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Only in CANADA!! :D 13 Black Bears Caught Guarding a Pot Field!! :D *VID*
Congress as Terrorists *PIC*
Israel Won't Withstand War in Wake of Strike on Iran, Ex-Mossad Chief Says *PIC*
A Big Hmmmmmmmm..."Hurricane Erin"...How come?...What Happened? just thinking this is real strange.....Anyone remember hurricane Erin off New York on 9/11/2001?
Unhooking – A key to Changing Timelines for Ascension.( Thank you X. Hermes always great articles)
Michael Persinger on No More Secrets (fascinating info in this video)
PLANET XEGESIS -- The Appearance of the "Sons of God" -- Planetary Conjunctions Immediately Preceding the Reappearance of Planet X -- the Sign of the Son of Man & the End of the Age *PIC*
Clif High's Web Bots *LINK*
The Ticket - as written by BBS Radio May 24th *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
The Ticket - as now written by MAIN STREAM MEDIA *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
REPORT: Greece -- Raped by Rome & Germany... Who's Next?
guinea pigs are so cute.... and you are too.... can I call you?
20 cell phones with highest radiation levels (photos) *NM* *LINK*
Sure! Just don't call me on a cell phone. (I am sure there will be a frgn study done on people receiving a call from a caller on a cell ? No? Like second hand smoke.) *LINK*
A Monumentally Foolish Comment from Mike of WRH *LINK* *PIC*
I wonder what Rand Paul's position is on the Government violently overthrowing We The People...? *NM*
I bet he's for a STRONG DEFENSE and is swimming with sharks (one must be careful not to piss of too many too fast... if you get my meaning)
Acquiescence essentially means that both parties are in agreement *LINK*
We're ALL swimming with Sharks & we've already Compromised everything away -- all the way down the line. Just because a Shark smiles at you doesn't mean he's your Friend. And as for Violence...
Scientists: Alien Genes in Human DNA & Extraterrestrial Abilities to Modify DNA (well that explains alot) *LINK*
Senators Want To Put People In Jail For Embedding YouTube Videos
20 cell phones with highest radiation levels (photos & link)
I'll Second That! *NM* *LINK*
Irish Hitchhiker in Canada - fun story *LINK*
Could this be...CROP CIRCLE PROPHECY HAPPENING NOW? June 2, 2011(link & pics) Quite interesting indeed!
Anybody 'For Sale' here or 'In The Know'? :D *PIC*
Republican Sex Offenders. (What a bunch of EVIL SICK Creatures!!) link
Scientist: Universal law supports collapse of economy in 2011, ascension in 2012 ~ Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction ~ Free Downloads at link *LINK*
I say, Why Not?! *NM*
aah, you really mean CLOSET door, not CLOSED door, or is the pun intended? :D Anyway, closet doors are closed, usually, so what's the question here? :( ah ya the structure
Monsanto gets schooled by 11 year-old boy! We are not fooled by you! (video)
What a Sweetheart! :) AND a PERFECT Example of Why TPTB can't stand Homeschooling. *NM*
Does Hemp Oil Cure Cancer and a Myriad of Other Things?Rick Simpson Aamanna, know it is TRUE!!!(Please read & see videos)
I most humbly apoliguise for the above post I just posted & signed my name as "Cosmic Awareness" I did not know I had done that until it was already posted. In all that I have gone through...
Forgiven & Forgotten! ;) Be Glad you don't use the name 'Moonshadow'... :D
Bless you! Thank you so much for your kind & understanding heart. *NM*
Great to make it go viral again! We have put this on TNT many times now ....
Right on Drummy we have to keep the info on this going so many can be informed & regarding Rick Simpson....
The Problem is...
Thank you for all you have done for others with you kind & compassionate heart...Bless you! Yes it is very sad...
ABC News: Tornadoes caused by Military(link & video)
The Internet is Forcing the MSM to Address the Truth on Issues. In their 'Debunking' attempts, they themselves are Informing & Educating the Sheeple, but there is a Danger...
War on Cameras in USA, Map ( Link )
TSA Sexually Assaults My Mother...(video)
To be honest, she had it come again.......
State of Emergency Declared ! At Least 4 Are Killed in Massachusetts 2 Tornadoes (Video )
REPORT: Make Shift Prison Cells in Texas *LINK*
The Canadian Dollar Will Not Survive a US Dollar Collapse: The Reasons Why... *PIC*
DICTATED from beyond
Twins! Distant Galaxy Looks Like Our Own Milky Way
8 Dogs die on Dog path in UK & 300 Sheep die in less than an hour in Suadia..(Links)
If THIS is True, I sure wouldn't want to be in OBAMA'S shoes... :O *PIC*
NEWSLETTER #105 FROM RUTH AND THE MASTERS OF LIGHT (Hold on to your hats the masters say the month of June is going to be a ride)
Where Earth people go when lost in "The Bermuda Triangle"( this is quite a story)....
Russia Sells 21 Helicopters to U.S. Forces in Afghanistan
Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
The Bermuda Triangle and parallel universe part triggered a memory( very cool photos & link)
Arrogant L.A. County deputy D.A. violating creative house w/ zoning tells man to tear down his house or serve 7 years in jail (photo,Link)
Warning for New Madrid fault line, earthquake imminent?
Looks like the dates are a little off, but the pitting of CANADIAN TROOPS against Americans is So DIABOLICAL & I wonder if the CANADIANS have been told the TRUTH... our own troops are lied to... *NM*
Crazy world we live in....who or what to believe? We just don't really know anymore, IMHO...My major question ...Does anyone know where the doors is that I can get off this most uncomfortable planet? *NM*
Maybe that's part of what Disclosure is all about, but I'd rather take my chances here on planet Earth... some choice... :( *NM*
Scientist: Universal law supports collapse of economy in 2011, ascension in 2012
Adam Kokesh First Interview After Arrest For Dancing at Jefferson Memorial *LINK*
Just saw this article on David Wilcock site saying official disclosure is in the process of happening *LINK*
Disclosure, *NM* *LINK*
Tomorrows Yesterday *LINK* *PIC*
REPORT: A Glimpse into Col. Corso’s Never Released Original Notes... *PIC*
Thank you for posting!! Re: REPORT: A Glimpse into Col. Corso’s Never Released Original Notes...
You're Welcome! :) I only hope his report wasn't tampered with in any way. I think Col. Corso was a good man. *NM*
Fulford's quote sums up his "position", imho. *LINK*
CDC admits flu vaccines don’t work (which is why you need a new one every year)
REPORT: Catholic Bishops Facilitate Illegal Immigration & Take Millions from the U.S. Government Every Year to Fund Their Operations *PIC*
Dr. Calleman's Interview: The ninth wave May 29, 2011
Gordon's radio interview about the Zetas ( Not sure about the pole shift , but...Gordan James does have some interesting info from the Zetas....
Samantha Bachman interviews Don Tolman on health Diet and disease prevention( videos 1 thru 8)
THE OBAMA FILE: His Favorite Terrorist Moll Declares America to be a Terrorist State and Hopes for Its Destruction from Within *PIC*
The O man always smiling...reminds me of this song at link.I tried to warn many on this board about a vision I had about Obama before election day...I was attacked as if I was the liar & enemy...
I know what you mean & I think the Big "O" is gonna take us all the way down. :O *NM*
Suck On and Provert
Watch this movie (or don't) - LIFT THE VAIL - V. Powerful! FREE TO WATCH!! *LINK*
End of America - Ready or Not - Urban Danger *LINK* *PIC*
Com-Passion :) *PIC*
Egyptian activists 'to form Nazi party', newspaper reports * link & video*
ADAM KOKESH (ran for office) now an RT Presenter: CHOCKED by Police for Dancing! That's Correct! *LINK*
Super Typhoon Songda Projected To Pass Over Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant *LINK*
Another Fracking Oil Boom in Texas *LINK*
AGENDA 21 ALERT: PUBLIC- PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS (PPP) ('Public' & 'Private' are NOT what you think!) *VIDS*
Herschel, the Magnificent Jew :D *LINK*
Sigh, yet another PENIZ BRAGGER gone NUTS! LOL! Ascension from wal-nuts to cocos-nuts. So nutsy! *PIC*
Yeah... and I Notice WHO takes a whiff & scurries out to Nibble the NUTZ & CHEEZE... :D *PIC*
CheeZuS HELP! Demoon be gone! :D
Obama's AUTOPEN 'Signing' of Patriot Act Extension (like the 'signing' of The FEDERAL RESERVE ACT maybe -- just Tricks of the Trade?) *PIC*
If a machine can sign for the President, could Sasha, too? Why Not --- Whatever they want... *PIC*
Here's a lady having a hard time breaking her habit. Crackdown at Rome's Playboy Mansion-style monastery. Lapdancing nuns, 'lifestyle irregularities' uncovered *NM* *LINK*
The REAL 'Holy Grails'? :D *NM*
[ECETI News] Nice Crop Circle Film
Lab-grown meat could be coming to a fast-food chain near you *LINK*
Inelia Benz: Ascension and DNA – Can we accelerate the process? (And Sungazing) also...Scientists reverse stance on sun and cancer: Now they admit sunlight can prevent skin cancer
SO...This is what AMERICA has become! (A must see videos)!!! No more FREEDOM here people...check this out
Are you seeking Answers? Are you Lost? I can offer this advise....... *LINK*
GLOBAL Insurrection and Riots coming soon... viva la revolucion
More from Barracuda *LINK*
Economics and Philosophy (mentally High Coo - The idea of economic Force and its immoral use) - great videos (2 parts)
Nuclear Expert: EPA Abandoning Radiation Monitoring To Ensure There Are No Measurements Above Levels Of Concern *LINK*
Feds Abandon Extra Radiation Monitoring of Milk, Water *LINK*
The Psychic Masters Retreat *LINK*
Gerald Celente: Global Revolution By Winter *LINK*
Why SILVER May Be Banned and/or Confiscated in the U.S. (Audio Interview) *LINK*
Students to be Forced into the Military to Repay Debts... The Door is About to Shut for Americans
Mystery Science: More Details on the Strange Organism That Could Destroy Monsanto *LINK*
Correct link to the video that does not work in the article above *NM* *LINK*
[apfn-1] Japanese Government Pays 60 Trillion Yen to Stop More H.A.A.R.P. Attacks *LINK*
GEOgram - HAARP Turned Up At New Madrid Fault Line
Jeanette Jordan Interviewed on Mary Tocco's Radio Show about "Toxic Vaccines"
$13 Colloidal Silver Generator photo & web link to order *PIC*
Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Generator: 2 Low Cost Designs *LINK*
Michael J. Murphy's new Chemtrail/Geoengineering Video: Hawaii Revisited. A Closer Look One Year after the Filming of “What in the World are They Spraying? *LINK*
Many Texans Want The Lt. Governor Ran Out of the Lone Star State on a Rail Advocating The TSA groping in Texas *LINK*
War is a racket! updated .Warning to the sensitive: X-rated Language in video
Wars & Crusades... Our Forefathers Knew Us Only Too Well...
NEW BOOK: The Red Cross & the Vatican 'helped thousands of Nazis escape' *PIC*
USA Patriot Act: Our 'New' Constitution... From Forefathers to Godfathers?... *VID* *PIC*
Unfortunately CO I don't think most military leaders have it in their consciousness ... They have been so brainwashed
Hi Drummy:) are so right...I totally agree with you. Good to hear from you:)...miss you alot! Peace & Love to you & Shakie....NM *NM*
REPORT: 'U.S. Army May Be Liable for Princess Diana's Death' *PIC*
After the crash: the pauperisation of middle-class America (a good read) *NM* *LINK*
10 Indications The United States Is A Dictatorship (nice summary of the 'way tis') *LINK*
Gerald Celente on the Gary Null Show 16 May 2011 *LINK* *PIC*
Britain Proposes Return to Pre-1845 Borders as Solution to U.S.-Mexico Border Issue :O *LINK*
Can Someone help me? I am unable to upload (post) a picture on neither Firefox nor IE. This has been since the upgrade on the bbs network. The iManager will not budge. *NM*
I tried several browsers with iManager, same result: "deprecated function ereg () ..." disable javascript, do it the old quick way in the editor window with hotlink or optional image upload, it works!
Ok ...But ....
hotlinking = 'embedding of files' on servers open to public, e.g. Youtube or flickr or photobucket
Thank you so much! *NM*
Millions Againt Mon'satan' ~ Take Action! *NM* *LINK*
Student Loan Scams *LINK*
Indian in the machine - Spirit drumming with a bird ~ Chemtrails be gone. *LINK*
Re: 2011: Year of Illumination
Thank YOU for the reminder. It was worth watching again. *NM*
I enjoy walking back in time. *PIC*
Reid Preempts Paul, Slips Patriot Act into Small Business Bill *LINK*
We Can Be Arrested & Tried For Breaking Laws We Don't Know Exist... SEN. WYDEN DECRIES "SECRET LAW" ON PATRIOT ACT *LINK*
There’s a SECRET Patriot Act, Senator Says *LINK*
Obama: We're working on gun control 'under the radar' *LINK*
...and look who else wants to eliminate all firearms from citizens... :O
"THE LAST NAIL" -- Rep. Ron Paul's Floor Speech on May 25, 2011 (VIDEO + Transcript)
Lucia René: Unplugging the Patriarchy - a Project Avalon Interview *LINK* *PIC*
Seeing-eye... sheep? The blind horse that acquired an entourage of barnyard animals to help guide its way
quote "There's a magic involved in sheep, goats and a horse becoming best friends, she said. When you watch them, you have to wonder, why can't people do that?" - Because they're ill-conditioned?
Shut the Door, Turn off the Phone, and Watch This Video *LINK*
Thanks for your post.
Ex-NASDAQ Official Pleads Guilty To Making $600K On Insider Trading *LINK*
ECETI News] The Real Truth About Mexico
something to inspire and appreciate. Link is a 13 minute film highlighting the abstract child painter, Aelita Andre, at work in her studio.
Dr. Michio Kaku on "Physics of the Future: How Science Will Change Daily Life by 2100" *LINK*
How it feels to have a stroke *LINK* *PIC*
Did you know... Congress INSIDES TRADES - and can vote on legislation that affects their stock portfolio? *LINK*
China used prisoners in lucrative internet gaming work *LINK* *PIC*
Hidden story behind Jesse Ventura & Piers Morgan’s CNN clash over Obama CIA ties also Interview with Peter Kling :Obama has a Biblical destiny, although the destiny may ultimately not be a favorable
Obama: We’re working on gun control “under the radar” *link *
Map Of Revolution Camp Sites Set Up Around The World & Videos. MSM not showing this to you!!!
ZERO HEDGE: IAEA Knew Within Weeks of Japanese Earthquake that Reactors Had Melted Down... Public Not Told for a Month and a Half *LINK*
Turkey Ditches Assad, Calls Off Participation in Gaza Flotilla
REPORT: Hitler Preferred to Negotiate on the Jews -- for a Price, but Others had More Devious Plans in Mind... *PIC*
Thank you MasterButterfly for sharing with me not to take anything on here literally, omgosh *NM*
You're Welcome... glad it provoked a thought... :D *NM*
giggles, such a hound.
Re: You're Welcome... glad it provoked a thought... :D *NM* *LINK*
wonder what will twist out of this... *LINK*
Facebook CIA Project: The Onion News Network
Above all: Beauty counts in words, pictures and sounds :)
President Obama Awkwardly Flubs Toast To The Queen. * video *
How Israel keeps the show going in a surprisingly frank admission from an.....
Major Rudy on Democracy and on Israel
Breakdown of Netanyahu's Appearance in US Congress
Nothing stops bankers from ripping off population again – journalist (MATT TAIBBI for Modern Day Hero) *LINK*
On the verge of disclosure, Sheldon Nidle
David Icke : Part 1 thru 4 - The lion sleeps no more
A massive UFO Fleet can be seen above Earth on this NASA Space Shuttle Feed. * VIDEO*
Dr. Wayne Dyer. "There’s a voice in the universe calling each of us to remember our purpose"
Is Surveillance all that bad? When it creates SMALLER government?
What's in your flouride? *NM*
role that the US, NATO and the EU played in the tragic breakup of a once peaceful and prosperous European state - Yugoslavia (GREAT DOCUM) *LINK*
They do same destruction to Libya, then Syria and finally Iran.
Interesting Indeed! DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show *LINK*
[ECETI News] Chemtrails....(Call your repsentives & DEMAND an Investigation...Our lives are being Destroyed by these CRIMINALS! Cos)
Dresser After Dark - 6 Great guest in two great hours of talk radio - starting 4:00 pm Pacific 5 days a week! *LINK* *PIC*
[ECETI News] Chemtrail Base, Evergreen aka Air America
Vatic Project : China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates * videos *
SAC Capital Advisors, with plans to examine any suspicious trading by the hedge-fund giant in the options market. (FINALLY) *NM* *LINK*
Crude ‘manipulated’ in scheme, CFTC says Parnon, Arcadia cornered Cushing pipeline hub, regulator alleges *LINK*
Alan Greenspan Admits To Big Ponzi Scheme *LINK*
Colonel Billie Faye Woodard of The US Air Force: "Traveler to the Inner Earth"
Robots are developing their own language to help them navigate and improve their intellectual ability. *LINK* *PIC*
"UFOs and Cosmic Dimensions" 3 Part Documentary
The Fall of Ron Paul and the March of the Psychopaths. Dog Poet Transmitting...
VERY OBSERVANT! - Also: If Ron would behave like JFK he'd be publicly terminated to discipline the Upper Sheeple, on the other hand, his son Rand acts as staunch Zionist Israel Firster. How come? *NM*
Re: VERY OBSERVANT! - Also: If Ron would behave like JFK he'd be publicly terminated to discipline the Upper Sheeple, on the other hand, his son Rand acts as staunch Zionist Israel Firster. How come?
Thanks C.O. for 'Just Another Day On Earth' which is one of my all time favorites. Very fitting, especially for my day today. ;)
"A Plane Trail of Deadly Deception"
GM Sponsors & Celebrates Soon to be Released Chi-Com Propaganda Film *LINK*
"Both Parties & The White House Are Advocating A U.S. Default": David Stockman (Article + VIDEO) *LINK*
Fukushima Latest News - Reactors 2 & 3 Meltdown Confirmed - Hide or Run - 05-24-2011
OBAMA Takin' Us Back... to EGYPT!! :D *PIC*
U may go with Ackbar Aboma & ride Egyptian Desert Donkey, I'll stay here, period! :D *NM* *PIC*
Obama Signs Israel's Death Warrant ~ The American Pharaoh Arises... (What... No Celebrations???) :D *PIC*
Open Vision Middle East ~ Pastor Joh W. Matutis *LINK*
Police: 3 Explosions Rock Pakistani Air Base *LINK*
US, Pakistan Near Open War; Chinese Ultimatum Warns Washington Against Attack *LINK*
The Rain Game
73,846 U.S. Soldiers Dead from Both Gulf Wars, How They Manipulated the Numbers to Fool You *LINK*
The American people should be outraged on the dual-citizens who lied and screamed to have another War for Israel which started the carnage by bombing the Osirak reactor in 1981. Ha!
Looks like you got lost somewhere on the 'information-highway'... but I'm sure your fine Germanic mind will point you in the right direction... :D *NM* *PIC*
So U display 'CPS Circumcised Penis Salute' 2 me? Or is it u'r oversized klit? Okay Babe, it's springtime, u're craving 4 kicks. U c peniZZes everywhere. But no need to share! Silly sally! :D *PIC*
Your 'porny' sense of humor makes about as much sense as the pseudo-intellectual tripe you dish out... must be quite a challenge -- competing with your 'OtherHalf'... :D *NM* *PIC*
Tripe or Diatribe, so what! You reap what you seed! Try to impede your heat, your lust for dickhead piggy porn to express your endless allusive gender scorn. "Jesus help, demon be gone!" :D *PIC*
The Killers. Human. Looking for the Answer? Are we human or are we dancer? LOL! Grin and bear it! :D *PIC*
Netanyahu Urges U.S. Return to 1845 Borders :O *PIC*
and therefore self-consumed supreme role model Netanyahoo should give a good example for the USA and move out of murder-robbed Palestine land FIRST! That would be a great supreme gesture, not? *NM*
DIVINE & RULE running zio-trick, put the west and east side of the atlantic, mainly people of european ancestry against one another. Usual Scam. Old charades in new clothes. Same people same methods. *NM*
Israeli Economists Agree with Rand Paul: End Foreign Aid ~ Ron Paul Should be the Zionist Choice for U.S. President
"anti-semitism, it's a trick, we always use it" [for blackmail and defamation] quote from a jewish Youtube clip, remember?
Your German Douche Bank didn't mind taking Big U.S. Dollar Bailout... Remember?? How's THAT for Foreign Aid?? :D *NM* *PIC*
1. Deutsche Bank not MY bank 2. DB zio-jewish right from start in 1870 3. CEO Ackermann is zio-jewish swiss 4. Heli deck on DB tower shows Israel logo 3. The PIC you show is a total dilettanti FAKE :D
Well... No Shat Sherlock -- the PIC is a Fake!! :D *PIC*
So you finally admit being a judas goat only caring for yourself and the Synagogue of Satan? No critics & no objection allowed as with your self-chosen dictatorial YHWH masters?
Bail-Out? From what? With US Fake Figures created out of thin air by private zio-jewish FED? Who do you think really pays the immense costs for US Army in Germany and for the Synagogues of Satan? :O
Bailout from Bankruptcy & ALL of it by the same Ghouls who financed the RATLINES... :O *PIC*
Language IS magic, especially English language. Words resonate with other words, move feelings, evoke pictures. Are you fully aware of yourself? Do you COMMUNICATE consciously? What do you share? *NM*
4 Admin: have just read the updated LINKS page and stumbled upon a miraculous 'i-shift' and a missing 's' ... and more - please read further ;)
Much Appreciated! Hey, that's awesome! *NM*
Interesting Top Stories at Before It's News *LINK*
Re: Interesting Top Stories at Before It's News *LINK*
British Royalty 'Ate Human Flesh' (But Don't Worry It Was 300 Years Ago)... right :D
8.4 Magnitude Libya Confirmed -- Official Cover Up! *VID*
Yellowstone National Park Is Moving (Article + VIDEO)
THIS WILL NOT SHOCK YOU....but it should! Chart shows IMF top 20 'donors' *LINK*
3 Massive Texas Drinking Water Radiation Cover-Up Exposed: Top Gov Officials Knew All Along And Kept Silent *LINK*
Texas politicians knew agency hid the amount of radiation in drinking water *LINK*
Land Of Confusion - The Mental Ghetto You Live In?
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert: Cocaine Economy *LINK* *PIC*
DU, The Public Deception...* audio*
Rapture on May 21: Elenin and Nibiru Connection? *LINK* *PIC*
Always Getting Ripped Off : Middle Aged Junkie Bitches pt 10 *LINK* *PIC*
Earth Changes 9: Lifting the Veil and the Potential of 2012 -with Sharron Rose *LINK* *PIC*
quote "one final proof that these so called “aliens” are in fact demons that are hell bent on destroying humanity – and that is the fact that they flee at the name of Jesus" - ROFLMAO :D *PIC*
Go play with yourself... maybe that would be more productive... :D *PIC*
Jesus help! Demon be gone! :D *PIC*

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