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Radio Roku

Radio Roku

Roku is the North American market leader for network music and Internet radio products. Radio Roku is an online directory of Internet radio stations, featuring more than 8,000 stations around the world. Read more...

The Roku SoundBridge makes it easy to listen to a variety of Internet radio stations without even turning on a computer. The stylish aluminum SoundBridge is compatible with a customers speakers or stereo and has built-in support for Roku's free tuning service, making it easy to listen to radio from around the world or across town. 

The Roku SoundBridge Radio is a high-quality tabletop Wi-Fi radio with access to digital music as well as radio features and functions: AM/FM, alarm, headphone jack, built-in stereo speakers and sub woofer. More information: SoundBridge SoundBridge Radio

A live 24/7 broadcast affiliate of the BBS Radio Network.