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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

Talk Show airing on BBS STATION 1

Some shows are audio only
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Let’s Find Out  brings to its listeners illuminating and enthralling exploration of the connection between our minds and our bodies. This show brings a series of fascinating interviews with experts in the field of metaphysics. Some shows will address your personal concerns, with some of the best intuitive advisors, energy healers, higher vibration music, experts on angels, dreams, and the out-of-body experience. The listener can call in to ask a question on the air. We move into the moment — bring in kindness, acceptance, and love. Let’s Find Out always finds out! Each show ends with a guided meditation.

Weekly Show - BBS Station 1 - Sunday 9:00 pm - 9:55 pm

Talk Show airing on BBS STATION 2

Some shows are audio only
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Patrick Neville
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Chuck and Julie Show Guest, Patrick Neville, October 9, 2020, Colorado State Representative

The Chuck & Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden - #TruthStraightUp
Upcoming Show Topics

Ballots are in the mail!  Chuck and Julie talk with Colorado House District 64 candidate Richard…

Maureen Pisani
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Words Women and Wisdom Show Guest, Maureen Pisani, October 13, 2020, Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Speaker

Dr. Sue Morter
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Dare To Dream Guest, DR SUE MORTER, October 8, 2020, Energy Medicine and Quantum Self-Healing

Leah Grant
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Know the Name Know the Answers Guest, Leah Grant, October 8, 2020, Artist, Author, Singer, Life Coach, Teacher, Consultant, Mentor, Psychic, Volunteer, Philanthropist

Yoram Solomon, Mindsets, trust, books, Speaker
Upcoming Show Topics

Find out why it's more profitable to sell based on trust instead of price. Learn if trust comes…

Mindset, trust, books, Book Writing, business
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Mindset Meets Mastery Guest, Yoram Solomon, October 20, 2020, Keynote Speaker, Virtual Presenter, Coach, tech innovator

Success, Mental Health, Business, Nonfiction Books, Business book
Upcoming Show Topics

Join us for honest talk about overcoming a negative past, mental health, suicide, as well as …

Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Interviewing The Legends Guest, Albert Bouchard, December 8, 2020, American drummer, guitarist, singer and songwriter. And founding member and drummer of the American hard rock band Blue Öyster Cult

Kimberly Archie
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - The Sports Doctor Guest, Kimberly Archie , October 7, 2020, Founder of the National Cheer Safety Foundation, USA Sport Safety, and Child Athlete Advocates

Hilary Loftus
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - The Sports Doctor Guest, Hilary Loftus, October 7, 2020, Healthcare Education Director of “Help our Wounded Foundation”, (HOW), & their Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Concussions

Dr. Robert Weil, DPM
Upcoming Show Topics

Kimberly Archie, Founder National Cheer Safety Foundation, Expert Witness & Legal Consultant…

Sonja Herman
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - A Night At The Roundtable Guest, Sonja Herman, October 8, 2020, Energy Healing, Energy Clearing

Karen Ray, Save the Farm Spokeswomen
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Chuck and Julie Show Guest, Karen Ray, October 7, 2020, Save the Farm Spokewomen

The Chuck & Julie Show with Chuck and Julie #TruthStraightUp
Upcoming Show Topics

Westminster, Co residents fighting City Hall, trying to stop a big developer from turning scenic…

Paradigm Shifters with host Veronica Entwistle
Upcoming Show Topics

This week on Paradigm Shifters:   Paradigm Shifters are moving fast these days. Peter Matthies in…

The Governance Collective
Upcoming Show Topics

Lisa is a passionate corporate governance change leader who leads a collective of senior…

Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - RADIO TONI Guest, Lisa Coletta, October 6, 2020, CEO

Dr. Brian Joondeph
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Chuck and Julie Show Guest, Dr. Brian C. Joondeph MD, October 5, 2020, Ophthalmologist

The Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck and Julie Bonniwell
Upcoming Show Topics

It’s hard to tell what is making the progressives more crazy… President Trump testing positive for…

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