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Max Keiser: 'America will lose its sovereignty'
The Quickening on Vimeo *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Keiser Report: Exorbitant Privilege (E170) *LINK* *PIC*
Ticker Tape TimeLine.... nice post, I see the bloomburg post at the beginning,
Tapping into the vast void of the Mind of All That Is *LINK* *PIC*
China's Ghost Cities and Malls *LINK* *PIC*
Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity and Disease *LINK* *PIC*
The Quickening & October 28, 2011(video)
Rep. Paul introduces bill to cancel $1.6T in debt held by Federal Reserve *LINK* *PIC*
Coast To Coast AM - 4.8.2011 - 1/4 - Parapsychology & Spirituality *LINK* *PIC*
Roseanne Barr Running For President (Now I'd vote for her! YOU GOOO... GIRL!:)...I think she would
Re: Roseanne Barr Running For President (Now I'd vote for her! YOU GOOO... GIRL!:)...I think she would
RoseAnne's Full announcement ..... She will take no money! *NM* *LINK*
Re: RoseAnne's Full announcement ..... She will take no money!
Calleman: Participate in the Cosmic Convergence September 23-26, 2011!
There are Good People in every Race & Culture & they are waking UP! Please watch .....THE ISRAELI LOBBY CONTROLS AMERICA BUT THE JEWISH STATE IS FALLING APART (Video)
TSA Staff at LAX Undergoing Transgender Training *PIC*
I love the photo, I would love to be gay, I just do not have the feel for women.
I too used to find the Karma Chameleons somewhat amusing until the Government started legislating their lifestyles down everyone's throat... *PIC*
nudes are best, amazing *LINK*
Why don't the youth fight back *LINK*
interesting *LINK*
oops that was to go down undas. diss *NM*
no phone service on all three of my different phones CMPD FOX attention
America, we've been Dagonged -- China Downgrades America *PIC*
Somethin's Different in TEXAS these days... :O *PIC*
mason jars make for a mighty fine gage as well as ole pie covenants.
Sensational New Movie Blasts Failures of Cancer Establishment *LINK*
spill it, do I have cancer, cause I do not feel I do, watched daddy's symptoms and both inlays, and grand mother, and many family members, the worst was my dads sis, dying of tongue cancer.
what the dagblasted is that type inlays, I TYPED IN LAWS OMGGGG *NM*
Tongue Cancer? Dental labs use recycled rare metals from nuclear plants with allegedly LOW radiation - but there's NO level of harmless nuclear radiation.
remember that post someone posted about the twin daughter, and the treatments she went through
Catbird Here is the Movie you speak of- watch free on line for those that have not seen it yet. "Burzynski - The Movie - Cancer is serious Business" *NM* *LINK*
thank you Drums so so much. I lost all of my saved tnt links I had saved in a computer crash. thank you so much. *NM*
When I die just Torch me! No one will be fooling around with my DNA! *NM*
you wont believe what I found today, by listening to the knowing, they already have MY DNA SAVED, I WILL BE A MAN HA, NEXT TIME. *LINK*
oddly my right hop was bone core drilled and mri done the feb 2003 of replacement and bone core drill to stop the avascular necrosis,Puzzle Palace coming to gather nicely *LINK*
The History of the “Money Changers” *LINK*
Truth be told...!! :O *PIC*
hits forehead with hand saying "DAG, I COULD OF HAD A V8, that is the energy exchange I am changing your ton of bricks. ha ;) *NM*
The Ptolemaic (Egyptian) Papal Nobility Bloodlines + King Tut & His Incestuous Parents + Half of European Men... :O *PIC*
is haudy the same as horder
this world today: youngster entrapped itself accidentally, I freed it with my own hands, then my finger was hit hard by the beak, I made a few close-ups and let the beast hop away :D *PIC*
alien abduction check list, *LINK*
I have decided, *PIC*
lighten(ed) up :) *PIC*
my first click of that new app in my outer haha, read that alien check list, parallel to the post you just made *NM*
outer is suppose to be computer, oops, tyoneese *NM*
You speak tyoneese? I speak Bouldereese
I speak chineeeese a lil bit and improving now with a student from Beijing, ya know. :D
Ah yes Phoneticeese. That is sometimes how I write. *NM*
I speak lotalackaphonics too... *NM*
hey whats a gay girley diano soar called?
Iranian is New Head of OPEC... Ahwannajihad Calling the Shots... :O *PIC*
if you chew like cows do on the word jihad ... ji had ... gee hat ... do you taste jew hate? Subliminal inclusion? *NM*
when learning how to speak properly in finishing school, ha ha ha (I rebel so to conforming) they had us repete this, HOW NOW BROWN COW, making our mouths go Oo0 *NM*
Panic in Chicken Shack? :O Egypt party leader: "Holocaust is ‘a lie’ - no lampshades made of skinned jews - Anne Franke Diary a fraud - WTC 911 Made in USA - and - 'Ahmadinejad' HATES Israel!" *PIC*
btw Washington Times article written by a 'Ben Birnbaum' (?) and Vladimir Putin said similar things recently in Moscow. Oh oh oh! What's going on?
Same old Revisionist History... Same old Lies... But at least the LOGO you posted said it ALL... *PIC*
The bottom picture is 'Anne Frank' of course, thought it's plain obvious ... not? *NM*
It's not about ME getting something right or wrong, it's those high ranking politicians I referred to. Besides: Thanks, I'm able to think for myself. How about you? :D *NM*
My heartfelt comments would be in the linked comments .... did you read them? - So, Zionists justify Killer Breivik, the victims have it deserved? - Supremacist Arrogance turning to Damp Squib?
Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed U.S. Economy Really Is...(link)
That's prolly cuz he knows who's really doin' the screwin' & who's gonna get the Blame... :O :D *NM*
So, this 'brave chicken shacker' needs to be drunk to see reality / to tell the truth? Who did the screw? The screwdriver, who? Putin said US economy is 'parasitical' - therefore - hear hear he knows. *NM*
As FUN as the story reads, it's a satire written by The Onion. Good reason to... *LINK* *PIC*
ha, when michael left tuesday, I found a screw in a gift box. hahahaha
Stunning UFO Shaped Cloud Creates Panic Over Montreal 2011
Robert M. Stanley: Washington, DC is a portal for negative grey ETs; we must invite positive ETs *LINK* *PIC*
Ezekiel Emanuel (RAHM'S BROTHER! :O) Heads Up Obama's 'Death Panel' *VID*
Hillbilly hand fishin
These people are nuts! *NM*
Big Awesome Face in the Clouds - New Brunswick, Canada - August 2, 2011 *LINK*
the new sun *NM* *LINK*
Military Train Convoys Filmed In Oregon As Domestic Troop Movements Continue To Skyrocket *LINK* *PIC*
up on the mountain ***FOX*** CMPD
Beyond Me, Beyond Belief and Beyond Reason *LINK*
Drummy these are real nice. Thanks so much for posting them, I never knew about this guy before. Have a nice evening & Thanks again.:) *NM*
Re: Drummy these are real nice. Thanks so much for posting them, I never knew about this guy before. Have a nice evening & Thanks again.:)
I am sooooo very HAPPY for You:)....
Funny It DOES feel like another dimension!
I'm so excited for you! Hey have you ever heard about ...Quntam Jumping? I could try & post on here to you quite a bit of real good info I got on it. There are a whole course you can take, but too...
Quantum Jumpig, Quantum Leaping, Quantum Flying! Hey I'll try anything once...
Message from SaLuSa, August 3, 2011 by Mike Quinsey
Crop Circles Created By Wallabies 'Stoned' On Opium.....HAHAHAHA!!.....
(AUDIO) Disc shaped craft is spotted circling near Stansted by BBC Reporter this AM
Why the Creation Cycles do not end December 21 2012, but October 28, 2011 & October 28, 2011 ( Long read , But...good read:) links.
SECRET SPACE PROGRAM: Open Panel Discussion - Q&A 4 videos *LINK* *PIC*
Israel 'Ready to Negotiate Borders With Palestinians' (Netanyahu -- CFR, gets his marching orders from New York -- he'll do whatever he's told to do)
Perfect Performance: "Nobody's Perfect" by Jessie J = Half-Artist Half-Therapist, in her own words :)
Sources: Joe Biden Likened Tea Partiers to Terrorists *PIC*
Computers Rig Elections: Programmer Under Oath (VIDEO) *LINK*
What the Hell are UN Bux? *PIC*
Senate Panel Keeps ‘Secret Patriot Act’ Under Wraps *PIC*
The USDA’s Incestuous Relationship with Obama's New 'Rural Council' & the United Nations *PIC*
where to buy chinese antique furniture? *LINK* *PIC*
Medicine woman invocation (video)...May You.....
Re: PROJECT CAMELOT: DOGON SPEAK TO THE WORLD(enbedded video, when I first posted it would not let me enbedd the video. Here it is now)
Super Congress To Target Second Amendment *LINK*
Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) -- They Gotcha! *PIC*
August Forecast 2011 PPS School of Shamanism Jose Stevens *LINK* *PIC*
Shepard Ambellas Of The Intel Hub On ELENIN & NASA & Sylvain Henry's "War Against Lies" *LINK* *PIC*
A Small MICHIGAN NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL..... short and to the point..... *NM* *PIC*
Re: A Small MICHIGAN NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL..... short and to the point..... *LINK*
Short & to the Point... It's called "Socialized LOVE"... :D They shove it down your throat & if you instinctively PUKE, they'll find a way to kill you... :O *PIC*
Dutchsince interview about southern cal volcanic eruptions *LINK*
my apologies I was trying to provide the link from my DROID *LINK*
G.O.D. = Generator of Dreams / Dimensions. *LINK* *PIC*
Silly Me, I Thought G.O.D Stood For...
The Next 18 Days.....
World we see is make-believe, top British scientist says(link)
REPORT: Test Confirms Roswell Debris Is Not From Earth *PIC*
Obama's Final Loophole: The "Catastrophic Emergency" Clause? *LINK*
Even the Tooth Fairy Knows It's a Depression :O *PIC*
Critical Alert From Banking Operations I/T Mgr.
Planet Alert August 2011 by Mahala
The Energy Control Game on Earth with Tobias Lars Part 2.
Who Built the Moon? *LINK* *PIC*
The Awakening is REAL it is Happening!Why we left the (British) Police Force - A Spiritual Awakening under way!
HEAR O ISRAEL! An ISRAELI Victim of Child Protective Services & the MK-Ultra Program in ISRAEL... *VIDS*
The Illusion of Good & Evil how people get caught up into giving their energy to the system & what you can do about it.( This is happening all over right now to side track those of us doing good &
If link in previous post don't work, try this one....
'The Destroyer' Is Coming & What the Government Isn't Telling Us... *LINK*
Children of the Earth - When All is Done is Undone *LINK* *PIC*
I know this may ruffle some feathers, but someone keeps ruffling mine everyday... :O *VID* *PIC*
Funny!!! Adorable Parrot!!! Now I will watch the video!! *NM*
The National Inflation Association's latest post is worthwile reading...
If birds can fly, you can too! *LINK*
George Carlin ~ The American Dream *LINK* *PIC*
Hey The World is so screwed up you may as well have a sense of humour. Seems donuts have made the grade! :D *LINK*
Re: Hey The World is so screwed up you may as well have a sense of humour. Seems donuts have made the grade! :D *NM* *PIC*
Ha Ha! You're in the wave now! And Georgie above sums it up in 3 minutes. *NM*
Re: Libya: A Test Run for a Future NATO Attack on Israel? (Obama's Last Hurrah? :D)
All Heil to the Chief! :D *NM*
Jump You F*#kers (A Song for Wall Street) *VID* *PIC*
KUDOS Re: LOL!!!.....KUDOS!!!!! *NM*
lmo omfg dito Re: LOL!!!.....KUDOS!!!!! *NM*
Norway Now Feels Just Like Israel (Grieving? Yes... Empathetic? No) *PIC*
New World Birth - Prenatal care for the Birth of a New World Age 2011-07-30
New Crop Circle at: West Woodhay Down, Nr Inkpen, Wiltshire. Reported 29th July. (INTERPRETIDID!)
The (re)Education of Sacred Embodiment.(Link)
UFO Found on Ocean Floor?
Norwegian Templar Knight TERRORIST Wants Norway to EMBRACE the POPE -- WHY have THESE Facts NOT been Pointed Out PUBLICLY??? COVER-UP COVER-UP COVER-UP!!! *PIC*
Say what! And how often did zio-patsy Andrew Berwick(ed!) praise Israel and Zionism in his ill-starred fat tome - probably NOT written by him?! :D *PIC*
Why do you Defend a Mass Murderer? Because he's a little too NAZI & a little too PAPIST to Deny? The Evidence must be Frustrating for you... :D *PIC*
Last CHUTZPAH resort as usual: Personal attacks, putting words in my mouth and reverse the visible facts. - So, where and when did I defend Utoya-Killer Breivik? - Now look up your JIDF manual how to
Since the Jesuits do in fact control all technology transfers in the West, I'm sure they can handle the Internet quite nicely... *PIC*
‘Norway attack suspect had anti-Muslim, pro-Israel views’ Jerusalem Post – 24th July 2011 ... cuz he was Templar Knight, Freemason, Nationalist, Catholic and ... a mind-controlled Mothafugga? :O
A little something for EVERYONE to chew on -- right Jack-O? Sounds like they make it up as they go along... :O *PIC*
‘Ningen’ humanoid sea creatures of the Antarctic
Thursday, July 28, 2011July 28, 2011 - WHITE HATS REPORT #24
Update Kerry's blog on Project Camelot regarding: WHITE HATS REPORT #24
Strange,Weird And Unique Natural Phenomenon (Photo's)
Barbara Hand Clow's AstroFlash: Leo New Moon July 30, 2011 *LINK* *PIC*
Jed McKenna - The Taming of the Ego *LINK* *PIC*
John Lash - Red Ice Interview 07-21-11 *LINK* *PIC*
Kill the Messenger *LINK*
Latest Crop Circle -- Reported July 27th
Apple computer company has more cash on hand than the US government!!!
7/29/2011 -- Six plumes erupt over 12 hours -- California and Nevada -- ALL VOLCANO SITES *LINK* *PIC*
Bill Would Force Intel Chief to Renounce ‘Secret Patriot Act’
Part Human/Part Animal Hybrid Monsters Are Being Created By Scientists All Over The Planet
Earth's Shape is Morphing
very good find :) *NM*
Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance & Disavowal
Very good find! SO appropriate. Mister Hegel from Stuttgart ... !
Terrorist Proclaimed Himself 'Darwinian,' Not 'Christian'
Minnesota Now Paying Scientists to Engage in Human Cloning
Warning From Well Connected Listener
U.S. Ending Loan Guarantees to Israel at End of 2011 -- (I guess SO, since bailing out the Banks & Europe, the U.S. barely has a Pit to Hiss in...) :O *PIC*
So Israel did not get real money in the billions but only meager LOAN GUARANTEEs? For what? Where and when did Israel LEND money let alone pay back debts? Isn't it against the law? *NM*
Here are the FACTS, not that it will make any difference to YOU, but it does make one wonder -- Who Benefits Who in the Middle East???
Allegedly bankrupt (bank-robbed!) USA generously 'bailed-out' Europe? Why? When? Europe so poor and unproductive as to need 'life-jackets' from US economy? Or is it just scams with figures, fantasies? *NM*
WHY the Bailouts? LOL! Probably Extortion. *NM*
dedications to my family here at BBSRADIO'S TNT'S
Thank you Catbird...now we know the ET's must be good when such a fear video is made...never believe what they tell you...Chances are...it's the complete opposite. Thanks again for the poem & video
Peter Pan, Peter Pan, Peter Pan... Walt Disney 1953 and Swiss Paola 1982
Beautiful Music....
No Jay *LINK*
Soda water dogs...(Cool Dog's)
Re: Soda water dogs...(Cool Dog's) *NM*
that was so funny to watch....reminded me of my sisters german shepherd *NM*
Here's another cool animal video:) Good Night & Angels watch over you:) (video)
thank u! so human like *NM*
Aping the Arab Revolt... in Israel *PIC*
Hi Jack! Thought you would enjoy seeing this precious little Hedgehog:)... Link & video
THNX for posting!!! Killing me!!! How adorable!!
Hi Friend:) ...Check these precious kitties out:)
amazing!!!..Check these precious kitties out:)
The Healing Power of Animals(links)
Right now I watch a TV talk show with controversial guests, one woman is specialized on 'animal communications' AND ... 'telepathic skills of/with animals'. I can confirm this also! ;) *NM* *PIC*
Beautiful Flowers in your garden:) Thnks for sharing such beauty! *NM*
He's really Cute & so Tiny!! :) *NM*
I know:) he looked like he was smiling...check out the kitties I just posted to Friend of the Flock. They are so cute too. These crazy times we're in, we need to focus on beautiful things that make
ragdoll blue eyed babe *LINK* *PIC*
Thanks so much for sharing that beautful little Angel ...So precious & innocent:) *NM*
Thank you very much. Very nice. Yes, hedgies love cautious strokes on the back, I can confirm. More on nose back, the front, hairy skin parts without quills. *PIC*
Re: To Cosmic Observer
Thank you so very much!:)...will be writing you tomorrow:) I am real busy today & not much time for the computer. Have a beautiful evening...talk more tomorrow & Thank you again:):)
Re: Thanks very much for prompt response
Good Morning Maya! Please Read...
Re: Apologies
Iran Revolutionary Guards' Commander Set to Become President of OPEC :D *PIC*
Popeye Of FederalJack.com On Freedom Files With James Burns - Norway False Flag *LINK* *PIC*
Lisa Harrison and George Kavassilas: The Sun, The Moon, The Matrix and Manipulation *LINK* *PIC*
Al Qaeda Looking for Blond, Blue-Eyed Recruits (REALLY?... Try MK-Ultra... they probably have a whole cast of characters...) *PIC*
We're not ever number one in anything besides waging war?(Graph)
#1 in Waging War (all in the name of "PEACE") -- Always Paving the Way for the 'Beasts in Blue Berets'... *PIC*
opperation paperclip and federal jack *LINK*
Videos and Archived Radio Interviews: Little Grand Mother Kiesha Crowther
Re: Videos and Archived Radio Interviews: Little Grand Mother Kiesha Crowther *LINK*
Study everything on the site? or any one special one? Thanks for the link:)...could you please let me know what it is I should see? I'm no genius & my time is limited on computer today...
here you go sweetie... its about listening with ones heart... sorry I am just getting back to you. enjoy
Thank you! Cool site. You are A Bright Light Shining For God, keep up the good work ...keep shinning your light...Thanks again. *NM*
Obama Following In Hitler’s Footsteps (FINALLY... someone who sees the REALITY of the U.S. Constitution)... *PIC*
USA Land Of Unlimited Chances, Big Melting Pot, Gawd's Own Country achieved the Unfathomable: WWII foes Marxism and National Socialism UNITED under IsraelZionism, flanked by Papal Romanism. UNited!!! *PIC*
Quack-Quack!! :D *PIC*
Oh! Sorry! Was not my intention. Come back, Chicken Little. I feel guilty now. (gnarl, yum yum ponder ... does she know how I love to eat well spiced poultry, especially roasted skin ... ponder) :D *NM* *PIC*
went for thyroid check up today... they ask if I threw my aura in front of the mri scan ha I loved it, my daughter and my grand didn't flinch cause they know I can do just that.
in reference to the do what? my grand daughters eyes shift back and forth real fast then she screatches with intense crying By:CatBird Date: 7/9/2011, 10:40 pm In Response To: Arizona Wilder - Biz
Hippies Accidentally Create World's Largest Mercedes Sign *LINK*
ha, just saw the benz post Jack, ... afta the fact *NM*
DOuble ha, Jack? why did I type Jack when lance posted and the neighbor about the benz,
Be-cAuse You ARe hi-jacked ... ? sorry for this, No intention to invade your queendom ;) *NM* *PIC*
Lindy Cowling - Heart Energy & Changes in Mass Consciousness
#1. intro. getting away from the mind and feeling with ones heart center? ONE DOES NOT SAY "I THINK" when using the heart, its "I FEEL" Re: Lindy Cowling - Heart Energy & Changes in Mass Consciousness
You brought up a good point, Cathy, but what I've found is that -- as a woman -- when I say "I FEEL" rather than "I THINK" or "I BELIEVE"...
Experience is a feeling, circumstances are not. *PIC*
Inelia Benz & Lucia Rene vs Global Elites *LINK* *PIC*
Inelia Benz...red flag???
Re: Inelia Benz... on A Fireside Chat Aug 20th *LINK*
Second thoughts
'mail-online' tabloid's smear-scribblers inciting racial hate, style of Hollywood NaZi garbage, focussing on BLOND & BLUE-EYED "How blond, blue-eyed killer lured teenagers to their deaths"
Was the Norway killings another faked acting production ?
Look up Norway's 'Dagbladet' will say 'Daily News' with fotos and names of the victims and more infos. *PIC*
Good job Jack, but !
I share your 'but' though I don't know where's the line that seperates obvious, plausible evident facts from the distortions and falsifications of the media. I think Giffords was really shot in head.
Re: I share your 'but' though I don't know where's the line that seperates obvious, plausible evident facts from the distortions and falsifications of the media. I think Giffords was really shot in he
agreed and agreed and will look up the movie - tomorrow. bye now. *NM*
I've also heard the whole Casey Anthony thing down in Florida was a big act -- just like the Giffords shooting in Arizona. So who knows what they're up to -- Distractions? *NM*
As the perverted term 'war theatre' reveals, it's real-time real-people acting with real deads and real suffering, people are 'played with'
In light of the way things are going..
"Has the use of politically correct language changed any of this criminality in our government?" Hell no, just the opposite, but this IS the purpose of PCL RitalinSpeak! Softly killing clear thinking. *NM*
oh are you saying I should take mine? *NM*
congratulieson's *NM*
A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word: Worthless *PIC*
want me to do my thang now? Re: A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word: Worthless *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Hi catbird, join the Crazy Club... I give up... :D ;) *NM*
Thanks, nice to be apart of...Re: Hi catbird, join the Crazy Club... I give up... :D ;) *NM*
**MEDIA ALERT** Military Training Exercises to Take Place In & Around Boston *PIC*
Incase you all have not seen this as yet I'm posting it here: 9th Wave Decoded - A Theory On Elenin & Manifestation (Video)
I misread the last sentence in the rumor article as "What you LINK you will reap." But then, makes sense as well, in many ways. Not every error means failure. ;)
Re: I misread the last sentence in the rumor article as "What you LINK you will reap." But then, makes sense as well, in many ways. Not every error means failure. ;)
now I know why I posted "JACK" up above...
Crop Circle. (When I saw this, the first thing that popped into my head was
So many people are suffering, they call it lyme(same as Morgellons (video)This is the DISCLOSURE we need!
Hedgies are so heavily infested with ticks yet nobody assumes they die of lyme disease. Do Hedgies have a better immune system? YES, they have. One of the best.
I could be wrong...But...I think the disease was intionally created all a part of the evil plan. I have seen on Clifford Carnicom site & others they are spraying it on us(video & links)
Coast To Coast AM - 7.3.2011 - 1/12 - Reincarnation/ Media Exposé
Oslo-Utoya Patsy Breivik's Manifesto censored in many places still can be downloaded via LiveLeak - Video and Book.
Monarch Mind Control *PIC*
You will see many changes for the better in the month of August. Montague Keen:Message 7/24/2011
Norway Shooting Horror: Killer's Manifesto Denies True Faith in Christ ('CHRISTIAN' Knight Templar?! OR Another Brainwashed CRUSADING OXYMORON to Overwhelm the Sheeple?)... :O *PIC*
Anonymous Doom Release Zero1 July 26, 2011
'Xe' [BlackWater] Guns For Hire Above Law as U.S. Hears & Sees No Evil (Crusaders -- "Kill 'em ALL & let PseudoGod Sort 'em Out!") :O *VID* *PIC*
Alarming NOAA Data, Rapid Pole Shift!! :O *PIC*
Good Morning Moonshadow.....don't want to sound too nuts-o-coo=coo...But...I have always gotten visions & messages through out my life when I focus & ask for help understanding a situation....
Ya know, Cosmo, it's not the thought of dying Suddenly that bothers me... It's the Thought of being Left Alive in a 'Mad Max' Situation & Surrounded By... *PIC*
LOL! Who done? PROZZAK? Self-Portrait? :D
Umm... Some people got Better things to do than put up with Corner BullSh*tters... :O *PIC*
Great artwork, so funny! I see the Grog Circle ConNection. O la la! :D *PIC*
Do not fear, you will NOT be implanted with a tiny chip, no space left because of the huge JewkeBox within your reptilian brain part. ;)
I see there's Plenty of Space left in YOUR Brain... ;) *PIC*
This X-Ray take is fake. Charly Chaplins skull looks different. And a beard never devours x-rays like a black hole. Try harder! :D *PIC*
How's this?... hmmm... maybe not as much room as I thought for that chip implant... :O *NM* *PIC*
Aaaaa! You can be so rude and excrementill. Well, if it pleases your wishful fantasies, why not. You're entitled to your own views! :D *NM*
YOU'RE the one who showed the guy sittin' on the pot -- not me! *NM*
Ultra-short memory? Your headline for me with 'Corner Bullshitter' label came first then was illustrated in a follow-up by me - showing blonde blue-eyed guy, for a reason.
"Corner Bullshitter" (to me) -- Like someone sitting on a street corner who opens his mouth & spews out BS whenever someone walks by... often mistaken for... *PIC*
Please play the pope platter more often, with a sweet jewsuit chorus and some dancing NaZi cross-dressers. That's so funny! Tip: Jim Phelps & Pam Geller = MegaSeller! :D *PIC*
Dear, Dear Moonshadow...you are going to be just fine...hold on to your faith & love in God...Creator, Great Spirit whatever name you so choose to call the great energy of our creation...times do look
Oh I Love the Angels! Thank You! :) I too Believe everything will turn out for the Best even if we have to go through some really bad times... *PIC*
You hit the nail on the head with this one Dear Moonshadow
Obama Slips DREAM Act Amnesty Past Congress *PIC*
E.L.E.N.I.N. ~ Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near *VID* *PIC*
Israel Erupts in Protest, Tens of Thousands Chant “Revolution”
Is the New Paradigm Beginning to Emerge??? We ARE Powerful Beings!!!
Their Own Words: The Untold Stories of the 9/11 Families - Full Length
Qestion? So...if this is all about to happen, why are we even trying to survive???
No worries, No fear here Dear Oldman Jr....everytime I tune into any of this I get.....
Imagination is the way out of the illusion, and also the way to travel further..
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!Check this out!!!PAY ATTENTION: WHY CONGRESS MUST RESIGN - EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! How many Americans are willing to save their lives & Country????Freedom is not FREE YOU KNOW...
Dr. Johanna Budwig Natural and Holistic Complementary Cancer Treatments Program. (Link)
HAHAAHA!!! Woman Rides Subway Naked From Waist Down (Must be the energiers:) causing people to wig out)
There's no 'hard or soft evidence' she's a woman ... maybe a woo-man? Or chimera ... or ... or ... a hybrid! Yes, an alien hybrid, therefore the hood! :D Jesuits and Vatican seem to be involved also! *NM*
Only in America... does it get THIS BAD... :( *PIC*
Oslo 7-22-2011: twin attack, seven, two times eleven, two thousand eleven. Attack on Government Buildings at 3:30 pm?
Alert! Signs of East Coast Mega-Tsunami Appearing. (link & video) I'm hoping this is just more fearmongering from TPTB, But just incase it's not...here is what is being said...Be Safe!
I doubt it's fearmongering. Earth surface wobbles at many places now. Gaia is under stress from cosmos. Thinking of your nickname here, Cosima ;) - what can we, can you do?
Hi Jack:)...I know about the Cayce predictions too...sighhhh. I don't feel good about this...I pay attention to the animals they are great little alert creatures. My little dog has been very clingie
hugs *NM*
Right back at ya "Catbird" :) Thank you!
Thank you...
What little children have to say about..What is LOVE:) S0 precious.....
German Old Saw: "Children & Jesters talk the Truth!" - Thanks for your compilation of children's views on love. :)
but this clip is allowed for krouts
Jay Weidner: The Alchemical Revolution is here - And It's FREE! *LINK* *PIC*
Zany this does not surprise me one little bit that an "Angel Like YOU" would post such a gift to the world and also Jay Weidner:) THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! If I had gotten this one week earlier I may...
***JAY WEIDNER will be on BBS Radio's A FIRESIDE CHAT This Saturday at 7:00 p.m. !!! *LINK* *PIC*
I don't know man. Holding on to a litre of piss for 5-8 years to make a magical stone? Smells a little fishy to me...
July 22, 2011 – White Hats Reports #23
The 5th World Prophecy is Fulfilled! (AWESOME Message from the Lakota Nation)
Dear Don...Please read this e-mail to me from MAYA. Would you please e-mail me with MAYA'S e-mail address per Mayas permission or e-mail Maya with my e-mail address..Is this possable? Please let me
Re: Dear Cosmos, I would like to get in touch, don't know how to give my authorisation for you to have my email.
Good Morning Maya...I am going to repost this e-mail to the owner of the TNT board & ask him if he will give me your e-mail address. Should this not work I will post my e-mail address on here in a....
Anonymous - get that suit on, consumer - play that corporate game. (vid)
Reports of John Lennon Converting to Christ & to Americanism Before His Death... Lennon Was a Closet Republican: Assistant *VID* *PIC*
Coast To Coast AM : Richard C. Hoagland Vesta Game Changer 1/6 July 20, 2011 Fixed *LINK*
Another joins the so-called "27 Club" ~ Amy Winehouse *LINK*
I was sad as well seeing her added to that list :-( learning she also exited the earth plane.... she is such a talent-..that voice!!
Thanks for posting her video of this song! *NM*
Was Amy 'sacrificed', first, to deflect public attention from the Oslo-Utoya Massacre and second, to make some extra bucks from an 'outworn cash cow'? - Thinking of Elvis and similar stars gone faint.
The poisoning of America's soul (Video)
Oslo Police Conducted Bombing Exercise Days Before Terrorist Blast (Choosing OSLO -- SO OBVIOUS) *PIC*
US Military Police Officer Brandon Neely talks about his time at Guantanamo (Video)
Is Oslo-Utoya Killer Anders Behring Breivik alias Andrew Berwick a Manchurian Candidate sorts of Cho Seung Hui from the Virginia Tec massacre? *PIC*
Was Breivik spoon-fed heavy doses of mixed foolshat by his chosen masters?
FibroGen: Jell-O Made From Human Genes Coming Soon! :O *PIC*
DNA found in Turin Shroud will be used to produce 'Jesus Jelly' for the Holy Supper Celebrations in Yehovee's Krystian Churches. :D So please, be prepared & ready for take-in short before ascension. *NM*
DNA more likely from Judas Iscariot. *NM*
*ALERT* Gods Finger Pointed At The Sun! *ALERT* *LINK* *PIC*
Drunvalo Melchizedek: What Will Happen During The Shift(link & video)
ULM researchers discover fresh tobacco leaves can fight cancer
GO AGAINST OSLO & GET WHACKED!! (The most recent message to Israel & Netanyahu is CLEAR -- "Play Ball OR ELSE!!") *PIC*
To Be One (video)
Our Reality is About to be Blown Out of the Water,Everyone’s frequency is rising!
Majority of U.S. Jews Support Mideast Peace Plan Based on 1967 Borders (PROVING that Dual-Citizenship & AIPAC Benefits ONLY the U.S. Gov't & Jew-Haters)... *PIC*
Your twists & bends are so amazing! Is GogolMix a brandmark for public forum circus dancing - an 'UberTanzer'? :D Salto Infernalo? :D *NM*
I don't write the Articles -- I just post 'em! Take it up with Google & WWW... :D *NM*
Possibly an eruption of some sort in southern CA -- Pisgah Cratre -- Bullion Mountains(Video)
thanks for the heads up!
You are welcome! Angels are watching over you...each & eveyone of us!:)...Have a nice Day!
Re: You are welcome! Angels are watching over you...each & eveyone of us!:)...Have a nice Day!
8-Year-Old Guitar Prodigy Stuns Audiences...(Video )
(Bon Jovi) Living On A Prayer - Sungha Jung
We're Going To See A Black Hole!! :O *PIC*
Are YOU afraid, do you fear awakening of 'Mass Consciousness'? - Chances are, you should be!
It's already happened!! I see it EVERYTIME YOU POST... :D and NO, I'm not Afraid of YOUR kind of mentality... :O *NM* *PIC*
OSLO PATSY BOMBING. Beating around the bush? Telling FACE-LOOK. Baloney Blather? *PIC*
Recently Mumbai II now Oslo: "5 Reasons Why The Oslo Bombing Already Looks Like A False Flag Attack."
So what's new... Same-old Same-old... The old 'Lone Nut' Routine & the serious beginning of "Christian-Hate", stirring up Muslims even more... ? *PIC*
Yes, yes of course, if the New York Times Scribblers sayeth so. Are them Shakals paid in Bloody Obongo Bail-Out Dollars or in Kosher Shekels?
Your term 'LoneNut' - how appropriate! You name it, you name her, you name ... your****? How about LoneNutsy? Sounds like LowNaZi? Sorts of lone SOS - Serve Old Satan ...
quote "Just do a quick search on Israel + Norway and you'll see a treasure trove of ANTI NORWEGIAN SENTIMENT EMINATING FROM ISRAEL." How come? And then?
Calling another kind of spade... a spade? :O *PIC*
direct-link to 13th Monkey article seems to be 'malformed', so here one more time
You're FOAMING again, Jack... :D *PIC*
I'll soon come to your house and bite into your carpet (where the armadillo is turned on its back) :D *NM*
I told that crazy armadillo to lay off the LoneStar, but does he listen to me??? :D *NM* *PIC*
"The Monkey Box" :O *PIC*
Weather Weapons -- AGENDA 21 (YES, but is Something Important being Overlooked in Regards to FUKUSHIMA???) *PIC*
The Police officers in Ohio (at least this guy) are all the RAGE!! *LINK*
TERRIFIC INTERVIEW! Worth listening through to the end! *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
Ha Ha! I will have to listen again, fell a sleep after 5 minutes and woke up at closing! Seems I have been bitten by the Tsetse fly! :D *NM*
That happens to me too....so often!! I know my subconscous is getting the info at least! *NM*

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