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Cannabis approved by the FDA for treatment of brain and spinal cord glioma cancer tumors...anyone expect that?
There is nothing but energy everywhere. Energies are made of frequencies. This doc specializes in frequency research. You may benefit from his research.
Pesticide contamination in cannabis is a big problem: Here’s what you need to know.
Autumn Greetings ;)
Re: Autumn Greetings ;)
Thank you very much, dear Don! - Civil war games? Same thing here, they want to stir up hostile emotions and actions. Election frauds. Destabilization.
The Truth About Cancer®: A Global Quest today...the series is wrapping up this weekend.
Matthew posts his October greetings!
Coil spring mattresses and EMF dangers...text and video info at the link.
Sorry to hear your news...a California drought over there??
I love birds but I don't twitter, I keep a mobile iPeep only for emergency :D
Jack is back! Jack is back! Jack is back!.. Just let me get caught up
Hey Drummy! Okay okay, I'm back only one fold :D I still remember your first posting answer on TNT (with a foto) and then, of course, your hint to serrapeptase, still use it from time to time.
Hello Jack! About the drought? Maybe there ought to be more orgonite placed everywhere?
Are farmers in Germany doing this?
Yes, a minority does but they are not supported by government, they don't even get help now to water the fields.
Yes, that's the way it looks like, the things you describe.
Re: Jack is back! Had to take a break for heaven's sake :D
Hello Don! Thank you very much for your detailed response and your kudos :D
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