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The Mistaken Notification
3 minutes 33 seconds in the Case of The Mistaken Notification
An Interrupting Serenade
57 seconds in the Case of An Interrupting Serenade
Ohm My Gosh
2 minute 20 seconds of Oh My God! What?
Booboo Time
1 minute 23 seconds of booboo-time
Seconds of Warning
3 seconds of Nevyn Campanella's 30 second warning
Minutes of Donna
10 minutes 58 seconds
Sound Issues Swanson
1 minute 2 seconds of sound issues with David Swanson
Squared Intros
6 minute 10 second Intro
Designed Radiance
The First 5 minutes 37 seconds
Chipmunk Glitch
Complete 59 minutes 53 second Chipmunk Glitch
Don On Crazy
28 minutes and 48 seconds of Don going crazy with line problems
Chipmunk Special
Chipmunk Special 8 minutes 42 seconds
Dreampath Flub Up
1 minute 25 seconds
Live Line Testing
17 minutes 24 seconds of Live Line Testing
Blow Out
4 minute 2 second blow-out
Simply Wrong Intro
1 minute 52 second Intro
A Portion of Error
1 minute 25 second Intro portion
Second Minute Blunder
1 minute 11 second blunder
Sinister Collusion
44 seconds of a sinister collusion
Pang Time
32 seconds of "pang"
Enlighten Up Oh
30 seconds of Oh Enlighten-Up ya!
War Report Spoof
The War Report Intro Spoof with Douglas and Debrah
Board Op's interruption
57 seconds of Board Op's interruption not being heard
The People Speak Promo
Howard Stern Prank Call to BBS
Hear Howard’s Impression of His Father Prank Call Internet Radio Host ‘Mother’