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Western Banking Cabal minions start to jump ship. Former Presidents and Prime Ministers involved. More than eighty nations across globe to sign new international gold-backed banking reforms into law.
LINK to Daily Chemtrail Forecast Maps - U.S.A. *LINK*
Our Universe...(Short Video. Thank you Niko)
Michael Tsarion - The Irish Origins of Civilization - 1/6
As Above..... So Below .......Part 1/2
Ancient Aliens and Lost Worlds( videos 1/3 )
G'Day Polly! Wild birds learn to talk (Escaped parrots & cockatoos teaching wild birds to talk)
Great find. Wonderful. Thanks! - Hopefully the parrots don't adapt evil traits of some humans like cursing or blustering. :D *NM*
50 Reasons To Protect Infants From Vaccines
Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines
Sept 14, 2011 Interview by :David Wilcock with Ben Fulford...audio
You want a Vegan meal? *PIC*
So multifaceted! Everything organically grown?
"Think Different"--Here's to the Crazy Ones--short video
CONGRATS to this Man, a Modern Day Hero of Magnitude and Direction: G. Edward Griffin *LINK* *PIC*
Cosmic Alcohol 'Strangest Things In The Universe' - Full Documentary(What are they saving here, PLANET X, LIFE ON VENUS? Hmmm...softly exposing Disclosure? )
FABULOUS Documentary!!! I couldn't stop watching all the way to the finish...THANKS! *NM*
Gerald Celente with Michael Harris on CFRA Radio - 06 September 2011 *LINK*
Hallo, wie geht's? Love Hurts? - Stay Live. Mother Nature. Wonderful Life.
Thank You:)....
thank you ~ so much ~ hurts....good ~ *NM*
xoxo *NM* *LINK*
Riddle in the sands:Thousands of strange 'Nazca Lines' discovered in the Middle East....
HEALTHY ANTIDOTE to the Pop Non-Culture Illuminati Gaga Spears Satanic Monarch Mind Control Tavistock Tinseltown FoolShat: "The Key Of Awesome!" - Just brilliant ... errr AWESOME! LMAO! :D *PIC*
Re: HEALTHY ANTIDOTE to the Pop Non-Culture Illuminati Gaga Spears Satanic Monarch Mind Control Tavistock Tinseltown FoolShat: "The Key Of Awesome!" - Just brilliant ... errr AWESOME! LMAO! :D
Louie Schwartzberg - Gratitude...(Beautiful..Video)
Cruise Missle Hits Pentagon CLASSIFIED *LINK*
Hey Catbird...looks like we are thinking alike on music today:) I just saw your post after I posted mine. Thanks for this beautiful song. *NM*
:) *NM*
Coast To Coast AM - 13.9.2011 - 1/4 - Evocations & the Occult.( Massive shift in Politics, Spirituality....etc. There is massive amounts of hope for humanity.)
All Science Info about Elenin - Get Prepared!..(Don't know how true this is, just posting just incase it is the truth...You Decide:)
Denver International Airport ‘Alien’ Connection Decoded
Jay Weidner - Veritas Interview 06-03-11 *LINK*
Be aware of George Kavassilas hidden messages - His grand deception to you.(Who & What to believe any more...HMMMMM...I do wonder at time about many things that George Kavassilas says, as for me I...
He says not to believe him, and admits that he may be wrong. Anyone who has elements of truth is going to be attacked. Think for yourself! *NM*
Exactly what I said...believe in ones self & think for ourself. We are so lied to, mind controlled & kept in such utter chaos from the very beginning we don't have a clue of what is true or not true.
UPDATE: UK Tribunal to try Pope Ratzinger and Queen Elizabeth Windsor for child genocide *LINK*
Steve Quayle : Coast To Coast AM : part 2/2 Global Turmoil, Secret Wars, China WW3 Coming( video ) In part 2 Steve tells what is really happening in our skys that the media calls metors...
George Kavassilas on the false messiah and breaking through boundaries *LINK*
Pending Global Mind Control Event 2011 *LINK*
CNN Slowly Leaks Out Brown Dwarf Star 2nd Sun in Our Solar System Lies About Distance Much Closer *LINK*
Thousands of Startled People Witness Mysterious Lights in the Sky, Sept 15, 2011
Listen REAL CLOSE AMERICA..listen to what Ron Paul says & hear what he reaslly says & means, not what you make yourself believe he is saying. The RED FLAGG is in your face.Hope ya all see it this time
Ron Paul is a tired old man, thou he makes concessions beyond the fringe of credibility he gets still bashed by these co-blitzers aka lying a'holes of arrogant I-Pack. Poor bugger Ron, if he's real.
Same old-same old...just a different name on the podium...but the same as before. Telling the masses what they know the masses want to get their votes...False Hopes, False Dreams...FALSE PHROPHETS *NM*
2012: Dr. Martin Luther King relative, UFO/ET contactee, brings message of dimensional shift in 2012
Lawless America: 20 Examples Of Desperate People Doing Desperate Things
Vatican Secrets EXPOSED! Jordan Maxwell *LINK*
Smell Nice *LINK*
Who Are the Starseed Indigos? (video)
'The Great Culling.' The Water.......(Video)
lets roll,
NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist...(Photos & Video)
Strange Message In Windsor, Ontario Parking Lot
I thought the next "D-Day" date was the 26st... *NM*
Cancer-Fighting Spice So Potent it Even Beat Brain Tumors in Mice
Now I know why I love all sorts of CURRY, it's not only the color (curcuma) and the taste but the health benfits. :D Rice with chicken and CURRY. Yummy yummy!
Humans are mostly extraterrestrials in 55-78 % composition
that's why planet earth keeps growing in volume and weight, volcanoes exhaust pressure, cracks opening in the earth crust, in oceans and on continents, the bigger earth gets the more mass is attracted
Benjamin Fulford update 9/14/2011
Project Camelot interviews Dr Pete Peterson 1/3 videos( this is an interview done from 2009, you will see that things that was said would happen, did happen.Much truth in this interview, Imho.
alien base in scotland *LINK*
this guy should get a better camera equipment and redo his sessions if possible, maybe a PENTAX Q would be the best choice to document and share his observations ;)
Tue. Sept. 13, 2011 Gregg Braden on the Aware Show as we approach 2012(free show for next 48 hrs.)
video of the preparation of organic baby food, for "THAT BABY" with my daughter Ashley
Carl Johan Calleman on Red Ice Radio 9/13/11 -audio
Have you heard about..."THRIVE" ...You can sign up if you so choose & get informed...(short video)
They're HEEeeeerrrrreee.. Wal MARTIANS! *LINK*
RAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I have such a contact high... Re: They're HEEeeeerrrrreee.. Wal MARTIANS!
I have to assure YouTube that I'm over 18 before I'm allowed to watch the full screen display of wal-martians :( Glasses will do as well :D *NM*
Phoenix: The False Flag Nuke Target?
Close to 33° Latitude are Kabul, Hollywood, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Dallas 33°, Baghdad 33° and Phoenix also 33°. - Would Phoenix rise from the ashes, be reborn?
Worldwide Visualization for a Breakthrough - Please Join Us!
NESARANEWS blog: "/ Their 911/ CELEBRATIONS have been FOILED."
Benjamin Fulford, September 13, 2011
See the children’s drawings that terrified the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Federation of the East Bay...(think....)
They are so much lying and cheating not only to gentiles but also to themselves and so fiercely that they indeed promote what they try to shield and bury. How smart is this behaviour? Sado-Maso? *NM*
Agree! Very sad & dysfunctional world we live in . *NM*
Freedom at Gun Point BEFORE and AFTER the rebels "liberated" Tripoli (video....think...)
It's genocide, it's intentional uprooting, traumatizing and destruction of the Lybian Tribes, as described in the so-called Old Testament. Nothing new then. Only more cowardly, more dastardly.
This world is such a very beautiful world...But is being destroyed by darkness for so long...this is all so very sad. Please forgive this very graphic video But this is the world we have all premitted
after my fireman son had his fireman helmet destroyed saving his captain on another fire other than this one, he ask me for a New York firehelment, to his dismay, did not pass code, Texas did,
Extraterrestrial chemtrails versus jet contrails *LINK*
ALL the chemtrails I've watched during last ten years were by normal aircraft. Flying high in blue sky and flying low (hiding!) behind/above regular clouds with roaring jet engines! NO UFOs or ETVs.
Are you aware that many UFO/ET craft can be made to appear and sound like ANYTHING? Even CLOUDS? ...open your mind! *NM* *PIC*
I'm not an expert in UFOs and ETVs therefore won't exclude it. Also agree that future (present?) technics may appear like ghosts and magic to our eyes. Yet: Chemtrails are manmade. *NM*
9/11 memorial opens *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
black hole eats star, not to be rude, but the connection weighted me very heavy, must ask, be totally cleansed in all entities of self and be totally reverent, Thank you *LINK*
black hole eats star *NM* *LINK*
Black holes in Wallstreet, City of London, Greece, the Pentagon (trillions missing). Why look so far away when the facts are so near and clear? :D *NM*
my daughter ask me to post the black hole, it interested her, she had forgotten her pass code :) *NM*
Shame On Us! Shame On You! Shame on Me! *LINK*
... b bb bbb butt it's 'anti-semitic' and a 'hate crime' such as 'hollocost denial' to question the official zio-stooge versions .... not?
CONSPIRACY ANALYSIS - that's the parole, the rallying cry of the affected underlings - worldwide, from dusk to dawn, from pole to pole
David Wilcock Heart of Mind Radio Interview
Canary Islands Government Relocate Entire Population of Island Close to Cumbre Vieja
Browse Movies Upload Lazeria Map Collection: Is the Earth Hollow? *LINK*
(Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? *LINK*
Who Runs the World ? – Network Analysis Reveals ‘Super Entity’ of Global Corporate Control Source: Planetsave (http://s.tt/138oe) *LINK*
Strange sounds coming from the Sky lastnight in W. Virginia(audio)
2nd Interview with "Tolec" : Andromeda Council Update on Elenin, brown dwarf, Nibiru, earth changes, 4D Earth(videos & more)
Fascinating info! *NM*
Getting laid of from NASA time to spill the beans.
Seems Like a Legit Thread
Thanks, Lancifer ....I always enjoyed your post...you were on RMN too. I spoke with a lady this morning that has an exboyfriend that has been let go from NASA...asked her if she heard him say anything
today no chemtrails here, clear blue sky, the sun rays VERY intense, the moon seems to be farer away, nevertheless the moonlight so bright it almost hurts the eyes when looking directly, very unusual *NM*
The 'energy ribbon' is the spiral plane of big galaxy Milky Way. Our sun within minor galaxy aka Sagittarius is about to pass through the radiation belt and get the full blow in 2012, it is said.
Hmmm...very interesting...thanks Jack:) *NM*
2012 - The Unity Of Two Galaxies.
WOW!...Now that Earth Changes for sure:)...Thanks so much ...very enlightening & intresting information. Thank you! I will be reading more of this tomorrow...have to go for now. Have a nice & Peaceful
I Believe In Miracles (VIDEO....BELIEVE:)
POOF for SEPT 11: The End is Here..a Perfect Storm (Hang in there, better days are coming...BELIEVE!!!!)
Adrian Salbuchi, After The Argentina Rehearsal Of 2008, It Is Now Canada's Turn(video)
SaLuSa 11-September-2011…”Keep your sights on Ascension”(Stay focused...we are almost There:)
I believe in Real Love.
Alex Gray and 9/11 *LINK*
nice farm, natural seed. thanks I knew you would pull me in to the mirror, ha, I surely needed that sugar, hugs *NM* *PIC*
manure needs to prime in small piles for 5 years prior to using for any crops flowering season, one part manure, 2 parts pete moss and 2 parts mulch, a half of sand, mix, be sure the manure is 5 yrs
using 5 dust for crop care, its not posioness, put the dust in a panty hose leg, then sling the fine dust where need be, great deflea keeps fleas off dogs, just rub it in *NM*
Message from Montague Keen.... September 11, 2011.....
The Malaysian PM pointed out that for some Americans, the deaths of nearly 3,000 people was not the scariest thing about 9/11. It was realizing who carried out the attack: yes, the American Government *LINK*
9/11 and the Conquest of Iraq (Bush & Co "Neocons" Lied about everything to get us into the war with IRAQ, including 911) *LINK*
Re: Motivation happy peace day! I love you all on this universal train of love. *NM*
lets connect with courage
ONE, The Event....LIVE ON BBS, TNT...LOVE NOT FEAR....ALL WELCOME:)...Thank you Drummy for getting this awesome EVENT started by posting it here on TNT:)
Updated. US Eagle & Stripes aka US Civil Flag: NEW DESIGN! *PIC*
Secret Shadows
Updated. US Stars'n Stripes aka US War Flag: NEW DESIGN! *PIC*
Matthew has a new update
Thanks so much:) *NM*
"One" The Event ~ Make the Shift to Love and Unity ~ 10th Anniversary of 9/11 *LINK*
Thank you for this very cool post:).... *NM*
From the other side audio recordings from: Montague Keen after he crossed over, also many other interviews with others(quite interesting what they have to say)
Free 2000 Year Darkness Barcode Removal!
All sortz of ***ratz creeping out JIT of woodworx in hoaxlandz to make Rodden Stichez az lazt line defenze 4 ze real linkz to 911. Al-Qaeda LOLz. NaziBaze LOLz. ZioFreakzLOLz. Shady Mimikryz. :D
After 9/11: Ten Years of War - The Truth About What's Going On *LINK* *PIC*
Anatomy Of An Ascending Physical Body ~ Interesting article - (OMG I'm Mutating!) *LINK*
read it to me! tiny writing... plzzz *NM*
Looks fine on my computer. Do you have something on your browser to magnify the page? - maybe a drop down menu under the tab "View"? *NM*
Landon *LINK*
my browser changes hiding the mag. thanks drumers *NM*
The True Story of the Rosicruians (part1) by Tobias Churton
TRY- members of the rose cross order,
thats friggin crazy, wonder what the try stands for?
What a strange commercial...Hmmmm (Video )
clone exposure tonight MOTHER ON BOARD>>> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bridging-wisdomcathycook/2011/09/09/bridging-wisdom-a-few-dots-connected *NM*
TAG, FOR MEGAN, tech at apple mac security of my bridging wisdom @ me dot com, :) yes I am very calm *PIC*
Yoko ONO, if you go there.... the light tower.... very exciting *LINK*
Human Origins, EMVs and E.T.-Life - Mark Snider interviews James Horak on Ohio Exopolitics Radio
*dot connected *LINK*
Catbird THANK YOU so much for posting this...Yoko's speech at the light was so beautiful & soul touching...it all is. Thanks again:) *NM*
you are so welcome, it is so wonderful *NM*
I was told vital by th eendecronologist *DO NOT TAKE POTASIUM IODINE* with a cancer cell node, yet THE READING of the mri is not cold nor hot
EMVs - Designers of the Solar System with James Horak - 24th April 2011(video)
Notre Dame Football Game Delayed By Lightning And ... UFO(see video)
feel this drum spirit. and thank you I am humbled...
2011-2012 Ken Carey Starseed Dialog "Humbly Claiming Our Power" *LINK*
Job interview
And here I thought until recently that it was a Crosby Stills and Nash song, I have been looking for this version by Joni Mitchell, and BTW I accept the job offer. Thank you! ~ Soul Sacrificee *LINK*
CHANGING THE MEANING... OH DIG IT, its the dig of the true meaning of PEACE, *LINK*
Bob Dean - NATO's "Assessment" of Alien Life & The Impact of Disclosure, August 6, 2011 (video)
A New Beginning | World 5.0
"Someone Like You." It took me some time to find a real live version for ThemNuTs forumers: Catching Cat ADELE ADKINS, May 16th in Montreal - SO REAL! :)
Thank you Jack...BEAUTIFUL Song ...Beautiful Lady! sings from her heart:) *NM*
Got Dinar? "Preparing to Cash In" (Hmmm strange post at RMN...not sure what's up)
Economist Bob Chapman, of The International Forecaster: You Have No Idea How Really Wild This Is Going To Get.... (vid)
My silver chain fell off my neck about this time which holds my encircled family tree, my parents told me when I was a kid, "I HAVE ACID SKIN" and silver if not pure will iche and even fall off, *NM*
ah ha, must be sterling silver, thanks cosmos! *NM*
Written by Regina Brett, 90 years old..... Words of wisdom .
May I carve these Words Of Wisdom in a big plate and pin it on the foot end of my bedside? ;) Thank ya! *NM*
What an AWESOME Interview...The Truth about :Elenin - Signs & Designs - the Truth revealed by James Horak (video )(IMHO...I feel this man "James Horak " is finally one that is telling the truth)
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Though Mister Blum painfully avoided to mention Israel & Global Zionist Imperialism the link is blocked/censored: "406 Not Acceptable" and "404 Not Found"
G-Male *LINK*
Man Iritating as all heck! :D *NM*
now thats sum funny shant *NM*
Doctor in my Eyes
Goo gal ... Geem ail - that's right yo! (sorry 4 my misspelling yo) :D *NM*
Yo, Yes, Jack!!! I am "THE GOgirl, have a blessed weekend. Re: Goo gal ... Geem ail - that's right yo! (sorry 4 my misspelling yo) :D *NM*
Government Targets Musicians – Feds Raid Gibson Guitars and Confiscate Wood
This is OUTRAGIOUS!!!! I couldn't even watch the whole video. They make up the laws as they go
Extreme Prejudice - CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer PDX 911Truth(VIDEO)
Lyndon LaRouche International Emergency Presidential Address, Sept 7, 2011
Parellel Realities, Deja Vu, and Time Travel Stories.... *NM* *LINK*
Jay Weidner - Coast To Coast AM - Global Turmoil, Alchemy (5-Sept-11) *LINK*
GREAT NEWS! dutchsinse just uploaded a video - Account RESTORED! *LINK*
great news, and now I wish to know more of David Ickie, he keeps showing up in visions and dreams, I believe he is some profound seer. :) thank you Lance White again, My Mirror
ah haa, my opinion was manipulated as to not put any one down, ah hash it is an ikkie moment in that some of Davids info is just out and out wrong, though still has some good seeing points. ;) *NM*
i get a kick out of dutchsince naivity...as he stated he does not subscribe to the conspiracy theories....and wanted to separate himself from them but then thanks david ike and steve Quayle !!!
If you wake up in the middle of the night after a chilling dream vision showing your city drowned in snow with siberian wintriness, a man singing: 'When will we have proper summer again?' - what then?
buurrrrr...thank you for sharing your premonition.....and music vids! *NM*
E.T. INVASION IN THREE DAYS TIME. (YEP, THAT'S WHAT HE SAID .TRUE OR MORE BS, GUESS WE SHALL SEE ?? And what if this don't freak us out enough for TPTB to gobble up our fear energy....What is the next
Actually he said..."real aliens do not invade".
Yes we do or so it is said...things are so freaky now a days who knows what is really true or what...I'm just reading, watching, listening & maintaining my simple little life as best as I can without
interesting info....tonight on Fox news they had a short story about a college phd regarding planning for an alien invasion....so if FOX is mentioning....might be something about to happen *NM*
Alternative Media (and bloggers) are being made to look foolish perpetuating an internet "fever". Take no mind.......
at that babys house AVERY LEE'S making organic baby food. *NM*
at my computer IN my underwear and not really caring *NM*
ha ra ha *NM*
New Scientific proof marijuana cures cancer & many other illness (Videos 1/3)
The Awareness Switch & Seeded Technology
Strange UFO’s Flying Over Denver Colorado seen on Nightvision -vid
Cancer breakthrough: scientists discover harmless bacteria in soil kills cancer
Ackermann just sounded the alarm. There is now a full-on Euro banking crisis.
What I have been afraid to blog about: THE ESF AND ITS HISTORY (Part 1-5)
Archeological surprises uncovered after BP oil spill (audio)
Earthlings, the Full Movie *LINK*
Thank you Zany for this post. I have been trying to fight such cruel abuse of aniimals all my life by talking & educating people about this. I am lost for words any more on this most INSANE, CRUEL ,
cool!!! thank you...i did not know about this film yet *NM*
“Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult”
De-Bait TIME, the writing is on the awl *PIC*
buying your first flute, hope we gather in melody land *LINK*
I am so friggin behind with the post. been doing ritual unfolding what I found, and finding my children, ha, going from,,, *PIC*
DrumSpirit, did I ever share with you the story of Jack and Olivia, which is still transpiring, how I found the impatient presser footed flower, and the impatience in my great grandparents photo to, *LINK*
Hi Cathy; link says it is a private album? *NM*
is it now? I am opening it only till you say you saw, look all around though the Canadian message is on the 2nd page I believe... "_" *NM* *LINK*
ONE - The Event on 9/11/11 From Fear to LOVE *LINK*
Gosh Darlin Lance, My eyes are squinting to read this, wish you would make it a voice, gosh, I scanned it and am behyond interested! could you call me? if so , I will email you my # *NM*
Sorry, sweetie pie... try the links below: *LINK* *PIC*
absolutely mouth watering with such profound energy on the page, intensely profound, thank you darlin once again.
Message from Montague Keen September 4, 2011
Re: "STASIS" -- The Big Sleep -- Coming Soon the ETs say... :O
Real People Say "Screw You" To The Markets
Here is why S&P downgraded the US credit rating.
“Our situation is extremely serious,” Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount
Moth and its shadow, dance, my father channeled in this one, michael is the voice that he used for calling me, on earth we are shadows, heaven is the light, dancing with the shadows light *LINK* *PIC*
story board of guarded_angel photo bucket open for a brief time *NM* *LINK*
Flowering of Universal Consciousness 6th Day begins 9/5/11 *LINK* *PIC*
PG&E to let customers disable their smart meters *LINK*
takin the lead, for the jam
to my surprise
I come from the may poll dance, thank you nanaw, balance the stars. *PIC*
Lisa M. Harrison on near future events *LINK* *PIC*
I leave you all with a joke for the evening:) Have a nice evening each & everyone of you!,,,,, "Politicians"
Too funny:) Thanx! *NM*
"see you later alligator" :D *NM*
Re: "see you later alligator" :D D: After while crocodile *NM*
Huge 'Ocean' Discovered Inside Earth
The 50 Richest Members of Congress (2011)( This should be called The Millionaires Club, instead of Congress...)
FBI arrests prominent Democratic campaign treasurer......
WOW, interesting! *NM*
FEC Allows Presidential Campaign for Foreign-Born Man (This should be intresting...)
Cenk, take it away and drive the point home: *LINK*
That's why he is one of the Modern Day Heroes! *NM*
delete test
Traditional Chinese food handmade by retired cook from Beijing. She worked in 'government-only' hotel serving the high officials who prefer traditional healthy meals whereas youth cries 4 McDo's junk. *PIC*
The Book Of The Whiteflame -Light Workers -Light Warriors -Starseeds- Angels Unite!
Is it in his name? Or is it in his posture? Russian chicks so adore Boris, Boris the Putin man. Put put put, puuuut, put put, put in! *PIC*
Sing along and agrees,
chirp chirp "yeah man yeah man he can he can" :D
Bruce Lipton - Conscious vs the Subconscious (video)
Thank you
9/11 The Ultimate Con *LINK* *PIC*
Green Peace
2011-2012 Ken Carey Starseed Dialog and Updates *LINK*
Cosmic Observer...you still sleeping soundly? Boylan updated and his forecast remains intact.
something i've noticed...
Well Zany, at least you are capable of "remembering" what you've heard or read! :D
(Message Deleted by Poster)
OMG you're so skinny! Frightening. Giving the chills. :D Heads UP! *NM*
OMG you're so skinny! Frightening. Giving the chills. :D Heads UP! *NM*
Double post error caused by browser back step, sorry, can't delete it, says 'wrong password' which is NOT wrong when I access my profile. Strange! *NM*
Good Morning Oldman Jr, No more dreams on quakes since the last time I posted. Thanks for the update on Mr. Boyland's latest post. Good to see that La Palma will not wipe us all out in the Caribbean &
Full-Blown Civil War Erupts On Wall Street: As Reality Finally Hits The Financial Elite
About time they have a taste of the bitter soup they have been dishing to us...Don't ya think:)...KARMA....smile:) *NM*
Yes, I’m saying that it’s all lies (videos & photos very intresting article)
Red Ice TV - Episode 5 - The Secret Space Program *LINK* *PIC*
Purpose of Chemtrails with AC Griffith *LINK* *PIC*
lisamharrison v davidicke interview *LINK* *PIC*

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