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Matthew’s new post January 14, 2018… Optimism for 2018…
The recent “sh*thole” comment...what few people, if any, talk about.
Corey Goode Mega-Update: Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity's Billion-Year Legacy. Audio and print links within...
Information "gets out", so to speak, because someone wants it out there. Remember the movie, "Wag the Dog"? Is the disclosure that has been recently occurring, "Wag the World? *NM*
Increasing the chances Corey Goode's posts are valid is this fact...scientists now believe there may be 1,000 BILLION galaxies in the universe...
better and cheaper than Pilates Work-Out: The Shuffle Dance. Above all: It's SO caucasian! :D *PIC*
Also: Acoustic & visual Dis-TRACTion(!) by surrround sound, screen display, digital crap overload in cock(!)-pit thus no relaxed driving. Greed 4 speed. Pass by frenzy. Skin tattoos ink for stink? :D
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