Broadcast with the Leader in Professional Live Internet Talk Radio Broadcasting and Syndication

Broadcast with the Leader in Professional Live Internet Talk Radio Broadcasting and Syndications
Broadcast with the Leader in Professional Live Internet Talk Radio Broadcasting and Syndication
BBS Radio is the Leader in Professional Live Internet Talk Radio Broadcasting and Syndication to a Global Market! Let us be your Talk Radio Concierge! We Do Talk Radio Right! We are geared toward service! We absolutely love what we do! Join our distinguished family and get noticed worldwide!

BBS Radio Talk Radio Difference!

Professional, live and engaging talk radio is where it's at today, and we deliver! At BBS Radio there are always live engineers in the studio, professionals handling and micro-managing all the details of the live broadcast, including initiating all calls to all participants, screening any in-coming callers, handling all mixing panels and boards, running introductory bumpers, choreographing all commercials and liners, removing audio problems from the audio track, fixing problems on the fly, and much more. There are actually live people here to answer all of your guest's or caller's questions while facilitating the entire production. BBS Radio provides the very best in live professional talk radio broadcasting services! We are a well established leader in remote engineered talk radio!

Everything is done via telephone and/or computer. We'll initiate (and pay for) all calls to you (the host) and your guests, no matter where they are on the planet. And then the fun begins.

All you really need is a phone, although some hosts prefer to use a computer or laptop for broadcasting.

We have a live remote broadcasting studio with many computers and a lot of hardware, working with software, to facilitate professional quality live radio broadcasts from all over the world. Since 2004 our facility handles and manages everything remotely with live engineers, doing away with the outdated model of having to travel to a broadcasting studio to do a personal and/or professional live broadcast. People can now do it professionally from the comfort of their own home for little to no cost! We'll prove it!

In our remote studio facility there are people handling all aspects of the broadcasts, much like any live radio studio or live music recording studio. The BBS Radio Network always has live personnel in the studios working with its lineup of broadcasters. You too will have a "live studio engineer" that will professionally handle your live broadcasts remotely, from the BBS Radio broadcasting studios.

Your "live studio engineer" will call you and your co-host(s) and then all of your guest(s), on separate lines. They'll optimize sound levels so everyone can be heard, so you hear everything, with minimal sound degradation. Once levels are optimized your engineer will count you on to the air, after running any introductory audio file "intro" you may have. They will monitor your broadcast, changing levels on the fly to achieve the best sound quality while fixing problems as they may occur. If you drop off the broadcast suddenly, because of a bad phone line or poor internet connection, or you lose one of your guests (that may have called in on a weak cell phone), then your engineer will be there to help take care of the problem so that the broadcast continues as smoothly as possible! You'll be amazed!

Your "live studio engineer" will edit the audio file after the broadcast to eliminate any hiccups or problems that may have occurred during the broadcast. Your engineer will run commercial audio files during your breaks and even help you create some, including intros & outros, and promotional spots for advertisers and show sponsors. They will screen call-ins to your program (as directed) and will let you know when you have callers waiting. They can do this in many ways, including via tones, voice or text. They will monitor your broadcasts, often preventing common problems that occur during live radio. Your engineer is your support staff during your broadcast and at any other time, for as long as you are with the network. Continuous live support!

We take the guess work out of broadcasting. There are many automated conferencing, teleconferencing, streaming "do-it-yourself" broadcasting solutions that a person can find; we just will not automate what should never be automated! You cannot beat a live service when doing live talk radio! A software solution just doesn't cut it. How does it fly when you're trying to obtain well known guests, advertisers, sponsors or any credibility in talk radio?

Your guests, listeners, sponsors, advertisers, friends, associates and customers will appreciate the quality and feel of having a professional handling your broadcast. It will add a polish to your broadcast that is sadly lacking with software solutions. It really is a more professional way to do your radio program and people will notice the difference! We provide the support and the "backbone" that no program should do without!

Competitors charge hundreds of dollars per week for live remote internet talk radio broadcasting services, we do not! We are one of the finest and the oldest remote internet radio broadcasting facilities in the world and we find those prices ridiculous. You will appreciate how we do business. Trying our services is effortless and painless, and our great prices will make you smile. Go month to month, no contracts or commitments necessary! Please call us for further information.

"Got the Talk Radio Blues?"
Automated Software not quite what you expected?
Are you still paying high fuel prices to get to a studio that's miles from home?
Is a network baffling you with bullshit, then over-charging you?
No avenues provided to you in talk radio where you can make money?
Are censors telling you what you can and can't mention on your broadcasts?
No Live Engineer at your 'beck-n-call', dedicated to your every moment?
Still not getting your questions answered by knowledgeable people at all times?
Paying way too much and getting less, less, less?

Come to BBS Radio and relax! Do your program from anywhere,
in superior quality.
Expect the best, and get it all!


BBS Radio's Jazz Banner. Like it?

Is your image being tarnished because you are broadcasting with radio networks that are actually just fancy recording software? Are you losing your credibility with your audience because of the many problems you are experiencing? Are you not thrilled with your radio experience? Could that be due to dropped calls or annoyed guests? Could it also be due to poor sound levels or bad streaming quality? Are unscreened hecklers annoying your program? Are you receiving any potential interview candidates for review or are you left to find the guests by yourself? Are your talk radio program archives recorded and saved below 128k bps or possibly saved in a mono, and not stereo, format? Maybe there is no editing specialist around to make sure the final product is as desired. To put it bluntly, learning how to use a software program from an automated radio streaming portal can be daunting enough, especially when all you want to do is talk! Hey, if you are tired of having to do it all yourself or are just wanting to kick it up a notch, we can help. It's what we do! Let us do it for you. Enjoy knowing you are right where you need to be!

Talk Radio is a potent tool to deliver a message and/or to deliver brand awareness to just about anything. It can be powerful and profitable! Get ready to step in to a more traditional method of doing talk radio and allow our knowledgeable and enlightened staff of internet talk radio specialists to redefine what you thought possible.

BBS Radio is geared towards service. Our hosts just have to concentrate on doing great radio. We provide the finest remote live engineered service in internet talk radio. We charge a fee for that service, which happens to be quite low. We are one of the larger and more well known live internet talk radio networks, as we have been around awhile. We love talk radio and provide our talk show hosts with an excellent platform to build their program upon.

We do not make you sign a contract and you have the right to run your program any way you want to, without censorship or bias. We don't pressure you nor do we lie to you. Further, we don't advertise during your broadcasts nor add our station audio-liners to the beginning or ending of your live broadcasts or syndicated podcasts. All advertising revenues and sponsorship dollars are your to keep. In fact, we don't want to know who your clients are ("Financial backers"). You probably should think twice before giving that information to any talk radio network that requests it.

Once you host your program with us, we believe you'll stick around for a very long time. We are flexible and personable, and you can always expect us to be working from the heart! Where ever you or your co-host(s) are on the planet, where ever your guests are too, we'll connect up to you and everyone else, and make it all happen..... like magic!

When it's time to Talk, Call BBS Radio.

Let us be your Talk Radio Concierge.


BBS Radio, a Leader in Professional Live Internet Talk Radio!
Broadcasting & Syndicating Radio Globally.

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