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Submitted by samba on 15 May 2021

BBS Society and Culture Show with Ray Morris

Show Host:



This Show focuses on all aspects of Society and Culture which includes all subjects that do not fit into the Conscious Wellness Category.

We interview entrepreneurs, visionaries, innovators, political and cultural leaders and many more categories, too long to list.

We are mostly interested in Guest that offer practical solutions to the challenges our society faces.

Please visit the archive for past shows or listen live on Tuesdays at ???pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). The show will begin on the 17th of September 2019.

If you wish to be interviewed, see information page here>>>

And then please contact us here and indicate:

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Our Show Sponsor

Communion Marketing Communications

Communion is one of the only firms specializing in offering turnkey solutions in business development, marketing, and communication and multimedia production to the natural health and wellness industry.


Why call the agency Communion Marketing?

To reflect the interconnection, the quantum field, the unity (with union) of all the elements in the universe as well the act of developing a close partnership with our clients.

We serve spas, retreat centers, publishers, schools, institutes, yoga studios, professional associations, therapists, speakers, professional educators in personal growth and natural therapies, as well as health food stores, manufacturers and distributors of natural health products.

Our mission is to facilitate the development of businesses offering natural solutions for wellness improvement.

Our Objective is to create for you a strategic development & marketing plan which is in synergy with your global mission, your financial objectives, your resources, and your commercial environment. Our Approach is to render you self-sufficient through training in as many functions of your business as possible. We will identify the communication tools that are the most ingenious and economical to reach your target audience. We specialize in using innovative, non-traditional marketing programs that only a firm with personal experience can offer.

Our team is comprised of experts in marketing, strategic planning, business coaching, communication, public relations, advertising, multimedia production and event management ... everything you need to properly develop your business. With 15 years of experience in this domain, we have a profound understanding of this fast growing industry.



If you wish to sponsor the Show or advertise during the show, please contact us here and indicate:

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Raymond Morris
Web Architecture and Monetization Expert

Raymond Morris is heading our new project development initiatives. He is also managing director of Communion Marketing Communications, agency specialized in the “conscious wellness industry”. He has a wealth of experience in cross marketing initiatives, intercompany collaboration, new product creation as well as many other areas of expertise. He will be contacting many organizations with the intent of creating mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations. We have been working together for almost 6 months now and we are delighted with the contribution he has brought to our organization.

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