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Interview with a Retired Vaccine Researcher. *LINK*
Kim Clement - Prophecy - WOW This Guy Really Rocks!!!!Check him out!!!! *LINK*
250 Concerned Scientists Issue Major Warning About Potentially Carcinogenic Effects of Wireless Tech *NM* *LINK*
What is driving disease outbreaks - Failure to vaccinate or vaccine failure? *NM* *LINK*
safe place?
When you last posted your question I suggested you check YouTube for answers. What did you find out? *NM*
Dr. Jerry Tennant,an ophthalmologist, in 1995, developed encephalitis doing eye surgery on patients. No cures available. Read on or watch the Youtube video to learn how he cured himself! *LINK*
“Mumps Makes a Comeback, Even Among the Vaccinated,” the NYT admits that vaccinated children are spreading mumps. *NM* *LINK*
Worthwhile info on Electromagnetic Radiation...think cell phones and towers and 5G. *LINK*
Re: Here's Another Point of View..."Obama's Isomorphism and the Timeline 28AD-70AD-2008AD"
Amarildo Silva Filho has made a business out of upcycling old tires into comfortable and beautiful beds for stray animals, sheltered animals and even pets! *LINK*
What will Pro Vaxxers do now? Government Research Confirms Measles Outbreaks are Transmitted by the Vaccinated. *LINK*
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