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"Sophia's Correction", Earth changes, stellar anomalies & Gaia's awakening
Time cloak *LINK*
Today's Urban Survival Column 7/22 *NM* *LINK*
George Kavassilas - Ascension: Half of humanity ascends to the 5th dimension on March 21, 2013 ~ EXopoliticsTV *LINK*
Dream From Viewer -- Veil Being Lifted... :O *PIC*
Lycanthropes aka 'werewolves' sorts of WOLF Blitzer, WOLFowitz, WOLFensohn and other selected interwolven relatives? :D *NM*
Yes... and I see the LONG list of famous "WOLFgangs" in Germany & Austria as well as the meaning of the name... As for the servile court Jewish "wolves" in high places... :D *PIC*
AdHi insisted to name his Fuhrerbunker 'WOLFsschanze', a massive block of concrete in the woods. His brainchild, car for the masses, VW Volkswagen, had to be built in WOLFsburg. - Wolfswagon?
Hey Drummy....are you out there? thought you would like this for a smile:)....hope you are feeling better today...
Why Thank You! You as well! :D *NM*
The Fed Audit *LINK*
Unfathomable! And how much OFF THE BOOKS and NOT ACCOUNTED FOR??? *PIC*
QUESTIONS: What about all those CAFR accounts at the Municipal, County, State & Federal levels? A few years ago I heard that TEXAS alone had Billions of Dollars stashed away... *PIC*
Police Kill Teenager after Shooting Him 5 Times in the Back While He Was Laying Face Down -- For Not Paying a $2 Bus Fare!! *PIC*
Gigantic Crack Opens Up In Mexico (Article + VIDEO) *PIC*
The CHEROKEE spirit
The Cherokee play near a checkpoint in Germany or maybe Austria, labels and car plates are 'deutsch' - Great Performance. Touching! ;)
So Happy you enjoyed it:).....
Weekend? My wife and I decided to resume Kefir & Combucha home grown production. Plus self-made yoghurt. She likes it with cow-milk, I prefer the strong taste of goat milk (the satanic strains :D )
Beautiful Spirit... The CHEROKEE spirit :) *NM*
The beauty of this music caresses my soul:)
Buzz Aldrin & the Monolith (Article + VIDEO) *PIC*
REPORT: RUSSIA OPENING FILES?? Adolf Hitler Aimed to Kill 150 Million & Impose Slavery in Russia After Germany's Shock Attack *PIC*
Which files? The wishful fantasies of scribblers and a so-called 'military historian' who is said to have said that 'he BELIEVES' - LOL! *PIC*
Gee, I thought you had mucho respect for the Ruskies & their pravda... so much more forthcoming & revealing than us Americans... No? :D *PIC*
David Wilcock: 1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age -- Videos, Documents!
Anonymous Message (link)
Canadian Military Stages Show Of Force Against Russia In Arctic *PIC*
Syrian Tribal Leader Wants to Cook, Eat U.S. Ambassador :O *PIC*
The Energy Control Game on Earth with Tobias
UN May Switch BLUE Helmets to GREEN, Then Launch Climate Change Peacekeeping Wars *PIC*
Socialist Party of America Releases The Names of 70 Democrat Members Of Congress Who Are Members Of Their Caucus *PIC*
DHS Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists *PIC*
Madness: 39 Things That Are Driving Ordinary Americans Absolutely Crazy... *PIC*
Religion of Eugenics: The State is God *PIC*
What's up with FUKU? Emissions of 21.4 billion becquerels/hour *LINK* *PIC*
Has City Hall Declared War on the People? *LINK*
‘Nazi’-Cop Town ‘Firing’ Officers, Stops Paying Mayor *LINK*
Fed Audit Reveals Eye-Popping $16 Trillion In Secret Loans To Bailout Bankers *LINK*
Senator Sanders: "The Fed Outsourced Most Of Its [$16 Trillion In] Emergency Lending Programs To Private Contractors, Many Of Which Also Were Recipients Of Extremely Low-Interest And Then-Secret Loans *LINK*
Project Camelot with: Tommy Hawksblood...(As I alaways say...not saying this is true, just posting...you decide...wild show)
Are you in the USA and thinking of retirement? You are so screwed...another example of the insanity in Washington. Health care will be what someone else decides, welcome to Obamination changes!
NDE & The Afterlife Show Dr Jeffrey Long Coast to Coast am 06 30 2011
Crop Circle At Cherhill Down, nr Yatesbury, Wiltshire. Reported 20th July 2011. *NM* *LINK*
Cenk Uygur On Leaving MSNBC: Network Told Me To 'Tone It Down,' Didn't Want To 'Challenge Power' (VIDEO) *LINK* *PIC*
Bravo, bravissimo! Cenk Uygur, the always-young-at-heart turkey, a man with principles and honesty. I always loved this guy. His frankliness, his sense of humor. Thumbs UP!
David Icke - So Who are they? The Historical Evidence.
Drummy I posted this Davis Icke in regards to what I mentioned in my post to you about everyone now coming out with their Truth or Delusions or WHATEVER...in this video David has brought out nothing..
131 Children Vaccinated At Gunpoint in Malawi ~ (someone should hold the "old you know who" down and shoot him up with his own medicine) *LINK*
No joke! MicroSoftie Gates's Joker: 131 says vaccine dose aka Windoze 3.11, the core of all following 'graphical operating systems'. Malawi test-run to forcibly inject Windows by MS Monster Snake? :O
Raising The Debt Ceiling Does NOT Fix The Problem (Jim Sinclair)
ALERT!! Weather Report for Today and the Rest of the Week... :D *NM* *PIC*
Mike's Hard Lemonade - Egg *LINK*
I heard southern Ontario, CANADA!! is supposed to hit the HIGH 120's today -- Fahrenheit... Good Grief, Charlie Brown!! *NM*
It's up to 104 degrees on my thermometer outside
You are right. Just checked and with humidex in Toronto it is 51 C or 123 F!!!! *LINK*
Better stay inside & fry up your bacon & eggs in a pan! :D *NM*
Ex-State Department Aide Says Israel WON'T Attack Iran *LINK*
Thanks, I'm so relieved. Now we can lay back, wait until Iran attacks via Gaza, Westbank, Syria & Fl*tillas to clean the map. But Israel retaliates swiftly, eye4eye, cheek4cheek, in advance. No?
Iran hasn't attacked another country in over 2000 years! Why the concern over Iran becoming offensive versus defensive? *NM*
Alright! My sense of irony. If you read to the end you see my bend. ;) You say it as it is. Am I clear enough? *NM*
I get it...I gotta be ready to go 'round da bend! *NM*
Why is a 72,000 Sq. Ft. Eco-Mansion Being Built in the Ozark Mountains? *PIC*
Henry Makow: Masonic Blackmail Behind Murdoch Scandal?
China's CNOOC buying Canadian Oilsands producer *LINK*
Ben Fulford July 18 2011 *LINK*
Yep... He might of seen one up close, butt his stories are inciting!
But you gotta love his stories. Just like listening to Dad with bed time stories when you were a kid. *NM*
AliveCor iPhone ECG *LINK*
Jim Traficant talks about Jewish control of America *LINK*
Ron Paul: "We Will Default Because The Debt Is Unsustainable" *VID*
FED Preparing For U.S. DEFAULT, Says Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President *LINK*
NEW FEDERAL GOV'T MANDATE: ALL Street & Road Signs in the U.S. Being Changed to Comply With MUTCD Regulations & the States Must Pay For It!! *PIC*
It's for the ExtraTerrestrials from returning Nibiru. Annunakis are extremely myopic and need better enlightenment to find their relatives while travelling from town to town in coming 2012.. *NM*
Or more specifically... :D *NM* *PIC*
Jack now close to 2000 clicks, in words: TWO THOUSAND hits with the analysis+disclosure of the WATER BIKER FAKE. The way to make BBS more popular! Hi Don, Hi Doug, how'r'ya'doin'? Kak tvoi dela? (ru)
I wonder where these many many clicks come from? The Vatican? :D
That's Easy -- the Dumbed-Down Sheeple are always desperately 'clicking' for a Miracle! The Vatican & its Nazis?... :D *PIC*
Sorry, just the opposite! It shows clearly people want real truth, real clarification plus debunking of liars, cheaters and other walking-on-water swindlers. Sorry, had to object one more time. :D *NM*
Man Takes Viagra, Wears Sweatpants for TSA Pat Down *LINK* *PIC*
BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Love It!!!.....Great post Zany:) thanks for the laugh...
No, it's not a boner, only dogs have a bone in the penis (that's why some wimmin have/love 'lap dogs' ?).... but maybe it's a dog disguised as passenger? :D
Project Camelot: George Kavassilas ...Going into 5D
I truly love this man. As "far out" as his stories seem, if you have ever had a glimpse of what he is talking about, well that is up the individual how they experience it.
Whatever will be Drummy, seams we really don't have much say or control. Each interview from all the ones out there giving their two cents worth, has a spin of their own truths, thoughts delusions or
Barbara Hand Clow, July 19, 2011 ( link audio)
The True Elephant In The Room Appears: Trillions In Commercial & Industrial Loans To Europe's Insolvent Countries *PIC*
... and don't forget the Primate in the room either... :O *PIC*
CERN Physics Chief Issues Gag Order Preventing Scientists from Interpreting Study that Links Climate Change to Cosmic Rays -- CERN Pushing the Global Warming Agenda... *PIC*
Second Thought: If the climatically conCERNed were really not allowed to talk about cosmic rays we would never hear of it. Indeed. It's a gag!
CERN is about MUCH MORE than 'Global Warming' which has been reduced to nothing more than a money-making Scam. CERN will take Russia's MONEY, thank you, but Russia will NEVER Control CERN. *NM*
CVN 77 G.H.W. Bush Enters Persian Gulf... to Push Israel into Attacking Iran in September?? *PIC*
My prophecy sees, From now until August 12-13th 2011 tremendous shaking of decisions and termoil, from aug, 13 until october 2nd -8th this heavy ...
WORLD WIDE WEB: 101 Interesting Facts That You Don't Know... *LINK*
Could it be there are loads of other things you don't know, even more things you don't want to see? Bar on the front, as Jesus allegedly has pointed to. Self-Recognition = First Step to Amelioration. *PIC*
Sorry, I'm not into Codes & Cryptograms... *PIC*
URGENT! GoldHawk fights back ..... Searched on the internet, newspapers etc. to find the final decision on building the Megaquarry outside Toronto ..... nothing but this!!!! Come out this Thursday .. *LINK*
Light, Vision of the heart and consciousness - Dr Jacob Liberman *LINK*
human rights are being taken through the president of the united states, making this country "Sharia Law" and "International Law" *LINK*
Oklahoma has no rights... they're dead in the water... we're already under "International Law"... we signed on to it & we'll EAT it. *NM*
you know when the pi came to my house AGAINST THE JUDGES HAMMER, someone contacted me that was a grand juery whitness in that trial I ask her
Hugh Grant 'Police & Government Collusion is Shocking' - NOTW Phone Hacking *HOT* *LINK*
time line of murdered Journalist posted below by MadDog *LINK*
Right On Brother! :D *NM*
BRILLIANT? Hacked DOT Road Sign Reads "Impeach Obama" *LINK*
the center of jupider? the red dot or what *NM*
here you go CMPD FOX, I told you... watch the trail most are one and the same people. *NM*
Now just ain't the TRUTH Cathy!
Will someone please hurry the FUP and TAX ME TO DEATH! *LINK*
ZERO HEDGE: Doing The Global Currency Shuffle *LINK*
what was the internet called prior to it being opened jan 23, 1993? *LINK*
There are no laws until 2 people disagree. *NM*
karma law... is where one disagrees within their good and evil doer self *NM*
Where would you be? *PIC*
REPORTS: HAARP Moving to Arecibo Radar in Puerto Rico by 2011? * New Consortium to Run Arecibo Observatory *PIC*
News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead *LINK*
"Death Not Suspicious?" ~ Here Let me yank out your teeth and I'll do you a favour - I'll sell them back to ya real cheap! . What a bunch of gullible ^&^(*%**$$ bull pucky!a *NM*
that story seems suspicious to me, as well to be bs!! *NM*
its good to check in via another communication just to follow up via the begining phone hi jack, waves through ones systems dontcha think? well I feel this...
two watch dogs, up yaunder, one for and one against, ha, now aint that sumching.
always under the sir. valance
To: Drummy, Moonshadow, Friend of the Flock, Chooch & Jack.....
you are very welcome ...i remember your tinkerbell posts!!! cool!
I'm glad you came back... :) *NM*
twinkle twinkle ... I knew it all along but kept it to myself, your subtle hints were well understood :) *NM*
D. Bunka say: if you get 200 hits within hours and still climbing solely for enhancing a biker 'posted' on water, then you're on to something really really important :D
The hit-counter this morning says 555. WOW! Didn't expect so much interest in my graphical analysis of Water Walkers resp. Water Bikers. Thanks folks. My pleasure! :D *NM*
oh so you are in a triple change eh' *NM*
555 in a single line 5 is an untouchable number? not any more, where the water flows, every fish goes
Blessings! to all :)
So Beautiful... *NM*
Back in shelves now. FDA approved. "BBB - Baby's Best Bio" mother goddess fuel courtesy of "BBS - Big Breast Suckers" ~ pyramid mystery finally disclothed? :D *PIC*
Re: Back in shelves now. FDA approved. "BBB - Baby's Best Bio" mother goddess fuel courtesy of "BBS - Big Breast Suckers" ~ pyramid mystery finally disclothed? :D
I'm dead-on serious! I mean it. Got enough milk? *NM*
Hi TNT family...Old Cosmo needs some strong prayers...Please read...Thank You...
Wow, stay safe. Here's the link to that incredible earthquake software being used and its free.
Thanks so very much Chooch! BLESS YOU...so very appreciated from my heart!:)....
thx 4 da link ;) *NM*
Dear Cosmo .... Praying ..... Here is an interview that might lighten your heart. Messages from the Light *LINK*
Good Morning Drummy....Thanks so very, very much!....
you know I have died at least 5 times, and each time was a diffrent journey
Dear C.O., if it's any consolation, just remember that our Creator/God protects His own in one way or another. He knows what those devils are up to & He loves to throw wrenches into their plans... *PIC*
Thank you so very much Moonshadow I so appreciate your kindness & love....thanks so much for all the helpful links on tsaunamies (hope I spelled that right:)....
Will send energy...sorry to hear you are in danger
Hi Dear Friend of the Flock...your kindness is very very much appricated & thanks so much for sharing your beautiful story with me:)....your kind heart energy shines through in your words....
trying to put myself into your place: I would assemble an unsinkable raft and foremostly prepare a stock of drinking water that lasts for a few weeks - and read survival guides for castaways.
AAHAAH! Thanks for the laugh Jack...now how about some of your Great Music:) *NM*
I'm dead-on serious! I mean it! Have enough wood? *NM*
good one jack, I believe your fires wood is wet, from all the water post. Re: I'm dead-on serious! I mean it! Have enough wood? *NM*
Re: Hi TNT family...Old Cosmo needs some strong prayers...Please read...Thank You... *LINK*
went there to the island of the cosmo, saw a small storm, which turned lateral degrees as a clock pointed at the 2 then went into a calm nice storm. no hard storm brewing. its all just the ride of
Thanks so very much Cathy...Bless you!:)....the kindness of your heart radiates from your post!...
Great message with a lot of points that should be repeated and emphasized and that lead to further conclusions especially regarding Organic Silica Chemistry, Silan Fuel, Silan Oil. . *NM*
Dear Maya...Thank You so very much for your beautful words of kindness & wisdom. I was so very HAPPT to hear from you. I tried to get your e-mail awhile back but was told that it could not be given to
Woman has a happy life without using money or credit for the past 15 years. Anyone can do it...
interesting!! there is hope for us then! *NM*
moon towers..pyramids..ufos..city lights..ancient ruins..hollow moon..160 amazing photos. (video)
Boy, 16, cycles across 75ft deep lake in gravity-defying stunt... but won't explain how he did it(link)
Where's da water coming off the back of da tires to show movement? Nice stunt though to raise money *NM*
Following Chooch's hint, checking the pic, et voila: The bike is fixed to a post in the water, therefore. New discipline detected: WATER POSTING eerrr ... POSING? :D *PIC*
Good Morning Jack...thanks...people do all kinds of lies don't they for attention...thanks for the info you & Chooch & Jack thanks so much for the Cindrella video it was so nice:) Have a beautiful Day
REPORT: Neumayer Station Antarctica -- Personnel Witness -- BROWN Dwarf & Nibiru in the SKY!! *VID*
lens flares, full moon, spotlights, GPS light, protection suits, discharged air ... reasonable yt-comments, nothing to be worried about, see similar clips *NM*
Thanks for the BRILLIANT assessment, Jack... I keep forgetting you Germans control Antarctica, so who would know better... JA?? :D *PIC*
Also solved: South Park. Brown Dwarf subliminal within video about germanski Antarctic Neumayer Station. The Hotler message within.
message from Old Swabia: better never forget, be prepared for 'things to come' as predicted by Edgar Cayce and Jakob Lorber ;) focus on 13 *NM*
English Channel Struck by 'Biggest Quake in 300 Years'...causing a few teacups to rattle & a quiver in some stiff upper lips... :O *PIC*
2012 Equation Solved - Part 1/8 videos
Some Crop Circles Translated video
Obama's New Chief of Staff -- "The Daley Machine" of Chicago -- The BIG GUNS -- From JPMorgan Chase... *PIC*
The Skin Gun: Healing Major Burns & Skin Trauma *LINK*
Mars Habitable Hot Spots *NM* *LINK*
Mozart Died At 35 - 'Didn't Get Enough Sun' (now add a little chemtrails to the mix, with a dash of radiation, and presto..........) *NM* *LINK*
Pure unscientific speculation? Other sources himself(!) included tell Mozart was poisoned to death, he revealed Freemason Confidentials in opera 'Magic Flute' and made enemy of the Bishop of Salzburg.
A Plague on the Gulf: Local Fisherman Pulls Up Dozens of Crabs with Oil Stains, Burns and Lesions Off Pensacola *LINK* *PIC*
Cinderella update (I leave you all with a joke tonight :) keep laughing we all need more laughter...Good Night)
Cinderella Baby - Германия. ;) *PIC*
"Cinderella Baby - peakaboo, peakaboo!" *NM*
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Woman Gropes TSA Agent's Breast at Security Checkpoint
She "admitted to the crime". ~ What crime? ~ I call that a "Tit for a Tat! Case dismissed (gavel pounding!) Don't waste my time! (said the Judge)" *NM*
Videos 1/7...Galactic Humans 101~Sheldan Nidle..(Quite intresting)
The College Conspiracy (Video doc) *LINK*
Wow! I knew it was bad but I really had no idea! *NM*
Confirmed: Federal Reserve Policy is Killing Lending, Employment and the Economy *LINK*
The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters (R they watching YOU?) *LINK* *PIC*
That's why I said earlier today that I will keep my "dumb" Meter :D
Thanks, Drummy! You're WAAAY ahead of me, and I had "half a brain" at best! *PIC*
OMG! That is disgusting! *NM*
Right term for 'smart meter'? Multifunctional Online Bug - abbreviated & handy: MOB! Got it? It's mobbing, MOBbing the sheeple. MOB bing bing bing - Hello, MircoShit, Gates & Ballmer embalming US? :D
Jacko you can absolutely flog something to death! *NM*
Sorry, a few months ago I had posted here about the dangers of the bugging devices softly sold as 'smart meters' but with no response ... just recalling. *NM*
Attention Attention! Switch your electric vibrators to solar, .... especially those that use them at 3 am and the coast is clear for reading your activities :D
Say What......what are those instructions again?....
I'd say and suggest: Throw away the plastic obelisk, go all natural ... just activate 'il cornuto' aka 'el diabolo' - the hand sign to activate the underworlds. Left hand, right hand, any hand! :D
A clip of two gutsy girls who threw away ALL vibsticks (battery, solar, dynamo) and switched to ALL natural 'il cornuto' palin-approved. Fascinating Self-Expression. :D
At second sight and WTF, WTF is it these gals caress with their slim hands in front of their craving faces? Solar powered vib symbols? - Naughty! So naughty! *NM*
Totally COOL! Great Beat! Thanks Jacks:) *NM*
My car-sticker suggestion: "Smart Meters For Dense Sheeple" As if we hadn't enough electro-smog already! total networking -> total interdependence -> easy one-click central switch-off :(
Imagine, millions of people every day send 'personalized smart packages' of own Pee & Poo to the authorities so that they can analyze everything they always wanted to know. IT WORKS! I SWEAR! :D *NM*
so the authorities can ANAL-yze, yes, ANAL-yze, anal-y-ze .... y-ze or i-see and such Ho ho ho! The AngelCode within Language. Hidden in plain sight. :D
Great idea...kinda like the old days when the kids would ring your door bell & leave a bag on fire at the dooe step full of dog poo...the kids would then hide & wait by your house to see you stomp the
Say What? That never happened in my neighbourhood!
Supposedly no dogs around, then! :D *NM*
Awwww.... I'm sorry...it was really quite funny when that was done to someone that was really a very mean uptight person in the neighbourhood....
rings oldmanjr.s door bell and runs ha
Doesn't it make you Wonder just how 'Smart' THEY really are? *PIC*
There ya go Moonshadow you hit the nail on the head...Thanks so much to You, Jack & Drummy for a Great laugh.....
cover your mouth when you are coffen man you wake your own dead self, by ways of expression, wait, that is a sayin thats evident, on july 18- on the east coast which is july 19 now on the west coast,
that suppose to be a shrunkin head? yep or is it like the cok a nut head carved mama brought back from Jamacia, oh yea she brought both. not knowing what she had, bless her heart. nieve and in o cent?
A little Canadian Insanity ..... *LINK*
Did you make those Videos DrumSpirit? They're Very Good! :) *NM*
Peter is a friend. All four of the brothers are from the same pod. Can't have them in the room at the same time or one goes crazy! :D *NM*
Bilderbergers Consider Rupert Murdoch to be a Serious Threat to Their Agenda... So now we see TPTB bringing him down -- in more ways than one...?? *PIC*
Let's hope they gobble up each other. *NM*
I'll second that! :D *NM*
Mission Ignition: Who was one of the greatest gobblers last century? Ya ... ya.... yeaaah: Jo Seph GOeBBELs, chosen pointerfinger fidgeting big mouth chimp.
And WHO are The Powers To Be aka The Powers That Were short TPTB TPTW ..... a cloud of smokescreens, a mixture of bloodlines, reptilians, jesuits, paper clippers, NaZis etc. blah bla blither blump?
oooooooh... another Jack-Attack... nice boots... *NM* *PIC*
So, a factual question is a 'personal attack' for you and onto you? But sorry, you are not the only one swaying Holy Incense Candelabra to numb down believers into submission.
If you find my posts so Offensive, then why read them? Seems rather Masochistic to me, unless you enjoy getting your bowels in an uproar... :O *PIC*
Drawing the personal psycho card ... you're sure you are not ... Dragon ... maybe? Ya know, "MoonShadow", your crooked shadows attract light, inevitably. Enjoy the light! Come out of the dark! :D *NM*
I don't play psycho card games. That's YOUR Enlightenment. The only Dragon I know posts at the Rumor Mill. Nothing in common there -- he's a Liberal & likes Obama. *NM*
Besides, you open my mind, you increase my awareness and trigger some conclusive enlightenment - Thank You! HUGS & KISSES! :D *NM*
Hmmm... You must have seen your Swami already... :D *NM*
lest I forget it: thanks for the term jack-attack, I like it, yakka-dee-yakk (gobble-dee-dyke)
no one is attacking anyone are they? am I that stupified? damnit
ALEC Exposed!!!!...(here is another beauty...Good God...slaves forever)
David icke, Alex Collier , Alan Watts. You were Born an original, Do not DIE A COPY! *LINK*
Powerful message there...I likie:)...
Likie Ickie! So simple. Meant to be simple. So why are we so complicated? *NM*
We have been so lied to & brain washed....
Very Cool! Felt it, have felt it and will feel it again!
Project Camelot, Kerrys blogg: The Mission: Gathering of the Rainbow Warriors, Tribes, Alex Collier and more(videos)
Ex-CIA Agent Explains How Bloggers Can “Dump Congress On Its Ass” video..BLOGG AWAY PEOPLE!!! Get all the CRIMINALS OUT!
Black Helicopters Seen Over Crop Circles (links, videos, photos)
Free Energy here at last...coming in October (link)
SPOOKY COMMUNICATION: "The skies over the Spanish island of La Palma
Temperature spiking out in Gulf of Mexico 100+ degrees 1:00 am in morning (VIDEO)
VIDEO..St. Petersburg Florida Police cut up HOMELESS peoples tents
Re: VIDEO..St. Petersburg Florida Police cut up HOMELESS peoples tents
I'd rather keep my dumb meter please! *LINK*
my electric blinks on and off *NM*
electrical code writer for the east coast will be doing a heavy wire to wire inside out inspection, for bugs, and any non authorized by me within my domain and car, along with Raintree's power company *PIC*
Gates is at it again. And this time he is after stinky feet! *LINK*
BLOCKBUSTER REVELATION! - MINI Documentary - Illegal Obama "Propped Up" By Congress!
Pelosi Says She’s ‘Almost Too Busy’ to Continue Listening to Debt Talks *PIC*
This NanSee Peel-US-eeee! Oh my oh my oh my. How dare you promote jew-hatred? Coming out of the woods now? - Peel-US-ee staunch ally of Eretz Yisroel. A True Beacon of Light & Liberty! :D *PIC*
PELOSI... With Her One True MASTER. (BTW, I love the way you use your Headlines to Poop Out Your Main Droppings of JACK-A-LOONY *truth* :D)... *PIC*
Last Line Defense? Sure, Pope Ratzinger controls the OFFICIUM aka MOSSADNIK TABERNACLE. Papa also threatens the world with Atomic Chemical Biological warfare, brags about killer missions etc etc etc
Nice to see a GERMAN Free Speech Advocate... Quite a Novelty you know! :D *NM*
You finally admit how narrow your anti-germanic slit-view in fact is ... eerrrr WAS. Yes, was, of cause! Course - done.
ABUSE of Power - New Hampshire Judge Caught On Video Ordering False Arrest *LINK*
End Of The Line ~ Traveling Wilburys
Episode #64: Ron Paul is all in, Anonymous: Military Meltdown Monday *LINK*
Police Intelligence Analyst Fired For Saying 9/11 And 7/7 Look Like Inside Jobs *LINK*
Ron Paul Blasts GOP Establishment In Dramatic First Campaign Video *LINK*
Matthew updates...Elenin not a problem!
NEW SECRET FEDERAL RESERVE LOCATION REVEALED: West Creek Operations Center (enlarged Google Earth images + VIDEO) *PIC*
Elenin: Does it 'Fulfill' Biblical Prophecy? *NM* *LINK*
MadDog I think it is all distraction , lies & Bullshit! TPTB know how gulliable we all are & they are just doing everything they can to control & make us so freaked out till we completly Lose our mind
I think it's Planet X that's supposed to fly by & rip the top layer of planet Earth off... :O (I'm joking!... :D ... sort of...) *NM*
I think it is Superman!
methinks it's for supper, maaan (wooomaaan? ;) ) *NM*
Elenin code-word for E-levated LENIN. The Baalshevik Moshiach ben Molech will come back and bring the New Soviet Revolution to Ummerika. The signs in the sky, the end is nigh. Vladimir E. Lenin. :( *PIC*
5.3 Earthquake in Upala Alajuela, Costa Rica has caused a River tio disappear!
2012 UFO'S ALIENS SECRET EARTH HISTORY Alex Collier (videos...sorry I don't know how to enbed them)
RE: Embedding
Drummy all the info from part 1 to I think part 10 is very good all about where each race comes from & lots of intresting info....
Reposting the videos of: Alex Collier ( I just checked & I don't see them posted. I am so sorry I'm getting senile:) here they are)
thanks you two! awesome to get some new info from allex and his andromedian contacts...is this newly released info? *NM*
Operation Bohemian Grove July 13th 2011 @ dawn *LINK*
How can another human work as a security gurd to guard evil murders that kill innocent children...these security gurd should all be arrested & hung! this makes me sooooo very sick & angry to see the
I think they are all under mind control CO. There is no other explantion for it. Also locals love the income from the tourist business. Sick I know. *LINK*
What are we to believe any more???? this man writing this says he goes to the Bohemian Grove meetings.Well he is probably doing everything evil that all of the rest of them are doing in there. He is
Re: Let's just say
The End of Rupert Murdoch? (links)
Sweet-talking the Murdoch scandal = from YayaCa nada *LINK*
Will Social Security Checks Go Out on August 3rd? A Bully Debt Limit Increase: Need vs Want (+ VIDEO) *PIC*
Buying organ parts from the market? Indeed fascinating! *NM* *LINK*
ANONYMOUS...Operation: Onslaught (July 30th, 2011)
Johnny Carson Lie Detector Politician :D *VID*
Patricia Cori - U.S. Navy destroying dolphins & whales, attacking Earth's life frequency (GREAT Interview!!!)
ARE THE PTB'S ABOUT TO LET THE US DOLLAR IMPLODE? (You can listen to the radio show with Dex from last night, check it out some wide awake info)
Here is what I got when I did a google search for Anonymous at Bohemian Grove...Hmmm...this is so weard I think...but then again not really in this world today..."THE THOUGHT POLICE"?????
I don't know what happened to ATS, but I LOVE your Smilies! :D *NM*
Dylan Ratigan On The Grand Political Delusion: "Wake Up America! Both Parties Are The SAME! Six Industries Control Everything! It's Time For Independents To Rise!" VIDEO
The Coming Insurrection - A Final Warning to Governments around the World (video
How Is This Different From Armed Robbery????
CERN Conjuring SHIVA -- The God of Destruction?! :D (That's okay, they'll send us the Lord of the Flies...) :O *PIC*
SPECIAL REPORT: The Bilderberg Meeting 2011 -- They Want WORLD WAR & MORE *PIC*
There seems to be a problem with the LINK working right now, although it was working fine (several times) until I got ready to post. So try again later. If necessary, I'll post another LINK. *NM*
LINK is working now. *NM*
7/13/2011 -- Global Earthquake and Volcano overview -- worldwide UPTICK continues *LINK* *PIC*
Gerald Celente on RT America 14 june 2011 *LINK* *PIC*
They'll fix it in the software *LINK*
Europe's Only Chance for Survival By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. July 11, 2011 *LINK*
Study: Politicians share personality traits with serial killers(Now I would say that's quite an accurate study :):)
Well, looky looky, how generous these 'politishuns' are, they SHARE their prominent traits with lower criminals - how come? Birds of a feather? *NM*
Censored News *NM* *LINK*
SLA - Silver Liberation Army- The March Begins!!! "Spread the Word to the sheeple!" Stand up for your rights and hedge against Inflation!" *LINK*
As a Member of the SLA, Keep in Mind!
Yes yes YES!!! So TRUE!
Jaime Maussan * Latest-UFO-Sightings * Recent UFO sightings in Lake Erie 2011
UFO OVER BERLIN 11.06.2011
btw to me it looks more like hilarious fakes to ridicule the real sightings - sluggish blimpage LOL :D
Humpback whale gives a beautiful show after being saved (video)
whale youngster was very patient, even considerate enough to swim away but not too far so that helpers would not be endangered by the powerful display showing regained 'joy of life' ;) Na Mah Shivaya!
shankha :)
Thank you Jack:) BEAUTIFUL! I love it:).....
thanks, in fact it was a day with heavy rain, thunderstorms, enforced break from work outside, nature loved the fresh breeze ;) I had very pleasant company with an agro-scientist from Isfahan/Persia
cool change accepted thank you
Eden Sky - 2012 We Are the Living Prophecy .mov *LINK*
This lady makes alot of sence...I like what she shared...music to my ears:).....
Yeah I quite like her. Actually she resonates with ma more than Keisha Crowler *NM*
Whoops! I Mean Kiesha Crowther *NM*
Good Morning Drummy...you know quite a few times now I find responce on here that you have responded to my post...But they never come up in my computer...not sure why. *NM*
Answering Anonymous Call @ Bohemian Grove...
Oh! You are Good! (just a longer version pls :D ) *NM*
I don't mean to sound disrespectful of the post ... but isn't it all here say and there say
You said.....
Re: You said.....
The Revolution Has Begun In Europe (Must Watch!) *LINK* *PIC*
Evolution's Revolution new Face *PIC*
The Song is like a mantra in my head now! Great tune! :D *NM*
I am still in re-play mode... afiresidechat can make a person feel the love even after a inferno flame war. *NM*
Face recognition in a crowd ~ Technology is amazing!!! Just follow the instructions below. Big Brother really could be watching you!! Scary stuff! Privacy? Just think what the police and the m *LINK*
Mind over Matter: Secrets of human aura revealed by Russian scientists - video
Reeducation of Human Value ~ Lisa Renee ~ Energetic Synthesis *LINK*
X-37B: Is the orbital drone of USAF/NASA, triggering world wide earthquakes???(video)
OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA - counterbalance the increasingly more desperate 'boiling excrement dispensation' :D *PIC*
Hitler Ordered Blow Up Sex Dolls For Nazi Soldiers!!! :D *PIC*
Hitler Loves His Barbie Dolls... :D *VID*
A Hostile Takeover By Police Chief Dictatorship Could Create A Public Backlash. Remember Athens,TN in 1946 *LINK*
Welcome to our newest MODERN DAY HERO: Anonymous *LINK* *PIC*
pienso surtido selecto :) *NM*
: Anonymous - the perfect choice......for a hero nomination. *NM*
Michael Tellinger - Slave Species of the Gods - Human Origins - video series
'Anonymous' fights back against arrests for feeding homeless
Cool. thanks for sharing these vids too!! *NM*
Muslim Boys as Young as THREE in Gaza & Afghanistan: Trained to KILL for Allah... (The CIA & Phony "Christian Crusaders" Must Really Be Proud of Themselves...) *VID* *PIC*
Just a Toto-ing and Holding the Line! *LINK*
but when you know....
No More Privacy (video) Another must watch video....
A Future Earth: A Vision for a New Earth ~ Bashar and Ayako Sekino *LINK*
Author Stefan Molyneux: America is a Grim Rewind of The Last Days of The Roman Empire(videos)
INFO AT INFOWARS.COM :Anonymous Could Unleash “Literally Explosive” Material on Bohemian Grove
What Anonymous found out & more in this article which is titled :MILITARY MELTDOWN MONDAY: MANGLING BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON
This group is AWESOME. I want to learn more about this group and join thier forces!
I don't know who they are ...But, have been enjoying their videos....
Re: I don't know who they are ...But, have been enjoying their videos....
Anonymous Message To Monsanto; We fight for farmers! (video)
House Passes World War 3 Legislation With Senate To Vote On Bill Next... Well, Geez, was anybody going to tell us before the Mushroom Clouds start bloomin'? WTF...? *PIC*
Tyrannus Obama Rex *PIC*
Congress Proposes Bill to Allow WORLDWIDE WAR… Including INSIDE the U.S. *PIC*
Mayor gets arrested and Martial Law gets declared!!! YEP!! *LINK*
wait, now martial law is when there is not president, and the military and police take control... correct me if I am wrong. but this is what I learned in political science... in 1992 at cpcc *NM*
Reachinbeyond "THE MORAL LAW"
Not so in Canada! Not many will remember the FLQ crisis we had in Quebec ..... ~ PM Trudeau "Just Watch Me!" ~ (It is more like "when they see fit, they do!") *LINK*
the vid, is not authorized in the usa, drumie *NM*
Maybe this link will work (it's a shorter version) ~ Other link might be blocked since it is a local TV station archive *LINK*
I cannot access, I get the following message...
Ahh that it is disappointing. The conversation with Trudeau and reporter really showed 40 years ago the beginning of what is happening today.
IMNO A MUST SEE VIDEO! "Fukushima video NRC and nuclear industry doesn't want you to see"
New Force Powering Earth's Tectonic Plates Discovered...? :D Sounds like something churned out from one of 'Obama's Believe It Or Not' Think Tanks... down in the White House basement... *PIC*
Reading this I hear the name Jessie Jackson... push it posh it real hard... ? I do not know yet, just be patient. will dec.if her in a bit. *PIC*
rainbow/push ... magma = mg magma is the meaning if I die you die? yet magnesium is what the magma brought up in my "THE KNOIWNG" Spirit gave to me, more to come *LINK*
OPERATION PUSH MAGMA: He got his mojo's hoes workin' down below... 'cause his schnizzle is a fizzle. *NM*
sizzle bizzle talking izzle: Lizzle is da dizzle for obongo prezi jizzle in DC hizzle :D *NM*
Steve Quayle: Angel Wars 1/3 Videos on Coast To Coast AM July 10, 2011
THANK YOU C.O. for posting Steve's interview -- He shines a Very Bright Light into some Very Dark Places. He & Tom Horn address the Real Issues IMO. THANKS AGAIN! :) *NM*
the healing of the sea bed via my email to cmpd
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! One of my old time very favorites...brings back some real COOL memories:) *NM*
beautiful, *NM*
Video reveals gas leaks under US cities
South Pole Pics & Interview w/Nibiru Insider on 6/6/11(Now.... why is he being....
If the earth and its people are going to be destroyed what is the point of continuing wars? I just don't get that! *NM*
Oh Dear Oldman Jr....neither do I get it...we can't get it because we don't think like the ones causing all of the evil destruction &....
America for the sake of humanity...PLEASE WAKE UP!!!
Beyond the Bul$shit *LINK*
cock in pea marks your spot. or... not..
Great validation of life after death:)...Beautiful story:) Thanks for sharing. *NM*
Thank you, My fathers Legacy is quite amazing, isn't it, with out a doubt proof, just profound with goose bumps *NM*
evolutenary family empathy is the invisible hand to civalize.
instincts of the laws of morals and ethics. reachinbeyond
I’m with Stupid and Proud of It ...By : The Dog Poet
Message from :Anonymous: Operation Bohemian Grove – July 13th ( link & video)
Message from Montague Keen July 10, 2011...IT IS TIME......
On Planet Earth...(video )
The Agenda Project: Patriotic Millionaires' Message to Congress..(VIDEO )
STRANGE Story! ( article & video )
MUST WATCH VIDEOS! Please...there is a huge message here for all of us... from our brothers & sisters, Native American's....watch & learn...THE GHOST DANCE!
Looks Who's Preparing Our BRAIN CHIPS... :D that is... if we're not Genocided first...? :O *PIC*
Good Morning Moonshadow :)....Just some of my rambling thoughts I share if I may.....
Dear C.O., you hit the nail on the head! -- KEEP ON POUNDIN! :D I'll NEVER trust those little ET Buggers. After TSHTF -- I'd guess a humongous Earthquake & what TPTB will call WWIII...
Oh yes...Dear Moonshadow....
Even though TPTB have tried to Destroy the Credibility of the Bible in peoples' hearts & minds, all these things have been foretold... and that we would be left with nothing but our FAITH. *NM*
Playing For Change...video
Urgent Message! The entire world economy is about to collapse!...video
Thank you so much for all of your intersting posts!
Good Morning...Friend of the flock...to your question about the IRS...My honest answer to you is ...I don't know my dear, honestly...But...IMHO the IRS as illegal & evil as it maybe...That is..
I just donated to RON PAUL - for the RIGHT REASONS = LIBERTY ($25.00 - I do what I can - you should too) *LINK*
The X-Conference with Journalist Jaime Maussan.( Video )
I am reposting the link incase the first link don't work....
The True Patriot Movement Is No 'Movement' At All -- A Steel Net Has Been Thrown Over America *LINK*
Check this out!! Totally Amazing...3D Printer: Copies 3D Objects
Lab Test On CHEMTRAILS...From: ECETI News
ROSALIE BERTELL: Yes, she should be listened to! *LINK*
More Funny Money for Canada! ~ It's plastic!!! ~ What ever happened to the Amero? *LINK*
NASA Live Broadcast Last Mission STS-135 Shows UFOs – Cuts Video Stream Again! (video)
What a pile of poopill for the peeples! Stay glued to your screen now! *NM*
Good Morning....:) YEP!.....
NASA, White House, operatives pushing psyops meme around Comet Elenin
Inuit People On Sun Wrong ,Stars Wrong , Earth Tilting On Axis (video )
The True Patriot Movement Is No 'Movement' At All... a Steel Net has been thrown over America
Money Morning *LINK*
YES you trigger my fantasy: MoneyDay, DuesDay, WhenceDay, ThirstDay, FriedDay, SatyrDay, SonDay. Whollydaze is CrissMess. - Expanding se possibilities of Ingliss Speek.:D *NM*
Re: I get a bit Pissy at times, and for good reason *LINK*
(Message Deleted by Poster)
whos naming who? *LINK*
the Idget Vote
evident prints of connecting the dots the emails and the scamaronies *LINK*
Fukushima Radiation: A Soft-Kill Operation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *LINK*
New World Order: Australian Green Party Leader admits Global Warming is Really all about One World Government New World Order: Australian Green Party Leader admits Global Warming is Really all about *LINK*
Quite possibly --- now becomes Definite Fact! Thank you! *NM*
Hi TNT MadDog...sending you:)....
Welcome to our newest Modern Day Hero: Adam Kokesh "Adam vs the Man .com" *LINK* *PIC*
So if you bring a pistol back home you get honorable discharge? *LINK*
well that could be a secure investment for an antique... *NM*
gosh, I forgot it was the weekend, I MISS Evident Footprints, I am so addicted to the broadcast. (; *NM*
Arizona Wilder - Bizarre Experiences of a Mind Control Slave - 1 of 6 *LINK*
my grand daughters eyes shift back and forth real fast then she screatches with intense crying
pretty deep dodo for a birdie
Yes you are right. It must not be for me. Perhaps sentences ending would help? *NM*
corrected, thanks drumspirit
That's Impossible: Invisibility Cloaks used in military - Part 1/5 *LINK*
As DSK's Star Is Rising, Is Lagarde's About To Set? French Court To Decide Whether To Open Against Brand New IMF Head *LINK*
To Drummy & Catbird....
Thanks! Someone has to watch over us. We are up to our eyeballs in shit! *NM*
((((HUGS))))) may the highest love of the holy angels kiss your pillow tonight Cosmic Observer, thank you for you *NM*
Another bizarre post? Banner day . What Princess Diana Knew - The Official Resistance *LINK*
as I was posting,
So now you can become a Bird on a Wire. *NM*
rahahahaha reahahally, ha ha ha you are witty *NM*
O-M-G!!!! So in your face! Is this real?? Have any of you seen this before? ~ 911 - KITE - PLANE - MUST - HIT - STEEL - BIGGEST 911 SECRET !! *LINK*
Holy SH**....ARE WE ALL IN BIG TROUBLE ON THIS EVIL PLANET! Thanks for the awakening post Drummy! *NM*
Ya know I've been a thinkin'... rare but
Re: Ya know I've been a thinkin'... rare but
pardon muah, who is they? *NM*
Excellent point! I did not see that connection. *NM*
code breaking news
Hi Catbird....
WOW! just when we thought things could not get any more evil.....
well said, I totally agree with cosmicobserver *NM*
Thank You! ...I have been putting much thought into this for quite a long time now & I have started to see this whole insane world as all one big bullshit scam. *NM*
My thoughts too. *NM*
This INSANE World has brought me to this...pic ( & I don't even drink alcohol:)
I don't drink either, though it crossed my mind on wednesday , only a half of a blink
BOILING FROG ALERT: Congress Wants Automatic Wage Deductions To Pay Down The Debt *PIC*
D. Bunker would say: The 'boiling frog' story is a convenient myth, not true at all, the frog jumps out before it gets too warm inside, no matter if warming water slowly or more quickly. :D Caught! *NM*
We're AMERICAN Frogs... a little Slower on the Uptake... No? *NM*
Iran Test Fires Two Long-Range Missiles Into Mouth Of Indian Ocean Where Two U.S. Aircraft Carriers Are Situated (Article + MAP) *LINK*
What got US Murder Platforms to do in others' mouth? They'd better fire into the azz of the Mediterranean to accelerate Armageddon? :O *NM*
I see only a small question mark in a big frame, several times, many frames ... how do you upload pictures? *NM*
Re: I see only a small question mark in a big frame, several times, many frames ... how do you upload pictures?
Hi Don, thanks for trying to help, your answer is a hint for Cosmic methinks, I have no problem with uploading/inserting pics. Can you see any of Cosmic's photos on screen? Will upload a few later on. *NM*
Bilderberg West:The Bohemian Grove Peacful Protest July 16-17 between 11:00 AM
Alexander Shulgin IS a Member of Bohemian Grove...

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