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If you haven't seen the movie " American Made" yet, you need to go. It is based on a true story of the CIA drug and Arms smuggler certainly relates to the recent events!
Las Vegas -ground crew- view
With all the data being constantly collected it would not surprise me if someone wrote a program to “mine” the perfect suspect/patsy! Can't expect MSM to tell the truth. *NM*
Fear of tourist trade being affected?? locals in VEGAS are in the know of the REAL story.
Re: Fear of tourist trade being affected?? locals in VEGAS are in the know of the REAL story.
I would think the local authorities whom are getting the phone calls would make sure it is part of the investigation. Yes, I see your point about how easy it would be to set anyone up based on
Hi Frothy! ;) I wanted to share my thoughts on Las Vegas, decorated with gematria and other oddities, then my browser stopped, the active window went foggy, RAM, memory and pagefile.sys clogged *PIC*
yes, good idea to listen
Thank you for your thoughts and imagery
YouTube is filled with all kinds of hacks, in this case, things you have in your home. Very creative....many I know I'd never think of.
Know someone with cancer or would like to prevent getting cancer? The Truth About Cancer is streaming info for free, October 5-7, 2017.
The Truth About Cancer is being streamed live! Bonus...if you can't watch it during the day, they repeat the presentations at night. Very worthwhile!
Unexpected sources that create weather related problems and will continue to do so until well intentioned people learn more and then change their ways. .
Matthew is back with another message for you all.
Reverse Speech Analysis - Tiffany Fontenot's totally different take on the recent Cosmic Disclosure Episode (David Wilcock and Corey Goode), The Ascension of Earth S8 E7 site for manmade weather
Good reasoning, imho. Did you see the strange thin dark blue stretched barriers at
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