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"Leo Zagami - Working for the CIA"? But isn't Zagami in bed with Fulford? So what?
"A Letter From The Illuminati" by our Unknown Globalist Friend
Vit D3 interview
The Men Who Stare at Goats (Trailer) So what do you suppose they are preparing us for now? *LINK*
I like the term 'tin-foil conspiracy buff', reminds me of a pic 'somebody' published to me :D
the release of the pager files about WTC911 = another mind-molder propaganda trick to line for the coming attack on Iran?
Dubai control these ports - Vancouver included!
ONE LOVE a brandnew supercatchy song by Estelle posted for the Elliott Moosey :D and the whole community ;) because I guess it fits somehow
the invisible web/deep web
new update from
to counter balance the negative
Got 4 Minutes for Bob Chapman?
Wanna Meet Linda M. Howe on YouTube?
H1N1 Ukraine update...worth reading so you know how to deal with the mutation
Nancy Pelosi to be President and Mossad agent Rahm Emmanuel to be vice President?
more from Benjamin via
What ever happened to the Clinton NWO senario? *PIC*
"something will be happening to remove Barack Obama"
An early Christmas miracle or a sign of the times? We are officially buddies! *LINK* *PIC*
Buddies Sipp Buddwyzer? :D
the purpose of political lawsuits is to suppress the truth, ergo ... ?
make analysis simple
thanks - I think about it, citing famous quote "all options are on the table" ;)
Ken Welch in Houston ... Awesome Read!
The Times they are a changing: A look into the Coming Cycle ....
Oil Pulling Demonstration for All Sorts of Cures! *LINK*
Press For Truth Covers Day 1 of H1N1 vaccinations in Toronto Canada :( (short video) *LINK*
Do you want a "Chip" with that? (vid) *LINK*
Future Designer laptop - ROLLTOP //Diploma Thesis// (short advert video) *LINK*
Chernobyl Disaster Area - 23 years later allegedly hit by swine flu? - COINCIDENCE? *PIC*
about econMISTs and hiSTORIans
Hurricane Season 2009 - Florida & East-Coast upward suspended? What happened? Nobody talking about it? ... How come?
Sensationel Easy Protection against Flu Infection - please spread hint ASAP *PIC*
Did you see what you drummed in? *PIC*
aaah... yes, YESS now I can see it. OMG it's HUUGE! I'm so amoosed, and will come back on you tomorow! ;)
How odd to see American TV hit Obama so hard. Funny stuff from SNL
HULU video streams can only be viewed within the United States, it says :( *NM*
I'll take care of you buddy. Try this youtube feed and hurry before they delete it
thank you - the clip is in a safe place now ;) :D *NM*
How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world...really?
and compared to long distance jet planes ... per annum?
Short the Chinese currency or go long the US dollar?
Stultified Mare - Lady gone GaGa - Subliminal Satanic Symbolism - Evil Eyes Kill
YouTube - Homeland Security Launches Investigation of Dr. Manning *LINK*
Amen! Hey man, is Manning a martyr? What means ATLAH? Coats of Arms, Red Cross on White, 3 Golden Lions? Jesus is Lord and Red Neck Tie?
Ghislaine Lanctôt "What the Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway?" The Exodus to Human Slavery
Matthew has a new post
thanks, especially for the bridge to: CONVERSATIONS WITH ANIMALS :)
Allied War Crimes - WW2
with respect, my name is Sala Mander :O *PIC*
Obama Sold Out America - A Long Standing Operation *LINK*
a clever, smart business man would sell 'the USA on eBay' .... but these socialist parvenus ... no skills, talent as entrepreneurs! *NM*
A reminder the US is not broke! The Federal Reserve may be broke.
Eggplant Cures Skin Cancer *LINK*
to TEXAS :) from GERMANY: "Danke Schoen!"
Re: Don't use hand dryers in restrooms!
Fulford updates
More background info on the Ft. Hood situation
Try Building a Tesla Coil
Re: as I said, can't access GLP, for no obvious reason
Ooops, now it's open. Tell me, did you adjust the 'nuts'n bolts' for me? :D Thank you, Robert! :)
Re: as I said, can't access GLP, for no obvious reason
Re: as I said, can't access GLP, for no obvious reason
Oprah's Interview with Sarah Palin: What You Didn't See
Oprah interviewed Sarah Palin - now Oprah's done, finished, O-Show No Go. Is there a correlation? And Oprah's successor looks like a clone of her own ... *NM*
SCALAR WAVES from a health perspective
superb :)
Re: superb :)
What would we post if we weren't complaining?
see my shares leading to other shores :D (at least some)
I almost wonder if .......... *LINK*
"Me too!" 'this the reason why Mayan Calendar ends in 2012? Shock'n Awe in Ummerikka? I'm so excited. Can't await Sarah coming! What a SP'ell!
am just waiting for........
Private Military Contractor Holds Key Patents to Flu Vaccine *LINK*
New geologic evidence of past periods of oscillating, abrupt warming, and cooling (smart article) *LINK*
But also take note of this when forming an opinion: Polar Bear Balderdash *LINK*
when polar bears retaliate
Not JUST Sauerkraut

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