'...but you 'can't take it.' And your 'sense of humor' I don't understand. *NM*
Hundreds of NYPD accused in corruption scandal *LINK*
How Supporters of Palestinian Terrorism Are Murdered & Raped by Their Palestinian Sponsors *LINK*
From Live Science: Japan Quake Caused Surprisingly Severe Soil Collapse *LINK*
Is There More to Libya than Removal of Gadhafi? *PIC*
The United States uses more water in a day than it uses oil in a year. In four days, the United States uses more water than the world uses oil in a year.
$16,677 to retro fit a home built after 1969 and make it almost earthquake proof
Truth in advertising...finally!
Was JFK killed because of his interest in aliens? Secret memo shows president demanded UFO files 10 days before death *LINK* *PIC*
4409 -- (Unseen Footage) Tower 7 blasted into rubble from NEW angle! *LINK*
Satanic Highgrounds in April? OKC, WACO, GOM-DWH, Columbine, VirTec, Erfurt, Abraham Lincoln shot, Titanic sank, Armenian Genocide, Deir Yassin Massacre ... what else? ROYAL WEDDING! *PIC*
forgot one important event from April 2010: the convenient take-out of the Polish President and his luggage of high-ranking officials *NM*
Wesak 2011 (((The place to Be *LINK*
Kryons channeling on "The Quantum Factor" *LINK*
Here is a working link to the Kryon Channeling *NM* *LINK*
Thank you! *NM*
Oil in Eden ~ The Battle to Protect.... The Battle that is affecting us all! *LINK*
Meeting To Play God With Their Toys and Your Lives........ *LINK*
Drastic Population Reduction *LINK*
Hey, boys and girls - bored? Play The ILLUMINATI CARD GAME 1995! *LINK* *PIC*
Zany, I only started to read here AFTER I had finished the above ROYAL WEDDING post ... ponder, wonder ... how 'in sync' - sometimes *NM*
Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster (2 lengthy videos!) - Leuren Moret - PDX 9/11 Truth *LINK*
Michael Tsarion Interview YouTube Version
Good find - terrific interview! *NM* *PIC*
Hidden story behind Jesse Ventura & Piers Morgan’s CNN clash over Obama CIA ties *NM* *LINK*
Hyperbaric Chamber for Treatment of Stroke & Traumatic Brain Injuries ~ I would really love to start a serious thread on this. At wits end, need help & angels have brought this to my attention *LINK*
Specifically, what symptoms/conditions are you looking to treat, eliminate or prevent? *NM*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
how about increased oxygenation of the mitochondria at the cell level?
Drinking your " ", or mine...... will keep you YOUNG!
one poster who understands the NWO bullshit about overpopulation...
AGREED! It's their sheer desire for death that's so exquisite! Their madness is juvenile, but it is murder. *NM*
Kill one or two people and hundreds of cops are looking for you...kill hundreds of thousands and the numbers seem to be blocked by the mind. What's that about? *NM*
Here's the FACT "an honest fact". It won't end until we start hanging criminal masterminds - in public! *NM*
Celente Predicts Food Riots, Tax Rebellions *NM* *LINK*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 16, 2011
The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - April 17, 2011
Benjamin Fulford from Japan: FEAR NOT! Do NOT be afraid... *LINK* *PIC*
Good Ol' Ben, always good for a *NM*
Was it just another foolfart, the Ben F. prediction a suitecase case nuke will blow up Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo on 14th April? Didn't come true, huuuh! What went wrong? False Prophecy? One more time! *NM*
You know it's almost SPRING when the GIRLZ start showing off their BELLY BUTTONZ!!! *PIC*
Yet another regrettable Monsanto Victim. I'd recommend a wheelbarrow to carry the surplus.
Hear the REAL sound of the earth moving: Incredible noise captured of moment mega quake triggered Japan's catastrophic tsunami... *LINK*
I wonder what a sonar operator on a submarine would hear? *NM*
Probably much more. I also wonder what HAARP sounds like -- compared to the Russian 'woodpecker' sounds. The U.S. Navy surely knows SOMETHING...? *NM*
I wonder what the whales and dolphins have heard and felt when the Mariana Trench was moaning and groaning ... ? *NM*
We love you LANCE, all of us here at BBS Radio and...
Sometimes I wonder if I am becoming that which I shouldn't become, a person bringing news that 'does not' brighten one's day! Hmmm.... *NM*
But I can't help it! (smile)!!! *NM*
there's a lot of thinking going down around here - prognosis 'we're all gonna die' *NM*
We're all gonna die? Of course we are...can't get out of life alive! Our role is deleted, the script changes, etc. The Big Editor in the sky says I'm changing the channel! Poof! *NM*
Re: We're all gonna die? Of course we are...can't get out of life alive! Our role is deleted, the script changes, etc. The Big Editor in the sky says I'm changing the channel! Poof! *PIC*
Re: there's a lot of thinking going down around here - prognosis 'we're all gonna die' *NM* *PIC*
Re: But I can't help it! (smile)!!! *NM* *PIC*
Re: Sometimes I wonder if I am becoming that which I shouldn't become, a person bringing news that 'does not' brighten one's day! Hmmm.... *NM* *PIC*
You might think YIN-YANG: Too much 'good' provokes 'evil' and vice-versa. Cold instigates heat. What's up comes down. What's small becomes great. And so on. Wisdom of Balance. Reversed Recurrence. *NM*
We're ALL MAD here...!!! *PIC*
What FEARMONGERING? What's Wrong with Speaking & Showing REALITY...and WARNING People of the POSSIBILITIES?... *PIC*
Right on, Moonshadow! *PIC*
Thanks for the kind words, Zany... I really appreciate them. Most times I feel like a plucked chicken -- cluckin' in the wilderness... *PIC*
I found you in crowded Youtube City :D So sexy! :D
and what's rhyming on 'pluck and cluck' ? :D
You're wicked... :D *NM*
Yes, that's right! Wicked like Wicked Wilson Pickett riding 'Mustang Sally' in the 'Midnight Hour' or whatever else. :D
you're good enough to eat :D *NM*
semantics or...
Agreed! But more to my point .....
Agreed. Every invention, every creation of man IS PRECEDED by thoughts, by insights, inside views. Almighty Force whispers to those who are humbly receptive, who see, who listen, who communicate *NM*
You shouldn't ask me such deep questions. I fell asleep in my chair last night trying to figure out, what the heck is semantics? :D
World Bank President: 'One shock away from crisis' (...and just who IS this WORLD BANKSTER SUPREME?)...
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 15, 2011
'Dutchsinse' -- UPDATES -- Geiger Counter Purchased! -- "Wounds my heart , with a monotonous languor" … *LINK*
'Dutchsinse' addressing the topic of FEARMONGERING...because he's been Accused...
Calling Cathy: CNN ntv-Germany reports: 62 Tornadoes plow a path of devastation from Texas up to North Carolina. Hardest series of destructive storms since 1984. Dozens killed. Can you confirm?
The Dangers of Microwave Radiation Cannot be Ignored *LINK*
NEVER ever prepare baby food or pet meals in a microwave oven! Modern inductive cooking plates also do harm with strong electro-magnetic waves. And what do they use in clinics, nurseries, rest homes?
I agree. The price we pay for Convenience in this Throw-Away World is Sickness. They could have made all these things Safe, but the Agenda is Death. *NM*
Morgan Stanley Defaulted on a Loan & Walked away from Offices in Tokyo!! Gave the keys back! Biggest Default in Japan's History 3.3 Billion! *LINK*
If You Think You Need Some Lovin' ~ Pomplamoose
Government shutdown - David Wilcock Apr 8 *LINK*
A Third Dr. Paul In Congress?: Dr. Robert Paul Considers Senate Run To Join Brother, Father *LINK*
Richard Hoagland Returns - Discusses the Secret Space Program C2C with George Noory 6 parts ~ I think this interview will get your interest ~ Richard is hoping governor Jesse goes after this one! *LINK*
That's Right, Jerry! It Is Deliberate! It Is Obvious to few........ sadly! *LINK*
A Golden Tipping Point: University of Texas Takes Delivery Of $1 Billion In Physical Gold *LINK*
The Next Gaza War Will Be a Coordinated Attack
Satellite Photographs 'Black Hole' on Earth *LINK*
The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - April 15, 2011
Fukushima Exposure Levels Going Up Everywhere *LINK*
Ron Paul’s son Robert considering a congressional run (YEAH) *LINK*
Hmmm...a New Political DYNASTY in the making? I wonder if that's Good or Bad... *NM*
Google Video is removing all uploaded video content on April 29th! ~ Download while you can! *LINK*
US meat and poultry widely contaminated with bacteria including superbugs *LINK*
Cussin' In Church... :O *PIC*
He is on a destructive campaign. Doesn't answer the question, nor does he apologize...Harper 'tossed me under a bus': Guergis *LINK*
Hmmm...seems Canadian politics can be as bad as American...except here, the President tosses everyone under a bus...
NEWS YOU CAN USE: Radiation Danger Not Reported by Dr. Christopher Rudy on April 15, 2011
Cenk Uygur, Matt Taibbi, Why isn't Wall Street in jail? *LINK* *PIC*
Village of the Water Mills - "Breathtaking" *LINK* *PIC*
I loved this! There should be more treasures like this on this planet. *NM*
*ALERT* Japan Is Sinking! *ALERT* JAPAN - A runaway train - EVACUATE NOW JAPAN *LINK* *PIC*
Prophetic - or "meme engineering"? The Sinking Of Japan Trailer *LINK* *PIC*
Since MONEY is always the bottom line & the U.S. is controlled by the NWO...
Interesting notion! *NM*
"I do not want this kind of LOVE"
PROPHECY: In 1954 who would have believed what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico? *LINK*
Will Big Oil Trigger the New Madrid Megaquake? *LINK*
China Blocks Coastal Waters, Enlarges Military *PIC*
Jerome Corsi: OBAMA has a DEAD PERSON'S Social Security Number *LINK*
Obama's Hidden Past *LINK*
SECRET ARCANA: Origins & Techniques of Monarch Mind Control *PIC*
Dutchsinse: (4/14/2011) -- EVERY 'HAARP RING' from 2 days ago now HIT by tornados / very severe weather *VID*
The dots connect
Prophetic Pillars on St. John the Divine Cathedral? -- ESPECIALLY about 9/11 :O
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 14, 2011
US Homeland Security Requirements Imposed on Canada: U.S. Dictating North American Air Travel Security *LINK*
Canadian Officials ‘Secretive’ on North American perimeter security agreement *LINK*
The Danger of a Reform-Conservative Majority Government in Canada. ~ (Quote from article: "Harper has Turned Canada into a Client State of the USA") *LINK*
The U.S. & CANADA are so closely Intertwined & Controlled by the Same People in Europe. Our Nuclear Power History Goes Way Back...
Darlington Nuclear Hearings Shut Down by Protesters .... Sometimes Silence is Golden .. *LINK*
Penis Dementia & Boobs'n Ass Glorification rampant nowadays? The essence of juicy civilisation? Men defining themselves via penis size need indeed only basic brain functions. Reptilian, that is! :D *PIC*
Palestine is Genocide *LINK*
"Psychopaths Unite For Israel" Do they? Yes, they do, obviously! :O *PIC*
Yeah, I know...Hitler & the Nazis were GOOD...and YOU should know... :O *NM*
at second look: What a sneaky headline! *NM*
Anything TRUE is Sneaky to YOU... :D *NM*
REPORTS: Texas Ports Might Be Turned Over To The Chinese? *PIC*
US-Gov Using ‘National Security’ To Cover Up Lies Fraud & Deceptions! – Ron Paul Jan 26 2011 *vid *LINK*
Sen. Levin Grills Goldman Sachs Exec On "Sh*tty Deal" E-mail *vid *LINK*
Fixing BROKEN Japan Nuclear Radiation Monitors In 37 US Cities “NOT A PRIORITY” For Feds *LINK*
EPA Only Monitoring For Iodine Not Cesium In Dinking Water And Refusing To Answer Why Monitors Are Offline
UPDATED REPORT on Transfers of Funds: Jew, Arab & Gentile Leaders All Have Same Criminal Mentality *LINK*
Kimberley Big Hole *PIC*
Glory Hole *PIC*
Great Blue Hole *PIC*
Sinkhole *PIC*
Wholy Shatner! Such a looooong conclusion to re-drop just another heap kind of 'Hagee Sheet'? :D
I can't put more than ONE Picture in a Post without the Pictures doing a DISAPPEARING Act -- REMEMBER...Jack-O??? ;) *NM* *PIC*
[KR138] Keiser Report – For a Few Billion Dollars More -->> BEST MAX YET --- ALWAYS RIGHT ON --- AN ORIGINAL MODERN DAY HERO!! *LINK*
Bretton Woods 2.0 - Soros New World Order Conference *LINK*
Penney Peirce-Coast to Coast C2C Interview-A 1 of 12.mp4 *LINK*
2.3 Trillion Dollars 10 years later is Still Missing Where is the money *LINK*
Zionists Dominate The White House and Capitol Hill *LINK*
Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered, Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populous Like Roaches? *LINK*
WHO exactly!! My thoughts...
an interview with Bill Veale - the attorney for April Gallop, who is suing Cheney, Meyers, and Rumsfeld *NM* *LINK*
Extraordinary Conflict of Interest: Bush Cousin Is Judge in Explosive 9/11 Case against Bush Officials *LINK*
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 13, 2011
Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 11, 2011
US has Become a Fascist State - Jesse Ventura *LINK*
The U.S. Losing an Ally in Pakistan (as we speek) *LINK*
I think we lost Pakistan to CHINA...
Role Reversal: Is Europe About to Move Below Africa as Direction of Tectonic Plates Shifts? *LINK*
The Longinus Lance ("Spear of Destiny") That Pierced the Side of Christ Discovered *LINK*
Scientists Puzzled by Giant Whirlpools That Have Appeared in the Atlantic Ocean *LINK*
‘Muslims are Taught to Hate America’: 9/11 Senate Hearing Descends Into Shouting Match After Former Muslim Activist Testifies *PIC*
Ahmed the Terrorist *LINK*
We Have Until July at Latest Even a Caveman Can See It COLLAPSENET *LINK*
Hidden thinsg rather than the obvious post for moon shadow :) *LINK*
Do you have a Specific Question? My post was a Reply to something you posted to me about revealing 'behind-the-scenes' secrets. For me there is no 'behind-the-scenes.' *NM*
Reports From CANADA: Mysterious Underground Rumblings in Ontario... *LINK*
UN Resolution Looks to Give "Mother Earth" Same Rights as Humans -- Get ready to DIE for Yo Mama... :O *PIC*
Ground is Swaying in Japan -- Liquefaction -- About to Go Under?! *VIDS*
The Real Housewives of Wall Street -- This is what welfare for the rich looks like... :D *PIC*
FBI Raids Chuck E. Cheese For “Undermining U.S. Currency” :D
exe. utter a word in utterance of the either utter. *NM*
Americans should be careful of all that 'MONOPOLY' money floatin' around...5 could getcha 10 for possessing a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card & Forget collecting $200 for Passin' GO... & No 'Free Parkin' *NM*
CHINA -- The REAL Target of the 'Uprisings' in the Middle East (& Africa)?
The OBAMA -- America's Chosen One -- has Chosen to "Pass Over" ISRAEL -- but That's OK 'cause there's always -- CHINA... :O *PIC*
-edit- T.C. - Treading on Sacred Grounds
well I enjoyed that *NM*
Links to Part TWO through SIX *PIC*
Dark Futures: Why TRON Won’t Save Us. *LINK* *PIC*
Wisdom... from Achmed... :D
Funny Chant *NM*
Thats a keeper for the CMP...:) Po! thank you they love this kind of stuffRe: Wisdom... from Achmed... :D *NM*
Story Board Unfolds 4-2-11 ~ 4-13-11 T.C.
The youtube said band in some countries, they froze me on my son and I, removing the spider? Movment in the Gold Box wowa *NM*
I removed the words to most of the explination due to intense message, now I know why
Screw? yes Lets....

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