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Submitted by samba on 7 September 2021

Ascend TV with Gina Citoli, Jeanne Lecher and Rob Uzzell

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Talk Show:

Ascend TV

Wholistic Healing, Intuitive, and Performing Arts for Life Mastery and Self-Sovereignty

How do we achieve life mastery and self-sovereignty?

In this first Ascend TV series presentation we will investigate these topics though deep connection, communication, and conversation.

Together we will explore expanded concepts and advanced truths that will be our moral codes on the journey to life mastery, self-sovereignty, and dominion over our own lives.

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Bi-Weekly Show
BBS Station 1
1:00 pm CT
1:55 pm CT

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Ascend TV, August 19, 2021 with Gina Citoli, Jeanne Lecher and Rob Uzzell
Gina Citoli
Other Websites:
Songstress, Visionary & Scribe. Alchemist & Seer

In these extraordinary and transformational times, a "Great Awakening" is occurring. Gina Citoli’s beautifully crafted wholistic performance art is created to serve this Awakening, Ascend Consciousness, and Liberate “The Human Spirit”. It is Universal, Inclusive, and Unifying.

Gina has written, produced, and recorded over 60 songs about world peace, universal truths, empowerment, the environment, love, and transformation. She has also created, produced, and performs five fulllength one-woman musicals, and a concert series about life mastery, self-sovereignty, ascension, and expanded consciousness.

Her experiences include performing to standing ovations and rave reviews from New York's Battery Park, Den Design-Forum Museums Quarter in Vienna, The Sedona Creative Life Center, Beverly Hillshire Screening Facility in Beverly Hills, CA among others.

She has also recorded with world class Grammy winner, sound healer, musician and producer, Barry Goldstein and her music has won numerous awards, been used by NASA, in environmental films and for international CD compilations for world peace.


Jeanne Lecher
Advocate for Humanity, Alchemical Agent of Enlightenment

Jeanne Lecher - SoulBody Alchemist

As and Advocate for Humanity and Alchemical Agent of Enlightenment Jeanne inspires, activates and motivates you towards Conscious Awakening, SoulBody Mastery and Full Soul Embodiment.

Deep Dialogue is her mode of choice in working with individuals and groups. The vibrational resonance of deep dialogue touches the body, mind, emotion, soul and source of you, creating a full spectrum of perceptual changes.

The SoulBody Alchemy sessions provide information, tools, energetic processes and guidance. A process that allows you to observe, witness and transform any areas of lack, fear, chaos, beliefs and patterns within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of you.

SoulBody Alchemy ultimately ignites . . Conscious awakening of your Souls intuitive call . . Mastery of soul & body to provide a clear vessel for the free flow of consciousness . . Full soul embodiment enabling spontaneous sovereignty in the “Alchemy of Living”.

Jeanne has a history of 32 years of nursing, 20 years of energy and massage therapy, 15 years of SoulBody group work and spiritual retreats, she also has numerous other certification in emotional interference patterning, theta healing, matrix energetics, spiritwalker (death doula) just to name a few.

Rob Uzzell
Other Websites:
Traveling adventurer, film maker, story teller, holistic activist, transformation facilitator

Rob is a world wandering traveling adventurer dedicated and in service to raising conscious awareness. Weaving in between worlds Rob’s work and passions are film making, story telling, spirituality, plant medicines, holistic health and activism. Rob is currently creating a film series that focuses on all the many aspects of our individual and collective journeys through this challenging, exciting and ultimately magical time of transformation. Rob also facilitates with people who have asked for, and who have started their own healing transformational journeys using a variety of modalities including guided meditations and one on one sessions of deep communication and conversation.