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SJ Games

SJ Games - Steve Jackson Games

We here at BBS Radio are all gamers at heart and are honored by this award by SJ Games.

Illuminated Indeed!

Steve Jackson Games was founded in 1980 by (no surprise here) Steve Jackson. We now publish books, games, and magazines for game fans.
Our best-known games include Munchkin, the irreverent game of dungeon crawling; Zombie Dice, the fast-paced game of brain-eating; GURPS, the "Generic Universal RolePlaying System"; OGRE, the classic simulation of future war; Car Wars, about battle on the highways; INWO, the trading card game of world domination; and the original Illuminati game on which INWO was based. We've released a lot of other games, too . . . too many to list right here.
We publish Pyramid magazine – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – which supports GURPS in all genres. More Info...

A Friend of the BBS Network