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Re: Allan Spreen, M.D. Cancer Survival Guide on 25 cures for cancer that has been hidden from us.
please explain WHY Spreen in your or others view is a "moron and a joke"
Weird coincidence? Catalonian President fled to EU HQ in Brussels, Belgium. His name Puigdemont, rightly spoken sounds like Push Demon or Putsch Demon, his hairstyle reminds of a pyramid ... *PIC*
What is it?, posing as Indonesian, registered in Panama, run on 2 servers in the US, background details seemingly suppressed by Google? *PIC*
Glosbe - the multilingual online dictionary will translate Indonesian to English *PIC*
amazing how many clicks my post receives but no responses or add-ons, makes me wonder, somehow :D *NM*
"Hobby Dreams Come True" by Yulya Shatunova. Normal people and borderline activities, walking on water included :D *PIC*
Jack, check out this voice! Jeeze Louise, what range and emotion.
Thank you very much, dear friend. Dimash Kudaibergenov was new for me. As you say, a great singer, exceptional performer, women so excited by his high tenor :)
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