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SPOOKY! Alex Jones, DMT and the Clockwork Elves *LINK* *PIC*
TSA Now Running Internal Checkpoints Across USA *LINK* *PIC*
[ECETI News] If This Was Direct We Be Toast
David Icke : Awakening The World ... Every Heart Makes A Difference
After my facebook post nearly similar to this post I took a nap *PIC*
amazing *LINK* *PIC*
Control freaks, sadists and thugs The CIA/Academic mind control program(vid)
What Seprated us from Simple Oneness... Zero points of sepration mp3
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction...video
Strong Enough...vid
STRANGE!? CANADIAN EARTHQUAKE Measures a NEGATIVE Magnitude, yet the MAPS indicate it was HUGE!! *PIC*
Quite possibly the most informative documentary you will ever see! (NWO, banks, ancient Egypt, Jesus, etc.) 5 hours
Free Planet - Militaristically Incentivised to Overthrow....link
Mysterious non-existent train on July 7th.....link
What Are We Capable Of? Message from Anonymous. The Plan.....(Video)
David Icke – Demonic Possessed Reptilian Rulers …video
Farmageddon (Video )
Russia Overrun with Locusts 7/6/11 ~ *LINK*
Poisoning Canada's water - incredible response!
BTW what are YOU 'studying' all day long? And where? For what end? - Maybe GOD Channel with the 'Hagee Crowd' re-interpreting books and papers? :D Or is it Joyce Meyer on TBN? :O *NM*
(sorry, posted in the wrong place but what does it matter?) SHE knows it anyway! :) So I'll leave it here. :D *NM*
I turned my Days to sleep, and my Nights to Work, Study? been there done that, this moment in time...
Re: I turned my Days to sleep, and my Nights to Work, Study? been there done that, this moment in time...
Putin: Who Gave NATO the Right to Kill Gaddafi? (Why doesn't Putin ask Someone in the Inner Sanctum of NATO's War College in ROME, ITALY...? :O)
A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway? (Part 3)... AND a Connection to 9/11? (From Richard C. Hoagland's 'The Enterprise Mission') *LINK*
Is Rupert Murdoch in trouble because he's the ONLY DECENT MEDIA MOGUL? *LINK* *PIC*
yesterday evening I saw George Galloway (his last name says it?) ranting badly on Rupert Murdoch, taking phone calls from viewers.
Well .... I happen to like George Galloway, however, his radio show really sucks a big lemon!
didn't know about the ban but then, as you say, 'there must be something about him he has to say' - so let's pick out the raisins and leave the swill.
THIS Year -- 2011 -- Something HORRENDOUS is Coming -- New Madrid, The Markets & The True Plans of the Elite -- Report from Dex/The Vulcan -- BLACK OPS TRADING... *AUDIO* *LINK*
This is big. Viniar is busted for lying and the truth is finally out. *LINK*
Linda Moulton Howe's Dreamland Festival Report "Drones" (Check this Cool show out...)
Armed Americans Confront Police Checkpoint in California July 5, 2011 (video)
Billion-Pixel Camera Set to Snap Milky Way Shots *PIC*
Typing Beats Scribbling: Indiana Schools Can Stop Teaching Cursive *PIC*
Chemtrails and Monsanto’s New Aluminum Resistance Gene – Coincidence? (videos)
Fiat's Fire: British Columbia Canada Sees 38% Spike in Infant Mortality??? What the heck?!... and THAT'S NOT ALL! *PIC*
Alfred Webre - Free Your Mind Conference 2011
UFOs CAUGHT ON LIVE TV! July 5, 2011(video)
Now this is really freaky if true..."SUN DIVES DOWN NORTH ,& TURNS RIGHT AROUND & HEADS SOUTH" video
Does the New ‘White House Rural Council’ = the UN’s Agenda 21? *LINK*
Astonishing! NASA Caught Once Again Messing Around With Pictures From the Moon -- Plus Evidence of War in Our Solar System -- What Are They Hiding? *LINK*
Russia to Deploy Thousands of Troops to the Arctic to Protect Russia's Interests in the Disputed Gas & Oil-Rich Zone *LINK*
Iran Ready to Close Strait of Hormuz: General *LINK*
Tom Tancredo (former U.S. Rep.): Illegals Bussed into the U.S. Under Mexican Govt. Direction (NAFTA) + Lots More Info! (Audio Tape)
back talk the word ANQUANASH' *LINK*
Washington OK's Israeli Attack on "Unarmed" U.S. Flotilla of Fools to Gaza... LOL!! Déja Vu -- all over again! (surprise-surprise)... only THIS time, Obama UPPED the Ante... *PIC*
Crop Circle July 6, 2011..Triquetra crop Circle
Entering The Second-Half Of The Ninth Wave
Is Elenin Intelligently Controlled? *LINK* *PIC*
Lighten Up with The King Yodel :D
Re: Lighten Up with The King Yodel :D
Funny! LOL! Like it. Learnt something new from you. Thanks. :) *NM*
Ranchers using Agent Orange to deforest the Amazon. (I cannot believe the Careless, Heartless, EVIL Irresponsible actions of humans!)
Which is it? Good or Not so good?
Hi Melissa :) WELCOME!....IMHO my Dear... I do not believe any of us really know the real truth as yet, just bits & pieces. There are many out there giving us all kinds of info regarding this, But....
very well said! :) ;) *NM*
Hi Jack :) I try in my feeble little way :)....
Re: Hi Jack :) I try in my feeble little way :).... *NM*
Re: Thank You Cosmic Observer! I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me... *NM*
Today I can say to you in good conscience. It's all a waste of time.
Hey, come on, "unique creative thoughts" ... just let it out, I'm listening ... errr ... reading that is, keep in touch with YOUR creative thoughts (very appreciated), come on! :D *NM*
Seriously ? Well eh I am just contemplating how to get around the Peak Toilet Paper crisis :D *NM*
It's easy. Try the 'arab solution', left hand vs right hand, you know. No paper, no water: Left pad for handling lower end affairs, right is for mouth-works only. Avoid confusing left and right. :D *NM*
Hi Melissa! Are you 'officinalis' sorts of? :D I have lots of 'Melissa Officinalis' in my garden, use it for tea time or for fruit salad. Very aromatic. ~ Melissa loves to grow where the sun shines. *PIC*
Very cool video & I love lemon balm....I also have a small herb garden...basil, thyme, taragon, milk thistle, apple mint, sweet mint, lemon grass, stevia:)....
thanks but sorry, your photos don't show up here. I will post some of mine in return ... tomorrow. ;)
Sorry Jack...here I hope it works this time, if not I'll try again:)...pics
Oil in the Alabama Back Bays - BP Corexit and Oil Spill Woes ( This lady tells it like it is...keeping it real:)...Video )
A Nation of Imbeciles? *PIC*
Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation . July 5 2011
Salusa July 6, 2011
July 5, 2011 – White Hats Report #22 (Lots of updated info here at link)
Living In The NOW, Our journey HOME...George Kavassilas. GREAT SHOW!
I love this man! Missed the call so thanks a million for the archive link. *NM*
Hi Drummy...I thought you would enjoy this show :)...you are so welcome....pic just for you :)
I can't believe your post of George has not received more hits.... hmmmm *NM*
There were lots of people on the conferance call last night. They said 150 I think by phone line & alot on the blog talk radio. Maybe people think that George is a shapeshifting Reptilian....
Filer's Files #25 2011 - Dead Sea Scrolls, Stonehenge (this particular report is amazing... a must read) *LINK* *PIC*
20 years for HACKING in US *LINK*
zs broadcasting now station 2 *LINK*
all cameras at this time stop working, but one, HAVE SOME MSIC SUBLIM's its EVIDENT 2-6-11 east coast
what is a MSIC I typed zs *NM*
link on doug's page for purchasing transcripts ad *LINK*
I was born in a cabbage patch. Never learned Greek. *NM*
bobby fisher held hostage after a chess match forever in...
black swan magic or tango socker *LINK*
ALERT: Over 52 NO-FLY ZONES (NOTAM) Issued Over U.S. in Last 28 Days (+ VIDEO) -- NOT TYPICAL of the FAA or Military... *LINK*
The 'Alien Arrival' Dream *LINK*
Quite a dream isen't it for a little girl...you may like to hear this conferance call tonight on this sane subject of the Aliens & George Kavassilas is saying..Don't get on the Ships FREE CALL 9:00pm
The Chinese Black Swan *PIC*
in chess I call that a bridge, *NM*
Must read: House Of Rothschild: No One Can Understand What Has Happened To The Planet Without Reading This
2 Crop Circles Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire reported 7/4/11
SOUTH PARK BANK ~ Savings & Loans :D *VID*
YEP...Be that way with those scammers....Oops...I mean Bankers:)
Hmmm... Max must be sowin' his GM Oats lately... Maybe it's the Heat -- too much Global Warming?... :O *LINK*
Paul Dale Roberts A Profound Gentleman, Airing on July 12th and 19th on station one Bridging Wisdom Cathy Cook
Queen Elizabeth II Knights Israeli President Shimon Peres -- Everybody Plays the Fool... *VIDS* *PIC*
Shimon Peres Confronted for Handing Jerusalem to the Vatican (AUDIO VID) *PIC*
Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks. Uploads/emails can reveal the location of your children's home, school, and play areas *LINK*
'Knights of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem' to Build the Freemasonic 3rd Temple in Jerusalem (... and THEY Got the POWER!) *VID* *PIC*
The Mysterious Connection Between Sirius and Human History...( Links )
THX 4 recall & great 'cosmic observation'. Sirius is in fact a triple system - like Father, Son & Holy Spirit (sic!) Sirius A, B and C
Thanks so very much , Jack...Great & so very intresting info.
REPORT: U.S. Gave Netanyahu an Ultimatum -- '67 come 11? Another Crapshoot? Or the 'V'-Solution? :O *PIC*
Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles - An Extraordinary Connection *LINK* *PIC*
There's A Card Trick In There Somewhere. Let's Smoke It Out
Fun(ny) trick, but more importantly check out the side essay on the scapegoating of Greece's Jews. Could this be the Armageddon trigger to WWIII?
"The End of America" Full Length HQ Film, Naomi Wolf (video )
Florida should post signs: Don't Feed the Humans! *LINK*
A TRUE WAR WHORE! " Joe the Loverman" *LINK*
Silver Investors' Declaration of Independence From Rigged Exchanges *LINK*
Wow. Our Banks get bailed out.... Moscow's banks get bailed out. Seems to me Banker Occupation is everywhere............ *LINK*
How Federal Reserve continues to conducts shadow bailouts for the banking beasts and sets the world economy on FIRE. Fed balance sheet now at a record $2.84 trillion as wages decline banking profits *LINK*
"Teachings" Part 1-7
Carl Calleman: Midpoint of the Fourth DAY and the Jerusalem HUG *LINK* *PIC*
The Road to 2012: "Comet Elenin Update" *LINK* *PIC*
Another slant on health related info...it may be of some use to you all.
The CHANGE Your Founders Believed In - Republic of Missouri...(video )
'Russian Pearl' Yulia Savicheva sings from her heart against the self-destructive misuse of drugs & narcotics. "Stop Malo!"
Such a great soul, such a versatile talent, another example: "Good Bye, Lyubov"
ALERT (Dept. of Homeland Insecurity) -- Have a HAPPY July 4th... but Stay Away From TREES... :O *NM* *PIC*
Filament tsumani on sun. ( neat slide show )
sdo? not clickin the click *NM*
POOF for JULY 3: Freedom .( WELL...not sure if this is all true...But...sure sounds good to me...check it out & decide for yourself )
2012 The Ascension Process... Detach From The Drama... 1/8 videos
What Happens To Us Physically During Ascension? ( video )
India's shocking child sex-change epidemic turning their little girls into boys
TPTB Love it & the U.S. helps Fund it -- the more "Charitable" side of our Global Crusade...? Sounds something like China's one-child policy... just for a different reason. *NM*
Hmmm... The Latest Technology for Deception Spawned by the Matrix? (Report + VIDEOS) *PIC*
People can be Very Creative using Technology & I don't see it as being anything Bad. It's the way TPTB use it Against us that makes me angry. *NM*
Ron Paul Drops "Sound Money" And Endorses PRINTING! *LINK*
Don't ya love it...how eventually their true colours come shinning through no matter how much they try to sugar coat it & themselves covering up who they really are:) LOL...LOL...Must be the energies
and the bait is taken, for the biggest fish caught yet, OVER EXPOSED indeed, *PIC*
Explosion at French Nuclear Power Plant
UFO over Ambassador Bridge windsor ont canada july 2 2011
Michael Tsarion: 2012, The Photon Belt and Galactic Alignment -vid
Forbidden Discoveries - Ancient Alien Atomic Blast and War
July 3, 2011 Hawaiian Star Gate Opens After ‘Black Knight’ Satellite Activated...(could be true, could be disinfo...you decide)
Alternative 3 - Mars Coverup Exposed *LINK* *PIC*
Thumbs Up... *NM* *PIC*
add the Like button to your web page or protocol *NM* *LINK*
Re: add the Like button to your web page or protocol
Burzynski The Movie ~ Cancer is Serious Business ~ (Dr Burzynski's FULL Version , 1 hour 48 mins., not just the first 30 minutes, is now available for public viewing!) Well Worth the Watch. *NM* *LINK*
Did she Lie? ---> Citing Evidence They Call 'Contradictory' to Kagan's Confirmation Testimony, 49 Lawmakers Call for Judiciary Committee Investigation *NM* *LINK*
It's a Qualification for High Office... PLUS she's Female, Lesbian, Liberal & a Boot-licking Court Jester Jew, so it won't appear SCOTUS is ALSO a Total Vatican Rout... NO PROTESTANTS ALLOWED... :O *PIC*
wanna hear my advice, or not: BOG-US POT-US should have appointed ... yes ... yes yes ... you know it ... already? .... sure? :D A better real fine real witty Lady, but probably way toooo expensive :O *PIC*
I guess it all depends on WHAT you're Promoting... and Everybody Knows... Some Promoters are 'More Equal' than Others, hey Jack?? :D *PIC*
1. YouTube says "this video is not available in your country" 2. What has Hitler-Rammstein to do with Barbara Streisand? 3. Can't you keep your Hitler Obsession to yourself or place it where it fits? *NM*
Your Post was a clear insinuation (accusation? :O) about 'Promotion of the Jews & Self'... so likewise you can take YOUR Jew-Hate Obsession & place IT where it fits?... :D *NM*
So, recommending fabulous Barbra Streisand (mean it LOL) as a better choice than shemale Kagan ... this is also 'jew-hatred' in GM's eyes? - Is GM crazy, mentally ill? Libelous beyond comprehension?
Texas To Become Largest State To Defund Planned Parenthood *LINK*
Hopi prophecies, history and symbols- Lawrence Namoki *LINK* *PIC*
wonderful broadcast tonight...nice post too. *NM*
Hi Cathy... *NM* *PIC*
Hi Lance... *NM* *PIC*
Thank You, for a wonderful day every one at BBSRADIO... I will sleep with a smile. *NM* *PIC*
Army Corps Of Engineers & The Nine Gates From Hell *VID*
This litterly makes me ill to watch! The problem with this world is that nothing but totally destructive INSANE people run the show. This is beyond sad! Great post Moonshadow...Thanks. *NM*
Those people are EVIL way beyond mere words. *NM*
How Does NSA Get Away With Running Top Secret Menwith Hill in the UK? *LINK* *PIC*
4 score and... *NM*
great balls of fire.... *NM* *PIC*
Golf Balls... notice how they all like to play Golf? :D *NM*
:) *NM*
Lyndon LaRouche: 9/11 Was a Total Inside Job ((7min vid)) *LINK*
Ron Paul: U.S. moving toward "soft fascism." (euphemistically speaking, that is) *LINK*
ok look behond Ron paul, same thing, a cross, nit pickey, *NM* *LINK*
Moving towards?...soft form?...Hmmmmm Ron Paul needs to tell the real facts here, instead of pussyfooting around with the TRUTH...IMHO..we are beyond, Fascism! *NM*
Like Beating around the BUSH? PERIOD. *NM*
STOP Beating around the BUSH, RON PAUL... PERIOD. *NM*
And why AUDIT the FED? The FED wrote the Recipe for Cookin' the Books!! A Stalling Tactic until the Government DEFAULTS which Ron Paul is calling for -- and then we'll NEVER find out the Truth. *NM*
The World's Largest Army
Album My Paradise "Chuzhoy = Stranger". Song originally by passed away Russian vocalist, interpreted by MakSim aka Marina Abrosimova from Kazan (reddish hair, green eyes)
a good place to look up song translations: www.ooltra.net
Hmmm... DRUDGE REPORT is typed ALL RED (with a couple of BLUES)... :O I know it's the 4th of July weekend, but I don't recall his doing that before...
Maybe Mr. Drudge just wants to emphasize the extreme heat in SoCal? Or do the Holly-woo-doos get their asses burnt? Saucer Fleet from London now scaring the upper hills? Code Red? :O *NM*
looks pretty full of hard core meaning to me *PIC*
What it all finally comes down to in America... Unscooped Dog Poop *PIC*
now thats sum funny shit.
Texans Take On TSA Tyranny, Doug turned me on to alex when he *LINK*
Video to Move your Heart Chakra! *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
watched this the other day, once again we are on the same page. funny how you post what I view days prior - in sink witcha Man. :) *NM*
not once but countless times! *NM*
I can post new , post away, but can not get on line on any other site, ha, funny isnt it...PERIOD *NM*
even the station played, allowing me to change pages only on bbsradio, I am getting a little testy here.
US Marines = Despicable low lifes. A disgrace to humanity! Where's the war crime tribunal for these drugged & pushed penta goners? IMHO. *NM*
do do mouth *NM*
Ya right, me started as a 'do do' painter in my second year while confined in a bed with wooden bars, kind of a baby dungeon. That's how the revolt began!
ha, this is just the reason I love you Jack, you are so frickin frackin witty. smiling big on this side of the computer, you just made my day
dollar bills *PIC*
Alert 4 Admin: Been in a hurry I just realized that I can PREVIEW and POST without typing in my password. How come? Can somebody please try out from another place? Is the board hacked? *NM*
never have typed in mine, the black dots are always there whre it says pass code. *NM*
Same thing for me. *NM*
Black Dots are always there where it says "Password". *NM*
That's because you guys are NOT cleaning out your cache - AND You have "save password" ticked off. *NM*
No, not in this case! Now I tried an older freshly installed version of QtWeb: Same thing. So it's not because of the left behinds in the cache. Also, this hasn't happened before. So why now?
Cathy, seeing black dots signals your TNT password is stored and related permanently. Nothing wrong then. You can deactivate in your browser. What I see here is different. Nothing typed in, no dots.
mine are connected :) *NM*
when I try to delete one of the double postings with or without correct password, then it says: Invalid Password! Anybody kidding me? My LOLs start freezing, hear me? *NM*
Cathy, seeing black dots signals your TNT password is stored and related permanently. Nothing wrong then. You can deactivate in your browser. What I see here is different. Nothing typed in, no dots.
ha see the double post of JACK and mine wedged inbetweenkt it, pryrimid or triad meaning any friend of yours is a friend of mine, in socialoligy connected the dots ha :)
now it says for me 'invalid password' no matter what I do, that is, leave field open or type in my correct password, will see what happens in a new post like this
Holy Shatner WTF is going on right here? New post with newly typed in old correct password now okay ... ponder... ponder!
double wedgie too! *PIC*
ha see the double post of JACK and mine wedged inbetweenkt it, pryrimid or triad meaning any friend of yours is a friend of mine, in socialoligy connected the dots ha :) *PIC*
another try with no message and typed-in password *NM*
"Message posted!" as to be seen. - Growl! Gnarl! *NM*
now you see what I go through, nearly every time posting
Thanks for comfort. Now I'll give myself a double booze and go back outside to continue with insulation and such dirty tasks. Be well. Will see what will come later in the evening. :D *NM*
u2 *NM*
Convoluted. :) *NM*
clip not allowed in Germania :( *NM*
its a southern thing *LINK*
Made progress with insulation of northern front of the house, came back, had a 'double booze' of greek OUZO 40% allohole, went online, nothing new here, so I'll turn to Russia for nice tunes. Bye! :) *NM*
ET Mother Bright Light I Am Tassy
Treasury Confirms Deadline for Raising Debt Limit or the Government Will DEFAULT
North Carolinas Gas tax went up 2.25% today We had 2 tax rises put forth on 7-1-11
Re: North Carolinas Gas tax went up 2.25% today We had 2 tax rises put forth on 7-1-11 *NM* *LINK*
Oil Companies make sure they get theirs by ripping everyone off. The States try to ease the Burden on their Taxpayers, but how long can the States keep it up? I read Minnesota has just Defaulted. *NM*
Backwards Video Day - Oh Canada Day! Eh? *LINK*
have you ever heard when one plays or speaks backward thats the sign of SATIN" look it up in the bible or in the net, common nowledge
YES M'd'm. And it's widely used in show business, marketing, politics because they know how our mind deciphers alphabetical messages. See Ken Welch for example.
thats wacked, *NM*
Always looking for the evil and the old Satan.... Did not anyone see the humour in the post? - You know .... to sort of lighten up one's day? I give up trying
Now DrumSpirit, you know that Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich was pretty Wicked! :D Yummy! I hope your Canada Day was a happy one... or at least Peaceful. :) *NM*
No cause to feel cranky. Yes, the humor. But Cathy went one step further into serious matter, so I gave her a link. - Don't worry, feel happy! Thanks for lightening up! :D
friggin A+, on the song and art, Thanks Jack, and thanks Moonshadow, for seeing it through *LINK*
Testy Testy *NM*
First Female IMF Chief Built Her Career in the U.S.
Being 'jewish' is tribal affiliation, not a religion! Judaism is religion of some of allegedly 12 j-tribes. You remain jew when catholic or protestant or muslim. You can't convert to maternal lineage.
The ISSUE is PERSONAL & POLITICAL ALLEGIANCE. The Vatican is as much a POLITICAL institution as a "religious" one & its actions weigh more on the POLITICAL side. *NM*
Agreed and beyond: I guess the V entity is MORE an imperial organization and only mimicking being religious/beneficial/caring to the outside. *NM*
Charitable "works" makes a nice Cover -- to Soothe the Sheeple. *NM*
Unknown Parties Intentionally Blow Up Levee Along Missouri River Near Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant
The Greater Fool is ? *LINK*
Michael Hudson sums it up precisely: FRAUD! - Fraudulent Money Gamblers are so inventive with smoke-screens. Remember bubble 'Stimulus Package'? Stips! Silent stipulation, theft be left in the dark?
It is always...always...always about the money!!!!!!!!
The Drones, the Ultradimensionals and the Human bring answers to Linda Mouton, and how! *LINK*
Massive Undiscovered Oil & Gas Reserves in the Cook Inlet Region (ALASKA)
U.S. Resumes Official Contacts with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (because they're so "non-violent" :D) *PIC*
United Nations’ New Arms Watchdog: NORTH KOREA (No Joke!! :D) *PIC*
Riyadh Will Build Nuclear Weapons If Iran Gets Them, Saudi Prince Warns (I love when the Truth starts coming out & bites people on the butt!! :D) *LINK*
Major Levee Break in Fremont County Longer Stretch of I-29 South Now Closed
Conspiracy of Silence as Russia & U.S. Back Israel Into a Dangerous Corner?? Did Those 3 Russian Designers of Iran's Nuke Plant Who Died in a Plane Crash INSIDE Russia Know Too Much??
What a Way To Go: Life at the End of Empire, documentary
Archangel Michael July 2011 Message.Ronna Herman
Los Alamos- Legacy Contamination-Must See video
Transhumanist Religion: The Ultimate Jumpstart to Godhood (free tuneups & an overhaul included... :D) *PIC*
The Spider
moving to mars *LINK*
Zoo keepers stunned as moose rescues drowning marmot from watery death.
My assumption: The elk enjoyed benevolent trans-species treatment from his keepers, caring awareness, and passed it on to the marmot. Nice lesson.
One more reason to avoid any kind of 'beLIEf system, religious ritual, synagogue, mosque, church et al' *NM*
Los Alamos info....( links, maps, photos)Watchdog Group: Los Alamos sprinklers don't even work!! (scary sh**)
A Military Manual, or some technical document, describing owing the weather by 2025. Doesn't that mean owing the WORLD? *LINK*
Dolores Cannon on Paranormal Research Nostradamus 2012 Earth Shift (Part 1/2)
James Gilliand Contact has begun *LINK*
Here is a list of medicinal herbs that I recommend you take for radiation exposure. *LINK*
Thank you very much for this DONation! :D Some infos are new for me, others well known. Still learning. That's why I hang out in Paradise! - Yodel Dee Doo :D Spasiva (Danke). Nastrovye (Gesundheit). *NM*
Feds buying up farmland they flooded; Soros in on it *LINK*
THE SHIFT ....it's happrning right now!
Bubble-Like Light Burst Seen Over Hawaii -vid
YES! I'm one of them! :D I don't have distinctive APE genes in my blood. And no ashkeNaZi roots either. How about you, Texas Gal? *NM*
Huge UFO Near Nuclear Missiles Acknowledged By Technicians *LINK*
I've seen a big hovering metallic saucer watching our local airport a few days ago. Similar to the big one amidst a whole fleet over BBC London round about 26th June ... if this tells you something. *NM*
Benoit Mandelbrot - Hunting the Hidden Dimension Nova..." Fractals "
Dean Radin, Entangled Minds - Part 1 of 2
Alien/ET Infiltration *LINK*
Ron Paul: U.S. Should Declare 'Bankruptcy' *LINK*
It's Official: China Is The "Mystery" Daily Buyer Of Billions Of Euros *LINK*
Eric Sprott Lashes Out Against The "Tyranny Of A Rigged Paper Monopoly Over Silver Price Discovery" *LINK*
Amazing Video...check this out! I call this video..."Even Sharks Love to be Loved":)
World's Best-Selling Bullion Coins; Not What You Think
SPECIAL REPORT: A Little House of Secrets on the Great Plains *PIC*
NYC airport invaded by turtles, delaying flights. photo....this is very strange...indeed!
seems like it would take all about 15 min. to collect them....to get them to safety unless they are snapping turtles. *NM*
They are Sea Turtles...which is real strange for them to be so lost to go somewhere like an airport where there is so much noise & traffic.They come up on the beaches late at night when it is quiet &
"invasion" to me would mean a much larger qty maybe about 5000 and up....150 turtles on a runway is unusual but not an invasion
Maybe they were trying to commit suicide? Turtle back suicide Bombers? Did they check them for explosives? or maybe they were HARRPED to confusion? (I know no need to tell me not to be so sarcastic) *NM*
Maybe you are right when you say...HAARPED:) Something out of the ordinary has really brought these turtles to such an unusual place. They are animals that nest in the same areas every year. *NM*
Here is some info about the Sea Turtles at the links below...
thank you i will enjoying looking into this more
You are so welcome:)...sounds like you like nature/animals....nature is really Great & where it's at...I love nature too:) Have a beautiful evening:) *NM*
thank you....yes love nature and animals too
I love it too! What a wonderful story! *NM*
thank you!!
Filming New Sci-Fi "Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers" *NM*
funny!!! :-) good idea for a horror flick....but that one earthquake specialist says he always watches for unusual animal behavior and this would certainly qualify for very uncharacteristic behaviors *NM*
Strange happening in UK this AM...( video )
Asian 'Megapest' is Chomping Up US Orchards *PIC*
cmpd WHAT ANIMAL WOULD YOU BE... answer of the OFFICER during a intuitive FOX
Looking at the Board, they probably wonder, "What the Sam Hill is THIS stuff all about?" *NM*
not really, they are here at my home quite often *NM*
Barbara Hand Clow: Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse: July 1, 2011 *LINK* *PIC*
Exposed documents reveal Napolitano, TSA lied about safety of cancer-causing naked body scanners . Further evidence TPTB want to kill us off!
Coming: nuclear fallout-millions of baby deaths and new cancer victims -- Global Rumblings *NM* *LINK*
Retired Gen. Wesley Clark reveals a very interesting conversation he had with a fellow officer at the Pentagon ten days after 9/11. This is an interesting statement made on LRC, it is only *LINK*
Greece Democracy & Catastrophe-Greeks pass critical budget cuts despite protest.
Taking it to the max
Re: Taking it to the max
yano, moonshadow, this landed on my computer desk top and would not delete. sooooo *PIC*
MoonShadow *PIC*
See, I don't really understand this...
Okay, I'm game... :)
yano, moonshadow, this landed on my computer desk top and would not delete. sooooo *PIC*
Why the Replay? *NM*
yano, moonshadow, this landed on my computer desk top and would not delete. sooooo *PIC*
Same Replay, so maybe you could explain what it all really means. *NM*
explination, to Moonshadow
I hear you & understand now. (((HUGS))) to you too! :D *NM*
It's a Keeper! :D *NM*
it just came up that way, when I hit reply, and it came up multable times ( the word delete triggered it * ha *
and P.S.
Something Else a Little Strange about Computers...
skype, on then off, got a great photo
Frozen Mode: Freezing Out the FOXES!! :D *NM*
Wrong Foxes... :O I was talking about the ones on the Board... *NM*
up front and close, I noticed too
What I'm thinking is...
idenity theft, someone posing as me and placing something into your computer POSING AS ME, YES IDENITY THEFT, YES I GOT THE FOX IN ON EVERY THING THAT I DO AND THEY WATCH ME LIKE A READ FOX! NOW SCOOT
You're Right -- tell 'em to be sure & take a Picture -- it'll last longer! :D *NM*
I did, you can click the fox which is for the officer that visited my home, in his email he watches this board very closely
Scientists Say California Mega-Quake Imminent *PIC*
Over 1000 New Species Found in New Guinea...( photos )
A New World Power Emerges for UFO Disclosure - A.J. Gevaerd. ( Video )
John Lamb Lash: The Shift is About to Hit the Fan! Shepard Ambellas Earth Shifting Observations Confirmed? *LINK* *PIC*
Accessing the Mystic - Science and the Sacred....( video )
Salusa June 29, 2011
Iran Secretly Tested 'Nuclear-Capable Missiles' -- No Surprise.
WATCH NOW: The GIG is UP:Money, the Federal Reserve and You.
Sorry here is the link I forgot to add.
Top 10 UFO sightings after 2000 - International Business Times ( videos )
The Power Of Zero And Early Degrees In The Outer Signs And The Upcoming Eclipse
"NEW" Message from Wanderer of the Skies - June 29, 2011
Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
IMF Board Selects France's Christine Lagarde As New IMF Managing Director
Cancer Surges In Body Scanner Operators; TSA Launches Cover-Up (VIDEO)
LaRouchePAC What Actually Happened in New Jersey June 26, 2011
Esoteric Agenda - Most Important Part - Illusion and Reality - Part 1/2
Most Major Natural-Gas Pipelines in the U.S. are Built Over the New Madrid Faultline -- "You'll see the explosion reflected off the moon." *PIC*
Gerald Celente: Gold Standard Won't Save U.S. Economy (includes VIDEO) *LINK*
Hezbollah In Mexico: The Truth About Islamic Terror On The U.S. Border (Report + VIDEO) *PIC*
Micro Machinist Takes on Bug Brains *PIC*
UFO's Around the World - Alien Agenda ( Video )
They Are Flooding Us On Purpose! *VID*
What You Don't Know About Gaddafi *VID* *PIC*
The United States Department of Energy (DOE) is conducting an ever-expanding research program involving organisms used in biological weapons. *LINK*
THEY: Is the Vatican Hiding the Truth about ANGEL WARS -- Past, Present & Future? A New Investigative Series by Tom Horn...
All The Proof In The World: HAARP Is Wrecking Havoc Worldwide(links & videos)
The clever use of timing by the slippery Mister Obama
As Obama Quietly Pushes for a Nuclear Weapons Renaissance, Wildfire Threatens...
Re: 5th world by hilluminations cc
History, aaah *NM*
Snow Geese Freezeout Lake, Montana 2011 *LINK*
Lake TahoeTsunami: the sleeping mega-disaster waiting to happen (Link & Video )
THE RED ALERT is being monitored,
Say Goodbye to Los Angeles *LINK*
Congratulations to PARADISE MUSIC - winning 3 coveted awards and you can hear them on BBS Radio (on Station 1 and Station 2)! *LINK*
Making Nuclear Warheads at the Los Alamos, Mini Cerns, Plutonium,Biological Weapons ..links & Video
Space Gate - Ultra Top Secret UFO Program. ( Video)
United States Coup Coming (Link )
Frankenpot – Marijuana gone GMO! (Link )
Well it would either be GMO or some damn spray from the planes that would affect the crops ..
Yes, they sure are making sure that everything on earth is contaminated & destroyed. *NM*
I've Asked Around, They Are NOT 'GMO' Strains...
I agree .... BTW
Re: I agree .... BTW
Complete English Translation of the Babylonian Talmud, Volume 7 (pdf-files) - two sources
There are 2 TALMUDS -- Why do you always NEGLECT to MENTION -- The JERUSALEM TALMUD? Too Much TRUTH for JACK(AL) TO HANDLE??? :O *PIC*
FYI: 1. Not your job to tell me what to post! 2. Your complaint is based on assumptions and libelous prejudice. 3. Your repeated name-calling in a headline speaks for your true self, TXGal4xxxx! :D
FYI: Yada yada yada... :D *NM*
Re: FYI: 1. Not your job to tell me what to post! 2. Your complaint is based on assumptions and libelous prejudice. 3. Your repeated name-calling in a headline speaks for your true self, TXGal4xxxx! :
I have NEVER posted on GLP & I never will. *NM*
FYI: TNT Bulletin Terms of Usage Chapter 1 DO NOT allow calling me JACKAL and SCAVENGER! Are you above the rules, G**l M*ll*r?
You do the same thing to me all the time, so who are YOU? Are YOU exempt from the Rules? That appears to be the case, so what's your complaint again? *NM*
Wrong and sorry but no sorry, the flow of the forum and the threads prove otherwise. Please keep your personal discontent to yourself or leave the forum if you can't behave honestly and decently. *NM*
fYI PERIOD, I love filthy nasty talk
etc. *NM*
Clear as mud -- as usual. Maybe you should clean your crystal ball... :D *NM*
etc. *NM*
lol@And besides, too much honesty for me to see how you assume what I allegedly already know but don't tell intentionally. *NM*
I got the 'Calling Card' you left in my 'Google Documents' awhile back, since Someone gave you my old Password... Is that how 'The KNOWING' works for you??? :D
everybody knows I would not even use a key to anothers home. Brutally honest. I thought that statment was one of the wittiest I have read.
Nice try... :) *NM*
I do not even know how to up load, or work computers, but thank you for letting me know someone is posing as me. *NM*
Right... *NM*
nothing can get under my skin cause I am evolved,
I noticed...
I noticed...too *PIC*
post of mine, the house that jack built
all saints need pure shores
This says it all for me in many ways, I am going to do my swin meditations RIGHT NOW TO THIS!!! woah Fresh *NM*
Great music. Thanks very much! I'm not in Texas.I'm on a very little Island in the Gulf, surrounded with BP contaminated corexit:).We people are quite resilient here & keeping positive as possable.
Los Alamos Fire & 30,000 Barrels of Plutonium: Perfect Cover For A Nuclear False-Flag Operation?
Hardware Hack Takes Control of Your Hand, Freaks You Out
China Eyes Canada Oil, U.S.'s Energy Nest Egg *LINK*
I would like to hire new TNT member 'cathyB' as secretary. "Hey, Cathy, are you still available? Short hand skills, typewriting? Speak French and German, maybe Russian? How about maths? 1, 2 ...3?" :D
Listen, Pretty Lights! "The Time Has Come" :O *PIC*
The Global Awakening Has Begun! *LINK* *PIC*
Yes! Love will prevail...(pic)
Start the 28th Amendment!! Congressionl Reform Act of 2011
I agree, as well bbsradio needs to make a web page for the world to sign a pataton for world peace.
Eventually they have to admit to their wrong doings.... Who's the Guilty One? *NM* *LINK*
maggie, that was so funny I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM*
I am me
nice poem - "I AM ME" sounds like a 'sinus wave', up and down and up again :D Well made sentences can be sound waves, carrier frequencies. *NM*
Thank you so much, here is the origional, as I posted a tad of this poem for the guest "MOTHER OF ET" Dee, last night on the making of new love obvously FLIPPO, Yes they will be an idenity... *PIC*
Something to be highlighted and always kept in mind: BBS = Being Born Spiritually! :) You hit the nail, Cathy! - Does Don know? *NM*
years ago I shared the BBS = Being Born Spiritually, Radio with Donald, Hopes he tucked it within his heart,
This is HOW "THEY" HOOK you!! :O *NM* *LINK*
I'm Done! I'm toast ... *LINK*
I will have the last dance of many with you...
Most Disturbing...not sure if this is all true, but thought it should be posted just incase it is...."7/7/2011 MIDWEST STAGED DISASTER WARNING! GAVIN POINT DAM WIRED WITH EXPLOSIVES! *VIDEO* "
Reminds me of a YT clip taken from family van with children filming a long long military convoy with explosives. Did you see it?
The MODERN DAY HERO as defined ..........
German Poet Wolfgang von Goethe: "Edel sei der Mensch, hilfreich und gut." in lingua anglese: "Man be noble, helpful and good."
Freeman Fly - Free Your Mind Conference 2011 (Great Video )
Radiation over oceans...Seafood anyone? Check this out! it will amaze you!
There's always this: Burger Created From Human Feces *LINK* *PIC*
STAR MAP: See Where Media's Biggest Names Summer In The Hamptons..(Getting paid big bucks to tell their lies to the masses & live a life of luxury when the rest of us suffer in poverty!)
Berm Bursts At Nebraska Nuclear Facility
The U.S. Monetary System & Descent into Fascism (interesting Interview with a lawyer who argues Constitutional issues before the Supreme Court) *LINK*
TSA Pats Down Cancer-Stricken 95-Year-Old Woman, Removes Adult Diaper
Why isn't the Pope speaking out against these things, since he claims to be the Great Vicar of Christ? I guess he's too busy moving his Pedophile Priests around on his Chessboard... :O *NM*
He's a PERVERT too...he can't speak out if he did ...then the evil ones would probably expose his evil & sicko actions against humanity.This world has become massively sick & corrupt. *NM*
Concurred! And a lot of other evil things where I always wonder why the Holy See-er seems to see nothing let alone speak with a loud honest voice! Probably his supreme masters won't be amused. :D *NM* *PIC*
Smile:)...yep, totally agree...pic
Updated: Look Who’s Buying Up Flood Ravaged Farm Land...( link )
Great Find C.O. These people are EVIL beyond belief, but THEIR 'Day of Reckoning' is coming & the GREATER their Evil Deeds -- the GREATER their PUNISHMENT by the Living Creator God. *NM*
Re: Great Find C.O. These people are EVIL beyond belief, but THEIR 'Day of Reckoning' is coming & the GREATER their Evil Deeds -- the GREATER their PUNISHMENT by the Living Creator God.
Why "Palestinians" Want YouTube to Remove This Video... *VID*
TEXAS?... :O *PIC*
Re: TSA Plans Screening Americans in their Homes
What in the World is Going On?
More of... What in the World is Going On. *NM* *LINK*
For afiresidechat, I am humbled with thanks *NM*
REPORT: Flooding at Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant Makes "Fukushima look tame by comparison"... *PIC*
Earthquake Premonitions and Dreams: What's Happening? *LINK* *PIC*
ALERT: Gremlins will be Tweaking the U.S. Electric Power Grid NEXT MONTH!! -- Messing Up STOP LIGHTS & Making Clocks Run Fast... *PIC*
Hmmm... Some say the 'Strangeness' has started -- the Frequencies are Already Changing! *LINK*
Folks, I'm going to post something so HARSH it will cause you to lose it! *LINK* *PIC*
I added the link above to a FREE copy of the 3 hour super cast! *NM*
Well Worth the Three Hours and...
ANOTHER Reason Now -- to Get Rid of Israel?? -- Huge Oil Shale Deposits :O *PIC*
Banker occupation -> Greece *LINK*
The Changing of the Guard,
AMAZING 3 year old boy conducting: 4th movement of Beethoven's Fifth
Eckhart Tolle: The Time is Now... (video)
Laura Eisenhower - Divine Union and Spiritual Oneness protect us from global threats *LINK* *PIC*
A berm holding back floodwater at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station has collapsed
Rochester Cops Resort To Retaliatory Tactics Against Citizens Supporting Emily Good *LINK*
Berlin False Flag: More subliminals. NIKE Ads. Mocking Clip on Zionist TV in ZOT Germany. Truth in Numbers? Women Sacrifice to Molech? Camera Nuke? Fukushima remake?
World Wars I & II started in the BALKANS... Martin Luther put Germany on the map & Adolf Hitler etched it in our minds forever... :O *NM*
Wrong! WWI: Sarajevo-Austria conflict regional. WWII Balkans? How? When England + France were forced by US Zionists to declare war on Germany? Time to check drawers? Lil bit messy? Wrong sources?
Sorry... even though Germany HAS been Hijacked, it will NEVER rate as a 'Victim' of anything or anyone -- the way it has tried to do to others & NOT just the Jews. *NM*
And what is it exactly that Germany has 'tried to do to others'? What Iran allegedly 'tries to do to others'?
Iran is running Hezbollah AND Hamas, so yeah -- just like Germany. *NM*
01/11 ~ Carl Calleman TMRN 2011 06-18 Time Monk Radio Interviews Present: Carl Calleman *LINK* *PIC*
Alarming: "False Flag Attack on Berlin WILL come for sure"? Long list of mindblowing subliminals in molech media. - Is it a trick to kill awareness before the REAL attack? Or is it testing the sheep?
GOD FORBID that ANYTHING should happen anywhere in RATZINGER'S GERMANY -- like 9/11 -- we'll never hear the frickin' end of it... only never-ending, unproven allegations & BLAME... :O *NM*
Berlin Nuclear Bomb 26/6/2011 ? *LINK*
Re: Berlin Nuclear Bomb 26/6/2011 ? *LINK*
The clip commenters have more brain and better arguments than this gossipy 'Truther Girl' who leaves out the serious points ... deliberately? *NM*
... deliberately? Woah, dude... must be ANOTHER conspiracy!!! *NM* *PIC*
Maybe TPTB want people to FOCUS on BERLIN, while they pull off something SOMEWHERE ELSE in the World... they love SURPRISES. *NM*
or it's a pre-run ballyhoo to isolate and defame the honest truthseekers and whistleblowers before the real big event is run, here or elsewhere, as you say
Maybe. Who knows. Nothing in politics & history evolves haphazardly, occurs by playing dice or chinese checkers, it is said. *NM*
False Flag cancelled due to too many whistleblowers? - Anyway, thanks for your interest and the responses, we'll see what will be and have a good memory for things to come and to compare. Not? *NM*
UFOs Over London BBC Radio 1 Building, Friday June 2011
Good Morning to all, Have a marvelous day. *NM* *PIC*
Nice. Have a beautiful day in NC. Must quit now to look TV - Wimmin Sucker Chumpionship in Burrlynn. ;) *NM*
Stop taking Pharmaceuticals and TRY THESE! *LINK*
Bring HEMP back! Grow hemp everywhere, any soil, no fertilizer & no pesticides needed. Can use every part of this godgiven plant. Endorse hemp culture. And Trash Monsanto! *NM*
look at my lamps crotch behind me to my shoulders right, HEY FATHER!!!! *NM*
Sleeping prophet laid hopes on Russia *NM* *LINK*
Hedges: MSM Feeds Masses 'Road Kill' *LINK*
'Road Kill'... *PIC*
Great Reference! Thankyaah. How about a bar named: Old Day Heros? :D "Honor Thy Ancestors!" *NM*
Just my thoughts, but have you all noticed that the CROP CIRCLES this year are all human made? *LINK* *PIC*
Radiation levels almost 90 times Chernobyl evacuation limits found in unevacuated Fukushima school zone at a level so high it is lethal to 100% of the population within 15 years. *LINK*
It Gets Even Crazier: AT&T, Comcast, And Other ISPs Introduce The “Three Strikes” Internet Censorship Deal
They're only going to destroy/kill their golden goose
US Government Caught Smuggling Guns To Mexico Drug Cartels - vid *LINK*
Fleshing Eating Disease In Cocaine Found In New York, Los Angeles – Cocaine Supply Of Entire Nation May Be Affected *LINK*
hmmm now wouldn't that actually be more like
Maybe some of those 'Pinocchio' Noses in the Government will start rotting off... :O *NM*
Is it a Dodo bird egg... Godzilla's egg, ..or some other super sized shit bird, .. or are the Aliens landing ??? *PIC*
Damn ! I know who should be in charge of the TSA or at least poster girl !
Are you SURE that story on the Rumor Mill isn't SATIRE? ;)
Sigh IT IS ! and I knew it before
That's Okay... :D Our dear old USA should be added to 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' anyways... :O *NM*
is she sucking or blowing... mmmmm either way, *NM*
Lilou : Interview with Laura Eisenhower...Divine Union & Spiritual Oneness. (video )
Precisely: When chosen folks get SOS ODIGO warnings in advance, then don't go to a Ground Zero or leave quickly before 'Shock & Awe' false flag is pulled, then they're part of the plot. Period!
I know all about Google Maps & how they've been used AGAINST Israel, so you can peddle the Nazi BS to someone else... plenty of takers out there... :O *NM*
"Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is crime." Orwellian Newspeak 1984. Daily Duty: 5 minutes hate session, collective scapegoat bashing (the Nazis, the Jesuits, the Pope?). How funny! :D Had it for today? *NM*
Thanks so much for posting this TNT MadDog....we the people of the Gulf really need someone to expose the real truth about down here & how sick we all are...each of us have many different symptoms...
Silver Liberation Army Update *LINK*
Max Keiser & Alex Jones: The History of What Happened to Greece *LINK*

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