Blog Entry, Janet Barrett February 18, 2015

Janet and Beyond
Out of the stillness and quiet
Out of the stillness and quiet

Hello All,


I have never been one to sit and meditate easily as a formal practice. Too much constant physical input. It was only in the last 12 years or so of using consciousness technologies have I been able to shift my references enough to allow myself a way to experience the quiet as more than a concept. As I have kept shifting my orientation and anchoring out of pain there is a enriching sense of the inner quiet now. 


The stillness and quiet to be found in heart space was apparent this last week in groups. The stillness and quiet are the inner voice of self. When it is quiet you can hear the sounds of information that come out of the quiet. Information is everywhere. It encompasses thoughts, feelings, pictures, and those sensations that have no physical reference. You can feel the stillness of the non doer. We inhabit the observer quality of being. 


When you use a consciousness technologies like Matrix Energetics all of what a person thinks they feel they are can start to loosen. Labels start to shift and come apart. Most of us accept the labels as real, god given, set in stone sorts of things. They can feel branded into our souls. We don't sense them as the limitations that they often have become as anything other than negative. They color all else that we are. Often we don't even realize that there is a label. We lose our ability to distinguish what led to what we accept as real. The mind lets go of the details and is on to the next thing. We lose the awareness that there are different ways to engage the information present for any of us. 


We each are self defining entities. Those definitions come out of our cumulative past experiences and family identities. They can come from sources we have no present awareness of. We resonate in patterns that we don't recognize as patterns. We can resonate in loops that seemingly can't change. What is great about ME is we explore the patterns from within the field of the heart where potential can intersect and create a new pattern. It will happen in a moment. Otherwise we might never learn about the state of potential as the access to change in the seemingly pre existing perpetual conditions. 


We need to remember. Not to limit or validate who and what we find ourselves to currently be but to open to the awareness that much of what we incorporate as us and the singular me is really a collection of assumptions. When you sit and listen you can hear them. Assumptions are lovely things. We can have them about anything. We can collect them from many places and people. They come disguised as truths. They can sit as acceptance that weighs heavily on the soul and mind. They can clutter. They serve as anchors in consciousness.


This week let's sit in heart space again. Access the deep core of unified consciousness through your intention of being present to the stillness and quiet of mind and self. This is not something to be put off or consider a treat you can't afford or have to ration. Allow for comfort. Grant yourself grace. Experience as real this state of grace as warmth, support, non judgment. Observe what reveals itself out of the quiet.Let what you have been holding as issue or problem or challenge or as pain to just be. Don't try and change it. Don't try and love it. Just let it be information. Let it be without label. Allow it to play and dance and reform in the state of being doing no thing. 


Question everything, assume no thing. Enjoy.




Janet Barrett

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