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Community Services Jobs petition

I am looking for those interested in my petition -put in Mystic in the search bar and scroll down to Title: Community services jobs bill@$2,600.00/month with single payer.

I am looking for those interested in my petition -put in Mystic in the search bar and scroll down to Title: Community services jobs bill@$2,600.00/month with single payer.
Education & PAID volunteers for our new earth COMMUNITY job creation with a Basic Guaranteed income with single payer is needed! Time to unite our USA and unite our massive military industrial complex (1,000 military bases world wide) with all militarys world wide to Work with the UN and UN Bill of Human Rights and GO GREEN !!! Start the massive housing of homeless and GREEN infrastructure projects needed to PROTECT OUR WATER, OCEANS & AIR in every country.  --  ( go to ) & go to --
The top 1% are using all the militarys world wide against WE THE PEOPLE & OUR USA Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. Our Govt./congress is responsible for expanding the use of fossil fuels and WARS ON TERROR AND DRUG WARS that only profit the top 1%.
Time for Change and Global Unity Services.
#1, Time to unite all races, religions, NGOs 501c3, unions and groups in every community for community services that help inter- connect ALL humanity towards Global citizens (like Dr.s without borders)
#2. People need a BASIC guaranteed monthly income of $2,600.00/month  to Volunteer for the plethora of jobs needed in every community both locally and globally connected JOBS!
#3. We need to stop RECRUITING AND PAYING PEOPLE TO VOLUNTEER FOR MORE WARS that are tied to drug wars and robotic warfare! PAYING Volunteers for more  Armed forces ( who are pissed off, hurting, with PTSD, possibly on drugs, hopeless...)  for MORE Wars and Robotic drone warfare JOBS is insane.YOUTH WORLD WIDE  have google earth maps with all the biochemical sites, monsanto sites,  nuclear weapon sites, ammunition sites, military weapon system sites, fracking wells, billionaire & trillianaires home sites, sanitation sites, Water sites..ETC.. Why not teach, train and PAY THEM to Volunteer for Community Services to make friends world wide with internet, cell phones and language apps?
#4.Time to replace the fossil fuel industry and coping with life problems with drugging, jailing,abuse, gun violence and warring.
       (a)  All drug highs are free and within US already.  Teach meditation & Ascension programs, multicultural arts, So many kinds of movement therapies, Theatre  therapy, comedy as therapy, music as therapy & sound therapies, all kinds of arts, Licensed massage therapies, Medical Hypnosis, naturopathic medicine , homeopathy, family counseling, soul therapy, soul parenting,  Home EC, etc....
       (b)  Community Healing Arts and Transformation Service centers need to be open 24/7 FOR MASSIVE WORLD WIDE YOUTH RECRUITMENT VOLUNTEER TRAINING  jobs for the future local and global health and human services and social healer services. 
        (c) MORE TEACHERS, schools, firemen, animal caretakers, green edible landscaping crews with all the natural  herbs and edible flowers, renewable energy services, housing and healing of homeless at the Community Healing arts and transformation centers, infrastructure projects, recycling, pollution clean up, maintenance jobs  and more sports for aggressive youth JOBS
ONE way to change the thoughts and focus of intentions is with a Paid Community service volunteer job bill @$2,600.00/month basic guaranteed income with single payer that will help unite all communities. Everyone has value and wants to be included in some type of PAID VOLUNTEER service from a heart and soul level with single payer. We can include healing services for our Veterans & those who have been abused or suffering with mental health issues;so that, they can be reintroduced to interactive HEALTHY Community Service opportunities. 
We need every state to have automatic Voter registration that includes those who have done jail time.
The Sec.of State ( in every state) has online manuals on the elections page to download;so that, the YOUTH CAN WRITE THE LEGISLATION  that works for the next 7 generations.  THE YOUTH ARE OUR FUTURE GOVT. LEADERS FOR WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVT. (not corporations).
 WE NEED MASSIVE ALTERNATIVE TRUTH OUT  MEDIA TAKE OVER TO UNITE & SHIFT THE MASSES ATTENTION AND INTENTIONS TO THE SOLUTIONS AND NEW EARTH COMMUNITY SERVICES LEGISLATION THAT BENEFITS THE 99% Who can also be paid to volunteer as apprentices for local businesses and use online sales mechanisms and foundations for more money.

Lynn Mystic-Healer