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Weapons of mass construction in Iraq
Raids Expected! ...
I have no thing to say to-day, as usu-Al, Xmpt for this - satanic forces *PIC*
Now it's hundred-and-13. "Wrong type of fireworks (inside an ex-supermarket) with NO sprinklers or em-exits. LOL BS FYI
Loneliness can be contagious ... *LINK*
How the US Funds the the insanity of it all!
focus on Russia: a lot of accidents, bombing and change-but-no-change recently
Well done! The saturday evening show is still running and Leona Lewis new song is already on YouTube in HD: "HAPPY!"
Energetic Synthesis - Setting the Stage ... *LINK*
speaking of Avatars - "I see you" :)
Is this the nice guy behind Leona's breakthru? *PIC*
MSG Causes Obesity, Hides Behind Many Fake Names ( *LINK*
They put MSG even into sweets, chocolate, jelly, gummi bears, allegedly as 'flavor enhancer'.
Global Warming Scam, Chem-Trails, H.A.A.R.P, and Weather Control
inventor cancer by Verichip *LINK*
Re: inventor cancer by Verichip
amazing how fraudsters promote one another?
If you like surfing...waves that is...
yes you can, with a few efforts
Re: yes you can...
I will try it also and tell you about my experience and the results ;) *NM*
10 year old straightens out local recycling efforts
"Canada Explained" artificial background laughter - better not looky looky
"God shave the Queen! Amen!" 8)
Re: "Canada Explained" artificial background laughter - better not looky looky
still growling? :) *NM*
Rick Mercer and his message(why i posted it!) was understood by me - but: is it really laughable?
Re: Rick Mercer and his message(why i posted it!) was understood by me - but: is it really laughable? *LINK*
How well can you prosper in London’s financial center?
So, the US Dollar has lost ~ 50% against the Euro? How come?
... or is it just the other way, who knows? *NM*
Re: the US Dollar ?????
pardon, of course you are right, thanks for correcting ;)
what if this has been the main goal all along?
OPERATION MIND CONTROL- indeed, quote: "A magnificent book ... moral, significant and unforgettable"
Re: OPERATION MIND CONTROL- indeed, quote: "A magnificent book ... moral, significant and unforgettable"
Re: Electro-Sensitivity
one more book
The Most Urgent Threat to World Peace is ..... Canada ? *LINK*
terminology continually used to confuse
THE OBAMA HEALTH PLAN and background info
In ZOG Zionist Occupied Germany the 'Obama Plan' is a reality and it's NOT Obama's plan! Guess whose?
as the world turns chinese I changed my outfit, so please :D *PIC*
Got serious humor? Need some more fun? :O
Freedom of Choice ... All sorts of goodie articles on just about any topic! *LINK*
Soon, we are all going to be living on a much nicer planet. (That would be nice!) - link
Interesting article on Infection Deception - link
the link immediately above could be titled, "the CDC and the WHO are lying to you and misleading you"
Open Letter to the President from Michael Moore November 30, 2009 ...
New Rod Class D.C. Suit Related Docs Posted
Obama's Profile in Courage, or Cave-In? *LINK*
Flying Blind .... *LINK*
"Unhappy Thanksgiving" *LINK*
Challenging Bush-Bama on 9/11 (Charlie Sheen back again) *NM* *LINK*
British Police Arrest People just for their DNA .... *LINK*
Dubai debt plea sends fear around world ..... Once one of the world's richest cities, Emirate now can't pay its bills *NM* *LINK*
South Africa meteor display caught on film Breathtaking CCTV footage of a meteor lighting up the night sky over South Africa has been posted online. *LINK*
Balls Are Out! :D *LINK*
Upper Teens' Boobs Calls to Balls in BO Jeans - Make Man Feel Like Steel :D
"Leo Zagami - Working for the CIA"? But isn't Zagami in bed with Fulford? So what?
"A Letter From The Illuminati" by our Unknown Globalist Friend
Vit D3 interview
The Men Who Stare at Goats (Trailer) So what do you suppose they are preparing us for now? *LINK*
I like the term 'tin-foil conspiracy buff', reminds me of a pic 'somebody' published to me :D
the release of the pager files about WTC911 = another mind-molder propaganda trick to line for the coming attack on Iran?
Dubai control these ports - Vancouver included!
ONE LOVE a brandnew supercatchy song by Estelle posted for the Elliott Moosey :D and the whole community ;) because I guess it fits somehow
the invisible web/deep web
new update from
to counter balance the negative
Got 4 Minutes for Bob Chapman?
Wanna Meet Linda M. Howe on YouTube?
H1N1 Ukraine update...worth reading so you know how to deal with the mutation
Nancy Pelosi to be President and Mossad agent Rahm Emmanuel to be vice President?
more from Benjamin via
What ever happened to the Clinton NWO senario? *PIC*
"something will be happening to remove Barack Obama"
An early Christmas miracle or a sign of the times? We are officially buddies! *LINK* *PIC*
Buddies Sipp Buddwyzer? :D
the purpose of political lawsuits is to suppress the truth, ergo ... ?
make analysis simple
thanks - I think about it, citing famous quote "all options are on the table" ;)
Ken Welch in Houston ... Awesome Read!
The Times they are a changing: A look into the Coming Cycle ....
Oil Pulling Demonstration for All Sorts of Cures! *LINK*
Press For Truth Covers Day 1 of H1N1 vaccinations in Toronto Canada :( (short video) *LINK*
Do you want a "Chip" with that? (vid) *LINK*
Future Designer laptop - ROLLTOP //Diploma Thesis// (short advert video) *LINK*
Did you see what you drummed in? *PIC*
aaah... yes, YESS now I can see it. OMG it's HUUGE! I'm so amoosed, and will come back on you tomorow! ;)
Chernobyl Disaster Area - 23 years later allegedly hit by swine flu? - COINCIDENCE? *PIC*
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