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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 13 May 2021

Awakening Matters with Cynthia Slon

Show Host:

A spiritual dialogue that invites divine wisdom, joy and laughter. Engaging topics of our humanity from an infinite dimensional perspective. Tune in to hear the Brazilian assist you to let your imagination drive your incarnation.

Cynthia feels greatly honored to be able to share her unique gifts in helping individuals gain greater understanding and assistance with their soul's evolution. With an open heart and deep gratitude, Cynthia knows that her divinely guided work is a part of the process of raising the collective consciousness vibration, striving to make planetary healing a reality.

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Cynthia Slon

Cynthia Slon
Talk Show Host, Telepathic Intermediary, Consultant, Psychic, Deep Channel Medium, Esoteric Researcher, Conscious Living Facilitator

Cynthia Slon a native of Brazil, has been a telepathic intermediary for over 15 years. Much of Cynthia's work has evolved through study on the inner planes with her guides and Master teachers. Her studies of the esoteric arts have included aura viewing and reconstruction; past life regression, psychometry, trans-channeling, energetic sound healing and telepathic communication with all dimensional life forms.

Cynthia's work has had a profound effect on many people's lives which has led to interviews on television as well as in the print media including Simply Spiritual and New Connexion, the Journal of Conscious Living. Cynthia currently does phone consultations with clients all over the world. She has been of assistance to many individuals including Shirley MacLaine, Dennis Kucinich, Sharon Osbourne, Apryl Douglas, Jerry Hall and others. Cynthia also travels widely doing a variety of workshops.

In her work, Cynthia aligns with and utilizes energetic patterning by accessing the universal collective consciousness within the grids and auric fields of all dimensional communication. The holographic view provides sacred geometry as a universal language seen and heard by her. As a telepathic intermediary, she is able to receive and communicate information to each individual based upon their soul permission to release dialogue from their blueprint regarding their soul's purpose; health; career; relationships; creative gifts; future endeavors; past lives; spirit guides; and loved ones who have passed on including their beloved pets. She also helps to provide understanding and direction for people in regards to the Indigo/Psychic children of the World.