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Dept. of Justice Admits Flu Shot Is Most Dangerous Vaccine In US within... *LINK*
Re: I have been seeing this number 949 constantly over a year or so. And I do mean profoundly obvious is the consistency that it's absolute (I can't say it any other way). What does the number 949 me
Transcript of Barrie Trower on The Real Dangers of 5G and Wi-Fi technologies. YouTube link provided. Is this technology the thing that reduces the population? *LINK*
About $4.5 BILLION worth of cash, cars, homes, etc., is taken by civil asset forfeiture each year. If you live in the USA, you NEED to read this link. They want EVERYTHING! *LINK*
Allergan are a Bunch of Snakes and your Thyroid may be suffering
Have a listen to this and see if it helps... *NM* *LINK*
Thank you - I will listen to it. *NM*
Some thoughts on vaccines, links, etc. *LINK*
My rate allover: Vaccination is bodily harm per se. Therefore, demand Must Declaration of all, really ALL ingredients. Sellers and injectors must be 100% liable for all side effects. If this by law...
additional link ;)
The right side of the home page (link within) lists many examples of vaccine corruption. *NM* *LINK*
have not received my order
You can't get it for free, no more. Spreen's book either is banned, defamed or misused by vile money-grabbers. You get it used for a good price at Amazon ;) *PIC*
Re: Carbondioxide is heavier than air, it doesn't rise into the atmosphere but is found low on the ground. So how can carbondioxide create a green house and dim sun's light?
Say whaaat!? :( Jet engines inject tons of black carbon C-12 into the atmosphere? So, why isn't the sky turned dark? Why don't these hot turbines burn carbon to carbondioxide, in your opinion? :D *PIC*
Matthew has posted a new letter for November 2018. *LINK*
WOW! Running up to 2000 clicks? :D
j is for Jack, somehow my nickname changed, but then, I see, today it's close to TWO THOUSAND. WOW! *NM*
The response to Matthew's post this month is extraordinary in comparison to other months. Unless someone is manipulating the numbers, I wonder what is resonating, No discussion either. *NM*
Oh My! To All of BBS Radio, family and Friends.... Divine Grace Divine - Patrick Bernard - OM Shanti song *LINK*
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