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Said to be a list of the top 100 podcasts, not ranked in order. *LINK*
Since 2000, Tim Friede, a truck mechanic from Wisconsin, has endured some 200 snakebites and 700 injections of lethal snake venom. Outside magazine gives us the incredible story. *NM* *LINK*
Any curiosity about "pole shifts"? Antarctic Ice Core records said to resolve competing Pole Shift Theories. *LINK*
CNET just published their results..."the Galaxy S10 5G's Verizon speeds blew us away." *LINK*
Ookla Launches An Interactive Map Showing All The 5G Networks In The World *LINK*
Matthew has posted a new message for May 2019. Going to be interesting to see how people handle this info. *LINK*
"The Irreplaceable Chip That Is "Bricking" Out-Of-Warranty Teslas"...and the FIX!!! Could this happen to soon to come to the market electric vehicles in general? *LINK*
4 Year Old Child calls 911 to report being left in hot car with 6 other kids *LINK*
After 10 years of posting, WORDPRESS without warning takes down Jon Rappoport's website. More censorship at work. TPTB are making themselves look dumb.
For me...a sad picture/statement on human stupidity.
The Best Ideas Are the Ones That Make the Least Sense. Think business is all about rational thought and logic? Think again -- and to find the biggest, best ideas, start thinking way outside the box. *LINK*
Innisfil, Ontario, decided to partially subsidize ride-hailing trips rather than pay for a public bus system. It worked so well that now they have to raise fares and cap rides. *LINK*
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