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The recent “sh*thole” comment...what few people, if any, talk about.
Corey Goode Mega-Update: Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity's Billion-Year Legacy. Audio and print links within...
Information "gets out", so to speak, because someone wants it out there. Remember the movie, "Wag the Dog"? Is the disclosure that has been recently occurring, "Wag the World? *NM*
better and cheaper than Pilates Work-Out: The Shuffle Dance. Above all: It's SO caucasian! :D *PIC*
What happened to RMN Rayelan aka Raye Allan Smith? Her last "alarming" post dated 22nd Oct. 2017. Since then, nothing, her name not mentioned, no articles, no referrals! Makes me wonder ... *PIC*
"Road Rage Explained? Cell Phone Radiation Lowers Impulse Control, Disrupts Blood Brain Barrier."
Reverse Faraday Cage Effect, radiation energy inside the cage pushed to max to get outside to the next WLAN tower.
Reverse Faraday Cage Effect, radiation energy inside the cage pushed to max to get outside to the next WLAN tower.
I see, false feed back, now we have my comment two times :D why not :D sheet happens *NM*
Also: Acoustic & visual Dis-TRACTion(!) by surrround sound, screen display, digital crap overload in cock(!)-pit thus no relaxed driving. Greed 4 speed. Pass by frenzy. Skin tattoos ink for stink? :D
Benjamin Fulford -- January 3rd 2018: White Dragon Society Cryptocurrency Portfolio Update
"As California legalizes pot, few smokers realize cannabis is often contaminated with pesticides, mold, heavy metals and chemical toxins."
Hacker News...bad way to start the New Year...
male cuckatoo loves Elvis, gets excited :D female partner only raises left foot ... what may this tell us? :O
Bird on the right is the rocker! One on the left is uptight! Ha ha! If you want to get your “bird” on, so to speak...
Thanks for the hint :D I'm just sifting thru YTer prophecies for 2018 and reviews on 2017. Turns me pessimistic as a precaution, on purpose.
Astrologer Steve Judd’s overall view of 2018 (Not every word but a quick summary of the important points)
So, what may or will occur in the critical periods of the new year? Long predicted earthquakes and/or volcanoe eruptions? Repeat of 911 scenario? 3rd World War turning hot?
Agreed! Excellent Post! Sums things up nicely *NM*
Re: searching for infos about Mathilde Ludendorff I found a German site that was made with "my little forum", so I digged deeper and ended at GitHub, then had go to sleep because it was very very late
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