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How to Control Verticillium Wilt-Organically

This disease causes the leaves of plants and trees to wither, and eventually, the plant dies. It can be a slow death taking a few years or months or even sooner. This is basically a soil mismanagement problem and should be addressed as such.

Problems with Crepe Myrtle and Ambrosia Beetles

Answer: The fact that your trees already have the ambrosia beetle (how did you know this? Did you get an arborist? If so what did he say?), you maybe already too late. You must realize that this did not happen overnight and the beetles have discovered a perfect environment to lay their eggs and the fungus the use to feed their kids.

Gopher Proof Plants and Coffee Beans?

I recently also received a nice letter from a reader that says she is using plants that gophers do not eat. That is an excellent idea about planting gopher proof plants. There appears to be a lot of them, especially natives.
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