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5G: Harmful effects of a new technology Feb 21 by Jon Rappoport. (There is no shortage of research syaing 5G is harmful!) *LINK*
Regarding the way we pollute the earth. Nature doesn't NEED us! Without humans, nature is abundant in its growth. Why do we treat nature as if we are in charge? *NM*
Dr. Brian Hooker’s bombshell testimony before Congress reveals how MMR vaccines INCREASE deaths from measles *LINK*
5G technology is the "stupidest idea in the history of the world" says Washington State science prof *LINK*
BBC’s Syria Producer Admits ‘Assad Sarine Attack in Douma Was Staged’ *LINK*
OH MY LORD LUV A DUCK!!!!!! .... We NEED To Talk About LACTATIA The DRAG QUEEN KID…This Isn’t Progressive…It’s SATANIC! *NM* *LINK*
A definite online guide for electromagnetic radiation effects, meters, shielding materials and health solutions. *NM* *LINK*
Scientists Show How Gratitude Literally Alters The Human Heart & Molecular Structure Of The Brain *LINK*
"Trump could not have become America’s President if he had not won the “vote” of his nation’s second-largest political donor in 2016, casinos-owner Sheldon Adelson." *NM* *LINK*
Matthew has a new post for Feb 2019...Turmoil not deterring progress of the light... *NM* *LINK*
They Showed Their True Colors! *NM* *LINK*
There’s a difference between cannabidiol (CBD) products made from hemp and those made from marijuana. They’re actually two different plants! An explanation. *LINK*
Populist Revolution - Will It Go Left Or Right? - Candace Owens & Russell Brand *NM* *LINK*
Re: Populist Revolution - Will It Go Left Or Right? - Candace Owens & Russell Brand
" What We Can Learn From Cancer Cells with Zach Bush, MD | John Douillard's LifeSpa" *LINK*
If you search "Zach Bush, MD" and pay attention to what he have a chance to regain health or be healthy.
AOC Viral Video *NM* *LINK*
Osho: I have been poisoned ........ *LINK*
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