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Matthew has a new post...see what yout hink...
Очень красивая музыка Александр Горбенко. Very Beautiful Music by Alexander Gorbenko.
A Young Mortician's Youtube channel. This woman is really funny!! "Reacting to My First Video Ever"! *LINK*
REACTING TO COMMENTS ON MY TED TALK (Caitlin Doughty - Mortician) *LINK*
Amazing! Just yesterday I re-searched the botox parody by Cory Torgerson you had posted some time ago. Remember?
Yes I remember. I still love the video as well
It has been some time since I’ve posted. This is my most significant post…The Emotion Code! Enjoy!
Thanks for sharing! :) You posted so many significant things ;) some stillness in between is okay with me as long as I see and feel somebody is still out there
good video...I want to add a note...
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