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Some volcano pictures showing an abundance of lightning, very scary! *LINK*
An excellent video/explanation from Dr. Jerry Tennant on his “healing with voltage” philosophy. *LINK*
The 15 Year Oil Spill That No One Is Talking About Could Be The Biggest Environmental Scandal In US History *LINK*
Matthew has a post for March 2019 *NM* *LINK*
FDA Wants to Shut Down Adult Stem Cell Therapy as its Healing Successes are Experienced Around the World. *LINK*
From Popular Science magazine...many people have pets. This may be useful to you. Rabid animals don't always foam at the mouth—here's what to look out for instead *LINK*
Illich’s Law and Negative Productivity = take breaks while you work. Surprising is the frequency and duration of the breaks. *LINK*
Since 1900, there’s been a 74% decline in mortality rates in developed countries, largely due to a marked decrease in deaths from infectious diseases. How much of this decline was due to vaccines? *LINK*
California state Sen. Dr. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, is urging the U.S. Surgeon General to push mandatory vaccinations to the top of the federal public health agenda. He is WRONG! *LINK*
Check out the number of vaccines given to children in 1986veraus 2017 *LINK*
Facebook bans all content on vaccine awareness, including facts about vaccine ingredients, vaccine injury and vaccine industry collusion. *LINK*
Interview with a Retired Vaccine Researcher. *LINK*
Kim Clement - Prophecy - WOW This Guy Really Rocks!!!!Check him out!!!! *LINK*
Is there another Kim Clement? This one seems lacking? *NM* *LINK*
250 Concerned Scientists Issue Major Warning About Potentially Carcinogenic Effects of Wireless Tech *NM* *LINK*
What is driving disease outbreaks - Failure to vaccinate or vaccine failure? *NM* *LINK*
safe place?
When you last posted your question I suggested you check YouTube for answers. What did you find out? *NM*
Check out this site on the Diehold Foundation that publishes about Ice Ages, Pole Shits, etc. *LINK*
Dr. Jerry Tennant,an ophthalmologist, in 1995, developed encephalitis doing eye surgery on patients. No cures available. Read on or watch the Youtube video to learn how he cured himself! *LINK*
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