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Dr. joe Dispenza on...why we are not happy! There are many ways to screw up a human. Knowing how it occurs helps produce solutions!
An informative cell phone info graphic
A website with comprehensive info on 5G technology and how you can minimize potential adverse effects.
This site always has a different perspective than we typically find in US but this article I find interesting to read *LINK*
Can you read that site without getting depressed? How can one determine how much is true and if it is...? *NM*
Proof “the swamp is being drained!” within...
Help With Assignment Australia *LINK* *PIC*
Re: Don't know about Blue Avians but this info is apparently real. The secret programs have technologies 50 years beyond what we are used to seeing. Think Stargate!
Hurricane Florence: Sixty Foot Flood to Inundate Brunswick Nuclear Plant on Cape Fear River NC??? Has to be a misprint, right?
A total of 40 inches of rain is expected to fall in southern North Carolina...
“State of Emergency” Declared at Brunswick Nuclear Plant in Southport, NC. (The classification of “unusual event” is the lowest emergency classification in the nuke world.)
Matthew has a new post for September
thank you for the post. Not sure if I am awake but I am here. Nice to see everyone!! Due to my love for peacocks the Blue Avian really appeals to me.. anything with *NM*
How to decrease the human population...or...The List of Products and Foods That Have Tested Positive for Monsanto's Carcinogenic Glyphosate
YouTube video on alleged geoengineering of Hurricane Florence.
And where is the simple editor that this forum needs? The homepage of bbsradio is full of links, yet no ability to use that function here!
I am always here....... every day..... reading EVERYTHING POSTED (don't ever doubt that)
...”about posting information from foreign websites”
Re: ...”about posting information from foreign websites”
Re: ...”about posting information from foreign websites”
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